The Amazing Race (2001) s25e11 Episode Script

Hooping It Up

1 Previously on "The Amazing Race".
Four teams raced to Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
Misti was overwhelmed by her surroundings.
Little kids are squatting down in the street.
Oh, my God.
At the Detour, Brooke and Robbie braved the waves.
Fishing in the Philippines, boy! And built an early lead.
We're the pro-wrestlers.
We're never in first place.
We're in the lead? Meanwhile, Jim had a wrench thrown in his day.
- No good.
- No good.
I'd love to know what we're doing wrong.
The pro-wrestlers were stuck in the mud.
This is horrible! Just like that, our lead is gone.
Oh, my God! As the dentists edged out the scientists to win their fifth leg.
You are team number one.
Again! Meanwhile, in a second foot race, We can beat them on foot race.
Brooke and Robbie fell short.
But stayed in the game.
This is a non-elimination leg.
- You are still in the race.
- Thank God.
Coming up tonight, four teams battle for a spot in the finals.
Who will make it in? And who will be eliminated next? I'm having a baby! The Philippines is made up of thousands of islands, including the largest island of Luzon, home to the booming capital city of Manila.
Most of the country, however, is agricultural.
Today, four teams will leave these rice fields as they start the next leg of "The Amazing Race".
So on the last leg, whenever I stepped down, I hit something.
That was an epic fall.
Timing is really, really bad, but you know what? It's one of those things where it will make me work that much harder to get through to the final three.
Let's do it.
Travel by jeepney to Rajah Sulayman Park in Malate, Manila.
Teams must now travel to Rajah Sulayman Park where they'll find their next clue.
- Come here, hurry up.
- Where we get a jeepney? It says at Paliparan Station.
- Where? - Paliparan Station.
Ask this guy.
Do you speak English? He doesn't speak English.
Does anyone speak English? No.
Do you speak English? Yeah? Could you come here? This is really the first leg that we've been subject to elimination the whole race.
Up until now we've had the Save, leg 10 was a non-elimination leg.
So we just need to avoid the poor decision making that we've had on some of our rougher legs.
Jim, this way.
Yay, we get a jeepney.
You should catch a jeepney at Paliparan Station and change jeepneys at the next station.
Oh, jeez.
We're a little bit of the underdogs.
The dentists have been dominating, but I don't think there's any reason why we can't beat them.
Is that a jeepney? I believe we're meant to be here.
The story of David and Goliath we're it.
- Where is this station? - We need to look this way.
I know, but I'm looking to see what the girls are doing.
Paliparan is there? This way? - They're getting on it? - Yeah.
- We'll just get on with them.
- Ok.
- Do you know how far? - About thirty or forty minutes.
- 30 to 40 minutes? - To that station? Ok, ok.
Hey, guys, you want to share? - There's room here.
- Ok, thank you.
- One whole dollar.
- Let's go! Jeepneys.
Don't you love jeepneys? Rajah Sulayman? Leg 11 is the last leg that determines whether or not you're in the finals and the chance to win $1 million and win "The Amazing Race.
" On that side of the road? That side? Our faith is Jesus makes us who we are.
So we race to do the best for our potential because that's what we're called to do.
Going to Rajah Sulayman Park? Ok, let's go.
We're going to do it well and do it well while loving each other.
We saw a few other teams going the opposite direction so they might take longer to get back to where we're going.
Get these people.
- Can we fit? - Yes, come on.
Just get into the final three.
That's our goal.
That's what we've wanted since we've been here.
- They're not going where we need.
- Shoot.
It's scary going into one of the most important legs to make the final three with the Speed Bump, but we can do it.
Rajah Sulayman Park? - The other side.
- Other side.
It does matter what side of the road you get your jeepney because they stop in different locations in order.
We need to take a jeepney to Rajah Sulayman Park.
It's very important to get into the one going the right direction because they all follow this loop in order.
They go back around and back around.
- Can he drop us at the park? - Yeah.
Thank you very much.
I'm hoping that everybody went that way, that is a longer route to get there, that's the only thing we can hope for.
I hope we got an awesome driver.
Where are we going? We're heading to Paliparan Station where we then have to take another jeepney to then take another jeepney.
