The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s03e01 Episode Script

The Red Sea Sharks

RED SEA SHARKS Did you enjoy the film? So so.
The lead actor was good.
He looked a lot like our friend Alcazar.
The ending was far too improbable.
l can't believe that really happens.
You think about someone, he pops up just like that wham! Look, you misguided missile.
Watch where you're going.
General Alcazar! Yes lt's extraordinary! lmagine.
We were just talking about you! Ah, about me? What are you doing? Me? l travel Por favor.
Excuse me please.
ln mucho hurry.
Late for appointment.
- Where are you staying? - Hotel Bristol.
Adios, amigos.
Not very chatty, is he? Strange.
What's that? Look, it's the General's wallet.
He must've dropped it just now.
Hurry! Maybe we can find him.
l'd say the General has vamoosed! He's a fairly heavy-built man with a moustache.
- Look.
- l'm sorry.
l've never seen the gentleman.
That's strange.
Hey, why's the door open? Snowy? Who's done this to you? l'll get to the bottom of this! Blue blistering Captain, are you all right? Which son of a sea gherkin did that? Nestor! Nes Abdullah.
Abdullah? Blistering barnacles! ''Blistering barnacles''! Do it again, Blistering Barnacles! You ruffian, what're you doing here? Wait.
l have a present for you.
A present for me? Dear little fellow lt's for you from me.
Thank you, Abdullah.
You really shouldn't have.
A cuckoo clock.
lt's beautiful.
lt's magnificent.
And to wind it up, you do this.
Blue blistering thundering typhoons! You won't get away with this.
You, stop! Touch not the son of my master.
l am Hassim.
Servant to His Highness.
l bring you a message from my master.
''Dear friends, l entrust to you my beloved son'' ''Abdullah, for here, his life is in danger.
Should misfortune befall me, as the falcon springs on the innocent gazelle, l count on you to provide Abdullah with warmth and care.
'' ''Peace be with you and your household.
'' Signed ''Emir Ben Kalish Ezab''.
You little brat! l'll teach you a lesson.
Oh, sir, it's dreadful.
Later, Nestor! Sir, all those foreign persons are in the state room.
You'll feel better after a coffee.
No, thanks.
l have to watch my nerves.
The monster will be up soon.
Oh, no! Abdullah's coming! Prof.
Calculus? Blistering barnacles! l've enough problems without you rolling around like a freight train! Rain? No, it's a splendid morning for a stroll.
Well, that's what l thought l was doing.
l see breakfast is served.
Why don't you take these infernal things off before you hurt yourself? Nestor, will you answer that door? Begging your pardon, sir, but Abdullah, your guest, finds it amusing to keep ringing the bell and run off as soon as l open it.
Abdullah has gone too far.
Nestor, fetch me the garden hose.
OK, open it.
Good morning.
Oops! What can l do for you? We'll be brief and to the point.
Tell us all you know about General Alcazar? General Alcazar? l knew him when he was President of San Theodoros.
Then he was deposed by General Tapioca in a coup.
He staged a countercoup and took it back.
And that's all.
That's all, is it? What did he tell you last night? When you met up with him, to be precise.
Last night? Surprised you, didn't we? We did meet last night.
He seemed in a big hurry.
He told us he was staying at The Hotel Excelsior.
We know that, too.
Excelsior, huh? Well, can't keep anything from you.
But why are you asking about Alcazar? My dear fellow, if you imagine we'd tell you he's smuggling aircraft, you're mistaken.
Or that General Alcazar is mounting a counter-revolution after Tapioca redeposed him.
You can forget it.
''Mum's the word.
'' - Well said, Thomson.
- Thank you, Thompson.
Goodbye, Tintin.
Thanks for the information.
General Alcazar? Yes, sir.
You'll find him in the lounge.
This one? The man Alcazar's with l know him.
Name's Dawson.
We had a run-in in Shanghai.
Thompson and Thomson are here, too.
Give this back to the General.
l'm going to follow Dawson.
Follow that black Jaguar.
Wait here.
Keep the engine running.
'Morning, guv.
Seen today's paper? Very good.
The planes we sold to Mull Pacha did a great job.
He'll be rid of the Emir in no time.
Now Alcazar's got his planes, we can overthrow Tapioca.
Huh? Abdullah! The pest! What's this? lt was a young lad with a white dog.
What? Tintin! More news on the coup d',tat in Khemed.
Mull Pacha's forces have taken control of Wadesdah.
The Emir Ben Kalish Ezab is feared dead.
lnformation is hard to obtain Poor Abdullah! He's too young to realize how serious things are.
Blue blistering barnacles! The little pest! The plague! That's it! He goes back to his father now! Too late.
The Emir's been overthrown in a coup d',tat.
That's just great.
We can't send him back now.
Nothing to keep us from going away.
