The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s01e03 Episode Script

Red Rackham's Treasure

RED RAKCHAM'S TREASURE Ahoy, Bill! Morning, George! So you signed with Captain Haddock's crew! We're sailing south with Tintin.
The reporter who caught the Bird brothers? Now he's after Rackham's treasure! Red Rackham the pirate?! l though he was a legend.
l'll tell you the rest later.
Listen to this, Captain! Probably an old sea tale, but it seems the treasure hunt is now full speed ahead.
No comment av ailable from Tintin and the Captain.
Comment!? l'll giv e them comments! Parasitic snoops! Headline hedonists! Word hungry Yes? l'd like to speak to Mr Tintin, please.
l'll get him.
One moment! He's gone? Oh dear me! Maybe another time.
- Wait! Can l help? Mr Tintin, how do you do! My name's Professor Calculus.
Cuthbert Calculus.
l believ e you're off on a treasure hunt.
So? Hav e you thought of sharks? Sharks! They're v ery dangerous! l inv ented an submersible.
Like to see it? l'm v ery bus y Yes, tomorrow is fine.
No, sorry! The answer is no.
No time! Right now? Of course, let's go! l'm glad you agreed to come, gentlemen.
Amazing! This way please! Ahh what the! ! lt's a clothes brushing machine.
Here we are! A shark! My shark-proof submarine for exploring the deep! lt's electrical! lt can div e down to 900 feet.
With an oxygen supply for 2 hours.
l'll show you how it works.
Oh dear! l'm sorry, professor How about a two seater? Of course! lt won't do! Good-bye.
So l'll see you tomorrow! Must hurry! Okay, men! Ready! Good day! Morning landlubbers! - Oh, no! - Calculus! Hello! l'm ready to demonstrate! l'll take care of this! Now l still hav e to assemble it.
Got it! Now what? Reporting for duty, sir! Detectiv es? Don't say detectiv es! We'v e gone undercov er.
The Bird brothers got away! We're assigned to keep an eye! J ust in case - Fine! Report to the bridge! At your orders, Captain! Prepare to raise anchor! Run the flag! Secure latchings! Someone's stealing food! A thief in our midst?! The glutton! Gourmand! Greedy piglet! What's wrong? Someone's stealing food.
Snowy? Not so fast! You need proof.
Who says it's him? Here, boy! Snowy! Where is he? Snowy! Snowy! - Blue Barnacles! - Captain! Help! Captain! lt's a bomb! Careful! This isn't a bomb! lt's not? Then what is it? What's it doing in my hold? Look at this! Barnacles! Wait `till l get! l'll tweak his cheeks to rubber.
l'll get Calculus! Good morning, gentlemen! Thanks for waking me.
l was hoping for a cabin.
l slept badly last night.
l ought to throw you ov erboard! You hear me? With a sea v iew! Delightful! l don't see anything! Are you sure about your calculations? Of course they are, idiot! Of course they are! Ev en in this fog! Quite! What on earth is that? According to my pendulum we should be further west.
Look! An island! That must be Francis Haddock's island! Come! Let's look around! What's that? Goodness! The remains of Haddock's boat! We're on the right track.
Snowy! What's that? Why it's Sir Francis! You're right! Thundering typhoons! Nincompoops! Poppingjays! Ghosts! Poppins! Look! There's your ghosts, detectiv es! Sir Francis must hav e taught their ancestors! Well, blistering barnacles! That was a waste of time! Couldn't the treasure be buried on the island? No! Sir Francis would hav e brought it back.
lt must be in the wreck of the Unicorn.
l hope so.
Ten thundering typhoons! He almost bit my hand off! They're all around! This'll teach them! Calculus! ! Hello! l'm ready.
The clock shows the oxygen.
The red button is a smoke flare.
For when you find the wreck.
Okay, Captain! Lower me down! The Unicorn! Up we go! lt's Tintin! He's surfaced! Tintin's in Strasbourg? lmpossible! l found it! The Unicorn! Thanks! Start pumping! My air's stopped! Something's wrong! Thundering typhoons! What you doing? Taking a rest.
l'll giv e you one! Man that pump! Pump! Now! That's better.
He's got something! lnteresting! A casket! Must be the treasure! He's swallowed the whole bottle! That's the signal to pull Tintin up! Blistering blue barnacles! He sent up a shark! They're old documents.
Oh, no! May l take a look? Don't lose heart.
We'll keep searching.
On we go pumping On we go! Come on, Captain! Don't be disappointed.
lt hasn't been a total loss.
After all like l said we should hav e gone further west! The treasure hunt ends in failure.
Morning! Morning! l'm returning the documents.
Documents? What documents? Oh, l'm fine thanks! Surely you recall the documents from the Unicorn? This should interest you.
lt seems Marlinspike Hall is Captain Haddocks' estate.
That's it! Prof, you're a genius! Don't you see? The treasure must be there! The treasure at Marlinspike Hall? Oh no! Marlinspike's up for sale! Oh dear! Captain, you must buy it at once! What's wrong? Don't worry about money! l sold my submarine v ery nicely! And since you let me test it l'll buy Marlinspike Hall.
- Wow! - This way, Captain! lt might be in here! What junk! Let's start looking! ''Three brothers joined ''Will shine forth ''The Eagle's Cross.
'' Captain! The cross! And here's the Eagle! Look! Sir Francis' island! Red Rackham's treasure! ! Snowy! Someone's coming! Careful! Ready? Calculus! Mr Tintin, l'm glad you're here.
l'v e located the treasure.
An impressiv e display! J ust as l always said more to the west! All's well that ends well.
Nev er between meals! No! No! He understands nothing! l said all's well that ends well! Without doubt! Reminds me of the saying : All's well that ends well.
Wouldn't you agree? Without any doubt!