The Afterparty (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 9

[SIGHS] That's much
[SIGHS] What are we talking about?
You said you saw the murder happen.
- Yes.
- And that it wasn't Grace.
Even though you were the one who
accused her in the first place.
If I have somehow upset you, mea culpa.
Are you sure you witnessed
the actual poisoning?
I know what I saw.
Now, I know what you all think of me.
I'm just cold, haughty,
intimidatingly beautiful.
But it isn't easy being Isabel Minnows.
I'm a proud woman, and
it's been a difficult year.
Mine is a classic story
filled with suspense, paranoia
and a deep descent into madness.
[ISABEL] You see, last year
my husband died very suddenly.
Not a dry eye in sight today, dear.
You would've hated it.
- Mother, you're trembling.
- No. [SIGHS] I'm fine.
Well, you're shivering,
then. Here, take my coat.
[SIGHS] No. Stop fussing.
- I'm fine. [SOBS]
- Do you want my coat?
[ISABEL] No. I want to leave now
before I have to talk to
any more senators' wives.
[EDGAR] Haven't seen
her this upset since
they opened the country
club to Italians.
Why were there so many flowers?
- Well, flowers are traditional, Mother.
Well, soon they'll all
be as dead as your father.
Isabel, um, why don't you
come stay with us for a bit?
We can grieve together as a family.
[ISABEL] They were worried about me.
They had every reason
to be. I was unraveling.
Died in your sleep, and
I can't get any of my own.
[ISABEL] Edgar got me
sleeping pills from our doctor.
But they were no help.
Basil, bay leaf,
celery No, black pepper.
Yes. No, chili powder, chili powder.
No, carda cardamom.
We've got the curry.
- We've got, um
- Mother?
Yes, hello.
It's 4:30 in the morning.
Why are you awake?
What are you doing awake?
I'm up to do my morning
laps before the markets open.
Well, your spices were all out of order.
You woke up in the middle of
the night to organize my spices?
[ISABEL] It was absurd, I knew it.
But as I said, I'm a proud woman.
Well, somebody had to do it.
You should fire that maid.
Publicly, if possible.
[ISABEL] I didn't want Edgar
to know I was suffering.
But with each passing day,
it became more difficult
- to pretend nothing was wrong.
- When will you accept they're the same?
- Bucephalus is digital dollars.
A dollar is a piece of
government propaganda.
Why, there's a president's
face stamped right on it.
Bucephalus is superior.
Mother? Mother, do you hear me?
[HANNAH] It's like
she's on another planet.
What? No. I don't like
it when you talk politics.
It's gauche.
Well, we were talking
about my cryptocurrency.
Well, I don't like fads, toaster
ovens, Slinkys, Michael Bublé.
Please make me a drink.
Isabel, you have one. It's in your hand.
[GASPS] But it's gin.
And I don't like gin.
- No, you definitely do.
- Yes, you do.
You drank it every day when
you were pregnant with Edgar.
You told me your safe word
with Father was "Seagram's."
Fine. I like gin.
[ISABEL] And I could
feel them judging me.
Their pity only made it worse.
And the sleeping pills
still did nothing.
I started to think I
was really going mad.
[EDGAR] No, I cannot have a
personal assistant with adult braces.
It's a sign of weakness.
Can you please turn down the
music? I can't hear myself think.
I don't know what Rosh Hashanah is,
but no, you may not have the day off.
I'm sorry. What music?
Those awful children singing gibberish.
Apologies. I'll I'll call
you back. Something's come up.
It's a haunting rendition of that
god-awful pop song your father liked.
Oh, Mother. [SIGHS] There is no music.
Well, now there's not.
- Look at you.
- [SIGHS] Oh.
- You're not sleeping.
- No.
- Now you're hearing things. What
- Yes.
- What's becoming of my mother?
You've been through a terrible shock.
- Yes.
- No one expected Father to die
- No.
- in that plane crash.
Wait a minute. You said your
husband died in his sleep.
He fell asleep flying his plane
while his passengers screamed
as they plummeted to a
fiery death from the sky.
But that's beside the point.
What's important here is
My God, what are you doing?
Oh, I'm just making a
little casket for Roxana.
What's important is that I was
coming undone in front of Edgar.
And [SNIFFS] Hannah,
my sweet, odd bird.
