The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s03e05 Episode Script

Destination Moon

DESTlNATlON MOON So this is Syldavia! Great! But where's Calculus? - l don't see him.
- You'd think he'd meet us if he makes us take the plane.
So this is Tintin and Haddock.
Mammoth sent a telegram requesting they come.
Find out why he wants them.
Our source is working on it, Sir.
Proceed! - You are Haddock and Tintin? - Yes.
Professor Calculus sent me.
He didn't come himself? No, he wasn't able to come.
Let's go then.
Look, the Zepo has picked them up already.
Don't worry, Chief! We keep tabs on them.
What a welcome! Calculus us style! Yes, l guess so.
Why are you turning round? That car's bothering me.
lt's followed us from the airport.
Just someone driving to Klow like us.
- Possible.
- Ah Look! We're almost there! Driver! This isn't the way to Klow! l take you to the Professor.
He's not at Klow - he's moved.
Why didn't he tell us? Something doesn't seem right.
Two hours on the road, and it's still tailing us! GÄdd, ZrÁdjizmo.
Zsoe ghounh dzoeteuÄh.
Barnacles! What's old Cuthbert got himself in to? Well, l wonder what he's got us in? Look like we're about to find out.
We're in some kind of fortress! Look! Welcome gentlemen.
Glad you arrived safely! Not a moment to soon! Blistering barnacles! Let me introduce myself Franck Wolff assistant to Prof Calculus.
Pleasure, Tintin.
l'm Captain Haddock.
Who're these gangsters who've been following us? They're not gangsters but Zepo men.
What's a Zepo? Zepo : Syldavian secret police.
Here to protect you! Protect us! Just follow me! Prof Calculus is expecting you.
He'll explain all.
- This is all useless! - Yes for all our efforts, we haven't made much progress.
lf he's brought in his friends then phase one is about to start.
Should we strart our operation? lmmediately! Here we are.
No! Ah, Tintin, Captain Haddock! Hello, my dear old friend! Sorry! l completely forgot my helmet! A new plexiglass model being tested for strength.
Barnacles! lt packs a wallop! A plexiglass helmet? What for? No, not glass - plexiglass! Glass would be too fragile.
Of course.
But what's the helmet for One moment, please.
l beg your pardon? You're using an ear trumpet, but why don't you wear a hearing aid? No need! Those are for deaf people.
l'm only a bit hard of hearing.
A bit hard of hearing! Prof, what's this all about? Didn't Wolff explain? Well, follow me! We'll talk in the office.
There you see some of the facilities of the of the Brodj Atomic Research Centre.
What's it all for? l'll explain, Captain.
Please sit down.
The Syldavian Government invited me to set up their astro-nautical section.
l was delighted! My engineer, Frank Wolff is helping me perfect a nuclear rocket engine.
A rocket! What for? To travel to the moon.
That's a good one! Old Calculus on the moon! You planning to take passengers? Why did you think l asked you to join me? What! What you saying? Me! On the moon! Blistering barnacles! Has your brain gone radio-active? You can't be serious! l'll never set foot in your rocket! Never! Thank you, Captain! l knew l could count on you! May l come in? Ah, Mr Baxter.
May l introduce Captain Haddock.
He is most ethusiastic.
He's delighted to travel to the moon.
Mr Baxter is the director of the Centre.
The Prof told me you were an exceptional man and l see he wasn't exaggerating.
But l - l congratulate you too, young man.
- Uh, thanks! l'll arrange a tour of the facilities for you.
Gentlemen, l'm proud to show you our moon facilities.
There it is! The X-FLR-6 nuclear rocket! We're not going to the moon in that! No, Captain! lt's only a model.
The X-FLR-6 is about to make a radio-controlled orbit of the moon.
lt'll take photos and provide information for our own flight to the moon.
Red alert! Red alert! Unidentified aircraft entering security area.
Ground control to unidentified craft.
You're violating a security area.
lf you proceed you will be fired on! - They've spotted us! - We must play for time! SFRR here! Message received! Lost our course.
