The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s01e02 Episode Script

The Secret of the Unicorn

THE SECRET OF UNlCORN ln other city news pickpocketing is on the increase.
Police are baffled as the crimes are so widespread.
Men's wallets are the principal item of theft.
Top detectives Thomson & Thompson are in charge of the case.
Snowy! Hurry! That'll be one dollar.
Wow! A new one! Here you are.
Thomson & Thompson! Hello, detectives! Good to see you! Some Saturday shopping? Actually we're here on a case.
We're after a pickpocket.
The one who's in the papers.
Ah! we just noticed these splendid sticks.
Quite a coincidence! Quite! After we buy these delightful sticks we'd better be on our way.
My wallet! lt's gone! The pickpocket! He got my wallet too! lt's okay, dectives! l'll take care of it! Pay me back next time! We must report this at once! Thank you, Tintin! Good-bye! Good-bye! Poor Thomson & Thompson! Wait, Snowy! Wow! lsn't she a beauty! Certainly is! 25 dollars and she's yours.
What do you say? How'd the Captain like it? Would you take 20? Fine! lt's a deal! How much is that ship? Sorry, sir, l just sold it.
Let me buy it from you.
l don't want to sell! How much for the model?! lt's already been sold! To whom? To me! C'mon Snowy! l'll give you 40 dollars! Whatever he said, l double it! Get lost! l was here first! How about 50? l'll raise it to 60! - 70 dollars! - 80! - 90 dollars! - 100! No! l don't want to sell! Why do they want to by this! l don't believe the nerve of those blokes! You again! Yes.
l apologize for my persistence.
l'd like you to take my card in case you decide to sell.
Good-bye! Snowy! Oh, no! lt's broken! What!? Ahoy there, landlubber! l got you a present.
Ten thousand thundering typhoons! - Do you like it? - Like it! lt's incredible! Let's go to my place! Now, Tintin! Now! Captain, what's going on? - Extraordinary! - Wait! Look! That's my great, great ancestor Sir Francis Haddock! He looks like you.
Yes, so good looking! Take a closer look at this ship! lt's just like the model! Exactly! Speaking of the model l didn't bring it! lt's gone! Hello? Some one stole the ship! Stole my ship! Why those slugs! Pitiful parasites! Flatulent worms! Just wait `til l find them! l'll spear their ears! l'll mash their brains! l'll - Got to go! Bye! Tintin! Tintin! Coming! Coming! A model of the Unicorn! Just as l thought! My ship! Please explain how it got here! l'm afraid you've made a mistake.
l've had this model for over ten years.
We'll see about that! Young man what're you doing?! The mast isn't broken! Sorry, Mr Sakharine! lt's not my ship! l quite understand your surprise.
l felt the same way myself.
l thought my ship was an original.
l'm sorry, sir! l won't bother you! l hope you find your ship, young man! Thank you, Mr Sakharine.
Two identical ships! lt doesn't make any sense! l'll call the Captain.
Occupied! Finally! We can go now, Fifi.
lt's stopped raining.
The Captain must have gone out! Oh, no! My apartment's been robbed! What kind of thieves don't steal! Who's there? Thomson & Thompson! Ah, the detectives! Hello, Tintin.
We're here to pay you back.
l've been robbed again! - Me too! - Must be the man we saw last time we came! What man?! Quite fat, about five foot five with black hair and moustache.
The man from the market! He's struck again! We must keep our eyes open! We must keep our eyes open! Thomson? Down here, Thomson! The man from the market was here.
Snowy? What you doing? ''Three brothers ''joined to three Unicorns! ''Sailing in the noonday sun.
''From the light that light will dawn, then shine.
''The Eagle's cross.
'' How mysterious! Where's it from? Must have been hidden in the ship's mast! Must have rolled under the sideboard! The thief knew it was there! That's why he came back! What does it mean? But of course! Quick, Snowy! To the Captain's! We're going on a treasure hunt! To continue our report on pickpockets : Police are checking several leads.
Anyone with information that could lead to an arrest should contact Thomson & Thompson.
Captain! Captain, it's me, Tintin! Captain! Wake up! ls anything wrong? He won't open! Captain Haddock! Open! One more step and l'll blast you to blazes! Something's wrong! Hold on! l'm coming! One, two, three! Avast, pirates! Avast! Avast you sea gherkins! Buccaneers! Filibusters! They're on the run! With a yo ho ho and bottle of rum! Tintin, my boy! What's going on? Look, landlubber! You see that man? Your ancestor! Sir Francis Haddock! Anyway, l found his chest.
Guess what's in it? Treasure!? No, a journal! Look! ''Sir Francis Haddock's journal!'' Yes, and listen to this! We're in the year 1676.
The Unicorn, a valiant ship of Charles l has left Barbados in the West lndies to set sail for home.