And I mean, I value her
opinion above anyone's.
Wait, you do?
I didn't You've never
told me that before.
- Well, how would I?
- Just sort of like you just did.
But I'm not [STAMMERS]
telling you. I'm telling them.
I mean, what do you want me to do?
Tell you that I care about you,
to your face, while we're alone?
- That'd be really nice.
- No, that's absurd.
Have you considered
talking to a therapist?
Or perhaps a priest?
- I know a wonderful shaman in Istanbul.
He's also an exceptional
close-up erotic magician.
Really? Fascinating. No, thank you.
Yeah, okay, that's all great.
- And I mean, I'm a little curious
in what makes the magic erotic?
- He does dick tricks.
- [ANIQ] Okay. Yeah.
What's important is, can we please
get back to the murder-witnessing?
Okay. While I was coming undone,
- Edgar was moving on.
Where are the olives? You can't
have a luncheon without olives.
Green olives. Black olives.
Where are the olives?
I apologize for her. She's very
passionate about stone fruit.
- Oh, you've arrived.
Mother, there is someone I am
very excited for you to meet.
- Mrs. Minnows,
it is such a pleasure to
finally make your acquaintance.
Oh, and it's such a
delight to meet you, Gail.
- Mother.
- What?
I told you, her name is Grace.
No, you you said last
night at Scrabble that
This is not up for debate.
Where are the olives?
[ISABEL] How did I get it
wrong? It didn't make any sense.
Mother, I've started seeing someone,
and I'd like to invite
her to lunch tomorrow
if you feel you can handle it.
Well, of course I can.
I've told you I'm fine.
This woman, she means the world to me.
And I kn I know she's incredibly
eager to meet you as well.
- Oh.
- Her name is
[EDGAR] Where is she going?
[ISABEL] Grace. A five-letter
word for my insanity.
You're embarrassing me on purpose.
Oh, come on. Gail. Grace.
What difference does
it make? Nobody cares.
Um, I care.
- I care too.
- Of course you do, Grace.
- Ignore her.
[CHUCKLES] I've tried to help you,
but I am afraid you are madder than
a mad hatter at a hat haberdashery.
Huh, I really like that
'cause it's a tongue twister.
[BOTH] Madder than a mad
hatter at a hat haberdashery.
[ISABEL] I was devastated,
but they were right.
And things were only getting worse.
The, um, sword that you ordered is here.
Sword. What sword?
I didn't order an oriental sword.
Oh, I don't think that
you can call it that.
Well, it's a mistake.
Okay, well, your name
is on the packing slip.
Purchased by. Sent to.
[ISABEL] I had no memory of it.
Oh, that sword.
[ISABEL] And it didn't stop.
Isabel, I'm in the bath.
- Why did you order a suit of armor?
- I didn't.
There is a full suit of armor outside,
and I most certainly did not order it.
Or did I?
- Isabel?
Are you feeling all right?
'Cause I'm actually
having a really hard time.
[ISABEL] So I told myself
Get over it.
[ISABEL] But I couldn't get over
it, so I decided to give in to it.
- What is all this?
- Oh.
They call it a trampoline.
A trampoline?
Watch. Watch Mommy jump.
The mother I know does not bounce.
Look at Roxana. She's mortified.
She's literally about to barf.
Today it's a trampoline. Yesterday
it was a suit of armor, a sword.
You don't remember ordering
any of this, I can tell.
I refuse to stand by and watch
you fritter away everything
that Father worked so hard to create.
You're being very aggressive with me.
Father is dead.
He died in that plane crash
into the Adirondack Mountains,
where his charred bones were
likely chewed upon by wolves.
That means that it is my job
to look after this family,
and I will do that.
I've spoken to Dr. Shulkind.
He thinks that it's time that
we discuss conservatorship.
A conservatorship.
[ISABEL] I'd be coddled like a child.
Controlled. A fate worse than death.
What are you doing?
You're collapsing so slowly.
[ISABEL] I knew Dr. Shulkind
would be at the wedding.
And if I wanted my freedom,
I would have to prove to him,
somehow, that I was fine.
Even if I wasn't sure I was.
Dr. Shulkind.
Good evening.
We're so happy you could
join us this weekend.
Edgar tells me you've been
feeling under the weather.