Advise position! The plan's in trouble, Sir! Wait, it's a trick! lt's dropped tzo parachutes! Anti-aircraft guns, open fire! What's going on? Great snakes! Must have hit the next room! - Professor! - Who is it? Someone knock? Professor! Gentlemen! Last night an unidentified plane evaded our anti-aircraft guns.
They dropped in two men by parachute.
We're doing all we can to find these men who are still at large.
We have tightened security.
This raid proves these men will stop at nothing.
That will be all, gentlemen.
Oh, so sorry! A bit of plaster from last night! Don't mention it, Professor! l protest! To be precise, this is an outrage! Thomson and Thomson! We've captured the two parachutists, Sir.
They were in the restricted area.
Probably Greek revolutionaries.
Greek! But we asked for Syldavian costumes! Why did you parachute in to our security area? - Parachute? - Where? - Who? - Us? There must be some mistake.
l know these men.
They're detectives Thomson and Thomson.
Then you must be the ones we were expecting.
That's us! Please excuse us for this error.
Certainly! Errors are our business.
Could l take a hike through the mountains around the centre? l'd lie to stretch my legs.
- Of course.
Careful of the two spies on the loose! Captain! Could you get hold of a couple of walkie-talkies? l have a plan.
Ah, perfect! From here we have unobstructed view.
There's the Centre.
Now to work.
Let's see.
According to these plans there should be a ventilation shaft around here.
lt might be big enough for someone to get into.
Bingo! There it is.
Let's check it! We made it, Snowy! Now let's get there.
lf we can get here so can the parachutists.
Captain! Do you hear me? Loud and clear.
l'm at ventilation shaft No.
ln sector J, above corridor 7.
l was right.
l could get to it easily.
- Put our plan in to motion! - Aye, aye, Tintin! You can count on me.
l hear something, Snowy.
Psstt, are you there? Yes.
Here are the documents.
Good! Well done.
Hands up! Well done! Blistering barnacles, Tintin? What in blue blazers! The Captain! ls he alright? He's coming round.
Listen! That howling! lt's Snowy! Tintin's in trouble! - What's going on? - lt's Tintin.
He's outside ventilation shaft 3 trying to catch the intruders! - Great Scott! - Hurry! - He needs help.
- Security? Baxter here! Code five alert! Send a helicopter to ventilator shaft 3.
Look for Tintin and the intruders! The helicopter's seen the intruders.
Dispatch a squad to bring them in! The doctors say you'll be fine.
Thanks to you we caught the two men outside the shaft.
They had an accomplice inside.
He said something about documents.
He must be the one who bopped me on the head.
The rat! lf l could get my hands on him, l'd Excuse me, Mr Baxter.
l got a little carried away! Ahem Well Must double-check people's wherabouts! We'll find him! Now get some rest.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
Very strange! lf we didn't hit the Captain on the head, who did? An inside accomplice.
Look! That door's open.
All doors are supposed to be closed.
You stay here.
l'm going to investigate.
What's the matter? A skeleton! There! l saw a skeleton behind this panel! A skeleton! Good one! You must be dreaming! l'm not! l saw a skelton, l tell you! We'll see about the silly skeleton! - Come along! - Yes, come on! Where is it? Nothing! l swear l saw it.
Mustn't make a sound! He must be around here somewhere.
Well, Professor? Everything's ready Mr Baxter.
The technicians have almost finished fuelling up.
- Mr Baxter? - Yes.
- Look who's here.
- Tintin! How are you? Fine, thank you.
Look, Tintin's better! Now we're all here we can go to the control room.
All staff evacuate the assembly room! The rocket will be monitored from this panel.
Tell me, Prof? Have you considered the device? - The device? Ah, yes! lt's ready.
l put it together last night.
Control calling observatory! Are you standing by? Everyone's in their position, Sir.
Radar here! We're standing by.
This is the control panel with the devices to guide the rocket through space.
ln a few seconds the XLR-6 will take off.
l suggest leaving the honour of the launch to our youngest colleague Tintin.
Bravo! Observatory calling control! Prepare to blast off in 3 minutes! Take your positions! Ten seconds to go! 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero! There it goes! We've sent a rocket to the moon.
