The Amazing Race (2001) s03e03 Episode Script

I Said Straight, You Gorilla!

Jon: Previously on the Amazing Race Canada, 11 teams headed south to Santiago, Chile.
(Cheering) (Speaks Spanish) Gracias.
Jon: where a roadblock had teams fly like a bird.
Matt: This is unbelievable.
Jon: And the detour has them dress like one.
Oh, are you kidding me? Jon: which proved to be too much and too little for Hamilton and Michaelia.
Hamilton: Yeah, I'm not wearing that.
Jon: Forcing them to immediately use their newly secured express pass to win the leg.
You're team number one! (Screaming) Jon: An uphill trek to the pit stop left Dana and Amanda breathless.
Dana: Amanda, over here! Taxi.
Wait, wait, wait! Jon: And problems with cabs caused Gino and Jesse to plummet from first-- That sucks.
Jon: to battling it out to stay in the race.
You guys are team number 10.
(Relieved sighs) Jon: narrowly escaping elimination.
Susan and Sharon, you've been eliminated from the race.
I just hope we've made our kids proud.
Jon: Ten teams remain as they race to win a year of travel for two in business class anywhere in the world that Air Canada flies, the 2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, the Chevy Colorado, gas for life from Canada's gas station, Petro-Canada, a quarter of a million dollars and The Amazing Race Canada.
(Dynamic pop music) synced by dom.
smrc Jon: Welcome to Chile, known to the native Mapuche people as the land where the earth ends.
Much of this country is cut off from the rest of the world by the towering Andes Mountains which are home to over 50 active volcanoes.
Here in the peaceful central valley is the bustling metropolis of Santiago.
This capital city will act as the third starting point on the Amazing Race Canada.
Hamilton and Michaelia won that last leg of the race and will depart first at 3:46 a.
(Ripping) (Reads) Fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Let's go! Jon: Racers will now travel on Air Canada over 1500 kilometers from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Considered the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, and known as the Latin city of love.
Michaelia: Taxi! We're going to Argentina! So we've got the express pass in our back pocket, the one to give away and everybody's going to be coming after us trying to get that so that kind of gives us a leg up over everybody else.
(Ripping) Fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
BMO is here to help and you have $250 U.
on your Cash Back World Elite Mastercard for this leg of the race.
Brian: Taxi! Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Matt: Let's go! Nick: Caberino.
Porto! We might have to wrestle one of them if they go for the cab.
Nick: Hold up.
We know that we were really close in leg two to number one and that's what we're going to shoot for today.
Brian: Can you show some leg? Argentina! Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Super pumped for today.
(Speaking Spanish) Sabrina: Buenos Aires is an extremely personal city for me because my family is there and I have a very strong connection with the city, and that's going to help us throughout the leg.
Argentina! Dujean: Woo! Let's do it.
Let's go! Kristin: We want that express pass more than anything.
It would definitely help us in our game.
My dad is an older guy.
I keep on promoting my father's beautiful gray hair.
Woo hoo! Argentina! Let's go.
Amanda: Come on! Oh my god! Buenos Aires, here we come.
Let's go.
(Dog barks) Cab, cab, cab, cab.
Please, please, please.
Stop them! Good dog! Good dog! A little dog put his life on the line so we're doing this leg for him.
(Whining) Kristen: Air Canada 092.
Hey, guys! Hi.
We'll think about it.
We really do want to give this a bit of thought.
There's a lot of like little things that could come up so we're still thinking about it.
(Tinkling note) Is that a taxi right there? Ready? Let's go.
Right now we're in last place.
First leg we came in first and we want to show everyone it wasn't a fluke.
Both: Argentina! Excitement is here.
I'm like here.
Get those legs moving.
Get going.
Get back to the top.
How will you pay for the tickets? BMO Cash Back Elite Mastercard.
Jon: All teams are now traveling across the continent from Chile to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.
Once they touch down, they'll travel downtown by taxi and search for Plaza Canada.
This traditional totem is carved from a single British Columbia Red Cedar.
