The Amazing Race (2001) s25e01 Episode Script

Go Big or Go Home

This is Manhattan.
Home to Wall Street, The United Nations and Central Park.
America's favorite city playground.
And in the heart of this emerald gem, Bethesda Fountain.
This is where "The Amazing Race" began 25 seasons ago.
All right, everyone.
The world is waiting for you.
And now 11 new teams will get their chance to race around the world.
Here come the teams.
Adam and Bethany newly wed surfers from Princeville, Hawaii.
When I was 13 years old, I lost my arm to a 14-foot tiger shark.
I believe God strengthened me through that time.
And today I'm a professional surfer and author of books.
When I first met Bethany, Honestly, I didn't know much about her story, even though it is very well known.
So I think it was kind of a blessing in disguise that we got to know each other for who we were.
I just saw that she was a beautiful person inside and out.
Amy and Maya, food scientists from Madison, Wisconsin.
We're very passionate about studying candy and ice cream.
What more fun product could you study? Make sure that it's safe, make sure that it's healthy.
Make sure that it's gonna have a long shelf life.
We're doing "Amazing Race" to show the world that scientists are more than lab coats, beakers and goggles.
We're a force to be wrecked with.
- One scoop at a time.
- One scoop at a time.
Denise and Isabelle accountant and model dating from Tuscan, California.
Denise is Cambodian and I'm Vietnamese.
My parents would have preferred me dating someone who is Vietnamese.
This race is going to prove that our bond is getting really cemented.
Marriage? - Marriage, hey.
- Maybe.
We'll see.
Brooke and Robbie, dating professional wrestlers from Texas and New Jersey.
We're not like other people.
We are intimidating inside the ring and outside the ring.
So I fell when we're on the race Brooke and Robbie are about one thing - and it's about winning.
- Winning.
Keith and Whitney, engaged from Nashville, Tennessee.
Keith and I met on "Survivor".
It was kind of love at first sight but he's obviously pretty handsome.
- That's it? - Thoughts I had about you.
We didn't win "Survivor" but we're going to win the race.
Kym and Alli, competitive street cyclists from New York City.
Alli and I are adrenaline junkies.
Takes a certain breed of crazy to go flinging yourselves in front of moving cars for fun at a race.
You'll see five girls.
It's a guy's game, but we're not your average girlie girls.
Not that chicks.
Lisa and Michelle, sisters and top real estate agents from Miami, Florida.
Last year we sold more homes in Miami than any other realtors.
We are number one in Miami for a reason.
Being aggressive in your work enables you to get deals done and closed.
Our looks do help us out in our profession.
I think it will help us out in the race.
We're so ready to bring our 12 pounds of make-up on this race and win.
Michael and Scott, firefighters from Boston, Massachusetts.
Well, the day of the marathon, I was close to where the second explosion went.
I saw them both go off.
For me, I knew it had to be done to save those people.
Terrible things happened to some good people but their spirit of survival is inspirational.
We're representing people from the great city of Boston, Massachusetts.
We're strong individually.
We're unbeatable together.
Tim and Te Jay, college sweethearts from Pasadena, California.
Tim and I met the first day of college and the rest is history.
My mother, I'm still waiting for her to accept the whole gay relationship thing.
She still thinks he's my roommate, not my boyfriend.
I'm not afraid.
It's what I've been trying to tell you, mom.
Shelley and Nici, mother and daughter flight attendants from Detroit, Michigan.
People look at us all the time and assume that we're sisters.
Because we're only 17 years apart.
Sometimes I'm more mom to her than she would like.
But at the end of the day, all of the challenges and things that we're going to have to overcome as a team can't do anything but bring us closer.
Game on.
Misti and Jim, married dentists from Columbia, South Carolina.
I feel like our lives have led us to be perfect competitors for the race.
We don't compare ourselves to the average person.
We just visualized our dreams coming to reality.
And they all do.
Our goal is to be the most dominant team that "The Amazing Race" has ever seen.
- We're going to win.
- Yeah.
Welcome to Times Square in the heart of New York City.
