The Adventures of Tintin (1991) s02e06 Episode Script

Land of Black Gold

LAND OF THE BLACK GOLD l'm coming! - Half a gallon, please! - Precisely! - Let's turn on the radio! - Okay.
Don't forget my lighter! Flash! Reports of exploding vehicles are rising at an alarming rate! Experts fear that our fuel supplies may be contaminated.
When one day your car goes boom! Don't give up or in to gloom! Call Autocart, we'll be there soon! On that day your car goes boom! lt's a catastrophe! Speedol imports all of its oil in the Middle East.
Our fuel supply has become a serious threat! Any idea what causes the fuel to explode? We've sent experts to Khemedite.
The phenomenon remains a mystery.
Excuse me.
Sir? Professor Biggams is on the telephone.
He must have found what is causing the explosions.
What is it, Biggams? Of course, you continue.
Why do you ask? Because you will have to build me a new lab! lt has to be sabotage.
How do you tamper a big amount of oil? We have to go to where the oil is stored.
The docks! Maybe l was wrong! l've been here for 3 hours and nothing's moved.
- Until now! - You're here! Have you got it? The Speedol Star sets sail tomorrow.
Give this to our contact.
They're vital to our success! l understand.
Someone's there! Alright! Come on out! lt's alright! lt's only a dog! Let's go, it's not safe to stay here.
That was close! How do l get aboard the Speedol Star? So you're the new radio operator.
- Go and find a bunk! - Yes, sir! Helping the Emir of Khemedite fight a power-hungry terrorist! An important honour, Thompson.
We must be sure not to attract any attention.
Let's blend in with the crew! No hope if we're found out! Best to stay lost in obscurity! But ever-present in our duties! Precisely! Right you are, Thompson! Thompson and Thomson! Shh we're undercover! You don't know us.
Let's ask that cabin boy where our bunks are! Excuse me, cabin boy? Next time, call me Captain! A big bully! Let's go before we blow our cover.
Precisely! We don't want to blow our attention before we attract any cover! The same dog from last night! l'd better get rid of those documents! - Police? - Who? What? Where? When? How did you know? l'm from Naval lntelligence! l know everything.
Someone is after me! They want these documents.
l need you - to hide them for me.
- Alright.
We'll do it.
Good! Keep them until we get to Khemedite.
But don't tell anyone! You can count on us! We won't tell a soul! Precisely Come in, please! This is Speedol headquarters! This is the Speedol Star.
Go ahead! Troop movements by the enemy have been sighted.
You are not to approach - any foreign vessels! - We read you, over.
Let's see Better get some sleep, young man! C'mon, Snowy! Let's find those documents! Snowy? Snowy! Chloroform! What would someone Snowy's been kidnapped! Snowy! Snowy! l'll fix you, vermin ! No!!! My poor Snowy! Ye-ow! A rat?! So Can l explain? Explain this! Why you Snowy! Snowy! What were you doing with my dog? What dog? This dog! Dog? A dog! A foggy dog! A foggy dog on a log in a bog! He's knocked himself silly.
There goes my only connection l'm Colonel Mohammed of the Military Police.
We're here to search your ship! Very well, Colonel! - Cabin search! - Go ahead! l say! - Military Police! - What? What's that? What're they looking for? l don't like that.
The secret documents! They're not secret documents! They're secret diamonds! Very interesting An arms shipment to Bab El Ehr! Take him away! The Emir's guards'll question him.
lt was a set-up! We've been framed, Thompson! Foolish diamond smuggler! He wasn't from Naval lntelligence after all! The young man has the information you are looking for! Bab El Ehr will reward you when he comes to power.
Snowy, run! Greetings! l am Bab El Ehr.
Bab El Ehr? What am l doing here? My men arranged for your rescue.
You know about my guns.
Guns? What guns? You've been tricked by the Emir! This man is a spy! We move out.
Bring him along as a prisoner! Move! Move! That was a close one.