It was a gift from Canada to the people of Argentina to celebrate the rich Aboriginal heritage shared between our two countries.
When teams find this totem and learn the story it tells, they'll receive their next clue.
Matt: Go, go, go, go! Amanda: Taxi! Nick: Go, go, go! Amanda: English! They're not taking us.
We've got to go find a cab.
How do you pronounce it: Plaza de Canada? (Speaking Spanish) Gracias.
My favourite city! All: Argentina! Argentina! Arriba! They're all still running around looking for taxis.
Dana: Taxi! Do you speak English? No English? Taxi! Taxi! Driver: Plaza Canada.
Okay, let's go there.
Let's go there.
Sabrina: There's the clue box right there.
Nic: Okay.
Plaza Canada was opened on July 1st, 1961 as a tribute to the rich Aboriginal heritage shared between the natives peoples of Canada and Argentina.
This totem was carved by a Canadian artist, Stan Hunt, from a single 1500-year-old red cedar found on Canada's west coast.
(Applause) Brian: It was nice to take a step back and go, "that's from Canada.
" We were honoured to be there.
Nic: Yes.
(Ripping) Cynthia: Route info.
Kristen: Make your way to the famous La Boca Barrio and search for your next clue.
No problem.
- Let's go.
Cynthia: There's a bunch of cabs across the way.
Brian: Okay, come on.
Kristen: Can you drive us here? (Slam) (Speaking Spanish) Sabrina: Barrio La Boca! There it is right there.
(Speaking Spanish) Sabrina: Roadblock.
A roadblock is a task that only one person can perform.
In this roadblock, that person must spell the names of four famous Argentineans using nothing but Mentos candies.
First, racers must locate these three kiosks on the confusing streets of La Boca to find the marked packs of Mentos candies and gum.
Then they must find this playground where they'll find their own puzzle board.
Here they'll use Mentos candies and gum stamped with letters to correctly spell out the names of four famous Argentineans described on this clue board.
Once the Mentos candies correctly reveal the four famous Argentineans, Leonel will give them their next clue.
Nic: You've got this.
Sabrina: For this roadblock, I have to go into corner stores, kiosks, and just find a few boxes of Mentos.
Maxi Kiosk.
They're here.
Sabrina knows Argentina very well so it's almost a second home for her.
The advantages are our abilities to speak Castellano, an Argentinean Spanish.
(Speaking Spanish) Oh! The last one.
I've got to go back and figure out the words.
I'm pretty far ahead of everybody.
I want to finish this fast.
(Honking) Plaza Canada for sure? Plaza Canada? (Speaks Spanish) Jesse: Okay.
Gino: Like it's tough because we can't talk to anybody.
You're entrusting someone to get your there and they're like look at you like, "Yeah, we know where it is," and then all of the sudden they have absolutely no clue in the world.
(Speaking Spanish) Ope: Those are the boys.
Go, go, go, go! Gino and Jesse are right behind us.
They're right behind us.
They're right behind us.
Ope: Let's go! Let's go! (Gino speaks words on screen) Cynthia: La Boca Barrio here.
Brian: Bueno.
We're here.
I see it.
I see it.
Kristin: Dad, dad, dad! Dad! Come on! Who can do things to the letter? You can do this.
Of course you can.
Oh sure.
I can.
You want to work together on it? Sure.
Yeah, Let's do it.
Good call.
Good call.
Neil: Cynthia says why don't we work as a team? It was going to still be tough but it was going to be easier.
Oh man, I hope he can do this.
Cynthia: 877, right here, here, here.
There we go.
Neil: Awesome.
We're doing good, buddy.
Run, Forrest, run! Sabrina: Our clues are over there.
Our famous Argentineans and I just have to spell out their name which I don't think I'm going to have any trouble with.
So each of the Mentos I received from the kiosks will have letters on them, and that's what I'm going to use to fill out the names.
The first clue is Argentina's favourite first lady.
Eva Peron.
Who doesn't know that? Don't Cry For Me, Argentina.
The second one is the first Pope from the Americas.
If you do not know who Pope Francis is, read a book.
