The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s03e02 Episode Script

The Seven Crystal Balls

SEVEN CRYSTAL BALLS After many moons 7 strangers will come here.
These strangers will carry the lnca`s body to their land.
But the curse will follow them everywhere over mountains and seas.
Hello! Sanders! How's the translation going? l've finished.
But you warn the others.
There`s a problem.
Sanders? What is it? Hello? Sanders, Sanders? ''Professor Sanders-Hardiman, ''expedition leader, ''has been found at home in a coma.
'' That`s only the start.
You'll see.
- The start? - Just like Tut-Ankh-amen.
All those Egyptologists died after opening the grave.
Now it'll be the same again.
- Think so? - l'm sure.
Why can't we leave them in peace? How would we react if the Peruvians came and dug up our Kings? Well yes, l guess so.
Morning, Captain.
Ah, good day.
Excuse me one second.
Nestor, another please.
Coming, Sir.
Your monocle, Sir.
Thanks, Nestor.
Tintin, my boy.
- What brings you here? - Just dropped in.
How's Prof Calculus? Fine, fine.
Here he is looking for a saxon burial.
- Hello, Prof.
- Tintin! Can you stay awhile? Only until this evening.
Then let`s enjoy your visit.
Come on Tintin! We've got time to see Bruno the Magician who can change water into whisky.
There are a few more acts.
Zarate, the knife thrower.
He`s marvellous.
Senoras Y Senores.
The feats l'm about to perform are extremely dangerous.
May l request total silence, please.
He seems familar.
May l? Great Snakes! General Alcazar! Who? l knew him in South America.
And now, Ragdalam, the fakir and Madame Yamilah who sees and knows all.
Mme Yamilah, are you ready to answer me? Yes.
First l will hypnotize Madame Yamilah.
And now can you tell me this man`s first name? Jolyon.
ls that right? Why, yes! That`s me! Absolutely, yes indeed! And his passport number? Three - eight - four - two - five.
She`s dead right.
Bravo! Mme Yamilah, can you tell me if this woman is married? Yes.
Her husband is a photographer.
Quite right.
He returns from a distant land but he is in pain wracked by some illness.
Nonsense! My husband`s in perfect health.
A deadly illness from which no one recovers.
The vengeance of the Sun God is terrible! Ladies and Gentlemen, sorry for this delay.
There`s an urgent message for Mrs Clarkson to please return home at once.
Her husband is very ill.
No! Must be part of the act.
l'm not so sure.
Clarkson is with the Sanders-Hardiman expedition.
The what? And now Ladies and Gentlemen the show must go on with Bianca Castafiore the Milanese nightingale.
l love to see how lovely l look in the mirror.
+l love to see how lovely l look in the mirror.
- Let`s go chat to General Alcazar.
- Good idea.
Come in! - Evening, General Alcazar.
- Tintin, amigo mio! What a pleasant surprise! Here`s my friend Captain Haddock.
Delighted, Senor.
No es la policia.
Poor Chiquito.
Since the police checked out papers he sees them all over.
l understand.
General, what are you doing in a variety show?.
Alas! Another revolution in my country.
The mangy dog, Tapioca, has seized power.
l must earn my living! l'd hate to miss that magician.
Sorry, General, we've got to go.
Of course Adios, amigo mio.
l hope he hasn't started.
Look out! - Blistering typhoons! - Captain?! Confound it! No, my friends! What you see is not water but whisky.
Would someone from the audience come on stage and ''Another member of Sanders-Hardiman`s ''expedition has been found in a coma.
''Prof Reedbuck was found last night ''unconscious in his bathtub.
''doctors are baffled by this ''mysterious illness.
And in related+ news, the police have'' - Thompson and Thompson.
- Hello, Tintin.
l heard the news on Prof Reedbuck.
Yes, dreadful.
What do you think? Makes no sense.
3 expedition members in a coma lt`s very strange.
Strange, is the very word.
Very strange l might add.
Look at this.
Like broken glass.
Crystal, to be precise.
Found beside the victims.
Fragements of crystal balls which doctors say contained a sleeping potion.
So these are deliberate attacks! But why? You'd better warn the others.
Do you think so? Yes.
Do you have their numbers? Of course.
Mark Falconer`s first on the list.
