The Affair (2014) s05e04 Episode Script

Season 5, Episode 4

1 Previously on The Affair It's nice to see you again, Mrs.
It's nice to see you, Colin.
Is something wrong? I'm just tired, Dad.
You know, I'm doing everything.
Colin still can't work 'cause of his visa situation.
This marriage thing, you don't have to do it, you know.
Yeah, but actually, Dad, I do, because if I don't, then Colin has to leave the country.
Mom, Vik, this is Furkat.
- Are you two working together? - I'm his assistant.
Try to think of what Whitney's doing as a sort of apprenticeship.
Was she here? Get out.
Get out! Get out! [conversing indistinctly.]
Erica, script supervisor.
Uh, in this sex scene, how important is the exact wording? [Noah.]
What are you doing, man, with Helen? She's the mother of my children.
She's my best friend.
Whom you lied to, cheated on and left.
- What?! - I know he's here.
Where the fuck is he? Sasha! He's using you to get to me.
[both moaning softly.]
I was screaming into the canyon At the moment of my death The echo I created Outlasted my last breath My voice it made an avalanche And buried a man I never knew And when he died, his widowed bride Met your daddy and they made you I have only one thing to do And that's be the wave that I am, and then Sink back into the ocean I have only one thing to do And that's be the wave that I am, and then Sink back into the ocean I have only one thing to do And that's be the wave that I am, and then Sink back into the ocean, sink back into the ocean Sink back into the o Sink back into the ocean Sink back into the o Sink back into the ocean Sink back into the ocean [birds chirping.]
[doorbell rings.]
Trevor? - Stacey? - [sizzling.]
Damn it.
Oh, hey, Margaret.
Why are you here? Uh, Helen's got a meeting today.
I said I'd take the kids to school.
- Are they ready? - Not remotely.
They haven't had their breakfast because there's no one here to cook it for them.
Well, usually they just have cereal for breakfast.
Hey, Stace.
- Hey.
- Happy Halloween.
Oh, God, is it Halloween? I forgot.
What are you guys doing? Oh, uh, we're going to Sasha Mann's party tonight with Mom.
You are? Yeah.
Brooklyn's dad says Sasha's party is legendary in Los Angeles.
Guess I'm out of the loop.
Are you coming, too? Uh, no.
It's the first I've heard of it.
So you'll come.
I can't.
I've got to grade some papers.
Dad, it's Halloween.
You have to come.
No, Dad probably didn't make the guest list.
Why not? He wrote Sasha's movie.
Nobody cares about the writer, stupid.
Dad's, like, the most disposable person on set.
Trevor, don't call your sister stupid.
I'm not going if Dad's not invited.
Oh, come on now, that's silly.
- You'll enjoy it.
- But I want to do something together, as a family.
You remember that Halloween in Brooklyn, when Mom took home the wrong mummy from the party - and left Martin? - [laughs.]
Because she couldn't tell the difference between him and the other kid.
You remember that? Yeah.
And then, in the end, the other kid didn't want to go home, because being with the Solloways, even as an imposter, was more fun than being with his own family.
- [Noah laughs.]
- I remember, too.
N-No, you don't.
You've just heard the stories.
You were a baby.
[dishes clinking.]
Why don't we all go out for dinner this week? I'll see if I can get it on your mother's calendar.
Well, yeah, tell her I said, uh, I know that it's a little bit more expensive, but why spend all the money on the chaise if you don't want to cover it with an amazing fabric? [wistful music.]
Hey, Helen.
Who's she talking to? Mm.
Her assistant.
- She has an assistant? - [Helen.]
Okay, great.
Thank you for doing this.
Happy to help.
Trevor said he'd quit school if I let my mother drop him off.
We were just remembering that Halloween when you, uh, picked up the wrong mummy and left Martin at the party.
- [chuckles.]
Remember that? - I never did that.
- Yeah, you did.
- Yeah, you did, Mom.
- Yeah, you did.
- Wow.
You guys were practically raised by wolves, and yet, you turned out so well.
Can you get your shit for school? - Yeah, okay.
- [sighs.]
[Margaret sighs.]
Well [chuckles.]
I guess I'll take the trash out, since no one else is doing it.
Thanks, Mom.
How are you? - Good.
You? - Good.
Been a while.
Yeah, I wanted to, um I wanted to talk to you about what happened.
What do you mean? You know, in the karaoke bar.
