The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s01e05 Episode Script

The Blue Lotus

THE BLUE LOTUS Here Snowy! C'mon, Snowy! Oops! Look out! C'mon boy! See how happily they play together! This is some vacation! Thanks for letting us stay here, Maharajah.
The pleasure has been mine, Tintin.
Your Highness, there is a stranger to see Tintin sahib.
He says it is very important.
-Show him in.
-But no one knows l'm here.
This way, please.
We'll talk later.
Tintin? What is it? Forgive me.
There are many dangers.
l bring an urgent message from friends who desperately need your help.
What's wrong? Poison! Quick, what's the message? MitsuMitsuhirato We need help.
Mitsuhirato Shanghai Shanghai? Shanghai.
llMoo Koo Guy Kew Tai! Dop Woey! Won Ton Soo Cow Sen Koo Har! Too late! The poison has taken effect.
Get a doctor! Guard the prince! -What's wrong? -Look! My son! l've already alerted the guards.
l have to pack.
Where are you going? To Shanghai.
Busy placeHey! lt's him.
Thank you! C'mon, Snowy! lt's him.
How are we going find him? Snowy! A message for Mr.
A message? Mr.
Mitsuhirato wants to see me.
l can't figure out how Mr.
Mitsuhirato knew l was here.
Here we are.
Thank you.
Please sit down, Mr.
Thank you.
Thank you.
l will get straight to the point.
Did you see my messenger in lndia? Yes but unfortunately somebody poisoned him.
He's completely mad.
Poisoned? Don't worry.
The Maharajah is looking after him.
They'll stop at nothing.
Who are they? l am sorry but l can tell you very little.
Only that you must leave Shanghai immediately.
The Maharajah is in serious danger.
How do you know? Take my advice: return to lndia as soon as you can.
Watch your step, Mr.
There are many enemies in this city.
l hope this is the way back to the hotel, Snowy.
l think we're lost.
Snowy! He's gone! Hey, whoever you are, wait! Nobody.
That man who knocked me down was probably trying to save my life.
''Please come at once! My son and l are in grave danger.
Signed the Maharajah.
'' So Mitsuhirato was telling the truth.
We'd better get back to lndia.
Maybe we'll get some answers there.
Hello! What's this? ''Meet me at T'ai ping tonight at ten.
Look for the door with the lantern.
'' lt doesn't say who it's from.
This is all very mysterious.
A disguise? l don't get it.
Hello? ls anyone here? Hi.
l'm Tintin.
Did you send me the note? What's wrong? Are you okay? Li Too said: ''You must find the way.
'' Yes l found it.
You must find it, too.
That's why l'm here.
You will know the truth.
When l cut off your head.
What! Don't be afraid.
lt's a very sharp blade.
No! Yikes! Just one small peck will sever your neck.
He's been poisoned.
l hope we make it back to the Maharajah in time, Snowy.
Hey! What's Help! Snowy? What happened? Where are we? Excuse me? Excuse me! When l cut off your head you will find the way.
Wait! Please! Don't be afraid.
Didi! Stop! Yes, Papa.
Now leave us.
Yes, Papa.
Please forgive me for my son, Mr.
He is not quite himself.
My name is Wang Chen-Yee and l entrusted my son, Didi, to protect you in Shanghai.
That kind of help l can do without.
Are you sure of that, Mr.
Tintin? That was your son! Before he lost his mind.
What's going on, Mr.
Wang? Why am l here? First l owe you an apology for such a violent kidnapping.
My son was going to warn you about the Maharajah's telegram.
The Maharajah did not send it.
lt was sent by an enemy who wants you out of Shanghai.
Would you come with me.
My associates, Mr.
We are friends committed to fighting crime in China.
Our greatest adversary is a man of your acquaintance - a Japanese operating out of Shanghai.
Mitsuhirato! Mitsuhirato.
We had hoped you would be willing to help us.
So we sent a messenger -to lndia.
-That was your messenger! Mitsuhirato said it was his.
He is a very cunning man.
Do not underestimate him.
Do you know what became of our messenger, Mr.
Tintin? He was poisoned with Rajaijah juice.
The madness poison! What can l do to help? One of our agents has given us information that Mitsuhirato expects a large shipment of goods.
But we just don't know when Mitsuhirato communicates to his accomplices in code.
Unfortunately we cannot break it.
lt is him! Ueda, location, Tuesday, storm, entraps, top nine, guerhka's, tea May l try? Ah ha! That's it! Take the first two letters of each word and you get ''Blue Lotus - ten tonight.
