The Afterparty (2022) s02e02 Episode Script


I'm sorry, did you just say Grace put
something in Edgar's drink last night?
Zoë, who is this woman?
[ZOË] This is Detective Danner.
She helped clear Aniq
when he was accused of m-murdering Xavier.
- Falsely.
- [ZOË] Uh, right.
She can help.
Hey, I-I thought we agreed.
No police just yet.
Oh, don't worry, blue eyes.
I ain't the police no more.
Aniq asked me to come down
and discreetly look into a few things
before the fuzz arrives.
The fuzz?
Look, weddings bring up
some complicated feelings.
About love, about money. Family.
And those feelings make people
do things they normally wouldn't do.
Even murder.
So, I'd like to talk to everybody here
and hear your accounts
of what happened this weekend.
I like to call them your mind movies.
- We're all stars of our own movies.
- Hey, um,
why did you tell her Grace
put something in Edgar's drink?
[STAMMERS] 'Cause she did.
I saw her do it.
Okay, but we brought Danner here to help
us prove that Grace didn't do it, right?
- Same page?
- Same page.
Okay. Grace, I'll start with you.
Uh, hey. Just so we're clear,
I-I really need you
to get Grace off for this.
You mean, you really need me
to find out who the real killer is?
Exactly. Okay. So, same page.
Hold up.
- What's up?
- You coming in here with me, puzzle boy.
- Uh, I am?
- We solved the Xavier case together.
We're partners.
Uh, well, I mean [STAMMERS]
if you think I could be of service.
- Come on.
- [ANIQ] Yeah.
[INHALES DEEPLY] I wanna start out
by saying I'm sorry for your loss.
But my God,
those wedding photos are gonna be fire.
Look at how good that damn dress
look on you, girl, fitting like a glove.
Oh, thank you.
You know You know it's vintage?
I actually restored it myself.
I like it too.
Look, I didn't kill my husband, okay?
I-I wasn't I wasn't poisoning his drink,
- I was I was jus
- Knock knock. [CHUCKLES]
I just wanted to, uh, drop this off,
because Grace tends
to run a little cold.
I guess I'll just leave this here.
Unless you want me to stay?
- I think you wanna stay.
- I do, actually.
- It's okay, right? If I stay?
- I-I think so.
You know,
the more the merrier and all that.
Uh-huh. So, Grace, how did you two meet?
It was recent, right?
We met y six months ago.
Uh, I had just broken up
with this guy who He stole my underwear.
- Travis. It was Travis, right?
- Uh, surprisingly not, actually.
Yeah, so Grace has a-always been
unlucky in love.
No, I love being in love.
I just never found the right person.
Well, until I met Edgar.
He's kind of just my type.
Like, boyishly handsome, a little odd.
[GRACE] I was at work.
I have an antique shop.
Well, not a shop. It's more of an
area inside of a larger crafting co-op.
Anyway, I was restoring this beautiful
19th-century baby doll when
Good afternoon, madam. I was searching
Apologies, sir. I just
I wasn't expecting to see a lizard.
My apologies.
I wasn't expecting a scream.
I've come to [INHALES SHARPLY]
inquire about a vintage typewriter.
Oh, yes.
May I ask, is this for you
or for your companion?
- Oh, Roxana?
- Yes.
No, she wouldn't have much use
for a a typewriter.
Ah. Because she prefers calligraphy?
You're making a joke.
- I I like jokes.
[GRACE] He was awkward, but there
was something disarming about him.
If you don't mind my prying,
what are your plans for it?
Oh, it's a gift for my dear sister,
who has an affinity for the things
of yesteryear.
Whereas I'm more focused on
what's to come. Technology and the like.
This work of art holds much more value
than anything with a screen.
Are you Amish,
or do you just detest convenience?
Just look at it.
[SIGHS] The way it speaks to you.
Cheering you on
as you write your next great novel or
Or a missive to your deepest love.
And then, once you've finished,
- you rip the page from the chamber
as you've just ripped the words
from your heart and you hold it
in your hands.
I'm afraid I have business to attend to.
I'll settle my debt and-and be on my way.
- I realize this may be too forward,
but I would like to ask you
to accompany me
to my sister's birthday celebration
tomorrow evening.
You see,
my lizard has taken a liking to you,
and I'd hate to disappoint her.
