The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s02e04 Episode Script

Tintin in Tibet

TlNTlN lN TlBE What a glorious holiday, eh, Snowy? Snowy? We'll head back to the hotel.
l'm hungry as a bear.
Have a nice day, Captain? Marvelous, thanks.
You need some fresh air.
How about a hike tomorrow? No, thanks.
That's not my idea of a vacation.
A passenger flight en route to Katmandu has crashed in the Himalayan mountains.
A search plane spotted the wreckage yesterday in a remote, dangerous area Nobody is gonna survive that! Poor souls! l'm going up for a shower.
Why don't you set the chessboard? Sure! lf you're prepared to lose this time.
She's in danger.
What should l do? Protect her with my knight? That'd leave my bishop vulnerable.
l can barely keep my eyes open.
Check! Check? My queen will have to fight a rearguard action.
l'll launch a flank attack with my bishop.
The enemy will cover his castle with a pawn and l'll have to sacrifice the bishop.
But he won't be sacrificed in vain.
An eye for an eye.
l'll take his castle, and check Tintin! Chang! Mom! Thundering typhoons, Tintin! Sorry, everybody! Sorry, Captain.
l just had the most awful dream about my friend, Chang.
He'd been in a plane crash and was calling for help.
You were dreaming about that crash on the news.
You're just overtired.
Go to bed.
- You'll feel better in the morning.
- OK.
'Night, Captain.
'Morning, landlubber.
What's wrong? l didn't sleep very well.
More nightmares? Yes.
This letter may cheer you up.
lt came for you this morning.
l wonder who it's from.
- Chang! - Now what? He's coming here to visit his uncle in Katmandu.
He said he'd phone us from there.
Katmandu? Wasn't that the flight path of that plane? ''There were 6 crew members and a delegation of scientists.
Among the missing passengers is a young Chinese boy, Chang Chong-Chen.
'' Chang! My poor friend, Chang! No! l don't believe it! l know why l had those dreams.
Chang's alive! He's calling for help! Tintin No.
l know what you're gonna say, but the dreams were no coincidence.
Wait! Where are you going? Katmandu.
Tintin, this is crazy.
You can't go halfway around the world on a dream! l'm going, and that's that.
You go then.
But don't bother asking me, because the answer's no! We hope you enjoy your stay in Katmandu.
Thank you.
OK, Chang's uncle has a shop around here somewhere.
You don't know where you're going? l know it's around here somewhere.
This is ridiculous! You're like a sleepwalker with his eyes closed.
Look out! Watch where you're going, you bumbling blob! Met your match, Captain? Fruit? Good to eat? Chinese shop there, Sahib.
Hot! My mouth on fire! Mr Cheng Li-Kin? Yes? My name's Tintin, a friend of Chang's.
Please sit down.
Chang will be here shortly.
Chang's here? My son, Chang Lin-Yee.
l'm afraid there's been a mixup, sir.
l'm looking for Chang Chon-Chen.
My nephew died in plane crash 2 days ago.
Sir, l think he's still alive.
lmpossible, young man.
l got a letter from police.
l don't believe it.
That's why l'm here.
l need to find a Sherpa who will guide us.
Only one man can do it.
But l know what he'll say.
No! ls too dangerous, Sahib.
l take you and other Sahib, and 3 more lives will be lost.
Ours! Listen to reason, Tintin.
You're right.
l can't risk anyone else's life.
At last you're talking sense.
l'll go alone.
OK, Snowy, let's go.
Ahoy, landlubber! But Don't say anything.
l'm going, like it or not.
He is good friend.
That he is.
Too hot l'm thirsty Need a rest Calculus? What are you doing here? - lt seems l've lost my umbrella.
- But Why, l've got plenty.
Don't be silly.
lt's a hot pepper.
Checkmate! Sahib, OK? He want me to carry his pack? l don't want you to.
l'll carry my own pack, thanks! l don't need anybody else to carry my pack.
Oh, a river Shouldn't be too difficult.
Nothing to it.
Captain! We're supposed to cross at the next one! l knew that! l could cross this bridge blind-folded.
Well, maybe not! Don't do it, Snowy.
Go ahead.
No, Snowy.
lt's bad.
Be quiet.
Try it! Where's Snowy? What's wrong? No, Snowy! Look out! Snowy! Hang on! l'm coming! Hang on! Got ya! C'mon, Snowy, let's go.
We must be careful, Sahib.
There are many dangers ahead.
l know there are, but we can't give up now.
What is this? lt is a chorten.
lt holds the ashes of great lamas.
Pretty neat, huh, Captain? Stop, Sahib.
- No pass chorten on right! - What? Do as they say or the spirits will be angry.
Left, right What's the difference? Left, Sahib! Left! l'm trying! What's this? Tsampa: cooked barley meal with tea and butter.
What was that? lt was Yeti.
The Abominable Snowman? Nonsense! lt was just the wind.
No, Sahib.
That was no wind.
Yeti is very bad.
He eats eyes and hands of men.
We go back now, yes? No.
Whatever it was, we're not going back.
A friend up there needs me.
