The Amazing Race (2001) s06e05 Episode Script

Quit Following Us

Phil Keoghan: Previously on "The Amazing Race," 8 teams set out from Stockholm, Sweden and flew more than 3,000 miles to the country of Senegal in Africa.
Oh, these smells, I can't take it! Phil: Kendra found it unsettling.
I feel very unsafe in the middle of ghetto Africa.
Phil: While Don and Mary Jean embraced it.
Don: The colors are dazzling.
The kids are all smiling and playing.
Phil: A fishy detour made some teams sick.
I never want to go fishing again in my entire life.
Phil: And a question of money brought Lori and Bolo face to face.
Do you want to go to jail? I don't care.
You are an idiot.
Phil: And Mary Jean brought Don to tears.
Don: She's one hell of a woman.
I am so proud of her.
Phil: In the end, they came in last, but were given a reprieve.
Don and Mary Jean, this is the first of several non-elimination legs, and you are still in "The Amazing Race.
" Now, 8 teams remain.
Who will be eliminated next? Phil: This is Gorée Island, off the coast of Senegal, Africa.
Though physically beautiful, this island was the epicenter of the European slave trade for more than 300 years.
It is also the fourth pit stop in a race around the world.
Teams arrived here at the end of the last leg for a mandatory rest period.
Don and Mary Jean, who arrived last, were not eliminated because this pit stop was the first of 3 predetermined non-elimination spots.
Oh, my god.
Phil: But they were stripped of all the money they had accumulated since the start of the race and they will not receive any money for the upcoming leg.
Will Don and Mary Jean be defeated by this obstacle, or will their determination enable them to beat the odds and stay in the race? Kris and Jon, who were the first to arrive at 12:52 P.
, will depart at 12:52 A.
Find the most well-known slave house in Gorée.
Phil: Teams must now search the island for this building known as "The Slave House," where captured men, women and children were held before being sent to the New World as slaves.
All right, let's go, baby.
Jon and I are running this race by ourselves.
We're trying not to make alliances.
We have so much respect for each other, and we believe in each other so much.
The village center, right here, right? Yeah.
Find the most well-known slave house in Gorée.
Jonathan: We placed second 3 times now in the race, but I am upset Victoria and I can't fundamentally pull it together and fight for the number one position.
We are off and moving again.
Let's go that way.
Let's go.
Find the most well-known slave house in Gorée.
Got it, let's go.
Me and Bolo have been together for like, 8 years.
He is stubborn and it's a challenge.
We butt heads a lot, but I love him.
Too bad you ain't got your light.
It would help, wouldn't it? Yeah, it would, but i don't know where it is, so you gotta be a smart ass? Aaron and I both contribute differently.
I have been a bit snippy with him at times.
But overall we are doing well.
I love him.
I wouldn't want to be with anyone else on this race.
7 teams have $80 for this leg of the race.
One team has zero.
All right.
Let's go.
Our strategy has always been to play low-key in the beginning.
But we want to make alliances.
The only alliance that we really have right now is with Hayden and Aaron.
I can take you that way.
Hayden: We are probably going to stick together until the end.
Find the most well-known slave house.
I don't feel like Rebecca and I are owning the race.
I feel like we're still getting lucky here and there.
We need a little more confidence.
We are strong.
I think we can figure it out by ourselves.
Not follow as much.
As we are following the group.
I'd love to get out of Africa.
I can see why so many people escaped.
Find the most well-known slave house in Gorée.
The race has paid off a lot in Hera and I getting to know each other.
She's blossomed into a woman who is very conscientious and very focused and driven.
I wonder if they knew what they were getting into? Who? Oh, you mean the slaves? Why would there be any reason to tell 'em? One team has zero dollars.
Don: The bell rung, and guess who is still in the fight? Coming out with no cash, but we will deal with that somehow.
The most important thing right now is money.
I know.
Will we get the money.
If we have to sing and dance, we will get the money.
We're still in the game.
Jon: Is this it? Yeah.
Thank you very much.
"For more than 3 centuries, African men, women and children were "imprisoned here at this house before "being sent to the New World as slaves.