Good thing they found our papers in order and let us go! Still l feel terrible about Tintin! We'll find him, Thompson! Don't worry! Look! An oasis! Good! We'll fill the radiator! Bother! lt was a mirage! There's a town over there! We'll stop for a drink.
What? Another mirage! Another mirage! l'm not getting fooled this time! Allah is great! The Well of Gerkay! Hurry, spy! Curses! lt is dry! l must have water He is as good as dead! Untie him and leave him! - Look, Thompson! - A real oasis! - Bet l can dive farther than you! - Bet you can't! - Bet l can! - Can't! Snowy? Oh no! They've left us! C'mon, Snowy! We have to find water! lt's freezing! l wish Horses! Hey! Over here! They can't hear me.
They're stopping! Hey! Wait a minute! What are they doing? Oh no! They blew up the pipeline! On your horses! The alarm will be raised! Ahmed! Hurry! That voice l know that voice.
Better hurry, Ahmed! Where is Ahmed? He's coming! Let's split up, the soldiers may come after us.
Ahmed! You come with me.
Ride off! l'm sure l know that voice! Hold my horse! l'll be right back.
Muller! l was right! l did know that voice! Now where did he go? Foolish Ahmed! He should have known that l always watch my back.
Tintin! l am tired of your interfering! This time will be your last! Kruziturcken! They are onto me already! Watch those rocks, Thomson! Let's not take any more chances with this mirage business.
Right-o! Good, they're going! Now to finish this Tintin business! No! He's taken the horses! What do we do? Tire tracks! Well, that's a stroke of luck! l'd say they're heading that way! l think we're lost, Thomson.
Look! lt's tire tracks! A road! Judging from all these tracks, it's a busy road! We should come across a town any minute.
A regular highway, Snowy! Wait a minute! These tracks are all the same.
Somebody's going around in circles! - Hey! Stop! - Huh? - What's that? - l don't know.
l'll investigate.
lt's a petrol can! Someone must have dropped it! Lucky us! l say! We've lost our petrol can too! - Let's turn around and look for it! - Precisely! This driver is definitely lost.
Just like us! Oh no! lt's hopeless! We'll just have to wait it out! This way! What's that? A car? Someone's out there! Help! Over here! We can't go on like this.
Let's get the roof on! Be careful! l say, this is windy! l've got it! Hello! The sand! Over here! What was that? That's Thompson's hat! lt was their car! But they'll never hear me! Thompson! Thomson! l say! What was that? What was that! l thought l heard someone calling our names.
lt's odd, isn't it? Don't be silly! lt's just another mirage! Oh, right! Thompson! There's that mirage again! l say! You don't hear mirages, do you? Of course not! You see them! But that means Tintin! Thompsons!!! My hat! lt's been a long day! You've got that right! Great snakes! Thank you for the meeting, Your Highness! l hope you won't regret your d,cision.
Good bye.
Muller?! You're here about today's events? - Yes.
- Follow me.
What is he doing here? Let's be on the lookout.
Salam ally kam, noble Emir Mohammed Ben Kan Allykan.
Ally kam, salam! Please, sit down.
What did you want to see me about? Yesterday, l was in a jeep driven by my friends.
lt was involved in They will be flogged! l've come to beg your mercy! They had wandered in the desert.
They were exhausted.
l see.
lt will be considered.
But what were they doing in the desert? And why are you dressed like a bedouhin? lt's a long story.
But l adore stories.
Sit! l will listen! The story begins in my country.
The contaminated oil Muller was leading the men who blew up the pipeline.
You've mistaken him for Bab El Ehr! This crook is trying to overthrow me with the Skoil Petroleum.
May l ask what Muller was doing here, Your Highness? He wants me to sign a contract with the Skoil Petroleum.
l understand.
lf you sign, the attacks will cease and Skoil Oil will be the only oil company here.
Why should l refuse to sign? lt would be a disaster in the case of war! Skoil belongs to an enemy of our country.
You're right! And l don't like Muller and this company of his.
l refuse to sign the contract.