To the moon! Do you realize what those three words mean? To the moon! Goodness! Terribly sorry! Lucky you weren't smoking your pipe! Observatory to Control.
Prepare to engage nuclear motor! Stand by! - Thirty seconds.
- Stand by, Tintin! 1 0.
5 4 3 2 1 Zero! Observatory to Control Room! Nuclear motor has taken over.
Rocket is on course! - How's Radar working? - Perfectly! All is going well.
For the time being, gentlemen.
Control! Stand by for course correction.
Zero, zero, eight, six.
Zero zero eight six.
A trifling correction.
Nothing to worry about.
Stand by to cut nuclear motor! 1 0 seconds, 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero! The rocket will disappear from our field of vision.
That's it! lt's out of range.
We can relax for a while.
With the motor cut the moon's gravity will pull the rocket into orbit.
The X-FLR-6 will pass behind the moon.
When it reappears we will resume radio control.
Their rocket is behind the moon! When it reappears we will take over.
Tht rocket is back on radar.
Stand by to restart the engine! Will you let me do it this time? By all means.
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero! Correct course to zero zero nine eight! Correction applied.
Another correction : Three two seven six.
Correction applied.
lt didn't respond.
The rocket is veering off course.
- Something wrong? - l don't understand! Correction, 7, 8, 5, 2.
Adjust it! l am doing that! Blistering barnacles of a rocket! l don't understand! The rocket won't respond to our orders.
Tintin was right.
Good thing l listened to him! There! Now we have control! We'll steer it to our pick up point.
Nice work! Prof, what are you doing? l'm fine Mr Baxter.
But sorry to say l must destroy the X-FLR-6! Surely you don't mean it! A stronger radio signal has taken control of it.
Tintin warned us.
l will not let my rocket fall in to enemy hands! - Maybe we can still - Observatory to Control! The rocket is 800 miles off course and out of range of our signal.
Observatory? Has it exploded? Exploded? No, it's getting further away.
Tragedy! All is lost! lt's terrifying! Our secrets, discoveries! Pull yourself together, Cuthbert! All lost! A tragedy! lt's terrifying! l see what it is! Two loose wires! No trouble to mend at all! This time, it should work.
Go! Observatory to Control.
La X-FLR-6 has exploded.
Nothing more to observe.
They had it planned.
They prefer to destroy it than let us get hold of it.
l thought the insider might have got enough information to take it over.
The Prof rigged the detonator.
Which was an excellent precaution.
Alas, yes.
All our hopes are destroyed.
Years of research gone in one second! - Easy there! All is not lost.
On the contrary the nuclear engine worked fine.
Didn't your rocket reach the moon and circle it? He's right.
The trial run was conclusive.
Don't despair! Tomorrow we'll start on the real rocket.
Yes! And go to the moon! Hooray! To the moon! Glad you could come, Colonel Jorgen.
You must get hold of the rocket plans.
- l understand Tintin is involved with the space program.
l've waited a long time for my revenge.
There's a complication.
The launch has been changed.
That gives you only two days.
Two days is fine for what l have in mind.
How many more tests must l do in this thing? This is the last one.
And about time! l feel like a goldfish in a bowl.
This monkey suit weighs a ton! The suit won't be heavy on the moon.
Everything's six times lighter than on earth.
Oh, yes? Glad to hear it.
Okay, we're ready to start the test.
Can you hear me? Loud and clear, Professor.
lf there's a problem, yell 'Stop!' - Roger! - We'll start by making a vacuum.
You're now in a total vacuum.
Do you feel alright? Fine thanks.
And you, Wolff ? Now we're going to lower the temperature.
Adjust your heating apparatus.
Temperature stable at minus 50 celsius.
Still alright? - l'm fine.
- Try moving around a little.
ln this contraption?! Confounded rat! Good, Captain! Keep it up! Okay, that'll do.
Hello? Can you stop now? Captain? Get the pressure up fast! l'm going in there.
- Alright? - Temperature is too low.
Hurry! Go! Captain? Keep still! l'll take off your helmet.
Hurry! The mice we used for the first test.
We forgot to take them out.