How much do you remember? Enough.
I think, um I think watching this movie getting made, it's-it's bringing up a lot of stuff, and I'm-I'm not handling it properly.
So my feelings over the, you know, ownership of the book and trying to get the story right, I, uh, maybe I Maybe that spilled over to you, and I blurred the lines a little.
You think? Anyway, the point is, I'm-I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have I'm sorry, you know.
You can do what you want with your personal life.
I should just give you some privacy.
All I want is to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship, for the sake of the kids.
Well, for once, we want the same thing.
Bye, guys.
Oh, um, Mom, don't forget to pick up the lace for my garter belt.
- [Helen.]
Will not.
- [door opens.]
[door closes.]
I'm going as Dr.
Oh, for God sakes, Trevor, if you have to be gay, can't you be the elegant kind? You mean like Grandpa? Okay, that's enough.
Come on.
Let's go.
We're late.
Come on.
[slow music.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Noah my man.
Where's your costume? Oh, uh, I didn't realize the teachers had to dress up.
Did we do that last year? No, because Janelle was allergic to fun.
But there's a new sheriff in town.
[imitating gunshots.]
Get it? Hang tight.
I'll find you something to wear.
Oh, did you see this? Good press for your movie.
[door opens.]
Ah, bummed about the thing with your ex? - How'd you know this was my ex? - You told me.
Over tacos.
Oh, God.
You want her back.
- No.
- If you want her back, you just got to find this guy's kryptonite.
- I don't want her back.
- All these movie stars, these big shots, they're actually super perverted - once you get to know them.
- How many movie stars do you know? Scientology.
Sex trafficking.
Gerbils in the anus.
What? Here's the question you got to ask yourself.
What is the one thing that is gonna get your wife Ex-wife.
To get out of bed with Sasha Mann? I don't know.
I bet you do.
Pop this on before your next class.
- [school bell ringing.]
- We good, Jungle Janitor? Don't say I never did you a solid.
Hey, kids.
[students chattering.]
[quiet chatter.]
[soft piano music playing.]
Hey, guys.
- There he is.
- The man of the hour.
Sorry I'm late, I had a couple of student conferences after school.
How about our friend here? Hit movie in the works, still teaching high school.
- Walking the walk.
- [Noah laughs.]
Yeah, so sorry I called the meeting and, uh, raised a red flag; it's just that, um, there's been a, uh, uh, a miscommunication, and, um, I've been banned from the set.
So I need you to help me smooth it over or whatever and so I can go back to work.
When you say you've been banned from set, what - what does that mean exactly? - Banned by who? By, uh, Sasha.
Mann? Yeah, Sasha Mann.
Listen, we love that you want to see the process - all the way through - It shows passion.
but really, is there anything more boring than production? Yawn city.
No, guys, no.
Look this has been a ten-year journey trying to realize this book as a movie, and it's my life story, so I-I need to be there - to make sure it's done right.
- We get it, Noah.
This is your baby, but let's not lose sight of the big picture.
When the town sees "written by Sasha Mann and Noah Solloway" on a box office smash, every above-the-title star in Hollywood is gonna be knocking down your door to cowrite their passion project.
Wait a second, what do you mean? It's not gonna say that.
It's gonna say "written by Noah Solloway," right? [Adam clears throat.]
So, the good news is, Sasha Mann is - really invested in this movie.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you fucking kidding me? He gets a fucking writing credit? No, no, we W-we can't let him have it.
We have to fight this.
- We totally get how you feel.
- Hmm.
But Hollywood's a small town.
Relationships are everything.
Think about it: "Disgruntled first-time screenwriter battles beloved movie star in credit arbitration.
" - Mm.
- Come on, - that's not a good look.
- No.
I don't give a shit what it looks like.
He didn't write that movie, I fucking wrote the movie.
And as my representatives, I need you to help me stand up to him.
As Sasha Mann's representatives, we're not gonna be able to do that.
But wait.
We have something that will cheer you up.
- Mm.
- Show him the key art, Jordan.
We just got this.
Huh? [chuckles.]
Come on.
It's pretty good, right? [phone ringing.]
- Hey.
- [woman.]
- Mr.
Solloway? - Sorry, who is this? This is Jocelyn from Helen Butler's office.
Helen's stuck in a swatch meeting and needs you to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics on Ia Cienega and pick up some lace for her son's garter belt.
