The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s01e07 Episode Script

The Calculus Affair

THE CALCULUS AFFAlR Snowy! Snowy! Oh, Snowy! Will you let go of that! Ah! Take a whiff of that fine fresh air! Such peace! l'm a country man from now on! l've had enough of careering around the world! Do you really prefer this to a stiff sea breeze? Absolutely! Nothing like a walk to put you to rights! Pity Cuthbert couldn't come with us! Yes! l wonder what Prof Calculus is brewing up for us while sitting in his lab for months! l think we'd better get back to Marlinspike, and fast! Where's Snowy gone? Snowy! Snowy! Here we are! By the whiskers of Gorbytave! The machine! l'll take care of the Professor! You take care of the others! With pleasure! Thanks, Nestor! What a storm! Feels safe and cozy in here! Huh?! Blistering barnacles! Are you alright? l'm okay, but l don't get it.
The window broke after the lightening! Did you see that? Absolutely amazing! l've never seen anything like it! Hello! Cutlets! No, madame.
Cuts The Butcher is 000-431 .
And you ought to know it's extremely dangerous to phone during a thunderstorm! Captain! Billions of blistering blue barnacles! What! Thundering typhoons! That's all we needed! Ten thousand typhoons! Now what?! Billions of blue blistering! Who are you? And what do you want? Ah, now that's A long story, old boy! There l was driving along when Crack! My windshield shattered! Jollien, l said to myself.
Jollien Wagg, that's my name! Jollien, l said aren't you lucky to be right near a lovely house to take shelter in! - Yes.
Lucky! Ah, a little tiff with the wife, eh? Wife! No! lt was the lightening! Lightening! And l'll bet you weren't insured! Lucky for you, jolly Wagg of Rock Bottom lnsurance dropped in! l'll fixed you up with a neat little policy.
How kind.
l don't stand on ceremony, you know! Never a dull moment with me! Yes indeed-y! You bet! - Yes, l'll bet! - You know, l take after my uncle Anatol.
Wow! What a scream! Should have seen your face! Oh! Did you? Did you see that?! l must be on my way! l've wasted enough time here! Goodbye! By the whiskers of Crvytasch! That sounded like a gunshot - outside! - Thundering typhoons! Cuthbert! Professor! Professor! ls everything alright? No, l promise, not a drop! Allow me, Professor! Oh, a hole! Terrible, the moths this year! lt really was a gunshot! Who's the scoundrel who would.
Snowy must have found something.
Thundering typhoons! - ls he? - No! He's alive! Better contact the police! l'll take care of it! Stay here! You'll be alright.
What happened? Where's that scoundrel? Gone! He had an accomplice! What about the police? Couldn't phone! Lines cut! Now what?! Mercy! Have pity! Blistering barnacles! Come out or l'll shoot! Don't hurt me! l'm a simple fellow! What in the blazes are you doing there? l l was hiding! Someone shot at me! Walking along and.
Bang! l told myself, Jollien, they're trying to kill you Tintin! Tintin! Captain! Oh my oh my oh my! Oh my! Don't know how it happened! l was driving along as usual when.
Zing! Crash! Who turned out the lights?! Thomson and Thomson! Hello, Tintin! We've come to warn you.
Bordurian agents are at large in these parts! Large agents are bordering around these parts! That explains some things! But l still don't understand! Hello, Cuthbert! Hello.
Are you going away? No, l'm going away.
To Geneva for a congress on nuclear physics.
You never mentioned it before! Not for long.
Only two or three days! Must be going! Just got time to catch the train! There's one who'll never change! Funny though, he seems more preoccupied than usual.
Here he comes! Get ready! This time we've got him! Morning, Professor! Would you like a lift? No, but you could drop me at the village.
By the whiskers of Curvytasch! Foiled again! Captain, l've been thinking everything over.
Ah yes! Every time something broke, Prof Calculus was in his lab.
But since he left for Geneva nothing's happened! What's that smell? lt smells like tobacco! That's all! - But Calculus doesn't smoke.
- You're right! Hold it you! - What have you there? - A pack of cigarettes.
lt fell when Snowy ripped his coat.
- Funny looking writing! - Look there! at all the broken glass! - Thundering typhoons! - Cuthbert's the one who.
- Captain! Hotel Cornavin, Geneva? Does that tell you anything? lt's the hotel Cuthbert stays in! The professor's in danger! We're friends of Prof Calculus.
ls he staying here? Good day, gentlemen! Yes, he is! And you're in luck! His key isn't here so he's in his room.
Would you call him, please? Certainly.
Sorry! There's no reply.
He's a bit hard of hearing.
We'll go up.
He's in 1 22, fourth floor.