"Before they boarded the ships "that would take them from their homes forever "the slaves passed through an archway "known as the door of no return.
"Before leaving this island, you must honor "the memory of those "whose lives were uprooted and sold into slavery.
"At 8:30 A.
, "each team will be given the opportunity "to enter the slave house "and place a single rose as a tribute on the threshold of this historic archway.
" Let's say a prayer.
Wow, this is the Gate of No Return.
You okay? Wait a minute.
I can't I didn't mean to embarrass you, Hera.
You didn't embarrass me, it's fine.
I didn't cry at my mother's funeral.
I didn't cry at my father's funeral.
But when I went through those doors, I saw myself and then I started realizing that this is the connection with a part of yourself that you really have never been really fully able to connect with.
I hope that the others can realize the magnitude of the human experience that is incorporated in this race we run.
Make your way to the symbol of triumph over oppression.
The remains of the Berlin Wall.
Phil: Teams must take a ferry back to the mainland and fly more than 3,000 miles to Berlin, Germany.
When teams land, they'll travel by train 10 miles to this section of the Berlin Wall, one of the few parts of the wall still standing, it is here that teams will find their next clue.
Let's go.
Bolo: Let's run.
Let's get before them.
Make sure that we make that ferry.
[Jon whistles.]
Go, go, go.
Oh, no.
Lori: Just missed it.
Crap! It's gone.
Damn it.
It's all right, everyone missed it.
We just missed the damn ferry.
- Are you serious? - Yep.
Looks like one leaves at 9:00.
Oh, departs 9:30.
Now we are just waiting.
I would love to be back in Paris and have a croissant.
- We need money.
- We need money desperately.
We come from an affluent area.
Here I am dead broke in one of the poorest countries in the world.
I could not bring myself to go to somebody that had so much less than I and ask them for something.
Come with hat in hand.
Is there anything you guys can spare for us? How does $8 sound? $8 sounds absolutely wonderful, Jon.
Thank you.
I know you guys are going to make it.
So if you guys don't pay us back, we will be $20 short.
You got it.
Here's five ones we can spare y'all.
Gosh, that's wonderful.
Oh, my god.
Thank you.
Would giving them five dollars make or break the game? Probably not.
Give 'em five bucks.
Freddy, thank you.
Here's 5 euros for you guys.
I don't know how far that's going to get you.
We have more money than some of the other people.
So don't tell anybody how much money we have.
We are OK.
OK, travel agent.
Do you know what that means? International travel agent.
We go there.
You ask me and I promise.
Okay, we get our tickets for you guys and you guys can get tickets for us at the airport.
Let's go to the taxis.
Let's go.
Taxi! Very fast.
Very fast.
To the airport.
As quick as you can go.
Very fast.
To the airport.
Come on.
Come on.
To Dakar airport, correct? I'm not gonna get on no discount flight.
With goats and sheep.
Taxi? Oh, air.
I just looked in the mirror.
I look 40 years older than I did when we left.
C'mon, we cross here.
You wanna go to that travel agent? OK, let's go.
We are going to go straight to the travel agent.
I can take.
I think it's further down.
Yes, do you know travel agent? This way.
I know one way there.
How you doing today? Good.
You? - Good, thank you.
- Very good.
We haven't moved in about 5 minutes.
Come on.
You can turn right.
Come on, dude.
Finagle your way.
Lori and Bolo just went by.
Whoo-hoo! M.
and Don are there beside us.
Everybody is passing us.
This city is wretched and disgusting, and they just keep breeding and breeding, and this poverty, I can't take it.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
We need tickets on the 7:15 Air France flight to Berlin.
Clerk: OK.
Here you have tickets.
Thank you.
The 7:15.
This is your ticket to Berlin.
Lovely, lovely.
We got 7:15 to Berlin.
We want to go to Dakar Airport.
Jon: Air France.
Here we are.
We are booked on the 7:15.
Can you print me out the tickets? Thank you so much.
So this is for the ride to the airport.
Hayden: Perfect.
How do you get to the ticket counter? Is there a way to reserve tickets to Berlin? We have 7:15.