Tintin, you're a genius, but where? To Khemed.
Ah, yes, good! What? ln the middle of a revolution? No, thanks.
l'll take my chances with the kid! Let's pack.
Mull Pacha, Dawson here.
Expect a visit from Tintin.
Put this in the baggage compartment.
Passports, gentlemen.
l'm sorry.
You have no permit to stay in Khemed.
What? You must reboard the plane and return to Beirut.
Blue barnacles! There's nothing wrong with our papers.
What yarn is that? lt is done, Mull Pacha.
Bon voyage, Tintin.
Another eternity in this flying coffin.
Rattling about like dice! l wonder what sort of trouble will drop on us next.
Thundering typhoons! Everything happens to me.
Are you OK? l've had enough of this! So much for on-board comfort! l bet this Mull Pacha had something to do with our being told to leave.
What's the matter? What is it? Fire! We're on fire! Engine on fire! Wadesdah tower, this is Khozd.
Starboard motor on fire.
We're turning back.
Trying for emergency landing.
Port engine misfiring.
We're losing altitude.
This is no time for games.
Give me a parachute.
Sir, just go and sit down.
l tell you, l demand a parachute.
Now look here Thanks.
Tell everyone to hold on tight.
l'm going to try to land.
The fire's out, but let's move into the shade while we wait for a rescue party.
Wadesdah is only 50 kms away.
We won't have to wait long.
Listen, Captain.
lf they take us back, we'll be expelled again.
We should sneak back in on our own.
What? 50 kms on foot? lt's our only hope of finding the Emir.
All right, l'm coming.
l'll be right back.
He's determined to show me something.
50 kms in this heat.
l could sure go for a cigar right about now.
Even one of Abdullah's exploding cigars.
Are you all right? Snowy? Where's Snowy? Good ol' Snowy! You sensed danger and tried to warn me.
l just thought you wanted to play.
That had to be a time bomb.
l bet it was intended for us.
Wadesdah will be crawling with soldiers.
So will this crash site when Mull Pacha finds out we weren't blown to bits.
Let's go.
A friend, Oliveira da Figueira, will hide us.
OK, Captain, they're gone.
Now let's find Oliveira's.
Captain? Stay awake.
lt's just down this alley.
Senor Oliveira.
Senor Oliveira? Come inside, quickly.
There's a heavy price on your heads.
You can bet Mull Pacha's behind that.
Also known as Dr M ller.
Dr M ller? l'm up against that scoundrel again.
What's his involvement in this mess? Let me bring you up to date.
A few months ago, Wadesdah became a major link in the air routes of Arabair.
Then, when the Emir out that Arabair was being used for some nasty illegal traffic, he canceled the deal.
That's when the political unrest flared up.
Heavily funded by someone as yet unknown, Mull Pacha mounted a coup, forcing the Emir into hiding.
Captain! Are we sinking? No, Captain.
You just set your beard on fire.
l heard that the Emir was feared dead.
He's in the Djebel mountains.
We have to get to him for his son's sake.
First, we get some sleep.
Tomorrow l'll find a way for you to leave the city and join the Emir.
Thundering typhoons! That was close.
Blistering barnacles! Now we're in trouble.
Quick! There's our guide.
Mull Pacha here.
Order the Mosquitos to take off now to wipe out a party of 3 horsemen who are heading for the Djebel mountains.
Dust cloud at 1 0 o'clock.
Must be them.
l've got you now, Tintin! Ready to fire.
Fire! Fire! Mission accomplished.
Bungling oafs! You'll be court-martialed! Dismissed! Reduced to ranks! l'll have you shot! Halt! Friends! Don't shoot.
The dogs bark, the camels pass.
These strangers come to see the Emir.
All right, come this way.
Look! lncredible! A whole city carved right out of the rock! Captain! You here! Unbelievable! What about my son? My precious darling, where is he? Rest assured, he's in good hands at Marlinspike.
Thank you.
Your help is precious to me.
Resistance is growing.
Soon l'll throw out that slimy serpent M ller.
M ller is just a front to keep us from seeing the real culprit, Di Gorgonzola.
Di Gorgonzola, the famous millionaire? He owns Arabair which he uses to smuggle illegal refugees for astronomical fees.
The mangy dog! As long as that international crook runs scot-free, peace will be nothing but an illusion.
We have to stop them somehow.
lt will be difficult.
Gorgonzola is very rich and very powerful.
By Allah! Let us hope your dog has not gone near Ayesha! Calm down.
You see, the powerful ones don't always get the last word.
Still worried about Mull Pacha's soldiers? l don't think they'll give up.
lt took 3 days to arrange this boat.
They must know we're now at sea.
What a pessimist you are, Tintin.
Think they'll send battleships? Well, not quite, but wait! He's coming right for us! Hit the deck! Bandits! Pirates! Gangsters! Assassins! lt's him or us this time.
