The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s03e06 Episode Script

Explorers on the Moon

EXPLORERS ON THE MOON Moon rocket to earth.
Come in! Update on our position, please! Earth to moon rocket! You've cleared the earth's magnetic field at 13 kms per sec.
Congratulations! All has gone according to plan.
What is it, professor? - Are you ill? - Just relief, Wolff! lmagine if we'd made a mistake on the figures! Then we wouldn't be here! lf it were that simple, dear fellow! lt's far more serious.
We'd have to re-calculate.
Thundering typhoons! l shouldn't have come! Must be nuts to go to the moon! Captain, try and relax! Relax! l'm a sailor! How do l relax locked in this tin can? But Captain, we're off to the moon! lt's a dream come true! A dream? All this jiggery-pockery is no dream of mine! Give me the first solid rock we find! Ah, here you are! Whatever happened? An earthquake? Earth to rocket! What's going on? We hear strange voices.
Everything's fine! Thomson & Thomson here.
Got themselves stuck on board! What? Oh, no! Blistering blazes! What are you doing here? One final inspection before take-off.
Speaking of which, what's the time? Two in the morning! Fine! Plenty of time! Yes, if the launch's still set for 1h34.
We left earth 30 minutes ago! We're going to the moon! That's a good one! - Very funny to be precise - Very funny! lt's a joke! You're trying to scare us! You told us the launching was set for 1h34, right? At 1h34 in the day, not at night! 1h34 in the day!? That poses a bit of a problem.
We assessed oxygen for four people.
Now there's six, plus Snowy.
You hear that you dinosaurs! All because you can't tell the difference between day and night! - Misery of miseries! - Stop snivelling! You're making carbon dioxide! l'm going below! l've got work to do! Don't come down to gulp up my oxygen! Good old, Snowy! l'm happy to share my air with you! You need to be alone to study this subject! Takes concentration! Let's begin the first chapter.
Oh, my! Unless l'm dreaming l'm looking at Adonis! Who's Adonis? A friend of yours? Adonis is an asteroid.
A dwarf planet about a mile wide.
Here See for yourself! But whatever you do don't touch anything! One mistake could pull us into that asteroid.
Amazing! So that's Adonis! Thomson! Take a look at this! Watch your cane! To the moon! What? Thundering typhoons! Such manners! This is no joke! Get back in my glass this minute! Blistering barnacles! What's happening? By pulling tht lever you cut the nuclear engine.
The constant acceleration gave us artificial gravity.
Without gravity we float.
Please, no physics lecture now! We must restart the motor! l'll try and get to the controls! One more effort and l'll just about reach lf l touch you, Snowy, you're for it! Hold on everyone! Holding on! Look, Snowy! lt's magic! Ten thousand thundering typhoons! That does it! Funny! We were holding tight! Earth to moon rocket! What's happening? Rocket to earth! One of the detectives accidently cut the motor.
But we got it going again! - What'll those bunglers do next?! lf the motor cuts again, these magnetic-soled shoes will prevent us from floating.
There are 6 pairs of shoes and 6 people on board so why do l have an extra pair? They must be the Captain's! l'll give them to him.
Hello, Snowy! You alright? And you, Captain? Where's he gone? Captain? What's this? Great snakes! Professor! Come quick! l'd better re-design these shoes! Professor! The Captain's gone! That alarm means the outside door's been opened! That's what l'm telling you! Read this! ''Dear Everyone! l'm fed up with your rocket! ''l'm going home.
'' Goodness! Earth to moon rocket! Come in! Have your engines failed again? Hello! The Captain's left the rocket We're stopping so that Tintin can find him.
- Whatever next! l see him! Ahoy, Landlubber! l'm making my way over now.
Be careful! Don't let him drift.
We're very close to the asteroid.
Captain, can you hear me? Of course l can! Do you think l'm deaf? Listen! l'll shoot you a line.
Grab it! l'll pull you on board! Me on that rocket! Forget it! Not going! lf l fire over him, maybe he'll float over it! l'm going back home! Oh, no! You must hurry! The rocket's entering Adonis' magnetic field.
We'll be pulled into its orbit! Captain, you heard that! Come back before it's too late! Come back! Not in your life! Look! Home! l'm going home! Nestor, we're home! He's been pulled into orbit! Captain! What is it? Now it's pulling me in Professor! Acctivate the ladder! That's it! At least for the moment! Tintin! lt's getting stronger! Got to pull myself in! Tintin! Tintin! ''Row, row, row your boat down the stream ''Merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream!'' l'm going to launch the grappling hook and catch on to the ladder! Hope the rope's long enough! l hope it catches! lt's hooked! l'm pulling myself in! The Captain's coming around.
l'll try and catch him! l'll secure myself first.
