The Amazing Race (2001) s05e05 Episode Script

This Is a Real Cat and Mouse Chase

1 JON: Previously, on The Amazing Race Canada IVANA: China! PAUL/SAM: Ya! ANDREA: [SCREAMING.]
JON: Seven teams headed to Beijing, China SAM: This is amazing! EBONIE/ANDREA: Ahh! JON: where the language barrier drove some teams up the wall.
ADAM: Hen jow.
SHABBIR: Chen dao.
CROWD: Boo! JON: And reduced others to a crawl.
IVANA: He's going five kilometres an hour on a highway.
Oh my god! JON: A detour had teams bending over backwards all to get ahead in the race.
ZED: Woo! JON: While for others, it was a complete flop.
EBONIE: I can't.
PAUL: Oh, yes! There's my doctor! JON: And while a victory for Sam and Paul was just what the doctor ordered JON: You're the first team to arrive! SAM/PAUL: Yes! JON: an injury left Korey and Ivana bent out of shape.
IVANA: My back's killing me.
JON: And once again ADAM: Check, please.
JON: racing to avoid elimination IVANA: Yes! Yes, yes! KOREY: Let's get out of here.
IVANA: Taxi, taxi, taxi.
JON: leaving Ebonie and Andrea JON: You are the last team to arrive.
JON: to be shocked by the outcome.
JON: This leg is not over.
ANDREA: Oh my god, we're still racing now? JON: Right now! ANDREA: Woo! JON: Just like every team before them.
PAUL: Oh my god! JON: Now, all seven teams are still racing to win the next generation 2018 Chevrolet Equinox True North Edition, a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two around the world, a quarter of a million dollars cash, and The Amazing Race Canada.
JON: Sam and Paul PAUL: Yeah? JON: This leg is not over.
SAM: Oh my god! JON: Boys, you're still racing! PAUL: Take a high-speed train to Shanghai, China.
SAM: Oh my god! JON: Teams must now travel by high-speed train over 1,000 kilometres from Beijing to Shanghai.
Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, this booming cosmopolitan metropolis is known as the "Pearl of the Orient.
" Before heading to Shanghai, teams will search for their next clue at the Beijing Train Station.
Sam and Paul, before you boys take off, Sinorama Holidays would like to give you a little good luck token on your next leg.
PAUL: Love it.
BOTH: Thanks, Sinorama.
JON: Boys, get lost! PAUL: Let's go.
Still racing.
SAM: Taxi! SAM: We're exhausted.
It's been 30 hours straight of racing, but you know what, let's just keep going.
We'll win another one.
No rest for the wicked.
This guy can't even keep his eyes open! [LAUGHTER.]
JON: The race is still on.
SHABBIR: What?! JON: Here's your next clue.
ZED: Shanghai, China.
You have 4,500 Chinese yuan on your BMO CashBack MasterCard for this leg of the race.
SHABBIR: We're still racing.
Now we're going to Shanghai.
This is crazy! ANDREA: No, we thought we were going to bed.
We were wrong! KENNETH: Let's catch a train to Shanghai.
RYAN: Yup, leg's not done yet! BERT: Let's go! KAREN: Yeah, let's keep racing.
We're going to the BERT: Ni hao.
KAREN: Ni hao! Beijing South Railway Station.
PAUL: The flag's over there.
SAM: Let's go.
PAUL: Sam, Sam, Sam! SAM: Yup? PAUL: Right here.
PAUL: Ni hao.
Thank you so much.
PAUL: You are travelling on train G5 departing from Beijing South Railway Station at 7 am.
PAUL: We got our train ticket going to Shanghai in our itinerary.
PAUL: Let's go.
SAM: Do you have the most recent clue? PAUL: Yeah.
KOREY: Off to Shanghai.
IVANA: If my back wasn't seizing up, I'd be so much happier.
I'm terrified of what's to come.
IVANA: I'm dying of back pain.
I can't stop thinking about if this is going to affect us for the next leg of the race, which is now continuing.
My strength has become my weakness.
SAM: You said, "Where are our tickets?" and you grabbed them from me.
PAUL: I don't remember ever grabbing them from you.
SAM: You did, babe.
PAUL: We were just given train tickets and we lost them.
If we lose our train tickets, we might not be able to make it to Shanghai.
SAM: We're going back the way we came.
PAUL: We're searching for our train tickets in a city of 21 million people in the dark.
It's not looking good.
ANDREA: Whoa! Take a high-speed train to Shanghai, China! JON: See you guys at the next stop.
ANDREA: Thank you.
EBONIE: Oh my god! BOTH: We are still racing! EBONIE: It's not over until Jon says it's over! This is awesome! SAM: So we're looking for a little brown envelope, right? PAUL: Yeah.
SAM: There! PAUL: It's ours? SAM: Yeah.
Yeah! [SIGHS.]
We got our train tickets! Ha-ha! BOTH: [KISSING SOUND.]
SAM: Okay, let's get out of here.
We're lucky.