Trouble sleeping. Forgetfulness.
No, not at all. I've never
felt better, actually.
How are your
"three children and zero pets"?
Just fine.
- Isabel, uh, who's Gail?
- Oh.
Gail? Gail?
You designed these napkins, didn't you?
Was there some kind of mistake?
No. No.
It was an inside joke with
my new daughter-in-law.
What joke? Explain it to us.
Well, a joke isn't funny
if you have to explain it.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Hello, Mrs. Edgar's Mother.
Your son's up to no good.
What are you talking about?
- His crypto schemes.
- What do you know?
Don't play dumb. "Oh,
I'm the crazy old lady.
Oh, where are my keys?
How does a phone work?"
- Mother.
- [SIGHS] He cradled my heinie.
Ow! Are you wearing your rings?
Am I bleeding? 'Cause
I taste blood. [GRUNTS]
[ISABEL] But after I hit him, it hit me.
Cryptocurrency. That's
what this is all about.
[DANNER] Hold up. Back it up a sec.
What does Edgar's crypto
stuff have to do with you?
My mental state was deteriorating,
and my son's response
to that was not sympathy.
He just used it as a chance
to get his claws in my money.
Mmm, that doesn't make sense.
Edgar already had more money
than any man could ever spend.
[HANNAH] That's true. We're Getty rich.
Sometimes I wonder why haven't
I been kidnapped for ransom?
Come on. Edgar may have
been a bit obsessive,
but he wasn't a monster.
And yet, he's dead. And
one of us here killed him.
I know you're there.
I can smell vomit and
[SNIFFS] pistachios?
[SIGHS] Touché. You caught me.
I was dropping some eaves.
Yes, you have all the
stealth of an ice cream van.
So, you don't really
seem that interested
in Isabel's woven yarns up there, huh?
Don't need Isabel to tell
me that Edgar was a wrong'un.
Sure, but you're a bit of
a wrong'un also, aren't you?
You can probably guess
I know what you're up to.
This puppy does more
than just get slapped.
Sorry, got to take this.
Oh, I've got to get
this business call also.
Or make it.
- Talk to me.
- Hey, Mom. [SIGHS]
So you really think Edgar
was interested in your money?
I don't think it. I know it.
I even tried to call my lawyer
to make sure I was protected.
Have him call me immediately.
[ISABEL] But apparently he
doesn't take calls at midnight.
Who's there?
Sebastian, what are you doing here?
Mind if I come in?
What do you want?
Oh. Uh, what on earth are you doing?
Can't you see that I'm mad about you?
- Just mad about you.
- Oh. [GRUNTS]
Oh, Sebby, Sebby, Sebby, Sebby.
[INHALES DEEPLY] You have no
idea what I've gone through,
how I've suffered.
[SIGHS] Take me. Take me now.
Well, I wouldn't want to
force you into anything.
How about a safe word? Something
that you would never forget.
- Oh.
- Something like
the name of your late husband's horse.
What was it again?
- Alexander's horse?
- Yes.
Come on, you must remember.
What was it called?
Did Edgar send you here?
Absolutely not.
He thinks I'm losing my mind,
and you're here to prove it.
What on earth? Are you mad?
Do I look mad?
Is that a samurai sword?
No, you can't call it that anymore.
You tell Edgar that he might
think I am a complete loony tune
but that my money is mine! Mine!
Obviously, Edgar sent his best friend
and business partner to seduce me.
What? Oh, God.
You're all such prudes.
I mean, he gets to have
erotic close-up magic,
and I don't get anything.
It's really extraordinary.
But the whole thing had me uneasy.
The morning of the wedding, I
was walking on a knife's edge.
- This is for you.
Hairpin. Heirloom.
This hairpin has been worn by
five generations of Minnows brides.
You can put it right there.
[ISABEL] The prenup.
Edgar was after my money.
And if, God forbid, he lost all of his
with that idiotic digital Ponzi scheme,
then his poor, literally poor,
bride would be left with nothing.
Word of advice.
It's important that you sign this
regardless of what happens
between you and Edgar.
You get
[WHISPERS] one million dollars.
Sign it.
[GRACE] Wait, you
were trying to help me?
Of course, I was. You're a Minnows now.
We look out for our own.