We need 4 tickets for Freddy and Kendra and Aaron and I.
Bolo: They shouldn't be allowed to do that.
We were in line next.
You don't need to make a scene right here.
Well, you shouldn't be cutting in line.
They're cutting in line.
Come on, honey.
You guys are going here? Yeah.
Nah, you need to stay back there.
They don't have their passports.
We are next in line.
Do not allow them to do that, please.
Passport, honey.
Passport? Bolo: Keep your mouth shut, please.
I don't need to keep my mouth shut.
You don't need to talk to me that way.
I don't care.
We are in line.
They're cutting.
Why are you freaking out? 'Cause we're waiting in line and busting our ass and they're sitting back there, and y'all 4 are doing your little tickets.
It's always gonna be that way Get used to it.
Blah blah blah! Just be quiet, mouth.
Just shut up.
You can't talk to me that way.
I can talk to you however I want to, however I want to.
Bolo, shut your mouth.
What are you going to do? You're not fighting! What are you gonna do? - Get your hands off me! - Lower the testosterone just a bit.
Just because you're 5'5'' and on steroids I'm not on steroids.
So are we checked all the way through to Berlin? Yeah, you can do that.
I'm just gonna let them Freddy and Kendra can get Just tell them they can get it because there's just too much commotion.
We can all get along.
I don't understand why I am sorry.
I didn't mean to say that to you.
It's OK.
I just And I am not on steroids.
Okay, this is the ticket to Berlin.
Same thing that they got.
And they're doing exactly the same thing one more time.
Everybody is on the same one.
This is your ticket to Berlin.
Let's go.
Thank you, my friend.
Have a good day.
Goodbye, Africa.
Hello, Berlin Wall.
Phil: All teams are now traveling to Berlin, Germany.
When they land, they must make their way to the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall.
Somewhere along this half-mile stretch of the wall, teams will find their next clue.
Are you available? Everyone is right behind us.
It's a big difference from ghetto third world.
Deutschland! How do you say "fast" in German? Farfegnugen.
Beautiful city.
You've got to have an appreciation for the people that make Mercedes.
[Speaking German.]
This is gonna be rough.
The game is afoot and we are rolling.
Down here? No, keep going.
Guy said taxi this way.
Let's go.
Fast, fast.
We are in a race.
Pass them, pass them.
Taxi right there! Don, Don! The train station.
- Driver: The train station? - Yes.
Just get on board.
Thank you.
How much does it cost to go there? Just sit down.
OK, thank you.
We're going to Warschauer Strasse.
So you're going to take the S-Bahn.
Kendra: This is the station.
We gotta sprint for it.
We need to get to the station.
- Yeah.
- S-Bahn.
Go to the S-Bahn.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Go down, take the U-2.
- U-Bahn Two? - Yeah.
We gotta go down underground.
There's Jonathan and Victoria.
Upstairs, S-Bahn That's not it.
Wee need the U-Bahn.
Stay on their ass.
Damn, I hate following them.
You guys following us? It's not right, you guys following us.
Jonathan, you are just so smart.
We want to do everything you do.
You need to stop it, OK? You need to stop it.
We're doing all the work and you're following us.
No, no.
You need to stop this.
Stop what? Stop following.
Then I'll go over there.
Go where you want.
I will follow you.
Look out.
Get out of my way.
[Speaking German.]
We need the U-2.
The U-2, it's not good.
S-Bahn is better.
Thank you.
Right here.
- Which way? - That way.
You know where they knocked the Berlin Wall down? Yes.
I know what you mean.
You can go with the S-Train.
Go straight on and upstairs.
Up here? Oh, there they are.
We see people right now.
Up here? Yeah, yours works, let's go.
Hold the door.
Is this the S-Bahn? - This one? - Yes.
She said straight on upstairs.
She said upstairs, this is upstairs.
C'mon train.
Just missed it.
Sir, this is east? I think that's the S-Bahn.
I still think everybody is ahead of us.
I think it's down there.
Cross over.
Over there's the Berlin Wall.
Here is the East Side Gallery.
Do you see any clues? Come on, honey.
