The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s02e07 Episode Script

Flight 714

FLlGHT 7 1 4 Where are we? We're in Jacarta, the last stop before Sydney.
Then why didn't you say we'd arrived? lt's not Sydney yet! lt's Jacarta! Yes, l know.
At first, l thought it was Jacarta! Let's get something to eat! To eat! How long it's been since that chap's had a square meal! Poor old soul! There you go.
Your hat! Thank you.
That's my good deed for the day.
l'm such a nice guy! Billions of blistering Skut! Captain Haddock? What a surprise! - Skut! - Tintin! Hello, my old friend, Tintin! What are you up to? l pilot my boss to Sydney for the Astronautical Congress.
That's where we're going! Whoever owns this mutt should muzzle him! l've been looking for you.
The flight plan's come in! Nice guy! He's the new navigator, l don't like him very much.
The regular navigator took sick suddenly yesterday.
l hope he gets better soon.
Who are you working for? Laszlo Carreidas.
The millionnaire, ''the man who never laughs''.
Here he comes now.
He must be alright.
He's taken the poor guy under his wing! Mr Carreidas, these are my friends.
Tintin, Captain Haddock.
How do you do, Mr Carreidas.
Captain, you're meeting Mr Spalding.
Here! This is Mr Carreidas.
But but l'm sorry! l don't shake hands! Very unsanitary! Excuse me Don't touch me!!! Presto! Are you alright, sir? l'm laughing, Spalding! - Did you notice? - Yes, sir! lt hasn't happened for years! That little guy is funny! Yes, sir! So Are you going to Sydney? Yes, we're waiting for our plane.
No need to wait any longer.
Come with me! Cancel their tickets and have their baggage transferred! But Mr Carreidas! Move it, Spalding! Go! Go! lt's very kind of you, but we can't accept Snowy's such a fidgety traveller.
Snowy! Snowy? l'd better go and find him.
Captain, we could have a game of Battleships during the flight? Fight? ls there a fight? l was very good at Savate in my youth! Savate? No, no, l said Savate! French boxing! Perhaps l'm a little out of practice.
He's priceless! Snowy? Snowy? We've run into unexpected trouble.
- Let's call the mission off.
- Too late.
ldiot! We go as planned! Snowy! Bad boy! You know you're not supposed to leave like that.
lt's you! l was talking to my cousin in Djakarta.
l'll cancel your tickets.
Cousin in Djakarta? Why don't l believe that? You're late! There was a line-up at the ticket counter.
l'm not interested.
What do you think of my latest toy? - lt's magnificent.
- And fast! Carreidas? Telefono from New York.
Yeah? Oh it's you, Goldberg? Gino, they travel with us.
Take them aboard and get them a seat.
Si, signor.
So what have you got for me? Three Picasso's, a Renoir? Buy them all! Hans, my friends are coming with us.
Welcome aboard, everyone.
More new crew? Old operator had accident! But Mr Spalding found Hans quickly.
Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts! Gulf Tango Fox, clear for take-off! Calling XB42! The bird is heading for the cage.
C4 D4, and E4? You've sunk one of my subs.
Not bad for an old salt dog.
My turn, Captain.
l'll have A4, B4, and C4.
Good shot, a destroyer sunk by 3 direct hits! G1 G2, and G3.
Another hit! Now what's he up to! Somehow l don't trust him! Skut, Mr Carreidas wants an update.
- l go.
- Right! Blistering barnacles! You sunk my destroyer! What luck! Not luck, Captain! Skill! Skut! You're supposed to be flying the plane! But Mr Spalding said Spalding! You half-wit! You! Hands up! Spalding, have you gone mad! To the rear of the plane, move it! Get his gun! Nice try! Now get with the others! Good work, Spalding! Now get in there! Spalding, you're fired! l didn't like working for a cheat anyway.
Cheat? He uses a closed circuit television to beat you at Battleships.
Cheating? Oh relax, Captain! We're going down! They fly low to avoid radar.
This is dangerous, you can't see a thing.
Calm down.