Nic: Papa Francesco.
Sabrina: The third clue is La Boca's favourite soccer player.
Diego Maradonana.
The final Argentinean, who is the king of tango? (Speaks Spanish) Carlos Gardel.
Sabrina: Carlos Gardel.
I want to win this leg and I know we can.
Dana: Over here, Amanda, Amanda! Matt: Who can do things to the letter? Probably you better than I can.
I'm going to do it.
Nick: Want to do it together? Yes.
I decided to work with Dana because she seemed trustworthy.
Dana: I'm so confused, man.
Nick: We just need those Mentos.
I don't have the letters.
Nic: If she can get this first this can mean a huge lead.
There has to be something wrong.
This doesn't make any sense.
I am missing three D's to fill in Diego Maradona and Carlos Gardel.
This is impossible.
I don't have the letters.
Am I losing my mind? This is absolutely impossible! I don't have the letters.
Dana: 861! The Mentos you need to complete the challenge are located at these following kiosks: 861.
You don't know what these are? No.
You've never seen them before.
I don't know.
I don't get it.
Yes, she does.
She knows where to.
Being a police officer, you just know when someone's up to something.
Nick: She clearly doesn't care that we're making a mess.
'Cause they're in here.
She's smiling, and she knows.
If she's not freaking out or getting mad at us, then maybe the Mentos candies are here.
They're in here somewhere.
It's in a purse.
Are you sure, man? I don't see numbers.
Oh my god, seriously, right now? The address is correct.
I'm thinking we're in the wrong kiosk.
It's in here.
Down here, down here.
The last one! Can you run a little faster? Go go go go go.
All right.
Roadblock! You got it? I say you.
It's right there, babe.
You? - Yeah.
Come on, baby, you've got this.
Dejean, have you found Mentos? No, I just started my search.
You want to work together? Yeah, let's just do that.
I see other teams working together.
Why not team up with Dejean? So that's one down.
This is our chance to catch up.
Two eyes are better than one.
Four eyes are better than one.
He's better at letters, I'm better at counting.
Jingling! Sabrina was, like, really far ahead.
I don't have the names.
I'm completely done.
I do not have three Ds.
I may not be looking at the letters properly.
Oh my god, is that a D? Holy crap, am I stupid.
The difference between a P and a D on a Mentos doesn't exist! You gotta flip it.
Check? Okay.
Vamos boca.
Amora mio! Good luck, guys, good luck! (Speaking other language) "Make your way to Futbol Madero.
" Let's go.
My god, let's go.
Almost two hours we've been at this.
We've been looking for Plaza Canada.
Plaza Canada.
Let's go back.
Wait-- There's no crossing! Plaza Canada.
Five minutes? Four minutes? He said this way, right? Canadian Embassy.
It should be here.
Where's Plaza Du Canada? Plaza Canada.
We're at the Canadian Embassy.
Um, we seem to be at the wrong place.
Oh, boy.
You gotta be kidding.
He brought us to the Canadian Embassy.
Can't catch a break.
We asked the cab not once, not twice, we asked him three times, "Do you know where Plaza Canada is?" Can't find anyone that speaks English.
This language barrier sucks.
There's a map right there.
Let's check this out, Jess.
Plaza Canada.
- Plaza Canada? We are here.
On this same road? Is that it right there? That's it right there, yeah.
"Make your way to the famous La Boca barrio.
" Okay, let's go.
Ope: Check this map.
Plaza Canada.
This is-- the next one, the next one, yes.
Boca barrio.
We can still catch up, no matter what it is.
Oh, boy.
So you got that, I got that? We get the Mentos.
Next challenge is to figure out the iconic Argentinians.
Maradona was Football.
Football, yes.
And Pope? We get one local who knows all of the names.
Awesome! Tango.
- Si, Si, Si.
We've got names.
Don't let other people see.
They don't have some of them.
The majority of the teams are at the Boca, filling out the names with the Mentos candy.
Dana and I really have to pick up the pace.
Just P-E-R-Owen? P-E-R-O-N, yeah.