This way.
Rebecca, quick.
You think we need to be inside? I think we should go down here.
As Freddy and Kendra and Adam and Rebecca went inside the wall searching for the clue box, Victoria and I started to run down the wall.
There it is.
Victoria: Read the clue.
Make your way to Gedächtniskirche.
Phil: Teams must make their way through downtown Berlin to this partially destroyed church, a reminder of the devastation of World War II.
Across the street at this sculpture of broken chains, teams will find their next clue.
The busted chain statue.
- There is another team.
- Damn.
All right.
This is cool, the Berlin Wall.
Yeah, this is crazy.
Come on, we don't want to lose track of them.
Look at that.
We went from the depths of human degradation in Africa to the same thing in Europe.
We humans are capable of so much horror.
Is the Berlin Wall that way? I don't think there is any way out of this.
Let's go back around.
Got it? Yeah.
Come on, honey.
Let's go.
All right.
This has got to be the end.
Adam, the wall is done.
Come on.
We don't see any damn clue.
Yeah, this is it.
Oh, god, these runs.
Make your way to Gedächtniskirche.
Make your way to Gedächtniskirche.
Do you know where that is? Thank you, sir.
The busted chain statue.
Oh, damn it.
We overshot it.
That is a perfect example of why running too fast can be bad.
The busted chain statue.
Where you'll get your next clue.
We need to find this statue.
Go fast.
Make your way to the busted chain statue.
Run red lights.
Run over people.
You need the fast taxi, ja? Yeah, that's you.
That's you.
It's destroyed church.
You can take the S-Bahn.
Victoria: Here is the chain.
Detour, beers or brats.
A detour is a choice between 2 tasks, each with its own pros and cons.
In this detour, teams have to choose between beer and brats.
In beer, teams make their way to this brauhouse, pick up steins of beer, and search the tables of this crowded bar for the coasters with their faces and names on them.
They will have to trade 2 full steins of beers for each coaster they find, and collect a total of 5 coasters to receive their next clue.
In brats, teams must make their way to a place called The Citadel.
Once there, they must use a hand-operated sausage maker to create one continuous rope of 5 bratwurst links.
Each link must be at least 7 inches long to receive their next clue.
What do you want to do? All right, let's do the links.
How hard is it to make bratwurst? About to find out.
Please, I have seen Lucy do it in "I Love Lucy.
" If she can do it, I can do it.
- Kris: You see chain links? - Jon: Yeah.
Beers or brats? Beer? Yeah.
Do you know where this is? Just take the S-Bahn.
Take the S-Bahn? Do you see anybody else? I don't know.
Beers or brats? Beers or brats? OK, beer or bratwurst making? I go with the beer.
Brauhaus Spandau.
Let's do coasters.
You know where it is? Take us there fast.
We are doing the beers.
That's exactly what I wanted to do.
Maybe we get to drink some beers.
Some beers.
Da beers.
We are going to make sausages.
Let's go.
Back to the taxi.
I think we should make wienerschnitzel.
There's taxis.
I think it will be easy.
The statue.
Looking for the statue.
Stop right here.
What are steins of beer? Steins? I'm not sure.
Let's just do beers.
What is a stein? Inside, honey.
All right.
Let's go over this way.
- M.
- What? It's down that way.
- Down what way? - Down that way.
Here it is.
Let's go inside.
Here it is.
It's like a castle.
Let's take this one over by the window.
I'll do this part, you take that part.
Pig intestine.
Don't let it rip.
OK, go.
There we go, see? OK, hold on, stop.
Let me do it.
7 inches.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
As many beers as you can carry.
Take them upstairs.
- Where? - Upstairs.
Start searching the table, Hayden.
Aaron and Hayden? Aaron and Hayden? We have to find our coasters.
You must take as many as you can carry.
Can we check your coasters? Nothing? Freddy and Kendra? You don't have any coasters with pictures on them? OK.
That's one.
I found another one.
Push it.
Measure it.
No, the other way where the red line is.
- 7 exactly.
- Let's make sure.
I don't want to do this again.
Aaron and Hayden? Yes! That's us.