This iconic illuminated intersection is known as the cross roads of the world.
Tonight, you are going to become part of a historic moment in Amazing Race history as we celebrate 25 seasons, our silver anniversary.
You should be very happy that a whole bunch of "Amazing Race" fans have turned up tonight! Some ex-Amazing Racers.
More than a decade ago we set out to create the most daring competition ever.
11 teams of two joined together by love, by family, by friendship racing around the world.
And tonight it is your turn to race around the world.
We have decided that we're going add things up a little bit this season.
If you are team number one at the end of this first leg, you will win the most powerful "Amazing Race" prize ever.
The Safe.
If you have the Safe and you are facing elimination, all you have to do is hand over the Safe and keep racing.
You can use the Save up until the end of the ninth leg.
Is everybody ready for "The Amazing Race"? All right.
The world is waiting for you.
Good luck.
Travel safe! Go! Go, go, go, go! - Route Info.
- Route Info.
Begin the 25th Amazing Race.
Where the very first race ended.
Let's ask the guy from the first season.
Let's go! - Go, Keith.
- Let's go.
Go, go, go.
Where did your race end? The Globe at Flushing Meadows Park.
- Flushing.
- Flushing Meadows Park.
Go, go, go! Flushing Meadows Park.
Let's go.
Taxi! Taxi.
C'mon, baby.
- Let's get it.
- Let's go.
Get out here.
The Globe, are you sure? Flushing Meadows Park.
Here we go.
Let's get this cab.
- Flushing Meadows Park.
- Taxi! Taxi! - Yes! - Fast, fast, fast.
We're in a race.
It's for $1 million! This is nuts.
I can't believe it actually started.
"Amazing Race"! No, we're not going on.
We're freaking on "The Amazing Race".
This is already so nerve-wracking and it just started.
Let's drive like we were stolen.
I know, right? Season 25.
Go big or go home.
We want that Save so bad.
So we're going to try to win the first leg.
It would be nice.
We wanna get the Save.
Save my ass.
We want to get the "save my ass" pass.
Flushing Meadows.
- Here's the Globe, right here.
- You see the Globe? We don't want anyone to see us.
So let's grab it and go.
Fly to St.
Thomas in U.
Virgin Islands.
- Let's go.
- Let's do this thing! JFK, please.
Hurry, there are only seats for five teams - on the first flight.
- We are good.
Five teams on American Airlines.
Six teams are on the Delta Airlines.
So we have at least a 40 minute jump on them.
American, awesome.
There's American over there and American over there.
Let's check this side.
I feel like there's a special desk to check in.
- There are only five teams.
- There's no one else here.
We're the first team.
Thank you.
- The ticket counter.
- There is one.
- Hi.
We need - How many teams have showed up? - You are the first.
- First! - Go, go, go.
- American Airlines? Baby, the marker is on the other side.
I don't think this is it.
Come on! Let's go! - Right here, babe! - C'mon.
- Go, go, go! - Come on, baby! Dude.
- Hi.
- Are we the fourth team? I think so.
- See ya! - American.
Let's go.
- Go, go, fast.
- There! Gotta see a box.
- Come on.
- Get, get it, get it, get it.
There's another team.
- Team number five! - Hi, guys.
- How many teams are there? - Five.
One, two, three, four, five.
- Oh, man.
- We gotta to the other flight.
Let's go, then.
Terminal 4.
That sucks.
We're on the first flight.
So we're much closer to getting the Save.
- We're so excited.
- Whoo.
We're ready to get wet.
And we got Team Surf Rider, T and T, the cyclists and the dentists.
They've got some pearly whites.
Can't miss them.
- How are my teeth? - They're good.
So excited.
We're on the second flight to St.
We will be 40 minutes behind the first flight.
We're probably not getting the Save, unfortunately.
We're going to get the Save.
We've already sized up all the other five teams and we know we are better than them.
- You like the wing thing, though.
- I hate the wing thing.
All teams are now flying to America's Caribbean paradise, the U.
Virgin Islands.
When they land they must make their way to Vendor's Plaza and sign up for a seaplane flight to Lovango Cay.
