The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s03e04 Episode Script

The Castafiore Emerald

CASTAFlORE'S EMERALD Look Captain! The first magpie.
- Ah, yes! Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the birds singing! Fill your lungs with the smell of the earth! - Doesn't smell that good to me.
- You're right.
No wonder! There's the town dump! There's people camping there! - Gypsies! - How can they stand the stench? Sounds like a child crying.
l think she's hurt! Poor kid! Don't be afraid! You'll be fine.
Let's find your mother! Mama! Miarka! - Hello, everybody! - Hello! We found her in the woods.
We brought her home.
You are a kind man.
l'll tell your fortune.
Cross my palm with silver.
l don't believe in that stuff! l see a new car Aahh! And a visit from a large foreign lady with blond hair and Aahh! lots of jewellry! And? A terrible disaster! What d'you mean? The jewels are gone! Vanished! Gone where? A little silver and l'll tell you more.
Gone! We're going too! TerminZ, bonne aventure ! Take my advice and camp elsewhere.
You think we are here because we like living in this filth? The police let us stay here.
Blistering barnacles! You must move at once! There's a meadow over by Marlinspike Hall.
lt's mine, so come when you want.
Thank you! Professor Calculus! Are you alright? Yes, indeed.
l fell from quite high up.
That confounded step! Nestor! Yes, Sir? Did you call the mason? Yes, Sir.
He'll be here in the morning.
Guess who this letter is from? l give up.
Bianca Castafiore! The dear old Milanese nightingale.
She's arriving today.
Castafiore! Here? Today? You're joking! - Not at all.
- Eh? Says she needs a few days rest.
Read for yourself.
Bla, bla, bla, bla.
Blistering barnacles! lt's true! What a catastrophe! Cataclysm! Calamity! There's a postcriptum for you.
''Kindest regards to Captain Bartock.
'' Mille tonnerres ! Haddock! Signore Castoroili! Haddock! Haddock! Nestor! Sir? Pack my bags.
l leave in one hour.
Yes, Sir.
All hands on deck! Abandon ship! Where you going? Out of that cyclone's path! Captain! Billions of blistering barnacles! Anything broken? No! Just help me up! lt's a bad sprain.
Keep off this foot for a week.
A week! But l'm leaving on a trip! No question of it.
You're lucky it's not broken.
ls lucky the word!? My other advise is get that step fixed! Good day! lf this is luck, give me disaster! Guess who? Disaster! My dear Captain Fatstock! How too divine to see you again.
How did you get in here? Tintin let us in.
Signora Castafiore arrived as the doctor was leaving.
Misericorda! What happened to you? l sprained my ankle.
Let us in? What do you mean by us? lrma, my maid, always travels with us.
And lgor Wagner my accompanist who clearly has to accompany me! Understand? May l present our friend Prof Cuthbert Calculus.
How absolutely thrilling to meet the man who makes those daring ascents in balloons! Signora, it is a great pleasure to meet so great an artist.
Your paintings are so delicately rendered.
So harmonious! True landmarks in the history of art.
l'm deeply honoured.
l er lrma, where's the little present for Captain Koddack? Present? Here it is, Signora.
Thank you, lrma.
An 'old salt' like you must feel lonely.
So l brought this pretty Poly for you.
as company.
Blistering ear drums! l er That's to say What a delighful surpise! Nothing could have given me more pleasure.
l knew it! l'm delighted to be out of the social whirl.
Peace and quiet at last! The reporters will be after me but l'm travelling incognito.
So this is where Signora Castafiore stays! No interviews! No photographers! Nothing! His name is lago.
A compliment to Verdi.
You see! Parrots have unfailing instinct.
They recognize those who really love them.
Cootche cootche! Oh, dear! Bachibouzouk! Vampire! Hello! Hello! l can hear you! Show me! lt's a teeny weeny bit sore.
lrma! The first aid kit! Here it is, madame! And has madame forgotten this? Misericordia! l did almost forget! For you, Tintin! A small token in memory of our first meeting.
Thank you.
Ah! Gounod's Faust! Yes, the famous 'jewel' song.