Freddy and Kendra? You don't know? Yes! Enjoy your drinks.
Freddy and Kendra, do you have one? Ha ha! Kendra, we have another one.
Do you have any coasters? Yes, yes, 3.
I got 4.
Aaron and Hayden? Yes! We need 5.
Is that part of the church? Let's just stand here and look.
We've got to be missing something big time major.
Let's walk around the outside once more.
Wait a minute.
That's where we were.
That's where we were.
Why do I feel so stupid? I don't think we have a clue where we are going.
Mary Jean: "Make your way to the church.
Search for your next clue.
" This is definitely the church.
Let's walk down this other side.
Walk around here.
Yeah, go back the other way.
Maybe we should look across the street.
Let's stand back and look from a distance.
Let's Wait a minute.
I see the clue box.
There it is.
There's the damn clue box.
I see it.
I already see it.
We should make the links.
Yeah, let's do that.
What's done is done and we are going to go forward from here.
I've always wanted to make sausage.
One more sausage.
Come on, Mr.
Sausage Maker.
- OK, OK.
- OK, judge.
Be kind.
Be kind.
Yes, yes, yes! Congratulations.
Thank you very much.
We're in front.
Make your way to Trussenberg.
Phil: Teams must now make their way approximately 5 miles to Teufelsberg, German for "devil's mountain.
" It is the highest point in Berlin.
At the base of the mountain, teams will find their next clue.
You have my backpack, just so you know.
- Oh, here.
- It's OK.
Yours is so much lighter than mine.
Are you kidding me? Let's go.
I want to go to a cab.
Let's go.
There is the flag, right there.
Victoria, here is another team, let's go! I want to grab the cab.
Every time I tell you we have a head start, you always get lazy.
Jon, leave me alone.
I never promised to leave you alone.
That's why I married you.
Pack it, then you put the thing on.
Put it to the end first.
Why you got to be a bitch? Hey, hey, in the backroom, the far left corner.
I saw one upstairs.
I think it's right there in the middle.
Aaron: There we go.
Enjoy your beers.
Freddy or Kendra? Yeah, let's go.
Are you done? Done.
Yeah! Make your way to Teufelsberg.
Teufelsberg, let's go.
Do you know where it is? I will get directions.
Please, very, very fast.
Perfect, perfect.
Make your way to Teufelsberg.
Is there any address? Nothing.
We have to go on faith in God.
I will do that.
I hope you're right.
What is the object of this, Hera? We have to find coasters with pictures on it.
Any pictures? No pictures? Hera? Black people? Slow down.
All right.
Adam: Is it hard? At first.
Start packing it, nicely, like this.
This? Get your fingers in there.
OK, sir? - It's not okay.
- Too short? - Too short.
- Oh, that's great.
Pay attention.
Oh, I'm paying attention.
We need to go a little faster.
I think this is hilarious.
Adam, please go.
Here we go.
Let's get it on.
Jon? I got one, baby.
I got one.
Pictures? Thank you.
I got to get more beer.
OK, hold on.
I don't think you're allowed to drink it, daddy.
Well, it was pretty good beer.
All right, go, go.
I'm gonna eat me some pork.
Are you eating that? Ew, he is eating it.
Lori: I'm glad you enjoy eating it.
Waiting on you to get done.
Just 2.
We just need one more.
No, don't drink it.
Jeez, you look like a lush.
Come on.
Put it down.
Good beer.
You got it? Here you go, ladies.
Thank you! Teufelsberg.
Picture? One more, one more.
Go it, let's go.
Give it here.
Can I have one? No, no.
Make your way to Teufelsberg.
Teufelsberg? OK.
Let's go.
Go ahead.
I am getting my pack.
Go ahead.
I am getting my pack.
No, no, come on.
All right, I am coming.
Just one more.
Daddy, come on! Friggin' ridiculous.
I sure would like to have another one.
Daddy, god! You've got a problem.
I would have liked it better if we had stayed longer.
It's an excellent beer.
I would have liked it better if my dad was listening to me.
Keep going.
Push, come on.
More than 7 inches.
I want more than 7.
