The Afterparty (2022) s02e03 Episode Script


[ANIQ] Prescription for Adderall.
- You found this in Edgar's pocket?
- Yeah.
And Grace told us that Edgar
wasn't taking pharmaceuticals.
And let me guess, you
think Grace is lying.
What? No. No, of course
not. Unless you do.
- No.
- Well, yeah, me either. I, uh We agree.
Yeah. Well, Edgar also had
this weird third cuff link.
Oh. Edgar was already
wearing cuff links.
Exactly. So, whose cuff link is that?
Well, this cuff link
has a G on it for
not Grace. [SCOFFS]
Yep, I know that.
There are a lot of
things that start with G.
- Hmm.
- All I know is find the other cuff link,
- find the killer.
- Ooh. That's good.
I mean, I'm not entirely sure I follow,
but you did find the time of death,
- and that's huge.
- Thank you.
Thirty-five minutes after Grace
took Edgar to bed, he's dead.
Whatever killed him, killed him fast.
So now I just gotta
figure out who did it.
- [DANNER] Aniq, you coming?
- Oh, all right. Well, I should go.
- You should take these off. Totally.
- Yeah, can you take this?
- And then maybe get the No.
- Yeah. Got it.
And don't put your hand in
it 'cause it's very sweaty.
[TRAVIS] This whole thing
is so much more complex
than you guys realize.
Everything in that folder adds up
to a hidden scheme with
Edgar at the center.
Now, if you give me an hour,
and, uh, if we could get a blank wall
and maybe, like, 300 thumbtacks
Oh, you're one of those conspiracy guys.
- Truth guys.
- Here's a truth.
You told Edgar he was
gonna die last night.
Oh, that was taken out of context.
I [STAMMERS] Once again,
the folder would prove
Yeah, we'll keep the folder, okay?
And you talk to us, uh, Travis
- [DANNER] Oh.
- [MOUTHING] Gladrise.
[ANIQ] Well, Mr. Gladrise,
you've been acting a little
super weird all weekend.
Skulking around, obsessed with Grace.
I am not obsessed with Grace.
- I have a girlfriend. In Poland.
- [DANNER] Hmm.
Why do you have all this?
The truth is that Edgar
is a crumb. [SIGHS]
- And Grace knows that I'm
- What's that?
Pretty handy with a
broom. That was a broom.
That's how I could tell
you've never swept before.
Looks like a lightsaber.
She literally invited
me to look into it.
[TRAVIS] Delivered via Pony Express.
My tale begins in a 10-by-15
of drywall and hard luck.
[TRAVIS] I was on my own
as an online private dick.
I answer the questions Google can't.
Mucking around in a place
where no one feels lucky,
the dark web.
A seedy bazaar where a digital hood
can find just about any brand of vice.
Guns, dope, orphan parts.
- [DANNER] Poison?
- [TRAVIS] Oh, yeah.
I mean, no. I mean, yes, but no,
not me. My lay is information.
I had this feeling
when I got to the office
there'd be a case waiting for me.
Or a woman.
Turns out, it was both.
- Mom!
- Yes, dear?
- [SHOUTS] Did I get any mail today?
- [TRAVIS'S MOM] On your chair, honey.
Thanks, Mom!
[TRAVIS] Grace.
Never thought I'd hear from her again.
We had a little number
back in the late good times.
She was a good kid,
back in our carefree steampunk days.
Question now was,
why would Grace summon an old
flame to her wedding altar?
A cry for help?
Had to be.
So I put her intended's
chassis on blocks
and tinkered with his undercarriage.
[TRAVIS] And there it was.
Grace's soon-to-be plus-one had
launched his own cryptocurrency.
You see, there's this thing
called the blockchain
[DANNER] Uh-uh. Stop, no.
- Aniq, do you understand this blockchain?
- Well, yes.
You see, there's a ledger.
Basically, that's the
- Individual blocks
Don't care. As long as you know it,
- I don't have to know it.
- Yeah.
- Carry on.
- The legacy banking system is rigged
for corporations,
so crypto was supposed
to be the great equalizer.
Till the scammers came in.
I know this because
I fell for one of 'em.
Uh, a scam.
That mook took every last dollar I had.
So when I saw that invite
I saw a second chance.
You know, I couldn't go back and
stop the man behind Coinuslnterruptus,
but maybe I could stop Edgar
from getting away with it.
Getting away with what?
It's all there in the folder.
The five biggest investors
in Edgar's crypto coin are
shell companies owned by Edgar.
- Whoa. That's not good.
- Why is that not good?
Well, he's saying that
Edgar used his own money
to artificially inflate
the value of his crypto.