Wow. [SIGHS] Thank you.
- I did keep my last name though.
- What?
Uh. [STAMMERS] Need a minute.
Okay, where were we?
We take the same sleeping pills.
Those aren't sleeping pills.
Why, they're the
opposite. It's Adderall.
- Adderall?
- They'll keep you up all night.
- Sleeping pills. What a riot.
[ISABEL] I hadn't slept in
months. But my sleeping pills?
Adderall? It couldn't be.
But they're identical.
[ISABEL] It was Edgar
who got me those pills.
- Oh, Mother, there is no music.
You don't remember ordering
any of this, I can tell.
[ECHOING] Was there
some kind of mistake?
[EDGAR] I told you her name is Grace.
You're embarrassing me on purpose.
I've tried to help you, but
I am afraid you are madder
than a mad hatter at a hat haberdashery.
[ISABEL] It was Edgar.
He was behind all of it.
Look, this is one of the
sleeping pills you were giving me.
This is an Adderall.
Look at them, they're
exactly the same. Explain it.
Oh, Mother. These
pills are nothing alike.
Why, this pill is light blue,
whereas this pill is dark blue.
You don't know which way is up.
- Let's get Dr. Shulkind.
- No. No, I'm fine. I'm fine.
I see it. I s I see it.
They're so different, I don't
know why I didn't see it before.
Mother, this is my wedding day.
Are you certain
that you are not going to embarrass
Grace and me during your toast?
You're already so nervous
about public speaking.
I'm fine. I'm fine. I've
already printed out my speech.
Stick to the script.
[ISABEL] He was lying. He had to be.
And why the sudden interest in my toast?
Of course, the public
spectacle of it all.
He wanted to embarrass me,
and to prove to Dr.
Shulkind that I was insane.
So I laid a trap.
If he tampered with my
speech, I would know it.
Ma'am? Mother of the groom.
Can we have someone hold on to your bag?
[STAMMERS] I could hold the bag.
- [SEBASTIAN] And perhaps the lizard.
- No.
Mother, let me give your bag to Aniq.
[ISABEL] He took my purse,
just as I thought he would.
But I was on to him, I
wouldn't let it out of my sight.
[ISABEL] And then suddenly, he was gone.
[ISABEL] So I had a few drinks
and looked everywhere for him.
- You.
- Me?
Oh, I wasn't doing anything.
Give it to me.
It's now time for the mother
of the groom to say a few words.
- Give me the purse.
Don't touch it.
[ISABEL] The moment of truth.
If my dear son was
gaslighting me for my money,
I was about to know for certain.
[ISABEL] No star. He
switched the speech.
I had him. But no, he had me.
A public spectacle was
exactly what he wanted.
This is not my speech! My
speech had a star on it.
Edgar switched the speech.
It's been Edgar this
whole time, the pills,
the the the music, the
metal man, the trampoline.
All the people everywhere.
Sadly, you're mentally ill.
Take her away.
It's not my speech.
[ISABEL] If I say my speech
was switched, I'd look insane.
If I read whatever he wrote
for me, it was the same fate.
So I chose the lesser of two
evils. The only way out was through.
"You have so many
relationships in this life.
Only one or two will last.
You go through all the pain and strife,
then you turn your back
and they're gone so fast.
Yeah, gone so fast.
So hold on to the ones who really care.
In the end they'll be
the only ones there.
And when you grow old and
start losing your hair,
can you tell me who will still care?"
Mmm bop.
Biddy bop, doo-wop, doo-wop.
Oh, wah-ha-ha. Biddy
bop, doo-wop, doo-wop.
Oh, yeah. Oh, uh-huh.
Oh Mmm bop.
Biddy bop, doo-wop, d-doo-wop.
- [ANIQ] Oh, my God.
That wasn't just babbling?
- And those are the lyrics to "MMMBop"?
- Yes.
- I love Hanson.
- [ZOË, GRACE] You do?
Alexander just loved them.
Mmm bop, bada du bop ♪
[SCATTING] bop dada du bop ♪
I'll get those deal
points to you right away.
- More to come.
- Yes, more to come.
Uh, I'm gonna crunch that data, stat.
Gotta go, Mom. Bye. Kisses.
Travis, what do you want?
Okay, so at first,
yeah, I thought that Edgar was
trying to pull some sort of exit scam.
