The Afterparty (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Danner's Fire

Look, what I'm about to tell
you is really hard for me, okay?
But I need to tell you this
because I want you to have a
clear vision of what happens
when you let your
heart blind your brain.
Remember that Instagram post where
I said I'm the greatest writer now?
And I have all the candles and
the fancy pens and all that shit?
You seem like you really
enjoy being an author.
[CHUCKLES] I don't. I hate it.
I haven't written one
single word in that book.
Okay. Wow. Social media really is a lie.
And you know why? I didn't
stop being a cop to write books.
I stopped being a cop
because I lost my confidence.
Really? 'Cause you seem
really confident to me.
Like, at all times.
Thank you. I work hard at that.
But after we solved that Xavier
murder, there was another case,
And you know how I am.
I like to dig deep inside
of a case, roll around in it,
feel it from every angle.
Well, this time, I got too close.
There'd been a series of fires.
Arson. And we had a suspect.
The name's Leonard Vurr, real weirdo.
He got out of prison six
months ago, and guess what for?
- Hmm?
- That's right. Arson, bitch.
And he has a personal connection
to two of the three
locations that were burned.
Well, that is suspicious.
The used car dealership?
He used to work there.
And the bar? He was kicked out
- and asked not to come back.
- What did he do?
He told a waitress
there that he loved her
and he started bringing
her candy every day.
Well, that doesn't seem so bad.
They were Werther's Originals.
Let's nail this son of a bitch.
You like fire, Mr. Vurr?
Off your look, I'm guessing you do.
What do you like so much about fire?
It turns me on.
Not in a sexual way.
It's spiritual,
the way that it ignites from
the smallest bit of friction,
and it grows and grows.
Dancing, crackling
singing as it meets its object,
lapping at it, transforming it,
until it's raging out of control.
Okay, you got a way with words.
You feel like, I don't know, maybe
confessing to starting a few fires?
I don't know what you're talking about.
[CULP] Yeah, you do, you liar.
Who the hell is that?
That's my partner. He
thinks you're guilty.
Why is he hiding? What is he, deformed?
- What?
- No, I'm No.
Oh. [CHUCKLES] Okay,
I know what's going on.
Is this, like, good cop, ugly cop?
I'm not ugly. You're ugly!
Culp, no one thinks you're ugly.
You are beautiful, inside and out.
- Thank you.
Look, we've connected you to two
locations that were burned last week,
- so I'm going to ask you
- Okay, I I don't
I don't start fires anymore.
[STAMMERS] You gotta
believe me, ugly cop!
Okay, I am boyishly handsome.
I don't think he did it.
Uh, okay.
Did we just hear the same
thing? The way he called me ugly?
And the way he talked about
fire like he wanted to fuck it?
He said that it wasn't sexual.
- That it was spiritual.
- Please.
Okay, anyone who uses
the word "spiritual"
is having weird, annoying sex.
Trust me, I know.
He's also a convicted arsonist
with a motive at two of the
three locations. He did it.
- I don't know. It's too easy.
- Danner.
Leonard's been seeing a psychiatrist,
guy named Quentin Devereaux.
"Psychiatrist and author of two books,
Controlled Burn and The Smoky Mirror,
Quentin Devereaux is an expert
in curing malicious behavior,
including violence, sexual
deviance and pyromania."
Okay, Leonard goes to therapy.
We should all go to therapy.
Therapy's great. What's your point?
Why would a guy who is trying to
get help burn down those buildings?
Uh, why would I still post
snippy, anonymous comments on
my ex-boyfriend's Instagram?
Therapy doesn't solve everything, okay?
Danner, I know you hate the theory
that the guy who looks like he
did it might have really done it,
but not every case is the Xavier murder.
Sometimes the guy who looks
like he did it, did it!
But I wanna talk to this
Quentin Devereaux guy.
[CULP SCOFFS] Of course
you do. Look at him.
[DANNER] Culp was wrong. That
wasn't why I was interested in him.