Hello? Police? Yes.
l've heard about Reedbuck on the radio.
Fragments of crystal were found beside him? So the lndian was right.
l can't explain now.
Where are you? We're waiting here.
What windows? Okay.
Windows! Yes.
We must warn the others.
Better wait to hear more.
l'll warn Mr.
Prof Contonneau ? That's me.
My name's Tintin.
l had a conversation with your friend.
You must stay away from the windows.
The windows! - lt's important.
- But why? Prof Cantonneau? Prof Cantonneau? Professor? What was that crash? Hello? Hello? ls this Mr.
Falconer Here we are, Sir, 26 Labrador Road.
We're here.
Falconer? Too late! Crystal fragments! The mystery continues as another member of the Sanders-Hardiman expedition is in a deep coma.
Of the 7 explorers, only Dr.
Midge and Prof Tarragon have escaped unharmed.
They are under police surveillance.
Halt, or l'll fire! l've a registered package for Dr.
All right.
Go on in.
A package for you, Doctor.
lt`s from my Java contact.
Probably a rare Lepodoptera.
Lepidoptera, eh? A butterfly to you.
l'd better open it up.
lt might be a bomb.
A butterfly bomb? You never know.
Meet me outside.
lt`s a suspicious package.
Right-o! Keep calm.
We must keep calm.
That`s it, yes, keep calm.
Watch out! Magnificent! ls everything okay? Yes.
We're just de-fusing a butterfly.
lt`s beautiful.
Midge`s door is well guarded.
And the window?.
l'm guarding it.
What are you here for? Great Scott! Too late! Someone`s out there! Go get him, Snowy! Hang on.
l'm coming.
Oh, Snowy! All that fuss over a cat.
And our man gets away.
Extraordinary! Quite extraordinary! Another victim.
That`s six! No l think it`s more to the left.
There`s another victim of the crystal balls.
Not quite, but almost.
Oh, forget it! This atricle is incredible! Did you read it? lt says ''Dr Midge is the 6th victim of the mysterious crystal balls.
'' Hello Nestor.
- Tintin.
- Hi.
Well done, Nestor.
Good save! Thank you, Sir.
Snowy! Never mind.
Let`s join the Prof.
Good idea.
What`s he up to? He`s reading to me.
''the police have taken measures ''to protect Prof Tarragon.
Tarragon? Tarragon? - You know him? - No.
He`s an old friend.
We went to school together.
lsn't he the one who had Rascar Capac`s mummy? Oh no.
He`s delighful.
l could introduce you.
l'd like that very much.
Oh, nonsense! We could go right now.
We're here to see the Prof.
We must check your l.
Okay, you can go in.
l'll escort you.
Come in! Calculus! Hercules! Good old Cuthbert! Hercules, l've brought two friends Captain Haddock.
GNNNNNN! And Tintin, the famous reporter.
Pleased to meet you.
Snowy, what`s the matter? l think l know who frightened your dog.
Here`s the culprit.
Rascar Capac.
He who unleashes the fire of heaven.
We brought him back.
We're in for a storm.
Sounded like a shot! Did you shoot? No.
But it was close by.
- From the road.
- Careful! False alarm.
Your tires exploded in the heat.
Blistering barnacles! l've only got one spare.
You can spend the night here.
We'll call the garage tomorrow.
''But the curse will follow them ''over the mountains ''and beyong the seas.
'' Extraordinary! Sanders had just finished the translation when he was attacked.
The mummy!?! lt`s evaporated! According to the curse, l'm next.
Only a matter of time.
Prof, it`s not as bad as that.
Excuse me, Hercules.
Read the rest of the curse.
''A day will come when ''Rascar Capac will draw the cleansing fire to himself.
''Punishment will strike ''the desecrators of his tomb.
'' The prophecy has been fulfilled.
The lnca`s vengeance will smight me.
lt`s witchcraft.
Witchcraft? Perhaps And yet Come on! The house is well guarded.
Nothing will happen.
You're right.
lt`s late.
l suggest we turn in.
The wind blew the window open.
Help!! Captain.
Blistering barnacles! Thundering typhoons! Calculus! Look out! He`s there! Coming after me! ls he gone? lt was Rascar Capac, the mummy.
He was brandishing a huge crystal ball.