- Excuse me, I don't understand.
- She says her son can explain the specifics if you call him.
- Yeah, he's our son and - Sorry.
That's the whole message.
Yeah, can I speak to Helen, please? Let me see if I can get her.
I'm sorry, I don't have her right now.
What do you mean, you "don't have her"? Did you just did you just talk to her? I'm afraid I have another call.
I'll give Ms.
Butler your message.
- No, I don't want to leave a message - [line beeps.]
[mutters quietly.]
This is tulle, Dad.
I said lace.
Well, what do you want me to do, Trevor? - Take it back? - You know what? No.
There's no time.
Guess I'm just gonna have to wear this boring, plain garter belt.
Trevor, I think you look fantastic.
Yeah, thanks, Dad.
When is Mom taking you to this party? - It's almost six.
- [Margaret.]
Noah? May I talk to you for a minute? There's been a change of plans which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
Why? What's going on? Helen's working late.
She's asked me to drive them to Sasha Mann's.
She says she'll meet them there.
- Can't she take the night off? - I don't understand why she's taking them to Sasha Mann's party at all.
The whole thing seems ridiculous to me.
Bruce has Alzheimer's.
God, I'm sorry, Margaret.
I thought, I thought as much.
Me, too, but what are you doing about it? What is anyone doing about it? Instead of coming back east to help me take care of him, Helen's sashaying around Hollywood like she's Nicole Kidman.
- It's grotesque.
- Margaret, I think Helen just needs to take care of Helen for a while.
Okay? - She's been through a lot.
- She hasn't slept here for a week.
I am basically those children's mother now.
Wait, when's Mom coming home? She doesn't care about you anymore.
She's taking care of Helen.
- That's enough.
- [Trevor.]
Wait, what? Trevor.
Go find your sister and get in the car.
I'm taking you to Malibu.
What? No.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
There's no way I'm showing up at the hippest party I've ever been to with my grandmother.
Dad, why can't you drive us? Okay, come on, let's go.
Gonna take forever in this traffic.
Where's Stacey? Stacey! She's been locked in the bathroom ever since we got home from school.
What? Why? I have no idea.
- [sighs.]
- [knocking on door.]
- Stacey? - [Stacey.]
What? - Is everything okay in there? - Go away.
Look, I'm-I'm sorry, uh, Mom had to work late, but I can take you to the party, you can see her there.
- I'm not going.
- Why not? I don't want to talk about it.
- Stacey, come on, l-let me in.
- Go away, Dad.
I don't want you.
I want Mom.
I think Aunt Flo's come to visit.
What? Oh, shit.
Um What Can you, can you give her something? - Like what? - Well, I don't know, like, a tampon or a-a pad or? Noah, I'm 73.
Oh, shit, right.
Can you check in Helen's bathroom, will you? Yeah.
- Stace? - [doorknob rattles.]
Should I send your grandmother in? No! Look, Stacey, just, uh, just Okay, just tell me what you want.
I want Mom.
Look, Dad, can't she just stuff some tissues down her pants or something? - We're gonna be late.
- You told him? Well, look at him.
He's practically a woman anyway.
More so than you.
Trevor, that's not helpful.
I'm calling you an Uber.
You can go to the party on your own.
- Seriously? - Yeah, seriously.
It'll be out front in six minutes.
Don't do drugs.
- Okay.
Yes! - Margaret, you're gonna go out and get Stacey some pads.
Why do I have to be the Sherpa around here all the time? - Why don't you go get the pads? - Because I'm her father! I'm staying here in case she needs me.
There you are, Noah.
Welcome back.
It's nice to see you again.
[pensive music.]
Thanks, Dad.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Stace? I've got your, uh [door locks.]
Margaret, what are you doing? You'd leave somebody if you found this in their bedroom, wouldn't you? What is it? It's a pocket pussy.
This is what you need to do: sneak into Sasha Mann's party, figure out where he sleeps, and plant this stuff all around his room.
Then later, Helen will find it, and [imitates chopping.]
he's toast.
Are you sure it's Bruce who's losing his mind? Margaret, what-what kind of a person do you think I am? - No, don't answer that.
- Do you know what I think? I think he's in one of those cults these Hollywood people are so into.
I think she's being brainwashed.
Look, just 'cause Helen's not doing what you want her to do doesn't mean she's being brainwashed.
[footsteps approaching.]
