The Afterparty (2022) s02e10 Episode Script

Vivian and Zoe

How could we not have solved this?
I was so sure we were
gonna figure it out.
Yeah, me too.
I mean, anyone could have done it.
Everyone had means.
Everyone had opportunity.
Everyone had motive.
There's just one thing that
just keeps nagging at me.
But you wouldn't like it.
Wait, what are you saying?
There was only one person
who wasn't mentioned
in anyone's story
during the after-party.
In the library,
I saw Isabel,
Hannah, Grace, Feng,
Sebastian, Ulysses,
Travis, Vivian
And no one saw Zoë.
Well, no She was She's
been trying to help Grace.
Just like Yasper was trying to help you?
This is delicious.
What is it? What's going on?
Have a seat.
Did you figure out who did it?
Because I feel terrible.
I didn't want you to talk to my parents,
and then they were hiding
this whole crazy affair.
Um, we just need you to tell us
what you were doing during
the after-party last night.
Really thought I'd covered up my tracks.
Zoë, what did you do?
I've been trying to block it out.
- You and Grace had had a fight over Edgar.
- Yeah.
And I never got to make it up
to her in my maid-of-honor speech
because Edgar cut me off.
And then I
I just wanna say it was an accident.
I didn't want him to die.
No. No, no, no.
Oh, my God, come on. No
one cared about him anyway.
You are being very casual about this.
I don't know.
The whole thing felt like this
campy horror film or something.
I knew Grace was still mad at me.
Is anyone in here?
And I didn't want her going off to her
honeymoon without setting things right.
So I snuck into her bedroom to put
my maid-of-honor
speech in her suitcase.
Hello? Is someone in here?
Edgar, is that you?
It isn't funny.
Oh. Hi, doggy.
I just was leaving a
little note for my sister.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Go away!
Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no, no. No!
Fetch this, bitch!
[ECHOING] Doggy? Doggy?
Holy shit.
I killed the dog.
- It's okay, Zo.
Look, it was an accident,
right? Like you said.
- She said, "Fetch this, bitch."
- You did say that, didn't you?
And if you remember, I have
a tiny "rage-y" side of me
that comes out when I am provoked.
Oh, yeah, I remember.
I really wanted to tell you, but
you both figured it out anyway.
- We were just wondering where the dog was.
- Yeah, so that's answered.
So, now on to who killed Edgar.
Okay. So, who did it?
We don't have a suspect.
What? You don't have a suspect?
Just There has to
be something we missed.
I'm sorry, partner.
I came all this way, and I let you down.
- And what about Grace?
- I don't think Grace did it.
Just don't know how to prove it.
[HOWIE] Gather around, folks.
We've got some things to discuss.
All right, my team is still working,
but it seems clear to
me that the bride did it.
- [SIGHS] No.
- [HOWIE] Yeah.
- She married him for his money
- never signed the prenup
- [ISABEL] Mmm.
drugged his drink.
Open and shut.
Excuse me, Sheriff.
Oh, you must be the ex-cop.
- That's right.
- Oh, boy.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
I don't wanna tell
you how to do your job,
but don't you think you
should actually investigate?
Yeah, Grace is not the only person here
whose circumstances are suspicious.
Ten minutes ago, before she
went back to accusing Grace,
- Isabel thought she did it.
- [HOWIE] What?
It's quite simple, actually. I
never thought I murdered Edgar.
I thought he murdered
himself accidentally
because he was intending to murder me.
He was just the wrong target.
But now I see all along that
I was right and it was Grace.
Aha. That's right.
- That's right? Why would you say that?
- Aniq, give me a minute.
- What?
- Just one minute.
- One minute? We don't have
- [DANNER] Give me
Look, there's no way that you
know for sure that Grace did it.
- We have our killer. It's Grace.
- Yes.
And I'm taking her in. And
may God have mercy on her soul.
- How do you know I didn't do it?
Because I killed the dog.
- You killed Colonel?
- I think.
- No, you didn't.