- Why didn't you shout? - l did! You didn't hear me! Because your radio got disconnected.
lt'll ber fun if that happens on the moon.
Now we know the suit.
is resistant to vacuums and low temperatures.
Help! Help! lt's Thomson and Thomson.
What's wrong? Mice! The room's alive with mice! What's happened to that pair of ostrogoths? Your antenna! Thundering typhoons! My poor friend! Didn't you see it wouldn't go through the hatch? Realize! l realize l've had enough of being a guinea pig! l've had enough! Understand! l'm going home.
You can go on acting the goat here! l'm acting the goat! Acting the goat! This You have no right to say such a thing! You You Oh, you Follow me! l'll show you how l act the goat! Ooo! l'm acting the goat! Look l didn't mean.
Acting the goat, indeed! Listen to me, Cuthbert l was feeling upset just then.
But it's all over now.
- Barnacles! - Don't give me the slip! Cuthbert, listen!.
Sorry, your friend can't wear that past here.
Yes, l ought to.
Be gone, you worms! Out of my sight! l'm acting the goat! Security Chief speaking.
Professor Calculus? Making a scene? Acting the what? The labs, the atomic pile the experts working day and night that's acting the goat? Slaving away working myself to the bone and.
Now, now, Professor! What's all this? Acting the goat! Captain! Come here at once! Yes, Cuthbert.
Keep keep calm.
Quick! Clear the entrance! Close the doors! Make way for the goat! Look out! What are you doing? Cuthbert! Stop! You're going to kill us! Stop! Professor, no! We're alive! l can't believe it! He's driving like an expert.
l'm doing well for a goat.
l must try for a licence! Look what the goat created! Wow! You think this contraption will take you to the moon? Will take us to the moon! Perfectly! You might as well play a penny whistle in front of the Eiffel Tower and expect it to dance a Samba! ln you go! You er sure it won't take off without warning? Hurry up! First, the control cabin with the navigation instruments.
ln the centre the periscope and screen.
And there's the lab in process of construction.
Amazing! Astonishing! Captain! Be careful! Behind you! Could've bust your neck! This is the hatch to the deck below.
Hurry up and follow me! These are the living quarters with bunks for take off.
Stars above, Captain! Try to watch your step! You doing it on purpose! Watch your step there's another hatch behind you! Now down we go! This time take care, Captain.
Through there is a storage compartment.
These are air-locks making it possible to leave and enter.
Any more questions for the goat? Hum well Hello, hello! Prof Calculus report to the Centre at once! Right, l'll go.
You can have a look around.
You okay? Nothing broken? Blistering barnacles! Say something! Here are your glasses.
Lucky you're in one piece.
But, who are you? Calculus! Amnesia! lt's not to bad though? You can get his memory back? We'll do everything within our power.
A violent shock could revive him.
But it's going to take time.
Time! We don't have time! Only the Prof knows the secret of the engines.
Without him, the space program is dead.
Without Calculus we don't get to the moon.
Tarantaran! Charge! Touché! Nothing! Not a flicker! - Nothing.
- A violent shock, perhaps? A pretty picture of our little Cuthbert? Watch the birdy! - Nothing.
- Not a twitch.
Blistering barnacles! This time, dear Professor you'll be cured or you'll be dead! No! Tintin.
l think we've done it! He's reacting.
He's just the same.
The Captain's been trying to snap him out of it.
- Look out for squalls now! - Captain? He needs a shock, does he? Please be careful.
l'm afraid there's no chance.
The Captain's exhausted.
The Prof may never recover.
This is terrible! An absolute disaster! Beware! Cuthbert! l am a ghost! Shake in your shoes! l have come for your.
Blue blistering barnacles! What an idea to dress up like this! He just sits there! Looking at me! You couldn't be frightened could you? You marmot! You think l enjoy acting the goat? You can have your silly amnesia! l quit! Goat! You dare call me a goat! You're not getting away with that! - An apology!.
- He's cured! Captain! Thanks to you, Calculus has recovered.
We are grateful.
- lt was nothing.
Without you, there'd have been no journey to the moon.
Thundering typhoons! l'd forgotten! My dear Captain! They've explained all.
Thank you most sincerely.