Oh, hey, Stacey.
- Everything okay? - I'm fine.
Sure? Want to get your costume on and I'll take you over to - Sasha's house? - I'm not going.
I hate him.
Who, Sasha? Well, he can't be that bad.
I mean, if Mom wants to hang out with him.
I don't know why you're defending him, Dad.
He says such mean things about you.
Like what? He's called you a loser.
He says Mom could've done so much better.
Does Helen have a toolbox here? [pulsing music.]
Using love as a weapon Better sharpen up your aim You send it out as an arrow But it soon comes back again Said you know what you're doing But you don't really have a plan And now you're waiting on your lover When you already got a man Looking at your lover gonna make yourself A freedom, looking at your lover Gonna paint yourself a highway Looking at your lover And he's out there in the rain Looking at your lover, gonna make myself Gonna make myself again [laughter.]
Wasn't like I was looking Wasn't like I had it planned But sometimes you get lucky And it falls right in your hands [wistful music.]
[suspenseful music.]
[indistinct radio chatter.]
[utensils clinking.]
[laughter nearby.]
[whooping, laughter in distance.]
[laughter nearby.]
[dance music pulsing.]
Can I get a Johnnie Walker, please? With, uh, ice.
I thought that was you.
Oh, hi.
I didn't think you were coming.
Haven't seen you around set lately.
- The rumor's not true, is it? - What rumor? People are saying that you were flirting with Sasha's girlfriend or something, and they banned you from set.
- What? - No? No.
No, Sasha's girlfriend is No, no, no, it wasn't that.
I didn't think so, because you've always been such a gentleman around me.
Maybe too much of a gentleman.
While you're here, Mr.
Handyman, maybe you could help me with something, 'cause I just can't seem to get this darn thing to stay up.
I Oh.
I just I Oh, God.
[intriguing music.]
[laughter nearby.]
Oh, God, I didn't even think you liked me.
- [laughs.]
- What? [Erica.]
You never talked to me on set.
Oh [chuckles.]
Wait, wait.
Wait, where are you going? [chuckles.]
I need to borrow this.
I'll be right back.
Whatever you say, Mr.
Handsy Man.
But don't be too long.
I'm cold.
Don't move.
[Sasha laughs.]
Noah? What the fuck are you doing in my bedroom? I was I was looking for the bathroom.
You passed three on the way, and there are a dozen Porta Pottis outside for guests, where the party is.
There was a line.
I-I, um needed to piss, you know.
I'll get out of your hair now.
That's weird.
Is that yours? You're such an asshole.
[footsteps departing.]
[moans softly, sighs.]
- Cats or dogs? - Cats.
- Favorite sport? - Curling.
It's hurling.
Nobody here knows the difference.
- Whitney.
- Hurling, hurling, hurling.
- Your mother's maiden name? - Whiteman.
- It's Whitman.
- [groans.]
Boxers or briefs? - They're not gonna ask that.
- They might.
- Commando.
- Very good.
I can't, I can't.
I'm gonna be late.
- Move! - Fucking Andrea.
[TV newsman speaking indistinctly.]
Colin, we're out of coffee again.
I'll get some.
Also, the toilet's clogged.
Do we have a plunger? Isn't it underneath the sink? [knocking on door.]
[TV newsman continues indistinctly.]
I got to go.
What time will you be home? I don't know.
How's your work going? Good.
Yeah? Maybe I come by the studio and see it sometime.
It's not ready yet.
[door closes.]
[hypnotic music.]
[shoe scrapes on sidewalk.]
[grunting softly.]
Andrea? No.
That one needs to be higher.
Hold on.
That's too close to the ceiling.
Um? Yeah Uh, no.
You know, that's not working, either.
Let's try 18 inches to the left.
[sighs, pants.]
Hey, Andrea, do you think we could turn the AC on - just for a bit? - The AC is for visiting hours only, and you know that.
So, anyway, the place was like the fucking Handmaid's Tale.
All these drugged women separated by curtains, and these older male doctors patting you on the thigh, talking about your "advanced maternal age," like they're doing you a fucking favor.
Like you haven't paid $50,000 for the privilege of them harvesting your eggs.
You know, I think you're right.
That one did work better by the door.
[Andrea muttering.]
[phone chimes.]
[gallery phone ringing.]
Andrea Rossman Gallery.
Yeah, 5 South Santa Fe Avenue.