[TRAVIS] Yahtzee.
And the proof was right
there in that RSVP.
- Do you mind?
- Go ahead.
- What the fuck?
[ANIQ] "Tech scam."
Okay, so you think that Grace
left a secret code for you
in the food choices
of the wedding invite?
[CHUCKLES] He cute.
[SIGHS] Keno, baby.
[TRAVIS] Edgar was as dirty
as the boots on a box turtle.
Grace knew it, and she knew
she needed me to prove it.
Mom, I'm going to a wedding!
[TRAVIS'S MOM] I can't
hear you. I'm in the tub.
I know I sometimes say the wrong thing,
but you know I'm just
trying to help, right?
[GROANS] Okay, actually
I do need your help.
Um, I can't get out of
this dress, and it's like
Like, look at how many buttons
there are. It's like a straitjacket.
- And I [YELPS]
- Yeah, let's get you out of it.
[GRACE SIGHS] Yeah, great.
So, how did the rest of it go?
With Aniq and Danner.
Oh. Yeah, um, really good.
I'd say really
like, okay. It was fine.
Yeah, it was really bad. I
think I'm gonna go to jail.
- Okay, I think I can help you.
No, no, no. I know, I know,
I know, but I have a lead.
- Does this look familiar to you?
I found it on Edgar.
- What's that?
- It's a cuff link.
- It was in his pocket when he died.
- Huh?
I have a theory.
Find the cuff link, find the killer.
Yeah, it's not a cuff link.
- It's a typewriter key.
- What?
Oh. Wait, why would he
have a typewriter key?
- She collects typewriters.
- Oh, my God, she would.
Okay, let's go. New lead.
- Huh? Where?
- To Hannah's big, dumb tent.
To see if she's missing a G key.
- Okay, but what would it prove?
- That she knows something.
Find the missing typewriter
key, find the killer.
- Hmm.
- It's not as catchy.
- No.
- Find the
- G-G-spot
- What?
Okay. I will go, but
clearly just because
you need my help more than I need yours.
Like, it's not called a
tent. It's called a yurt.
Oh, my God. It's like
we're the Hardy sisters.
- Huh?
- You're too young.
- Okay.
- Mmm.
In the interest of full disclosure,
I should reveal that while
I was invited to the wedding,
I was not invited to
the rehearsal dinner.
That I was crashing.
- Wow.
[TRAVIS] She was just
as I remembered her.
Minus the brass goggles
and leather duster.
- Travis.
- I got your message, baby.
You mean the invitation?
All's I know is it had my name on it.
Surprised you actually came.
[TRAVIS] She had fear in her eyes.
Not fear like there's a scary
clown in my window, but dread.
I got an inkling as to why you fed
that analog e-vite to my mailbox.
Well, I was hoping you'd
read between the lines.
That's the only place I read, baby.
[WHISPERING] I have to go.
[TRAVIS] I was on the case.
This place was a nest of dormy birds.
Time to see who I could get to squawk.
Hey there, stretch.
Something's up around
here and it stinks.
You keep your ears open,
got a couple of hams
with your name on it.
Hamilton Sawbucks.
I don't know how to help you.
Hey, hey, hey, I don't deal in crypto.
My game is ice.
- Oh.
Dangerous game.
I knew an iceman myself, guy
by the name of Eddie Canino.
His online handle was
"the iceman cumeth."
But cum spelled with a U.
I'm gonna talk to somebody else.
[TRAVIS] I kept striking out, so I
decided to get closer to the source.
[TRAVIS] He's up to something, isn't he?
Your firstborn.
What do you know about it?
I know about cryptocurrency, lady.
Webcheddar, cybercabbage.
And your face tells me you're waist-deep
in the same dirty deal
as your womb-fruit.
That felt like an answer.
I only got two chee
Talking about crypto.
- I'm running out of cheeks.
How dare you wear white at a wedding.
Where's the iceman when
you need him? [SIGHS]
Good evening, amigo.
- Got a moniker?
- The name's Aniq.
I'm a puzzle master. You?
Professional know-it-all by
another name. What's your rumpus?
I'm fixin' to steal the
sister of the bride away
from little Lord
Fish-and-Chips. [CACKLES]
I can't help you with that,
but I do got a riddle for
you, Stanley H. Sphinx. [SIGHS]
What's a squirrel like Edgar,
with all the acorns in the world,
doing dipping his maw
in the crypto trough?
Time to switch tables.
Switch tables? That a code?
That was definitely a code.
It wasn't a code. Just
wanted to switch tables.
You made that very clear.
Well, no. No, don't wink.
[STAMMERS] It wasn't a code.
[WHISPERS] It was a code.