We have a two-transfer jeepney trip.
So we have to make sure we continue to make smart decisions, don't get lost, make sure we read our clue completely.
- Stay hydrated.
- Stay hydrated.
It's a warm one here in the Philippines.
It says "Travel by jeepney to Rajah Sulayman Park in Malate, Manila".
That's how our kids will be in New York.
It's pretty nuts.
- Alright.
- Thank you! This looks like the park to me.
- There it is, Hun.
- Yeehaw! Look at the wrestlers.
Yes! That stinks.
Oh, first ones here.
Detour, This or That? - Oh, my God.
- This or That, honeybun? There's no way to tell what's what.
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, Catch the tiger by the toe.
If he hollers, Let him go.
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo.
- Ok, "That".
- "That.
- We're going to do "That".
- Crazy.
That was good, we were in first.
It felt good going in the right direction.
You know Pedro Gil street and Pilar Hidalgo? Go that way? Do you want to ask him where the other one is just in case? And Malvar? Off that way.
- Let's do that one.
- Thank you.
Switching to "This".
- Go inside.
This is the park.
- Thank you.
- Which way and then what? - This way.
- Is that it? - Here, babe.
Speed Bump.
Robbie and Brooke must now travel to Manila's water front and help this street vendor replace his broken padyak.
Once they transfer all his goods onto a new one, they can continue racing with the other teams.
Look at us, we look good.
See how many clues are here.
They look like they're all there.
We're so lucky we got a jeepney that got us in the right direction and saved us that amount of time.
Let's hope we knock the Speed Bump out and we're back ahead of everybody else.
You have to steer this.
- Hi, sir.
- Transfer it on here.
This on here.
We had to take everything off the cart that was there and put it onto our cart and make sure it was all secure.
This is a long Speed Bump.
Actually, I don't think it's long at all.
We've been here one minute.
- Stop contradicting everything I say.
- Be positive.
We're all right.
- We've saved some time.
- Yeah, I think we did.
I think we made a smart move.
- I do too.
- Saved some time.
We should be pulling ahead of Adam and Bethany and Robbie and Brooke.
What are we looking for? There should be another clue at the corner.
- We might be playing basketball.
- We might be playing basketball.
There it is, hon.
Basketball was first introduced in the Philippines by the YMCA.
And is now played on just about every corner.
"This" requires teams to shoot hoops while being guarded by a neighborhood team.
Once they've scored at least 21 points, the official will hand them their next clue.
We're hooping it up.
We're just going to have to pass well.
They have our names on them.
Balling it up.
A field goal worth two points.
After a goal is made, one free-throw will be awarded here.
- All right.
- Let's play.
Go, go.
Sorry, babe.
Hey! Basket.
Two points.
- Ok, put this thing - I can't get this out.
We want to take it off how we see it.
Something has to be undone over there.
It is nerve-racking doing something else that nobody else has, the Speed Bump.
Didn't these go like this and there was an extra one on top? - I don't know.
- No, it was where I had it.
Brooke is a loose cannon, and if I become a loose cannon also.
Two loose cannons aren't going to win the race.
Do we have tie to tie this stuff down? It's the same rope but I don't know if we use it.
- You need gas? - Oh, no.
- We don't want to run out of gas.
- Better than running out.
Look at what the pumps say.
It says RePhil.
It's a good sign, guys.
Put it up, put it up.
Good job, good job! We had to score 21 points against two other players.
Good job, babe.
I felt like Shaq.
I was making my layups, and then at the free-throw line, brick, brick, brick.
Can't make a free-throw.
I'm a Shaq.
- It's all tight? - Yeah.
- Yes? - Yeah.
- Got it now? - His wheel was broken.
We had to transfer all this stuff for him and make sure it didn't fall off so he could deliver it somewhere.
We could still have a huge frigging lead.
Now? Good.
We'll try.
That looks good.
Took us a few minutes.
We killed it.
Holler, holler, holler, holler.
Those ain't going anywhere.
Thank you, thank you very much! Speed Bump done.
Holler! When we came back there was the same amount of clues in the clue box, which is oh, my God amazing.
- We're doing "This".
- For "This", make your way to the corner of Bocobo and Malvar Street.