Excuse me, can you drive us? - Let's go.
- Taxi? Yeah, right here.
We're going to Vendor's Plaza.
Let's do this.
Ahead of the pack, baby.
I love being on the winning team because I'm a winner.
Hell, yeah! You are now approaching Vendor's Plaza.
Misti, this way.
I think that's it.
Thank you.
Which way exactly? Is it in here somewhere? It's straight ahead.
Vendor's Plaza.
- Do you see a marker? - No, I don't see it.
Let's go back.
The plane's there but there's nowhere to sign up.
Over here.
Let's go this way.
There it is.
Kym! Good job, babe.
The eagle eye.
- Where did the other ones go? - Did they run past it? - Jim, right here.
- Damn.
There they are.
Dentists, you're on our flight.
Second flight.
We were the first team here but we missed the marker.
- Go, go, go! - Flight three.
- The only ones on this flight.
- It's okay, babe.
There are still six teams behind us.
We're first to board.
On the first flight.
We're probably going to get in the ocean which is more awesome.
- There we go on a seat plane.
- Whoo! - Oh, my gosh.
- Beautiful.
The flight had such a low altitude that you can see everything.
It's like a private little tour of the islands.
- Oh, my God! - This is so awesome! Winning is going to be crucial.
It's within our grasp.
If we get that Save that would be amazing.
We would feel better if we're on the first plane.
But we feel good.
Whoever wins this leg gets the Save.
Obviously team number one has got a giant advantage.
Don't be Bopper back there, puking down the back of our necks.
I think it's a courtesy not to throw up on other teams.
- Welcome to St.
- Thank you! Alright, let's go, Strazzy.
Excuse us! Coming behind! Taxi! Yeah, we can share.
We're sharing! We've got to get in front of that van.
You gotta keep up to them.
Like I'm having a baby.
We have never been on a seaplane.
We're ahead of a lot of people.
Let's make sure it stays that way.
Here it is.
Here it is.
- Got to go through here.
- Got go through? - Thanks, Mike.
- Bye.
Stop! Stop! Keith and Whitney.
Yeah, baby.
How about the board right here? - Wait? - Right there.
Yes! - Go, Michelle, go! - We're good.
We're good.
We're not on the last flight.
Sign it.
- Get the pen, babe.
- No way! Oh, come on, will you.
Can't do that, no way.
Stop! - Oh, my God.
- We're last.
- Awesome.
- No way.
Mike started to sign it and the pen provided was stolen away by the girls.
And they were able to write their names where our names were.
They played dirty and they bumped them up a flight.
We could get eliminated on the first leg.
It's a nightmare.
You're the best partner ever.
Good job.
This is ridiculous.
I was writing my name on the board and they grabbed their grease pen and put their name on the line.
- I saw that.
- Oh, I would've went psycho.
We can't be gentlemen, you know what I mean? Sorry, that's off.
It's not a way to win so maybe karma will come.
That's so cool flying on a seaplane.
- Hi, Mr.
- We're here! After traveling more than 1,600 miles, team will now take on their first challenge here in the U.
Virgin Islands.
- Cross Carvel Rock.
- Take a leap of faith.
Teams must now scramble across the length into the top of this rocky outcrop.
Then, leap two stories into the Caribbean sea where they'll find their next clue floating in the ocean.
We're on the first boat out.
We're fast.
Look, babe.
We've got to go up there.
- Okay.
- Look at these rocks.
Jump off.
Got it.
They're catching up.
Let's go.
It's a little climb up here.
Off I go.
The salt's burning my lips.
Babe, you got it, ok? Oh, God, we've just gotta beat those surfers.
Bethany continually blows my mind.
On surf, she pulls some amazing moves that I can't even do with two arms, and she is doing with one arm.
I fall more and more in love with her.
- Good job, babe.
- We get it, honeybun.
Cross Carvel Rock.
And take a leap of faith to find a message in the bottle.
There's not anything you can come up with that can push us to our limits.
The other teams just need to stay out of our way 'cause they're gonna be chasing us all the way to the finish line.