[TRAVIS] I was getting nowhere fast.
- Then the nowhere-fast found me.
- Spare me a minute, Charley?
- What?
[TRAVIS] She was all trouble.
The kind of dame who smashes
your heart into little pieces
like you'd find in a puzzle
too confusing for your
cousin's idiot twins.
Well, aren't you a box of goodies.
- You're quite the taffy sampler yourself.
Here I come.
Gosh, I love how your
hair sticks to your head
in all these unexpected places.
It's like spaghetti that's
been cooked to high hell.
Yeah, well, you've got a nose
that looks like an ice pick
stuck in a Jeep's trunk.
Yes. You're a riot.
What do you say you and
me, we get out of here?
We pop some hoobidy-doobidy fun-petals
and kiss each other's
faces and so forth.
- How do you know the couple?
- Sister of the bridegroom.
I see where your loyalties are buttered.
And for the record,
I don't have a boner right now.
[TRAVIS] That was a lie.
- My luck wasn't the only thing
that was hard.
I won't write that down.
You was a only child, huh?
Yes, very intuitive.
Thank you.
[TRAVIS] Then fortune's merry-go-round
spun its carousel horse my way.
Ladies and gentlemen, Uncle Ulysses.
- [ZOË, GRACE] Funcle Ulysses.
[TRAVIS] So while the rest of the mopes
were distracted by a two-bit pony show,
I decided to slip in fresco
for some hard evidence.
[SOFTLY] All right.
What have we got here?
Pilot's license.
Issued a month ago.
Looks like Minnows is a flying fish.
Ooh. [SIGHS]
[CHUCKLES] List of names.
- Accomplices maybe.
Come on.
[TRAVIS] He had books on disappearing,
close-up magic and an
Italian called Houdini.
[ANIQ] What does him being
Italian have to do with anything?
[TRAVIS] Exactly.
These are the questions.
Patagonia, eh?
And what in high hell
are you doing in here?
[TRAVIS] I was caught phone-handed.
Weren't trying to break into
that safe, were we, old boy?
Several hundred million
dollars of crypto in there.
[TRAVIS] I had to play dumb.
What safe?
Well, that safe.
The one that quite
clearly looks like a safe.
That. Yeah.
Don't play silly sausages with
me. What are you doing in here?
Don't make me beat it out of you.
No one wants to see a man
shit his pants in a white suit.
I'm here to purchase a few
fingers of Edgar's crypto,
and I thought you might
be able to spread me some.
I know all about Bookie-Phallus.
I beg your pardon?
It's "Bucephalus."
Edgar named it after
Alexander the Great's horse.
You see, his father was obsessed with
The name of the horse. Of course.
[MUMBLES] I-I already knew that
that was the name of the horse!
I just couldn't pronounce
it because I'm a reader.
[TRAVIS] I knew I had to get
out before someone else came in.
I also knew I had to
have a go at that safe.
It was uncrackable.
Then I remembered the deaf lady upstairs
in my building who I cat-sit for.
She kept her passwords written
down on a Post-it in her desk.
And there it was.
[ANIQ] Okay. Wow. You know,
this is definitely a code.
It's like you said,
Aniq. "Switch tables."
What? No. That's not what I
"S-E-C-4." What does it mean?
Securities and Exchange Commission four?
I just can't seem to work it out.
Don't sweat it, pal. I
already cracked the ciph.
[TRAVIS] I knew that code
was the key to Edgar's scheme.
But I couldn't see it yet.
Bucephalus. Macedonian horse.
Like a Trojan horse. Horse on
the outside, what's on the inside?
Trojan horse had people inside.
So what's inside this horse?
More horse.
More horse. Morse.
Morse code.
I got you, you bastard.
It's all there.
Edgar was going to fake his own death,
and he was going to take
the money he would make
from his artificially juiced crypto.
And this list of potential names?
No, it is not accomplices
as I had previously thought.
They're new identities that he was
going to take on and just go vanish.
Just disappear as as "Mason
Matsushima" or "Pat Strickland."
[CLICKS TONGUE] Aniq, is that right?
I mean, I don't know that it's wrong.
But this "Morse-more-horse" thing
is making me feel like it is.
Whoa. You guys really don't believe me.
Are you saying Edgar, who
is dead, faked his own death?
No, but he was planning to.
[TRAVIS] Marrying Grace
was part of Edgar's plan.
She'd be his legally bound patsy,
left to take the heat
for his Bucephalus bunco.
I had to warn Grace before
she took the big plunge.
But I couldn't do it alone.
And I wouldn't have to.
Hello, Chazwell.
Couldn't stay away?
Where's Grace?