That was crazy! Macassar radio control's calling! Please report your position! We've lost radio contact! We're nearly in the clear.
We're at the island.
Take her up to a thousand feet then empty the tanks.
- We're climbing again.
- They're landing.
Yes, there is island.
But this is crazy! Runway is too short! Sit against forward section, hands behind heads! Quick! The parachute! lt's gone! Brakes! Lean on the brakes! Wheels've blown! We're done for! Mamma mia! ls this a television show? lt's okay, Snowy! Shut him up! - He's frightened! - Stop it! Snowy! Shoot him! No! ldiots, find him and shoot him! Cowards, murderers! That voice? Rastapopoulos! ln person, dear boy! Welcome to my island paradise! You thought l was dead? Sorry.
l'm fed up with you! l'll crush you like this spider.
Ah!!! But you won't leave this island alive! - Get everything ready, Allan! - Okay, Boss.
Why have you brought us here? l didn't! You should have stayed on Flight 7 1 4.
No! All l want is Mr Carreidas' money.
You're mad! No, just well informed! l know about your ten million dollars in your secret Swiss bank account.
l know the name of the bank, and your false name.
l have magnificent examples of your signature! All l need now is the account number which you'll kindly give me! Never! Never say never, my dear Mr Carreidas! Wouldn't you agree, Dr Krollspell? The doctor has invented a serum that makes people tell the truth.
Wherever they want to or not! Take them away! l need my hat! My hat! Give it before he gets sunstroke.
He won't get sunstroke where he's going! You hold it for him.
Ten thousand tramps! Bandits, swines! Scroundels, barbarians! Left, Captain.
Now to the right! A little to the left.
No, Captain, left! Left! Ten thousand thundering typhoons! Allan, l'll stuff your hat down your throat.
Welcome - to the parlor! - What'll happen to us? After Carreidas talks, you'll go to the plane and you'll sink.
Enjoy what little time you've left.
Bandits! Botleggers! Here.
Let me get that hat off! My hat, it's disgraceful! Captain?! lt suits you! Listen! What is it? lt's disgraceful! Nothing, l thought l heard Snowy barking.
Tintin, l think maybe Snowy Don't touch me! You won't get one word out of me! Bandits! He'll talk now, Mr Rastapopoulos.
l hope so for your sake, doctor! Now, the number of your Swiss bank account ? Assassins, assass Twelve, nine, nineteen, zero, three! Yes, that's it.
lt worked! Yes, the twelfth of September 1 903.
That was the day l stole for the first time.
l was 4 years old! l stole a pear from a fruit stand! What's this rubbish? He's showing resistance, boss.
l'll give him another shot.
Now! The account number? Two, ten, thirty, five.
You're sure? Oh yes! - Absolutely! - Finally! Yes, l stole 21 0,35 dollars from my eldest sister's handbag! She never suspected me for a moment.
Congratulations, Krollspell! Your serum is a brilliant success! A brilliant success! Shut l heard something! But it sounds like Snowy.
You're alive! Quick, chew through the ropes.
Good boy! Three cheers for Snowy! Hip, hip! Hooray ! Captain! What have l done? Go and hide! What's that noise? lt's a silly joke! l don't care what they say.
What's going on? l want to know! Now! Well done! Well done, Tintin! Good boy! l still say it was a silly joke! Take the Professor and Gino, and hide near the bunker.
We'll look for Carreidas.
Snowy can trace him.
Yes, but let's go before Allan shows up.
Professor! We've got to go.
You're feeling low? My pendulum's behaving - very strangely also.
- Come on! l've never seen anything like it! l'm losing my temper, Krollspell! Turn the light off He's waking up! l want that account number! Don't yell.
l'm such a horrible man.
My grandfather was right.
He used to say: ''Laszlo, an ill-gotten camel gathers no gain.
'' This is all your fault.
But boss, l can explain You stuck me with the needle! What is it, boy? That must be where they're holding Carreidas! l'm losing my temper! l l'm sorry, boss.
Clumsy quack! That needle was empty? Almost.
Are you feeling bad? Bad? Me? Bad? Of course, l'm bad! - An evil genius! - Sorry! l'm an evil genius! Don't cry.