- Thank you.
- Calculus! Sir! Here's a signal from K-23.
Ah, ha! The whale restored the Mammoth's memory! Operation Ulysses is back on shedule.
Get me the Colonel! ls everything ready for blast off tomorrow? Yes, Mr Baxter.
Except Snowy's space suit needs some alterations.
lt's being finished now, l believe.
His radio works.
And the supplies, Wolff? Almost ready, Sir.
Just waiting for a special delivery.
Colonel Jorgen, are you ready for your mission? Absolutely.
Everything's under control.
ln 3 hours there'll be a special delivery to the moon rocket.
lf everything's ready, we'll proceed with the launch at 1 .
43 tomorrow.
Just think! Soon men will be walking on the moon! Extraordinary! We have you to thank for that, Professor.
No, Mr Baxter.
Thank those who have dedicated themselves.
Notice any difference in Cuthbert? lt's been a team effort! Without your inspiration, there'd be no rocket.
lt takes more than inspiration to build a rocket.
Does something strike you as strange? No, not at first glance.
His hearing is as good as yours or mine.
You're right.
l need to hear the radio signals perfectly.
l'm a little hard of hearing so l procured this little apparatus.
What did l tell you! l'm a fellow who keeps his eyes open! Blistering blue barnacles! Snowy, old boy! We've done a lot of travelling, but his is the big one! You not happy, Captain? Why should l be? lf that honky-Tonk machine doesn't blow up at the start we'll find ourselves roaming space forever.
Hoot with laughter if you want! Look, Captain! - Quite a sight, no? - Very pretty! Just think, without me Calculus would never have got his memory back! - Captain! lt is time for us to part.
lt's so appropriate that a sailor should be making this journey.
A piccolo player wouldn't have made a difference! Farewell, my young friend.
What an opportunity! l wish l could go.
- l'd be happy for you to take my place! Thanks, but my part in this adventure takes place on the ground.
Goodbye, Wolff.
l'm counting on you to stand by the Professor.
Don't worry, Mr Baxter.
As for you, Prof the mission's success depends on your skill.
Thank you, Mr Baxter.
We will get to the moon or perish.
Farewell, earth! No turning back now.
We'll pass out during the initial acceleration.
But don't worry.
The rocket's automatically controlled.
Afterwards we'll take over ourselves.
Every man to his post for final checks! Tintin, you establish radio contact.
Moon rocket calling earth! Earth to moon rocket all systems go.
2 minutes to blast off! - Blistering barnacles! Suppose l made a mistaken calculation! Well, this is it! - What's that thumping? - Platforms free.
Just my heart! Blast off in 30 seconds.
Snowy, come lie down! - Snowy! - 1 5 seconds.
Final countdown! 1 0.
- 9.
- Oh, Snowy Lie down! - 8.
1 .
Zero! Observatory to Control! The rocket's under observation.
Everything's going as calculated.
Earth calling moon rocket! Are you receiving me? Earth to moon rocket! Can you hear me? Earth calling moon rocket! - Well? - Ah, Mr Baxter! We've been calling repeatedly.
Keep trying! Observatory to Control! The rocket's 2000 miles from the launch pad.
Escape velocity attained at 7 miles per second.
All seems in order.
- Earth to moon rocket! Calling moon rocket! Calling moon rocket! lt'll do us no good if they're dead! Come in, moon rocket! lt's Snowy! Don't tell me only the dog is left! Calling moon rocket! Moon rocket, moon rocket, come in! Moon rocket to earth Tintin speaking.
l've just regained consciousness.
l'll check on the others.
ls everyone alright? Professor? - l'm fine.
- And you, Captain? l'm fine, thanks.
Well, gentlemen, we're on our way! You don't expect me to believe we're on our way to the moon? l know it's unbelievable but it's true.
- Balderdash! Don't start acting the.
You're pulling my leg again! lf you don't believe me come up here.
You'll see for yourself.
Look in to this stroboscopic telescope.
Thundering typhoons! - Well? - lt's lt's incredible! lt's amazing! lt's wonderful! We're now 6000 miles from good old earth.
And soon, my friends we'll be walking on the moon!
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