They look like they're almost done.
Everybody else around me is working together.
Hamilton is alone, alone.
Neil, you want to help me out a bit? I've got two.
What do you got? Yeah, you know what? No.
Dude, we've been working on this forever.
We were thinking about giving the express pass to Brian and Cynthia.
We've been working on this for way longer than you, bud.
There's no way that we're giving them this express pass.
Futbol Madero.
Futbol Madero.
I love you.
I know.
It has to be there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
To Argentinians, soccer is considered a religion.
And watching the players of Argentina's extraordinary blind soccer team, it's clear that nothing could stop these world champions from playing their country's beloved sport.
Teams must now work together as coach and player.
The coach will be stationed at the goal and call out directions to their blindfolded partner.
With only the coach's voice to guide them, players must slalom through these pylons to reach the designated kick zone.
Here, they'll take a shot on net, and if they score in under one minute, they'll receive their next clue.
- Ola.
I see football, and I am just so, so excited.
So at 19 years old I was a professional soccer player, aiming to get to that top flight of Italian soccer.
So this is going to be huge for us.
Hello, hello, hello, hello! We're going to be out of here in literally 10 seconds.
Ready? - Bueno.
Okay, go.
Go, go.
Turn to your right.
As soon as I put the blindfold on, I lose complete sense of direction.
Through, through-- wait! It's right, left, right.
This is my left.
Exactly, then I tell you turn right.
Then I tell you turn left.
Yes, but I need a bit more direction.
Okay, you're in the middle.
Go front a bit-- (Shouting) (Whistle blowing) Gino/Jesse: Roadblock.
Okay, I'm gonna do it.
(Speaking other language) I think I can do things to the letter.
We need all the time we can get now.
I'm a boss.
Okay, I just need one word.
Just need to figure out the second word.
I know it's Pope something.
She's doing all the work, I'm eating all the Mentos.
English, English, English, English? (Laughing) English, English, English? Pope from the Americas? She speaks English.
Pope Francis.
Does Francis fit? Francis fits.
Pope Francis.
Check! We've got this, buddy.
Can I take fruit Mentos with me? We're done? Okay.
Thank you! That's what teamwork is all about.
Get in, Matt! I'm going to figure it out.
Check! Oh, it looks good, eh? Mentos.
Yeah, baby! Gracias, amigo.
Ola, amigo.
Rapido, rapido.
Follow, follow, follow! You're doing a great job, Brent! (Rattling) Oh, shoot.
Oh gosh, pray for us.
Can I have a check? Oh my gosh, you've got it, guys! No.
(Buzzing) Make sure I have all the correct letters.
I switched it.
It could be M-A or M-O.
I'm not sure.
Maybe it's with the A, "Maradona.
" Okay, let's-- I'm going to try that.
Come on, Brent.
Check! Ohhh.
(Cheering) Oh, wow.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Ohhhh! Where's my D? Come on.
(Groaning) Gracias, gracias! Excuse.
There they are, here, here.
Okay, love, they're here.
Slowly, the teams start showing up, and that's when I feel the pressure.
Where am I? Right, right-- no! (Buzzer sounds) (Whistle blowing) Oh, man, this is going to be tough.
Do you speak English? Can you look up the first Pope from the America? The one is right now.
Amigo, I need your help.
Okay, the most famous footballer.
Diego Maladona.
Have a good day.
Thank you.
Hamster, baby, you're doing so good.
Check, please! Jesse's good! It's okay.
- Yes! Oh, boy.
That was tough.
Good job, man.
Very good.
Thank you, thank you.
Come on, come on, come on.
(Groaning) I'm so proud of you.
I love you.
Left, left! - Where's the ball? Kick it towards my voice.
That's going to be tough.
Come on, come on! You're going too slow, girl.
Frig! Straight, straight! Get the ball! Run run run run run! (Laughing) - (Groans) (Laughs) To your left, to your left! Can we just stop now? Straight, straight.
I said straight, you gorilla.
This is a lot harder than I expected it to be.
We've got to do that one again.
