The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s01e01 Episode Script

The Crab with the Golden Claws

This is what to look for.
And the name? l can't.
They'll kill me.
lf they find out about us, they'll kill you anyway.
You disappoint us, Dawes.
Get him! Follow me.
No! Forget him! lt's Dawes we want.
No! C'mon, the Thom(p)sons are waiting.
Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.
You don't see me digging in the garbage.
Now where could that file have got to? Yes, where is it? - Maybe on the desk.
- Maybe - on the desk.
- Precisely.
What are these? Objects found on the drowning victim.
The one we can't identify.
l'm sure l've seen this before.
May l borrow this? - l'll be right back.
- Right then! Right back! - What's got into him? - l'd best go investigate.
Best to find these things out.
Oh dear, he forgot his cane.
Oh dear, l forgot my cane.
lt's got to be in here somewhere.
Tintin, whatever are you doing? l'm sure this scrap of paper came from a crab tin l threw here earlier.
- You don't say? - Really? Well? Well, it's not here.
You there! Police.
- But - Open that sack now! Would you mind if we checked your sack? We're trying to find a tin.
Well sure.
l guess.
No, it's not here either.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry to bother you.
Strange than strange.
l would even add: it's really strange.
Could l keep this for a while? - Of course not.
- l'd like to look it over.
Do you believe that? They were looking for some kind of crab meat tin.
Mr Tintin doesn't know what he's getting into.
Yes, there's something written here.
Only l can't read it.
Let's darken these letters and see.
K A, R, A Karaboudjan.
lsn't that an Armenian name? Well, that doesn't help much.
- Help! - Pipe down! Help! Kidnappers! - Murderers! - What Great snakes! Help! Police! Let's go! Hey! l'll tend to you later, mutt.
First, l'll take care of you! Excuse me.
Great job, Snowy! Let's get outta here! What happened? Are you all right, Mr Tintin? Oh, that poor man! He was only trying to deliver a letter to you.
What in the world is going on? l don't know, ma'am, but l intend to find out.
A can of crab, the word Karaboudjan, a drowned man, a Japanese kidnapped on my doorstep: what does it all mean? - Hello? - Tintin? - Yes.
- Thomson here.
- Hi, Thomson.
- How are you? How am l? l've been better.
An interesting development.
We've just identified the drowned man: Herbert Dawes.
He worked on a ship called the Karaboudjan.
Oh? The Karaboudjan? lt's docked at Pier 4.
Thompson and l are going down there to ask a few questions.
Hello? He hung up.
Ah, the Karaboudjan.
That's him? Yeah.
His name's Tintin.
He's a reporter.
We don't want reporters around here.
Look at all the seagulls.
Look out! You missed, fool! - What's going on? - Are you all right? l'm OK, thanks.
We're onto something.
People don't kill you for sightseeing.
Now, how do we get aboard? Hello, Tintin.
We're here to make inquiries about that drowned sailor.
Really? Mind if l tag along? Consider yourself our guest.
- Come along.
- Thanks, detectives.
Police, regarding Herbert Dawes.
Welcome aboard.
l'm the first mate, Allan.
l'm Detective Thompson.
Detective Thomson.
Let's go to my cabin, detectives.
You go on ahead.
Snowy and l'll take a stroll on deck.
We'll meet you here in half an hour.
- Sounds good.
- Half an hour, then.
This way, gentlemen.
Watch your step.
Right, watch my step.
Watch your step.
Take good care of our guest.
Understand? Allan didn't seem pleased to see us.
What is it, Snowy? Look at this.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Let's see what's going on.
You again! This time l'll feed you to the sharks.
Come back here! Wait! lt's all clear now.
He was drunk and drowned by accident.
Precisely: an accident by drowning.
Very unfortunate, but accidents happen.
Now where could Tintin be? He couldn't wait.
He left 10 minutes ago.
But he didn't even say goodbye.
Thank you, detectives.
And watch out - for the step.
- Righto.
Cheerio! Raise the gangplank! Cast off all lines! Prepare to sail! Wonderful.
How do l get into these messes? Hello, Mr Tintin.
Enjoy your stroll? lt was fine.
Pardon me for not getting up.
Shut up! How much does he know?.
Enough to know you killed someone.
You mean Dawes? He wasn't the first and he won't be the last, Mr Tintin.
Nice guy.
lt'll take a miracle to get me out of this.
Snowy! Boy, am l glad to see you! Quick! Chew through these ropes! Once l'm free, we've got to find a way off this ship.
We've stumbled into a real hornet's nest.
What is it, boy? You're the man they kidnapped! My name's Bunji Kuraki.
l'm a policeman from Japan.
What's going on? l've been on this case for months.
The crab tin is one of thousands that they use to smuggle narcotics.
Drug smugglers? l tried to warn you, but they caught me.
This is a worldwide operation.
They'll stop at nothing to protect themselves.
Even murder! - Herbert Dawes? - Yes.
He was selling me information.
l can't unlock these chains.