PAUL: So, we can't locate our clue from last night.
It has our directions for what we need in Shanghai.
It's stupid.
PAUL: It's not that big of a deal.
It's dumb but, like, we didn't lose our train tickets.
SAM: Yeah.
JON: All teams are now boarding the same high-speed train to Shanghai.
KENNETH: Ya! JON: When they arrive, they must search the city and find Tock's, a Montreal-style deli that serves up a little taste of Canada right here in the heart of Shanghai.
JON: Once here, they must correctly recite the Mandarin phrase they learned at the Great Wall of China.
ANDREA: Xiexie ni.
JON: to receive their next clue from this Sinorama Holidays tour guide.
SAM: We lost our clue copy so we need another team to help us out or we won't be able to know where we're going.
PAUL: So, in our midst of excitement last night, we lost our clue.
PAUL: Yeah, so we're jut wondering if we can write down the location of the deli we're going to? ANDREA: For where we're going now? SAM: We'll try and help you guys out somehow in this leg.
ADAM: Yeah.
ADAM: I think this is a good opportunity for us to get something in return.
Nothing in life is free.
SAM: Thanks, guys.
You're the best.
ANDREA: You're welcome.
PAUL: We'll get you back.
SAM: Thanks, guys.
BERT: Let's go! ADAM: You've got some pep in your step today, Andrea! ANDREA: Ya! I had some noodles.
ADAM: Woo! KENNETH: We're going to Tock's Montreal-style Deli.
BERT: Taxi! KAREN: Let's go! Let's go, let's go! RYAN: Bert and Karen? Oh dude, they went over there.
Okay, okay.
Rolling in first place with our taxi driver moving so, so fast.
So high up in the sky, nothing in the cab but this guy! He's so much fun! Our cab driver is fun! This is what first place feels like! KAREN: Woo! BERT: Way-way! [HORN HONKING.]
KAREN: Right here.
BERT: Oh, there, Tock's! Tock's Montreal Deli.
KAREN: Here, here.
Xiexie ni.
BERT: Xiexie ni.
KAREN: Thank you! Fly to Bangkok, Thailand! Wow! JON: The tour of Asia continues as teams will travel nearly 3,000 kilometres southwest to Bangkok, Thailand's chaotic capitol.
Known for its many temples and canals, Thailand's capitol city is teeming with culture, markets, and unforgettable night life.
BERT: Okay, let's get out of here.
KAREN: To the airport.
Ya! Niltao! IVANA: Sinorama representative, xiexie ni.
KOREY: Xiexie ni.
KENNETH: Here we go! We're going to Bangkok! Wassup!? We're in and out of Shanghai.
IVANA: This is insane! ANDREA: Oh! ADAM: Bangkok, Thailand! ANDREA: He's been dying to go! ADAM: Six years ago, I went on a really big backpacking trip.
I was supposed to do Bangkok but I ran out of money.
It's been lingering in me.
I just wanted to go back to Bangkok.
It was like unfinished business.
JON: All teams are now flying from Shanghai, China, to Bangkok, Thailand.
When they arrive, they'll search for the Caturday Cat Cafe.
JON: The purrfect place to find their next clue! ZED: Woo! SHABBIR: Here we go again! ANDREA: Let's go, let's go ADAM: 43.
Let's go, 43.
ANDREA: Caturday Cafe KAREN: Caturday Cafe.
IVANA: Fast! We gotta go fast! KOREY: We gotta go fast.
ADAM/ANDREA: Bangkok! ADAM: The last 24 hours we have been to three massive cities.
KENNETH/RYAN: Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, GU! SHABBIR: Where is it? Right across? Zed, they're coming.
So let's go! PAUL: What do you want to do? SAM: Keep looking! KENNETH: We saw all the other teams walking down this way.
ANDREA: Caturday Cafe.
RYAN: This is it.
KOREY: Opens at 8.
It opens at 8.
KENNETH: Oh, man! I love this! RYAN: Oh, dude! SHABBIR: And they say it's a real cat and mouse chase! ZED: Just gotta find somewhere to shack up for the night and come here first thing in the morning.
RYAN: [Inaudible.]
, baby! Bangkok never sleeps, I think! [HORNS HONKING.]
EBONIE: Oh my god! Aah! ANDREA: This cafe is full of cats.
The most weird thing I've ever seen.
ANDREA: Let's not step on the cats.
IVANA: Clue, clue, clue! Got it, Korey.
ADAM: Hey, buddy, thank you.
KAREN: Oh my god, I wanna stay and play with the cats! SHABBIR: Thank you! Bye! ANDREA: [GASPS.]
ADAM/ANDREA: Fast forward.
IVANA: Fast forward! RYAN: We have a route info and a fast forward.
KENNETH: Fast forward! The fast forward gives one team the chance to skip all the tasks and go directly to the pit stop.
In this fast forward, that team will have to master the fiercely competitive sport of hoop takraw.
JON: Using only their feet, chest, and head, team members must receive a pass from their partner and kick the ball into a hoop high above the court.