I wanted to get inside
the mind of an arsonist,
understand how they think.
I was hoping Dr. Devereaux
could help me do that.
Dr. Devereaux?
[GRUNTS] One moment.
- Okay, Quentin.
Forgive my informality.
[EXHALES HEAVILY] My schedule's so busy,
I, uh, have to work
out on my lunch break.
I don't always meet new
people like this. [CHUCKLES]
I don't mind.
And I don't believe
I've had the pleasure.
- No, you have not. I'm
- Detective Danner.
You know who I am?
Oh, yeah. The Xavier murder.
I was very interested in that case.
Killer's motive,
his false sense of
injustice, the pent-up rage.
I thought you specialized
in deviant behavior.
Well, my specialty is passion.
Yeah. What are you passionate
about, Detective Danner?
Being right.
And what are you afraid of?
Being wrong.
And what's so wrong with being wrong?
I wanted to, uh, ask you some
questions about Leonard Vurr.
He's a patient.
I can't share much more than that.
Uh, doctor-patient confidentiality.
I understand, but he's the
suspect in a series of arsons.
Detective Danner, I work with my
patients to embrace their desires,
to control them and not
be controlled by them.
Leonard doesn't set fires anymore.
Yeah, he told us, but I
would like to know more.
Then have dinner with me.
[CHUCKLES] I'm I'm working a
case. It's highly unprofessional.
You want to understand
the mind of an arsonist?
I am the man that will give you
what you want and what you need.
[DANNER] I knew it wasn't a good idea,
but I thought it was just dinner.
[ANIQ] Okay.
I hope you're not psychoanalyzing me,
'cause that would be my job.
You painted all of these?
It's a hobby. Clears the mind.
[DANNER] You're very talented,
and they're very naked.
Just started this one.
I think you would make
an excellent model.
I thought this was supposed
to be a business dinner.
Then let's get down to business.
So, Doc, tell me,
how does a guy like Leonard Vurr
afford a psychiatrist like you?
'Cause you can't be cheap.
My abilities as a psychiatrist
afford me the flexibility to
take on a wide range of clients.
I also enjoy working pro bono.
I'm also pro bono.
For an arsonist like Leonard,
his passion isn't fire.
His passion is how the
fire makes him feel.
It's the power of it.
I worked with Leonard to accept
his need to feel his passion,
but to find that powerful
thrill that he craves
from less destructive forces.
So what's his new passion?
And what's his jam of choice?
William Joel, "We
Didn't Start the Fire."
You're not a very good cook, are you?
[CHUCKLES] My, uh My
passions lie elsewhere.
And what is your passion?
Really? Just straight-up sex?
All kinds of sex.
I guess you could call me a pyromaniac.
Only, instead of fire, I like sex.
[ANIQ] You know,
there's a term for that.
[DANNER SHUSHES] I'm telling the story.
I mean, I also like sex.
Show me.
[QUENTIN] I want you
to do something for me.
Okay. I want you to slap my titty.
What? You want me to
to hit your pectoral?
Slap my titty.
[GRUNTS] Okay, harder. Again.
[GROANS] Okay. Okay, harder. Again.
- Oh, shit.
You like that? [GRUNTS] Yeah.
- Okay, can we stop?
What? I was just getting into it.
Do I really need to hear about this
guy getting his titties slapped?
The sex is a part of it.
In addition to the fire
I was investigating,
there was an erotic fire
raging between me and Quentin.
Yeah, no, I I get it. It's just
I don't need to hear every detail.
You're not into titty slapping?
- No.
- Fine.
Everything okay?
Not really. [SIGHS]
I'm trying to help Grace,
but I don't know what I'm doing.
Hey, do you remember
how you used to make us
those special pancakes
when we were little?
Saturday mornings, we would
let Mom and Dad sleep in.
What were they called?
- Dutch babies. Dutch babies. [CHUCKLES]
- Dutch babies. Ah, of course.
The world traveler.
Actually, Dutch babies
were invented in Seattle.