I'm probably going to have to jump off a cliff.
That means it's going to be scary.
It's an amazing view up here.
Oh, my gosh.
Holy crap! Come on, babe.
Slow and steady.
This is amazing! We're safe.
Oh, another team's just arrived.
Kym loves rock-climbing.
Hate jumping but I like rock-climbing.
Oh, my God.
- Love you! - Love you too! It's crazy.
Get that bottle, babe.
Very cool.
Head straight to the boat.
Treasure hunt.
Blackbeard's Revenge.
Hang on.
Feels good.
Still riding in first.
Babe, nice climbing.
We've got to wait for a few more planes, quite a few.
Essentially it's a card game.
And you've got to deal with the cards you're dealt.
Arr, ye scallywags! Come on aboard.
We've got time for a parlay.
And here's the next clue.
Haul yourself aboard one of the ship's boats to send you to the next clue.
Now, get off me ship.
No, Te Jay.
- Te Jay, it's going sideways.
- Then talk to me! - Got your next clue right here.
- Thank you.
Now get off me ship.
Pull hard.
Oh, they're so close.
Let's jump out.
It's over there.
Te, it's a Roadblock.
Blackbeard was the most feared pirate to sail the seven seas and many believe his treasure is still buried nearby.
This Roadblock requires teams to navigate this beach using a traditional liquid compass where the direction pointing towards the user indicates the direction they're looking.
Starting at one of four designated landmarks, teams must use the compass, a shovel with markings spanning exactly one yard, and their own unique set of coordinates to locate a treasure chest buried in the sand that contains their next clue.
Who digs? You.
- You dig.
- Yes.
Choose a compass and follow to find buried treasure.
You got this, baby.
It's the frigging ship's bow.
Should be exactly where you should start digging.
Keep it going.
Ship's wheel.
This is where I start my measurements.
North-west, 19 yards.
This is a completely different one than what I'm used to.
Come on, Tim.
I don't know what I'm digging for but it says it should be right here.
I just want to get this right the first time.
The Save is within our grasp.
Party on the rocks.
I felt very much on my element.
I don't ever get to go on real rocks because we are city kids, but it was a fun scramble.
Just another adventure with Kym and Alli.
I want to be you! - You doing ok, baby? - Yeah.
This is incredible.
Epic, epic adventures on "Amazing Race.
" Yeah, Kym! - That was awesome! - Blackbeard's Revenge.
Alright, honey, here I go.
Adios, suckers.
No one wants to be eliminated first.
You don't want to be eliminated at all but the worst is to go first.
At this point we just want to survive.
OK, so I do have to go over the coordinates because I'm being stupid right now.
21 yards south-west.
Maybe I should have taken compass reading classes.
So that's one.
I've used a compass before but I've had the kind where you face down, arrow pointing right in the direction of north.
This is a completely kind of compass.
I'm doing it.
I'm digging it.
I'm trying to find my designated landmark which is an anchor.
Hey, girlie.
Did you choose a bell too? It looks like a bell, but it's also an anchor.
There's no anchor on the beach.
Other team.
Oh, my God.
Who digs? Me? With the Save being on the line, we decided that I was going to do it.
North 13, north-east 21.
Jim is really the smartest person I ever met.
He had the highest MCAT score that either one of our medical schools had ever seen.
So I knew he was going to be quick at it.
I never want to see sand again.
This is crazy.
There's no way it's buried.
So just lining up my north-east coordinate.
Picking a point that I'm going to measure to.
- Can you read this compass? - That's east.
I've got a compass on my watch.
Let's see if I'm right.
It's saying that's north.
Yeah, we did it wrong.
Think about it.
The sun sets on the west.
I was doing the opposite the whole time.
North 13.
The direction that's pointing towards me is the direction that I'm heading.
It's actually a little backwards.
Holy moly.
I want to throw up but I didn't eat anything.
So I couldn't throw anything.
I was trying to - Nothing came out.
- I hate when he does that.
- Gotta jump? - Alright.
Oh, my stupid butt hurts.
I sat and that hurt.
Don't tickle me.