The first team to score one goal will win the fast forward and can go directly to the pit stop.
The remaining teams must make their way to Pier 2 at the Yodpiman River Walk, and travel by boat across the Chao Phraya River, through the canals to locate the pier at the Artist's House where they'll find their next clue.
ANDREA: All teams can attempt this fast forward at the same time.
I'm not sure if we should risk it.
EBONIE: No? ANDREA: No, let's do that.
KAREN: So, we've decided we're going to go ahead with the route info and skip the fast forward.
SHABBIR: There is a fast forward that's come up for play and we've decided not to chase it.
PAUL: Taxi! Hi, sir.
Can we go to Yodpiman River Walk? Thank you.
Let's go.
PAUL: We decided we're going to go to the route info.
SAM: I think everyone is gonna go to the fast forward, and I don't know if that would be smart for us.
PAUL: Argh! ANDREA: Yodpiman River.
RYAN: Aah Let's make a decision quick.
RYAN: If we do this fast forward, we have a good chance of going straight to Jon.
KENNETH: Should we go? RYAN: If you're down, Kenneth.
KENNETH: Let's go.
RYAN: Taxi! RYAN: The risk of the fast forward is that only one team gets it.
ADAM: Yeah, we're doing the fast forward.
ADAM: We're tired of third place.
Time to make a move in this race.
IVANA: I think it's worth it if we can get it.
KOREY: Okay, well, let's go then.
We're on our way now.
IVANA: We are 100% going for the fast forward.
This can save my back.
This can give us the edge of getting to the pit stop without doing any of the challenges.
KOREY: 154 Rama.
This is it? KOREY: Thank you.
IVANA: Okay.
IVANA: We're going to the stadium to try to figure out this game.
KOREY: Yeah, we're gonna go figure out this takraw place.
Where is everybody? IVANA: This is not the stadium.
KOREY: Oh, man! This is bad! IVANA: We were taken to the wrong place by our taxi.
We're going to the National Stadium of Thailand.
KOREY: It is hot.
IVANA: And we've got to make our way there ASAP if we want to get this fast forward.
Every minute counts right now.
ADAM: Oh, there's the flag.
There's the marker.
ANDREA: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Ready? ADAM: Sick, look at you go! Let's go! We're the first team here.
ADAM: No one is there.
Amazing! ANDREA: No forearm and no hands.
ADAM: Right, exactly.
ANDREA: And it can't hit the floor.
ADAM: Exactly Oh! You've got to hit it twice and get it in there.
ANDREA: We played soccer when we were kids, throughout high school.
This is right up our alley.
ADAM: Come on.
ANDREA: Sorry, sorry! ADAM: C'mon, c'mon! Easy Easy.
ANDREA: The risk of doing the fast forward is that if you don't get it done, you can fall behind and then we'll be at the end of the pack.
ADAM: Lob it.
ANDREA: Fudge! ADAM: Okay, yeah.
This isn't too easy! Oh, man! RYAN: Just one second, sir.
Now, reading that, dude, I'm not comfortable with my feet hitting-- like, hitting targets.
Instead of doing the fast forward, we're heading to the waterways.
Let's do it.
RYAN: Here instead.
Sorry to mix you up.
KAREN: Okay, perfect.
There it is, there it is.
BERT: Yodpiman River.
KAREN: Pier entrance.
And I don't see any other teams.
Okay, let's ride! BERT: Ya! KAREN: Woo! BERT: Woo! This is really exciting! We got the best driver! KAREN: Ya.
BERT: Ya! ZED: Yodpiman 2 Pier.
SHABBIR: Perfect.
Nice, muggy day here in Bangkok.
ZED: Woo! SHABBIR: Yee-haw! Ride 'em, ride 'em, ride 'em! SAM: We're in beautiful Bangkok.
Hi! This is unreal! Absolutely amazing.
PAUL: Sam is definitely a role model for me.
When we first started dating, I wasn't open about my sexuality so that was very tough on both of us, the fact that I was hiding so much of an important part of my life to my family, and friends, and loved ones.
I'm so lucky that I had Sam to talk me through it and say that this is so important for yourself, and for your life, and you'll be at such a better place once you do it.
What an experience, eh? ADAM: We've got to give it more of an angle, okay? So I've got to stand more over here.
Okay? [SIGHS.]
ANDREA: Okay, keep at it, keep at it, keep at it.
IVANA: Main entrance could be anywhere.
Let's check the street signs.
KOREY: I think we've got to go this way.
IVANA: Okay.
ADAM: Just tap it, right on my feet.
Okay, pick it up, pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up, Andrea! ANDREA: Okay, okay, okay.
ADAM: You understand why you're not gonna get that? I don't wanna play fetch! ANDREA: Regardless, you're gonna play fetch, 'cause it's gonna go out of the circle.
ADAM: So, then, you start playing fetch! ANDREA: No problem.
ADAM: Let's go, c'mon.