I'd hate to disappoint her also.
- Well
[GRACE] It was so unexpected.
And I knew nothing about him
but the name on his credit card.
Mr. Edgar Minnows and guest.
I've never been to a party like this.
Are those ladies pointing at us?
[EDGAR] I'm afraid so.
Who are you exactly?
Did you not google me?
Why, pray tell, would I google you?
What a bewitchingly peculiar lass you are.
Pardon. Grace, sorry, I-I know you're
in the middle of a conversation,
but I am just so pleased
to make your acquaintance.
- We're going to be the best of friends!
Oh, you must be Edgar's sister.
- Adopted.
- Adopted.
- Yes. Walk with me.
- Okay.
So, you two have created quite a stir.
The society papers, Fast Company,
has named Edgar the most eligible bachelor
of Silicon Valley.
So those whispering women,
they're jealous of me?
- They're positively stropping. Hello?
- Oh.
Well, let's not disappoint them then.
- Silicon Valley's Most Eligible Bachelor.
Would you honor me with a dance?
Oh. No, I I don't dance.
The last time I danced publicly,
a vicar identified me as a ghoul
and submitted me for exorcism.
I'm quite uncomfortable
with any sort of public attention,
- and there's been too much of it already.
- I see.
I have an idea.
Oh. We're going straight towards
the dancing.
There. Look, no one else is around.
Now is our time to partake in a dance.
I've never met anyone like you.
What dance shall we partake in?
Shall we do the Unwed Lady?
Or perhaps the Boy Soldier?
- Or maybe
I could teach you how to Douglas.
Grace, I don't think my body can do any
of those things.
And Roxana relishes dance,
but only as a spectator.
Oh. Well, then we must give Roxana a show.
- Oh.
- Come here.
Now, the trick is
you just can't think about it too much.
Just do whatever your body wants.
Oh. Yes.
That's quite nice.
- [EDGAR] Yes.
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- Grace.
- Yeah? [CHUCKLES]
Who are you?
You've brought me to the
The verge of gyration.
- Oh!
- This is good.
- Wonderful. [LAUGHS]
I feel like a scallywag. [CHUCKLES]
- Now take my hand.
- Yes.
I don't normally do things
I don't want to do.
- I think we have that in common.
- Oh, fuck. Yes.
Pardon my interruption, sir.
There is some urgent business
to which you must attend.
I, um, must go.
I have never seen him like this before.
You have bewitched him.
[GRACE] Of course,
I googled him as soon as I got home.
Edgar Minnows, tech titan.
And suddenly, I was part of his world.
He even asked if he could introduce me
to his mother.
He warned me she could be difficult.
- Apologies for our lateness, Mother.
- Mmm.
Our driver was high on Robitussin
and kept getting confused.
So, this is the girl my son proclaims
to be so taken with.
Mmm. Pleased to meet you, Gail.
Oh, it's Grace, actually.
What did you say to me?
I told you her name is Grace.
Why would you say otherwise?
Because a woman of her station
looks more like a Gail.
Grace is a name befitting of someone
who has her beauty, her sense of whimsy,
her passion for all things in this life.
- I apologize.
- Mmm.
Ever since my father's passing,
Mother is easily confused.
I am not confused,
and certainly not easily.
Also, I am not confused.
[EDGAR] And there she goes.
I'm sorry.
[GRACE] Most men I've dated are
afraid of their mothers,
but the way Edgar defended me,
I was over the moon.
Look, over 40 grapes.
[GRACE] Of course,
he was often busy with work.
But when he wasn't around,
I would spend time with Hannah.
It was all so wonderful.
- Grace, I need to
- Oh Oh. [CHUCKLES] No, Grace.
What are you doing? We'll get soaked.
These past few months,
you've you've transfixed me.
And now Fast Company is inquiring about
next month's Most
Eligible Bachelors list,
and I would like very much
not to be on it.
I don't understand.
- [CHUCKLES] Will you marry me?
Should I assume that's a yes?
[EDGAR] Mmm.
Edgar didn't want a long engagement,
so we got to planning quickly.
But our families came from
different worlds, so there was tension.
Oh, uh, this looks delicious.
That's potpourri.
Oh, bon appétit.
Grace, I fear I'm always the one
filching your fiancé.