You couldn't be as bad as me.
What are you talking about? l'm badder than you! - Am not! - Am too ! - Am not! - Am too! Krollspell, tell him! He's the l was gonna shoot you after l got the account number! He was What? Hah! That's not bad! My great-aunt was so ashamed of me, she laid down and died.
Now, that's bad! That's nothing! l ruined 3 sisters, 2 brothers and my parents.
- Do you believe this? - Am not! - Am too! - No! - Stop it! - Am too! Nobody blows raspberry at me! Let's go! The boss The boss has gone crazy.
Tie him up, l'll deal with Rastapopoulos.
Am too! l am too! Stop it! Tintin, you know me! Tell him l'm the baddest! Are not! l am! l am! Here! Stop that! Blistering barnacles! So who's the baddest now? l'm the baddest! No, l'm the baddest! Wrong! l am! Help me, he wanted to kill me.
No, l am! l am ! Cut it out! Blistering barnacles! Non, l'm the baddest! Nobody loves me.
- Help me! - l'm the badddest! l'm the baddest! Move it! This way! This will be some story! That's enough! Cut it out! C'mon! - What's so funny? - Nothing.
Blistering barnacles! Why didn't l just stay home! Hey! Get back here! Captain, quiet! Tell them! The serum hasn't worn off! Cut it out! Alright! - You - Captain! No, he's delirious ! He doesn't know what he's doing.
Blistering barnacles! Let's get moving! We can't wait for the serum to wear off.
Let's find the others! Get down! Hey! Get down! Rastapopoulos! Get him! l'll hold down the fort! Get back here! Blistering barnacles! Confounds everything! - He got away! - That's okay! Get Carreidas and the doctor out of here! - But - l'll see you later.
C'mon! Boss! Over here! You've escaped! - Sorry, boss, l - Never mind! Stop calling me boss.
Get me Carreidas! Give it up, you're out-gunned! Tintin, l'm talking to you! They must have gone? What are you waiting for? After them! l want Carreidas alive!! Alright, boys, let's go! Captain? Try and pick up their scent.
What? Who's that? Who's there? ''Your friend waits 50 metres west.
'' 50 metres west? Try the clearing! C'mon, Snowy.
Rastapopoulos planned to kill you.
l want to get off here as much as you do.
Good! Then take care of Carreidas! l'll look for Tintin, he Follow me! - Over here.
- How in blazes did he C'mon! Where to Higher up! Look for a flat stone! A flat stone? - What? - A shelter.
Here it is.
How did you know Quick! lnto the cave! Captain! But l hate caves, Tintin! Captain! Tintin! You're trapped, come out or l'll l'll blow you out! Alright! You asked for it! One Two Three What am l doing? The boss wants Carreidas alive.
The boss.
That's odd.
You're hearing what? A voice in my head is telling me what to do.
That's crazy! Maybe.
But this voice hasn't steered me wrong yet.
- Look! - Wow! l'm sorry, boss.
Never mind me, where are my prisoners? ln the cave! Well, go in and - get them! - You heard him! What are you waiting for? Get him there! You and your voices! Now we're trapped! Hurry! This way! ''The right eye of the statue!'' Press the right eye! An underground passage! Hurry!!! lt's a dead end! What's that? lt belongs to Carreidas! ldiot! There must be a passage.
Dynamite! You heard him? Get the dynamite! How did you know to press the eye? The voice told me.
Ask the voice why it's so hot! Who's that? ''Be quiet!'' Yes, l'll be quiet! Tintin, wait for me! Professor? Most irregular! Professor Calculus! What are you doing here? Tintin, doom is near, you say? l hope not! My pendulum is behaving oddly.
l'll have to ask our host.
- Host? - Ghost? No, he's real.
What! Good evening, gentlemen! Mon name is Mike Kanrokitoff.
You're the voice! This thought transmitter allows for telepathic communication.
Quite an invention you came up with.
l can't take the credit.
lt was invented by those from other world.
What other world? l'm acting as link between earth and an extra-terrestrial planet.