R, where's my R? I can't find the R.
Oh! Check! Check, check, check.
My sunshine's going to do it.
Thank you! - Go, go, go, go.
Taxi! We're in a race.
We're not too far behind.
I love you, sweetie.
Let's go in here, G.
We can get ahead here.
Oh my god, we've got to do it blindfolded.
Nic: All the teams arrive and it's getting dark.
Hours have passed.
And I still have yet to complete this challenge.
A little bit to your left.
Bravo! Straight-- (Buzzer sounds) The time, amore! The time, amore! This is like, for, I don't know-- like, not even professionals would be able to do it.
Okay, 10, 10, 10 o'clock! Back to 2:00! We talked about it like we were looking at a clock.
Good, Kris, 10! 10! If I needed to move right around a cone, it was either 1:00, 2:00, or 3:00.
Go to 12:00-- stop! Okay.
Yes! And it's in! (Cheering) She got it.
Route info.
Teams must now travel to El Obelisco, in the centre of Plaza de la Republica.
Here, they'll find their next clue.
That was awesome.
(Whooping) I suggest we should take a two-hour penalty.
Love, I'm trying to do the best I can.
I'm not able to deliver.
I'm worried that a soccer challenge could potentially send us home.
Relax, relax.
Relax, relax.
When Sabrina tells me that she is thinking of taking a penalty, I tell her no.
Stop! Keep going! Keep straight, straight, straight, straight.
You've got 10 seconds! Kick it, kick it, kick it.
Yeah! (Bell rings) We have a chance to come first in this leg.
Taxi, taxi! Yeah.
There's no point in staying here because we could be here until midnight so we're just going to take this two hour penalty, continue the race, and see what happens.
It's fine.
I don't want you to be upset, okay? Nic and Sabrina took a penalty.
They took a penalty.
The pro soccer player is taking a penalty.
(Buzzer) You were so close! We have no chance.
(Speaking other language) There it is right there! Okay.
This place is amazing.
It's like a private square in Argentina.
This is crazy.
(Paper rips) (Reads) "Detour, Dance or Dine.
" A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons.
In this detour, teams will choose between two different ways to win the heart of any Argentinian.
It's their call-- dance or dine? At dine, the competition heats up as teams serve asado, the national dish of Argentina.
Teams will work together as server and chef.
For each, it's a challenge of memorization.
The chef must learn a menu of 12 items in Spanish while the server must take and memorize the different orders of three patrons.
These orders must be relayed to the chef, who must then plate the meals correctly and send the finished orders back out with the server.
Once all the orders have been correctly served, the restaurant owner will give them their next clue.
In dance, things get even hotter as racers get up close and personal while performing Argentina's national dance, the tango.
Teams must first locate La Confiteria Ideal where they'll change into traditional attire.
After successfully mastering the intricate steps of the tango, they'll receive their next clue.
(Bell rings) And teams must choose carefully as this is a limited stations detour with room for only six teams at both dine and dance.
Do you want to tango? Let's tango! Oh, yeah, there it is right there, G.
We're going to dance.
Okay, let's go.
We've got this lead.
We can slow it down.
This is it! (Upbeat tango music) Oh, my God.
It looks so hard.
I personally have never attempted the tango.
That makes two of us then.
I don't know if we'll be able to get this.
I go behind you.
No, wrong one.
Oh, right.
Now you step into my feet.
Step in.
Now step back.
Whoa! Oh, my God.
I thought I was going to love this! Ready.
The tango is a sexy Latin dance.
I'm the female? I'm you? (Chuckles) I thought I was going to dance with another woman.
To do it with my brother it's-- (Laugh) No, no.
(Whistle blows) Straight! Okay, stop! Kick! Look at me! Yes, here, yes! No! Amanda! (Buzzer) Oh! There's light at the end of the tunnel but this challenge is very difficult until we come up with the hop.