See that? Our travel was good.
We've made bad travel choices the last few legs but traveling with the candy girls, combined intellect, let us to the You have the highest aptitude in this jeepney, I think.
More intelligence in this jeepney than anywhere else.
Hopefully we're at the Pit Stop by the time they get to the Park.
Where is Rajah Sulayman Park? - In Manila.
- That is back that way? Yeah, that way.
- We're going the wrong direction.
- We gotta get off.
Where is Rajah Sulayman Park? - In Manila.
- That is back that way? Yeah, that way.
Manila, which is back that way.
We need to get off.
- Do you think it's worth the risk? - What risk? We're going the wrong direction from where we should be.
It's one hour that way.
- Does that make sense? - Yeah.
It's just kind of a surprise.
But it is what it is.
So we need to go to the other side and catch a jeepney that way.
This is stressful as hell.
- Sorry.
- It's ok.
- Sorry, Hun.
- It's ok.
Sometimes I get nervous about not being able to do a challenge with one arm.
I don't want to let Adam down or be the weaker link.
Good job, babe.
You got it.
I love doing the Detours because we're doing it together and we have teamwork ideas of how to do it best.
Good job, baby! Oh, Shaquille O'Neal! You make the free throw.
Game over, game over.
Free throw for the game.
I need your powers, Shaq.
Yeah! Good job, baby! Thank you very much.
Make your way to the corner of Santo Cristo Street and San Nicolas Street in Divisoria Market and search for the marked jeepney.
Marked jeepney.
- Good passing, hon.
- Thanks.
Let's ask those guys.
We're looking for Divisoria Market.
Go right to the jeepney.
- That way? - Yeah.
The wrestlers just showed up.
They must have done the Speed Bump already.
We need to hustle that market now.
This is our competition? - You two? This is going to be ugly.
- Let's go.
I've played basketball for years growing up.
So it's crazy that we chose the one that had to do with basketball.
Babe, babe, babe.
I'll take a wild shot.
He's going to block you.
Yes! You like that? Damn.
Oh, shoot.
It's been 10 years since I pick up a basketball.
It was a little rusty in the beginning.
You ready for this? You want some of this? - No.
- Damn it.
- There it is.
Up there.
- Right here.
- Detour.
- "This" or "That"? - What are you guys doing? - Whatever's closer.
Which one of these is closer? Watch out, Misti.
Where's Pilar Hiidalgo? - How far? - Only one block.
One block? One block this way.
We almost got hit.
Do you have our clue or do I? I know it's somewhere.
I put in my pouch.
Did you check all your pockets? Oh, my gosh, I don't like not having it.
Just take wild shots.
We gotta get 21.
Here, here, here.
Babe! Just shoot.
Come on, he poked my eye.
He poked me in the eye.
Just keep taking it.
She was killing them.
So just throwing it back to Brooke was the smartest thing.
Stick to what is winning and that's this.
- She's like Michael Jordan.
- Boom.
- Boom.
- Just shoot.
No Speed Bump can keep us back.
Got it.
Thank you.
Search for the marked jeepney.
Thank you! Taxi! Good job, babe.
We got this.
Here it is, here it is.
- You see them? - Yes, thank you.
The bicycle is the most efficient means of transportation on earth.
"That" requires teams to be peddler and passenger as they navigate their way around the neighborhood.
Teams must join the local taxi traffic and race a padyak around this course.
If they can complete four laps under 17:55, they'll receive their next clue.
Ok, let's try it.
- Is this a padyak? - I guess so.
Oh, man.
- You want me to go first? - I guess so.
You just have to paddle on the ball of your foot.
Oh, my God.
You got it, Maya.
The race will start when I blow my whistle.
- You got it, Maya.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Where do I go? - Straight, straight.
This is the marker.
Oh, my God.
What the heck? We each had to make two laps around the designated course.
And it had to be done in 17 minutes and 55 seconds.
Jim started out on the course to try to give us a lead, not against Maya and Amy but against the clock because of my foot.
- It's hard.
- Oh, my God.
- Watch out! - Coming through, move, move! Turn right.
Turn right.
- I know.
- Turn right.
I'm trying.
This thing don't turn.
And the brake not very good.