Don't worry about me.
You must get a message to the police.
But l can't leave you here! You have to! lt's our only chance.
Give it up.
He's barricaded.
The cop is still there.
What about Tintin? There's nothing for him to eat.
We'll starve him out.
First mate Allan, report to the Captain's cabin.
That booze hound probably wants another bottle.
Then give it to him.
We'll never pull this off if he sobers up.
lt's dark enough.
Time to try out my plan.
Who's there? Trying to bushwack Captain Haddock, are you? Backstabbing scallywags! But Don't say a word.
Who are you? A prisoner on your stinking tub.
l'll have you clapped in irons! No one slanders Captain Haddock's stinking tub! l've had the full tour.
l particularly liked your cargo hold full of drugs.
Drugs? ln my hold! You didn't know?.
Of course not! l'm an honest man! Who would do that? Your first mate, Allan.
Allan's a good sailor.
Loyal, devoted Generous with the whiskey! Face it, you've been doublecrossed.
By keeping you drunk, Allan does what he wants, including smuggling drugs.
Doublecrossed! Horn swoggled! Tricked by my own crew.
The shame of it all! Come on, Captain.
Get a grip on yourself! He won't get away with this.
But l need your help.
You have to promise: no more drinking! Captain, please.
Think about your reputation.
What'd your mother say if she saw you like this? Mother? - Mother! - What's all that noise? Time to go, Snowy.
- ls that you, Mother? - What's going on? l'm such a miserable fool.
Drink up, Captain.
This will make you feel better.
No! l promised him l wouldn't.
Who did you promise? l don't know.
l've never seen him before.
Fool! Tintin! Quick! He's gone back to the hold! You! Stand guard here! You, come with me! He's shooting at us! Champagne! What happened? Where's Tintin? He snuck up on me, boss.
He musta been under the bunk.
Mr Allan! The Captain and some kid jumped me.
l think they got a message off.
A lifeboat's gone.
- Fools! - Boss! They're not in sight.
Should we turn around? No.
l've got a better way to deal with Tintin.
Adrift at sea.
We must be 60 miles from land with no food or drink.
We're goners.
Relax, Captain.
Snowy and l have made it through harder times than this.
Relax, Captain? Relax! We're going to die out here, you landlubber! We won't! l radioed our plans to the police.
Not long now.
A seaplane! We're saved.
l told you not to worry.
Ahoy! Over here! He's coming in pretty fast.
Not fast enough for me! Look out! CN-3411 to Karaboudjan, come in.
This is the Karaboudjan, CN-3411.
What's your position? Over.
Sighted target and carried out instructions.
Any sign of life? No, sir.
Request permission to return to base.
Permission denied.
l must be sure! Land and confirm, CN-3411.
Ten four, sir.
Over and out.
Good enough for me.
Looks like Tintin finally met his match.
Where did you come from? Brussels, originally.
Nice going, Snowy.
Thundering typhoons! Nothing stops this boy! The police are awaiting the Karaboudjan in Bagghar.
CN-3411, come in.
CN- 3411.
Did you check? Are they dead? Mission accomplished! Over and out! lmagine the look on Allan's face when he sees the welcoming committee.
Just as long as l get him before the police do.
Sure we're on course for Bagghar? Of course we're on course! But it looks like there's trouble ahead.
Get yer nose up! Flip yer flaps! We're gonna crash! Tintin, wake up! l must pull it up.
- Pull it up! - l'm trying! lt's gonna blow! That was close! Where are we? lt sure isn't Bagghar.
The storm must've blown us off course.
What have you found, Snowy? That's a camel.
That was a camel.
lt probably died of thirst.
We're as good as dead! Take it easy, Captain! Things aren't that bad! Really thirsty.
Really thirsty! Keep moving.
We can't give up.
No, l've gotta lie down.
Which bed is mine? OK, we'll rest in the shadow of this dune, but we can't stay long.
A drink! How are we ever gonna get out of this one? Oh, a bottle of champagne! l'm saved! l'm saved! Confounded cork! lt's on too tight! Captain! Take it easy! The heat's getting to you.
Look! A lake! We're saved! Oh, no! lt's only a mirage.
There is no lake.
Water! Water! Where are we? Who are you? Come with me.
There you are.
Come in.
l'm Lt.
Delcourt, in command of this outpost.
Pleased to meet you.
l'm Tintin.
Take a seat please.
You had us all quite worried.
lt was sheer luck we found you.
My men came across the wrecked plane, then found you 3 unconscious.
What about the Captain? l need a drink! He's all right.
Where are my manners? Name your poison, gentlemen.
Nothing for us.
Captain Uh, no, thanks, Lieutenant.
So, tell me: what brings you to this forsaken sandbox of ours? We interrupt this program with a special report.
Severe weather at sea has caused heavy losses to shipping.
Gale winds have driven the Tanganyika and Jupiter ashore.
An SOS was received.
from the Karaboudjan, but no wreckage or survivors were found .