ADAM: Thank you! Thank you! JON: Adam and Andrea will now fast forward through all the tasks and proceed directly to the pit stop, at the War Thewarat Kunchorn Worawiharn Temple.
Here in the courtyard of this peaceful community temple, teams will find a moment of serenity and the pit stop for the fifth leg of the race.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
ANDREA: We're going to see Jon! ADAM: That was like scoring an overtime goal in game seven right there! ANDREA: There's a flag.
ADAM: Yup.
IVANA: Andrea and Adam are high-fiving and they're cheering on the street, so they got it.
I don't believe it.
KOREY: Oh gosh.
ANDREA: Wow, hello and bye, Bangkok! Thank you, Mom and Dad for putting us in soccer when we were like four years old.
ADAM: It was awesome to share that moment with her because we've never played on a team together growing up.
A big goal like that with your little sister, it was really cool.
Let's just go Ew, that's your sweat, man! KOREY: I'm not losing like this.
IVANA: Just get in.
We can't let that get us down.
We just want to make sure we run our race and don't come in last, basically.
KAREN: So this must be the Artist's House right here.
Ya, ya! Wat Khua Sawan Pier.
It's show time.
JON: Once at the Artist's House, teams will need to perform a traditional Thai puppet show, using the handcrafted puppet of Hanuman, the mythological monkey god.
Teams will learn the detailed puppet routine, which includes choreographed movements and audience interactions, all done shh in complete silence.
Once teams perform the silent show in front of the audience, the puppet master will give them their next clue.
KAREN: Let's go.
BERT: Let's go, babe.
KAREN: Right here.
BERT: Your hand goes up.
We're friends.
This feels very awkward.
BERT: We've got to coordinate together to make the puppet move together in synch.
KAREN: It's hard to tell a story without using any words.
KAREN: No, wrong foot.
BERT: We can't talk.
This is gonna be hard.
SHABBIR: Artist's House.
That's the Artist's House.
ZED: Put on a puppet show and receive your next clue.
BERT: Hey, guys.
ZED: Why don't I do the hand, Dad? SHABBIR: No, no.
ZED: So you only have to worry about that then.
SHABBIR: I'm fine, Zed.
ZED: Just let me do two.
Let me do two, and you do one.
SHABBIR: I am fine.
RYAN: C'mon, Kenny.
We're looking for the river walk, the boat launch! RYAN: There's another team-- Ebonie and Andrea.
Ola! You guys find it? ANDREA: It's up that way, guys.
RYAN: Should we stay close to them? We could help each other find it.
ANDREA: We just have to find the Yodpiman thing.
RYAN: We have to find Pier 2, right? KOREY: Yo, the Yodpiman Pier.
IVANA: That's it.
Yeah, thank you.
As soon as we get to a challenge, we have no problems.
It's getting there.
IVANA: Awesome! Yay, we're on a boat! KENNETH: There we go! RYAN: This is it, guys, come on! ANDREA: Yodpiman River, here we come! KENNETH: Let's go for a little boat cruise.
PAUL: There we go, Artist's House.
SAM: Thank you.
PAUL: It's show time.
Do we have to interact with the audience? SAM: Oh yeah, how do we interact with the audience? SAM: Apart from the actual puppet show, there are four audience interactions we have to do.
The first one is to take a sip of someone's water, take a selfie with an audience member and the puppet.
The third is for the puppet to give someone a kiss on the cheek.
And the fourth is for the puppet to hit a wall on his way out, and then get mad at the wall.
PUPPET MASTER: Yeah, good.
IVANA: Oh! Oh, oh, oh! This is the Artist's House! KENNETH: Over there, right there, Artist's House! RYAN: Nice! KOREY: What's up, players? The good news is, we're not last.
IVANA: We're like, "Yes, we have caught up!" IVANA: Touch wrists on 3.
KOREY: Yes! Yes! IVANA: I like when he laughs.
Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha! RYAN: I've never done anything like this in my life.
I feel like I'm back in drama class.
ANDREA: I think everyone is here.
SHABBIR: Okay, I got it, Zed.
Don't worry.
PAUL: So water, selfie, kiss, blame it on the wall.
SAM: Okay, we're gonna go try.
And we can't talk.
Congratulations! PAUL: Thank you, thank you.
SAM: Thank you.
IVANA: They just received their clue, it looks like.
PAUL: Detour, detour Bling it or Shred it.
A city of extremes, Bangkok is an amazing assault on the senses, with countless adventures and experiences to explore.
And in this detour, teams will have a choice between two of these amazing adventures.
It's their call Bling it or Shred it.
JON: In Bling it, teams must make their way to this temple at the Amulet Market, and choose a tuk-tuk to decorate.
Once chosen, they'll compare these two blinged-out tuk-tuks to determine which decorations are identical on both.
When teams feel confident they've identified all the identical items, they'll search two nearby markets to buy these decorations to trick out their own tuk-tuk.
Once they've matched all the bling, they'll receive their next clue.