Mercy! My jewels! l've got them right here, madame.
l can breathe again! What would l do if l lost my fabulous jewels! They're irreplaceable.
Especially this one.
lt's my favourite.
lt was given to me by the Maharajah of Gaipal.
He named it in my honour 'The Castafiore Emerald'! l'm coming! l'm coming! Oh! Hello! We are here.
Gracious! Captain! Captain! We've got them settled alright! Now what? Snowy! Hey, stop! Too late! Why were they sneaking around? l don't like it.
l'll lock my jewels in this drawer, lrma.
And l'll hide the key in this vase.
Watch over them well! They're irreplaceable.
- Yes, madame.
Je ris de me voir si belle en ce miroir What happened? There! ln my room! At the window! A monster! A monster? lt was horrible! There's nothing here, signora.
- Absolutely nothing.
- But l saw it! Eyes glittering like diamonds Mercy! My jewels! Your jewels are all here, madame.
lt must have been a nightmare.
You're quite safe.
Nothing will happen.
l'll close your window.
No more worries! l wonder if those two men we ran after could have anything to do with Bianca's night visitor? Could anyone have climbed the vines? They couldn't support the weight of a man.
Well, well, well! They're definitely a man's foot prints.
Miserable bird! l can hear you.
How's the foot, today? Oh, just peachy, thanks! Hello? Yes.
Paris-Flash lnternational! An interview? Oh, gladly! l'm very flattered.
Huh? With Signora Castafiore? Sorry, she doesn't want to do any interviews right now.
Captain! Hello? Paris-Flash? Why of course.
l'd be delighted.
Tomorrow? Fine.
Look forward to seeing you! Ciao! l thought you weren't doing any interviews? Yes but the Paris-Flash is the Paris-Flash.
Understand? Not like that rag 'll Tempo'.
Not a flicker of respect for an artiste.
But this is unimportant.
Now l must practice with Wagner.
Bye bye! lt's no good.
She's doing her exercises.
We'll have to wait.
Look out! Freedom! Peace at last! There's old Cuthbert pruning roses.
How are your roses doing? l have a secret to tell you.
l have succeeded in growing a new variety of rose.
Splendid! No, no, they're white.
Guess what they're called.
l give up.
What? Yes, that's it - Bianca! Which means 'white' in ltalian.
Who on earth are they? And what are they doing here? Yes, yes, 'Bianca' like our delightful guest.
l wonder what they're up to? Don't breathe a word! lt's a surprise.
Ah, there you are Captain Hammock! l'd like you to meet Christopher Willoughby-Drupe and Walter Risotto from the Paris-Flash.
When will you stop wearing that shapeless jersey? You look like a scruffy school kid with that hair! Here we go.
Thanks! l think we have everything.
Very well.
See you at lunch.
We can take a quiet walk, Captain.
Are you thinking what l'm thinking? l am.
This would be a sensation.
But we need confirmation.
That's Prof Calculus over there.
Morning, Professor.
We're from the Paris-Flash.
Here's my card.
Reporters! They must know about my rose.
Tell me, Professor of the record, of course is there something going on between la Castafiore and Captain Haddock? The Captain told you, didn't he? Well yes and no.
He promised not to tell.
lt's a secret.
Of course! But how soon will it be? lt depends on the weather, of course.
But they should be ready in three weeks.
Here's the mail, Sir.
- All this? - Get well cards, no doubt, Sir.
And a complimentary copy of the Paris-Flash.
Now what does that mean? Read that! Tell me if it makes sense.
''Heartiest congratulations, Captain Chester.
'' Congratulations for what? Don't understand.
What?! Look at that! Exclusive! ''Milanese nightingale Biana Castafiore to marry old salt! - Old salt! - Brutes! Filibusters! Congratulations, my dear friend! What good news! Oh, Captain Have you seen the marvellous article on me in the Paris-Flash? Call that a marvellous article? l call it preposterous! Outrageous! Oh, this isn't the first time! They love to predict my marriage to the most impossible people.
Well it's the first time for me and l Hello! Yes, that's right.
Television? Here? - No way! Leave me alone! - Misericordia! Hello? Yes! Why of course With great pleasure! Fine! Portez ?a ^ l'ingZnieur du son.
