The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s01e06 Episode Script

The Black Island

THE BLACK ISLAND That plane's in trouble! C'mon! Let's take a look! Are you okay? Excuse me.
You need help? You're a very lucky man! The bullet only grazed your ribs.
Excuse us, Miss! Hello, detectives! - What happened? - Precisely.
I'm not sure.
It was two men in a plane.
Descriptions? I didn't really see them.
But I noticed the plane was unregistered.
Aha! An unregistered plane crashed last night in Eastdown, England.
We'll check it out at once.
In the meantime, get some rest.
Goodbye! Leave the investigation to us! Why don't you look where you're going? I was following you! Precisely! You were following me! That's why I stopped! Hmm? Eastdown, England, huh? Dumbkopfs! Why did they shoot that fool? Now he'll start to ask questions.
I'll finish the job by killing him.
Look! It's him! It's him!! Use your head, Ivan! Too many people around! We'll dispose of him later! Why are we stopping? Hey, you! Wait! What! Hold it! What do you think you're doing? Hang on! Someone just jumped off! Police! Everyone freze! Right, let's go over this again! I told you someone hit me and stole my wallet! - Detectives! - It's him! I'd know him anywhere! - What! - Hands up, Tintin! Aha! Precisely! How do you explain these? I've never seen these before! Someone planted them on me! You're under arrest! I'm innocent! That's enough, Tintin you're coming with us! Good boy, Snowy! Tintin? Oh, Tintin! Tintin! Finally a village! Maybe we can rent a car here.
It' a long way to the ferry.
Excuse me! Do you know where I can rent You! Here! Oh no! Stop! Stop! If you continue this You'll make it worse for yourself! Stop! Stay with him, Thomson! We're gaining on him! He won't get away! Where did he go? Tell me, old timer, did a young man run past? Hmm Let's see I think he went thataway! Right then! Thanks! Or Huh! Was it thataway? Right! Snowy! Tintin? Here! Wait! Give it up, Tintin! You're still under arrest! You can't outrun the law! We missed! - The ferry dock, sir! - Hop in! Hurry, Snowy!.
We just made it! Wait! Stop Tintin! Stop! You're under arrest! Get off that ferry at once! I talked to our friend.
A car will be waiting for us.
Look! It's Tintin! I'll take care of him in England! - Can you take me to Eastdown? - Yes, Guv'nor.
Hey! What's the hold up? Something is wrong! - Need any help? - If you please.
Get out! Jump please, Herr Tintin! Jump! Hurry! Jump! Why not just shoot me? We prefer you have an accident! Hands up! No, Snowy! We should be near Eastdown now.
It's the plane.
Hello, Constable! What happened to the pilots? Don't know, sir.
We found this lot this morning! Pilot must have bailed out! It's definitely the same plane! What is it, boy? What have you got there? A bone! You brought me here for a bone! Snowy! Now what? If it's another bone! A pilot's jacket! Good boy, Snowy! Is there anything in the pockets? Bingo! Eastdown.
A triangle.
Three red lights.
24 1 am! I wonder what this means? Oh, Snowy! Not again! Now no more dirty bones! Watch what you're doing! Besides, you're on private property.
I'm sorry, sir! I seem to have lost my way.
Well alright, this time.
Take the path to the river, cross the bridge And you'll see the main road.
Doctor Muller! Let's take a look.
Well, that's part of the puzzle! The coast is clear.
Snowy! It's alright, boy.
That bone saved us! Someone is outside.
Well, well! What a pleasant surprise! Hello, Eastdown Mental Hospital? This is Dr.
Muller speaking.
I have a patient here.
He is to be a permanent guest.
Yes, that is correct.
He is very dangerous, yes! Prepare the special medication.
There! No, here! Ah! I'll show you! No! Stop! I'll get you! Fire! You sure no one else was in the house? We were lucky to escape.
What are you doing? Herr Doctor!.
What is it, boy? Check the house, men! I think someone's in there! We haven't found the crooks yet.
But they won't get far! Ah, Tintin about this train business a most unfortunate understanding.
It's okay, I understand.
Get some rest! Leave everything to us! Precisely, Thomson! Watch where you're going! I was following you! I won't find any clues here.
What is it, boy? A cable! Must be something up there! A light up a tree!? More lights! Let's think.
3 red lights making a triangle.
The twenty fourth.
At 1am.
That's it! It's a drop point! The lights are for guiding planes! We must return, Ivan.
We'll enter the grounds after dark and light the beacons as we planned.
The beacons have been turned on! Someone else must be waiting for the plane.
We've got to get them! This way! Oh, no! Tintin! Run, Snowy! This way! Herr, Tintin.
Looks like your luck has run out! Ach nein! Whew! That was close! This old cable should hold you for the moment.