Do you think you remember how to
make them? Because I am starving.
I think I can give it a whirl.
- Awesome. Funcle to the rescue.
You know, you always sent us
postcards from all over the world,
but I never knew why you left.
I was, uh, restless.
The world was calling.
Hmm. See, Grace and I
thought you were a spy.
Ah. Sadly, I am not a spy.
Exactly what a spy would say.
- Very good.
- the secret. Just tell me.
- I doubt it.
- Travis? Is that devil's trumpet?
- Oh, hey. How are you guys doing?
- Oh, my
Oh, my God.
Step away from the tea, my man.
Oh, no, no. This is
not I'm It's
Time-out. [CHUCKLES]
This is an experiment.
Welcome to the lab. Our
poisonous tea made by our killer.
Now, w-what is the special knowledge
one must have to make this tea?
So, I got the flowers,
a little instruction
from my good pal, Reddit.
And voilà. It's really
not that hard to make.
How do you know you did it right?
My man, I drank some.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh.
What? Oh, no, no, no,
don't worry. I microdosed.
According to RedPill69,
in small doses this is
just a mild hallucinogen
with no real side effects,
no paralysis or death, or
Okay, Travis, how much is a small dose?
Travis, how much did you drink?
It was, uh, just a little
bit, like a a sip.
- A small sip. [SIGHS] Ow.
- A sip or a small sip?
- I don I don't know. Holy moly!
- Oh, no.
Did I drink too much?
I might have drank too
much. We don't know.
Ah, shit! This was avoidable.
I'm Am I gonna piss myself?
- Definitely possible.
- I don't know.
- Oh, God. Oh, no.
- Okay.
And there I was on the kitchen
floor, spatula in each hand,
just squeezing his round, muscular ass.
Just working it.
- And this is the short version?
- Yeah.
Then we raided the refrigerator.
- More.
[DANNER] You like
that, huh? Yeah, you do.
- Macaroni man. Yeah.
- Mmm.
That was one hell of a business dinner.
Mmm. I wanted you to fully understand
the work I've been doing with Leonard.
You do this with Leonard?
Do you think I'm really good at sex?
Best I ever had.
Well, I'm an even better psychiatrist.
And I know when he's lying and
when he's not. And he's not.
[CULP] You're letting him go?
We can't keep holding
him without more evidence.
Besides, yesterday I met
up with his psychiatrist,
and he convinced me that Leonard
is not obsessed with fire anymore.
He used to be, but now he likes karaoke.
- [CULP] Karaoke?
- [DANNER] Yes, karaoke.
- Hope I'm not interrupting.
Dr. Devereaux, how nice
it is to see you again.
Leonard listed me as
his emergency contact,
so I'm gonna take him home.
I wanted to stop by and
say hello. So, hello.
Uh, I better go sign
this release paperwork.
Oh, my God. You fucked the psychiatrist.
So what? Look at him.
You can't tell me you wouldn't
go ahead and give it to that guy?
Of course I would. I
would kill myself in public
to have sex with him one time.
But no, that doesn't matter.
He's part of the case now, okay?
You can't just let the fact
that he has a huge hog D
Does he have a huge hog?
It's a smedium. It's so good.
- See, that's what you want.
- Less stress on the body.
Boyfriend-y if you will.
- Like Goldilocks.
- It still work. [CHUCKLES]
that's not the point.
Just don't let it cloud your judgment.
I won't.
- Hey.
- Uh, we're gonna head out.
So, will I see you later?
I have some more thoughts
I want to share on, uh,
the ins and outs of the
mind of a pyromaniac.
Those ins and outs sound very important.
Besides, we still have
a arsonist to catch.
Ow! Ow! Fuck. Shit.
Sorry, I burnt myself.
Anyway, uh, thanks for letting me go.
I mean
He didn't do it.
You're getting too close, Danner.
And much like Leonard's hands,
- you're You're gonna get bur
- No, don't say it. Don't!
- Do not say it. It's Nope.
