The Amazing Race (2001) s25e02 Episode Script

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Phil: Previously on "The Amazing Race" In The Big Apple, 11 new teams got a big starting line surprise.
If you are team number one, you will win the Save.
If you're facing elimination, all you have to do is hand over the Save and keep racing.
Go! In the U.
Virgin Islands, soul surfers Adam and Bethany climbed and jumped into the lead.
While a showdown at the sign up board, You can't do that.
dropped Firefighters Mike and Scott into last.
We could get eliminated at the first leg.
At the Roadblock, some teams lost their bearings.
This is like a magic bomb.
But dentist Jim found the treasure.
Let's go get that Save.
Giving him and Misti first place and the coveted Save.
When darkness fell on the island, The last three teams agreed to a penalty.
- We all agree? - In for a penny, in for a pound.
That set up a footrace to the mat, Nope.
Nope, nope, you're out, girls.
Ending in defeat for Lisa and Michelle.
You have been eliminated from the race.
10 teams remain.
Who will eliminated next? Here we go, baby.
Head of the pack.
Phil: These are the U.
Virgin Islands made up of more than 50 islands scattered across the Caribbean Sea.
And in its capital city, Charlotte Amalie Fort Christian, the oldest building on the island.
From here, Misti and Jim won the last leg of the race, and will depart first at 4:21am.
Fly to London, England.
Teams will now fly more than 4,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to London, England.
Once they arrive, they must travel by taxi to London's iconic Tower Bridge, where they will find their next clue.
Good morning.
There's two flights.
It will be six teams on the first flight and four teams on the flight.
So, we have a nice lead on the other teams.
And we know that they haven't even left the Pit Stop yet.
And also to have the Amazing Save.
So if we have a bad day, we're not going to be eliminated because we have the Save.
Everything looks closed right now.
We got a while.
So we just sit and wait.
Fly to London, England! Tim and I have been dating for almost five years.
Comparing to the other teams, we might not be the best physically.
We are "petit", but we pack a punch.
- Where do we get a taxi? - Go, team, go.
Let's try to catch a cab.
Do you mind if we share a cab? Yeah! Let's share a cab, guys.
There are two flight options and they're about an hour apart.
We're going to be in that first flight.
We're gotta get a cab to the airport right now.
We're going to be caught up.
This is gonna be awesome.
The first six teams are now going to be all together.
When every one first looked at the Pro-Wrestlers, they kinda maybe thought we were dumb.
Taxi! But now we're here, we're fourth, we're ready to go, we're a force to be reckoned with.
Airport! We need a million dollars.
We need a wrestling ring in our backyard.
- Alright.
- Let's do it.
I think Bethany and I are still in honeymoon stage.
We've just been married barely over a year now.
We're headed to the airport.
I think we have really good communication.
Especially for how long we've been made.
We're still just madly in love.
I've been to London a few times.
I remember there are a lot of pretty flowers.
I just sounded really blonde.
One surfer has one shoe, Bethany has one shoe.
- Hey, guys.
- Welcome.
First flight.
Thank you.
There are six teams here.
- How's everyone? - You are number six.
- Awesome on that Save.
- So excited.
- I'm going to have a meat pie.
- Fish and chips! We'll have an hour and 20-minutes lead on everybody into London.
Which is nothing.
The last leg, I lost my one shoe.
We managed to have a shoe go missing.
We have three shoes mixed up.
So we have no clue where it is.
Amy happened to have the same size shoes.
They ended up giving us a pair of shoes.
- It's like Cinderella.
- Yay! Yeah, perfect.
- - Two passengers, please.
We just need better seats than them.
We need two tickets to London.
Five teams are with us.
We have the dentists, the boys, the wrestlers, the surfers and the food scientists.
- Bye, St.
- Bye.
- Hey! - Good to see you guys.
- We're still in, right? - How you doing? - Is it just us? - Yeah, they took off already.
- So, it's just us in this flight? - Yeah.
As they say, you don't have to outrun the bear, you just can't be the last one.
Just beat the team next to you.
We are here to win the race.
We are major race fans from episode one.
This is something we've wanted to do for so long.
We're not here to make friends, we're here to win.
Alright! Leg two.
Do it, right? We're on the second flight.