Snowy? What is it, boy? Now you believe? We go back! Yeti will eat us! l'm tired of hearing about this Yeti.
l keep telling you there's no such thing! Then how do you explain these prints? Easy! lt's lt's a bear walking on its hind legs.
No bear, Sahib.
Balderdash! And l'll prove it once and for all.
C'mon down, you flea-bitten Cro-Magnon! Quiet, Sahib.
You'll cause an avalanche! l'm waiting, you overgrown baboon! Poltroon! Toady! Run! Filibuster! Megalomaniac! Blistering barnacles! Sapajou! Oh, no! Look! The porters have gone.
We must go back! lt's too dangerous to go on alone.
We'll each take another pack.
l can't give up on Chang.
There! l wonder if he bought this for his cousin.
Why did you have to say that? The mountains are cruel.
They keep those they take.
We can set up camp in there.
Tomorrow we go back.
Sahib? Sahib! Let him go.
He needs some time alone.
lf Chang survived, he would've looked for shelter.
A crack in the rocks? A cave? Bingo! lt's OK.
lt's just the wind.
Chang! He's alive! l knew it! Oh, no! lt's snowing! Any sign of them? No, Sahib.
There's nothing we can do until the snow stops.
Except pray he found shelter.
Stay close, Snowy.
This is hopeless.
We shouldn't have left the cave.
Let's go back.
Oh, no! Our tracks are covered up already! What is it, Snowy? Captain! He can't hear us.
Tharkey? Will Tintin be OK? lt's hard to survive a storm here without shelter.
This storm has lasted for hours.
Listen! That's Snowy! We must be careful, Sahib.
Over there! Good boy, Snowy.
Where's Tintin? Fallen in the crevice! Lower me in.
Ready? Go.
Don't drop me, Sahib.
Get going.
- Captain! - Not now, l'm busy.
What are you doing? The rope! Pleased to see you.
Sorry about that, Tharkey.
Poor Snowy.
You're frozen.
How did you get out? Well, l thought l was a goner.
lt was a sheer drop straight down.
The soft snow broke my fall.
l don't remember landing.
When l came to, l thought l was trapped.
But the bottom sloped up, and l found a place to climb out.
- You were lucky.
- Not wise to wander in a storm.
But l was following you, - Captain.
- Me? l never left the plane.
lt wasn't me, Sahib.
The Yeti! We must leave.
He knows where we are.
But what about Chang? He is gone, Sahib.
No! l found a small cave back there.
His name was carved on a rock.
l'm more convinced than ever.
Chang's alive! Tomorrow we search for Chang.
But now we go back to the plane.
l don't know where you are, Chang, but l'll find you.
l promise.
We must leave or we'll freeze to death.
Bad weather is coming.
He's right, Tintin, old lad.
You've done everything humanly possible.
Tharkey! Wait! There's something yellow up there! lt's a scarf! lt must belong to Chang.
There! Just below that ledge.
- See for yourself.
- No, Sahib.
Only an experienced climber with proper equipment could do that.
What scarf? That scarf! l don't see any scarf! Maybe the wind blew it there.
Or maybe it was the Yeti.
Well, Yeti or no Yeti, l'm checking out that scarf.
- Well, l'm not going with you.
- Fine! We'll find Chang.
Chinese silk! lt has to be Chang's.
He must've come this way.
Let's go.
Stay to the side and you'll find a foothold.
Tharkey was right.
Chang could never have climbed this.
Captain! l'll try and swing over.
Easy, Captain.
Blue blistering barnacles! lt's useless.
- Can you pull me up? - Not a chance.
The slightest move, and we're done for.
Try climbing.
l can't get a grip.
My hands are numb.
Can you drop your backpack? Not without untying this rope.
That's it, then, l've got no choice.
My penknife.
What are you doing? Casting off moorings, old friend.
Captain, no, don't do it! Better than both of us going down.
Aw, clumsy fool! Take out your knife and cut it.
No! Yooee! - Yooee! - Tharkey.
Tintin, don't move.
We owe you one.
No, Sahib.
lt is l who owe you.
Your devotion to Chang has taught me about friendship.
l should never have left you.
A storm is coming.
We must find shelter or we will freeze.
Just behind these rocks.
Hurry! The tent is our only hope.
l'll get stones to weigh down the corners.
Confounded wind! Captain! Let go! The Yeti! l don't believe it! We must keep moving.
He knows where we are.
Must rest Sleep - Captain, no! - He must keep going! Captain, get up! You'll freeze! Sahib! Look! A monastery! Captain, wake up! There's a monastery down there! 5 more minutes We'll have to carry him.
What's that? The White Goddess is angry.
White Goddess! lt's only an avalanche.
Look! Blessed Lightning has a vision.
l see 2 men and a boy.
They fall! They fall from the heavens! This boy, he has Great Heart.
And with him is a little dog, white as powder snow.
Great Heart is swallowed by a cloud of white.
He is at the end of his strength.
Snowy? Get help, Snowy.
Take this to the monastery.
To the monastery, Snowy.
No, Snowy.
You must deliver the message.
The message will keep.
You don't see a bone like this every day.