- You're gonna get burned.
[DANNER] But I couldn't resist Quentin.
How expensive is this shirt?
Very expensive.
- I wanna rip it off you.
- Do it.
[ANIQ] Oh, my God,
you're having sex again.
Hell, yeah. But we were
also talking about the case.
There's an intersection
between pleasure and pain.
A heavily trafficked one.
There's lots of honking.
There's only one stoplight,
and it doesn't work.
So no one's sure when to stop or go.
Well, I say, let's go.
Put on one of them bright-colored vests
with them flags and just
wave that all around,
and let's just get on with it, baby.
[CHUCKLES] Do you remember
when I said that, uh,
- fire is about power?
- Mm-hmm.
- You see?
The fire has power over you, and
it's thrilling to turn the tables.
Do you consent for me to
drip hot candle wax onto you?
Thank you for asking.
Consent is sexy as fuck.
- Yeah. Now it's my turn.
I want you to tie me
up so I can't resist.
I want you to pour
that candle right here.
One of my titties likes the smacks.
The other one likes the wax.
Okay, I can't do this anymore.
I was afraid this day would come.
dirigible's going down
[STAMMERS] pierced by the shot
of Augustus Abernathy's blunderbuss.
I've spent some time as an
honorary ayahuasca shaman.
- Allow me. Oh. Come here.
- Oh, what temptress awaits?
- Hey! Look at me! Look at me.
- What you're seeing is in your mind's eye.
Now take three deep
breaths in through the nose.
go. Out through the mouth.
Oh, I need to get to the velocycle.
Oh, is this hip-hop?
- No, he's using steampunk slang.
I got this. Stand back, everyone.
- Hey there, Chuckaboo.
- [TRAVIS] Oh, okay.
- Who Who
- Oh!
- Ah. [GASPS]
Look, I'll come on
the velocycle with you.
- Oh, yeah. We're stabilizing.
- Keep doing that.
I'll go make some Dutch
babies to soak up the poison.
I knew that Travis was
a a little bit odd,
- but why would he poison himself?
I mean, that is such a dangerous move.
He certainly got Grace's
attention, didn't he?
I'm going to see if I can
find us some flying fish.
- Oh, there we go.
You know, I really don't wanna
be here, but this is riveting.
So then we're burning
the candle at both ends,
if you know what I'm saying.
Look, when Sebastian finishes his
calls, the police are gonna come.
- We're squeezed for time.
- All right, fine.
- I'll skip to the end.
- Thank you.
Thanks for the look inside
the mind of the arsonist.
Now I've gotta go
search for our arsonist.
The Dairy Freeze won't be the last place
they burn down, if I don't stop 'em.
I didn't know it was a
Dairy Freeze that burned.
Honestly, I didn't
think that was possible.
It's a Dairy Freeze.
Yeah, that shit burnt up
fast as hell. [SCOFFS] Why?
Uh, I I can't say. I-I-It
would cross a professional line.
Look, if you have a patient
that's a danger to others,
you're required to tell me.
- Mm-hmm.
That night I was taking Leonard home,
I asked him how he was gonna
celebrate being out of holding.
He said that he was planning
on hitting Sing Sing tonight.
- The prison?
- The karaoke bar.
And I was surprised because he
said that they were mean to him.
I think his exact words were,
"They were jerks to me just
like at the Dairy Freeze.
I'm just gonna hit that place
up and let off some steam."
Now, I assumed "hit" meant
he was gonna just sing. But
The Dairy Freeze is the only
location we didn't connect to Leonard.
This doesn't make sense. He's
moved past this. I know he has.
- [CULP] Culp.
Culp, you were right. [SIGHS]
I fucked up letting Leonard go.
Go by his house and see if he's
there. I'm gonna go by Sing Sing.
- [CULP] Prison?
- No, the karaoke bar.
Hey, look, um, I'm sorry.
I thought I was a better
psychiatrist than this.
No, it's not just you, Doc.
I thought I was a
better cop than this too.