We're not far behind but everybody's on the same boat.
And now it's a clean deck here.
You ain't see nothing yet.
Phil: Teams are headed from St.
Thomas, Virgin Islands to London, England.
Excuse us.
Thank you.
Excuse us.
Brooke? Come on.
Taxis to the left.
We're going to the Tower Bridge, sir.
The faster we can get there, the better.
Fast, but no speeding tickets.
We're excited to visit London.
This is my first time in London.
And we are driving on the wrong side of the road.
Gosh, this taxi is so cute.
We are looking for Pearly King & Queen.
- There they are.
- Can we stop? Right here.
I see them.
Te Jay.
Hi, Mr.
Pearly King & Queen.
Welcome to Tower Bridge.
Here's a clue to your next destination.
- The best of luck.
- Thank you very much.
- I love your outfits.
- Thank you.
"About Face" or "Pancake Race".
Phil: British society is steeped in tradition.
This Detour gives teams the opportunity to participate in two favorites by joining the Queen's guard or taking part in the Annual Parliamentary Pancake Race.
"About Face" require teams to perform a traditional changing of the guard.
After dressing up as British Soldiers, they must work with the drill instructor who will teach them an intricate combination of steps while following a series of commands.
One, two.
March! Once they've perfected the precise moves, the parade commander will hand them their next clue.
"Pancake Race" gives teams the opportunity to take part in a 500-year-old tradition in the shadow of the British Parliament.
First, they'll need to dress up as chefs and make a perfect pancake.
Then racing around this course, they must continuously flip their flapjacks without dropping them and complete one lap in under a minute and fifteen seconds to get their next clue.
Wanna do "About Face"? - Whatever you want.
- "About Face".
- Changing of the guard! - Changing of the guard! - Let's go.
- Okay.
Eyes peeled for the Pearly King & Queen.
Welcome to Tower Bridge! Thank you very much.
We're going to choose "Pancake Race.
" - Right there.
- We'll do Changing of the Guard.
Come on, hurry up.
Tower Bridge, Know where it is? Can you get to the Tower Bridge? - Can you go there fast? - London, baby.
London is beautiful.
We're in London, right underneath Big Ben.
Welcome to Tower Bridge! "About Face.
" Pearly King & Queen.
Pearly King & Queen.
We're going to do "About Face".
Somerset House, right here.
- Going in here? - Yeah.
Come on, baby, come on.
Which one of you is a good teacher? We choose you.
Go in this door, I'll show you.
We'll need to grab some kits.
We are getting dressed.
I think we continue being in the lead.
I've dressed up in some crazy things for pageants before.
Nothing quite like this.
But I do love the color red.
It was a series of steps.
It was marches.
Side! March! It was a matter of memorizing the steps and doing them with accuracy and precision.
- One! - One! - Sorry.
- Thanks.
Let's go.
Five guards.
We have to choose one.
Right there.
There are the dentists.
- Two.
- We choose you.
Ok, sir.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Somerset House, right here.
We need to get our outfits on first, hon.
We need to find outfits.
We got changed into our Chef outfit.
And then watched the guy make the pancake.
- You have to heat up a little bit.
- Ok.
- Now, one ladle.
- Ok.
I don't want excuses.
I want a nice consistency.
- Then you've got to flip it.
- Golden brown.
Off you go, good luck.
- Guards, turn right! - Right, right.
You need to take that for a minute.
- You take that as well.
- It's heavy.
One, two, three, one.
Concentrate, 'cause this is the bit you need to be getting right.
Oh, shoot.
Come back.
- March, left, right.
- Oh, steady there.
Thank you, bye.
- We take you.
- Ok, let's go.
I feel like I'm wearing my high school marching band outfit.
So I'm ready to go.
We've seen quite a few teams here.
That makes me ready to go.
Go, honeybun.
When you're ready, bring them up.
- I'm ready.
- We're ready.
Let me see these pancakes.
I'm happy with those.
On to the start line.
- With your pancakes.
- With the pancakes.
Yes, first try.
Hear ye, hear ye.
When I give the go, you start the race.
Flip your pancakes and keep up the pace.
If time runs out before you're through, it's back to cooking another few.