That's right.
Thank you.
[hangs up phone.]
[phone ringing.]
Andrea Rossman Gallery.
Yeah, 12 noon to seven.
Thank you.
You know, if you would finally finish the website, you wouldn't have to spend so much time answering questions on the phone.
That's a really good point.
I'm gonna do that ASAP.
Hey, by the way, did you get a chance to look at payroll for this week? Has another week gone by already? Um, I just my landlord got really pissy when I asked for another extension, and I mean, we haven't paid it in a while, so Don't take this the wrong way, sweetheart, but there's a thousand other little gallerinas that would do this job for free just for the access.
We're not open.
Oh my God.
It's worse than I'd ever imagined.
Oh, my God.
Please come in.
Um, what can my girl - get you to drink? - Mm.
It certainly is, um, balmy.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We're installing a new HVAC system, and [voice fades.]
[dramatic music.]
Furkat, I'm such a fan.
What brings you to my, uh Are you just browsing or? Are you maybe looking for West Coast representation? Hmm.
You're sweet.
Look at you, dollface.
You look just like Cinderella.
What are you doing here? Well, just so happens I have a show opening soon at The Broad.
And a piece being inducted into their permanent collection.
There's a huge party tomorrow night to celebrate [inhales, exhales sharply.]
well, me.
And since I just happened to be in the neighborhood, I thought I'd reach out and see how my old friend and the love of my life Whitney Solloway was holding up.
But I never expected to find her in such a such a [inhales sharply.]
Bubbling petri dish of nascent creativity.
Andrea Rossman.
I love your vaginas.
Look, the truth is I'm desperate for a date to my opening tomorrow.
How about we fit you for some glass slippers so you can come along? I can't.
We're about to open a new exhibition here, and I've got so much to do.
Thank you, though.
Well, how about I just leave this invitation here in case you can make it? Oh, look, it's a there's a-a plus-one if you wanted to bring someone along.
Look I know we didn't part on the best of terms.
But I'm here to try to make it up to you.
Another time.
This stuff is livid with pain.
[somber music.]
[door opens.]
I was just napping.
Whit, you know I don't mind if you drink.
That's okay.
I'll just, um I'll just have coffee.
That'll wake me up.
Ooh I'm sorry.
- I forgot.
- Uh - I'll go to the store.
- No, it's okay.
It's okay.
I just, um I'll take a shower.
That'll wake me up.
[somber music.]
[inhales deeply.]
Oh, this book is amazing.
It's an investment, but it's so worth it once you get a few hundred pages in.
Must be nice to have time to read.
Are you okay? Fine.
I'm just tired.
[typing continues.]
Well, why don't we call it a night? I can't.
I have to finish this fucking website.
[exhales sharply.]
How is that your job on top of everything else? Why can't Andrea hire someone to do that? She's cheap as shit.
God, I can't wait until we have enough money for you to quit that place.
Me, either.
Are you sure everything's okay? What did you do all day? [chuckles.]
I worked.
What does that mean? I painted, Whitney.
When I came home, you were napping.
Because I was tired from painting.
Oh, that doesn't seem legitimate to you? Why can't I ever see anything you're working on? Because it's not ready yet.
Whitney, what the hell is wrong with you? I want you to contribute here.
- I want you to help me out.
- And you think I don't? I don't want to have to pay the rent by myself every month.
- So let's go to city hall.
- What? Let's just go get married at city hall tonight.
- It's closed.
- Tomorrow, then.
Let's go to city hall and get it over with so I can take this idiotic test so I can work in this godforsaken country.
Why are we planning a wedding months from now? It makes no sense.
- It does to me.
- [sighs.]
But, I mean, come on.
Let's just get married.
- Don't you want to? - Of course I want to.
But I want a wedding At my grandparents' house.
It's bad enough that we have three months to plan it in the middle of winter; now you don't want to do it at all? - That is not what I said.
- Now you just want to get it over with? - That's not what I said.
- Yes, it is! That is what you said.
It was just a thought.
Please come back to bed.
[somber music.]
We should probably practice some more interview questions.
What's my favorite color? Cobalt blue.
How many cousins do I have? Thirteen.
Where did we meet? Spring Fling.
Whose house is this? Carolina Wineman.
Her husband's a director, Barry? This is Barry Wineman's house? - Yep.
- Jesus, Mom.