Oh, no, Bunji! lt is presumed she went down with all hands.
lmpossible! Calm down.
To sink without having time to abandon ship? l don't believe it! Yes, l agree.
Lieutenant, we must get to Bagghar immediately.
Oh We'll check the Harbormaster's Office.
They'll know if the Karaboudjan sank.
Blue blistering barnacles! Raiders! Behind the sand dune! Outnumbered and short of bullets! The last one.
Revenge Revenge! Captain! Desert tramps! Swine! Jellyfish! Troglodytes! Captain, they'll kill you! Rats! Endoplasms! Freshwater swabs! Snowy, he's scaring them off! Come back here, ya cowards! l'll give ya a taste of my rifle butt! Nice going, Captain! lf they'd waited, l'd have shown them! No one shoots at me and gets away with it.
After them, men! They're getting away! Lieutenant! l received a dispatch, warning about bandits in the area.
We got here just in time.
You mean it wasn't me who scared off those raiders? l'm sure you did your best, Captain.
We'll accompany you the rest of the way.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Sure the Harbormaster's Office is this way? The merchant said it was the other way.
Do you speak Arabic, Captain? Then, we'll continue this way.
What is it, boy? Allan! Let's see where he's going.
Wait for me! Blistering barnacles! Why don't you? Tintin! Careful, Snowy.
Allan may lead us to whoever's buying the drugs.
Oh, no! He's gone! Where in blue blazes is Tintin? Blistering barnacles! That's the Karaboudjan.
You there! The radio said the Karaboudjan went down.
So what's it doing here? This here's the Djebel Amilah.
Can't you read? Of course l can read! But that's the Karaboudjan! You mutinous deck rat! Tell him the real name of this ship.
Do you know this nut? Never laid eyes on him.
Police! Police! Help! Police! What's the problem here? That ship is the Karaboudjan.
lt didn't sink! l know - l'm her captain.
She's loaded with crabmeat opium.
We flew into a terrible storm and crashed in the desert.
You'd better come with us.
But but but lt's the truth, l tell ya! What? Haddock? You're sure? Then you can bet Tintin's not far behind.
Get me Haddock alive! l don't care how you do it! And don't let it happen again! Flatfoots! Pencil pushers! You wouldn't know a crime if you fell over one, miserable gherkins! Help! Outlaws! Brigands! Captain? Bushwackers! Captain! Tintin! To find the Captain, we must go back to where we lost Allan.
Remember, Thompson, we are friendly locals.
lnconspicuous and blending in with the crowd.
Thomson and Thompson! We're not Thomson and Thompson.
We're friendly locals.
Detectives, - it's me, Tintin.
- Alive! And well! l need your help.
So far the only clues are the crab tins.
You say the drugs are hidden inside? Yes.
They've got a gold label with a red crab.
We saw some tins like that this morning.
Where? Well, ah l think There's lots of strange shops here.
There! Where are you going? - Well? - Crab.
What are you doing? - Don't worry, we'll pay you.
- Yes! Who supplies you with those tins? Certainly.
They come from Omar Ben Salaad, the wealthiest trader in all of Bagghar.
- Thank you.
- That's OK.
Ask around about Mr Salaad, but be discreet.
Snowy and l will try to find the Captain.
Right, then! Thank you, sir.
Wait! Who's going to pay? 1,000 blessings on you.
l know it's hot, boy, but to find the Captain, we must find Allan.
He came this way once.
He may come again.
Confounded paving stones! Let's pay him a visit.
There he goes! Keep up with him, Thompson.
Be discreet.
l bet he went down there.
Where'd he go? He didn't disappear.
l wonder if A secret door! l bet the tins are full of drugs! Untie me, you Neanderthals! Captain! Crooks! Confidence men! Yell all you want.
No one's gonna hear you.
Now for the last time, where's Tintin? Here l am! Hands up! Tintin, my boy, l'm so glad to see you! Keep an eye on them while l find Allan.
Freeze! Ah, gentlemen, do sit down.
May l offer you - some refreshments? - No, thank you, Mr Omar.
This visit is strictly business.
Quite so.
We're conducting an investigation.
A very ''discreet'' investigation.
l see.
And what is the nature of your investigation, gentlemen? We think you're smuggling drugs.
By the beard of the prophet! How dare you? Get out! Or l'll have you flogged! Guards! Guards! Throw Run for it, Omar! The jig is up! l'm leaving now.
l'm afraid l'll have to eliminate you.
Good boy.
- Oh, Tintin! - Well done.
Don't let him outta your sight! He's heading for the docks.
Stop that guy! He's stealing my boat! Hey! Hey, stop! Tintin! Hi to you, too! Throw them in irons, the filthy pirates! Mutineers! Scallywags! Fatheads! The correct spelling is ''Thompson'' with a p.
lf it wasn't for Tintin none of this would have been possible.
Bunji ! - You made it! - Yes.
Thanks to you, Tintin.
l'm ''Thomson'' without a p! How's it feel to be a hero? lt feels great.

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