It's not the fastest thing in the world but we're going.
It's kind of weird biking in these streets, though, that's for sure.
Sorry for the bump.
All these bike rides to work, Amy.
Coming in handy.
Biking and steering here is very interesting but we're going.
Here it is.
Divisoria Market.
Thank you.
Marked jeepney.
Oh, my gosh.
Crazy market.
See it anywhere? There's two streets we needed to know and we know one.
We know one, that's good.
I knew from memory it was Nicholas Street but we didn't know the cross section, so that kind of sucked.
- The clue's missing.
- The clue's missing.
So we're doing it by memory.
Looking for a jeepney on Nicole street.
Can you help us? Do you know Nicole street? - St.
Nicolas Street? - Thank you.
I need air.
I'm going to throw up.
Can you turn your AC on, please? I'm going to puke.
That one.
Just keep going.
Can you turn your No, no, no.
Engine will be hot.
All right.
Turn right.
- Coming through, move.
- Watch out! - Watch out! Watch out! - Move, move.
Oh, my God! Jim had already complained about how hard it was to steer and there were no traditional bike brakes on this.
You basically push this metal bar into the tire to break.
And we were instructed that if that doesn't stop, you just put your shoe on the tire to stop it.
What? Almost there.
Almost to your resting point.
- Switch.
- I'm trying to brake.
You can do it.
Just don't crash into nothing.
- Good job, Amy.
- Oh, jeez.
You got to steer.
You got to steer.
The bike is really loose.
- Yeah.
You can't really steer.
- You can't steer very well.
- You're doing so good.
- You're heavy.
I've got a big boy in here! Pain's temporary, just push through it.
You're doing great, darling, you're doing great.
- You can pass, Misti.
- I know.
I just need to get control of the steering.
You can do it, babe, keep going.
Scoot over, a little left.
You're going to hit them.
Go right, go right.
Oh, my gosh.
A little left.
A little left.
You're going to hit them.
Go right, go right.
Keep going, keep going.
Don't worry about them.
We're not racing them.
We're racing the clock.
- Are you ok? - Yeah.
- You're good? - Barely.
I just can't get going that fast cause I can't control it.
I just told you not to hit Misti.
Good job, Amy.
Keep going, babe.
Don't let Amy pass you.
- Keep going.
- My foot, though.
I know, baby.
It's gonna be a tight squeeze over here again.
- Good job, guys.
Keep it up.
- We're making great pace.
- Good, guys.
- Keep it up.
Keep digging.
- Maya and Amy passed us.
- Excuse me, they did not have a 250-pound baby to carry in their buggy like I did.
That was a challenge where Misti had a strong disadvantage, She had an injured foot and I'm like two of them.
I can put Maya and Amy in my buggy And they'd still be lighter than me.
Good job, Amy.
Looking good.
Hey, I think I'm gonna do one more lap.
You want to do one more? - I got the hang of it.
- You're really quick too.
Keep going.
Keep going strong.
Good job, Amy.
Keep going.
Almost there.
You'll get a nice rest when we switch.
Good, good, good.
You have to make up some time for me.
I'm going to try to build you as much cushion as I can.
I'll give it everything I got.
This is crazy.
Excuse me, St.
Nicholas street? The market was like a maze.
It was insane.
Everyone was speaking English for asking for things.
- I don't wanna run endlessly.
- I don't know what else we can do.
Let's just find this street and we'll head down it and maybe we'll run into the jeepney.
Sir, how far? - Next road is St.
- All right, let's go.
Up here, babe.
Come on.
Who goes coocoo for coconuts? There are estimated 300 millions coconut trees in the Philippines.
These trees are such an integral part of the country that they're referred to as the trees of life.
This Roadblock requires teams to pick up and deliver two popular coconut products.
The bunot, used for polishing fluids, and brooms called walis tingting.
Once they have delivered these items to three different shops, they'll receive their next clue.
It's going to carry something.
I'll do it.
Pick up my brooms and coconuts.
Where do I deliver these to? Where? - I don't understand.
- Come on, babe, you can do it.
- Read your clue.
- I don't know what to do.
You got it.
Keep pushing hard.
For $1 million.
You can get us to top three.
- Good job, Amy.