- Oh, but I'm pretty sure I did.
I assure you, Colonel is not
dead. Little shit will not die.
Third time he had cancer,
thought he died, buried him.
- Horrible bastard dug his way out.
- Popped right out.
- Colonel. Colonel! Come on.
- No. No, no, no!
Can't kill the little fucker.
But how? I threw him out the window.
I have a theory.
And it would explain what
Edgar said right before he died.
Zoë threw the dog out the window,
and it landed on Isabel's trampoline.
You bounding hound of hell!
[DANNER] That's what Edgar saw.
No one else?
You got nine lives,
don't you, little one?
What a piece of shit.
Anyway, you don't have
evidence. Just motive.
And there isn't anyone here
who doesn't have a motive.
Doesn't have motive.
[GASPS] No motive.
Yep, and if there's
another Isabel situation
- We're looking in the wrong place.
- Yeah.
[BOTH] We gotta get the footage.
[HOWIE] Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
I'm not gonna stand around while
you two ding-dongs play detective.
This is over.
Uh, fine. Zoë didn't do it.
Grace didn't do it. I did it.
Son of a bitch. I know
what you're trying to do.
- And it's not gonna work.
- Mm-mmm.
I'm taking her in.
- I also killed him.
I also killed Edgar.
This is just getting absurd.
As the Zulu say, "Death is a
robe that all men must wear."
I strangled him with my bare hands.
- He was poisoned.
- I poisoned Edgar with my bare hands.
This is not some Agatha
Christie bullshit.
- A man is dead.
- [ISABEL] Mmm.
Well, then I guess you'll
have to take all of us in
because I also killed Edgar.
I wish I could have killed
him a second time. [SPITS]
- Dad.
- Sorry, got carried away.
For the record, I didn't kill him.
For the record, I did kill him.
And it's because I'm in love with Grace.
And I didn't tell you guys everything.
And you're you're gonna go, "Oh,
I told you everything." I didn't.
When we were in Amsterdam, Grace and I,
we got really high on those
brownies, and I started freaking out.
And then you talked me down, and
you rubbed my back all afternoon,
making sure that I was okay.
Kind of like she did for Travis,
but in this case, it was
special and she meant it.
And then, in that moment,
our souls intertwined,
never to come apart again.
- And then I threw up in a canal.
- Enough.
Howie, take the girl in.
- [ANIQ] Well, no, you can't.
- Don't touch Grace.
This got messy real quick, huh?
But ex-cop to current cop, you
just heard a bunch of confessions.
When the press gets ahold of this,
and best believe it will get to
the press, and it'll be saying,
"Sheriff Reardon heard multiple
confessions to a murder
and ignored it all
because his good friend,
Isabel Minnows, told him to."
Fine. [SIGHS]
I'll give you five
minutes to convince me
that somebody other
than the bride did it.
But you better be goddamn convincing,
or else I'm taking all of you
in for obstruction of justice.
Aniq, you do know who
actually did it, right?
Yes, I do. Absolutely.
There's just a video from
Kyler we need to see again.
Who the fuck is Kyler?
You tell me which video.
I'll pull it up on the phone.
All right. To kill someone, you
need means, motive and opportunity.
Now everyone here had means:
the flowers from Hannah's garden.
And everyone had opportunity, 'cause
you all were at the after-party.
Except for Zoë. You
were upstairs in the
bedroom throwing a dog out the window.
- Again, I'm so sorry.
- You're not sorry.
And also, everyone here had a motive.
Isabel, the betrayed mother.
Sebastian, the fired partner.
Hannah, the lovesick sister.
Travis, the jealous ex-boyfriend.
And you got Ulysses, the
wanderer who hates rich guys.
Feng, the father-in-law
who's secretly broke.
Vivian, the mother-in-law
who has her secret.
Zoë, the doubting sister-in-law.
And Grace, the not-so-in-love bride.
- Four minutes.
- [ANIQ] Yep.
But one person had the
strongest motive of all.
And that's the person who did it.