He's getting closer.
Good luck! You've only got one chance! - That's the best! - l'm going home! Got him! Blistering barnalces! What's got hold of me? Okay! l'm pulling you in! Hurry, Tintin! Another 500 yards and we won't be able to pull away from the asteroid.
Thundering tangles! Save the rocket, Prof! Start the motor! We're okay as long as the rope holds.
But Tintin Go! Hang on, dear boy! Tintin, we're safe now! Tintin, are you okay? Tintin, answer me! - We're fine! - What are you doing? l don't want to go there! l want to go home! Do you realize your crazy stunt nearly killed us! Now let's get back on board, okay?! l l'm a miserable wretch! l'm sorry, Tintin.
Forget it! Can you forgive me? Yes, but please be more careful next time.
You could've killed us.
Moon rocket to earth! Tintin and the Captain are safe.
We're on course for the moon.
There's no excuse l'm just a miserable Now what?! Come! Huge yellow caterpillars! - What? Great snakes! Thomson & Thomson! lt's another attack of Formula 14! The pills from Khemedite! Land of the Black Gold! l've concocted an antidote from emergency supplies.
Not sure if it'll work.
At least our friends aren't in pain.
Fortunately not! Not at all! Snowy! Let's go! Hold on, detectives! You'll see! lf anyone asks me : Haddock, what did you do on the rocket? l'll say : ''l was the hairdresser!'' Thundering typhoons! A mop like this needs a lawn mower! What's so funny? lf you think you look more dignfied than your friend better think again! There, that's finished! Look! Earth to moon rocket! Standby for turning! - Ready to cut the motors! - Ready! Prepare for countdown! Down, bristlebacks! Centipedes! Shaggy dogs! We're about to cut the motors! Your magnetic shoes! - What's he on about? - He's right they stop you from floating.
Yours are here! 10 seconds! Zero! Blistering barnacles! Stand by to start directional thrust! Restart propulsion in 3 seconds.
Zero! One degree west, Wolff! Perfect! We're now directly above Hipparchus Crater.
Tintin to earth! Preparing to land! The prof's on automatic pilot.
What are you doing? Preparing to lie down.
But we hate to sleep in our clothes! Hurry! We're landing by the Sea of Nectar any minute! Did you hear that? The sea side! How exciting! Moon rocket here! We've entered the moon's magnetic field.
We're lying flat on our bunks! The pressure is tremendous! lt's an effort to make the slightest movement! The rocket sounds like it's falling apart.
l hope we land in one piece! Earth to moon rocket! Come in, please! Earth to moon rocket! Please come in! Do you hear us? Hello?! Moon rocket here! Reading you loud and clear! We are safe and sound.
We're all safe! Tintin is preparing to set foot on the moon.
Fine! But what's that strange rumbling? Rumbling? Oh! Couple of our passengers having a nap! Tintin here! Ready to record my first impressions of the moon.
Ready, Snowy! We're ready, Captain! Roger! De-pressurizing now.
Stand by - opening the door! lt's a solemn moment.
The outside door is opening now.
lt's incredible! Never seen anything like it! No trees, flowers, not even a blade of grass.
No life.
No clouds.
No birds.
lt's silent.
Thousands of stars, but they're motionless they don't twinkle as they do from earth.
l'm descending the ladder.
Three rungs left two, one Zero! l've done it! Hang on, Snowy! We're making history! That's it! The first dog on the moon! l'm walking on the moon! You've done it Professor! l thought you'd be happy to stretch your legs.
That a boy! Blistering barnacles! l can't believe l'm on the moon! Thundering typhoons! Don't worry! We're six times lighter than on earth.
Speaking of which, l hope we can get back there! lt's incredible! We're actually on the moon! Just think we're walking on the moon! lndeed! Where no man's hand has ever set foot! Look out! A crevasse! - What do we do? - Hop over it! For goodness sake! Be careful! Let's go.
Did you see that? You try! You bachi-bouzooks stop fooling about! Get back! There's work to be done! Alright! We're coming! You fail to see the significance of our scientific contribution to the expedition.