Edgar, your jet awaits you.
Filch means to take away.
It's nothing nasty.
- Mmm.
- Indeed.
I'll be gone for a few weeks.
This is my itinerary.
I trust you all implicitly.
Very well. My son would like
the wedding here at the vineyard.
It will be the event of the season.
- No expense will be spared.
I thought we could reuse
the flower arrangement
from the rehearsal dinner
for the reception.
Oh, wonderful idea.
Why don't we just reuse the wine as well?
We can walk around spitting it
into each other's mouths.
I think it would be nice
if Hannah did the flower arrangements.
Oh. I'd be honored.
I always envisioned my wedding
a more intimate affair.
Personal, with family contributions.
I don't understand
the words you're saying.
Lady Isabel, while I am the King of
Bing Just got this new frock made.
[CLICKS TONGUE] I'm afraid we're not
so financially blessed as you Minnows.
Oh, don't worry.
We will pay for everything, as usual.
- It's not only about expense.
It is Grace's wedding day.
And it will be wonderful
because the people I love will be there.
[INHALES DEEPLY] We will have
your grand wedding, Lady Isabel.
But we will be serving
my father's bao bing for dessert.
Very well.
You'll not regret this, milady.
You know you're eating air freshener?
- Mmm.
- [GRACE] With everything in motion,
Edgar offered his family's summer cottage
for the bachelorette party.
- I am so happy for you, my dear sister.
I must admit, I had begun to fear that
you would never find a suitable match.
Oh, well.
I do have a rogues' gallery of exes,
but I knew Edgar would be different
from the moment he whisked me off
to Amsterdam for lunch.
- Oh, how romantic.
But of course,
his business meeting ran late,
so I didn't actually see him there.
You did not see him?
No, but I walked along the canals,
and it was so beautiful.
And then when I got home,
Edgar made up for it completely
by taking me to a private business dinner
on his yacht.
- Oh.
But you loathe boats.
You get dreadfully seasick.
Well, yes, I I I was in bed for days,
but Edgar sent his personal chef
to make me soup.
- He did not bring the soup himself?
- No, well
'Cause he was closing
a very lucrative cryptocurrency deal,
and it's consuming a lot of his time.
But no matter. Once we're married,
everything will be rosy.
[CHUCKLES] You think marriage
will solve your problems.
I-I must demand that you stop projecting
your unfortunate marriage
to that oaf Brett on to my own.
I am doing no such thing.
You tell us of a whirlwind courtship,
and yet there is no suitor.
Why must you be so cruel?
Because you are so in love with the idea
of being in love
that you cannot see that Edgar
does not make you happy.
Do you really love him at all
or has his station blinded you?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I did not say that.
Well, you kind of implied it.
All I did was ask
if you were actually happy
or if you just felt
like you should be happy.
And that's a really shitty thing to ask
someone at their bachelorette party.
Well, I was worried about you.
Well, stop worrying!
You have to let me make my own choices.
I did, and look how that turned out.
Zoë, you, me and Aniq are gonna
have a small meeting in the hallway.
[ANIQ] Yeah, I think that's good, so
- We'll be right back.
- [ZOË] Okay.
- That is not what I meant.
- Yeah, I know.
You can't stay.
You're way too close to this.
I'm not going anywhere. She is my sister.
[INHALES SHAKILY] Tha That's true.
She is her sister.
All I'm saying is, Zoë's talents
may be better used elsewhere.
Yep. I mean, that's also true.
'Cause you know, like, maybe, uh
[STAMMERS] While we're in there
getting people's statements,
we need somebody out there, you know,
searching for for clues.
Okay. You know what? Fine.
I am gonna conduct my own investigation,
and I'm gonna find real evidence
that is better
than any evidence anyone's ever found.
That would be great.
[CLICKS TONGUE] I think she's mad.
Sisters, right?
Yeah. She's just trying
to look out for me.
And I do run cold.
She did really upset me
at my bachelorette party, though.
[GRACE] But Hannah was there
to comfort me.
Oh, do you weep because your sister's
right or because she's wrong?
- Hmm?
- I don't know.
Edgar has been really busy, but
I know he wants to be with me.
And what do you want?
I had plenty of time to think about it
because I didn't see Edgar again
until the weekend of the wedding.
