The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s02e02 Episode Script

The Broken Ear

THE BROKEN EAR Knees bent, arms up, stretch! Up! Down! 12 Up! Down! 12 This is the best exercise for waking up.
Now for a bath! And now the 8 o'clock news! ln a robbery at the Museum of Ethnography a sacred fetish was stolen.
There's no evidence of a break-in.
lt's believed the thief hid inside at closing time.
Police are investigating.
Hmm? This idol has no intrinsic value.
lt has historical value.
lt's a collector's item.
Thompson and Thompson! Ah, Tintin! Hot on a story, are we? lndeed! Got anything for me? The idol was still there at 8.
At precisely 8.
06, it had gone.
With so many priceless artifacts there, why steal a worthless idol? The same reason anyone steals.
What reason? Because they're crooks.
Mustn't overlook the obvious.
Help! .
le Conservateur ! The idol's back! There it is! lt's back! lt's bewitched, l tell you.
How mysterious! What's this? ''Stole your idol on a bet.
l won.
So here's ''your idol back.
Signed 'X'.
'' - Case closed, Thompson.
- That was simple! Simple and direct to the point.
An open and shut case.
All neatly wrapped up.
Watch you step! l was following you.
Maybe l am overlooking the obvious.
Bingo! The Arumbaya idol.
Strange! The original has a broken ear.
But the returned idol is whole.
Then it must be a fake.
Jacob Balthazar, a local artist famed for his primitive carvings has been found dead at home.
He was overcome by leaking gas.
Police are investigating.
Foul play is not suspected.
Not yet, anyway! Afternoon, ma`am.
Did Mr Balthazar live here? Oh dear, yes.
He was my best tenant.
Are you family? Just a reporter.
Could l look round his room? l don't see why not.
l'll take you there.
ls that Mr Balthazar? Yes.
He was such a lovely man.
Such talent! Lovely man! A beautiful parrot.
Beautiful parrot?! Peepo! Sh-h! He's tired.
He's had such a day! With the police and firemen checking the gas.
This parrot was here while the gas was leaking? Yes.
Curious! Prrrt, prrrt ! The open skylight saved him.
Oh, no! The firemen opened that to let out the gas.
Let out the gas! l don't suppose you'd like to have him? He's so nice.
Balthazar aimait les animaux.
ll mange peu et est tr s propre.
That looks like the idol in the museum! Hein ? l'd love to, but l travel a lot.
Well, if you know of anyone? Si vous trouvez un amateur, pr venez-moi.
Thanks for your help.
Come on, Snowy! Great greedy guts! First an idol is stolen then a famous sulptor dies.
l don't get it.
Let's think! Why would gas kill Balthazar and not the parrot? Pardon me, Sir! That's it! Balthazar was killed to keep him quiet about the idol he'd made.
The gas was turned on afterwards.
lf only l had proof A witness! C'est a, un t moin ! You gave the parrot away? Je prends le perroquet.
Just a moment ago.
Vous venez 2 minutes trop tard.
To a Spanish man in a black coat.
Je viens de le donner un monsieur.
l didn't catch his name.
ll l'a mis dans un carton.
He was in a hurry to catch a bus.
Great greedy guts! l say nothing, senor.
Great greedy guts! Hum ! Mais y vous assure ! l hope l'm not too late! Oh, no! The Parrot! Y n rien dit, y vous assure ! Prenez a malotru ! Great greedy guts! Oh, no! There goes my witness! Great greedy guts! My beautiful parrot is gone! That's enough! S-, muchas gracias.
About that parrot? lt was a present from my grandfather.
He will be most sad.
But why wouldn't he tell the truth? That was Balthazar's parrot.
Lost - one green and gold parrot! lf found, please return to 26 Labrador Road.
- lt'll be in the evening edition.
- Great! Thanks! Lost - one green and gold parrot.
lf found.
Problemo? Ramon, tu as vu, il y a 2 annonces ! Seuls 2 t moins.
ont vu le perroquet s' chapper.
Hum et on ne nous a pas ramen le perroquet.
Y n'aime pas a ! Maybe Tintin also wants to find the kill Only one way to find out.
l will pay him a little visit.
You ran an ad about a parrot.
l hope this is it.
Great greedy guts! lt certainly is! Thanks! Watch him, Snowy until l find a cage.
Okay, Snowy! Pouet, crouik ! l had a cage in the basement.
They're fighting! Snowy! Oh, no! Not again! You!! What's all that racket! Oh, it's raining.
The noise is from Mr Balthazar's room.
l must have left the skylight open.
Poor Mr Balthazar.
What wouldn't l give to hear him say.
Leave me alone! Colonel Barker! Help! lt's Jacob Balthazar's ghost! Ghosts?! Nonsense! Let's get to the bottom of this! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Great greedy guts! and local news : We've all heard Le conflit devrait of homing pigeons, Exemple touchant.
but now there's also a homing parrot.