Right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right! Stop! (Laughing) Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Hoppy, hoppy! Ya! (Horn blares) Yes! (Chuckles) Okay, kick straight! Kick straight! Kick straight! Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya! (Horn blares) Straight, straight, straight! Straight, straight, straight! Stop, let it go! Yeah! Good luck, girls! (Horn blares) Yeah! Oh, ho, ho, ho! Stop, go, yes, woo! (Horn blares) Oh, my God! Dana! The last two teams right now it's us versus Dana and Amanda.
(Sighs) Oh, no.
Dad, do you want to try? Let's go.
Left foot.
Spin me, spin me, spin me.
Feet together.
Feet together, Dad, Dad, Dad! Damn.
I've got to step over.
Are we going to practice more? (Reads) "Dance or dine.
" We're going to dine.
It's in here? Yeah.
Then there's a detour.
The challenge for the chef is to memorize the different cuts of meat and the different types of sides that go with these orders.
The waitress has to take the order from the locals in Spanish without taking down any notes.
(Speaking other language) Pardon? (Speaking other language) How many are there? Three.
Three, okay.
How am I going to remember this? Over there, babe! There's the marker! Good eye.
Right there.
- Good eye! Let's go, Matt.
Dance or dine.
We dance again! Let's go.
Let's just do dance.
Da, da, da, da, da.
Okay, let's dance.
We're going to try one.
I feel like time's ticking.
We've got to get this done.
Spin me.
Spin me.
Perfect, perfect.
We're messing up on that part there.
Do I have to dance with you like that? Dad, all the other teams just came in, eh? Hello.
Looking good! Both: Ola.
Oh, beautiful! Let's go again.
1, 2, 3, go.
No, stop.
This is so embarrassing.
(Whistle blows) Yup, yup! Keep going, keep going! Here, yes! Yes, yes, kick it! Yes, come on! Yes! (Horn blares) Yes! Yes! (Horn blares) Okay, we've got to get this.
Okay, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Stop, drop it! Yes, now kick it! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
We're not that far behind the girls.
Oh, it's right there.
My thighs are killing me.
Dance or dine.
Let's do dine.
(Speaking other language) My trick to memorizing all the orders is to let the locals repeat them to me several times.
(Speaking other language) Oh, my God.
Several times.
(Speaking other language) Several.
(Speaking other language) (Bell rings) (Speaking other language) (Bell rings) (Speaking other language) (Bell ring) (Speaking other language) (Bell rings) All that's going through my head right now is to only do this once because we still have a two hour penalty.
(Speaking other language) (Smooch) (Reads) "Make your way" "Make your way to Puente de la Mujer at Puerto Madero and search for Jon at your next pit stop.
" Teams must find Puente de la Mujer, The Women's Bridge, curving over the waters of the Rio Del Al Plata.
The bridge was designed to look like a couple dancing the tango.
Today, this iconic walkway is the third pit stop on the Amazing Race Canada.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
Puente de la Mujer a Puerto Madero.
For someone who doesn't speak Spanish, it's going to be almost impossible for them to do that challenge.
Let's go.
This is the one.
We decide to dine because I cook.
How hard can it get? (Speaking other language) Is she going to take the order in Spanish? (Speaking other language) Yes, in Spanish.
(Speaking other language) Oh! Oh, my God! There's no way! This is the office of Buenos Aires.
Go, go, go! Dance or dine.
There are limited stations a both detours.
We're going to do dance.
Okay, let's go.
Amore, come, amore.
Come, come, come.
- I'm trying.
My back is killing me I'm trying.
(Speaking other language) Welcome to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Nic and Sabrina, you're the first team to arrive.
What? However, because you failed to complete the soccer challenge, you've been given a two hour penalty, and if you'd kindly wait off to the side, I'll let you know when I can check you in.
Oh, my God! We're freaking out, freaking out because this is our first time being team number one.
And now we have a penalty to serve.
The only thing to do is play the waiting game.
(Beeps) Help me, God.
Put your feet around my feet.
Right foot, right foot.
No, but he says-- The right foot? No, it's left foot.
Ola! Let's do it, let's do it, let's do it.
The pressure is definitely on when we see Leilani and Dujean show up.
They're professional dancers, for heaven's sake.