The unstoppable juggernaut that is plane 6 is coming your way! - Get this sucker in the air! - We're hunting! I'm not ready to do anything right now.
Just do it a little less than we do.
My arms feel like jello.
I should have learned how to read a compass.
Wow, everyone's having trouble.
Everyone's struggling on this.
I feel a little better.
13 puts me right about here.
Do you know how to read a compass? Yeah, that's north.
You have been going backwards.
Gotta go.
Thank you.
Two teams that are ahead of us are coming to me for help and we're perfect and we're going to beat them anyway.
Oh, there we go.
There's not much digging at all.
North 13, north-east 21.
Matches perfectly.
Let's go get that Save.
First place, baby! Oh, damn it.
Open it up.
Make your way to your first Pit Stop.
Teams must now make their way directly to the Pit Stop.
Fort Christian, built more than 300 years ago.
This robust fortress is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.
The last team to check in here will be eliminated.
- Bye, y'all.
- Good luck, guys! You did amazing! Save, here we come! Ahead of the pack.
Oh, God.
- You got this, honey! - Dear Lord, Dear Lord.
This is not something I'm really comfortable with.
But we moved our wedding to be on "The Amazing Race.
" So this is the opportunity of a lifetime.
I peed.
I peed a lot.
We are seriously in second-to-last place.
We cannot have a single fear at this moment.
The only fear I have is losing my eyelashes.
You know mama's got to look good! Taxi.
God, it feels good to be in first place.
There's nobody within sight.
They must still be struggling with that compass challenge.
All the teams are showing up.
It's making me panic.
This other teams are ahead.
- They're still there? - Yeah.
They're still there.
You digging deep enough? It's just roots? I'm hitting all roots over there.
It's all trees and roots.
Kind of frustrating with that.
Anchor, anchor, anchor.
An anchor that looks like an anchor.
- Who digs? - I'll dig, baby.
- You dig.
- I'll dig.
Oh, mother.
There's another team.
- Who digs? - Apparently, I do.
Got that, Mike? Rock climbing is a good time.
We've worked on ladder trucks together for 13 years.
We've been in countless situations in which we had to perform under stress and pressure.
Let's beat out these swine.
The jump was nothing.
Bring it on.
Instead of water down there, just put a table.
Let's put the firefighters on one table and the blondes and we'll splash right through them.
Kiss it.
Oh, my God, we're not last! As fast as you can.
We're still going.
Hi! We're still Yeah! This way, this way, this way! Welcome to St.
Thomas, Virgin Islands.
Thank you.
Have you ever seen teeth like this in your life? No, beautiful.
Both of them.
Oh, thank you.
- A winning smile, guys.
- For the winning team.
You are the winning team! You are team number one.
And you know what that means, the most powerful prize ever given away on "the Amazing Race," the Save.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, thank you.
I think we're a super, super strong team.
With this I feel virtually unstoppable.
Words cannot say how excited we are to have won today and to have the Save.
As long as we have this, every leg is a non-elimination for us, which is priceless.
I think my compass is broken.
I draw a damn line and I come back to do it again and it's off.
Ow! Maybe I should have worn shoes.
- 21.
- Are your measurements right? So close.
Yet so far.
That will get you up in the morning.
Don't go so fast.
Don't go so fast.
Seriously? - I'll dig.
- You want to? OK, let's go.
Grab the shovel.
You need to find the ship's wheel.
Being scientist, I know that very small differences in angles make a huge difference when you're 15 yards out.
- You gonna dig? - We'll do it between us.
I got you.
We're going to flip.
Go, baby, go.
- Go, go, go.
- We're sinking.
They're ahead of us.
We lost, dude.
There you go.
We're done.
We sunk.
- We're sinking.
- Go, Mikey.
- We sunk.
- Just calm down and chill out.
We're trying our hardest.
If there's something that I really want and it's not going right, I lose it.
- Reh, reh, reh! - Don't do the 'reh-reh'.
I don't like when you do the 'reh-reh'.
Being mad or angry isn't gonna help the situation at all.
Alright, Scott'll dig.