A day after being given away the parrot of the late Mr Balthazar has returned to the roost of.
his deceased owner.
Let's go, Snowy! Le perroquet ? Oh, you really are unlucky! l missed that parrot again? l'm afraid so.
The gentleman from yesterday picked him up a few minutes ago.
Great greedy guts! lt's Tintin! He must want it for the same reason l do.
Look out, Snowy! We got them now, Snowy! Obviously, the wrong number.
Or they used false plates.
Bingo! Missed again! Missed again! Shut up! Stupid bird! That animal is smarter than you, Ramon.
Then why hasn't he told us who killed Balthazar? Sooner or later, he will.
Shut up! Missed again.
Missed again.
Fool! That parrot's invaluable to us.
Without it, we'll never find the real id.
Little friend.
Tell me who.
l'll kill you! Roderigo Lopez.
Leave me alone! Lopez?! Lopez.
Hello? Global Travel? l need information about passage to San Theodoro.
C' tait lui le voleur.
Are you sure Lopez will return? ll est parti au port du Havre ? He must if his story is true.
The only ship bound for San Theodoros! Good! Good! Passage for two, please.
Won't our cell mate be surprised to see us! Lopez could be hiding anywhere.
This ship is mucho grande.
Patience, Ramon.
Ramon, look at him! What about him? lsn't that Tintin in disguise? lt's possible but.
Oh dear! Oh dear! He wears a wig! lt must be Tintin! Oh! Help! Help! Caramba! Missed again! Good thing too! He wasn't Tintin! Help! Murder! Police! Help! Nothing.
No sign of Lopez anywhere! Patience.
There's plenty of time.
Caramba! That dog! - lt's Tintin's! - Are you sure? Yes.
The fool! He's disguised himself but forgotten to disguise his dog! lf you're right it's a fatal mistake.
Good boy! First call for dinner! First service! First we make sure it's a disguise.
One tug will reveal the truth! Qu'est-ce que c'est ? l thought for sure that was his dog.
When will you learn to leave the thinking to me? How can we find Lopez? There's 300 cabins he could hide in.
All he has to do is stay in his cabin and we'll never find him! Evening gentlemen! Brisk night to be out on deck! Oh, we love the sea! You're not like others l could mention.
Oh, really! Take that chap in Cabin 1 7 Lopez, l think his name is! Lopez? What about him? Never sticks his nose out.
Oh, really! Guess he doesn't have a nose for the sea, like you do! lsn't that interesting! We must pay a visit to Mr Lopez! A nous le f tiche ! The passenger list Lopez Lopez.
Lopez! Cabin 1 7! Gotta hurry! Mr Lopez? Mr Lopez? Too late! He's gone! A few minutes and we are homefree! Have you heard? That Lopez l was telling you about he's disappeared! No! Yes There'd been a struggle in his cabin.
They suspect foul play.
Shocking! Do they suspect anyone? They do indeed.
gentlemen! Game over! Caramba! Oh, Tintin! As Captain of this vessel, l'm holding you for murder! Watch them closely until the police come.
l know these two.
They're dangerous crooks wanted by our police.
Why did they kill Lopez? Because he killed Balthazar who smuggled this Arumbayan idol! lt hides a secret.
After its return we may find out what that is.
Well, looks like your job's finished.
Somehow, l'm not so sure about that! - Now we must get the idol back.
- lt won'te be easy! You also know that Tintin is clever.
But even a clever one can be tricked, Ramon.
The sooner l return this The ear! lt's not broken! - This is a fake.
- Tintin.
This came off the radio.
You've been invited to the capital by the '' to honour bravery regards to the smugglers.
'' The press asks me to bring the idol.
Sounds like a hero's welcome.
l wish l had better news.
My suitcase! - Good boy, Snowy! - Senor? Please come with us.
Ah, you're escorting me to the Minister! Good! Why so many soldiers? There's talk of a revolution.
ls there a mistake? This looks like a prison? No mistake, senor.
Snowy, wait here until l sort this out.
Come in! Ah, senor! Please open your suitcase.
Where's the Minister of Justice? l have no time for terrorist jokes! Open your suitcase! l'll speak to the Minister about you! Your won't please him in the.
Huh! This isn't my suitcase! This is crazy! Take your positions! Ready! Aim! Long live the Revolution! Long live General Alcazar! The rebels! Run! Come back you traitors! Long live General Alcazar! Cowards! Don't shoot! l surrender! Boy, am l glad to see you! You are a brave man, senor.
Look out! C'est un de nos partisans.
My man tells me you were to be executed.
That's true.
A friend of the revolution is the General's friend.
To reward you l make you my aide de camp.