JON: In Shred it, teams will have to hang 10 on 30,000 gallons of flowing water, right in the middle of downtown Bangkok.
Both team members must ride the rushing waves to grab one of these dangling flags.
Once they each snag a flag, this surf instructor will give them their next clue.
MAN: Ya! SAM: Shred it.
SAM: I think all the teams are at that challenge.
PAUL: Does that mean no one tried for the fast forward? SAM: Oh no, Adam and Andrea.
PAUL: Oh, right.
BOTH: We're going to see Jon! ADAM: That's definitely it.
We're there.
Oh, man C'mon, keep up, keep up.
ANDREA: Slow down, then.
ADAM: Yes! ANDREA: Wait for me! [SHRIEKS.]
Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand.
BOTH: Thank you.
JON: Adam and Andrea You're team number one.
JON: You fast forwarded yourselves right through Bangkok, here to the finish line.
ANDREA: Oh my god! JON: As the winners of this leg of the race, you're coming back to Bangkok! BOTH: Yes! JON: Sinorama Holidays has a 14-day extensive holiday plan for you guys beginning here in Bangkok, taking you to Chang Mai, the Golden Triangle, Yangtze and Shanghai, China.
ANDREA: Ya! ANDREA: I know he's been believing it but I told him today; I'm like, "I think we could actually win this thing.
" I'm ready.
I'm so ready to win this race.
ANDREA: Oh my god ZED: Dad, can I just do the middle, please? SHABBIR: No.
ZED: Why are you so stubborn? SHABBIR: I think we're gonna get it on the first try.
SHABBIR: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Wha-ha-ha-ha! ZED: Bump on the way out.
SHABBIR: Okay What did we do wrong? RYAN: It's just hard because we can't talk.
SHABBIR: And as long as we talk out loud what the steps are, I think we'll be fine.
ZED: Okay, you ready to try again? You ready to try again, Dad? SHABBIR: Yeah, okay.
This is, I think, our fourth or fifth attempt.
ZED: And laugh.
SHABBIR: Ha-ha-ha-ha! No.
SHABBIR: I'm not sure what we're not getting.
ZED: I don't know.
SHABBIR: I thought that was perfect.
IVANA: Happy, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Sorry.
Okay, let's try again.
KAREN: Like, be theatrical.
BERT: But we can't talk.
KAREN: No talking.
KAREN: Bert and I do community theatre in Edmonton.
We're entertainers.
BERT: Yeah, we love play-acting.
KAREN: Yes! BERT: You've been a great audience! KAREN: Bye-bye! Detour.
Bling it.
I can decorate.
We can both decorate.
BERT: Alright, Bling it.
KAREN: Yeah, Bling it.
We choose Bling it.
SAM: We're going to the surfing challenge, and neither of us has ever surfed before.
Why not today, right? Why not in Thailand? PAUL: Flow House, Flow House.
SAM: Thank you! PAUL: Watch the car, Sam.
SAM: Yup.
Surf's up.
SAM: Ya, let's go! [CHEERING.]
SAM: So, for this detour, we each need to start at the bottom of the wave, get near the top, and grab a flag.
PAUL: You have to put so much force in your back leg, just let it all go on the back.
SAM: Gnarly! [LAUGHTER.]
GIRL: Whoa! PAUL: I feel it on this one! SAM: Steady, Paul! Way to go, babe! [CHEERING.]
PAUL: Woo! SAM: Paul just got his flag.
I just have to go now, and then we're out of here! Woo! [LAUGHTER.]
SAM: That was gnarly! [LAUGHTER.]
ANDREA: Oh my god! SHABBIR: We've gotta get it this time.
One more time, please.
We have to go.
RYAN: We loved being a puppet.
RYAN: Ya! Woo! EBONIE: We're gonna do Shred it.
RYAN: Shred it, dude.
KENNETH: Let's go ride a wave.
RYAN: Let's go get pitted! IVANA: Shabbir and Zed, and Korey and I are the last two teams here.
We gotta get this.
SHABBIR: 1 2 ZED: This is the most frustrating thing of my life.
KAREN: We're now on our way to Amulet Market so that we can do the Bling it challenge.
We know bling.
BERT: I think this is it.
KAREN: Bling, bling! We're gonna choose a tuk-tuk.
BERT: What? Why not go with the first one? KAREN: Yeah, number one.
Please head inside to where the example tuk-tuks are.
BERT: There's the examples.
KAREN: Find the exact same decorations that are on both tuk-tuk examples.
Then purchase those decorations and secure them to your tuk-tuk.
So, how do we do that? BERT: We don't need to do all the decorations, only the ones that are exactly the same on both tuk-tuks.
KAREN: So let's look at what's the same, then.
BERT: Does yours have white lights with bulbs? KAREN: Yup.
BERT: Do you have a hanging bumblebee? Oh yeah, but yours is-- KAREN: I do, but mine's gold.
Yours is silver.
So, some of them might be exactly the same, but at different locations? BERT: Yeah, it looks like it.