(Giggles) Hold on, stay, stay.
- Yeah.
No, no, Dad.
We are just not getting it and I really want to switch detours.
(Speaking other language) Dad, come with me, please! We don't even have the first part down.
We're dripping in sweat.
I don't know what you want to do.
The detours have limited stations.
Six can do dine and six can do dance.
And this detour is full.
If we leave we could lose our spot.
(Speaking other language) No, again.
Let's switch then.
I don't think I can do this.
Yeah, let's switch.
We're switching.
What if it's full? I can't do that.
Detour, dance or dine.
We're dancing.
Limited stations at both detours.
We're going.
We're booking her.
This detour is full.
Should we make the switch? We don't even have the first part down.
Like do you want to just keep going? Yeah, yeah.
Okay, let's just keep going.
Switching would cost us time.
You need to prevail.
You need to do this over and over.
You guys, yes, yes.
Hi, guys.
We have six couples.
Oh, man, seriously right now? Okay, so we've got to go back and do the other one.
I'm really sorry.
Thank you.
Are you freaking kidding me? It's full.
Now we know we have to do that.
We're going to go try to do the other detour now.
Run, Dana, run.
There it is! Stop, stop, stop! Sir, stop.
(Horn honks) My hands are dying.
Sean: Yes.
All right, ready? Here we go.
One, two.
It's a little difficult to get into the tango when your female partner looks like that.
Look deep into my eyes! (Tango music) Move your foot out-! Turn, give me your left foot, give me your left foot.
Woman: You need to move your foot behind.
I don't know what to say.
(Chuckles) No, I'm not getting it.
Back, back.
Move your legs, please.
This is the worst.
This is so hard.
Arg! Neil: Okay, let's go, c'mon.
We almost had it.
Kristin: Okay, dad, we've got this.
My dad is an ex-CFL football player.
He has been in the pressure cooker before.
One, and, two.
(Dramatic music) Oh my god! Oh man, that was hard.
"Make your way to Jon for your next pit stop.
(Woman speaks other language) We're in a race.
Woo hoo! Ola! Are you hungry? Man: We're going to order.
(Speaking other language) It's a three-way battle between us, Simi, Opi, and Dana and Amanda to try to get this detour done.
(Speaks other language) Okay, we're going to do that over again.
Woman: I'm not going to memorize all these.
Woman: Over here! (Whoops) Come on! You're beautiful.
So are you.
- Jon: Neil and Kristin.
- Yes? Jon: You're the second team to arrive.
(Murmuring) - However.
- What? Because Nick and Sabrina are serving a two hour penalty, you're team #1.
(Whooping) Neil and Kristin, as the winners of this leg of the race, Air Canada is giving you two round-trip tickets to a Buenos Ares sister city, Beijing, China.
Both: Oh, my god And? - Yes? Petro Canada will be filling your tanks with free gas for the next 6 months.
Holy- woo hoo! Congratulations on a great leg of the race, we'll see you guys at the next stop.
Oh my god, dad! I'm so proud of us right now.
Nick: Why don't we just try, because we can? Wanna try it? - Matt: Okay.
Deep breath, let's get this.
Foot up.
Look at me.
That was pretty damn good.
(Laughing) "Search for Jon at your next pit stop.
" Let's go, buddy.
- Let's go.
(Both talking, unclear) Close.
(Speaks other language) (Cheering) Gino: Going to the pit stop, to see Jon.
Behind Nick and Matt, hopefully they got a little lost.
I'm thinking bridge, what do you think? Where, where? - For sure this is it.
On the bridge? - I don't know.
Man: Both the twins are right behind us.
Let's go, c'mon, go! Man: Pit stop! (Panting) Man 1: Where, where? On the bridge or something? Man 2: I don't know.
Jesse: Right there, G! Man: Let's go, c'mon! Pit stop! Gino and Jesse, you are team #2, Nick and Matt, you are team #3.
All right.
Losing the foot race to the brothers really bugs me.
We beat 'em in the tango.
I don't care.
They still beat us here.
Sabrina: My god.