You have one minute, 15 seconds to complete the race.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- [Horn.]
- On your mark, get set.
Go, go, go.
Come on.
After losing my arm, daily tasks like cutting an apple and all of a sudden I didn't know how to put my hair up and learning how to surf with one arm was really challenging.
On the race I will have to be adaptable, but I often think of myself as more capable than the average person.
Oh, my God.
Oh, that's crazy, honeybun.
Here's the clue for your next event.
- Good job, baby.
- Good job.
Oh, my God.
Travel by train from Paddington Station, to the city of Oxford.
Once there, search the water's edge for Magdalen Bridge to find your next clue.
Yeah! Let's go.
Have a jolly good day.
Ready to go for it.
If we screw it up, we'll do it again.
March! Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, right.
- Not in time.
- Left, right.
Halt! Guard, left! Turn.
Commander, bring them here.
Stand still.
Do not move, do not breathe, do not sleep.
First of all, your marching was abysmal, you were out of step.
Absolutely disgusting.
Get them out of my sight, now! Get away.
Get away.
Left, right.
- Can we start over? - No, keep going.
It's too late.
You! Over here now.
No, don't grin at me.
Don't even look amazed at me.
Commander, get them away.
Start over again.
Tower Bridge, straight ahead.
We're so glad to see you.
We're going to do "About Face".
We're both flight attendants and we were in the military.
I was in the Air Force and she was in the Army.
This is perfect for us.
We got this.
Thank you! Let's start walking.
We're going to do "Pancake Race".
- "Pancake Race".
- Yes, let's do it.
We'll do the race.
The "Pancake Race".
By the left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Right, left.
You look like your leg is broke.
We've got knees, you know.
God gave us knees.
This is a lot about getting right the first time.
There's a lot of teams still here.
In order to get it right the first time, we have to focus, concentrate.
Detail, detail, detail.
March! Right, left, right We can do this.
Get focus, concentrate.
Right, left, right, left Guards, halt! Guards, turn! Number two guard, stand forward.
Number one guard, march! Guard, take halt.
Guard, quick march! Make way for the Queen's Guard.
Guards, halt! Get over here now.
You managed to get the routine.
There is your next clue.
Thank you! Thank you! That's my call to battle that lets everybody know they're getting left behind.
Travel by train to the city of Oxford.
- Thank you, thank you! - We made it.
March! Left, right, left, right.
Guards, halt! Wait till they've moved on and then we're going to have a practice.
- I'm not going to get it.
- You'll get it.
Make way for the Queen's Guard.
Stand here! Get over here now.
Don't whoop in my face! Be gone! Go.
Oh, my god, they're already here.
- Don't worry about it.
- Everybody's caught up.
Follow me, we're going to get you some kit.
Yeah, we're ready.
They were on the second flight, right? Already? The mom and daughter team came already.
Robbie and Brooke are still here.
- And so are the scientists.
- Look at this, we can pass them.
The pressure is on.
Oh, my God.
We were in the military.
So I'm expecting a lot from you two.
Thumbs always like that, it's the same as America, is it? - Yeah, the same thing.
- Great.
You must have got your drill from us.
Our military skills are a little rusty but they're still in there.
- Turn! - We were so close.
So first we're turning on turn and what's this one, after that? I don't get it.
I'm not getting it.
You're going too fast.
I don't know what words or anything.
I'll help you as we go.
We should've picked the pancakes.
- You know where it is? - Yes.
Oh, ok.
We the only ones here? Pancake! Thanks, brother.
We got someone here.
We want to make pancakes! Ok, thank you! - Thanks, man.
- Go, go, go! We're coming for you! Alright, honey, we gotta go.
One more.
Yes! Paddington Station.
Is this to Oxford? Oxford, right here.
Oh, my God! I feel like we're in the lead.
You judge? It looks better.
You're after my job.
Go to the Start.
Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Slow down, honey.
Right in the middle? Right in the middle and turn it around.
We're making a pancake here.
I feel like the Swedish meatball guy.
This is something we can't rush.
You gotta be calm.
On your marks, get set.
Go! Slow down.
Alright, honey, let's go.
Great job, honey.
Doing great, baby.
Keep it in the pan, honey.
Ok, keep going.