Thank you! He's deaf but this is ridiculous.
Oh dear! Must have gone when my back was turned.
l'm so sorry! You must have just missed each other.
You don't know where he went? Well, he did ask for the train timetables to Nyon.
And before that he asked for the phone number there.
A mister Topolini or Topolino.
Topo Topolini Topolino.
Here it is! Alfredo Topolino.
57, rue de Saint Cergue, Nyons.
When is that train? 4h 40! l'm afraid you'll miss it! Not a second to lose! Let's go! Hey! Watch where you're going! You saying it's my fault?! What! You have a nerve! lnsulting me, you blundering bargee! Me! Bargee! Billions of blistering blue barnacles! Please, captain! We'll miss the train! Floundering oaf! Parasite! Ectoplasm! Lucky for you, l'm in a hurry! Just wait till l see your! Driver! The train station! Hurry! Did you notice the man who tripped you was wearing the same coat as the man in the lab, and smoking the same cigarettes? The driver! Snowy! Oh, no! They haven't come up! There it is! Now that Tintin and his friends are out of the way we can complete our mission.
By the whiskers of Curvytasch! They're alive! Run them down, Yuri! Nitwits! Steamrollers! Hurry, Captain! We might be too late! Listen to that! Sounds like someone banging a pipe! lt's not locked! Professor Calculus! Mr Topolino! - Looks like no one's home! - And the sound just stopped! Great snakes! Who are you? Who am l?! l'm Professor Topolino.
And who are you? l'm Tintin and this is Captain Haddock! We're friends of Prof Calculus.
Calculus! The scondrel! Calculus, a scoundrel! Sir, l refuse to allow! Yes! Scoundrel and monster! He tied me up and left me to rot! l've been here for two hours! Two hours? Then it couldn't have been Calculus! Two hours ago he was in Geneva! l had a letter from Calculus telling me about his ultrasound work which is my field! He asked if we could meet.
He seemed alarmed by the results of his research.
We were to meet today.
Do you know this man? Never seen him! Who is he? The one and only Prof Calculus! The man who assaulted you is an impostor.
Huh! The same brand! Do you smoke? No l don't.
These belong to my secretary, Boris, who's gone to Borduria.
Borduria! The Thomsons warned about agents.
lt's all making sense now! You sure the timing hasn't stopped? Positive! lt won't be long now! Your assistant must have contacted the Bordurian Secret Service to say Calculus was coming.
One of the spies caught you! Now l see how it happened! But what have they done to Calculus? That's it! Now we're rid of everyone at once! Over here! Are you hurt? Don't think so! Two more men and a dog! Cuthbert! - How are the others? - Nothing serious mostly shock.
- Snowy! Where's Snowy? Snowy! Good boy! Police.
We're undercover looking for Tintin and Haddock.
To be precise, we're undercover to find Tintin and Haddock in Switzerland.
l see.
Come this way! How spotless your floors are! Absolutely shiny! Yes.
lt's just been waxed.
Be careful! Professor Calculus! Where have you been? Not at all.
l simply missed my train! Thundering typhoons! You're safe! You rascal, Cuthbert! You had us in a right state! No, not at all! Not at all! Your discovery must be important.
lf the wrong people got hold of it, it could be disasterous! Right! Better be on my way! Things to do! l'll be back to see you later! More visitors! Thomson and Thomson! Just wanted to check on you! That's to say, have a check up on us! Blistering barnacles! l'm glad to be out of there! The food was terrible! Oh that reminds me! l wanted to get some postcards.
Don't be too long! Of course you can come along! No! No! No! Out plane leaves at noon! Okay then.
Wait here! l'll be back soon.
Just two more hours and we'll be on our way home.
l just can't wait for another nice quiet walk in the countryside! Why's that car just sitting there? Let's see what's delaying the Prof! Thundering blistering bazookas! Hmm! This cigarette! Same kind the Bordurian agents smoke! Professor! He's gone! Professor! My umbrella! My umbrella! What do we do now? Find the Bordurian Embassy! Look out! Here comes one! Gotcha! Blood thirsty devils! Shh! There's the embassy! Look! Someone's coming out of the embassy.
They got Calculus! Operation rescue! Captain! Take this! And that! That'll teach you to kidnap my friends! They're putting him in a motorboat! They're after us in a helicopter! We got 'em! Captain! l nearly fell! They're gonna pay for that! Bombs away! Earthworms! Slugs! They're going ashore! Tintin! There they are! Maniac! Road hog! You crazy?! Why you park in middle of road? lt's an emergency! Our friend's been kidnapped! Get in! We catch them! Thank you, sir! - You in? - Let's go! Blistering barnacles! Up ahead! Ah, bella! ltalian drivers are the best in the world! Thundering typhoons! There! Thank you, sir! Empty! There they are! Don't worry! We'll save you! Last call for flight 273 to Borduria.