There you are, my hermitess.
I've been searching the grounds for
you. The guests have begun to arrive.
Shall we meet them?
[INHALES SHARPLY] Do you remember
when we first fell in love?
Dancing on the terrace
with no noise and distractions?
I want that to be how we get married.
Wait, are are you suggesting
we el-elope?
It's just
See, my sister had a very lavish wedding.
It was held at an Elks Lodge,
- but they really went all out.
- Hmm.
And then the marriage turned out
to be a complete disaster,
so I want our wedding to be about
the two of us.
- Doesn't that sound romantic?
Oh, Grace, I agree. The worst thing
about a wedding is the guests.
But they've already begun to arrive,
and everything's underway.
We can't change now.
But I promise today will be
about the two of us.
Oh! I have something for you.
Oh, a wedding present?
My lady.
A prenuptial agreement?
A scroll of boundaries.
You have to admit this is, like,
the exact opposite of romantic.
But it clears financial concerns,
leaving only love.
We remove the sharks,
leaving just us minnows.
[LAUGHS] I like jokes.
Can I sign it on Monday?
Well, then it would be
a postnuptial agreement.
[CHUCKLES] But very well.
I can't imagine that much will change
between now and Monday.
Refused to sign prenup
I didn't refuse
Can you just not write "refused"?
Because I would have signed it on Monday,
if Edgar hadn't
Look, I was just upset, okay?
And I was right too.
We should've just eloped.
Because that rehearsal dinner was
nothing but distractions and nonsense.
[GRACE] Isabel had gone from difficult
to absolutely abhorrent.
We cannot accept this.
Gail? Gail? Who is Gail?
Mother, what is it?
She either doesn't know your name
or has chosen to besmirch it.
[GASPS] Oh, Gail. Again.
Mother, how could you?
Look at all the people losing their heads.
Gail, Grace It's paper used
for wiping your sloppy mouth.
She may be rich,
but she's certainly poor in manners.
[EDGAR] I apologize.
A fortnight ago,
she had a 5-Hour Energy at a 7-Eleven,
and has not been the same since.
I shall have Dr. Shulkind examine her.
She's come undone.
[GRACE] Then suddenly, I found myself
face-to-face with an old suitor.
- It was so good to see you.
- Miss Grace.
You are as enchanting as the day you
- Oh
- As the day you broke my heart.
Travis. You actually came?
I have such great, great fondness
for our times together.
Um, you know Uh, actually,
I did invite all of my former suitors
as As a bit of a courtesy, you see?
I must say, I I really thought
that you'd read between the lines.
Oh, I have.
- Oh.
- Boop.
Mmm. Um
[GRACE] And as you know,
Sebastian unveiled Edgar's wedding gift.
Funcle Ulysses.
- What ho, revelers! [CHUCKLES]
- Funcle Ulysses! [GASPS]
- Funcle Ulysses!
Those weeks I was away,
while you were planning the wedding,
- I was looking for him.
- Oh.
I knew how much it meant to you
to have him here.
So, you were upset about your funcle?
- No.
- Well, wasn't that a nice thing he did?
No, that was really sweet. I just
would've rather spent
those weeks together.
- Murderer!
- Oh, my God.
The murderer always returns
to the scene of the crime.
You're at the scene of the crime, Travis.
Oh, shit. That looks bad.
Okay, whatever.
I'm going in there to collect evidence.
I like your moxie.
I recognize it because I have it too.
You're gonna want me in there, trust
me. [INHALES DEEPLY] I'm cool as ice.
- Do you have more gloves?
- [ZOË] In the ski closet.
So, for this next part, you need to know
that Edgar was really into biohacking.
His plan was
to live until he was 140 years old,
and then upload his life source
onto the cloud or something.
Oh, my vitals are flagging.
I must go to bed.
No, but the party isn't over.
It's It's our wedding weekend.
And thusly, we will spend
the rest of our lives together.
But I want that life
to be as long as possible,
and CBC, Calibrated Bedtime Consistency,
is how I ensure it.
I need rest. Like an owl or a blender.
My similes are already disintegrating.
Good night, my love.
[GRACE] At the bachelorette party,
Zoë asked if I was happy.
By the morning of the wedding,
I wasn't sure.
I have a gift for you.