Did they make it? They're making it right now.
- Keep it in the pan.
- Yeah.
It's all you gotta do.
Oh, my God! We are here.
Sorry to inform you that you failed to complete the task in the allotted time.
Unfortunately, you must start the task all over again.
You've got to run way faster.
- That was ridiculous.
- You didn't let me run.
It doesn't matter, you were too slow.
Tickets to the left.
Where do we go to get on this train? Go straight to platform 4 now.
Run or walk quickly.
Awesome, good job.
Yeah, this is not a perfect pancake.
That's terrible.
So we're next in line.
We have to start again.
- Come on, we're a team.
- Come on, come on! Off you go.
Well done.
Number two.
Attempt number two.
- Do you feel you're ready? - Yeah, let's try it.
Do you need one more rehearsal? - Let's just try it.
- Okay.
Quick, march.
Left, right, left.
Guard, halt! - What? - We have to go back.
March! Left, right, left, right.
You swing your arm shoulder-high.
If you do not, I will tear it off next time and beat you around the head with the soggy end.
- Yes, sir.
- Do not call me Sir.
Do not speak unless I invite you to do so.
Totally shocking.
I don't know what it was, but you must have obviously seen service or some sort of service in your own army but we do not about-turn in that manner.
The next time, young lady, you use your toe to pivot yourself round, I'll shove my play stick through your ears and ride you around here like a moped.
Alright, we're improving.
We didn't recently start watching the show.
We've been following Phil around the world.
- How many years? - 14 years.
We've been waiting to go and win.
There we go.
That milatary paid off.
I know how you feel.
More power to it.
We are definitely more prepared than the other teams.
Unless there's some other super-fans here.
But I don't think they're quite as super-fanny as we are.
On your marks, get set! [Horn.]
Come on, baby.
Drop your pancake.
Drop your pancake.
We have watched every season.
We've watched every single episode.
We've studied all the other teams' strategies.
We've done archery.
We joined crossfit, running with our backpacks.
We've been basically studying for The Amazing Race as if this is like, the final exam for life.
Come one, baby.
This ain't easy.
Come on, you can do it.
They're at one minute now.
They have 15 seconds.
Baby, are you there? Baby, come on, honey.
- They're not going to make it.
- Not going to make it.
Come on, babe.
They have five seconds.
- Come on, babe.
- Four, three, two, one - No way.
- We're doing it.
I'm sorry but you have fail told complete the task in the allotted time.
You must start again.
Failed it, I knew it.
- Be nice.
- I don't have to be nice.
You be nice.
You're the nice one.
Make way for the Queen's Guard.
Guard, halt.
Thank you.
Don't collapse on my square.
Be gone.
- Get away.
- Get away, move it.
March! Arms up.
We've got to beat these two teams.
We could very well be in last place.
- No smiling.
- Yes, ma'am.
Get out of sight, go.
- Thank you.
- Go, go, go.
- Oh, they got it.
- Damn it.
We're getting it next.
Everyone is passing us.
Right there.
Right, left, right, left Halt! Number two guard, stand fast! Number one guard, round! Please don't give them a clue.
Oh, my God, we're officially last.
Come on.
Faster, honey.
Run, honey, run! Faster, run Keep tossing.
Please don't make it.
You have successfully completed your task.
It's us and the firefighters.
On your marks, get set! [Horn.]
No! Phil: New leaders in the race.
Adam and Bethany as they take on the next challenge.
Okay, honey.
Get ready to drop back and punt.
Phil: Teams will now go punting.
These flat-bottom boats, known as punts, were specifically designed for shallow water and have been used here for centuries.
One team member must propel the punt standing on the Cambridge End, while the other stands on the Oxford End.
If they can complete on lap around Magdalen College Island, the Punt Master will hand them their next clue.
- I guess I stand up here.
- Yes.
- See y'all.
! - Here we go! This is like a cakewalk compared to surfing.
- This is it.
- Okay.
Go punting in Oxford while standing in Cambridge End.
Make it back to the Boathouse to receive your next clue.
Adam and Bethany are here.
On your marks, get set! [Horn.]
Come on, we can do it.
Don't drop the pancake.
Come on, Scottie.
Come on, babe.
Twenty yard, babe.
