The Afterparty (2022) s02e08 Episode Script


All right, Kyler, you
better pick up. [SIGHS]
Look, I know that your
parents won't talk,
but do we really wanna leave their
fate in the hands of this kid?
We're running outta time. And he's
more responsible than he looks.
I am Kyler the Ske-ater,
and I'm about to throw down a
nasty-ass frontside 5-0 on this rail!
[BRODY LAUGHS] Aight, bro. Send it.
Oh, shit. Kyler, you all right, man?
[GROANING] No, I'm not okay, Brody.
I think I shattered my taint.
[BRODY] Uh, Ky, you're getting a call.
Oh, I answered it. Here you go.
[SIGHS, STRAINS] Hell Hello?
Kyler, hey. It's Zoë.
Uh, Feng's daughter?
Oh, what up, Ms. Feng? [CHUCKLES]
[STAMMERS] You know, uh, Feng's
my dad's first name, right?
Your dad's name is Feng Feng?
- [ANIQ] Mmm.
No. Um, listen, Kyler.
We're gonna need the footage
you shot this weekend.
Yeah [STAMMERS] I don't know.
It-It's still pretty raw. I-I
haven't finished editing it yet.
No, no, no. That's fine. Uh, we just
Well, I don't know how
to say this, but, um
There was a murder at the wedding.
- [ANIQ] Ooh, mmm.
- [KYLER] What? Holy shit!
Was it Aunt Ruth? She's not
allergic to chocolate, is she?
No, Aunt Ruth is fine.
We don't know that she's fine.
We haven't done a
wellness check on anybody.
- I was just texting with Ruth.
- I'll be right back.
If Zoë asks where I am,
just make something up.
Vivian. Hey.
Uh, my husband and I do
not wish to be interviewed.
Uh, I-I know. Thi This
is about something else.
Oh, I see. Okay. Come on in.
Well, this is the, uh,
absolute last thing
[STAMMERS] I wanna be having
a conversation with you about.
Ulysses told us about your
You-You-You know, your
Wow. I am gonna have to
say it, aren't I? Okay.
Zoë doesn't know. And I know
it's been a secret for a long time,
but it's not a secret anymore.
Zoë deserves to know the truth,
and I think she should hear it from you.
I guess you've given me no choice.
Do you want this?
W-Want what?
This aluminum man. This tin can thing.
Edgar's dead, so [INHALES SHARPLY]
Oh. [STAMMERS] Well,
I-I mean, he just died.
- Yep.
- And you're already giving away his stuff?
Oh, you have no idea.
About what?
What is going on?
[DANNER] Damn, Kyler
really came through.
There's even stuff from his
personal social media accounts.
Yeah, I said the word "murder," he
freaked out and sent us everything.
What are you still
doing in here, sweaty?
Come on, don't do this.
I'm part of the sleuthing team.
I wanna see what's on those files.
Nah, get outta here.
All right. Let's find out what
really happened this weekend.
Uh W-We got Kyler's footage.
I need to speak with
You know what? Uh We're kind
of in the middle of solving this.
- Um, bec
- Uh, I I think you should hear her out.
All right. Yeah.
If you're gonna watch this footage,
I'd like to stay and watch it with you.
Just for context.
Pop a squat. We could always use another
mind for these movies. [CHUCKLES]
I just want you to know, everything
that I did this weekend
I did it for my family.
- Oh, God.
- Noted.
Aniq, hit it.
Oh, you, like, always have popcorn?
Low blood sugar.
- Um.
- You want some?
Okay, wait. I'ma get it this time.
[KYLER] You sure you want
me to film this, Mr. Feng?
Yes, Kyler, I want you
to capture everything.
But you need to be invisible.
[KYLER] You got it.
This is the last time you'll see me.
a ghost. [CHUCKLES]
Kyler, I'm serious. Just
This is a very special weekend.
Our brand-new beautiful
truck put into action,
and my youngest daughter
- [KYLER GASPS] Are you okay, Mr. Feng?
[FENG] She's all grown up now.
- [KYLER] Oh. Are you crying, Mr. Feng?
What the hell am I watching right now?
Oh, it was my daughter's wedding,
but we also shot social media content.
That's why I brought Kyler.
He is a genius with that phone.
I mean, you should see his skateboarding
videos on What's that website called?
The one with all the
crazy "bloop bloop" videos?
- Okay, don't rush me, Aniq.
- Oh. [STAMMERS] Yep.