Suddenly there's a cry from above Sail on the port bow! Thundering typhoons! She's coming close! She'll cut across my bow! And now she's running up her colours! Pirates! Clear the decks! Stand by to haul wind! The Unicorn was trying to outrun them! Typhoons! lt's no use! She's overhauling us fast! Only one thing to do : Outwit the pirates! Closer, me hearties! Closer! That's it! Closer! That's the way! Closer! Ready about! Let go braces! Surprised, the pirates had no time to alter course.
Gunners, take your places! Fire! Got her, laddies! + lt wasn't enough! The pirate ship wasn't sinking! Look! She's hoisted fresh colours! The red flag! A fight to the death! No prisoners taken! The pirates were behind the Unicorn and slip under her poop! ln this way The two ships are side by side! Wow! The pirates are ready! Weapons are drawn! Grappling irons thrown! The fight to death begins! All hands to repel boarders! Stand back! Out of the way! Back, you sea lice! Back, dirt dogs! Back, scum! Leave this man for me, lads! Help yourself, you braggard! You want to kill me? You gherkin! Braggard! Saucy tramp! Take that! And that! Take this as well! Attack from behind, eh? Then how about one of these! That happened to Sir Francis too! A heavy block fell and laid him out on the floor! The pirates had won! Every Unicorn man walked the plank! What's this? Where's my crew?.
Blue blistering barnacles! Murdering maggot! Thieving toads! l am Red Rackham.
And l'm Sir Francis Haddock! The name Red Rackham should make your blood freeze! Never mind! My ship's sinking because of your gunners! So l'm taking over the Unicorn! My men are transferring the booty on board! And what booty it is indeed! Enjoy the night, Sir Francis! Because tomorrow at dawn you die! That night the Unicorn dropped anchor on a deserted island! Flushed with victory the pirates were celebrating.
That's the way, me hearties! The party's not complete yet.
He was on his way to the hold where the gunpowder was stored.
The celebration is missing a few fireworks! Prepare to die, Sir Francis! l'll shave your beard! Porcupine! l'll pluck your feathers, you jay! He knew he was going to be blown sky high, unless he put out the fuse! Rackham, l'm getting angry! Snowy! l've got you! Captain! Captain? Victory! Red Rackham is dead! May heaven forgive your wicked soul! Justice is done! Sir Francis lived for 2 more years on the island before his rescue.
And the journal ends! The last page is a testament.
He left each of his 3 sons a model of the Unicorn.
He told them if they move the mast, the truth will emerge! That's it! Rackham's treasure! The maps are hidden in the masts! Treasure! Treasure! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Rackham's treasure here l come! What maps? Don't worry! We have one.
Mr Sakharine has one.
When we find the 3rd the treasure will be ours! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Here we come! Rackham's treasure Here we come! Following the pickpocket story l have detectives Thomson & Thompson in the studio with me.
Are you close to an arrest? To be precise we are close! Precisely! Very close indeed.
Yes very close indeed.
Do you have a lead? Yes indeed.
Of the various leads we're following We shan't miss one.
lf there's a pickpocket somewhere we'll get him! Thank you gentlemen.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Rackham's treasure here we come! l'm going to be rich! Keep the noise down! Ahoy there, laddie! Top of the morning to you! Go home, you sea dog! Let decent people sleep! Come on, Captain! Barnacles! What a grouch! lt's very early! Oh! Oh, dear! Sorry, young man! l wasn't paying attention! No problem, sir.
Good day, gentlemen! Here we are! Help! What's wrong? Mr Sakharine's been murdered! Murdered?! Ten thousand typhoons! He's still breathing! Look! Another Unicorn! The mast is broken! Someone stole the parchment! But that means Holy thuderclouds! Some else wants the treasure! Police! No one move! Thomson & Thompson! Anything you say can be used against you! Here's the victim! To be precise the victim is here.
Where there's a victim, there's a culprit.
And usually quite close by.
- Here! - What! Miserable earthworms! Sea gherkins! Black beetles! Sea lice! Accuse me, would you?! - Crab apples! - No, Captain! Stop! Ectomorphs! - Put 'em up! Troglodytes! - Captain, stop! Yes, calm yourself! lt was an experiment.
What did you say? You goose cap! Well Ah! You see, Captain! lf you were the culprit obviously you'd be worried.
- Yes! Therefore, you're innocent.
Quite right! lndeed! No hard feelings! Out of my sight, you nappy! He's gone! What happened? A man offered me some antique engravings l was examining them when something in my nose.
l don't remember any more.
Mr Sakharine, this is important.
Could you describe the man? He was heavy with black hair and a moustache.
l'm sure l've seen him before.
How much for the model? How much for the model? The man from the market! Yes! Yes! lt was him! Get some rest! Don't worry! We'll find him.