Passengers board immediately.
Those fools! They're going to Borduria! Borduria 321 8! Colonel Sponsz' office.
Yes, l'll tell him.
The plane has just left, Colonel.
You were right.
Tintin and Haddock were on it.
Make sure the welcoming comittee is at the airport.
- lt's all arranged, sir.
Lieutenant! Yes, Colonel? They are not to leave Borduria alive! What sort of place is this? Right! Soldiers everywhere! What's wrong, Snowy? He forgot the Prof's umbrella! Never mind! We can get him another when we get back.
Halt! You are Tintin and Captain Haddock? Yes? Morning, Mr Tintin! l am Kromick.
This is Klumsi.
We are here to protect you on your visit to Borduria.
We will escort you to your hotel.
Follow us! l think we should do as they say! C'mon, Snowy! C'mon! lt's okay! Good boy! Look! No door handles! Welcome to Borduria! Hello? lt's me! What are we going to do? Find a way to lose these goons! Meet you outside your room.
l'm hungry too.
Huh?! The phone's must be tapped! l propose we order a bottle of champagne in honour of our hosts! Champagne! Since when.
Poor Captain! ls your rhuematism acting up? Rhuematism! Oh yes, rhuematism of course! There's nothing like champagne for that! Waiter! Okay, here's my room.
l'll stay in the corridor.
Good idea! ln the hall.
l'll be right outside.
Good! - Any problems? - Sleeping like a baby.
Oh oh! Guards everywhere! A light bulb?! Look! C'mon, Captain! Halt! Halt! Halt! Blistering barnacles! My eardrums! Let's blend in! Oh no! Soldiers everywhere! Colonel Sponsz! The foreigners have escaped! Find them! lncompetent fools! Or tomorrow you'll face a firing squad! Sure you know where you're going? Must be a back door somewhere! Tintin, is that you? My handsome young man! You're lucky to see me perform! Always a pleasure! And l see you have brought a friend? Captain Haddock, at your service.
Charmed! You must join me for a little celebration.
So Mr Paddock, you saw my show! lt was such a success wasn't it? Ah, Haddock, madame.
Who is it? Signora, it is Colonel Sponsz.
He wishes to pay his respects.
But of course! My admirers they adore me! Please, Madame! Don't let him in! Yes? My friend and l are in trouble.
Come in! Ah, madame! Please sit down! What is this? Ah, a stage prop, Colonel.
The magic of the opera, yes? Here, allow me to take your coat.
Will you take some refreshment with me, Colonel? You again! Colonel Sponsz! Sorry! We're looking for the foreigners.
They're not here, idiots! Search some place else! Forgive me, Madame.
They're after two escaped spies.
Sounds interesting! You must tell me more, Colonel! lt's of little importance.
The spies are after a prisoner held in the Bakhine fortress.
They will not succeed, of course.
l have the papers for his release.
Bingo! Hmm! Everything seems to be in order! What are you doing? You know the rules! All papers must be checked.
Of course, commandant! Major Kardouk here of Bakhine Fortress! l wish to talk to Colonel Sponsz! l have two men here with papers ordering the foreigner's release.
Oh, really! Fine, gentlemen! We'll release the prisoner at once! Ah, Colonel! l had major Kardouk on the phone confirming the release of the foreign scientist.
Fine! What! Get Kardouk on the phone! They must not leave the fortress! We did it! Welcome back, Professor! Well no! l hadn't a chance to get postcards! Blistering barnacles! We've been found out! We're still an hour from the border! Faster! They're gaining on us! Captain! Unhook the roof! Ready? Now! Take that you bike-riding swabs! Move it! You should have told me you couldn't drive! l think l've got the hang of it! Almost there! Only two kilometers to the border! Land mines! Stubble-headed nobs! Dweezels! Fatheads! Proletarians! A road block! What'll we do? We'll charge right through it! Hang on! We're at the border! Good boy! You found the Prof's umbrella! What a relief to be home again! And with our good friend, Calculus! That reminds me - where's my umbrella? Your umbrella! My umbrella! My dear little umbrella! And now look! l unscrew the handle and.
Oh! The microfilm of the plans for my machine! lt's gone! Oh, now l remember! Here it is! l left it by my bed! lt's a dangerous weapon because some people could use it for war.
There's only one thing to do destroy these plans! Ah! Thank you! Blistering barnacles! l can't take much more of you! You flaming jack-in-the-box! Chicken pox! At your age? Oh, l am sorry!
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