Kyler is helping me bring baobing to
the masses, so, you know [STAMMERS]
Just got a little emotional. That's all.
So, this baobing, what's it like?
Imagine ribbons of ice shaved so fine
it melts the second it hits your tongue.
But it's not plain old frozen H2O.
No, it's a proprietary mix of
water, milk with a creamy mouthfeel,
topped with a mountain of fresh fruit.
It's casual, but elegant.
Healthy, but indulgent.
With the King of Bing,
it's love at first bite.
That sounds delicious.
Vivian and I first had it on a
trip to Taiwan a few years back.
And when we returned home,
I started the King of Bing.
just opened up a second location.
And, of course, the catering
truck Aniq destroyed.
would we say "destroyed"?
[KYLER] And action.
The King of Bing here, coming to
you from a beautiful vineyard estate
because we now cater! [CHUCKLES]
[FENG] Wait, wh
what's that on my head?
[ANIQ] I think it's just some sort
of filter that Kyler put on the footage.
- [FENG CHUCKLES] I told you he's a genius.
This little baby here is the
flagship of my frozen fleet.
Come on. Let me show you around.
I'm sorry, the door's
locked. Why's the door locked?
[KYLER] You told me to
always have the truck locked.
Okay, not when we're
Where are the keys?
[GRUNTS] Almost got 'em.
[KYLER] Yep. You're
almost there, Mr. Feng.
- Uh, try try on top. There you go.
- Oh, I basically have it.
[FENG] Oh, uh Yeah,
we don't need to see this.
This is just a bunch of, uh,
boring business yackety-yack.
Hold on, now.
Aniq, turn it up.
[FENG CHUCKLING] Jim, how are you?
Oh, yeah.
Just been busy. It's my daughter's
wedding this weekend, and
No, I No, I understand.
you'll get your money, okay?
[STAMMERS] Both payments.
Money trouble, huh?
Every business goes through a
little turbulence. It's nothing.
I mean, Aniq, you're
a small-business owner.
You know what it's like.
[STAMMERS] I mean,
absolutely. [CHUCKLES] Hell.
I mean, we small-business owners,
we're the backbone of the economy.
You could say that again.
Oh. Uh [STAMMERS] We're
We're the backbone of the economy.
There it is!
You get me, Aniq.
Mom, whatever you have
to tell us, it's okay.
We will understand, right?
Yeah, of course.
[ZOË] So, just say it.
Did you
- kill
- What?
- Oh, thank God. Jesus Christ.
- Oh, I'm so relieved. Oh, my God.
Mom, I really, really thought
you did it for a second.
You think I could
- You were acting sus.
- I was ready.
- You were acting real sus.
- Me?
- She's not the killer though.
- Right. But you didn't do it.
Which is great.
So, wha what did you what
do you need to tell us then?
Years ago,
your uncle and I, we [INHALES DEEPLY]
I'm sure you can guess
what I'm about to say.
- Hmm. I don't I don't even wanna guess.
- No, I truly have no idea.
You're gonna make me say it?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
We had an affair.
- Oh, my God!
- What?
- What? Oh, my God.
- Ew! Mom, that's incest.
- No, he's not my brother.
- It's not actually incest. No.
But it might as well be.
Ew. Now I'm picturing it. [GROANS]
- Aniq. Aniq! [CHUCKLES]
- Feng. Feng! [CHUCKLES]
Let's see what Kyler's
got up for us next.
[EXCLAIMS] There they are.
[FENG] You know, Edgar [SIGHS]
once you join the family,
we'll have to get you a
bomber jacket just like mine.
- You know, 'cause I never had a son.
Oh, but I'm very happy
about that. Maybe. [CHUCKLES]
But I'm also excited to
have Edgar in the family.
You know, someone I can talk
business with. Cash money. [CHUCKLING]
[GRACE] Oh, my God. I'm
so sorry about my dad.
- [EDGAR] Oh, I think he's quaint.
- This place is incre
- [GRACE] You like?
[ANIQ] Nothing important
here. We can just fast-forward.
[DANNER] The hell you doing?
We're watching everything.
- [EDGAR] Your car is moving.
Your car is moving.
- [ANIQ] Oh, shit.
- [ZOË] Oh, my God.
- Oh, no. I I I, uh
- [ZOË] Oh, my God.
[ANIQ] Um, I think I just put I
think I might've put it in neutral.
- And then I
That was it? I thought you
said it was a massive wreck.
