The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s03e03 Episode Script

Prisoners of the Sun

PRlSONERS OF THE SUN Tomorrow we'll see Cuthbert again.
Hmmm, yes.
Things are looking up.
l get the feeling we're being watched.
Enjoy yourself.
Look around you! Amazing! Look at that! Look! A Llama! Careful, Señor! Why? Such a nice Llama! Kitchy, kitchy! Thundering typhoons! Must get back to the hotel! Llama angry, he do that.
Filthy animal! Blistering barnacle of a brute.
Shouldn't be allowed! There's the inspector.
Thomson & Thomson? lnterpol has sent us to help this delicate mission.
Where's the ''Pachacamac''? Out there.
Beside the tug.
The red one.
Let's see this.
There she is.
Thundering typhoons! lnfectious disease on board! lmpossibe to search her without Port permit.
Hm! Another convenient coincidence? Those doctors are taking forever.
Capitain, what's this ''guano'' stuff? Guano? Er, um! How shall l put it? There a sample! Capitain! Look! A new flag.
Quarantined! Could be weeks until we can board.
You can't do this.
lt could be the plague.
Yellow fever.
l bet every man on that ship is healthy.
What about the sharks? Nuts to the sharks! Stop, this is close enough! Be a good boy, Snowy! Good luck, lad.
Que pasa ahi abajo? Que ha pasado, Chiquito? No, es nada, debe de ser el gato.
He's going back to his cabin.
Excuse me.
A little further to the west.
Professor! Professor Calculus, wake up! The bracelet of the mummy! Yes, the bracelet of Rascar Capac.
What do you want of him? He has committed a sacrilege by donning the sacred bracelet.
He must die.
Stop! Devil! You'll pay! lconoclasts! Pirates! Guano gathers! Murderers! Let's get out of here! He's in danger.
We must get help.
Alert the police! l'll stay and watch the ship.
Whew! At last! Thundering typoons! Get me the Chief lnspector! - He's asleep.
- Wake him! This is urgent Blistering blundered! He hung up.
Somebody's coming ashore.
Barnacles! l can't stand here all night! ls that the phone? l think so.
- Answer! - l'm asleep.
But you're talking to me! You know l talk in my sleep.
Lazy bones! Next time you answer.
Thomson!? About time, too! Great snakes! The Professor's coming ashore.
No use shouting away.
He's gone.
Let's pick up his tracks.
lt's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
The Prof's pendulum? Without a shadow of a lout er, shadow of a doubt.
Over here.
Footprints of several men with Llamas.
- Where'd they go? - l know.
Nothing easier.
Cuthbert's pendulum?! Spot on! This utensil will lead us to its owner.
Dowsing is about having the right touch.
The pendulum points south.
Then south we must go.
l'd prefer to head north.
Suit yourself.
Keep your eyes open.
Never mind.
To be precise they're Excuse me, son.
Have you seen a boy with a dog? Yes, l know him well.
Tintin!? Any news of Cuthbert? We must hurry.
l overheard the kidnappers say they're making for Jauga.
We might just catch up with them.
This train is going to be crammed.
You must obey! Have a good trip, Señores.
Thundering typhoons! There's not another soul in this carriage.
We must be pretty high.
Hello We're slowing down! We're arriving! What!? Our section's unhooked.
What? Blistering - Quick.
- Jump? Snowy, come on! Too fast! A river.
Snowy this is your last chance.
Snowy? Oh, good boy! We can thank our lucky stars there! What become of the Capitain? Where's Tintin? Hey! Stop! Stop! Such an unfortunate accident.
That was no accident! We must get to Jauga fast as possible.
Even the police seem to be afraid to talk to us.
Let's ask some of the locals.
His name is Calculus.
A short man with a beard and glasses.
About this high.
With a beard.
And spectacles.
''No know!'' Blistering barnacles! They're afraid.
One last try on that orange seller.
The bullies! Aren't you ashamed bullying a child? Go for it, Pedro! l'll show you! Young swine.
Little rat! Wait! !Vamos! !Vamos! Good boy! Well, l'm no further ahead.
What? Who Please be quiet! Pretend tie shoelaces.
l know where to find him.
Tomorrow at dawn come to the bridge of the lnca.
Go now! Dangerous for me here! l hope it's not a trap.
You listen! l see you help lndian boy.
You brave man.
But you no go search for friend.
l don't know who you are.