- [BOTH] Ulysses.
- What?
- Funcle Ulysses?
So, you think I killed Edgar
because I hate rich guys?
- A pretty weak-sauce motive, isn't it?
- You're right.
If you think he's right, why do you
think I would want to kill Edgar?
- You didn't.
- See, it's just like Feng said to me earlier.
It wasn't about Edgar.
- It was about Vivian.
- What?
And like Isabel said, the
poison reached the wrong target.
You were trying to kill Feng.
Vivian, after the rehearsal dinner,
you met Ulysses under
the weeping willow.
It's okay. We all know about the affair.
- What affair?
- My affair with Grace.
[DANNER] No, not that one.
I believe she's referring to my
clandestine contretemps with Isabel.
You took a cooking class with Isabel?
Nope. Everybody already
knows about that affair.
What? Really?
- My little Sebby, I told them everything.
- Oh, God.
Vivian and Ulysses had
an affair years ago.
Goddamn, you're a handsy bunch.
Vivian, we need to know what happened.
I went to talk to Ulysses in private.
What are you doing here?
Why did you come?
Oh, Vivian.
Vivian, I have tried.
I have tried to forget you,
but after all these years, I
I can't do it.
You fool. Don't say that.
I have run around the
world to escape my feelings.
But I am tired of running.
Be with me.
Darling, you don't
have to pretend anymore.
Your children are grown.
You don't have to stay
with silly old Feng.
He is not silly.
He's kind.
He's sweet.
He's funny.
He is generous.
And he's brave.
He's brave enough to
give me a second chance.
A chance I probably don't deserve.
And I will never leave him.
What's going on here?
How dare you talk to my
wife alone in the dark?
I was just telling him he should go.
Okay, that's plenty. Thank you.
I love my husband.
I made all my mistakes all
those years ago, but I chose him.
And I never regret it for a second.
All right. So, if Vivian was
never going to leave Feng,
the only way to be with her was
to get him out of the picture.
[ANIQ] So, you went back to your
campsite, rejected and angry.
You saw the flower arrangements
were still on the barn tables
because Vivian didn't take
them until the next morning,
and you recognized the devil's trumpet.
[DANNER] Because you know all
about flowers from your travels.
Devil's trumpet. I've only heard
of it used as a psychotropic aid.
[ANIQ] So you made your move.
Hatch a plan so you could kill Feng,
- swoop in and take his place.
All you had do was brew the
flowers into a concentrated tea.
I was outside all night.
I didn't go into the
house till the after-party.
When do you think I procured
this teapot and hot water?
Well, the teapot was your horn,
and the hot water
came from our shower.
[DANNER] So, once you had your horn tea,
at the after-party you poured
yourself a glass of whiskey
and one for Feng, with
some added devil's trumpet.
That is not what I was doing.
I told you it was something else.
Right. A paternity test.
- Paternity test?
- I asked them not to tell you,
- but I had to be certain, Grace.
- [GASPS] Oh!
[ANIQ] The thing is,
if you were doing a paternity test,
you were doing it on the wrong glass.
Sebastian said he saw you
messing with a whiskey glass.
Everything all right, kemosabe?
What can I get you?
A rosé please, and a
whiskey for my husband.
[ANIQ] But Grace was drinking
rosé at the after-party.
She doesn't even like whiskey.
Also, I really think whiskey tastes
like drinking a catcher's mitt.
- Mmm.
See, once it turned into
a murder investigation,
I think you realized Slick Rick seen you
messing with the drinks behind the bar,
so you had to come
up with a story, baby.
So you invented the idea
of a fake paternity test.
You knew Grace wasn't your daughter,
but you could pretend to have doubts.
[ULYSSES] I might be Grace's father.
Is she mine?
So you told us you
asked Vivian about it,
but in Vivian's version, there
is no mention of paternity.
But I am tired of running.
Be with me.
All you needed to sell the story
was a Q-tip and a Ziploc bag.
Shower tea, stolen Q-tips.