Voici ce que nous allons faire.
ll s'agit d'un diffZrZ.
Avec ce projo, tape au plafond.
Okay, get ready for a voice test! Take up the mike, it's in the shot! l don't recall that photographer coming in with the TV crew.
Okay, let's do it! Roll camera! - Rolling! - Castafiore, Take 1 ! Action! Ladies and Gents! We come to you live from Marlinspike Hall where we will have the pleasure of hearing the diva, Bianca Castafiore justifiably named the Milanese nightingale.
We would be overjoyed to hear your famous 'Jewel Song'.
- No! No! Why yes! Emergency! Take cover! She's going to sing! Hello! l can hear you! Hello! ''l love to see how lovely l look in this mirror!'' Hello! l can hear you! Cut! Madamina! lt's lago! The poor thing got lost! By George! Hey! Who are you? Wait! Hey, stop! lsn't that the photographer? What's his hurry? The lights! What happened, Nestor? Just a fuse, Sir.
Madame! Oh, madame! What is it, lrma? What's the matter? Your jewels, madame! They're gone! Nobody leaves! Nestor, call the police! l got it! l got it! Good work, Gino! The boss will be pleased.
Where was your photographer off to so fast? Our photographer! Didn't Signora Castafiore bring him? Bingo! The jewels! Thomson & Thomson? What happened? Que s'est-il passZ ? - l braked too late.
- To be precise you didn't brake at all.
Never mind! We've been sent to protect Signora Castafiore.
- And her jewels.
Too late! The jewels have been stolen.
Oh no! Careful! There are cables all over.
Don't worry about us, Tintin.
We know our way around.
Don't move, anyone! Here are detectives Thomson Thomson! Watch the cables! Good evening, gentlemen! First, Signora, can you set light to er, shed light on the theft of the jewels? Stolen from my bedroom upstairs! Oh, my jewels! My lovely jewels! Have no fear, Signora, we'll find them dead or alive! You say the jewels were upstairs? Yes.
Locked in a drawer.
Then l took the case out of the drawer.
- The case? - What case? Why, the jewel case, of course! The one l Misericordia! My jewel case! l sat down here, then l There! What did l tell you? The darling are safe! l could weep for joy! How silly! l forgot l brought them down here.
How amusing, don't you agree? Police business is never amusing.
Quite so! Precisely! Not amusing in the least.
Good night! Detectives, your hats! Watch out for the cables! Barnacles! Now what? Just look at that! That horrible rag! What's wrong? Those cads from ll Tempo have been spying on me! Taking my photo without pemission! So that's who the mysterious photographer was! l thought he was a jewel thief.
That would be safer.
Well, it's outrageous! How dare they publish such an ugly photo! l'll sue them! lt was a good shot of the bird! Hello! l can hear you! Thundering typhoons! lt's an outrage! These wretched stairs! l could have been seriously hurt! Blistering barnacles! And such language! Really, Captain! Uh Me! Misericordia! Has anyone seen my gold scissors? Lost your scissors, have you? Well, l! Well, look for them! Did they grow wings and fly away? No, madame.
Signor Wagner! Where do you think you're going? l er well l This is not time for a stroll! As my accompanist l expect perfection.
l want to hear you practicing all day long! - Yes, Signora.
Captain Hammock! Get that step fixed before someone gets hurt! Whew! ls this the stone mason's house? Are you Mrs Bolt? Oh, you must be the man up at the Hall.
He said you'd stop by.
Mr Bolt is out.
Oui, sans faute.
Youngsters! Always in a hurry! Oh dear! l can't find my little scissors anywhere! Uncle Mateo, look! Aren't they pretty! Where did you get those? l found them.
Help! Help! What's the matter? Someone in my room! l heard footsteps! Mercy! My jewels! Thank goodness1 They're safe! The window was locked.
lt must've been a bad dream.
Go back to bed.
lt's okay.
We'd better look around.
An intruder would explain the missing scissors.
They must be from the Gypsy camp.
What haunting music! We'd better be getting back, Snowy.