Look out! Got him! Good shooting! What happened? Some cowardly rat attacked me from behind.
Look out! - My ''dose''! - Sorry.
There's no time to lose.
We must build a raft fast before this goes up.
May l have the pleasure of this samba, Princess? But of course, Marquis.
You're a good dancer.
Excuse me, my lord.
A radio call for you.
- lt's urgent.
- Awfully sorry, dear lady.
Business, always business.
l am indeed a veritable slave.
Don't give it another thought, Marquis.
The Marquis Di Gorgonzola is a true gentleman.
Malicious tongues spread rumors that he has a shady past.
Sheherazade to Blue Goat.
Powerful Mosquito has stung insect pests 1 and 2.
Message understood.
Over and out.
Blistering barnacles! We've saved 2 cases of provisions and no can opener! lt's enough to drive you crazy.
Help! Over here! There! lt's the pilot we shot down.
Let him take care of himself.
Help! Help! Piotr Skut! l can't believe it's you! l am sorry.
Sorry? Sorry! Trigger-happy thug! Who put you up - up to this? - l Speak up, blithering bombardier! Or l'll deflate you! Captain! Mull Pacha! He gave the orders, but they come from Di Gorgonzola.
- Careful! - Mind the knife! Blistering barnacles! We'll die of thirst on this tub! The important thing now is to survive.
Try some seawater.
That's saltwater.
lt's not all that bad.
Are you out of your mind? Never drink that.
lt's full of plankton.
This not good.
Yippee! There! A ship! We're saved! Just when you'd swallowed that liquid fish food! Hey! Over here! The ship not see us.
We must get their attention.
Got a mirror? Uh You want comb, too? No, thanks.
Just a mirror.
Well done, sailor! There, my lord.
Shipwreck survivors.
3 men.
- And a dog.
- Tintin and Haddock! - Shall l alter course? - A waste of time! And not a word to the passengers.
Understand? Yoohoo, Marquis! Marquis? Where are you? The castaways.
Out there on a raft.
How madly romantic.
lsn't it exciting? - l'm having them picked up.
- But Pick them up! Yes, sir.
Oh, how gorgeous! l've always dreamed of seeing real castaways.
Hooray! They're to have no contact with my guests.
My name is not to be mentioned.
Understand? Can l believe my eyes! lt's Tintin and his friend, the deep-sea fisherman Paddock! Art must embrace the children of adventure.
Castafiore! On behalf of Marquis Di Gorgonzola Gorgonzola? Carissimo mio! - Let's hop back on the raft! - Tintin! Captain Harrock! Haddock, Signora Castoroili.
Captain Haddock.
Sorry, His Lordship has given orders.
No contact with the castaways! Risk of infection, you know.
My good man, l am not ill! l must get rid of Tintin.
l'm calling the Ramona! This is Rastapopoulos.
Ramona here.
What's up, boss? Set a course for my yacht immediately.
l have some passengers for you.
Get dressed.
You're in luck.
A freighter will carry you to land.
Good, fine l'm coming.
Our castaways! They're leaving! l wish you a pleasant journey, my dear friends.
This is the place for me.
Back on a good old freighter! You two, these are your quarters.
Why separate us? Room for 3.
Right, Skut? Open up, you savages! Open up! Well, well, well Allan! This is a happy reunion, isn't it? You old bottle-nose.
We must have a drink on it! What are you doing here? You still haven't figured it out? l command this vessel and l work for Di Gorgonzola! l'm to put you ashore at Wadesdah.
There's a price on our heads.
You're breaking my heart.
Let's drink to my health.
Not a chance! l don't drink with Di Gorgonzola's monkeys.
Suit yourself.
But l'll just leave the bottle to console you.
Well, bye for now.
Sleep tight.
By the way, do you sleep with your beard under or over the sheet? Over? Not that way.
Under? Blistering barnacles! Not that way.
Who needs blankets? lt's too hot.
Pull, boys! She'll blow any minute.
l'm already asleep.
Too hot! Too hot! Assembly signal! Shake a leg there! All hands on deck! What's the matter? - Give me a hand.
- What're you doing? Let's go.
Great to be free, but why the panic? Something's wrong! lt's too quiet! Let's see what's happening.
Thundering typhoons! The ship's on fire! Pirates! Filibusters! Saltwater savages! 1 8 tons of high explosives.
lt'll make a pretty fireworks display.
Hurry! We have to find a raft and get off this tub.
Help! Help us! Who's down there? Please get us out! - Let's get them out.
- Right! Hurry! The ship's on fire! You heard him! Move it! We must help put it out.
Explosives! Captain! Everybody! Over here! We've almost got it beat! What gives? The fire's gone out! Bring her about, boys.