This is all becoming
absurdly far-fetched.
You poisoned Feng's drink at
that bar, then gave it to him,
and in your story you said he took a sip
and then went over to Edgar
to show him his bing thing.
To a better future.
And burying the past.
But I don't think Feng
actually drank with you.
I think Feng accidentally
switched glasses with Edgar.
- You think?
- Thank you.
Actually, I don't remember.
[DANNER] Well, there's footage.
See, Feng's social media
guy, Kyler, he got some.
- Zoë, you got it?
- Yeah. Edgar's got a TV in his office.
- I think we can all cram in there.
- I have a TV here.
- See. That's good, right?
[HOWIE] Don't you ever
do anything normal?
So now we're watching
a teenager's video.
- Zo-Zo, press input.
- Dad, I'm doing that.
- Zo, I think if you push HDMI
- No, just go to the Apple TV.
- If you go in to Input, yeah.
- I'm doing that.
- Input. HDMI3
- You know what? Shut up! I got it.
Give 'em hell, Mr. Feng.
[ANIQ] Right here, Ulysses gives
the glass with the poison in it to Feng.
And Feng put that glass
down in front of Edgar's.
Okay, now pay attention here coming up,
'cause if we're right, just after
Edgar didn't like the bing
I don't l-like it.
which is wild to me 'cause, like,
how could you not like it, you know?
I mean it's, like, sweet, but
it's fruity and it's milky.
- It's a perfect marriage of all those
- [SIGHS] Aniq.
Yes. Okay. Sorry.
Right here.
She hates it.
[FENG ON VIDEO] I appreciate
your candor. Thank you.
[ANIQ] Zoë, pause
it. And there. See?
He picked up the wrong glass,
accidentally leaving
the poison with Edgar.
Well, son of a bitch.
[ANIQ] So Edgar drank
from the poisoned glass.
So did Roxana.
[DANNER] And Feng drank out of the glass
that Grace had slipped
the Adderall into.
- Kyler! Kyler! Hey, are you recording?
[DANNER] Look at that. That is a
man that is high off of Adderall.
Up all night.
How can we sleep when I have so
many new ideas for the business?
Ulysses went to bed Saturday night
thinking he had poisoned Feng.
So the next morning, when
he heard a woman scream
- he assumed it was Vivian
having discovered Feng's dead body.
And Travis said he remembered
the crunch, crunch, crunch
of someone running on pistachio shells,
but that was Ulysses
running past Travis,
past Grace's bedroom,
right to Vivian's door, where
he thought he heard the scream.
[VIVIAN] Oh, that's right.
When I opened the
door, Ulysses was there,
and when he saw Feng, he
he looked like he saw a ghost.
I heard a scream.
Okay, okay, K-Kyler, I gotta go. Kyler.
Oh, boy. Are you done?
What else can we say? W-We
We just nailed that, man.
[HOWIE] Really? Because nothing
you presented is evidence.
It's all completely circumstantial.
The The glasses
were were switched.
- We just showed that in the video.
- We found a teapot
hidden in a cabinet in the bathroom
of the bride and the deceased.
Well, what do we have here, huh?
Actual evidence found by actual police.
Now, if the man wanted to make
a flower tea in the shower,
- why would Grace hide the teapot in a cabinet?
- I did not
Maybe it's because you two poseurs were
playing detective while the real cops
Say that to my face.
- Oh.
- I don't like to repeat myself.
I hid the teapot.
No, I hid the teapot with my bare hands.
- No, Travis. I really hid the teapot.
- What the fuck? Why?
I found it in your room,
and once I knew the poison was tea,
I I was just worried
it would look bad for you.
Did you Did you think I did it?
No, I would never Look.
- Hey. No, no
- What the Zoë, stop. Zoë!
- [TRAVIS] Oh!
- That was way more than a sip.
See? I believe you.
I know in my heart that
there isn't poison in here.
- You're so fucking nuts, Zo.
- I really am. Come here.
Let me drink from your horn.