[DANNER] I was pissed at
myself for getting so caught up
in the incredible,
world-shattering sex with Quentin
that I let it blind me to
what was right in front of me.
I was still holding out hope
it was all a misunderstanding.
But he was there, and
he was making trouble.
- Get off the stage, bro.
It's not your turn. It's
It's It's Wayne's turn, okay?
Sign up for a turn like everybody else.
I have the mic! I got the power!
Leonard! We need to talk.
I'ma beat your ass for
making me run after you!
Stage dive. [CHUCKLES]
- I didn't do anything! [GROANS]
- Then why'd you run, Leonard?
This is harassment.
Did you plan on burning down
the karaoke club tonight?
I told you, I don't do
that anymore, all right?
The only thing I lit up
in there is that stage.
- Really?
- What?
Y-You saw me. I was pretty good, right?
[DANNER] But I checked his car trunk.
Wait. That's not mine. I
I didn't put that there.
You have a trunk full
of accelerants, Leonard.
- No, no, no, no.
- You're under arrest.
You gotta believe me. It's not mine!
- Get on your knees!
[DANNER] I felt terrible.
I was tired. Mad at myself.
Not in the mood for raw,
intense animal sex at all.
But I owed it to Quentin to let him know
what happened with his patient.
- [QUENTIN] Danner, is that you?
- Yeah.
- How'd it go?
- We got him.
Found a bunch of evidence
in the trunk of his car.
[QUENTIN] Poor Leonard. I failed him.
We both failed.
No, you got your man.
I gave you the pieces.
You put 'em together.
[SIGHS] I wouldn't have been
able to do it without you.
quite the business dinner.
[QUENTIN] likes the wax.
[QUENTIN] It's a hobby.
[DANNER] You're very talented,
and they're very naked.
- Motherfucker.
- [ANIQ] Oh, my God.
- He was the arsonist.
- He was the motherfucking arsonist.
[ANIQ] So, what'd you do?
[CULP] Hey, it's Culp.
No one uses voice mail
anymore. Text me, you idiot.
I told you that one wasn't finished.
You, uh
You really captured the female form.
Hmm. Like I said, I needed a model.
Let's go to bed.
Do you remember when we first met,
I asked you what you
were passionate about?
Being right.
And what was your biggest fear?
Being wrong.
Today must have been a
pretty difficult day for you.
Let me make it worse.
What the hell? [GRUNTS]
Was it the turpentine
that tipped you off?
What are you talking about?
Come on. Don't insult me.
That was a pretty good cover.
No one's gonna ask a artist
why they smell like turpentine.
That's right.
Truth is I'm, uh, not really
a pyromaniac, but for sex.
I'm a sex addict, but for fire.
And as a therapist,
it is remarkably easy to
find a sap to pin it on.
I thought you were all about
finding healthy outlets.
This is my outlet. I
quench my desire to burn.
Then Leonard takes the blame
when every place I burn
connects back to him.
It was the perfect plan.
Then the rogue cop Danner
came knocking on my door.
I had to improvise.
It would've been too obvious
if I just said he was guilty.
You lied to me!
You wanna know what's
wonderful about this stuff?
It doesn't just mix with the paint.
It also erases your mistakes.
Come on, man.
I really did enjoy
having kinky sex with you.
Me too.
Somebody help!
- elp!
- This story is crazy.
I know. I was fucking the
arsonist and had no idea.
'Cause I was too close to
the case. Lost objectivity.
His smedium dick was so good,
I didn't even think to look
at Quentin as a suspect.
Just like you're doing right now.
Uh, I I don't I don't think
this is exactly a one-to-one.
You're fucking the arsonist.
And when you're fucking the arsonist,
you have no idea you're fucking
the arsonist till it's too late.
Okay. O-Okay. Yeah, I'm
I'm too I'm too close.
Look, you have to decide
if you wanna get to the
truth about who killed Edgar,
or do you wanna protect
your girlfriend's family,
even if a killer goes free?