Under lock and key.
Your sibling-on-paper's
pulling an exit scam.
Set to leave my ex-girl high and
dry with the phony crypto fallout.
[CHUCKLES] What do you care?
I'm gonna save Grace, and
I'm gonna stop this wedding.
Wouldn't mind stopping
this wedding myself.
Wanna join me?
Now see here, Charlez. I'm
piloting this nuptial spitfire.
I can steer the ship any way we need.
So I say the word, you drop the bomb.
Sounds Jake.
So you're saying Hannah wanted
to stop her brother's wedding?
What did she have against Grace?
Or what did she have against Edgar?
- [GRUNTS] Yeah, okay.
What in the world is all this?
- [GRACE] Yeah.
- Oh!
Hannah has a lot of hobbies.
Okay [SIGHS]
find a missing G key.
Hey, Zo?
- Yeah?
- You know, on your last murder
- Oh, don't say it like that.
- I didn't mean it like that.
How did Aniq and
Danner catch the killer?
Uh, little things.
Discrepancies in stories.
In the end, it was all
about finding out why.
Which is what we're after
here. Hannah's motive.
We'll figure it out.
Oh, my God. Look!
It's a match. This is Hannah's G key.
What? [EXCLAIMS] Okay, it's Hannah.
Um, she's coming. What do we do?
[ZOË] Is she holding the dead lizard?
- [GRACE] Hide.
- Shit. Shit.
Can't see? Nope. Stupid.
- [GRACE] Okay. I'll go under I can't
- Ew, ew! Get it off me.
Ew, ew, ew. Wait. There's a window.
- Window.
- Yes. Wise.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
[WHIMPERS] Oh, my God.
- Zoë. Quiet.
[MOUTHING] Go. Go. Go.
- Okay, I don't think she saw us.
We're in the clear.
- But what are you up to, missy?
[SIGHS] What's the point?
None of this matters.
When the cops come, they're
still gonna arrest me.
Okay. See, this is why I
have to look out for you.
Because you refuse to
look out for yourself.
Stop it. That's what I'm talking about.
This "big sister to the rescue."
Yeah. Well, I am gonna rescue you.
With or without your stupid help.
Hey, Zoë. Be careful. Some
of those plants are poisonous.
What did you just say?
I said, some of those
plants are p Oh.
So, you and Hannah were set
out to, uh, stop the wedding.
That was the plan, Jack.
[TRAVIS] But the plan was a risky one.
I'd be laying on Edgar's train tracks,
nude and shivering as
danger raced my way.
A snap of his fingers and
I'd be in a wooden kimono.
He was onto me.
I needed a fall guy. A stoolie.
Excuse me.
How would you like to walk outta
here with a pocketful of hams?
When I give you the word, you
stand and read this. Got it?
- No.
Four hams, you yammer as my proxy.
- No.
- Six hams. That's a lot of lettuce.
Your handwriting is so poor.
Does that say "blockchain"?
Yeah, so there's this ledger.
Uh Oh, my God.
We don't have time. You're ruining
the ruining of this wedding.
By the power vested in me, I now
pronounce you husband and wife.
There was no signal.
It was a double cross.
Sorry, Chucky. Snake eyes for us both.
So Hannah didn't want
to stop the wedding?
She was either in on it from
the top or Edgar got to her.
I'm still not sure which.
But I know that if I couldn't
stop Grace from marrying Edgar,
maybe I could at least stop him from
running off and screwing her over.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sorry,
friend. This is staff only.
Official business.
Need a line of sight. There's
a crime about to go down.
What kind of crime?
The kinda crime you smell for miles,
but you gotta get up close to see.
I'm about to bust it up.
[JUDSON] Whoa, whoa,
whoa. Where's he going?
[TRAVIS] This was it. His escape plan.
Edgar was running straight from
the dance floor to sunny Patagonia.
Hey! Off of the floor.
Have some dignity.
I'm looking for something.
Aren't we all?
- Ah, you again.
- They're doing the jitterbug.
Jitterbug's just a fad.
You're a bunch of sheep!
[TRAVIS] You know what they
say about hot stoves, don't ya?
Get too close
and you'll burn your pubes off.
So, you fell?
Oh, no. Clubbed in the back
of the head. Lights out.
Mm-hmm. Or you fell.
I think I was getting a
little too close to the truth.
And when I woke up
Edgar. Where's Edgar Minnows?
Forget it, Jake. Party's over.
[TRAVIS] I'd blown it. Edgar was gone.
And worse, I'd dropped
the ball for Grace.
So I headed inside to find a
couch or a soft table to crash on.
Maybe a quart of gin on the way there.