You, of all people, should know
it's a traditional Georgian kantsi.
- Let me drink from your kantsi.
- [ULYSSES] It's empty.
I used the last bit of
koumiss for the Dutch babies.
Then let me have it.
I will fill it with Isabel's gin.
What? What's happening?
What's happening?
Well, if there's no poison in it,
then there's no problem, right?
- Vivian.
But this is ridiculous.
There is no reason for you to stop me.
Oh, this is really top-shelf hooch.
- [VIVIAN] Thank you.
- [ISABEL] Oh, yeah.
[SOFTLY] It's okay. It's okay.
I believed in you.
- [ULYSSES] Stop.
- [FENG, ZOË] No, no!
- No, no, no, no.
I loved you.
I truly loved you.
And I loved you with a passion
that my meek brother could
never be capable of feeling.
I know you felt it too.
But you couldn't be
honest with yourself.
And that's why I had
to help you move on.
We could have had the
rest of our lives together.
A life of adventure,
and excitement and romance.
And you wouldn't be stuck
with this boring, pathetic
- Wow.
[HANNAH] Got your killer, buddy.
- You're up there in heaven.
Told you it wasn't me.
Grace, I would like to apologize
for accusing you of murder
over and over and over
again all day today.
[ISABEL] And while I am deeply sorry,
if you think being married
to my boy for a few hours
gives you sole
possession of his fortune,
well, you'll be hearing
from our lawyers.
- [SEBASTIAN] And you won't win.
- No.
Because we can afford much,
much better lawyers than you.
Well, I don't really want
any of your colonizer fortune,
so I'm good, yeah.
There we go. Finally.
This does give me a million
dollars though, right?
You said that.
- Dad?
- [FENG] Hmm?
Um, how much money did you say
you needed to get your truck back?
- Really?
- Like a million dollars? Isn't that what
No, I'll pay you back every cent!
- [GRACE] No, don't!
Someone's just sent me an
article about Edgar's death.
- It's public now.
Were you able to sell off
all the computer coins?
It was a bit of a fire sale,
but I got 62 cents on the dollar.
- Pretty lucky that happened before
- What?
- What?
Bucephalus, it's
it's going up. And up.
It's worth three times
more than when I sold it.
Oh, you know what that is?
That was me telling my Reddit
army to invest in Bucephalus.
Yeah, I know how to pronounce it.
I became the house.
Well, you're fired.
Pack your bags and go.
- Uh [SCOFFS] Isabel, come now.
- Hmm?
- I could be your companion.
- Mmm.
Theater trips. The odd dinner.
As long as we agree to keep it
strictly to hand stuff in the bedroom,
I think there could be a goer.
I already have a dog
that refuses to die.
[IN AMERICAN ACCENT] Oh, fart in a jar.
We wanted to thank you for saving Grace.
Oh. Save Saving Grace.
That's my one saving grace.
[STAMMERING] 'Cause th-the
idiom, it was s "saving grace."
Because Grace is saved. So, that's
So, she's saved, and I and
I helped. But you know that.
I'm trying to make a nice
moment. Don't ruin it.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm-I'm
still nervous around you.
- I don't know if you can tell.
Aniq, I know how hard it was for you
to ask me to talk with Zoë
and Grace about what happened.
Yes, that is a conversation
I didn't wanna have
- [VIVIAN] Mmm.
- believe you me, but
[FENG] Same thing with
me and my business.
And because of you, I talked
to Vivian about my struggles.
And I should have talked to her earlier.
- Oh.
- [FENG] She's my partner.
Aniq, you'll be a good husband to Zoë.
If that were to happen someday.
Funny you should mention it,
'cause I was actually planning
to propose to Zoë very soon.
But, you know, with
everything that's happened,
I can't imagine a wedding
is very appealing to her.
- You never know.
- You never know.
You okay? This is pretty heavy.
Yeah. No, no, no. I-I I'm okay.
I guess I just didn't even know
my uncle anymore. [CHUCKLES]
He was more of an idea
than a-a person to me.