Yeah, I get that.
But okay, so you were
handcuffed to the bed.
The house is on fire.
How did you get away?
Oh, yeah.
- [SOBS] Help! Help!
- Danner? Oh, my God, this is hell.
- Oh, my God!
- Culp! What are you doing here?
Well, you left me the longest
goddamn voice mail I've ever received
in my goddamn life.
But I heard everything. I heard
Quentin's entire confession.
I heard the creepy neck
kissing. I heard all of it.
Well then, get over here and get me out!
- Duh. Why do you think I'm here?
- Right. [COUGHS] Okay.
What if we broke your thumb and
then kind of wiggled it on through?
No, no, no. We are not
breaking thumbs, okay?
Look, there's some lube right
there on the table there.
- Put that on my wrist, spread it on there
- and then we'll just pull my wrist out.
- No, I can't do that.
You're my partner, and that is
sexual. That's sexual lubricant.
This is not a sexual situation!
It's blurred lines, sweetie!
You gotta get me out of
these motherfucking
No, no. Lean away. Lean
away. I'm gonna shoot at it.
If you shoot it, you're gonna
shoot my hand off, man. No!
Look, Danner, you gotta trust me.
I was the best shot in my class.
I used to go hunting with
my mamaw and my peepaw, okay?
Okay, just stop wiggling. It's
getting hard to see with the smoke!
If you're gonna shoot, just
shoot the headboard, okay?
- Hurry up! We don't have a lot of time!
Danner, I can't see!
If you can't see, don't shoot!
And if you can't stop
coughing, don't shoot!
You did it, partner. You did it.
[WEAKLY] Danner?
[DANNER] Oh, shoot. I'm gonna get
you, partner. I got you! [GRUNTS]
Okay. All right. Good thing
you lost some weight lately.
- [DISPATCHER] Engine 6 responding.
[DANNER] I got you, partner. I got you.
[FIREFIGHTER 1] Here she comes.
- [FIREFIGHTER 2] Go look for survivors.
- [DANNER] Don't worry. I got you.
[CULP] I love you, Danner.
They let Leonard go, and Quentin
disappeared into the wind.
And it was all my fault, so I resigned.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yeah, I was pretty
messed up about all of it.
Then you called, and I thought,
"This might be my chance
to be the old Danner again."
You know, honestly, I guess
I never really thought of you
as a real person, you know,
with with doubts or fears
till just now, I guess. [CHUCKLES]
Damn, that's cold as hell.
Yeah. No, that's very bad.
That is I I'm sorry.
That's on me. But I'm all in.
I'm gonna help you get your groove back.
- Don't say that.
- I will not ever say that again.
You know, as soon as I
as soon as I did say it,
I was like, "Get the
words back in the mouth."
Point is, we're gonna solve
this case, wherever it leads.
Even if it's Zoë's family.
Where should we start?
Mom with the secret or uncle
with the suspicious glass?
[SIGHS] Can we start
with Ulysses, please?
It just seems a little less terrifying.
- [ULYSSES] Here we go.
I'm sorry. [SIGHS] Th That was crazy.
That Oh, my God. I do not
recommend doing that, by the way.
Well, it looks like you got
it all outta your system,
which means you're not
gonna die. [CHUCKLES]
You just saw the face of God, my friend.
Thank you.
God, your hand, that
just feels good too.
And that delicious, eggy
pancake saved my life, man.
You're a real hero. I guess
we're both heroes today though.
You made this breakfast
and I proved my point
that literally anyone in this
home could've made that poison.
- Huh.
- Oh, yeah.
[CHUCKLES] Like, all you need
is hot water and a teapot.
- Could I get some more maple syrup?
- [ULYSSES] Yes, of course.
I love when someone gives you seconds
while you're still
eating the first helping.
[ULYSSES] Grace, you need a Dutch baby.
[SEBASTIAN] It's all going smoothly.
No hiccups yet. We'll get this done.
[ISABEL] Well, it has to happen now.
Who's in here?
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