But l'd never abandon a friend.
That's foolish.
Take this it may save your life.
So Where's this guide of yours? lt's the little orange seller.
lt was you? lf lndians see us they kill us.
You come now! You wait here! l don't like this.
Thundering barnacles! Not more perambulating fire-pumps! Llamas very gentle.
You not be afraid, Sir.
Afraid? Me? Miserable iconoclast! No hit, Señor! - When Llama angry - l know! ''He always do that.
'' Blistering barnacles! What's your name? Zorrino.
Well, can you tell us where our friend is? He taken to lnca.
Didn't the last lnca die 400 years ago? Many things you no know.
Where is this lnca? ln the temple of the sun.
Prisoner of Sun God.
Temple of the sun? lncredible! There is ''Chulpa'', Señor.
We spend night there.
Night, Captain! Wake me for my watch.
l will.
Sleep well.
Good night, Tintin.
Amazing! An lnca plant in bloom.
Excuse me, Señor lnca! Licence? For that gun? Licence?! Sacrilege! Sacrilege! May heaven`s fire strike you down! Good heavens! They let me sleep.
Captain? Captain? Zorrino? Great snakes! Where could they be? Captain! What, Snowy? What's going on? Get me out of this before l go mad.
Quick! Billions of blue blistering barnacles! Got it! This miserable reptile ran up my spine all night! They got everything our Llamas, supplies, guns, Zorrino! The missed one thing Zorrino's hat.
Snowy! Snowy, here boy! lt's up to you to help us.
Find Zorrino, boy! Find him! After him! Not so fast, mountain goat! There they are! Below us! Let's take a short cut and surprise them! You stay here! More likely we'll break our necks.
Better find another way.
This is too steep.
Blistering typhoons! Don't move! Captain! Que pasa? Tell us, where is your friend? No se! Tell us or die! What do you know! He's right behind you! - You no joke! - No joke! Hands up! l'll take that.
Captain, untie Zorrino.
Good to see you.
Thank you.
Look out! Hooray! Thundering typhoons! Anyone who crosses our path is a dead rabbit.
You just wait! Thank you for saving me! Normal, Zorrino.
Where's Snowy? Snowy! l have news, Señores.
Prof Calculus? l hear lndians talk.
They are half day ahead.
We catch them if we hurry.
That's good news, Zorrino.
Let's go! You sure we can't do it without these cushion-foot ruminants? No, Señor! Llamas very useful.
Very gentle, if you friendly to them.
Blistering barnacles! Okay, Snowy! We're coming.
Coming! - Snowy! - A condor's taken him.
He'll be eaten alive.
l'll scare it.
There! Snowy's safe for a while.
Must hurry! What you doing? Get Snowy down.
Be careful! Snowy! ls he okay? Snowy! Well, hello to you too.
Hope he's okay.
Now hold still! Heads up! Blistering typoons! The condor's back! Look out! Hey! No, no! Hang on, Snowy! Tintin, Tintin! Are you okay? Blistering barnacles! Peculiar.
The pendulum says they are somewhere.
- High up.
Blistering barnacles! Captain! Misery! Curious.
They're not here either.
l'd say - not here either! Tommorow we go virgin forest.
We cross forest.
Okay Snowy, leave me alone! lt's our only chance.
We'll have to try and cross here.
Give me the rope, Zorrino.
Here goes.
Who's first? l go to show rope is very strong.
He's got guts that boy.
Thundering barnacles! You need a cool head for this.
My hat! Heaven's sake! Forget your hat.
Not in your life! My hat means everything to me.
Okay, come on! Our turn, Snowy! Hang on, Snowy! We're there! Tintin not dead, is he, Captain? My poor, Zorrino, Tintin is gone.
We'll never see him again ever.
Hey! Captain, Zorrino! That voice! l must be dreaming! Captain! Behind the waterfall! Throw me a rope! Hang on, Tintin! Here it comes.
Got it! - Come! - ln there? Yes, through here.
lt's only a thin curtain of water.
lf you say so.
Blistering barnacles! Remarkable! Where are we? lncredible! Your turn, Zorrino.
- Zorrino! - Tintin! Captain.
l've stumbled on a lost entrance to the temple.
Must be dark in there.
l thought so too, but the rocks are phosphorescent.
They reflect light.
We're getting near to Calculus.
No! We're stuck! A corridor.
Where you going? Well done, Snowy! lnca Mummies! lt's a tomb.