KAREN: Oh, this is tricky.
ANDREA: Flow House.
EBONIE: Thank you! Gracias! Merci! ANDREA: Let's rock this! PAUL: Andrea and Ebonie just walked in.
SURFER: You have done before? EBONIE: Yes.
EBONIE: I've worked at an indoor surfing pool.
I practiced there all the time.
I feel like this challenge was made for me.
EBONIE: Let's try it! EBONIE: Woo! Like a champion! [CHEERING.]
You're so close, Sam! SAM: Okay.
GIRL: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! PAUL: Ya! Woo! [CHEERING.]
PAUL: Good job.
SURFER: [Inaudible.]
SAM: Thank you very much! SAM: Make your way to Wat Thewarat Kunchorn to [inaudible.]
, to search for Jon at your next pit stop! SAM: Taxi! PAUL: We're really hoping we're first, but not banking on it.
SAM: Maybe Adam and Andrea didn't go for the fast forward.
PAUL: Who knows? SAM: That would be wild.
ZED: Just focus.
Just focus.
SHABBIR: High five.
IVANA: They're coming back.
This is our chance.
Let's get ahead right now.
KOREY: Okay, no talking at all.
I've got this.
SHABBIR: 1, 2, 3.
Yes! Thank you! Detour.
We're gonna do Bling it, because I'm nervous about my back.
SHABBIR: Okay, it looks like we're in last at this point.
Give me the clue.
ZED: Holy smokes.
SHABBIR: We just found out that we're not allowed to speak anything so this is supposed to be a very silent puppet show.
ZED: We honestly did not read the clue.
ZED/SHABBIR: Shred it.
SHABBIR: [Inaudible.]
, please.
This is the first time we're in last place.
ZED: It's a long leg to go.
Let's do this.
Hey, head up.
RYAN: Ya, get busy! KENNETH: Get busy! Wassup?! KENNETH: Ya, girls! RYAN: Gettin' pitted! Focus, relax, breathe! EBONIE: That's it That's it.
ANDREA: Whoa! ANDREA: Search for Jon at your next pit stop.
EBONIE: Oh my god! Let's get out of here! Thank you! EBONIE: Thailand's been good to us.
ANDREA: Yes, Thailand has been good to us.
EBONIE: We love Thailand.
KAREN: Okay, so, do you have bell with tassels? BERT: I have it down here.
KAREN: Ready to start looking? BERT: Do you think we have everything? KAREN: We are already at one market.
This is the Amulet Market, so we can start looking here.
BERT: This is wild.
Look at this little doggie.
KAREN: Here, here.
BERT: Yeah, that looks right to me.
This is exactly it.
Thank you.
KAREN: We're missing three items.
We've got to go to the other market, then.
BERT: Let's go! KAREN: Tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk.
So, we're going to the Klongthom Center.
I'm good at shopping.
Bling, bling.
EBONIE: We're close.
We're close.
ANDREA: We're gonna find Jon.
This is crazy! EBONIE: This is crazy.
ANDREA: What? [Inaudible.]
SAM: There's the girls, Andrea and Ebonie.
ANDREA: This is it.
EBONIE: This is it? SAM: Okay, stop, stop, stop! PAUL: Sir, we're getting out! ANDREA: We're definitely at the right place.
PAUL: Let's go, let's go, let's go! ANDREA: Guys, where is it? Oh, careful! Careful, careful! ANDREA: Guys, where is it? Oh, careful! Careful, careful! Are you okay? SAM: Yeah, let's go.
ANDREA: Are you okay? PAUL: Come on! It's this way! PAUL: Sam, Sam, Sam! ANDREA: Ebonie! Eb! EBONIE: Oh my god! ANDREA: Eb! EBONIE: Oh! JON: Andrea and Ebonie, Sam and Paul, you guys are teams number two and three.
EBONIE: From last to second.
We want number one.
RYAN: Come on, Kenneth! You've got 'er, buddy! Ya! [CHEERING.]
RYAN: Reach it! Ya! RYAN: Search for Jon at your next pit stop! Okay, we gotta go.
KENNETH: We gotta go! Aloha! Aloha! RYAN: Woo! KAREN: So we're going to the Klongthom Center.
BERT: Wow, this is a very lit-up market.
KAREN: Alright, let's go.
This is the lights.
Hi, hi.
BERT: Looking for a string of lights.
KAREN: Thank you.
BERT: Thank you.
BERT: Let's move on and find everything else.
KAREN: Hello.
BERT: These are lights again.
KAREN: They are lights again.
More lights.
BERT: Let's go back to the other market.
We know this is just lights.
That's weird that we'd go so far for just BOTH: One item.
BERT: Yeah.
SHABBIR: It is so hot.
ZED: There are no other teams here.
I have good balance, so I can grab the flag quick.
We need to make up ground.
I got the flag.
Dad's gotta get the flag.
AUDIENCE: Whoa! I think we still picked the right detour.
There's still lots of time.