'' What's the Blue Lotus? A private club in Shanghai.
Bingo! You're late.
Five thousand and another five thousand when the job is done.
There can be no mistakes.
You worry about your end of things, l'll worry about mine.
As long as we understand each other.
After you.
Oh oh! Wait here! We're here.
Show me where.
Here! You owe me five thousand dollars.
Money well spent.
Quick! We need help! Bandits have blown up the track at post 1 23! Let's go before someone comes! What was that? There! Mr.
Tintin! You're awake! You should have taken my advice, Mr.
Tintin, and left Shanghai.
Not only are you a drug dealer but you're also a terrorist! You are a brave man and l respect your courage.
That's why l will let you go.
You will? Why not? We are both civilised men.
Why choose death when there are other ways? Mr.
Li! The madness poison! Such a fine mind! Almost a pity to waste it.
No! You can't do this! No! l'm going to go mad! You can tell whoever you want now.
No one will ever believe you.
l'm a bird! l'm a plane! l'm Action Man! Goodbye, Mr.
Tintin! Have a pleasant journey! Action Man! lt's that dog of his! Stand still! Take this! Snowy! Don't ever mess with Action Man! Sorry, l'm late.
Tintin! l had given up hope of your safe return now that the occupation has begun.
Occupation? You don't know! lt seems a group of bandits blew up the Nanking-Shanghai Railway.
They say that many were killed.
The Japanese have used the incident as an excuse to send troops into China to restore order.
Frankly, we think it's just Bandits? Train tracks! lt's a set-up, Mr.
Wang! Mitsuhirato blew up those tracks himself! No one was killed.
He must be financing with his drug profits.
lf what you say is true, there is much work to be done.
Well, at least we know where to start.
Thanks to you, Mr.
Wang? lt's you! Yes, my friend.
This is the real Rajaijah poison.
But it looks just the same.
You were injected with coloured water which l substituted myself.
That was very clever of you, Mr.
l am happy to be of service.
Li is one of our most honoured friends, as committed to our fight -as you are.
-My congratulations! Mitsuhirato was out cold for five minutes.
You throw quite a punch, honourable Action Man! Ahwhat is this honourable Action Man? The Kahn has said: ''l must cut off your head.
'' One small peck will sever your neck.
What's that? lt is all this terrible madness poison.
My poor son! Didi! Didi! Poor Mrs.
Wang! There must be someone who could help us find an antidote, Mr.
Maybe Professor Fang in Shanghai.
But it is too dangerous for us to go there.
Well, l've got to try.
Wait! You must not go, my friend.
The soldiers will be looking for you.
Let them look! l'll get in somehow.
l've got to! What! This is Mr.
Mitsuhirato! -Have you caught Tintin yet? -No, sir.
Not yet.
Then l suggest you look harder, Colonel.
Yes, sir! -Sir! -What do you want? Urgent message from Headquarters, sir! A new General is coming for a tour.
Have the troops drawn up for inspection.
l want the barracks perfect.
-Understand! -Yes, sir! Attention! Present arms! Unshaven, sir.
Two days detention, sir? Four days detention, sir.
Another four days! But sir, it was the wind! Another eight days detention, sir.
Three more weeks and l'm up for a promotion unless this pompous balloon reports me.
-Sir! -What now! Man at the gate in his underwear, sir, claims he is the General.
That feels better, eh, Snowy? Now we've got to get through that checkpoint.
Professor Fang lives on the other side.
Look out! lt's going to crash! Hey you! Stop! So far so good! Get that kid! C'mon, Snowy! We made it! Hello, l'm here to see Professor Fang.
My master is out at the moment.
Please wait here.
You must awaken! My heart is very anxious.
Honourable Master Fang was to return by ten and it is now one o'clock.
Where did he go? A reception at the Palace hotel, eh? Held by Mr.
Rastapopoulos! What's he doing in China? C'mon, Snowy! ''We have Professor Fang.
''Take fifty thousand dollars ''to the Temple at Hukow and await further instructions.
Go to the Police and you'll never see him again.
'' Huh? What's going on? There's a flood up ahead.
lt's washed out the line.
Looks like we're walking, Snowy.
Great! Now what do we do? Help! Help! Help! Come on Snowy! Help! Hang on! l'm coming! You saved my life.
How can l thank you? l'm just glad l got to you in time.
What happened? The orphanage where l live was washed away.
What will you do now? l don't know.
Maybe l could go with you.
