The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s02e03 Episode Script

King Ottokar's Sceptre

KlNG OTTOKAR'S SCEPTRE Someone fogot their brieface! Professor Alembick.
24 Flyaway Road.
That's not far away.
l'd better take it back.
Here we are! Where on earth could l have put it? - Come in! - Hello? Ah, Mrs Piggot.
What?! Do leave the mail on the table.
l'm not Mrs Piggot.
My name's Tintin.
l found your briefcase.
What! Briefcase?! Briefcase! Thank you! lt's very kind of you.
lt's my speech for the l.
convention, tonight.
Thought l'd lost it! The l.
A? The lnternational Sigillographical Association.
That's the official study of seals and stamps.
Sounds interesting.
Oh, it is! May l show you my collection? With pleasure.
Some of these seals are many centuries old.
And each one has its own story to tell.
Seals are very rare these days.
l've travelled all over the world meeting collectors who've made it possible for me to build my collection.
This is my prize specimen lt's the seal of King Ottokar lV.
Only three have ever been found.
l leave for Syldavia tomorrow to study the other two.
Sounds great! But l have much to do before l go.
l must pack, read my speech.
My speech! Where is it? On your desk.
l really must hire a secretary.
l don't suppose you'd like to? Sorry.
l already have a job.
- Excuse me, l have to go.
- Of course! Good luck, young man! And thank you again! Goodbye, Professor! Poor Prof Alembic.
Excuse me, have you the time? lt appears my watch has stopped.
lt's twenty past eleven.
Thank you.
Goodness! l left my book behind.
Let's go, Snowy! His name's Tintin.
We need his photo! Why? He doesn't look dangerous.
He's just returning a briefcase.
We don't know that! He could cause us much trouble.
We must know his intentions.
Find out what you can! l'll warn the others.
l lost him! A Syldavian restaurant! lnteresting! Can l help you? Ah, yes! Thank you! - The menu! - Thanks! l'll have.
szlaszeck and mineral water.
Where could l wash my hands? Over there through the door Great! Does he suspect us? No.
He knows nothing.
What are you doing here? Sorry! l got lost! Downstairs on the right.
Comrade! That's Tintin! ''Danger awaits he who pokes his nose in others' business.
'' What's that mean? lt's just a proverb.
Old Syldavian custom.
l hope you ate well! Szlaszeck is my speciality.
lt's leg of a young dog.
Dog! Snowy! Snowy! Ah, there you are! Let's go, boy! That'll teach him! Suf sir sib Ah, Syldavia! A Balkan state.
Conquered by the Bordurians in the 11 th century.
ln 1 275, the Syldavians rose against the Bordurians.
ln 1 277, the revolutionary, Baron Almazut, was proclaimed King.
He adopted the title - King Ottakar l.
He shouldn't be confused with Prenzel Ottakar who became King of Bohemia.
Nobody there! The street is deserted.
''For the last time ''Mind your own business!'' So l am on to something! But what? And how do l find out? Bingo! Professor, this is Tintin.
ls the secretarial job still on? Why, yes.
l'd like to take it if you still agree.
Of course.
Meet me tomorrow at two at the airport.
See you then.
Morning, Mrs Finch.
- Good morning, detectives.
- ls Tintin around? He went to the store.
He'll be back in a minute.
Package for Tintin.
- He isn't here.
- We'll give it to him.
But l'm supposed.
Police! Hand it over! Just trying to be helful, Mrs Finch.
l think we'd better investigate! Right! What's going on?! Detectives! Tintin! What happened? Someone sent you a package which went ''bizz''! Guess they found out l'm going to Syldavie.
- Who's they? Them! Stagger after him, Thomson! Stop! Halt! Police! - They've got away! - Look, a bike! Let's go! Hang on! Now! - Are you alright? - l'm okay.
Then let's go! lt's too late! They're gone! l'll find out what's going on in Syldavia.
First bricks, then bombs! These guys aren't messing about! - Hello? - Tintin? lt's Professor Alembic.
Just wanted to check that No!! Professor! Professor! Excuse me! Pardon me! Professor! You screamed! Weren't you in trouble? But l didn't scream.
l heard you, Professor! You must have made a mistake.
l'm fine.