No, I said I was wrecked.
Emotionally, it was devastating.
- I'll never get over it.
- Next video.
- [FENG] What the hell? What is this?
- [ANIQ] Oh, my God. Make it stop, please.
- [ANIQ] Next Next video.
- [DANNER] Settle down, guys.
Kyler's just having some fun.
[FENG] This is a brand-new
truck. It's ruined.
- [TIKTOK VOICE] Scratch city, bro.
- [DANNER] We'll move on.
[FENG] Much better. This looks
like the rehearsal dinner.
Isabel wouldn't hire a videographer.
She said none of us
had a face for video.
So Vivian asked Kyler to help out.
I'm so excited for my business.
And of cour And of course, for Grace.
It's, like, the best thing ever.
Get me eight drinks
for this guy. [CHUCKLES]
Okay, you know what?
I'm just kidding. I'll
Please just take the fucking money.
It's This is not very conspicuous.
- So just
- I don't know what you're asking me to do.
Just keep your eyes peeled.
- This is beautiful. [LAUGHS]
- Oh, thank you so much.
And I'll remember to save room tomorrow
for your father's famous baobing.
- You have to.
You must be so proud.
Of course I am. My dad
is the King of Bing.
Mm-hmm. Mmm. [KISSES]
- I love you.
- I love you.
- You You can't be behind the bar.
- [KYLER] Oh
Grace's uncle, Feng's brother, Ulysses.
[KYLER] Oh. Holy shit.
[GRACE] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
[KYLER] Dude just clomped in on a horse!
- Yo, Mr. Feng, who is that?
- [ULYSSES] Baby!
- [KYLER] Mr. Feng? You okay?
[DANNER] You really shagged
ass out of that barn, huh?
Must have been hard for you
seeing your brother like that
after all that happened
between the two of you.
Look, I didn't wanna see my
brother. But that's not why I left.
I left because of what
was happening outside.
[FENG] Wait, what are you doing?
What are you doing? That's my truck.
Take it up with your lender, pal.
No, no, no. I talked to my
lender. I'm dealing with it.
You're gonna need to step back.
[KYLER] I'm filming this as
evidence of you stealing our truck
that will be used in a court of peers.
I need this. Please.
- Do you have kids? You have children?
- [TOW TRUCK DRIVER] A daughter, yeah.
Okay. Me too. [CHUCKLES]
My daughter's getting
married this weekend.
That's why we're all here.
And I need this truck for that wedding.
For her.
At least let me unload a few things?
- You have five minutes.
- Thank you. Thank you so much, sir.
Kyler [PANTS] help me
get the ice into the kitchen.
[KYLER] Yeah, you got it.
Oh, honey, what are you doing here?
What happened to you?
Why do you have the ice? Is
something wrong with the truck?
It's Oh, God. The truck is totaled.
Uh, God. Didn't realize it before,
but Aniq really did a number on it,
so had to have it towed.
- [VIVIAN] Towed?
- [FENG] But don't worry.
- [FENG] It is okay, my love,
because we'll just use
my homemade shaver for the reception.
Ta-da! That's where it all began.
And it's actually better
this way. Right, Kyler?
- [KYLER] Uh
[VIVIAN] You okay? You okay?
[FENG] Yes, I'm okay.
Do you need anything?
I just wanna make sure
that you're fine with You know?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Okay
- Are you?
Yeah, I totally am. Because,
look, if Grace is happy he's here,
I'm happy. Really.
- You're happy?
Look, I'm Look at me,
I'm happy. [CHUCKLES] Really.
- [VIVIAN] Grace is happy.
- [FENG] Thank you.
- [VIVIAN] Okay.
- [FENG] Love you.
- All right. I'm gonna
- Wha Oh, yes, yeah.
- I'm gonna I'm gonna clean this this
- Yeah. Yeah. It You look beauti
- chunky camel milk. Camel's milk.
- Yeah. It You look beauti [STAMMERS]
You're beautiful the
way you are. Love you.
- I love you.
- Love you.
Oh, my God. My Queen of Bing.
- [CHUCKLES] That's
- [KYLER] Oh, that's good.
- You just think of that?
- [FENG] I know. Yeah.
[KYLER] You're not serious
about catering the whole wedding
with only one shaver, are you, Mr. Feng?
Hey, I started my company
with that shaver. It'll be fun.
[KYLER] Are you okay, Mr. Feng?
You know what Henry Ford said when
the first Model T failed to sell?