Get this man a uniform! Bring him to the palace! Then he can help me work.
Now what have l got myself into?! l'm sorry but the General won't see anyone but his aide-de-camp.
There he is now! Maybe he can find the arrested man.
You! Ah, there you are, Tintin! Come in! Let's get to work! Vite ! Our paln has failed.
For the moment.
ls a very delicate position! Very delicate! Ah, l have it! Checkmate! You dare to beat me! A little joke.
They're only blanks.
Why don't we play again? We've checked the idol.
lt's a fake.
That's the same idol you tried to smuggle in.
- l kill him now! - Patience, Ramon! Senor Tintin just needs some gentle persuasion.
This idol is worthless.
To you maybe.
Tell us the truth! Now! Speak! Yes.
Now! l kill you! Quick, Snowy! Get him! Quick! After him! Where did he go! Caramba! Wish l knew what the fuss is over this idol.
Reporter's rule : When in doubt find the source Question the Arumbayas! That's him! Let's go! Catch him! Great snakes! A train! We've got him now! What brings you into the middle of nowhere? l want to find the Arumbayas.
You don't want to go there.
They're a very fierce tribe.
Ridgewell was the last explorer to go there.
He never came back.
l'd still like to go.
ls anyone willing to take me? Caraco! You called, Don Jose? This is Senor Tintin.
He's looking for a guide.
- Where do you want to go, senor? - To the Arumbayas.
Arumbayas not like strangers.
You should not go there.
Okay, senor.
But we need a canoe.
ls that enough? That's plenty.
We leave tomorrow.
- Goodnight, Caraco.
- Goodnight, senor.
Caraco? Caraco! His things are gone! Well, looks like we face the Arumbayas alone, Snowy! We've must have arrived by now! What's that sound? Oh, no! Rapids! Hang on, Snowy! Saved! Great snakes! This is our only chance! Made it! Now let's find the Arumbayas! That's strange! l think we're being watched.
Hello! My guide stranded me.
May l thank you, Mr? Mr? The name's Ridgewell.
The explorer! But l thought.
You thought l'd been killed by the Arumbayas.
Just reporter's instinct.
l don't believe everything l hear.
People think the Arumbayas are savages but they're wrong.
Why are you here? l don't mean them any harm.
- l need some answers.
- Answers on what? lmb ciles ! l should never have started teaching them golf.
lls joueront toujours mal.
You were saying about answers? Yes, about as wooden idol.
The chief said it started when a man called Walker was captured.
Walker came in peace.
He was made welcome.
A young man called Lopez was the expedition's guide.
Walker was shown the ways of the Arumbayas.
He became trusted as a good person.
The Chief took Walker to their most secret place.
He was shown an ancient gemstone called 'Heart of the Jungle' which contained magical healing powers.
He took a vow of silence to safeguard the power of the stone.
As a sign of honour, he was given the ldol of the Broken Ear.
All seemed well at the time.
But the Arumbayas found that the gem had been stolen.
The Arumbayas went after Walker.
His party were killed.
The explorer apparently escaped with the idol.
What happened to Lopez? The Cheif says Lopez vanished before the attack.
Strange coincidence! The man who stole the idol was also named Lopez.
So Lopez stole the gem and hid it in the idol.
He panicked and fled before the attack letting Walker escape with the idol.
Later, in prison, Lopez told his cellmates about the idol and they doublecrossed him.
The Chief feels that the gem is in a faraway land.
The gem's still in Europe! That's where the trail went cold.
Can you get me back to San Theodoro?! Well, Snowy, it's great to be home! Back to square one! Looking for this idol is like Great snakes! That's fantastic! Oh no! Someone's making replicas of the real one! Excuse me.
Where did you get these idols from? A fellow has a wood shop not far from here.
l have his card.
Simon Balthazar! His brother, Jacob, was a famous artist.
- He died not long ago.
- Of course! Here we are.
- Wow! - May l help you? Mr Balthazar? Yes.
l need to ask you about these statues.
What about them? Did you carve them from a sketch? From a real idol which was at my brother's.
Why? That idol was stolen from a museum.
l've been looking hard for it.
oh dear, l sold it to a tourist yesterday! Here! Samuel Goldbarr.
An American.
He sailed on the S.
S Washington.
That's strange! Two Spaniards were just here asking that! Ramon and Alonso! We gotta hurry! Excuse me the S.
Washington? Oh, no! At last! How do you open this? Not here! Goldbarr may come back! Gotta find them! Before it's too! The idol! The idol! The gemstone! Caramba! Good boy! Get it! Got you again! Fool! lt's gone! And all because of you! But l Hey, leave me alone! Man overboard! - Stolen!? - Exactly! Then l won't keep it a moment longer.
Can l ask you to return it to the museum? Of course, sir!
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