But what about Tintin? He must be a mad dog! Stop him! Look out! Mad dog! He's cornered! Careful! Don't miss him! - Ready? - No! Can you not see? This is Powder Snow from Blessed Lightning's vision.
There are men in danger in the mountains.
We must follow him.
All right.
All right, l'm coming.
This must be the monastery.
How did l get here? l, Grand Abbot of Khor-Biyong, welcome you.
Was there not another? Still asleep, sir.
l'm up and at 'em now! - Captain! - Tintin! Tharkey! Good to see ya! Who's the guy with the fancy lid? Meet the Grand Abbot.
His monks saved us.
Please sit down, Rumbling Thunder.
Grand Admiral.
Tell me, why do you risk your lives in our mountains? We're searching for a friend lost in a plane crash.
The falling steel bird.
That was many nights past.
Your friend cannot still be alive.
lt's like this, Grand Abbey! Tintin had this bizarre dream that Chang is still alive.
So he drags us here to look for him.
l know it sounds crazy, but l'm sure.
The love you show is noble, but foolish.
The mountains of Tibet keep those whom they take.
The Grand Mufti knows what he's saying! You've got to face facts.
Listen to Rumbling Thunder.
Even he sees the truth.
And now you must leave.
We cannot permit strangers amongst our order.
End your quest and return to your land, Great Heart.
Farewell, Powder Snow.
Let's go, Snowy.
Great Heart, please wait! You forgot this.
Excuse me.
l see l see Horn of Yak.
Blistering barnacles! Where's a camera? A cave in the mountain A young boy is there.
Chang! How d'you set this? He lay on bed of juniper branches, but who is approaching him? l cannot see Wait OK! The Migou! Aw missed it! Never mind.
He saw Chang.
Where is this boy? Where is who? The boy you saw on the juniper branches.
l do not understand what you mean.
Go in peace, Great Heart! - Chang! - Please, l can take you no further.
l know, you must go back, but my journey isn't finished.
l wish you well, Sahib.
The Horn of the Yak is a large mountain 2 days to the north.
Blessed Lightning saw Chang there in a cave.
You're not really buying this hocus pocus business? He also said something about a ''Migou''.
The Migou? Then your friend is better off dead.
Migou is our word for Yeti.
The Migou is a devil on earth! Stay far from the Horn of the Yak, Great Heart.
l understand, Grand Abbot.
Thank you for your wisdom.
We can still catch Tharkey.
You go, Captain.
l'm headed north.
Blue blistering barnacles! Don't you know when to give up? l guess not.
lf the cold doesn't kill you, the avalanches will! And if you survive those, chances are, you'll run into this Abominable Snowblower.
l'm not leaving till l find out what happened to Chang.
lf you insist on getting killed, don't expect me to join you! l don't.
Thank you for all you've done.
And for being such a good friend! lf you come to your senses, meet me in Nepal.
l'll wait there for a couple of days.
Goodbye, Captain! Chang! The Horn of the Yak! Ahoy, landlubber! Thought you'd got rid of me? Captain! You changed your mind! Look! The home of the Yeti! Wait! Wait! Wait! l'm getting fed up! We've waited 3 hours for this Migou to poke his nose out! Patience, Captain! Just a little longer - The Yeti! - Thundering typhoons! There it is! lt's going.
lt's disappeared! l'll see if Chang's there.
OK, here! Take the camera.
Warn me if he comes back! OK, try to get a shot of him! lf you hear me whistle, clear out! C'mon, Tintin! Hurry up and get out of there! Who's there? Chang! You're safe! l knew you would come! You're burning up with fever! l'll be OK.
Just get me out of here.
Why doesn't he hurry? Blistering Hang on.
Not much further.
Tintin! Look out! Run, Chang! Tintin, l'm coming! B-b-b-bomb! Was it an atomic bomb? Are we dead? No, Captain! Come on before the Yeti comes back.
How did you survive, Chang? When the plane went down, l was the only survivor.
l tried to find help, but l guess l fainted.
When l came to, l could not believe my eyes.
lt was the Yeti! l realized he meant me no harm.
He gave me some biscuits that he found in the wreck.
When l regained some strength, l carved my name on a stone, in case someone came.
One day, the Yeti rushed in, picked me up and quickly climbed out of the cave.
We were high above the valley when l saw the search party.
l waved and shouted, but nobody noticed.
Help! Help! Here! So l threw my scarf towards them.
And that's all l remember until l heard your voice.
What did you do for food? lt's been 2 weeks! The Yeti brought me roots and berries.
Probably fattening you up for his own main course! No, l don't think so.
Anyway, l'm beat! How a bit of rest? Where is my handkerchief? The Grand Abbot? Blessed Lightning foretold of your return.
l come to bow in homage before you, Great Heart! Me? But l Your devotion to your friend is to be honored.
May l present you with this scarf of silk as is our tradition? Allow us to take you to our monastery.
Homeward bound at last! l can hardly wait! A farewell from the Yeti.
He's alone now.
Until someone catches him.
l hope that never happens.
They'd treat him like a wild animal.
l can't help think that deep down, - he has a human soul.
- Who knows, Chang? Who knows?
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