They need a pump.
Can I get one of these for my home? Adam, please, go.
Bolo: Sir? - 7! - Okay.
- 7! - Okay.
Make your way to Teufelsberg.
Do you know where that is? Yes.
The train.
- The train? - Yes.
Will you take us there? Yes.
We walk fast.
We should take a cab.
It's faster.
I'm surprised Jonathan is not here.
He is the biggest wiener of them all.
Last one's girthy and lengthy.
It's beautiful.
I did a beautiful job.
Big one.
Big one.
You like that.
Big, big.
Yes! Teufelsberg.
There you go, there you go.
Come on.
Get in.
Fast, fast.
Fast, fast.
You understand? Fast, fast.
The train, yeah.
We're good.
We're good.
But we're wastin' time.
Are we sure this is a sausage factory? Put some in there nice and slow.
I've got to get this thing full.
I am pushing as hard as I can.
Keep going, keep going.
Stop, stop.
We are doing pretty good with this.
OK, let's measure it.
OK, it's good.
You are going 7 inches.
I thought my god, 7 inches is really big.
And no holes.
We just want somebody to be lost.
Oh, don't let us be last.
Where do you want to go? We are going to Teufelsberg.
We need to get off? It's not on this line.
I thought you were keeping up with it.
We need to get back off? Go back.
Get off and go back? Open the damn door.
Open it.
Open it.
I give up.
We're eliminated.
Lori: I said that was it, that was it.
And you went, "No.
" Why didn't you get off? Because you're the guide.
Help me.
We gotta get off to the X9 train.
Which way do we go when we get off? You know, I can walk with you.
Can you walk with us? Can you take us there? Thank you so much.
It's right there.
We should have took a cab.
Took too much money.
We still haven't gotten to the Road Block yet.
Jonathan: That's it right there.
Victoria: That's it.
That's it.
Move it.
Road block.
Phil: A road block is a task that only one person may perform.
In this road block, that person has to climb to the top of Devil's Mountain and race one of these soapbox derby cars down the winding road to the bottom.
If they can do it in 37 seconds or less, a competitive time on the German soapbox derby circuit, they'll receive their next clue.
Who feels the need for speed? - You! - Absolutely me.
Go, Jon.
When I was a kid, I raced go-carts and race cars.
I own a Ferrari.
Here we go.
Come on! Yeah! You did it! Piece of cake.
Read it.
Drive yourself to the next pit stop.
Phil: Teams must choose a marked car and drive themselves into the heart of Berlin to find this flagged parking area.
They must make their way on foot to the Brandenburg Gate.
This symbol of Germany's reunification after the Cold War is the pit stop for this leg of the race.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
The silver one.
It's the best looking.
I love it.
OK, let me find the cab.
Go up here and make a right.
Here's a team, Victoria.
Move it! What? There's a team! We just passed Jonathan and Victoria.
Maybe we can do this for once.
Shut the door.
Who feels the need for speed? I am doing it.
Yay! 32, 33, 34, 35.
Whoo! You did it, baby, 35 seconds.
Drive yourself to the next pit stop.
Whoo, Mercedes.
All right.
This is a big step up.
We got to go get a map or ask this taxi.
I know this street and it will be It will take you there.
Can you drive us there? We will follow you.
You're doing it.
Break your wind.
Need for speed, baby.
Oh, you know what? It's up there.
It's up there.
Go do it.
Who feels the need for speed? You want to do this one? - I'll do it.
- It's yours.
Drive yourself to the pit stop.
I will do it.
Gus: Down the mountain is a screaming demon versus a little girl from California.
Oh, neck and neck.
Go, Hera, go, Hera! Go! Drive yourself to the next pit stop.
Can we follow you? Are you going that way? Can we follow you? Hey, guys, I will pay half your taxi bill if I can follow you.
All right.
This is it.
Do you speak English? Does anybody speak English? Does anyone speak English? We should have took a cab.
We're trying to find Teufelsberg.
Can we walk? Straight through there? OK.
Right through there.
Who feels the need for speed? I do.
Rebecca, good luck.
Don't kill yourself.