Are you behind me? Come on, babe.
We can make it.
It's been judged that you have failed this task because there was insufficient tossing of your pancakes.
It's been judged that you have completed the task.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
Here's your next clue.
Get here, get here now! Move! I'll tell you exactly where you were going wrong.
Your about-turn is like so, pivoting on the ball of the left foot and the heel of the right foot.
You bend and drive with the left foot, bringing it up.
That's all you need to do.
If you can actually manage that, you might get off this square.
Let's go.
We have to make it on that train, babe.
Or we're going to fight the firefighters.
Oh, they're right there! Maya, this way.
! You guys! You guys made it! Hello! - The mother and daughter.
- The scientists, babe.
Was anybody else with you? - Robbie and Brooke were there.
- They're still doing it? - When we left they were there.
- No way.
They are not going to make this train.
Move on.
It is complete torture seeing everyone one by one leave and then you get more frustrated so you can't concentrate, so everything I was getting right the first time, I wasn't anymore.
I gave you specific instructions earlier and you completely chose to ignore my worldly, Yoda-like advice.
Move yourselves away, get away.
I'm so over this.
I'm getting worse now.
Remember, frustration won't be good.
We'll get it this time.
We got it.
Don't worry, there's still something ahead of us.
Anything could happen.
On your marks, get set! [Horn.]
Flip, flip it.
I'm flipping it.
That's it, pal.
Flip it.
Come on, you dropped it.
Let's go back.
We got it this time.
March! We got this.
On your marks, get set! [Horn.]
Number one, march on.
That's it, buddy.
Watch your step.
Make way for the Queen's Guard.
On the homestretch.
Flip it, flip it! With great pleasure I give you your next clue.
You've managed to listen and get your mechanics.
There's your next clue.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We're almost back to the boathouse.
Yeah, we're almost done.
Almost there.
Get ready to drop back and punt.
Well done, you've completed your challenge.
Phil: Teams must make their way to Christ Church College, here they'll tip their bowler to find their next clue inside.
- Let's go.
- Let's do this.
Would it be more efficient to paddle with an actual oar, not a stick? Why can't I have a normal paddle? That's Te Jay and Tim.
Te Jay, your only job is to wave your flag and stand still.
We got a good lead now.
Good job, honey.
You're doing great.
You're punting from the wrong end.
You'll have to go again.
The person who was punting needed to stand on the Cambridge End.
We had it backwards.
I was on the Oxford End.
Misti was on the Cambridge End.
They're turning back.
No time no see.
Why are you going back? You won't tell us, right? It doesn't matter, you have to go back and start over.
Oh, look at our boat, Kym.
Punting is a nightmare.
Right now, we know that we're probably dead last.
There's one boarding on platform 8.
Boarding now.
Another team down here.
Just made it.
We're equal again.
Try and stay away from the bank.
You're doing great.
Yes! Get ready to drop back and punt.
Make it back to the Boathouse to receive your next clue.
Slow and steady.
You have to stand on the punt.
Keep waving, honey.
Slow down, Nici.
Punting is something that was designed by the devil to punish the English.
- Are you trying to kill us? - It's not easy.
We went pretty quick up until we got to the end and that's when there were three or four teams coming down.
Whitney, come back to the boat.
Sorry, Whitney.
- Excuse us.
- Sorry.
Come on, baby.
This looks good.
- Christ Church College.
- There's the bowlers.
- Hello.
- Thank you very much.
This one is for you.
Wear this hat and please carry these umbrellas.
A typical British fashion.
What does our clue say? Pop your umbrella for a chance to earn the Express Pass.
Here we go! Phil: Teams now face a crucial decision, race directly to the Pit Stop or risk their spot in the race by searching for the Express Pass at a pub called "The Bear Inn".
Let's go get the Express Pass.
We knew we were going to go for it no matter what.
If I pick a challenge I can't do physically, if we have an Express Pass, we're out of there.
May I please borrow your phone? Hurry, hurry! - You're making me nervous! - Sorry.
It says "The Bear Inn".
It's the first road.
- Thank you guys so much.
- That's alright.
Come on, babe! Yeah, baby.
This is our second time.
Honey, you're doing great.