That man stole the parchment.
You'll recognize it after seeing mine.
My wallet's gone! What do you mean, gone?! You're referring to my treasure! lt's stolen! Must be careful with that pickpocket around.
Take a tip from us.
Try and steal mine.
Go ahead! Try! There you go! Simple but effective! An elastic band! Stop this tomfoolery! What to do?! Our treasure will slip away from us.
Another day hunting pickpockets! l'd like to go home! At last, here's our tram! My wallet! Stop thief! Halt! Police! Aha! Got you! Oh! Thanks for finding my wallet! You're welcome! l trust nothing is missing.
You trust right! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Red Rackham's treasure, Here we come! Congratulations! Have you cornered the thief? Ah, well, not quite.
You see we caught the thief's coat but the thief wasn't in it.
Look! A dry cleaner's tag! So Find the dry cleaners and we'll find out thief! Well done! Easy, Snowy! The man from the market! - Why that no good! - Wait! What's he after? Mr Tintin? l'm Barnaby.
l must talk to you.
But we're not safe here.
Let's go inside.
After you! Get down! Bandits! Scoundrels! Gangsters! Call an ambulance! Careful! They'll kill you too! Who?! Who did this?! Sparrows?! What's he mean? What's taking the Captain so long? Mr Tintin? First floor.
Where are the police?! - Need any help? - No.
l'm okay.
Captain?! Captain?! Yes? Delivery for Mr Tintin.
Me? l didn't order anything.
This is the address we have.
But lt's an error! What's the matter? Blistering barnacles! What happened?! Where am l! What have l got myself in to now! Are you awake? Who's that? Come out! Wherever you are! Go to the door, Tintin! Check the column! There's an intercom.
Who are you? What do you want? l want my two parchments back! Two parchments? l only have one.
Correction, you have none.
l took the liberty of removing your wallet.
Thief! lt's mine! Give it back! l'm not playing games! l want the other two! l don't know where they are! You've got two hours! Think it over! lf you're smart you'll find an answer.
Listen to me! Wait! Well this is just great! There must be something l can do.
Bingo! Got it! Heave! Heave! Heave! That was heavy! What was that? Tintin?! lf l get my hands on him! lt works! Yahou! Stop or l'll shoot! He's getting away! Come on! There's no other way out! That suit of armour moved! There he is! We've got him now! There he goes! Another Unicorn! What's this? Mr M.
and Mr G.
Birds! Sparrows! Now it makes sense! - Hello? - Captain, it's me! What's going on? Tintin, where are you? Er, me? What am l doing? Er,l'm Mr Bird's secretary.
-Sorry, Mr Tintin.
- Nestor! A thief's in the house.
Don't let him contact his accomplices! l'm at Marlinspike Hall! l need help, quickly! Tintin! Tintin! Marlinspike Hall! Quick! Are you there? Nestor! Oh, my head, oh Where's Tintin? There he is! Where'd he go? Quick! The woods! l've got him! l've got him! Well, Mr Tintin! We've wasted enough time! Hands up! Walk! Snowy! Good boy, Snowy! You saved my life! Tintin! Tintin! Blistering barnacles! Those scurvy landlubbers! l'll have them flayed! Captain! l'm fine! Thanks to Snowy.
l'm telling you l'm innocent! He's the guilty party! Tell it to the judge, you jellyfish! lt's okay.
He's telling the truth.
He thinks his employers are legitimate.
ln that case May we inform you you're under arrest.
Mr Barnaby survived your shooting.
He's given us a statement.
Barnaby's alive? Shut up! lt's a trick! l assure you it's not a trick! What shall we do, Max? We'll shut up! Why don't you tell the truth? The judge will take it under consideration.
lt started when we found a model of the Unicorn.
Shut up! No, you shut up! Then you found the parchment? Yes.
lt was part of a treasure map.
We needed two more parts.
So we hired Barnaby.
- To find the other ships mine and Mr Sakharine's? We told him to steal the parchments.
He said he'd tell you unless we paid more.
So you shot him! Miserable worm! l don't understand.
Why kidnap me if Barnaby had them? Because l stole them from him, and you from me Give me my wallet back! The one you stole! But l didn't steal your wallet! The pickpocket! We can help you with that.
You can?! We've traced the pickpocket.
Mr Silk, You're under arrest! For pickpocketing.
Me! A thief?! Me, Aristide Silk! How can you substantiate that? Through your dry cleaners.
No point denying it.
l'm an honourable retired gentleman! Eureka! l've got the wallets and parchments.
This way, please! Obviously you made a mistake, Thomson.
Obviously it was you who made a mistake, Thompson.
Ask him to show you his wallet collection.
lt is from the light that light will dawn! Ten thousand typhoons! Latitude and longitude! lt's where the Unicorn sank! We're going to be rich! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
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