"I don't know the word 'quit.'"
Henry Ford. Hard-core racist, but,
boy, does he give a good quote.
[KYLER] He didn't know the word "quit"?
Well, no, he knew the word "quit."
He just wasn't going to quit.
[KYLER] Oh. Okay, 'cause I was gonna say
that's like a super basic word.
Uh. Forget about my brother.
We're gonna serve that ice tomorrow,
and we're gonna make my daughter proud.
And you know what else we're gonna do?
We're gonna save the whole damn company.
yeah, Mr. Feng. How?
Grace is marrying a
literal multimillionaire.
We're gonna get him to invest.
- Your family,
they don't know anything about
your money troubles, do they?
[SCOFFS] It's called
"fake it till you make it."
Every great business does it.
You thought you wouldn't have to tell
them at all once you got Edgar's money.
Once I got Edgar to invest.
And also, the business is sound.
The money's just tied
up in construction.
You know, I had a plan. No,
you'll see. Play the next video.
- Brody, check this out.
- [FENG] Wait. What is this?
- My boss, he's making me share a room.
[KYLER] She's literally the
oldest person I've ever seen.
She was in the bathroom
for four hours last night.
You made Kyler share a
room with your auntie?
Money has been tight, all
right? But we're still classy.
Ah, for fuck's sake.
[KYLER] One, two. Kobe.
Oh. [SCOFFS] So close,
so close, so close.
LeBron James.
- Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit.
[AUNT RUTH] Hello. What's
happening? Why do I taste chocolate?
[KYLER] Huh? I just woke
up too. What's going on?
Okay, you gotta understand, his
skateboarding videos are incredible.
Let's go ahead and see the next video.
[FENG] Okay, Kyler. Pan
over to Edgar. And perfect.
Stand there. Casual.
Don't look like you're
filming, but get everything.
You got it, Mr. Feng. This is gonna
be so good for the documentary.
- King of Bing's rise to the top!
Edgar. How's the workout?
[PANTS] Exceptionally brisk.
Oh, fantastic. Love a brisk swim.
Hey, you've met Kyler, my King
of Bing executive VP of online PR?
- [KYLER] I am?
Uh, I'm filling in Edgar
about our expansion.
Who knows, maybe I'll even give
him a chance to invest early.
You're looking for investment? How much?
Whoa, easy there, tiger. Take a
guy out for a drink, won't you?
Well, I don't really
invest in brick-and-mortar
unless it has huge scale potential.
And I've never had baobing.
Exactly. No one has.
So that's what makes it
a huge untapped market.
It's huge. And in fact, I'm
serving it tonight at the reception.
You'll see. Everyone loves
it. It's the next acai.
Oh. Will be an interesting test case.
It might be a good alternative
for Roxana. She hates cake.
get th get this. Get it.
- [KYLER] Okay.
- [FENG] Oh, my God.
Roxana will also love this.
'Cause imagine a world
where ice is shaved so fine,
it melts the second it hits your tongue.
- [FENG] But it's not just plain old
[ULYSSES] A gift for you, Edgar.
The Soninke people of Mali
perform a traditional
wedding dance called the Sunu.
It demonstrates the
male's strength and vigor
and is accompanied by djembe and ngoni.
This ngoni was hand carved.
May it serve as a reminder to always
keep the music of your marriage alive.
The craftsmanship is remarkable.
You're sure this isn't machine-made?
Not unless you call these machines.
[EDGAR] I don't.
I've become too
emotional to remain here.
I'm sorry. Did I interrupt anything?
Originally, I meant to make the
presentation at the reception.
But after last night, I didn't want
to steal the spotlight. I [CHUCKLES]
I have nothing more to say to you.
[ULYSSES] Brother.
But you did interrupt.
Let's go, Kyler. We
have caterers to train.
Taiwanese shaved ice, aka baobing.
Our patent-pending King
of Bing shaver is so easy,
you could train a child to use it.
Step one: shave the ice.
Oh, not quite. But But that's good.
We're looking for ribbons, so,
um, let's give it another go.
[STAMMERS] That was good.
It was a good first effort.
[MOUTHING] Oh, my God.
This is too thick, and this is too thin.
Do you know what ribbons are?
- Mother of
- Okay
Angry dance break.
- Did I hurt your feelings? Is it me?
Oh, my Yes! Yes! Y-You're my guy!
This is my guy.
You're gonna make us a hit.