Oh my God, what the hell do I do? Use a motor! Use a motor, people! I think this is it.
Hi, guys, you have completed the challenge successfully.
Pit Stop and the Express Pass! Please, give us some good news.
You've completed the challenge.
- Here is your clue.
- Yay! Thanks.
Go, go, go! Kym, come on! Good job, we did it.
Doing good, babe.
Doing so good.
You're doing great.
I just fall in once.
Last ones here.
We're used to coming back from last.
Never count us out.
Get it up, boy.
I know you have more power.
We have to beat them.
Don't you see how complicated it is? Going up one way was alright, because the current was going that way.
But coming back, it was going upstream.
So if we stop at any moment, the boat would turn backwards.
- It was difficult.
- The current is so strong.
All the way to the mist here, fellows.
We were excited to see other teams we were passing, so there was that extra push to give them a fond farewell.
No! Damn it.
They're going ahead of us.
How they got ahead of us? They're strong guys.
We were dead last, we had no chance.
Now we're coming back.
That's what Boston people do.
You know why, because we're resilient.
- Is that it? - Might be it.
"The Bear".
Do you have an Express Pass for us? Congratulations, this is your Express Pass.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you! We got the Express Pass.
So exciting! We just wanna get to the Pit Stop now.
Alright, let's go look for a Pit Stop.
Teams are going to come soon.
My hat fell.
Thank you.
Churchill's Birthplace.
That's where it is.
Oh, my God! Phil: Built more than 300 years ago, Blenheim Palace is where former British prime minister Winston Churchill was born.
And the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
Winston Churchill's Birthplace? - Yes.
Thank you! - Awesome.
Thank you.
This is Christ Church.
- Hello, sir.
How are you? - Hi! Wear these hats and carry these umbrellas.
Pop your umbrella.
I know that if I was in first place, I would have been going for the Express Pass.
You think that's already been picked up? - Yeah.
- I think it has too.
Adam and Bethany.
They have brains.
So I couldn't fathom them not doing it.
So where's the Pit Stop? It says tip your bowler for the next Pit Stop.
- Churchill's Birthplace.
- That's where we need to go.
We need to ask somebody.
- There's the church.
- This? Straight ahead, the big steeple.
Did you tip your bowler? Okay.
Ready? Let's try it again.
Tip your bowler.
Churchill's Birthplace.
- Are we good? - That was crazy.
Well done, you have completed your challenge.
Okay, let's go.
Am I the only one that fell in? I'm trying to spin us.
No, no! I'm good.
I really have to pee so bad.
Can I just stick my butt in the water, please? I'm telling you if I don't, it's just going to come out.
Please, let me sit down in the water.
Watch out.
When you've got to go, you've got to go.
Welcome to Blenheim Palace.
The place of my birth.
- Thank you, Winston.
- Thank you.
- You are the man.
- Adam and Bethany, you are team number one! And I have some great news.
And as the winners of this leg of the race you have won a trip for two from Travelocity.
- Do you know where to? - No idea.
- Sweden! - Sweden? You'll spend five nights at the ice hotel JukkasjÀrvi and enjoy a snowmobile tour, dog sledding and dinner on the ice.
- Oh, my God.
- That's awesome.
Phil: You don't have the Save but you do have the - Express Pass! - That's power in your pocket.
I knew it was worth the risk to find it.
You did so well on the first leg, and now you have the Express Pass, that has to give you a little comfort.
Yes! You have completed the challenge successfully.
Thanks, love y'all.
There's another team.
Well done, guys.
You have completed your challenge.
Don't give up, guys.
They just passed us.
Come on, babe, we can do this.
It sucks to have prepared so much for it.
Hi, guys, you have completed the challenge successfully.
Oh, my Gosh.
Thank you so much.
So good to see you! Misti and Jim, you are team number two! We're not going to be first all the time.
- We're not perfect.
- Second place is fine, but second place is just the first loser.
Hey, ladies! Kym and Alli, you are team number three.
Good job, babe.
- Are y'all done? - What? We've been sitting here since I've seen you.
We can't get out of this current.
Oh my God, guys.
You have completed the challenge successfully.
Christ Church College.
Let's go get our bags.
You need to go to the right.
I'm trying.