- One more to go.
Go, Maya.
Go! It's harder than the first time.
We might only have like five minutes.
You got it, baby.
Keep going.
Keep digging.
You got it, baby.
You're doing great.
My foot was hurting, but I'd already decided that if it bled through my shoe or had already busted back open, that it was what it was.
I can push through the pain if there's a reason to.
And there was.
It's $1 million at stake here.
This is the last lap.
Take another right.
We might be cutting it close on time.
The time is 15:35.
- Awesome.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Cross the finish line.
Cross it, cross it.
- You get 16:04.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
Get a taxi.
- Taxi.
- They don't know that well.
- Do you know where that is? - Yes? - Open your trunk.
Do you know where this is? You do not know? Oh, man.
We're in race for $1 million.
So the faster we can go, the better.
- That was very, very, very hard.
- Good job, Amy.
We're right behind the dentists.
We still haven't seen the surfers or the wrestlers.
Which way? I don't understand.
It's hot so it's slowing me down.
It felt like I was in a sauna and a steam room combined and then throw 400 more degrees on top of that.
I was pouring sweat.
Oh, no.
At the posted locations.
Was there locations back there? I got to go back.
It says "posted locations".
I think there might have been locations that said where I needed to go up here.
What's wrong, babe? We didn't look at the locations where I got to deliver them.
Intersection of Tabora and de Santos.
De Santos? Tabora? - Oh, God.
- It's crazy.
What do you want to do? We find a safe spot and we could search my whole bag.
Let's do it right here.
Oh, my gosh.
- Is that it? - Found the clue.
So what street we're supposed to be on? St.
Nicolas and St.
Let's go, let's go.
Hold on tight to that clue, honeybun.
This is it, right here.
It might be.
Thank you.
- Hurry up.
- I'm trying.
Should we walk? I wanna see if traffic is moving.
It's stopped.
Here's your coconuts.
But where are the posted locations? Brooke and Robbie are here.
Jim, you gotta get I know, but where are the posted locations? I think I see it.
What's up, guys? - Good luck, Hun.
- Thank you.
I don't know what to do.
It doesn't say where the shops are.
Do you know where you're taking it, Hun? Maybe just ask people.
I think we need to get out.
Faster to get out or faster to drive? Faster walk.
Yes, ok, thank you.
- God.
- De Santos? De Santos? Do you know Tabora? Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Where is the Divisoria Market? Is this all Divisoria Market? I just don't know where I'm going.
Is this marked or no? Where do I go? Do you need? No? Got it, got it, got it.
Right there.
Here you go.
- Three.
- Yep.
- One.
- Yep.
No three.
Please don't tell me that.
I finally found where the first place was I had to deliver and he said he needed two more coconuts.
That's when I realized I didn't look at the proper number of things I was supposed to be bringing.
So I'm going to go back and get the two others.
Excuse me.
Can I keep these for five minutes back here, please? Thank you so much.
- It's a Roadblock.
- I'll do it.
I should have just carried one.
Where do I take this? Anybody know where I take these? Where? Where's the tingting? Marked shops at the posted locations.
Alright, Amy, let's do it.
Be smart.
All right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Excuse me.
Come on, Amy.
You got this.
"Clval" Street.
We went from second to last yesterday.
I'm really freaking out.
But I'm going to predict Jim will figure it out.
Jim knows everything.
I don't know.
Amy's pretty sharp too.
I hope so.
I hope those magic powers work today.
- What's up, Jim? - Have you delivered any yet? No, this is my first pack.
Heavy, yeah? - I don't know where we're going.
- This is hard.
There you go.
Thank you.
Gotta get the second.
Do you know where Muelle de Binondo and Comercio is? - This is Comercio.
- Ok.
So the intersection's right here? Gotcha.
What is the name of this street? I don't want this street.
Where is "Clval" Street.
? Where do we go? Excuse us.
Oh, my gosh.
Where the heck do we take these? This is ridiculous.
- This is awful.
- How will we know where to go? Marked location it said.
What does that mean? A marked location? Maybe on the van itself.
It says which streets the things are at, yeah? We have to go back.
There you go.
Receipt, please.
Thank you.
C - L - V - A - L.
C - L - P C - L - B? Clval Street.