Amazing! l had the same nightmare.
You too?! Unbelievable! Look! Snowy! He`s smelled something.
What`s the matter? That`s Mr Tarragon`s room! Something wrong? - Nothing.
- Do you think we Mr Tarragon! Mr Tarragon! Mr Tarragon! No answer! Let`s break the door! l only hope lt`s okay.
He`s sleeping.
The fragments of crystal! Mr Tarragon, Mr Tarragon! The crystals balls claim their last victim.
The curse of Rascar Capac has come true.
This doesn't make sense.
No one could get in.
Unless No! The shutters are locked.
Have you seen anything? No, Sir! Why? - Beats me.
- Look! Rascar Capac`s jewels have gone.
The chimney! He went up here! Quick! Check the roof! Up on the roof! He can't be far.
There he is! Got him! Find him, Snowy! With all that soot on your nose you can't smell a thing, can you? Blistering barnacles! That`s Tarragon! Quick! Let`s go! Help me! Help! Huh? They're back.
They'll tear me to pieces.
Get away! Fiends! Prof Tarragon, calm down! Gracious! Morning already! Did you find anyone? No.
My men searched all night.
We found blood, but nothing we could follow.
What about Tarragon? The doctor`s with him.
Don't know what caused the fit.
The heart and pulse are steady.
The muscles are relaxed.
They're back! Help me! ls Hercules in? Yes.
But he`s in a bad state.
Walking the estate! l'll join him.
Leave me alone! You monsters! Hercules! Hercules! Now where can he be? Oh, l know! l'll find him with my pendulum.
Hercules! Hercules! How peculiar! Hello? What have we here? That`s Rascar Capac`s bracelet.
How on earth did it come to be here? lt really is magnificient.
l'll slip it on and surprise everyone.
And how well it goes with my coat.
Calculus! Shouting won't help.
He`s hard of hearing.
Where on earth can he be? Calculus! Captain! Look at this! Blistering barnacles! There! On the tree.
ls that blood? The culprit was safe because he climbed that tree.
He could still be there.
l'm going to see.
Careful! - Well? - Nothing.
l'm coming down.
Don't worry, Captain.
l'm fine.
Happy to hear that.
Captain, over there.
To the right.
To the right.
There! Calculus` umbrella.
What`s it, Snowy? Signs of a struggle here.
Was Calculus in a fight? The intruder in the tree must have jumped on him.
Why would anyone want to attack Calculus? Don't know.
We'd better find him.
Snowy, find the Professor! Quick! They're getting away.
Get the police.
l've got their number.
They kidnapped Cuthbert Calculus.
They have a black sedan.
Registration : 31 7-413 Proceeding south-westerly from Harlesfort.
Build road blocks! A black sedan.
Look out! This is road block 'C'.
Just drove through the block on 28.
There's another block 2 miles down.
Have you seen a black sedan? l don't think so.
Carry on, Sir.
Did you stop it? No.
lt didn't pass here.
lmpossible! We were behind it 5 minutes ago! Well? We lost him.
Looks like the black sedan vanished.
- Maybe they're in the woods.
- Let's see.
There it is! Empty.
Poor Calculus - a prince among men! Where is he? Find anything? No.
The area is blocked off.
Call for reinforcements.
Search the woods.
lt's no good.
They're long gone.
- How do you know?.
- Look! They're different tracks from a beige car which was waiting for them.
How do you know the colour of the car? There's a trace of paint on that tree.
As we passed the road block we saw a beige car with 3 people in it.
The driver wore glasses.
He was a Spanish type with an lndian next to him.
That's it! Thundering typhoons We could have had them.
Don't give up! Officer, send a description of the car to all posts.
Yes, Sir.
l don't understand why anyone would kidnap nice Calculus? A man who never hurt a soul.
We'll find him.
Don't worry.
l hope so.
Police have identified the kidnappers.
They are thought to be South Americans.
Anyone with information, please contact the police.
The kidnapping of Prof Caluculus is thought to be connected to the unfortunate Sanders-Hardiman expedition.
Hello, Tintin.
Thomson here.
There's something strange going on at the the Hospital.
You'd better go and have a look.