Let's go, Dad! AUDIENCE: Whoa! KOREY: Where is it? This thing.
IVANA: Good eye, Korey, good eye.
That's clutch.
It's this black light.
Write that down.
IVANA: Got it, got it.
BERT: So, Korey and Ivana are here.
We gotta move.
KAREN: Good luck, guys.
KAREN: It was very good to see another team here because that means that they're trying to do this challenge too, and we know it's obviously time-consuming.
IVANA: Let's go buy these things.
We are heading to our first market.
ZED: Okay Now slowly lean back.
My dad's having a bit of a struggle right now, but I think I found an easier way to do it.
ZED: When you hold the ends of the board and crouch down, it's much easier to get into the wave, and then towards the flag, you can just leap up and grab it.
I'm gonna try Zed's way of kneeling down.
It seems to be working a bit better for me.
RYAN: We're coming, Jonny, we're coming! [SIGHS.]
JON: Kenneth and Ryan, you're team number four.
KENNETH: Woo! RYAN: Sweet! JON: It has been an epic leg of the race, gentleman, from Nelson to Beijing to Shanghai to Bangkok.
Boys, we'll see you guys at the next stop.
Thank you, Jon! KOREY: I think we're here, yup.
IVANA: I'm confident that we're going to find the items here.
Here, here, here, here, here.
KOREY: Boom, black and white, black and white.
IVANA: We need these lights right now.
IVANA: Thank you, thank you.
KOREY: Thanks.
KOREY: See anything else that we need? IVANA: I see nothing.
I see lights.
BERT: Excuse me.
Excuse me, excuse me Can I buy this? I wanna buy this, this one right here.
Just one.
KAREN: So this is it, right? BERT: Yeah, let's get back.
KAREN: Now is supposed to be the fun part decoration.
It has to be beautiful.
BERT: You're beautiful.
BERT: Check, please.
MAN: No.
KAREN: Don't laugh! KAREN: We have to go back to the example tuk-tuks and try and figure out, what are we missing? BERT: Could it be beading, like Buddha monk beads? KAREN: There are so many different tiny little details.
Oh my god.
KOREY: Okay, let's look around this aisle.
Let's just look in these aisles now.
IVANA: I've been looking everywhere we turn.
I honestly don't see decorations.
All I see is lights and lights and lights.
KOREY: Holy crap, man! We've been here for 45 minutes and all we have is one item.
We're just gonna go back and hope that the rest of our stuff is at the Amulet Market.
Why do you need so many lights? ZED: You got this, Dad! SHABBIR: I've taken so many falls, my body's aching.
Can I give it a few more tries? ZED: Sure.
I can do about four or five more.
ZED: When my dad sets his mind to something, he needs to get it done.
ZED: Dad! SHABBIR: Ah! SHABBIR: I'm in pain, I'm exhausted, and it's time to switch.
ZED: We're going to switch detours here.
SHABBIR: Thank you.
SHABBIR: I wasn't planning to switch, but after that fall, I knew it was the right thing to do.
KAREN: We're missing one item.
BERT: How about your tassels? Maybe a colour of tassels are wrong.
Here, this garland.
KAREN: That's it, that's it.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
BERT: Excuse me, excuse me Sorry, excuse me Got it, I found it! Oh my goodness.
We know this market so well.
150? KAREN: Yay! BERT: Check, please.
KAREN: Yes, good! MAN: Good job.
Search for Jon at your next pit stop! Oh, thank god! One day in Thailand! BERT: can drive you crazy.
IVANA: Here, here, here! KOREY: Yes! IVANA: Rooster! Rooster, rooster, rooster! This is it, this is it.
KOREY: Yes, girl! You're on fire, baby! IVANA: On fire, on fire, on fire.
KOREY: Can we get one of these, please? IVANA: Let's move it.
We have to decorate our tuk-tuk.
This is ugly.
I don't want it here.
There we go, panda.
Let's try it, let's try it.
Can we get a check, please? MAN: No.
IVANA: Okay, let's try.
Let's check-- let's check our list, it's okay.
IVANA: I don't know what it is.
KOREY: It's gotta be something here, man.
IVANA: Are we blind? Korey, are we blind? What is it? KOREY: It's okay, it's okay.
We can't get frazzled right now.
IVANA: Do you have a red flag? Do you have a red flag? Do you have a red flag? Do you have a red flag? KOREY: Yes! That's what it is.
IVANA: Yes, let's go! Let's go find it! KOREY: It's here somewhere.
It's here somewhere.
I saw some tuk-tuks on the other side.
Okay, let's go.
Hopefully, we can get this on our first time trying.
The panda is the same.
I've got the golden fish.
Red, small green, white.
Perfect, thank you.
Thank you very much.
My god, it's so hot.
KAREN: Come, come, come.
JON: Karen and Bert, you guys are team number five.
It's been a very long leg-- long two legs, so JON: The longest in the history of The Amazing Race Canada .
KAREN: I believe that.