Pour me a jigger, Shetland Sam.
Not on the clock, Johnny
Rock. Sling your own Singapore.
That's not hygienic.
[EDGAR] Have a seat, Mother.
[TRAVIS] And there he was.
I know what you're up to, Edgar.
[TRAVIS] He was still here.
I wasn't about to let that
moment pass. Not this time.
You're gonna die tonight. [SIGHS]
At least, that's what
the world's gonna think.
Whether there's no trace,
or whether we discover
the body of some drifter
who you were kind enough to give
a final meal of lobster
potpie and flat cola.
By the time that corpse is cold,
you'll have hightailed it to Patagonia
and assumed the identity of
a one Carlos Bustamante, MBA.
I am sick and tired of you
fat cats who make doo-doo pies
in our bowls of clam chowder
and try to pass it off
as saltine crackers.
I had my entire life stripped from me,
from a scammer like you.
And I will jump off the Bay Bridge
before I see that done to Grace.
You think death is freedom?
Well, your so-called
death will certainly
be your last day of
freedom, Buster Brown.
Because no matter where you run to,
I will hunt you to
every plane of existence
to ensure that you never,
ever get away with it!
You, sir, are melting.
- Bloop.
- The fuck?
So that's your play, huh?
Melt your own head?
Your face looks like
one of those hot clocks
from that Spaniard's painting.
Well, I'm sorry, Dalí, but
this guy ain't buying it.
I-I don't know what you speak of.
Now your horns are growing.
- Devil.
- Stop it.
- You're a devil!
- That's enough.
- Stop. Stop it. Stop it.
- He's a devil! You're all devils!
- Stop it. [SHUSHING]
- Demony little devils.
- Stop. [SHUSHES] Okay.
- Baskerville rides in the nighttime.
- Hey, you're okay.
- Hey, don't fall for it, Grace.
It's too late. Isn't it?
I'm so sorry.
[EDGAR] The knight is wearing skorts.
- [GRACE] Definitely.
- That's progress.
- [GRACE] Good job.
- Thank you for your service.
- [GRACE] Don't touch Don't touch the
- Stop herding me.
[EDGAR] I'm in no
condition to make whoopee.
[TRAVIS] I wasn't buying
Edgar's little show.
But if he was looking to escape,
I'd be right there waiting for him.
After all, I was Grace's
knight in shining
Yeah, right. Just in case.
[TRAVIS] Lucky for me, I always
have pistachios in my pockets.
The perfect snack and the perfect trap.
If he tried to escape tonight, I'd
hear every crunch of his footsteps.
You and me, pal. Gonna
stand guard all night.
I'll take the first shift.
- [SCREAMS, BLUBBERS] It's Ed It's Edgar.
Edgar, he he's dead. He's dead.
[WAILS] He's dead.
So, you were wrong.
- Edgar wasn't trying to escape.
- No, he was trying to escape.
But before he could fake his
own death, someone killed him.
I don't know, Travis. I mean, you're
basing all that on "tech scampi"
- and "more horse."
You know how all this sounds, right?
No, yeah. I know how I sound.
[CHUCKLES] I'm the loser, right?
I'm the sucker who got tricked
out of all his own money.
I'm not dumb though. You
know, I I know stuff.
I know that Edgar was a bad man.
He was using those shell companies
to dump cash to pump up his own crypto.
I mean, he was not a good guy. And
And it is all there. It's all there.
All the evidence is in that folder.
I may have gone out on a
limb for some of it, true.
But I knew he was still up
to something. I still know it.
And I couldn't let him trick Grace.
You know how special she is.
Uh, don't get me wrong.
I'm I am over her.
I'm very happy with Weronika.
But I still don't want
to see Grace get hurt.
I couldn't just sit by and do nothing.
I screwed up enough.
I found the murder weapon.
- You what?
- Where?
Hannah's garden.
I went over every flower in there
with this app that identifies plants.
Three of them are poisonous if ingested.
Do any of those three
cause hallucination?
'Cause I don't think that Edgar
was drunk at the after-party.
You think he really saw
people turning into the devil?
I mean, maybe.
"Causes hallucinations." Just one.
[DANNER] Okay.
- [ANIQ] "Datura stramonium."
- "Devil's trumpet."
Oh, my God. These flowers
were in the centerpieces.
See. "If mixed into tea, it
could cause hallucination."
"And if strong enough, 30
minutes after you hallucinate "
- [BOTH] You die.
- You die.
That tracks with the time of
death you found on Edgar's watch.
And those flowers. Somebody
must've known. Who knew?
[DANNER] The person that put
together those centerpieces
and wanted to stop the
wedding. Before she didn't.
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