The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s03e07 Episode Script

Tintin in America

TlNTlN lN AMERlCA ''Chicago, the windy city, sometimes called America's gateway to the west, has fallen under control of gangsters.
The Mob rules Chicago.
'' Good! lf this story is supposed to be true, we're gonna have to prove it.
Gang warfare in Chicago! What are the police and FBl up to? Who runs Chicago? Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Tintin's coming to Chicago! World-famous reporter doing expos, on organized crime! l don't like this.
This Tintin can be a real trouble-maker.
lf he does this ''expos,'', it could be bad for business.
Catch my drift? Don't worry, boss, l'll take care of things.
Tintin won't be any trouble l guarantee it.
Chicago! All change! Well, here we are, Snowy! Looking for a taxi, sir? Yeah, sure.
l'm going to the Osborne Hotel.
What's going on? Too bad you won't get to appreciate the view! l don't like this.
Let's get outta here! C'mon, Snowy! This is our chance.
Hey, police! Over here! There he is! Faster! We're gaining on him! Police! Pull over! The taxi's run into trouble.
Send the Australian and a special car! But they offered me $5,000.
Who? l can't tell you! They'll kill me! No one will.
You'll get police protection.
Police protection? You don't understand The police are Oh, no! Hey, stop! Stop! Hey, stop! Faster! We've nearly got him! - Nothing broken? - No! What an explosive start! Hello? Hello? ls anyone there? Who is this? They hung up.
Hands up! Drop the gun! Now don't make a move! Operator! Send the police up to Room 37 4.
Right away, Mr Tintin.
Mr Smiles! Remember: l wasn't here.
Yes, sir! Come in.
Mr Tintin? l'm Detective Andrews.
That was quick.
The hotel operator said you needed help.
Yes, this gangster broke into my room with a gun.
l see.
OK, we'll take him downtown.
Would you mind signing a complaint? lt would be my pleasure.
This is police HQ? lt's secret.
lt's easier than working out of the station.
l see.
They don't look like policemen to me, Snowy.
Right, in there.
Sit down, Mr Tintin.
lt's a pleasure to meet you.
Who are you? My name is Bobby Smiles.
l'm the underboss of the Chicago Mob Syndicate.
l knew there was something wrong with this set-up.
You're nothing but a gangster! l prefer the title ''syndicate member'' myself.
Why was l brought here? Because l wanted to meet you personally before you leave town! l'll make it worth your while.
Say $200,000? Of course, if you decide not to accept, l'll be forced to make you leave in a less pleasant way.
l don't like bribes or threats, Mr Smiles.
l'll leave Chicago when l'm ready after l've finished my story.
l'm sorry to hear that, Mr Tintin.
You see You have no choice.
Gas! Snowy! Stay close to the floor.
l can't breathe! Hope the fish are hungry! What was that? l didn't hear anything! l don't see anything! You're looking in the wrong place.
Drop your guns.
Thank you.
Know how to call the police without a phone? l thought you were taking care of this guy.
l am, boss, trust me.
Everything's under control.
lt better be or you're next, see? That's Tintin's hotel room on the 37th floor.
Just make sure you don't miss.
l never miss, Mr Smiles.
Well done! Kid's stuff! Good thing we took precautions.
And now that they think we're dead, we can set our own trap! Mr Smiles, we just got a tip.
A disguised truck full of treasury bills is leaving for New York without a police escort.
No police escort? They didn't want to call attention to the truck in case someone got ideas about hijacking it.
Now what kind of a person would do a thing like that? Get the men together, Bugsy! Do you think they'll fall for this? l'm pretty sure they will, Chief.
Look! Well, well, what have we got here? Hands up! You're under arrest! Tintin, thanks to you, we've landed a very big fish! So, where is Smiles? An informant spotted Smiles here this morning.
Apparently he's got a cabin in the mountains.
Don't worry, l'll find him.
We sort of stick out like a sore thumb, don't we? So? What do you think? Next on the list: transportation! Sure, l have a horse you can use for a few days.
l've got just the one for you.
Her name's Beatrice.
l don't think Beatrice likes me.
Have you got any others? You'll be happy with this one.
l'm sure l will.
Ready, Snowy? Giddyup! Whoa, boy! According to this map, Smiles' cabin is up there.
Tintin! l don't know how he found me, but he'll wish he never did.
Looks like we're continuing on foot.
That's right.
Just a few more feet.
There it is.
C'mon, Snowy! A little closer No! That was close! He won't be bothering me again! Oh, no? Sorry to disappoint you.
The police are waiting.
Let's go.
Ever since Tintin came to town, business has ground to a halt.
Because of him, half of us are in jail, the other half posting bail.
lt's time someone took care of that guy.
Someone like me! Snowy, let's go.
We've got to meet the Chief of Police in 20 minutes.
Snowy? Now where has he got to? Snowy? ''lf you want to see your dog again, wave a white handkerchief from the window.
'' Those scoundrels kidnapped Snowy! lt's probably a trap.
l've gotta be very careful.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! - Paper, mister? - Sure, kid.
Any minute now Mr Tintin may be a good reporter, but he has some strange requests! Our next order of business: Tintin the nosy reporter! Looks like l'm onto something.
Bugsy left a message at Tintin's hotel to be on the pier at 9.
1 0 of our men will be waiting.
He won't walk away this time.
Pssst! Hey, kid! You want to earn $1 0? Yes, sir! We'll soon be rid of that pest for good! Hey! Give me my ball back! l'll give you your ball back! Come here, you brat! lt's 9.
l'd better call the men to see if Tintin showed up.
Bugsy? Joe! Bugsy! What's going on? Well, that takes care of them.
Snowy! Hold on! l'll have you out in a minute! Good boy! C'mon, let's get outta here! There he is! Phew! Hurry! Get him! Hurry up! No!Help! Game over, Bugsy! Now the real fun begins! Chief, this is Tintin.
l'm at 211 7 Lakeside Avenue.
Come right away with reinforcements.
l've got a surprise for you! Well, gentlemen, it's 9:30.
By now Tintin is dead, and our problems are over.
Freeze! Police! You're under arrest! and the crowd is going wild.
Tintin is a real hero.
Chicago can hold its head high again.
The mob has been put out of action.
''They had been ruthless enemies, cruel and desperate men.
'' There! That's that! Hello? What? Oh, no! l'll be right over.
Come on, Snowy.
Here we go again!
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