Come on, come on! Yeah! Oh, I got it! It's a pit stop.
Drive yourselves - Do you want to drive? - I'll drive.
Happy, happy, happy.
Happy we're in Berlin.
We know that until Phil says, "You have been eliminated," you're still in the game.
You see anybody else walkin'? Come on, speed up.
Where are we going? If I could just find the map we would be fine, but I can't find it.
If another team beats us, I am going to lose it.
Well, then, lose it, Jon! I'm going to lose it on you because you can't get it right on the ground! Freddy: Somebody's ahead of us.
I am going to let you drive.
Go ahead.
It looks like it's Jonathan and Victoria.
I can't reach the pedals! Get up, get up, get up! You never help me with anything.
Why can't you just help me one time? One time with something? Here we go.
Did you see a flag? Yep.
Flag here.
There is a route marker.
Where, where? How much? Jonathan: Somebody is right there.
- Go, go, go.
- Oh, my god.
- Let's go.
- Where's my stuff? Thank you so much for your help.
I appreciate it.
Come on, Victoria.
Run, we can outrun those two.
All right, baby.
Leave it here.
Will you watch this? No, let's go! I can't do it, Victoria.
It's here.
Come on, Jon.
Victoria, I can't do it.
It's here.
Come on, Jon.
Come on, honey.
my bag is so much heavier than yours.
Leave it here.
No, they're gonna take it.
Come on, honey, run! [Crying.]
Jon! Gimme your pack.
Outrun her.
There's the gate, baby.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
Why did you pick up my bag? Why? Welcome to Berlin, Germany.
Thank you.
Freddy and Kendra, you're team number one.
Yes! I have some good news for you guys.
As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a vacation to exotic Mexico compliments of American Airlines website, aa.
com, and you can enjoy that after the race.
Yes! Yeah, baby.
How could you stop and pick up my bag? How could you do it? How could you do that? Jon, stop it! Jonathan and Victoria You're team number 2.
Thank you.
Why can't you just carry it yourself? I threw it for a reason! You didn't have to stop and pick it up.
It wasn't going to be there when we got back.
You know, that's my bag, I should have been able to do that.
Victoria? She's got to live with her choices.
She should have left it.
We should have gone, we would have been here.
Jonathan, I think you probably should go and talk to Victoria.
Why did you pick up my bag, Victoria? I don't have anything to say to you.
I got nothing to say to you either.
This is a race.
This isn't about compassion.
Come on, speed up.
There's the box.
Who feels the need for speed? I'll do it.
Hee hee, ha ha! The next pit stop.
Need for speed.
I'll do it.
Drive yourself to the next pit stop.
Hayden and Aaron, you're team number 3.
Yes! Gus: We followed you, so go ahead.
Kris and Jon, you're team number 4.
All right.
Gus and Hera, come on in here.
You're team number 5.
Thank you.
All right, grab your bags.
Adam and Rebecca, you're team number 6.
All right.
I'd like to stop at this store on the roadside just to double check.
Comein with me.
Can you show us on this map possibly? Straight ahead.
Thank you so much.
Mary Jean: Do you dare go any faster? I love when you drive like a madman.
Lori and Bolo, you're team number 7.
- Whoo! - Oh, my god.
I don't know how, 'cause we walked 10 miles.
Welcome to Berlin, Germany.
Thank you very much.
Don and Mary Jean You're the last team to arrive.
I am sorry to tell you, you've both been eliminated from the race.
Thank you for having us.
I am totally proud of Don.
He pushed himself physically to levels that I have never seen him do.
I love him very much.
If I could wish for any man to have the kind of relationship I've got with her, you'd be blessed.
She's an absolutely amazing woman.
Subtitle provided, edited and synced by: Dzony95 Phil: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
Phil: On the next episode of "The Amazing Race," Jonathan and Victoria wage a battle of the sexes.
I can't do this.
You gotta be the man right now and do the brunt.
You be the woman and be quiet.
Phil: And Kendra Whoo! Phil: Goes down for the count.
Oh, I am dizzy.
I am sick, baby.
Is she all right? This ain't looking good.
She's still down.

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