The puzzle is almost resolved! Now for these mysterious sacks! What's in them? Great snakes! And it's counterfeit! Once the police arrive these forgers will be looking at a long holiday behind bars! This is ridiculous! Months of work and months of planning for a fortune in counterfeit bills ruined by one nosy reporter and his miserable dog! What luck to find that telephone booth! The police should be here soon.
Snowy! Are you alright? Ah yea! Thanks for stopping! There's a car ahead with crooks making a getaway! We must stop them! - Crooks! I say, what a lark! Hop in! It certainly beats walking! I think.
Oh no! That was some ride! Are you alright, Snowy? We'll never find them now.
That's their car! Excuse me, sir.
Do you know what happened to the passengers? Some bloke saw them dash off yelling something about a train.
Snowy! What is it? Our timing is good today.
So far.
But I do not trust that Tintin.
No! Tintin is on the train! Let's go! I beg your pardon! Never a hello! Never an excuse me! Hello, excuse me, good-bye! Sorry, Snowy! You'll have to leave it! Let's go, Snowy! What happened? You okay? Two fellas made me stop the train.
The big one hit me from, behind.
Didn't see which way they went.
It's landing.
We must be near the airport.
Keep your eyes open, Snowy! They're here somewhere.
Take courage.
That's Tintin! Thomson and Thomson! The criminals you called us about have got away, it seems! We've been tracking them closely.
We have reason to suspect that Muller and his men are on the train.
And now they're probably on a plane! What plane? That plane! My hat! Those low-flying low-lifes! Where's Tintin? Wait! Stop! Tintin! Police! Start up this plane! We're commandeering it! That's an order! Move! Full throttle, pilot! Go up! Go up! Go down! Go down! Stop showing off! We're in pursuit of criminals! Sorry, sir! I'm just a ground mechanic! This is my first flight.
We demand that you land! Did we make it? I'm not sure yet.
There they are! Great snakes! We've lost them! This fog it really dangerous.
We've got to land! Snowy, old dog! Hello! Ah, you're among the living again! You picked the wrong fence to crash in to! Strongest masonry in the glen.
What were you doing flying around in the fog? That's a long story.
Thanks for helping out! Think nothing of it! You've brought some excitement to a forgotten farmer.
Not much happens here.
Look at that! The wreckage was found by a fisherman.
That's Muller's plane! The authorites say the passengers were drowned.
You know them? Yes, I know them all too well.
That looks like Kiltoch by the sea.
How far to Kiltoch? They found no trace of them.
And they searched everywhere, but the island.
- What island? - Let it be, lad! The men were drowned.
But if no one's searched.
It's called The Black Island.
MacGregor! He has a right to know! Why has no one searched there? Best keep clear of it! It's a horrid haunted place! Haunted! Aye! In the ruins of the castle of Craig O'Dhui, there bides a beast of blackest heart.
A demon so horrible that no one has returned to tell.
When calm lays over the water we hear the beast throwing thunder into the black night! Go ahead and listen, lad! Be sure to be back by sunset! Right.
Where you making for? I though I'd check out that island.
The Black Island! Not on my boat, you won't! I'll never see her afloat again! How much would it cost to make her mine? Another gone to his doom! Looks deserted.
C'mon, Snowy.
We'll scout from the tower.
What a view! So high! Easy, boy! Snowy! Hold on, Snowy! C'mon! C'mon! Oh, oh, oh!.
The boat's gone! Ranko! Attack! Back, Ranko! We're in no hurry! I wonder what's so funny! No! The tide! That should keep him inside until the tide finishes him off! We'll drown like rats in a hole! Good boy, Snowy! That was a bit too close! Absolutely perfect! Shhh.
It's a beauty! Just look at the detail! Excellent job! Hands up! Tintin! Well, Muller! You've nowhere to run now! Ach not so tight! So sorry, but you're not giving me the slip now! Hey, that's my pistol! Yes, I was getting tired of using my finger! - My pistol is not loaded.
- What! Help! Help! Quiet! Help! Some chaps don't know when to give up.
Voiló Ah ha! A radio transmitter! Mayday! Repeat! Mayday! Get me the Kiltoch police! Aye! You've got the police! I don't understand! How did he escape the tide? He is clever, this Herr Tintin! But not clever enough! Let's go! The police should be here soon.
We're trapped! Police control! Calling Tintin! Launch heading for island at full speed! Two detectives are with the officers on board.
What the! Great job, Snowy! Poor fellow.
Hurt his arm falling down.
Police! About time! You sure he's not dangerous? Ranko? He's quite harmless.
Muller just used him to scare people away from his secret press.
Only tourists believed the legend of the Black Island.
Aye, no man in Kiltoch ever thought the beast was more than just a rumour.