- Anibal Street? - Clval! - There it is.
- Yeah, wow.
Jim, quickly.
This is for the top three, ok, baby? Did you see in the first time, Robbie? - No.
- I didn't either.
Oh, my God.
This is miserable.
Excuse me.
Very heavy.
Ready? - Last one.
- What street is this? Oh, my God, this is really heavy.
I think she's really tired and really hot.
She's shaking.
I say don't let that get to her, you can do more than you think you can, always.
Just keep powering through it.
Probably the worst Roadblock I could be doing right now.
What's this? Right here.
Tingting, yeah? Thank you.
We got two more.
Two more to go.
Here, here.
Thank you! Where is clval street? - This way? - Tabora street, Tabora? All right.
Jim was right behind me.
I think he wanted to stay with me but there wasn't time to wait for Jim.
Adam! I was like, "see ya, dude, I'm running this thing".
Good job, babe.
Good job, honey.
Open it.
I can't talk.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop.
The Spanish first arrived here almost 500 years ago.
And their influence is still seen today with architectural treasures like this, Fort San Diego, which is now the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
Let's go.
This way.
We went from worst to first.
Brooke and Robbie just got their next clue.
- We don't know where they're going.
- Probably to the Pit Stop.
Impressive run.
They're going to be right behind us.
The only one who is going to have trouble it is Amy.
Her hip is hurt, and she's not an athlete and not fit.
I'm sure that's going to hold her back, but I'm sure Jim and the surfers are close behind.
- Here? - No.
- Three.
- This is part of it? Three of this? Oh, my God.
Hey, hey, hey, amigo.
Can I borrow that from you? Thank you, thank you.
Where did you get that? You need? Two and three.
Thank you, thank you.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Catch up with him, Amy! I have to carry more.
I'll take all of this at once.
Last one.
Here, here, here.
Thank you.
- They're very, very heavy.
- Amy, you got to do it.
This is for the final.
I can't.
I really can't carry all this.
Oh, my God.
- Can I borrow that? - Return? Yes? I will return.
I will return.
One tingting.
Two bunot.
Thank you.
I don't know how to drive this.
Get it done, baby.
Get it done, darling.
Last one.
Please, very fast, sir.
Baluarte de San Diego in Intramuros.
That's another town, I guess.
- We want this.
- More than anything.
We have hung onto this whole race by threads.
This is one of the most important legs because it gets you into the final three.
Yes, thank you, thank you.
Excuse me.
Receipt? Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Good job, baby.
The last team to check in may be eliminated.
Let's not lose this one.
There's a taxi over here.
We need to hurry.
Teams will catch up.
They're so close.
Get some of this? It's beautiful.
Air cond.
Is this it? Yes? Good? Thank you.
Thank you.
Here? Here? Do you want this? Deliver? Thank you.
The last team to check in may be eliminated.
- Where do we go? - That way.
Good luck, Maya.
Now I wait for Amy.
All the other teams have gone.
Good job, Amy.
Good job.
You want some water? She knows what she needs to do.
It's not just a matter of getting it done.
Good job, Amy.
Keep it up.
Powering through.
- Taxi! - You know where this is? - Yes, you do? - Pop the trunk.
We're in a race for $1 million.
We have to go quickly, ok? Ok, no problem! I have no control over this.
Here? You? Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Amy, Amy, Amy! Whoo! Last team may be eliminated.
All right.
Let's take a taxi.
Good job, Amy.
Taxis are up here.
Yes? We need to go fast.
- Amy, what's wrong? - I'm shaking.
Just breathe.
Honestly, on the way to the Pit Stop, I was trying not to pass out.
I was really, really dehydrated at the end of the Roadblock.
Do you have enough air? My window won't go down.
Remember to breathe.
Oh, man.
I don't want to see her pass out in some hospital in the Philippines and we can't finish the race.
- Do you want a jacket on? - It's probably bad.
It will keep you warm.
Put your hands above your head if you need to to get more air.
Where are we? Sir, Baluarte de San Diego in Intramuros.
- Fast, fast.
- Just keep us out of traffic.
Do you know it now? Yeah? All right.
Thank you.
- Oh, my God.
- Please, very fast.