This could be a secret doorway.
Tintin? Blistering barnacles! Give me a hand! Where the devil! - Who's that? - Look, Captain! Come and help! l don't feel like hanging about here.
l don't think l like the company.
One, two, three! lt moved! Again! One, two, three! Sacrilege! Seize them! Sea gherkins! Ectoplasms! Poltroons! Terrorists! Don't cry.
We'll get out of this.
The medallion! Take this medallion.
lt may save your life.
l wonder Zorrino Take care of this, it has its use.
Strangers you have violated the sacred temple.
You must pay for this with your lives.
Do you think we'd let ourselves get massacred? You tin-hatted tyrant! Prince of the Sun, we don't wish to offend.
We're looking for our friend, Calculus.
Your friend dared wear the bracelet of Rascar Capac.
He too must die.
You've no right to kill him! lt's murder.
lt's not us who will kill you.
lt's the sun itself.
lts rays will set alight your pyre.
And this lndian who betrayed us he will be sacrificed at once on the altar.
Blue barnacles! Don't dare touch him! Zorrino, the medallion.
Where did you steal that? l not steal, Prince of the Sun.
He give me this medallion.
Prince of the Sun it is l who gave the sacred token - to the stranger.
- You, Huascar? You gave this talisman to our enemy? Yes, because he courageously defended our race.
He's not our enemy, O Prince.
Huascar, your action will save the young lndian.
But the strangers must die.
But, l will grant them one favour.
They may choose the day and hour when the sacred sun rays can light their pyre.
Let them be imprisoned until tomorrow.
The Sun Prince has spoken.
We're in it this time up to our necks.
Thundering typhoons! Snowy.
What's this? You told me to keep it to light a fire.
Won't be needing it.
Now there'll be fire alright.
Now where are they? The pendulum says they're low.
That's interesting.
ls today the 1 5th? Yes, if it makes any difference! So tomorrow's the 1 6th! Eureka! We're saved.
What's the matter with you? Can't explain now.
No false hopes! lt's most important for you to trust me and do as l say.
Well, strangers have you fixed the day of your death? Yes, Prince of the Sun.
This afternoon at four o'clock.
Today is my friend's birthday and You crazy? You know it's not You promised to trust me.
Take them away! The ceremony will continue as planned.
You were so keen to see us roasting on this barbecue! Trust me, Captain.
Captain! Here's Calculus! After all the time we've spent looking for him! Now we'll be able to spend all eternity with him.
Why, Captain what a delightful surprise! How are you? Just dandy, Cuthbert.
And you, dear Tintin! Tell what is all this performance? We're with the lncas.
Real cinema! Good! Congrats to the director! What a clever historical reconstruction! Those extras are so natural.
Who'd believe they're acting? Let the sacrifice begin! No! You can't! You can't! What are we doing here? According to the pendulum they must be in a hot spot.
O Pachacamac, Lord of the day! Strike now with thine avenging rays! O Magnificent Sun! Do not heed your son's prayers! Show us that our death isn't your desire.
Silence, dog! How dare you call on the Sun.
O sublime Pachacamac! lf this sacrifice is not thy will hide thy shining face! Poor Tintin! He's lost his mind.
Barnacles! What's this? An eclipse! Oh, an eclipse! No reason to panic, Captain.
lt's only an eclipse.
Mercy! l implore you! l'll grant you all you desire.
Lift the curse from the 7 explorers who came to you seeking only knowledge of your long forgotten culture.
You have my word! O Sun, Lord of the day! Show mercy, l pray thee! Pity thy children! Show thy light once more! The Sun obeys him! Set them free! Your newspaper saved us.
Life is magnificent! Life is magnificent! Now what? lt says they're getting bumped about.
These wax images hold my spell over those you defend.
What about the crystal balls? They contain a mystic liquid which plunged the victims into a sleep.
Perfect for enchantment.
l stay here.
Bye, Zorrino.
Your place is here now.
Farewell, my friend.
Noble strangers! l have a favour to ask.
l know your thoughts, Sun Prince! Have no fears! l'll never reveal the whereabouts of the temple.
l swear it, too! May my beard be barbecued if l breathe a word! l swear l'll never act in another film.
However glittering the Hollywood contract! Adios, Señores.
May the sun shine on you! Hang on a sec! Don't go just yet! Nothing personal but that pays a very old debt.
Let's go, Captain.

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