It feels like the longest! KAREN: We have ran this leg through pure exhaustion.
This is like the work that you put into marriage.
ZED: We just need the fish, though.
SHABBIR: Are we good? ZED: I believe we have everything.
We are decorating our tuk-tuk.
Okay, we'll get a check, please.
ZED: No? ZED: Look for beads or something.
SHABBIR: Oh, lights.
Zed, what about the lights? That's what we're missing, the lights.
ZED: Yeah.
SHABBIR: Okay, we have to go to the other market.
What a day.
What a day! This day couldn't have gone any worse for us.
KOREY: Red banner, red banner? IVANA: Okay, yeah, I know, I know, I know, I know.
Red banner, red banner, red banner.
Keep your eyes open for it.
Right there! KOREY: That's the one! IVANA: Keep the change, keep the change! Let's go, let's go.
We added our banner.
Now we're gonna check.
IVANA: Thank you! KOREY: Read it.
IVANA: Warning, the last team to check in may be eliminated.
KOREY: Let's go! KOREY: Taxi, taxi! IVANA: Taxi! KOREY: Some of the taxis are available, but they're not even stopping.
IVANA: Will you stop? KOREY: Why? Why does this keep happening? SHABBIR: The lights.
Yeah, those are the ones.
Okay, let's get out of here.
I just hope it's a non-elimination round.
I just feel that there might be a glimmer of hope.
IVANA: Yes, please stop! KOREY: Thank god.
Let's get out of here.
Do you this-- do you know this address, 90 [inaudible.]
? You have to go fast, though.
Yeah? DRIVER: Go to there? KOREY: Yes.
We have no idea where the other teams are, and KOREY: No idea what place we're in.
IVANA: No idea what place we're in but we think we're last.
ZED: We're just wrapping on the final piece.
You good, Dad? SHABBIR: Yeah.
Check, please.
MAN: Okay.
SHABBIR: Yeah? Wonderful.
ZED: Search for Jon at your next pit stop.
Warning, the last team to check in may be eliminated.
IVANA: Sir, you know where we're going, right? 90 [inaudible.]
IVANA: You sure you know? KOREY: He sounds pretty confident to me, man.
DRIVER: [Inaudible.]
IVANA: He has no idea where we're going.
He's making me translate.
DRIVER: Oh, okay, okay.
IVANA: How many minutes? KOREY: How long? One hour, great.
IVANA: One hour? We were going the wrong direction the whole time.
KOREY: We're literally at the other end of the city.
IVANA: I think we left Bangkok.
Our taxi driver was driving the completely opposite way.
Such a sad feeling, especially going to Jon for the pit stop.
It's the worst feeling.
SHABBIR: I'm just hoping on a prayer.
DRIVER: [Inaudible.]
Okay, stop, stop, stop.
IVANA: The thunder is very appropriate right now.
KOREY: Yeah.
ZED: Go down there? SHABBIR: Straight.
IVANA: Let's go, go, go, Korey.
SHABBIR: Where are we going? Is he in there? IVANA: Oh! KOREY: [SIGHS.]
Korey and Ivana You guys are team number six.
KOREY: Oh my god! Oh my god IVANA: Six! KOREY: Boom! IVANA: Yay! With a broken back! Major detour with our cab.
We are safe.
What a day.
KOREY: Woo! Zed and Shabbir you are the last team to arrive.
I am sorry to tell you this, but you've been eliminated from the race.
I didn't want this journey to end.
It's an amazing ride, and I didn't want to get off the ride.
I didn't pull through in the challenges, and I let him down.
ZED: You didn't let me down.
Seeing you de with people half your age was inspiring.
JON: Cancer survivor, 57 years young, you have done amazing, Shabbir.
Thank you very much, Jon.
ZED: It's crazy to think that that was six years ago that it was a struggle to just get up from bed and move around a little bit.
And to do the things that he's done, he's my mentor, he's my idol, and I'm very proud of him.
SHABBIR: I found out that Zed is a lot, lot smarter than I ever gave him credit for.
So I'm proud of him.
I really am very proud of you.
Oh, hug.
SHABBIR: I had an opportunity to do something amazing with my son.
I'm so happy for that opportunity, so happy.
SHABBIR: We're done.
ZED: I know.
I can't believe it.
JON: Next time on The Amazing Race Canada EBONIE: Go to Ottawa, Ontario! ADAM/ANDREA: O Canada! JON: Teams head home to our nation's capital, Ottawa.
JON: At the roadblock, teams discover they can't look a gift horse in the [HORSE WHINNYING.]
Oh, I think it farted! JON: A test of true patriotism has teams struggling to make the grade.
RYAN: Who made the Canadian National Anthem? Celine Dion? KENNETH: No, dude.
SAM: There, Paul.
JON: And it's a race to nip the detour in the bud KAREN: Flowers, flowers everywhere! JON: in a fight for first to the double U-turn board.
SAM: Let's go! KAREN: There, there, there! JON: For more on the racers and to join race play, head to ctv.

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