Honestly, I'm more shaken about
my mom having had an affair.
Just so you know, I-I
never really thought
that Grace could have killed Edgar.
- [ZOË] Oh, yeah, totally.
- Yeah. [MUMBLES]
I mean, I may have had a slight doubt.
- The smallest of doubts.
- Just for a second.
But I guess this weekend has made
me reexamine what love is, you know,
and and what's important and
what I want for the rest of my life.
Yeah, m-me too.
And this might not be the right
time or place to talk about this,
but, um, life is short and
Are you breaking up with me?
No! No, no, no.
I'm saying I like who
I am when I'm with you,
and there's no one I'd rather go
through a murder with than you.
- I feel the same. [CHUCKLES]
But we are hoping that's
it for murders, right?
What I'm saying is,
will you marry me?
- No way!
- What? Don't you want to
Oh, no. Not "no way" like "no way."
"No way" like, "N-No way!
I was gonna propose to you!"
- No way.
- I was gonna do it on the way home,
- at the place where we first kissed.
- Aw.
I've been trying to get your
parents' blessing this whole weekend,
and I finally just got it.
I'm sorry. I didn't realize
you had this, like, whole plan.
I'll just retract it and wait.
Nah, but now you know it's coming,
so, you know, it won't be a surprise.
I mean, plus, you already asked.
- Well, I'm "un-asking."
- Well, don't "un-ask."
You know, I'm not gonna push you into,
like, what I think
the proposal should be.
- Do you have a real ring?
- Yeah, in the glove box.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Go get it and ask.
No, but it would ruin
the surprise, because
Will you marry me?
You don't have a ring.
That's true. I don't.
But, you know what,
I can I can make
one just like you did.
Out of the vines, exactly like you did.
Well, not exactly like
you did. How'd you do that?
Tell you what. Let's make a deal.
At some point in the next
month, when we least expect it,
one of us will surprise propose, okay?
- That sounds fair.
- Awesome.
- Great.
- Cool.
- Wonderful.
- Deal.
[BOTH] Will you marry me? [LAUGHING]
Okay. Oh, you saw what I was
doing there? Okay. Well
- Are you gonna propose right now?
Thanks for all your help. It
was really nice to be partners.
Yeah, it was good getting
back in the saddle,
listening to mind movies
and solving a murder.
And I saw you two over there.
I told you I'd get you
your Hollywood ending.
Guess I'll get back
to writing my book now.
[ANIQ] You know, I never understood.
Why are you writing a book when
your whole thing is mind movies?
Right this way.
- [DANNER GASPS] Zoë! Aniq!
- [ANIQ] Hey!
- This is so cool!
- Mwah! Mwah!
- Oh! Oh!
- I'm all Hollywood now.
- [ANIQ] Oh, okay.
[BOTH] Mwah! Mwah!
Let me see those rings.
- Um, these rings?
- Yes!
- Oh, look at you! You two are the cutest!
Wait. Now, did I read online that you
guys got Daniel
Radcliffe to play Xavier?
[DANNER] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
And wait till you see who's playing me.
[DIRECTOR] And action!
I wanna talk to all of you,
because any one of you
could be the murderer.
- She's so good, right?
- Amazing!
Yeah. All the casting is so on point.
[KEKE PALMER] You all came to your
high school reunion for a second chance.
At love. Life. Something else.
I don't think Aniq did it.
Aniq? No. Aniq's my best
friend. I know he didn't do it.
Th-The person playing me,
i-is is that who I think it is?
- [DANNER] Mm-hmm.
- I didn't kill him. I didn't kill anybody.
I told y'all I love
me some Jaleel White.
And you two aren't the only ones
with the happy Hollywood ending.
I'm engaged. [GIGGLES]
[BOTH] Wait, what?
- Hey, how'd I do?
- [GASPS] Amazing.
Danner's engaged to Jaleel White?
[DANNER] You so fine.
I feel so very uncomfortable.
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