Scientific! Nit wits! Nincompoops! My word! - How rude! - Precisely! Moon rocket to earth! Do you read me? Come in earth centre! Earth to rocket! Reading you loud and clear! We have finished unloading cargo and assembling observation equipment.
Wolff and the Prof made astronomical reports, while the Captain and l assembled the moon vehicle which will go out to collect rock samples.
Wolff and l are staying on board to maintain contact.
Sounds good! Keep in touch! Over and out! Moon tank to Tintin! Tintin here! - What's your status? - Near the mountain range.
l'm hoping they're rich in minerals.
Wish us luck! Good luck, Prof! Yes, goodluck indeed! Find lots of important minerals for us! Remember your oxygen is limited.
Don't stay out long! Don't worry! We'll be back within two hours! Okay.
Good bye.
l thought you might be hungry.
So l prepared us a little snack.
Should be ready! Would you like me to get it? Don't bother! l'll go myself.
He seems jumpy today.
lt's hot under this flower pot! l'm positively melting! lt's much better without the helmet and stuff! Oh, bother! l forgot the milk! You stay! l'll get it.
Well, if you don't mind! lt's in the box right in front of you.
So, Tintin, we meet again! Colonel Jorgen always gets his revenge! Wolff! Get down here! l l'm coming! Hurry up! Oh but was it necessary to tie him up? l'm not taking any chances with him.
Now prepare to take off.
What you mean take off?! We're off immediately.
But we can't just abandon the others! They'll never survive! l won't be party to such a deed! Listen, you fool! They only planned enough oxygen for four people.
We'll all die if we don't get moving now! Understand?! Good! Now let's go! Tintin? What is it? What's all the noise? Hello.
Wolff here.
l er it's nothing.
What are you doing? The poor animal is harmless! We can't take any chances! Moon rocket, this is Calculus! The Captain's connecting the emergency batteries so that we can get back to base.
See you soon! Over and out.
- You hear that? Let's get going! The engines have to be turned on and warmed up.
Then hurry up you fool! Turn them on! Stop wasting time! My head! What happened? Why am l tied up? That humming sound? Somebody's starting the engines! Wolff, help! Wolff! Come on! They'll be back any minute! l can't do anything until the light comes on.
That's odd! The door's closed.
And the ladder's been retracted.
Hurry up, Wolff! Not yet.
Moon rocket! Open the doors and drop the ladder.
Only 30 seconds to go! Hello? Why aren't you answering? Push the button, Wolff! The rocket! lt's taking off! lt's off-balance! lt's going to topple! Who's the nincompoop who pulled this half-witted stunt?! What happened? l don't know.
The engines simply stopped.
You sabotaged it to save the others! What are you doing? No! l'll count to 10.
lf we haven't taken off l'll pull the trigger! 3 4 5 6 - Mercy, Colonel! - 7.
- l beg you! - 8.
9 10! No! Tintin! Tintin? Yes! Now hands up! Both of you! Small world, Colonel? Last time you were in Syldavia trying to steal the Ottokar Sceptre.
And as for accusing Wolff of sabotage l'm sorry to say l was the culprit.
Wolff, tie up the Colonel! And tighter than he tied me! Tintin, where are you? Here, Captain.
Blistering barnacles! Where did this idiot come from? Wolff, please say this is all,,, a misunderstanding.
lsn't that so? l'm so sorry! This bashi-bazook's been taking out oxygen! Snowy! He's been hurt! l think it's his leg.
Looks like a bad sprain.
You hear that, you you monsters?! Savages! Hurting a defenceless animal! Let Captain Haddock have a look.
lt doesn't hurt, does it? A few days rest and you'll be fine.
As for you, Wolff you owe us an explanation! l was working on a top secret project elsewhere when l developed a taste for gambling.
An obsession! l lost everything.
A stranger came up saying he'd repay all my debts if l told him about the secret project l was working on.
lt was Colonel Jorgen.
He kept asking me for information and threatened to expose me if l refused.
l ran away to Syldavia and found work on the moon rocket.
l heard no more of him.
Until two nights before the launch when he showed up and told me to get him on board so that he could capture the rocket and take it back to his country.
Again he threatened to expose me and ruin my career.
But he promised he wouldn't hurt anyone.
- And you believed him?! Oh Wolff, if only you'd come to see me sooner.
lt's a little late for that.
C`mon l'm taking you down to the hold! And share our oxygen with them! They were ready to leave us on the moon! Well l say we leave them.
lf we did that we'd be just like them.
So help me get them downstairs and tied up.