Everybody here, babe.
I know.
Who digs? Babe, it's you.
I can't do it.
Why is everyone here? Everyone but the orthodontist.
I love the beach and this is making beach suck.
North, take me north, bro.
This is like a magic bomb.
Take me north.
You got it.
Give me a kiss.
You can do it.
Can you help me with learn how to work this? I suppose.
Alright, so, this right here? Keep moving till this lines up with north.
Oh, nice.
Go, honeybun! Go, baby! Hey, Adam, we're all voting for you to take your life vest off.
I mean, I am.
Keep it on, honeybun.
I don't want them looking at you.
Don't worry.
I just want to look.
That's all.
I won't touch.
I promise.
I'm on 1825.
It's the ocean.
There's no way that's right.
Mine would be in the ocean.
Well, what's your first mark? North-west is that way.
Do you know where the sun sets? Sun sets in the east and rises in the west.
Are you freaking kidding me? Oh, my gosh.
I'm so happy.
I don't even care that we're not first.
Oh, shut up! Te Jay! Oh, my God! Yes! See you on the Pit Stop! I got a mad blister right now.
Come on, lord.
I need you now, pal.
13 paces north-east.
This doesn't make sense.
The sun is sitting on the west and my compass is pointing west here.
Are you holding it right? Pointing west.
I think we got something.
- We got it, babe.
- Seriously? I tell you how to solve it and you find the treasure? We're so happy.
It was the most amazing feeling ever.
All the people that are like, "Really, the wrestlers?" Watching us "Oh, hey!" Treasure box.
I found it! Oh, boy.
Go, team! That doesn't matter to me.
Come on, baby.
- You find it? - Yes.
We're out of here.
Mom, you need to put I into overdrive.
We're up to six teams.
I don't think I have ever been more displeased to be on the beach in my entire existence.
Why can't you find the damn box so we can get off this beach and get some food? Tim and Te Jay you're team number two.
Am I going the wrong way? Oh, my God.
I'm an idiot.
Found it.
Hell yeah! Good lab, buddy.
Let this be it! Yeah, baby! Yes, I love you! That's awesome! It's not a rock! It's not a rock! Get it out! Hurry up! It's very frustrating because you've got a whole island and he's on his own.
There's a couple of other teams that are having some difficulty over there.
Where in the world? Honey, come on.
You can't stop.
- I'm not.
- You got to keep going.
The hardest thing I've ever done.
This is really crazy.
Honestly on our job, we have a GPS.
The compass was one I've never used before.
So I was literally swimming in sand for three hours and I still can't find the treasure chest.
Oh, my God! That was the hardest thing I've ever done.
Kym and Alli, you're team number three.
Brooke and Robbie, team number four! Adam and Bethany, I'm happy to tell you that you are team number five! North-west.
Don't give up on me, Wardy.
Never give up.
This is brutal, man.
I want to make sure this is exactly right.
Here, you can do it.
Don't talk anymore.
You can't just stop, honey, please.
- I'm trying.
I swear.
- Please.
Digging in the same place isn't helping.
I don't know what to do.
God bless.
Amy and Maya, I'm pleased to tell you that you are team number - Six! - That is correct.
Yeah, we're getting our PHDs.
Yeah, we're scientists.
But we can do this.
Well, getting down to crunch time here.
I think there's two other teams.
They're having a hard time too.
The sun is starting to get down.
People working really hard.
It's exhausting.
I can't use the shovel anymore, my hands are so raw.
This is where it's telling me it is.
I've done it ten hundred times.
I know but standing here looking at it it's not working.
You need to help me positively.
I can't help you.
I can't go any harder.
That's the problem.
Or else I'll faint.
Phil! Oh, my God! Dennis and Isabelle, I'm pleased to tell you that you are team number seven.
So we're team number - Eight! - Eight! Scott doesn't know if he's in the right place.
There's no way to tell.
If you're in the wrong place, you could be here for eternity.
Gotta keep looking.
I've come to this area, like, 20 times.
My hands and knees are all really raw.
What do you want to do? I don't know.