(Speaks other language) Woman: Half foot.
Where are my feet? I'm not used to this at all.
We have to work together to get this tango done.
Right? We're both dancers.
Any dance challenge, Leilani and I let go of whatever tension that there is, because we love dance.
One tango done.
Oh, no.
Man: Let's go, let's go.
(Both speaking other language) (Woman unclear) No.
Was the meat wrong? Was the meat wrong? Was the meat wrong? (Thud) (Speaking other language) Simi: I'm extremely nervous that we wasted a lot of time getting back to the detour.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that.
We're frustrated but we're communicating.
Go, Sunshine, we got this.
Simi: I don't know, guys.
(Speaking other language) (Excited humming) Simi: Si? (Other language) (Cheering) Your pass.
Enjoy, enjoy.
So good.
Oh, my.
(Ope cheering) (Simi laughing) Brent: At this point, it's down to Dana and Amanda versus us.
(Speaking other language) What's helping us is the constant reciting.
(Other language) sorry.
It was those two meats, those two meats.
Woman: Judge, judge.
Yes! Head start.
Let's go.
Dujean and Leilani, you're team number 4.
(Cheering) I can taste it.
Simi and Ope, you're team number 5.
(Laughing) I'm going to bring my leg forward and you have to move your leg over there.
I have it down pat.
Hamilton: Let's try.
(Other language) Thank you.
Brian: We're the last team here.
Cynthia: I can't do this right now.
Run, run.
Bret and Sean, you gentlemen are team number 6.
Oh, I'm so happy.
Hamilton and Michaelia, you're team number 7.
Thank you! Hamilton: Sweet.
(Bleeping) It sounds like "japita," like senorita, like "jahita".
(Speaking other language) (Other language) (Applause) We're in last place for sure.
I think we're in the hurt locker.
Judge, please, judge.
(Laughing) Yay! "search for Jon at your next pit stop.
" "Warning: The last team to check in may be eliminated.
" Taxi, taxi! Man: Puerto Madero.
Senor, how many minutes? Woman: Make to (Unclear) in two hours, okay? Good god.
(Beeping) Man: Puerto Madero.
Man 2: Where are we going? Both: That needle there.
(Unclear) 2-hour penalty, okay? (Honking) (Bleep) Man: (Bleep) come on.
Woman: Not too fast, honey.
Where are we, where are we? Across the bridge? (Bleeping) Jon: Nic and Sabrina, your time is up.
And your team number 8.
You are safe by the skin of your teeth.
- So close.
If you'd kindly wait off to the side, we've got an incoming, I think.
Man: Come on! Woman: Go, go, go! Woman: Let's so, girl.
Is that Jon down there? Go! Hello, Jon.
Hi, Jon.
(Speaking other language) Welcome to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
All: Gracias.
Brian and Cynthia, you are team number 9.
Dana and Amanda, you were the last team to arrive.
I am sorry to tell you this but, ladies, you have been eliminated from the race.
It was so close.
We pushed ourselves so, yeah.
Girls, you guys can be proud of yourselves.
You worked hard.
Good job.
- Good job.
You guys are going to remember them.
They're police officers for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.
They represented their people in the province with honour.
It's okay.
We feel finishing 9th a bittersweet, that we're still here but two fellow police officers are going home.
We are super proud to be Canadian.
And are proud of what we accomplished and proud of the representation that we made for our province.
(Sniffing) and our police force.
And I'm so happy that I got to experience this Amazing Race with her.
Jon: Next time on The Amazing Race Canada Both: We're going to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Jon: The racers are coming home.
Man: Going home, baby.
Jon: Where in Halifax, they try and bridge the gap.
Nic: Let's hope so.
Simi: Oh, my god.
Cynthia: My body's not made for this at all.
Jon: A gripping detour has some teams in over their heads.
Ow! He's got me.
Jon: While others are forced to deliver the goods.
Leilani: I'll drag them if I have to.
Jon: And a lost passport puts one team in danger of losing the race.
I feel like I'm letting my brother down.
We had this thing in the bag.

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