Moon rocket to earth! A traitor smuggled aboard by Wolff tried to capture the rocket.
But we regained control.
All is under control.
Unfortunately, our oxygen supply is in even greater danger.
lf we want to make it back to earth, we'll have to leave at once.
We'll update you before take-off.
What a great view of earth! Pity we have to leave so soon! To tell you the truth l'm so chuffed to be going home! Okay, that's everything.
Back we go on board! Well what are we waiting for? a new moon! Prepare for take-off in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero! We're taking off! Oh dear! Here we go again! Thundering typhoons! What happened to everyone!? The earth is still going round without me! Oh, Captain! You and the Thomsons can sleep.
lt uses less oxygen.
There are as many Thomsons downstairs as hairs on Cuthbert's head! Where are they? l'll tell you where they are! Hands up! Jorgen! How did you escape? You have 2 collaborators behind those moustaches.
Wolff, are you a party to this? l'm disappointed in you! What have you done to them? They wanted to change our ropes for handcuffs! They won't get them undone in a hurry! And now to business! There isn't enough oxygen for all of us.
You spared my life but l can't return the favour! You promised that you wouldn't do anything! Get out of my way, fool! No! No! Tintin! He's gone! l l didn't mean to! He was the one who.
! You're one of us again, Wolff.
l trust you! Trust this interplanetary pirate! This freshwater spaceman! This.
Huh?! What's happening?! l feel faint! Dizzy Can't catch my breath! lt's the effects of lack of oxygen.
Try not to get worked up! Go and lie down in your bunk! lt'll make you feel better.
To conserve what oxygen we have, we should all nap for a while.
Hello? Where are you going? l'm going to the hold to uh! Uh l There's another oxygen cylinder down there.
l had to ask because the Captain told me to report your every move.
Earth to moon rocket! Earth to moon rocket! Come in, please! Uh? Oh, the radio! Earth, this is Tintin! Go ahead! The rocket has gone off course.
- What? - Correct the flight path! Quickly, Professor! Come to the control panel! We're off course! Good gracious! Good gracious! The steering gear is out of alignment.
Rocket to earth! The steering had jammed.
We're getting back on the right course.
Wolff! Blistering! Where's Wolff? l know! Don't worry! He went down to the hold.
What!? l told you to keep an eye on him!? You and your big hearted gestures! Look what your `trusting' has got us into now! To the hold! Quick! Maybe we can stop him.
Now where's he hiding? Blistering.
! There you go! He sabotaged the wires! Not so fast! lt's Wolff's handwriting.
''When you read this l'll have left the rocket.
''l hope there's enough oxygen to reach earth.
'' He cut the wires to prevent the engines from stopping when he opened the doors.
He jumped into space to save our lives! Did you find the scoundrel? Wolff, a scoundrel?! lf you're disrespectful to him l'll send you into space to join him! Got it! Moon rocket to earth! Our oxygen is very low.
l've opened the last cylinder.
The others have passed out.
l'm not sure we're going to make it.
Hang on! You'll land in 20 minutes.
Hello, moon rocket! Prepare to set the automatic pilot.
Professor! Professor, please! Guess it's up to me! Earth to moon rocket! You're running out of time! lf you don't switch to automatic you'll crash! Moon rocket, come in! He must have lost consciousness! Make a tuning signal! That noise!? Oh yes! The automatic the automatic pilot! Tintin here! Stop that noise! My head's going to explode! Do you know the automatic sequence? l think so.
Just in time! Well done! The automatic pilot is on! Tintin? Tintin? We've lost him! Maintain radio contact! l'm going to the landing site.
''The rocket's within range.
'' ''The nuclear motor's cut out for re-entry.
'' Faster, driver! Faster! ''The auxiliary motor's taken over.
''lt's about to land!'' Let's hope they're alive! There it is! What's that car doing? lt'll get flattened! Mr Baxter! The crew are not responding to our calls! Get electric saws! We'll cut them out! Hurry up! Faster! Professor! Get the oxygen masks! Where am l? The rocket - lt alright.
You made it! You're back on earth.
Safe on earth? What about the others? And Snowy? Snowy! l thought we'd never see each other again! Tintin, we made it! What an adventure! One of our best, Captain! Congratulations, Professor! Your hard work has paid off! You sent a rocket to the moon! Do you hear me everyone? l promise you, we're going back soon! Not with me you're not! l'll never set foot in that flying coffin! Never again! lf there's one thing l've learned from all this it's that Man's proper place is on earth!
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