Sorry See you at the airport in two hours.
l don't like this.
Something isn't right.
Morning, Professor.
Morning, Tintin! Last call for Flight 621 to Prague.
All passengers must board at once.
That's us.
We'd better go.
l didn't realize you smoked.
l'm trying to stop.
Hurry up, Snowy! l've never seen him smoke before.
You may take your seat belts off.
Okay boy, you can get up.
Look at the sheep, Tintin! Look! They're so tiny! They look like toys.
How did he see them without glasses? Before he couldn't see beyond two feet! lt's a book about Syldavia! ''lt's one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe.
''lt's fertile and rich in minerals and gems.
''lt's ruled by King Ottokar Xll, a descendant ''of Syldavia's first king.
''The symbol of the King's right ''is Syldavia's most important treasure.
''lt's called the Ottokar Sceptre.
''lt's under constant guard at Kropow Castle.
''Every year at St Vladimir's Day, ''the King must show the sceptre to the people.
''lf he were to lose it he would have to abdicate.
'' How fascinating! l can't get over the change! First l see him smoking then he can see without glasses How can that be? Unless.
He's an impostor! Welcome to Syldavia.
We hope you enjoyed your flight.
l'll rip his beard off and l'll find out the truth! lt's real? l'm really sorry.
An accident! l tripped.
- That's alright.
- Professor Alembic? Yes.
This is my assistant, Tintin.
The King has a special flight for you.
l am to take you to Klow.
Wonderful! Yes Very good! l'm glad you're both happy.
Please follow me for boarding.
What a beautiful country! You should see more of it.
Allow me to arrange that.
Snowy! Snowy! lt's okay! You're safe! l was thrown out of an airplane! You know plane? ln sky Me fall and ka-boom! That's right! Police! Come to the police station? With pleasure-skya! Oh, my suitcase! Hang on! lt's not mine! What is this? Twins!? So the professor is an imposter! That's me the day l met the professor.
Krapow Castle l remember it from the brochure.
Now it makes sense! They're planning to steal the Ottokar Sceptre.
l must subvert this! Police! Quick! Emergency! You speak English? Does anyone speak English? l need someone who speaks English! l speak a little.
Help me! Thieves are about to steal the Sceptre! The Ottokar Sceptre? Yes.
l've got proof.
l'll call the Palace! What is your name? Tintin.
What did they say? The King's aide will meet with you.
You must leave for Klow! Great! Hello? Detectives! l'm convinced this Professor's an impostor.
The real one must still be there.
He's in danger.
You have to find him! What's this all about? No time to explain.
l have to go! You have rendered us a great service.
l thank you! l'll telegraph Klow and have the professor arrested.
l must get going.
Can l rent a car? There's no car in the village but l'll arrange something.
Thanks, Captain! Can't we go faster? You know? Faster! Hello? Zerov? A peasant's cart on the road to Klow! Yes.
A young boy! Good! We'll be waiting in the forest.
Here they come! Get ready! Hands up! Where's the foreigner going to Klow? l l l He He We know he's with you! He's not here! - He's not here! - Wait! There's a car coming! Remember! Our guns are trained on you! But but car he's in in the other car! Now this is what l call faster! Are you not a big fan of my singing? l sing at Klow! You must be at my show tonight! Actually Madame, l have important business in Klow.
- Oh, dear! l'd love to hear you sing, but.
lt is okay, darling, l understand.
but now l will sing for you instead! ''Ah, my beauty past compare these jewels l wear!'' ''Ah, my beauty past compare these jewels l wear!'' ''ls it you ''Marguerita, answer me ''Answer me ''Answer me ''Answer Answer ''Answer, soon!'' Zee palace is down there, cherie.
Can l drop you off? lt's okay, Madame.
Thanks! Thanks again! Let's wait here until the rain stops.
Rain's gone, Snowy! Let's go, Snowy! Snowy? Snowy? Snowy! Take that back! Right now! These are very serious charges you make.
l know, sir.
But l have proof! So? l accept you story.
He will escort you to the King.
Thank you.
l will confer with our Security Police then l will join you with the King.
Hello lt's alright.
Tell the Central Comittee l have the notebook.