- How did this happen? - Nepotism.
I-I guess Barry hasn't had a hit movie in a while, so Sasha's doing his new one, so Barry owes Sasha a favor, so I'm trying to start a new career later in life.
I will take all the help I can get.
What should I do with these walls? What's her budget? She doesn't seem to have one.
Um Maybe a big Harold Ancart mixed media here? Maybe a Joyce Pensato charcoal there, a Kerry James Marshall here.
I think I can get her a discount through the gallery.
Andrea's brother represents her.
What? I don't know.
I'm just so proud of you.
- You are? - Yeah.
I mean, look at you.
24 years old, and you're so successful.
- Not exactly.
- Well, yeah.
Do you know what I was doing when I was 24? - What? - Well I had followed your father to Europe, and I was working in a bagel factory to support us while he wrote his "memoir.
" Hey, Mom, it's 10 a.
[glasses clink.]
Wow, so a bagel factory.
You never told me that.
I think I probably tried to block it out.
For how long? - Um I don't know.
- [opener whirring.]
- [whirring stops.]
- A long time.
A year, I think? - [whirring resumes.]
- I hated it.
- [corks pops.]
- Why didn't you leave? [sighs.]
I was probably I don't know, afraid of disappointing your father? I really wish I hadn't spent so much time doing that when I was younger.
I could have accomplished so much more.
Hey, Mom? How are you doing financially? Oh, God, I'm in a fucking hole.
I mean, I don't that's I need this job to go well.
Or I'm afraid I'm gonna have to sell the house.
Or pull your brother and sister out of school.
Or both.
Why? How are you? We're fine.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Traffic was insane.
How could you not have told me that you know the vagina man, never mind dated him? Oh, well it really didn't end well, so I Well, I'm sorry, men are dogs.
But I am absolutely thrilled that we are still invited to his opening at The Broad tonight.
You know what? I actually lost the invitation.
I'm really sorry.
Security's so tight - at events like that.
- Oh, and I found it.
Look, Andrea, I-I just don't think that my fiancé would appreciate me going to an event like this with my ex-boyfriend.
That is so sweet.
But it's irrelevant.
What I'm getting at is that you are going to this opening at The Broad tonight.
Because I am going.
[footsteps approaching.]
What? I didn't say anything.
How do I look? [sniffles.]
Like someone else.
That's the point.
Where you going? There's an opening at The Broad tonight.
Oh, wow, The Broad.
That monument to postwar capitalism masquerading as accessible art.
I'm sorry, but Basquiat is at The Broad.
Ed Ruscha, Jasper Johns.
How can you possibly look down on an institution like that? Because it's not really a museum.
It's a glorified, Instagrammable storage locker for money and ego.
You don't have to come.
I wasn't invited.
Whose opening are you even going to? Photographer named Furkat.
That guy? Are you kidding? That man should be in prison, not a museum.
He's a pedophile.
You know, as much as I'd love to stick around for another lecture about the moral bankruptcy of modern Neo-Pop, I have to go.
You don't have to do anything.
Actually, Colin, I do.
I have to make a living, and sometimes that means interacting with people who don't live up to your impossible standard of artistic integrity.
You like it.
What? Admit it, you like it.
You like getting dressed up and hanging out with the popular crowd.
You think it makes you cool.
You really can be such a dick.
[lively chatter.]
[dance music playing.]
Oh, my God.
Everybody's here.
Um, if people ask if we're sisters, just say yes, right? - [chuckles.]
- I mean, wouldn't that be fun? - Sure, Andrea.
- Okay.
Whatever you want.
[clicks tongue.]
Here she is.
Whitney Solloway.
The one that got away.
Oh, uh, my love, I must introduce you to a dear friend of mine.
Dashiell? Oh.
- Dashiell Boucicault.
- Hi.
Lindsay's mentioned you.
Lindsay? Thanks.
It's the name my mama gave me.
- [chuckles.]
- Andrea Rossman.
Whitney is my gallery assistant.
I, uh, have been a fan of yours for years.
I would love to pick your brain about the collection that you've built.
Have you seen the Therrien? It will make you feel so small.
He's a very important collector.
- Do you know him? - No.
Uh, he's opening a new gallery in New York.
I'm hoping to be his inaugural artist.
I'm sure you will be.
He'll need an assistant.
And you could use an upgrade.
I'm fine where I am.
Darling, um, come with me.