I just don't think it's here, Michelle.
I got to measure it again.
Roots It's not obviously close to the bushes.
Nothing there.
We can definitely say Blackbeard's treasure is hard to find.
I've dug the whole area.
So what am I supposed to do? I don't think I've ever done anything as hard as this.
We've done the same thing over and over again and obviously it's not working.
I just don't think it's here, Michelle.
I mean, how much can I dig? - Maybe it's right around here.
- Scott, he has an inner spirit.
He's got strength and fortitude.
He's been going for hours and hours.
If you want to take a penalty, I will.
That's a long penalty.
Four hours.
I agree.
If you physically can't dig anymore, honey.
Then that's what I need to do.
If I'm digging in the wrong spot Right.
I know.
It's not doing any good.
- Take it.
- Cool.
We are going to take the four-hour penalty.
I feel like this is our only choice.
I'll go talk to the girls first.
It got worse and worse.
There's nothing good about it.
I thought that maybe the other two teams are still there That could happen to them too.
We had to convince them to take the penalty.
Let's race it to the end.
It's a risky move to take the three-team penalty.
But a few seasons ago on the beach in Bora Bora, three teams did the same thing we wanted to do.
We choose to take the four-hour penalty.
- Stop digging sandcastles.
- And stop the madness.
We're taking the penalty.
We're done.
- Lisa.
- What? They're taking the penalty.
Who else is here? - Firefighters.
- We'll go talk to 'em.
Let's go see.
I have no energy left.
So, why not? I thought the penalty was the easiest way.
Bugs are biting us.
My whole body is completely raw.
I have sand in my part of my body.
We're really fast sprinters and I thought Keith is a strong competitor, but the firemen we could definitely beat them.
You guys want to take a penalty? My hands are just done.
- I'm bleeding.
- I say we take it.
To get a four-hour penalty is not what we wanted but, you know, we've got to do what we need to do.
We hope that fortune favors the bold.
You want to collectively take it? We all agree? - I agree.
- Hands in.
- Penalty - No more digging! - Go.
We've got to run.
- Beat them out.
- Who's a cab!? - I've got $50 for a cab right now! I've got $60! Let's go.
Let's go.
- They're here.
- Get in there.
Go, go! Nope.
Nope, nope, you're out, girls.
Go, go! $50! Fort Christian, right away! Aren't they friendly? I was a gentleman earlier.
And it wasn't going to happen twice.
- Go, go, go! - Hurry up! Ahead of them! Fort Christian.
Yeah, let's go! Let's go! Can you take us to Fort Christian? Fort Christian, right away! It's a race.
It's $1 million.
- Are we ahead of everybody? - Yeah.
Yeah, they're close.
- Go, go.
- We need to get there first.
Don't let that van behind us get ahead of us.
He completely pushed me and shut the door on me and scraped my arm, but I guess that's how they want to play.
I don't know if my heart's beating this fast.
I need some rum after this.
We've dead last and now we're coming back because that's what Boston people do, we come back no matter what.
We're in last place.
We need to beat one team.
That's all we need.
- Right here.
- Alright, let's go.
- Where? - Give him the money.
- Let's go! Come on! - Oh, they're up here, Lisa! - Come on.
- Where is he? Mikey, where are you? I lost you, brother.
Lisa and Michelle, I am sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive and you have been eliminated from the race.
I don't think anybody expected to see you - as the last team coming today.
- Definitely not.
We just came in here playing friends and not mean.
You pushed me and sliced my arm open on a cab.
Nope, nope, you're out, girls.
You have to be ruthless and that's what we do in business and we should have done it here.
I thought we were invincible and we're definitely not.
I would have never agreed to a penalty if I thought there was a 1% chance we would have lost.
It's an embarrassment.
We're not used to losing.
Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
Next week on "The Amazing Race.
" Teams go punting - while Scott flips out - Come on, Scotty! And in a race to the finish Were we're in last place.
We gotta go! I want to cry.
We don't want to be last.
They're right behind us.
Emotions run high.
- I'm pretty sure we're last.
- I don't want to go home.

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