Excellent work! What, Snowy! Mongrel! Look out! lt's an ambush! Get him! Don't resist! You're part of the conspiracy! Thanks, Snowy.
Let's find the King! Stop him! We're cornered! Here! The King must be here! We must get him, Snowy! ''Ah, my beauty past compare these jewels l wear! ''ls it you ''Marguerita?.
'' Look! Up there! Get him! Your Highness! Guards! Guards! - Arrest this man! - No! What's this? Your Majesty, l must speak to you! Listen to me! Be careful, Majesty! Don't trust the Professor! What? l apologize, Sire.
The police said there's a lunatic about.
He's being taken to the Asylum at once.
C'mon! We must get to the Palace! This time nothing will stop me from speaking to the King! lt's okay, Snowy! Someone call an ambulance! Are you alright? You! Great snakes! The King! lt's the mad man, Majesty! Don't move! l'm not insane, Majesty! Your aide's part of a conspiracy to steal the Sceptre! How can you prove this statement? l gave your aide documents which identified the conspirators.
They disappeared.
You must believe me, Sire.
Or it'll be too late! Move him aside and get in! Let's go! To Kropow Castle! l will see if your story is true.
Papers! Proceed! l'm the Keeper of the Keys.
For security reasons l've been assigned to escort you.
The Ottokar Sceptre! The guards will stay here while you take photos.
The door will remain locked.
Good work! The King! The keys!? Quickly! Follow me! The Ottokar Sceptre! lt's gone! Sire the sceptre has not been found.
l have engaged two detectives of international repute.
Tomorrow is Saint Vladimir's Day.
l must secure the Sceptre or abdicate.
- Tomorrow?! - Your Majesty? Presenting the world's greatest detectives! Your Highness! l think l know them! Your Highness! Oh hello, Tintin! Fancy seeing you here! Follow me! l will show you the scene of the crime.
What have you found? The devils used stun gas hidden in the flashbulb.
The Professor held his nose while the guards passed out.
Then he threw the sceptre out of the window.
Could you get us something the size of the sceptre? - ls it possible? - Could be.
- Will this do? - Perfectly.
Stand back! l'll show you how it's done.
Shouldn't we question the Professor? Good idea.
l'd better go and investigate.
- That's to say we'd better go investigate! That's it! Tintin! l know who did it! This is no ordinary camera.
Look! The Professor carried it to the window loaded the sceptre into it like this aimed it through the bars and Bingo! lt should have fallen around here.
What is it, Snowy? What if he aimed it wrong? He didn't! The sceptre is somewhere here! l've got it! Good! Let's go! Well done, Snowy! Run! Snowy! Come on! Good try! Come on! That's their car.
We must stop them! Oh, no! Too late! Tintin! What happened? They got it.
lf you lend us your car we'll try and catch them.
Of course! Faster! l can't go any faster! We're out of petrol! - You idiot! - Look! They're on our trail! Take courage! They're making a run for it! We'll take care of them! Draw their fire! l'll go around the back! Oh dear! Keep your head down, Snowy! Hands up! Don't turn or l'll shoot! Drop your guns! Thank you! That was most co-operative! Detectives! lt's safe to come out! Good show, Tintin! l say! Pick up your guns! l'll go after the other one.
The other one? The one escaping with the sceptre! Must get to the border! We can't let him reach the border.
The border! l'm safe! No! He almost got across.
We have a long way to go! The ceremony begins at eight.
l don't think we're going to make it.
The plane! lt's landing! We must have crossed the border.
How about a short cut home? Things look grave, Sire! No news of Tintin! Nor of the stolen sceptre.
Here comes trouble! Hit! Nineteen kilometres! That's a 5 hour walk! Still far to go, and it's almost dawn! The crowd's waiting, Majesty.
We will begin soon.
Avoid the crowd! lf they see the sceptre they'll know something's wrong.
Thanks! Let's find the King! l must tell the people the truth.
lt's my duty.
There could be a riot.
You'd better tell them yourself, Sire.
Very well they win.
- l will abdicate.
- No! Sire, l have the Great snakes! lt's lost! Snowy! My Lords and Ladies! l stand before you, the King of Saldavia.
l hereby bestow upon Tintin Syldavia's highest honour! Arise, Sir Tintin! Oh, dear!