I need to talk to you.
I think I should go rescue your friend - from Andrea.
- Listen, I I have to show you something.
The last time we went somewhere to talk, it didn't go so well.
I think we've both come a long way from Paris.
Haven't we? Come on.
[soft music playing.]
So, are you gonna apologize now or what? [sighs.]
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Whitney.
I was an ass.
There's not a a day goes by where I don't regret what happened in Paris.
That I could do that to any woman, but to you, the perfect perfect woman.
I'm sorry.
Will you forgive me? Please, please forgive me.
Get up.
- You're embarrassing me.
- Not until you forgive me.
Oh, my God, stop it.
You're Stand up.
Not until you forgive me! What? [dramatic music.]
What is happening? It's all for you.
Furkat, please, just stand up.
- Do you forgive me? - Yes.
- No, you don't.
- Please, Furkat, - just stand up.
- Say it.
- Say what? - Say you forgive me.
I do.
I forgive you.
Just get up! I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you.
[applause, cheering.]
[dance music pulsing.]
[grunts, exhales.]
So, how long have you known F Lindsay? [chuckles.]
Uh, we met a few months ago at Basel.
He's very talented.
That's funny.
He says the same thing about you.
He does? Mm-hmm.
He said that you have an amazing eye.
[laughter, indistinct chatter nearby.]
They are so beautiful.
Yeah, I was just thinking that.
You should join them.
Prefer to watch? Yeah, me, too.
You know, I used to want to model for Lindsay, when I was younger.
When you were younger.
- Well, I meant - Yeah.
I know what you meant.
[drink pouring.]
And now? I don't want to be looked at anymore.
I want to be the one that does the looking.
Well, that is where all the power lies.
[laughs softly.]
If you could have everything you wanted, what would it look like? Well Somebody would give me the money to start my own gallery where I could foster new artists.
Younger artists.
So much of what I see now feels recycled, redundant built for an audience that already exists as opposed to in search of a new one.
I'd want to promote artists that are digging deeper, that are looking for something amorphous that haunts them, that haunts me, that I just don't have the language for.
[laughs softly.]
Oh, my God, I sound like a fucking idiot.
No, no.
That's That's beautiful.
I've had enough, I think.
[chuckles softly.]
[British accent.]
Hello, Lindsay.
Excuse me, Dashiell.
Do you mind if I, um, just borrow this one for a moment? God, you're so beautiful.
I've really missed you.
[atmospheric music.]
I missed this so much.
[door opens.]
Wait, stop.
I think someone's here.
Furkat, someone's here.
Don't worry about it.
He likes to watch.
But He could give you a gallery.
["Noise" by Zsela.]
Behind an always unforgettable laugh [sighing.]
There are traces of The ways you used to cry Cannot count the ways You used to love me But I can count the ways You used to try - [sighs.]
- Heaven knows I've watched you fall To find the makings of a lie And so it begins and so it takes a toll on So it never ends, so you begin To hold on To all of the little things That you left behind All of the little things you keep To remind That you keep To remind The cries are just the start To a fallen angel While one hand takes the cross Another lights the candle It's 5 a.
somewhere They're packing up the pieces Of a broken love affair - - And making it look easy [alarm ringing.]
[alarm stops.]
Why would I - [switch clicks.]
- Have to spare you? Alone is not Your favorite game Well, how dare you? I'm counting days Like I won't ever get them back Again Heaven knows I've watched you fall To find the makings of a lie And so it begins and so it takes a toll on So it never ends, so you begin To hold on To all of the little things That you left behind All of the little things you keep To remind That you keep to Remind The cries are just the start To a fallen angel While one hand takes the cross Another lights the candle It's 5 a.
somewhere They're packing up the pieces Of a broken love affair And making it look The cries are just the start To a fallen angel While one hand takes the cross Another lights the candle It's 5 a.
somewhere They're packing up the pieces Of a broken love affair They're making it look Easy They're making it look The cries are just the start To a fallen angel While one hand takes the cross Another lights the candle It's 5 a.
somewhere They're packing up the pieces Of a broken love affair And making it look The cries are just the start - To a fallen angel - [keys jangle.]
[engine not turning over.]
Another lights the candle [engine not turning over.]
It's 5 a.
somewhere They're packing up the pieces Of a broken love affair They're making it look Ea Easy They're making it look Easy [wind whistling.]
Hi, Dad.