You've saved our lives.
How can we repay you? Tell me why you were locked in that hold.
We're refugees.
These men promised to take us to America.
- We paid them all we had.
- Look! They're coming back! Can you get the engines running? l need men for the stokeroom.
Pull, boys! Pull! Valve closed, Captain.
Open Valve 2.
Pour on the coal! Take the wheel! Come on, row! Row! What? She's pulling away! l don't know how we did it, but she's under way at last.
Thanks to our ''crew''! l'll send a distress signal.
What? Skut, say something! You! Hurry! Escape! The fire! Explosives! lt's OK, Skut.
The fire's out.
What about you? They try to make me go with them, but l refuse.
They get angry, knock me out.
Come in, Ramona.
This is Red Sea Shark.
Di Gorgonzola's submarine.
Submarine? Ramona here.
Come in, Shark.
- Come in, Shark.
- Finally! l've been trying to reach you for hours.
Receiver was broken, but is OK now.
A sambuk is waiting for you at the usual place to pick up your cargo.
Message received loud and clear, Shark.
Over and out.
ls there any ''cargo'' on board? All the holds are empty except for the refugees.
The ''cargo'' is refugees! And l bet those sharks don't intend to take them to America either.
They'll dump them at sea.
We'd better tell those people out there.
l'll send out an SOS.
SOS! The Ramona needs help.
SOS! This is the Ramona.
We need immediate assistance.
The Ramona's still afloat? That means Tintin must still be alive! Battleship USS Los Angeles to Ramona.
Your SOS received.
So, the navy's butting in on our little business.
Well, it's not going to help Tintin.
Calling Red Sea Shark.
You must liquidate the Ramona.
We know who the guilty party is.
As soon as we're safe, believe me, he'll be brought to justice.
Help arriving soon.
USS Los Angeles is 3 hours away.
Tintin, come and see this.
What is it? Have a look.
Wow! Flying fish! Beautiful! Oh, no! - Captain! - Take it easy.
lt's only a a peri a peris A periscope! Headed straight for us! Battle stations! Clear the decks! Women and children first! Calm down, Captain.
l'm perfectly calm! Tintin, man the radio.
Skut, you're at the wheel.
Aye, aye! Stand by, number 1 tube! Stand by, number 1 tube! Number 1 tube! - Fire! - Fire number 1 ! Torpedo to port! Hard-a-starboard! Hard-a-starboard! Curses on them! They've swung away! Starboard 20 degrees, speed 6 knots.
Stand by, number 2 tube! SOS, SOS! Ramona calling USS Los Angeles! We're being attacked by a submarine.
Message received, Ramona.
We are coming to your assistance.
Go ahead, Tintin! Call for help, all you like! You'll be shark bait long before help arrives! Another torpedo to starboard! Full speed ahead! Blue blistering barnacles! We're stuck in reverse! lnfernal machine! Curse them! They're going astern! They're tough, those boys! Ready, tubes 3 and 4? They're still going astern! We've got 'em this time! Hello! Engine room! Too late! They got us! Planes from the USS Los Angeles! Depth charges! - l thought we'd been torpedoed.
- Look.
They're surrendering! We're saved! Still no news from Kurt and his submarine.
The fools! What are they doing? You better come to the bridge right away.
All right, l'm coming.
The USS Los Angeles is ordering us to drop anchor.
What impertinence! Launch my personal boat.
l'll tell those insolent cow-boys what l think of them! lt looks as if They're dropping a launch.
No, l insist, my friends.
l will go alone.
Rastapopoulos! He must be the Marquis Di Gorgonzola! Let me have a look at that wretched refugee swindler.
Wait! He's sinking! The Marquis! How horrible! l don't believe it! ls he finally gone for good? Try to catch me now, gentlemen! Well, what a joy to be home again.
Listen to the familiar sounds.
The gardener mowing the lawn Welcome back to Marlinspiiike! Funny way to welcome people home! Welcome back to Marlinspike, gentlemen.
What are those contraptions? Oh, no, on the contrary.
l think they're the solution to our cities' traffic problems.
They're handy, lightweight, flexible Fine! But where's Abdullah? You wouldn't believe it.
40 mph! Oh, sir! l'm so glad to see you back! Nestor? What's happened to you? l'm afraid Master Abdullah's visit was not very good for me.
But he's gone now.
He left you a note.
Emir Ben Kalish Ezab is back in power, restoring stability to Khemed and ending the smuggling of refugees by notorious gangster, Rastapopoulos who is still missing at sea and presumed drowned.
''Dear Blistering Barnacles, l have been very good.
l haven't played any jokes, l'm a bit sad to leave, because it was fun at Marlinspike.
With love from your friend Abdullah.
'' lsn't that sweet? He wasn't such a bad kid, after Billions of millions of blue blistering barnacles!
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