''Aliens'', you call them.
You expect us to believe that? Aliens? Oh, c'mon! Proof is on the wall.
lt was painted over 1 000 years ago.
A spaceship? My hat! - l want my hat! - What? The serum has worn off.
He's gone crazy.
You'll pay for what you've done! And l want my hat! Where is it? Go and look for it! Now! At once! You're under my control.
Be quiet and do as you are told.
Here is your hat.
Put it on and be quiet! Thank you.
l catch cold when my head's uncovered! Wonderful day, isn't it? Young man l just lifted my hat to you! You saw a cat? Really? Upstart! Stop! Help! Professor! Get a hold of yourself! He deserved it.
Tough luck.
Kanrokitoff You want to know about your friends.
Gino, Skut! You're safe! lt's only a tremor.
- These islands are famous for them.
- True.
But it's not an ordinary island.
This temple is built in centre volcano.
One more tremor and it may erupt.
ls the volcano erupting? That's not a volcano.
lt was explosion set off by gangsters.
l'm sensing great danger! Very close! We've got them now! Hey? What's happening? Help! We must get to the crater! lf the volcano's erupting? But that is where we The smoke is poison, hold handkerchief over mouth! Clear out! l give the orders! Okay? Clear out! Good heavens, it's dripping on my head! My hat? Where's my hat? Get back here! l need my hat.
Clear out! Captain! C'mon, Captain! Well done! Here, Captain! Well done! Hurry! Stay together! We are almost there! Most irregular! What's this? Fascinating! Look, everyone! Hello! l'm here.
The whole island's gonna blow! To the dinghy! Hey, Allan! Hey! Wait for me! You must be crazy, the volcano is ready to blow.
lt's where Astroship is coming! You are crazy! Have you seen the Professor? Yeah, he was right behind us.
He's still inside! Tintin! You can't go back there! Tintin! Professor? Help me! - Will he be okay? - He should be.
We require immediate evacuation.
- Any luck? - They're coming.
l don't believe what l'm seeing! l don't believe it! Climb the ladder! C'mon! All aboard, Chief Pilot.
Wow! This is incredible! Blistering barnacles! This is amazing! Fantastic! - No one'll believe this! - That's correct! Because you'll never tell your story.
- Of course we will! - Nyet.
Your hosts believe many on earth are not ready to know that.
What will you do? You'll not be harmed, simple mass hypnosis is all.
Mass hypnosis is impossible! That nonsense would never affect us.
Never, never You forget everything about this island.
Forget The last thing you'll remember is flying in Mr Carreidas' jet.
Carreidas' jet.
Captain Skut! The flight is uneventful.
Uneventful! Mr Carreidas, you play a game of Battleships.
Battleships! You're cheating, naturally.
From now on, your memories are a blank.
Your memories are a complete blank.
lt's a flying saucer! l don't care what it is! Just shoot it down! Keep firing! Okay Yes, sir.
Now, please board the lifeboat.
Come back, Dr Krollspell.
We have special plans for you! Sleep now Victor Hotel Bravo to Macassar tower.
We're over it! - Can you see the island? - What's left of it! - Did you get it? - Sure did! What a sight! Macassar Tower! A lifeboat down there! Go down, l'll rescue them.
Where are we? You don't know how you got over 300 miles off your flight course? No.
And the rest of the crew? l don't know.
l haven't got a clue! Dr Krollspell, the former Head of the Cairo Psychiatric Clinic, was wandering somewhere in lndia suffering from a severe case of amnesia.
Like the survivors of the Carreidas jet crash.
A story that may be related.
Colin Chattamore.
l'm with the well-known reporter.
One of the survivors.
Tintin, tell us! What happened out there? There was nothing unusual about the flight but everything after Djakarta is a blank.
You have no clue as to how you ended up near that volcano? Only one.
The Professor will tell you about it.
l discovered this bolt in my pocket after our rescue.
l've completed my tests.
They all point to the same thing! This metal wasn't made on earth.
We don't have the technology.
There you have it! Odd coincidence or were aliens involved? Who can ever tell us what happened!
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