We thought you should know that Tarragon's fit was not an isolated incident.
ls it happening to all the explorers? Yes, at exactly the same time each day.
lt's incomprehensible.
lt's almost time.
Hello, Mrs.
Doctor, it's horrible.
What can you do? We're doing all we can with the best world specialists.
Could l stay a little longer? lt's best if you leave.
Go home and rest.
You're exhausted.
They all seem calm enough.
For the time being.
But it'll soon begin.
Just about Now! - How's the Captain? - Oh, Sir! He's aged ten years.
And news of the professor? None.
Calculus has vanished.
Hello? Yes, it's me.
Who's that? Oh dear, the master will be disappointed.
What? What? Thundering - typhoons! - Captain! Captain? Captain! Sir! lt's me, Nestor.
So? Anchors away, laddies! Hang on, Professor! We'll find you.
What's happened? No time to stop and jabber, son.
But Captain! At least tell me Snowy! Come back here! Snowy! Snowy! Stop! Snowy! You alright? You gave me a scare.
Enough fooling around.
Let's go! Will you tell me where we're going? That was the lnspector.
The kidnappers have been spotted near St-Nazaire.
- That's a port.
- Exactly.
Trying to get away by sea.
l'd go to the moon to get Cuthbert back.
We've fished her out.
Did you find anything? Nothing Licence plates removed.
Makes sense.
This was their port of departure.
We'll check outgoing ships.
Well, keep us informed.
We haven't got far.
Don't get discouraged.
Don't get discouraged! What about Calculus? Heading for South America! Perhaps - Wait! - What? Stop! Wait! Hello, General.
Tintin, amigo mio! Were are you off to? l'm returning to my country.
l have no more partner.
What about Chiquito? Vamoosed! Disappeared last night.
No note to say where he was going.
Last night? Well, well.
Tell me, is Chiquito a real lndian? Santa madre de Dios! One of the last lncas! Are you sure? Of course! His real name is Rupac lnca Huaco.
Did he say where he was going? He did not.
He mentioned the name of a town something like le Rochette? La Rochelle.
Ah, yes, La Rochelle.
That's right.
Caramba! Must be going.
Adios amigo mio.
See you soon perhaps.
Have a nice trip.
We might be on a good trail.
We'll check with the port authority at La Rochelle.
l'm sorry.
No Cuthbert Calculus was listed.
No Chiquito or Rupac lnca Huaco, either.
What are we going to do now?.
Ask around if anyone has seen him.
Not a single lead.
This isn't our day.
Nothing! You fell for the oldest trick : the brick under the old hat.
Hooligans! Bandits! lconoclasts! Kids will be kids! Who the devil is throwing bricks here? Whew! That was close! We don't need that dirty old thing.
Give that to me! That's the end of that.
But Snowy! What's it with this hat? You want me to wear it? Then l'd look like Calculus! Captain! Blistering barnacles! His initials! This is Calculus' hat.
Good boy! What would we do without you? Captain, we've - Captain.
- Stop, stop ! Blistering Put me down! Now! Numbskulls! Pin heads! Gherkins! Body snatchers! Come along, Captain.
Let's find those kids.
l have a thing or two to tell them.
What do you think? Still my turn.
Where are you going? Tell us where you found this hat.
Well? The hat? On the Quay, near Dock 1 7.
The trick was my friend's idea.
Not mine.
Well, it turned out to be a pretty good one.
Didn't he, Captain? Dock 1 7 on the 14th the boat must have been the ''Pachacamac''.
A freighter from Callao arrived on the 10th.
She sailed again on the 14th.
Peru! Land of the lncas! lt all fits together.
All victims of the crystal balls violated an lnca tomb.
Chiquito who disappeared just before the kidnap is an lnca descendent.
Calculus` hat was found near a ship which left 2 days after the kidnap.
Conclusion Calculus is on the Pachacamac.
We're off to Peru.
Tell me ls it the plane for South America? Yes, that's it.
We'll be in Callao before the ''Pachacamac''.
Oh, dear.
What a calamity! We'll contact the police.
The kidnappers will be arrested on arrival.
What's up? Anything serious? The master's gone without a spare monocle.
What's wrong, Captain? l have a feeling it won't be as easy as you say.
What a calamity! My poor poor master.
We must have Calculus back.
Right, Tintin! Right you are!
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