This hairpin has been worn by every
Minnows bride since the Civil War.
I expect you to wear it.
- It's hideous.
- It's priceless.
- Grace, you do not have to wear this.
- Yes, she does.
- No, she does not
- I'll wear it.
The prenup.
Why haven't you signed it?
You sign this before you marry my son.
Wait. What is this?
Is this some kind of recreational drug
in my house?
It's Adderall. To stay awake.
Can I have it?
What a strange and horrible woman.
[ZOË] Mmm.
Let us put this priceless hairpin
on your head,
so that you can become a Minnows.
- You don't think I should marry him.
- I did not say that.
- But you want to say it.
- I certainly do not.
Go ahead. Say it.
Tell me how you really feel.
Fine. I do not think you should marry him.
See, I knew it.
If. If he does not make you ecstatically,
over-the-moon happy.
Do you know what I see?
He's a tech enthusiast, while
you dislike anything made after 1985.
He goes to sleep when children do,
while you are a night owl.
And I heard you closed your antique
booth, but you love your antique booth.
It's just temporary.
Just until after the wedding.
I fear you have made your life a part
of his while he has not done the same.
I want so much more than that for you.
[GRACE] I was pretty shaken up.
I feared Zoë was right about me.
About Edgar.
And then you put the vow box
over our heads.
Isn't this nice?
Just our two heads in a box.
- "My dearest Grace."
- Uh
- "You fit so perfectly into my life"
- No, um Ooh.
What What are you doing?
On our first date, you said to me
that I brought something out of you.
The thing is
I don't know if I actually have.
- But I do want to. Desperately.
So don't don't read.
Just Just tell me how you feel.
From your heart.
Grace. I
I know I do things a certain way.
I'm I'm strange.
But I thought I would spend
my dotage with puzzles as my only company.
But now you're the only puzzle
I want to solve.
You You make me want to change.
[GRACE] I don't know if it was exactly
what I wanted to hear,
but for Edgar, it was goddamn Shakespeare.
God, I love this box.
- Edgar.
- [EDGAR] Hmm?
[HANNAH] Let me take a photo too.
- Mrs. Minnows.
- Oh.
So, what music will be
accompanying your first dance?
You and I both know Edgar does not dance
in front of others.
But it is a tradition.
A sacred sacrament.
These things are so important.
Do you not desire a first dance?
No, I do. I desire one indeed.
Then you must have one.
[INHALES SHARPLY] I would like for us to
have a first dance as husband and wife.
Oh, but that would
make me quite uncomfortable.
You said that I make you want to change.
Well, this is my first request.
And it's that important to you?
Very well. We shall dance.
- Can we use the vow box?
- No vow box.
Hey, just look at me, okay?
- Nobody else matters. It's just us.
- Left foot forward,
right foot forward, side.
Roxana. I must go.
I think I know this step.
Follow my lead. I like to dance fast.
[GRACE] I was so embarrassed.
But fortunately,
in one of Funcle Ulysses' previous lives,
he was a professional dancer.
[TRAVIS] Oh, wow.
He is really just
laying there all not alive.
Just giving me flashbacks
of when I found my GamGam.
Hey! Do not touch anything.
This is a crime scene.
Now help me flip him.
The body? The dead body?
We need to check his pockets for
clues, which we can't
do if he's face down.
So get it together.
- One.
- [SIGHS] This is for GamGam.
- Two. Three.
- One, two, three.
- [ZOË] Stop.
- Whoa! Shh!
- I've looked at his eyes!
- Shh.
- Okay, I am going to, um
No! Hey! No, don't touch him!
What did you
Will you just shut up and help me?
- Phone. Okay, uh, breath mints.
- Oh, God, a, uh, lip balm.
- Prescription for Adderall?
- Come on.
What is this?
Looks like a cuff link,
but there's only one of them.
And he's already wearing cuff links, so
Wait, a smartwatch.
Hey. These things can
track your heartbeat, right?
- Yeah.
- So, if we unlock the phone,
maybe we can figure out the time of death.
I'm way ahead of you.
And, ah, shit!
We got locked out.
Just gotta wait, like, five minutes.
- We can use Face ID.
- Yeah, but you closed his eyes.
Well, we gotta get them open again.
When Edgar came back,
did you ask him where he ran off to?