An owl scared me! Well, everything seems okay, Snowy.
Let's go back.
Great snakes! My emerald! Someone tripped on the step.
Strange! No one here.
Yet the marble came loose.
Help! What's going on? Better investigate! My emerald! Oh, my emerald! What happened? The emerald offered by the Maharajah of Gaipal is gone, stolen! My emerald! Think back carefully! You didn't misplace it, perhaps? Oh no, no! l put my jewel case on the dresser - there! l opened it to admire my treasure.
l left the room for about 1 5 minutes.
When l came back the emerald was gone! lt may have fallen somewhere.
lmpossible, it was in the case.
Well, in that caase, l guess.
Nothing here! Better call the police.
Wy would Mr Wagner have mud on his shoes if he were practicing all morning? And who fell on that step? lf the theft were committed by someone in the house then there are 6 suspects.
lrma, Wagner, Nestor, Calculus, Tintin and of course you.
Wait! Three of you can be ruled out.
You, Captain, because you're in a wheelchair.
Tintin who was with you.
And Wagner who was playing the piano.
Yes! Same scales over and over and over without end.
That leaves lrma, Nestor and Calculus.
You must be out of your mind! lf not, then who? Someone we haven't thought of, or don't know.
Meanwhile if you permit, we'll question each suspect separately and and in private.
- And furthermore.
l'll send Nestor in, but you're wasting your time.
Where were you at the time of the crime? l was raking the garden near Prof Calculus when l heard Signora Castafiore scream.
l looked up at the windows.
So you admit you could see the windows from where you were! Certainly, Sir.
l dropped my rake and hastened to the house.
You hastened then.
Ah, hastened! Uh yes l was busy sewing in my room when Madame screamed.
l rushed into her room just in time to catch her in my arms as she fainted.
But your mistress spent 1 5 minutes out of the room! You had the time to enter her room, take the emerald, and throw it out the window to an accomplice, like, say, Nestor! Right! Admit it! - Help! Help! - Beasts! Beasts! Beasts! lrma! Stop! What's going on? These beasts have accused me of stealing Madame's emerald! Do you really accuse her? That is Well Sort of! lt's a police trick that can work.
After all, police work is tricky.
Please send in Calculus! lf l were you, l'd try another approach now.
ls it true that Nestor was near you when Signora Castafiore screamed? l've been told about it.
l'm heartbroken for the lady.
Just look at my pendulum! Well er to repeat my question.
Exactly! lt's swinging south-east.
ln fact, it's pointing to the Gypsy camp.
Gypsy camp! The gypsies are our villains without doubt! You can't suspect them `cause they're gypsies! l expect they've bolted by now.
l don't think so.
- What's the matter? - They have gone! But they were here yesterday! l told you so! They took the emerald and ran.
But they won't run far.
The emerald must be here.
The emerald's not here.
You see? Nothing? We are not thieves.
Nevertheless, we must search every last caravan.
Furthermore, the last caravan must be searched.
You can't come in here! Aha! Now we've got you! No! Stop! Wait! - Hey! Get off my hat! - No, stop! Miserable beast! How about these scissors? Where did they come from? l found them! They're mine! A likely story! You stole them.
They belong to Miss lrma.
She reported the theft to us.
l found them! Lying under a tall tree.
They're mine, officer.
This is stolen property.
The emerald is certainly nearby.
There's the guilty party! l'm sure those gypsies are innocent.
Me too.
But the scissors won't help.
My dear friends! l've extraordinary news! Really? No! l've just invented the television set! You old pioneer! Precisely! ln high definition colour.
Extraordinary picture! Better than in the cinema.
But television has already been invented.
Certainly! l invite you all to my laboratory for a demonstration.
l call it 'Super Cuthbert Colour'.
Now watch carefully.
This is an historic moment.
Today's news Police confirm a spectacular jewel theft at the historic Marlinspike Hall.
Typhoons! What a coincidence! He's talking about me! The picture isn't too clear.
ls that better? No! The sound! Good isn't it? How's this? No! Fix the sound! The diva Bianca Castafiore is a guest at Marlinspike Hall.