You've opened my eyes.
How may l reward you? By giving pardon to my friends.
Consider it done! Looks like we solved the mystery of the Black Gold! This is fascinating! Go on with your story.
You had recognized Dr Muller and what happened? - l was behind him when - Master! Master, your son is missing! You must think me mad.
But my son plays little jokes.
The adorable rascal! Let's go and see him! Abdullah! Where are you, my little prince? He's always putting us on! Abdullah, come out! Wherever you are! Uh-oh! He's becoming a master of this hide and seek game.
l don't think it's a game.
What do you mean? Was he wearing a blue robe? My family only wears black robes.
Why? l've found a piece of blue cloth.
You've had an uninvited guest in your courtyard.
Look! These foot prints! Someone jumped down from the tree.
There are scuff marks.
They have climbed over the wall.
They? They? Who are they? Whoever kidnapped your son.
Kidnapped?! Preposterous! No one would dare to kidnap him.
Preposterous! Master! A horseman dropped this letter.
No! lt's unbelievable! Read this letter.
My little prince! Excuse me, l can't read Arabic Yes l'll translate.
''To the Emir.
''lf you wan't to see your son again, sell your oil to Skoil.
''Bab El Ehr.
'' That cursed dog! My little prince Sneezing powder.
A final joke from my little sweet cream puff.
Your Highness! Please! We need to act quickly! Yes.
Of course.
l'll summon my military advisor.
Only the finest imports for my esteemed military advisor.
A cigar? - And you, Tintin? - l don't smoke.
Action against Bab El Ehr has been taken.
My son has switched my cigars with trick cigars.
That little snake! When l get my hands on him, l will give him the biggest hug.
Do not worry.
My horsemen are ready.
The Prince will be back.
We shan't rest until we've tracked down Bab El Ehr.
l hope they'll find Bab El Ehr.
But they won't find your son.
What? What do you mean? Bal El Ehr didn't kidnap him.
He signed the note! A trick by Muller.
He wants you to sell your oil to Skoil.
So? So by kidnapping your son, Muller gets what he wants.
Quick! We must stop the horsemen! No, Muller must think his plan has worked.
He'll keep his guard down.
l need a picture of your son.
My son! Yes.
A handsome boy.
Takes after his father.
Even in his absence he gets my goat! My little sweetness! Don't worry.
l'll get him back! Sneezing powder? Great snakes! lt's Señor Olivera DeFigara! l can even sell roller skates in the desert! The man with the sneeze? Where did he go? Most likely to Dr Muller's castle.
He's servant there.
All of them seem to have taken sick.
But what about you, sir? What can l show you today? Señor Olivera, l don't need anything.
Tintin! This truly is the land of wonders! What brings you here? l'm on a mission and l'll need your help.
Why have you set up business here? l'm the main supplier to everyone in town except for the Emir! He has his own private suppliers, the lucky dogs! What about Dr Muller? l sell him many goods but he's tough and cruel.
l'd like to pay him a visit.
lt's not a place to which l'd bring a stranger.
He surrounds himself with many armed men.
What if l make it worth your while? How? Get me inside and l'll make you become the Emir's exclusive supplier.
lt's easy, l go there each morning.
Snowy! l wish l could've brought Snowy.
And ruin your disguise? He'll be safe at my house.
Can you keep the guards distracted? l'll keep them occupied! Believe me! Good morning, my friend! How are you on this glorious day? Who's the young stranger? My nephew, Alvaro.
Bless you! Say, l have just the thing for that sneeze.
Some beautiful handkerchiefs! Gentlemen, allow me to introduce my nephew from Portugal, Alvaro.
He doesn't belong here.
Bless you! l assure you, Alvaro is perfectly harmless.
He's an orphan.
Poor lad! l've taken him into my family.
To be honest, he's a little How do you say it? Simple! Not surprising after all Alvaro, go and play in the garden.