No. I'm sure it was some business meeting
or something.
I was just mad that he left me. Again.
And then at 9:50 p.m. like clockwork
My dear, my CBC regimen demands
that I retire for the evening.
I thought you might say that.
But it's our wedding evening.
We should spend the night together.
So, I have a proposition for you.
Come now, you little silly Billy tweaker.
- You know I don't take pharmaceuticals.
- Remember New Year's Eve?
I gave you one,
and we had the most wonderful night.
I was up till 5:00 a.m. playing
Connect Four against myself.
And the sportsmanship was horrendous.
Never again.
Everyone, your attention please.
It's time for the evening's grand finale,
in which you drive in your cars back
to your own houses.
Go home, please.
For those of you staying on premises,
after-party in the library!
What are you lot cheering for?
None of you are invited.
Dearest, dearest, we can't not attend
our own after-party. One more drink?
Very well. One more drink. Then to bed.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] That's wonderful.
Hello. Um, a rosé please.
- And a whiskey for my husband.
- Sure thing.
- Oh. Oh, I got it. [LAUGHS]
[GRACE] But I wanted more than one drink.
I wanted to be together
and to know that we'd be okay.
And Edgar said that he wanted
to change, so
I'm not proud of it, but
- You drugged his drink.
- I put Adderall in his drink. Not poison.
Which he had taken before
and no ill effect, so
[GRACE] Everything seemed perfectly
fine. Even Isabel
was kind of nice to me.
Welcome to the family. Such as it is.
- Thank you.
- Mmm.
I know what you've done.
And I won't let you do it to Grace.
- You're going to die tonight!
- Oh, my God.
No, no, no. L-Let's just be serious.
You all are demons.
[SHOUTS] Each and every one of you
[NORMAL] is a demon.
Be demons.
- Demons say, "What?"
- [BOTH] What?
"What?" Ah, ha! Fie!
- Cerberus bounding at the gates of hell.
- Honey.
- [CRYING] You're all demons.
- [GRACE] Oh, hey.
- You're all a bunch of demons.
- [GRACE] Hey.
[EDGAR] It can't be hell,
- because you're a fucking angel.
- Hey. Yeah.
[GRACE] I don't know how he got so
drunk, but I knew I
had to get him to bed.
It's getting late, isn't it, huh?
I believe it's time
to bid you all good night.
- Oh, sweetie.
- Good night.
[SNIFFS] I'm not sad,
I was fucking with you. Assholes.
- They're a cute couple, aren't they?
I'm not really one for tradition,
but you are supposed
to carry me over the threshold.
[EDGAR] I'm not a slut.
[CHUCKLES] Bao bing.
I love you
So I slept in my wedding dress.
Not that I got much sleep.
And the next morning
Edgar. Alarm.
I don't care how hungover you are,
you must hear that thing.
What of your bio-whatevers?
You must wake! [GROANS]
And that's all I remember.
Why was Travis the first one to the
door? Wasn't he staying at the hotel?
I don't know.
Thank you for being so honest with us,
Grace. We've got all we need.
So? I mean, she's in the clear, right?
I mean, she gave him Adderall.
That makes you stay awake,
not pass out dead.
Or she put something else in his drink,
and she lied to us about the Adderall.
We need to figure out
what actually killed him.
Maybe we should talk to the ex-boyfriend
who told Edgar he was going to die.
- Vomit's rising. I don't wanna puke.
- Bring it closer.
- Bring it closer to his face.
- I'm gonna puke all over his chest.
What the fuck?
- Oh. Hey, guys.
- Um
We were just trying
to figure out his time of d
- Travis?
- [TRAVIS] Let me grab his head.
Okay, we were just trying
to figure out his time of death
- by using the Health app on his phone.
- [TRAVIS] Yeah.
If we could, uh
[SIGHS] figure that out,
it might tell us when his heart stopped.
- This is a crime scene.
- That's right.
So when you're done doing
what you're doing,
just put the body back
the way that you found it.
- What?
- [DANNER] What do I care?
I'm not a cop anymore.
But I do know a suspect when I see one.
Well, you We didn't do anything.
We were trying to help stuff.
We heard you and Edgar
had a little argument.
No. And I barely knew him. [GRUNTS]
I can explain. [SIGHS]
Can you?
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