- [BLEEP] yeah, I am.
- Yes!
- Yeah. Yeah! A hit!
- Yes! Yes!
- King of Bing's a [GOAT BLEATS] hit!
- Yes!
- Make it rain! Yes!
- Make it rain! Yeah!
- I love you, Dad.
- [SMACKS LIPS] I love you too, Gigi.
- Try not to cry too much, okay?
- That is so sweet.
Thank you.
Maybe you'll get to walk
Zoë down the aisle again.
No, no, no. Let's keep
Let's keep watching this.
[VIVIAN] For a while,
we made it work, really.
The affair had ended, but your
uncle was still in our lives.
- Oh, my God.
- So, you lied to us?
- Like, that entire time?
- Oh, Zoë, you were children.
I stayed with Brett for eight years,
trying to live up to your marriage.
Mom, just why didn't you tell us?
all have our secrets.
[DANNER] The reception.
Stakes must've been pretty
high for your baobing, huh?
I have to go.
[FENG] Where's he going?
He left her all alone!
- [GUEST] Maybe something happened?
[GUEST 2] Maybe indigestion or
[GUEST 1] See, there's how
you take care of family.
[GUEST 3] Aw, so sweet.
It's fine. Come on, let's find our guy.
We gotta start shaving ice.
[KYLER] Okay, Mr. Feng,
I'll find that waiter guy.
- What do you mean you can't find him?
- I don't know. I-I looked everywhere.
- You know what?
I started this company. Back to
the old days. I'll do it myself.
[JUDSON] All right, here to make
the next talk is the maid of honor
and an absolute smokeshow, Zoë.
- Grace, you are my sister
[FENG] I cut off Zoë's speech?
[GROANS] How could
everything go so wrong?
[ELECTRONIC VOICE] Let's see what
people think about our baobing!
Get in there. Eat it.
- [ELECTRONIC VOICE] This lady likes it.
people are going nuts.
- Get rid of it.
Actually, actually, you know what,
stick it down there. Special occasion.
creepy British guy approves.
It's a good dance partner.
Here we go, first bite.
Oh, wow. It's actually really good.
[ELECTRONIC VOICE] Even Urkel loves it.
- [ELECTRONIC VOICE] Did I do that?
- Wow.
- I've fallen and I can't get up.
- I'm I'm s I'm sorry.
This green shit is the shit.
What's it called again? Bing bong?
- [ELECTRONIC VOICE] It's baobing.
[KYLER] Hey, where were you earlier?
We were looking everywhere for you.
Why? Who wants to know?
Uh, n-no one. No one.
No one wants to know.
We needed your help We
were making a bunch of
Well, you didn't get it.
You know what, go get us
another one of these things.
Why do we have to share?
- [KYLER] Okay. I'll go get it.
- We're not animals.
[KYLER] Yo, they're loving
it, Mr. Feng! It's a hit.
Good. Grace will be happy.
That's all I care about.
Edgar has cake! Quick!
Take this to him and make
sure he tries it, okay?
Come on.
[KYLER] Who's it gonna go to?
Is it gonna go to you? You?
No, just kidding, it's not going
to you. It's going to the groom.
I'm onto your games, Edgar.
You're not gonna get away with this.
[EDGAR] I don't know
what you're talking about.
blood sugar must be low.
Have some cake.
[KYLER] Uh, excuse me? Do you
guys wanna try some of this?
No, thank you. We have cake.
are you guys s-sure?
Because people are saying it's like a
[CHUCKLING] pretty big hit.
I said, we have cake.
- [KYLER] Yep, okay, all Gucci.
- [EDGAR] All Gucci.
What happened? Why are
you still holding the ice?
[KYLER] He said he didn't want
it, that he already had cake.
No, but He has to, Kyler!
Love at first bite. You're
gonna ruin everything.
I'm gonna get that money, Kyler.
Okay. I see how this looks.
Are you aware your daughter
hadn't signed Edgar's prenup?
- What are you getting at?
- [DANNER] Edgar dying without
Grace signing that paperwork.
Well, she'll inherit his entire fortune.
You think I poisoned my own
son-in-law? With what? My shaved ice?
There's another video.
From the after-party.
What? No, no, no, Kyler didn't
shoot anything at the after-party.
Play it.
[KYLER] All right, Mr. Feng. Earlier,
you said you wanted me to capture
that moment where that robot
guy gave you a shit ton of money.
And this is that moment. Like Mr.