It wasn't too bad at first but then there was a split, the current split in two.
We were supposed to go right and we ended up going left.
How are we going the opposite way now? - Damn it! - No, no! - We're going back.
- Damn it! We had this three-way stream and there were currents going everywhere.
It kept pulling us in different directions that we didn't want to be pulled in.
I'm sorry, babe.
It's just a little tough.
We're still a team.
We're stuck on this damn boat together, whether we like it or not.
Switch, switch! If we switch like you felt, it's a torn.
A million dollars hurts.
Because you're so exhausted there was a whole gamut of emotions.
No, that's making it worse.
I'm trying to spin us.
For us I feel like it's especially worse for how often we watched the show and how much we wanted to come on the show and how bad we truly wanted it.
We were fighting for last place just to stay in and it really hurts.
Every time I tried to make us go straight we ended up spinning.
I understand that but now I know! I don't know what to do! Stop crying.
Don't let it all be for nothing.
- Well done, guys.
- Oh, thank you! Stop, focus! We need to go.
There's only one team here.
Let's go.
We gotta move quick.
Come on, honey.
We're going to make it.
Over here, honey, right there.
Open your eyes.
Honey, good job.
- Did you go in the water? - Twice.
- Really? - Yeah, just for fun.
Phil: Is the race what you wanted it to be? It's much harder than it looks.
Come on, stop! It's a footrace to the end.
I had a leg cramp, I can't run.
We're in last place.
We gotta go! - I need you to run.
- I can't run, I'm telling you.
I don't care, I really don't.
Come on, honey.
Come on, honey.
We have to finish strong.
We're not quitters.
No matter what happens, I love you.
I love you too, babe.
- Good job, you guys.
- One must continue to the end.
It's not necessarily about how strong, how intelligent you are, but your determination and not giving in.
Thank you, sir.
They're right behind us! They were docking as we were leaving.
- I'm so sorry.
- Don't cry.
- I know.
- Don't cry.
I don't want to cry but I don't want to be last either.
I know, babe.
We did a great job.
- I'm sorry, babe.
- The Church! We're here.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Churchill's Birthplace.
Find his birthplace.
Look, it's a museum.
See? We had to hurry up.
Baby, right there.
Christ Church.
We still have a chance, babe.
See? We're right there.
Anybody knows Churchill's Birthplace? Blenheim Palace.
Like, ten miles away.
Ten miles away? We just need a cab.
Churchill's Birthplace.
Oh, my God.
Churchill's Birthplace.
Oh, right there.
Taxi! Please, really fast! We need to be there now.
We are in a race.
We are in a race and we think we're last.
It's too late.
I want this so bad.
- I don't want to go home.
- We're not going home.
That's why I'm so frustrated.
I don't want to go home.
We're not going home.
Baby, it's ok, honey.
- Babe, I love you.
- I love you, too.
We did a great job.
I feel like I let Isabelle down.
I wish I was able to get past that current, but it kept dragging us back in.
Alright, we're in this together.
We're a team.
I know! [Sobbing.]
- That was so scary.
- It's ok, come on.
I'm pretty sure we're last.
I don't like this feeling and I don't want to go home yet.
Oh, my God! Shelley and Nici Phil, we're happy to see you.
You are still in this race.
You are team number nine.
Phil: Shelley, why does it mean so much to her? A young woman who really wants to be in this race.
To be here after talking about it for 14 years, you can't get eliminated over something stupid like not being able to punt a boat.
I mean, come on.
Come on, baby.
Let's go.
Dennis and Isabelle, unfortunately, you are the last team to arrive.
- I know.
- It's ok, baby.
- I know.
- Don't cry.
It's hard to hear it.
I don't want to hear it.
Phil: And you have been eliminated from the race.
- I love this girl.
- Damn.
I feel bad.
I let her down.
To be eliminated after being so careful and prepared.
It doesn't feel real.
At the end of the day I still love this girl very much.
I almost feel like there's another universe where we did win the million.
Phil: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
Next week on The Amazing Race It's a dog and pony show.
Come on, sheep.
Damn it.
- This is not easy.
- Oh, like that's gonna work.
Come on! And an injury puts the Firefighter's race in jeopardy.
- Oh, my goodness! - It's bad.

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