You fake your death,
you steal the money.
But now I think I'm
on to the real grift.
Oh, yeah? Enlighten me.
Well, here's the verdict, Paul Newman.
How long is this going to take?
It seems to me that Edgar
was inflating the value
of "Busyphilis" by investing his
own assets through shell companies.
And now here you are,
scrambling to sell it all off
because you know that the word is
going to get out that he croaked.
And then his little coin will
be worth less than MoviePass.
Wow, I have to say,
apart from your
pronunciation of Bucephalus,
that was entirely correct.
Very impressed. Not that it matters.
Of course it matters. It matters
to the people who trusted you.
It matters to the people who
believed in Bucep Bu the thing.
You know, you rich guys think you can
just get away with anything, don't you?
Because we can.
[SIGHS] Travis. A little
word of advice, if I may.
The house always wins.
You don't have to do that.
So, don't try to beat the house.
You become the house.
[SIGHS] That was awesome.
So there I was. I had wiggled
out of his little trap.
But I knew he wouldn't give up.
[ISABEL] He still wanted my money.
He needed me out of the way to get it.
And Edgar always had two ways to win.
I'm on to your games, Edgar.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, Mother. You're
paranoid. You're delusional.
Stop being obstinate and have some cake.
What did you do to it?
Special delivery. Mr.
Feng wants you to try this.
No, thank you.
Ah. Mr. Feng said I cannot
take no for an answer.
He said no noes.
At first, I thought
he meant like no nose,
like your nose, but I used context clues
- and he just wanted me to
- Here's a context clue.
Shove your cold snack up your keister
and make like a tree, bing boy.
Walk away.
Oh, cake.
Mmm. Bop.
Edgar died later that night.
So, you see, I know who killed him
because it was me.
But only because he was
trying to kill his own mother.
The cake just reached the wrong target.
So, wait, you knew this,
and you still spent all
day accusing Grace? Why?
My God, calm down. I was scared.
Haven't you ever been scared?
And I wasn't sure if I was
[STAMMERS] imagining the whole thing.
He had me so mixed up.
If I had said to you I suspected
that Edgar was switching
my pharmaceuticals,
deliberately driving
me mad, gaslighting me,
you would've thought the crazy old lady
that you've all been talking
about was certifiably insane.
So, I chose the next most
logical suspect, which was you.
But later this morning
- It's all going smoothly.
- Mm-hmm.
No hiccups yet. We'll get this done.
- Well, it has to happen now.
- Yeah.
- Now.
INDISTINCTLY] It's Sebastian.
Why is that door open?
Hello? Hello?
Is someone in there?
My son.
See, I knew that I had
ordered the correct napkins.
- Damn.
- [ISABEL] Edgar must have switched them.
My only son was ruthless from the start.
Oh, my God. I can't believe
I almost married this guy.
- You did marry him.
- Oh, yeah.
What did I miss? [SIGHS]
Isabel killed Edgar.
- Huh.
- Okay. So, is that it?
- Did we solve it?
- Yes. Case closed.
Isabel killed her own son,
who also killed himself.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Well, wait a second.
[ALL] Aw.
We got a confession.
I-I know, it's it's just
The cake switch, this
was at the reception?
Right after the wedding?
Yes, how many times do you need me
to explain how I killed my own son?
You didn't kill him though.
- No!
Edgar hallucinated before he died.
Which is a symptom of devil's trumpet.
- That's right.
- And thanks to Travis
Um, what what did I do?
We know for sure that
hallucinations begin
about 15 minutes after
you drink the poison.
Not too many side effects, other
than a couple of day terrors.
But there was still another
90 minutes of dancing
after Edgar ate the cake before
the after-party even started.
The timeline doesn't match up.
Okay, but the cake could have
been poisoned with something else?
- Roxana didn't eat any cake.
- That's true.
Edgar said explicitly
she didn't like cake.
- She didn't.
- [VIVIAN] Okay.
So if Isabel didn't
kill Edgar, then who did?
Izzy? You in there?
Oh, is that Howie? Oh.
- Hello, beautiful.
The police? Why are they here so soon?
Oh, I finished up my
business and called them.
All right, folks. I'm told
there was a murder here.
Yes. And the bride did it.
Oh, come on!
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