Harry Ford said, "Fuck quitting."
Give 'em hell, Mr. Feng!
- Who are you? How did you get in here?
- [KYLER] Oh, I'm I'm with Mr. Feng.
- No, no, this isn't happening in my house.
- [KYLER] He wants me to record footage
for our documentary. Oh,
okay, I'm so sorry, so sorry.
[FENG] There's the man
of the hour! [CHUCKLES]
Weddings. Such a
whirlwind, right? [CHUCKLES]
I couldn't help but notice that
you didn't get a chance to try
the baobing at the reception,
so I brought you one now.
Well, Feng, I appreciate your
persistence, but it's late and I'm tired.
My norepinephrine levels are low.
Please. I just know if you
taste it, you'll want to invest.
Just one bite. That's all I ask.
Uh, very well.
I don't l-like it.
Uh Um, what about
Roxana? Maybe she'd like it?
She hates it.
I understand. I appreciate
your candor. Both of you.
Thank you.
It's okay. You'll never
have to taste it again.
He's He's very desperate.
Are you okay, Mr. Feng? That
was, uh That was pretty brutal.
[CLICKS TONGUE] You know, Kyler,
everything worth doing
has its challenges.
But hey, at least my daughter
had a beautiful wedding, right?
Take it. Throw it away. It's done.
I didn't kill Edgar. [SNIFFLES]
Wait! Look! Look! That's
me from this morning.
Play this! Please!
Kyler! Kyler! Hey, are you recording?
[YAWNING] Yeah, but why
are we doing this, Mr. Feng?
I just got back to Reno,
like, two hours ago.
How can we sleep when I have so
many new ideas for the business?
Okay, first idea: birthday parties.
Second idea: Martin Luther Bing Day.
Third idea: something that packs a
punch, you know,
spicy bing, "pow-bing."
Oh, circle that. Oh [GROANS]
- some of these are better than others.
- [VIVIAN] Who are you talking to?
- Kyler. We're workshopping.
- What was that?
- [VIVIAN] Was that Grace?
- What happened? I heard a scream.
Okay, okay, K-Kyler, I gotta go. Kyler.
Does that look like a man
whose money problems are solved?
[INHALES SHARPLY] I was up all night
thinking of new ideas
to make back what I owe.
But you had other reasons
to kill Edgar, didn't you?
And the timing of the
poison? That checks out.
And the flowers were in your room.
Oh! Mm-hmm.
I don't have to listen to
any more of these accusations.
I'm done!
Uh, Mr. Feng! [STAMMERS] Mr. Zhu!
Mr. Zhu! Mr. Zhu, hold up.
Loo Look, if if we're gonna
get you and Grace out of this,
you need to start being more honest,
and and not just with
us, but with your family.
Between your money trouble and
Edgar knowing about the affair
This is not about Edgar.
It's about Vivian.
It's always been about Vivian.
Mmm, what do you mean?
In Taiwan, it was Vivian who
fell in love with baobing.
When we got home, I built my
own machine, and when it worked,
she was so excited.
It was Vivian who told me I
should open up my own shop.
She came up with the name.
My wife is my life.
And Vivian was so proud of me. Of us.
And I just
I don't want to lose that.
I want her to see me as
more than just the safe bet.
The boring engineer.
wanted her to see me as adventurous.
Like him.
I got swept up in the
adventure, but that wasn't love.
What I have with your father
that's love.
How did you know? With Dad?
It's simple, really.
I love who I am with him.
- [ZOË] Mmm.
That's how I feel with Aniq.
Even though I've been
pushing him away all day.
[SIGHS] Zoë.
I think I'm in love with Hannah.
You are in love with Hannah?
I know how bad this looks. That's
why I didn't wanna say anything.
- We'll figure it out.
- [ZOË] We'll figure it out.
in love with the girl in the tent.
- [GRACE] Yurt.
- [ANIQ] Look [STAMMERS] I wanna help you.
I really do.
But, you know, now that we have
this footage, it's evidence.
And we're gonna have to follow
through wherever it leads.
I'll show you where it leads.
[KYLER] It's going to the groom.
I'm onto your games, Edgar.
You're not gonna get away with this.
Isabel. Starting early, huh?
Starting? [LAUGHS]
we heard a little chat
that you had with Edgar
last night over cake.
Mind if we talk?
I was wondering when you
would finally come for me.
When you'd realize that
Well, I know who killed Edgar.
Oh, it wasn't Grace.
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