You see Alvaro's father, a humble snail farmer, wanted to see the world Here goes nothing! He married the pirate's daughter! Well, imagine the adventures! One day lt's already locked.
From the inside? But there's no one in here! What's this? ''Speedol had no explanation ''for the exploding gasoline.
'' Why do l think Muller knows something about this? Suddenly his raft sprung a leak.
The sharks swam closer! That little pest! With his sneezing powder! That brat! Kruziturcken!!! Go away! Come out or l'll shoot you! And he was the only man she ever loved.
Such a tragedy! - Who are you? - l am Alvaro.
Tintin! l should have known! And he never saw her again Hello? Give me the Emir! Have you located my son? Not yet, but l'm close! Have Muller's castle surrounded.
The Prince is here somewhere! Okay, Abdullah, here l come! An underground fortress! Master? ls that you? Master? Nobody? That's odd! Don't move! Don't make a sound! Or else! Take me to see the Emir's son! Step back from the door! Face the wall! Keep your hands up! Abdullah, l've come to take you home! Don't want to go! Hey! Let's go! No! Open this door right now! Don't want to! Fine, l'll go to the circus alone then! Got you! l hate you! l'll tell my papa! He's the Emir! He's gone! An intruder is in the tunnel.
No kidding! Alert the others! Little did they know that Alvaro had witnessed the whole lntruder in the tunnel! Come quickly! Send my nephew home if you see him! Tintin better know what he's doing! Snowy, how did you escape? Come on! Train tracks! Hey! Get back here! lmmediately! l want to play trains! Choo! Choo! Stop it! Let me go! Let him go! Get him! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! l'll tell my father! He's the Emir! That was close! Explosives! - Take that, you desert rat! - Huh? lt can't be Blue blistering barnacles!! Captain?! Tintin?! Thundering typhoons!! - Snowy! - He led me right to you! We'd never have found the tunnels without him.
We? You here? l'll explain.
l was at the palace What's wrong? Muller has escaped in his car with my little Abdullah! The two detectives are in pursuit.
But what if they don't manage to find him! - Can we take your car? - Certainly.
Just bring my little darling back to me! - l am thirsty! - So am l! l want an ice cream! ls this the right way? Positive.
l say! Why should you step out while we're moving? Moving? This car passed so fast, l thought we were standing still.
Look! That must be Muller.
What the l want my ice cream! lce cream! Alright, Muller! We've got you! One false move and the child's had it! Back away from the car! You won't get away! Just watch me! Come back! Beastly baby snatcher! Pirate, swine! Let me go! Guard the Prince! l'll shoot for the tires! Play with me, boy! Quit that! We've gotta be quiet! Let go of me, you dumb bully! Blistering barnacles! Muller! The police are coming! l must get rid of Formula Fourteen! l swore you'd never take me alive! No, don't! No, Muller! But My ink pistol! l say, this sun has given me a terrible headache! What's this? Headache medicine! What a stroke of luck! One for me and one for you! l have a passenger for you.
Right! Get in the car, Muller! lt must be the medicine! What? - lt doesn't taste good.
- They never do.
l feel rather peculiar.
To be precise, me too! Hang on, we'll be at a hospital in no time! They'll figure out what's in these pills! l'll make you a rich man if you destroy those! And forget about my friends? No way, Muller! Choo! Choo! Silence my lamb, the news is on! The mystery of the exploding cars has been solved! The ''Formula Fourteen'' was used to sabotage world oil supplies.
The exploding cars were a test - of the enemy's war plans.
- A war! Without gas, your country would have been helpless! Professor Calculus has produced an antidote for ''Formula Fourteen''.
World oil supplies are now out of danger.
Detectives Thomson and Thompson are recovering after swallowing ''Formula Fourteen''.
ln other news Peace has returned to both our countries! l believe that calls for a fine cigar! Well Nothing like a cigar after saving the world Choo ! Choo! Choo! Choo! Another joke! He said he'd stop.
The adorable rascal! Adorable? Adorable! Blistering barnacles!
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