That's not me, is it? How ghastly! ln her famous collection of jewellery was an emerald which has been stolen.
Our reporters spoke to the detectives in charge, and they send us this report : lt's obvious that the gypsies who are camping in the grounds are guilty.
Searching their caravans, not only did we find a pair of stolen scissors but also a trained monkey.
The only creature who could commit this robbery must have been small and agile.
We're questioning the monkey.
But he's not talking.
Stay tuned for further development.
Enough! Misericordia! Stop! Of course, it all needs more work.
l can't believe those gypsies are guilty.
But if they didn't steal the emerald then who could have? Oh, Snowy! We, well, Mr Wagner must have the day off! That's funny.
Who's playing the piano? What have you found? Good boy! A ladder! Great snakes! A tape recorder! You've some explaining to do, Mr Wagner.
The ladder falls in to place.
J'attends le Maestro ! Go and hide, Snowy! lt won't be long.
Can l give you a hand, Mr Wagner? l can manage.
l er do this for exercise.
Original, don't you think? Very! How do you explain the tape recorder? Look er l'll explain.
But don't tell Signora Castafiore.
Now explain! l'm a gambler and l go to the village to place my bets.
You weren't there at the time of the robbery.
You fell downstairs, didn't you? Yes, l was on my way down from the attic when l fell.
What were you doing in the attic? l heard someone walking up there so l went to investigate.
Madame Castafiore heard them, but she thought someone was in her room.
Why didn't you tell us? lt could have been a false alarm.
l never did find anything.
l found your footprints under Signora's window.
l was checking to see if anyone could climb the ivy.
Well, that explains everything.
Except the footsteps in the attic.
Shhh, Snowy! Listen! An owl! Snowy, we've solved mystery of Bianca's monster.
But we're no closer to the thief.
Captain, you're up! The doctor just left.
Removed the plaster cast! Captain! Professor! Professor! See you soon, Doctor! Captain Bangkok! What happened? lt was the wheelchair.
lt uh l have bad news for you.
Bad news? Yes, l must leave tomorrow.
They're calmouring for me at La Scala in Milan to do Rossini.
l'm terribly upset.
Shattered! You sure you can't stay? l know you'd love me to stay, Captain, but l've made my reservations.
Yipee! Oh, happy day! What was that, Captain? Oh happy day! My wheelchair's gone away! Oh, happy day! Oh, happy.
Goodbye, dear Captain Hatbox! lt grieves me to leave you but Rossini calls.
What will you be singing? ''La gazza ladra'', a magnificent role! Thanks again, one and all! l'll be back soon, l promise.
As for my poor emerald let me know at once if you hear anything.
Partez sans crainte.
Of course.
Dear lady, accept these roses the first of a new variety to which l have given the name 'Bianca'.
What a sweet idea! They're exquisite.
What perfume! Dear Professor, let me kiss you! Arrivederci! Goodbye! Come back soon! Wait! That opera ''La gazza ladra'' l've got it! What do you mean? Be careful! Steady there! Two bits of glass a marble and the emerald.
l've got it! Wonderful, Tintin! You're a genius! There, gentlemen! Now all you must do is return the gem to Signora Castafiore.
- Lovely, isn't it? - Furthermore, it's Ooops! - That was close! - Could happen to anyone! - Hang on to it this time! - Trust me! Tintin.
How'd you guess the magpie had it? Because of ''La gazza ladra''.
What about it? lt means ''The Thieving Magpie''.
Magpies will pick up anything that shines, like scissors or an emerald.
l knew there was a magpie around.
Buut where? Miarka mentioned the tall tree and magpies nest in tall trees.
The rest was simple.
Splendid! You've cleared the gypsies of wrong doing.
Any apologies, gentlemen? The one time we catch the culprits they're innocent.
You'd think they did it on purpose.
That broekn step has finally been mended! But the cement's still wet.
You have to step over it for a while.
Very well, Sir.
Aye, aye, Captain! Hello, who's that? - l popped in to tell you.
- Ah, Mr Bolt! You did a great job on the.
l just popped in to tell you to keep off the step for a few days.
Too bad, too! Such nice marble! Blue blistering barnacles!
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