Sorry, it could be dangerous where l'm going.
lt is said: ''lt is easy to break one branch ''alone, but two together is much stronger.
'' My name is Tintin.
And l am Chang.
Okay, Chang.
Off to Hukow! l know a shortcut.
So, Chief Dawson, we have a deal? You send your men after Tintin.
Yes, Mr.
Mitsuhirato, we have a deal.
The Special Team has just arrived.
Your Police Pass, gentlemen.
Rotten job! Ordered to arrest a friend.
Poor Tintin.
There it is.
So that's Hukow! To reach the old temple, we must go through the city.
Don't look now, Thompson, but l think we've been spotted.
-Thompson and Thomson! -Tintin ! Oh dear! What's this? An order for your arrest.
For kidnapping Professor Fang.
What? That's what it says, Tintin.
And you have a warrant? l must have dropped it.
Here it is.
-This is outrageous! -We protest! We protest this outrage! l don't understand why they let me go.
l substituted their paper for one which said: ''This paper will confirm what you see before you.
We are lunatics.
'' Poor Thompson and Thomson! We have made special arrangements for Tintin.
He will not reach Hukow alive.
There's the old temple.
lt is very popular with the tourists.
What do we do now, Tintin? Keep your eyes open for trouble, Chang.
The kidnappers said they would contact me here.
Take your picture, gentlemen? Careful! He is not Chinese.
You two together, gentlemen.
Only five yuen.
He could be the contact.
Very well! This way gentlemen, please.
Very nice.
Now! Watch the birdie! No! Tintin! How would you like to be photographed with your own camera? Tintin, you're okay! Yes, he just grazed me, thanks to you, Chang.
This was obviously a set-up.
What do we do now? Back to Shanghai and another visit to Mitsuhirato.
How's your arm, Tintin? A little sore but l'll be fine.
Tintin? Yes? Be careful.
Yamato! Take as many men as you can and bring me Mr.
and Mrs.
With any luck that miserable Tintin will be back with them and we'll get all our little birds with one stone! No time to lose! Mr.
Wang's in danger! A car, we need a car! Tintin! There! Nanking road! lt's an emergency! Go find yourself a taxi, sonny! This is a private car.
Hey! Come back here! You can't do this! That's my car! My car! He's alive! Chloroform! Look at this! Blue Lotus! lt's Mr.
Wang's handwriting.
They've taken him to the Blue Lotus.
What are you doing? He's here.
Bring him in! Do you really think that l would fall for such an obvious trick, Tintin? You've made a mistake! l don't know what you're talking about.
Maybe this will refresh your mind.
lt's not Tintin, you fool! Release him immediately! Please excuse my associate's behaviour.
He has made a mistake and will be punished accordingly.
There's no need to cause any trouble.
Enjoy your evening on me.
Fools! Get the truck ready, Yamato.
The shipment will arrive at dock nØ 9 tonight.
Yes, sir.
These are the last of them.
Okay, load them up! Everything went as planned.
Excellent, Yamato.
Come, Mr.
You don't want to miss this.
Yamato! Come out with your hands up! Tintin! How did you know l was in here? My man saw you leave the Blue Lotus earlier.
Very sloppy, Mr.
Rastapopoulos! You nosey little punk l'm tired of you interfering with my operation.
Your operation? The Pharaoh's emblem! So you're the mastermind behind all this smuggling! Get rid of him! We are ready, sir.
Yamato! Oh what a wonderful day! The Emperor has given me three to play.
Didi! l guess this is goodbye, Mr.
Just get on with it! Do not be afraid! lt is a very sharp blade.
Three quick pecks will sever your necks.
Hands up! Not so sloppy after all, Mr.
Mitsuhirato! My friends hijacked your shipment before it docked and hid in the oil drums.
Wait! Where's Mr.
Rastapopoulos? A secret door! You must be Professor Fang.
He ran through the curtain.
The Blue Lotus! We're looking for the Blue Lotus.
You're under arrest ln the name of the law.
To Professor Fang for finding an antidote.
And to my son for getting well.
Excuse us, please.
Tintin! We came to congratulate you.
Everything you said checked out at headquarters.
They'll be behind bars for a long time.
Quite right! And besides, we never did believe you were guilty.
Have a seat and join the party, detectives.
And l would like to welcome Chang to our family as our new son.
l would like to say something: although Tintin's departure leaves us sad, the addition of a brother makes me glad.
Let us not weep but rejoice instead that during my madness, no one lost their head.
There is a rainbow in my heart.
l weep because Tintin is going but the sun shines because l have a new Mother and Father.

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