Thank you.
We have to go fast, fastest route.
Please, quickly, quickly.
$1 million.
40 million pesos.
- Go, go.
- Fast, fast.
Everyone, move.
I'm having a baby! Oh, God! - Fast, fast! - No problem.
I just want to get in the darn finals.
Thank you, sir.
Good job.
Are we close? Oh, my God, come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
- First! - Oh, my God! - First, baby! - Oh, my God! Hello.
Welcome to Manila, Philippines! - Thank you! - Thank you! - Brooke and Robbie.
- Yes.
You've made "Amazing Race" history, just like the cowboys.
Worst to first.
You are team number one.
And you are one of the teams that will be racing to the finish line.
Pro-wrestlers making history.
It's what we do.
It's what Robbie and Brooke do.
However, for the first time in "Amazing Race" history, - the final leg starts right now.
- Oh, my God! - I have your next clue.
- We gotta just keep racing.
I also have a manila envelope, don't open that until you're instructed to do so.
- It's not over.
We gotta go.
- Read your clue.
Fly to your final destination, the City of Angels.
Main entrance.
In the finals! Adam and Bethany, you are team number two.
However, the final leg starts right now.
- Here's your next clue.
- Oh, my God.
And a manila envelope.
City of Angels.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
- This is nuts.
- This is crazy.
- Is that it? - Yeah, go, go, go, go.
Dang it.
It's a team.
Misti and Jim, you are team number three.
Cut it close.
However, the final leg starts right now.
Here's your next clue and a manila envelope.
Read your clue.
Fly to your final destination, the City of Angels.
Let's go.
You're doing good, Amy.
Just breathe.
- It is here? Ok, here.
- Let us out.
- Is she all right? - She's cold and needs water.
Can we get some water? Are you feeling hot? Her body's warm but she feels cold.
Bring the umbrella for a second.
If you want to sit on a chair, there's one right behind you.
Why don't you sit for a couple of seconds? Any chest pain? Her blood pressure is 100 over 70.
- How are you feeling? - Good.
- Do you mind If I talk? - No, let's do it.
- Feeling better now? - Yeah, I'm good.
Well, Amy and a Maya, it's been a long journey all around the world.
And I'm very sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive.
We knew.
You feel like you're done? No, we're not done.
How would you like to complete a whole lap around the world racing? - How would you like to do that? - We're still in it? For the first time in "Amazing Race" history, four teams will be racing to the finish line.
- Oh, my God.
Are you serious? - It's very true.
Amy, yeah! But I have to tell you, I will be eliminating a team sometime on the final leg.
- You think you can handle it? - Oh, we can totally hang.
- Are you sure about that? - Yes.
You better be ready because the final leg starts right now.
Here is your clue.
Here's your manila envelope.
You're still racing.
- Manila envelope? - All right, let's go.
- Can you believe it? - No.
We never saw this coming.
Four teams going into the final leg, it's really proven that the race is unpredictable and it's not over until it's over.
Thank you, Phil.
We'll see you in Los Angeles.
Do we look like people you want to be up against when $1 million is on the line? Let's go through the teams that we're up against.
Pro wrestlers versus dentists.
They clean teeth for a living.
Think about it.
The candy girls.
Have they been in a gym? They're not competition for us.
The surfers are athletes but come on, they're just spaced out.
Gnarly and Cowabunga, it's not going to work for leg 12.
Robbie and Brooke, physically they're both professional athletes.
Obviously they have it together in that department.
Mentally, not as strong.
Misti and I have won five legs.
We have to be the odds-on favorite.
We look like pee wees compared to everyone else, but there's a reason why we're the last four teams standing.
We've gotten here on our own.
We haven't had to rely on other teams.
There's no reason we can't be the first team to finish.
Going into the race we believed that we could win this.
Physically, being able to do all these challenges has been huge.
We played the game well, we haven't been dirty.
Who knows what's going to happen? Maybe $1 million.
We've won numerous wrestling titles.
It's going to be a great feeling when we win "Amazing Race" title.
Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
Next week on the season finale of "The Amazing Race".
After eight countries, 20 cities and over 26 thousand miles, it all comes down to this.
Pull the red cord.
Four teams racing for $1 million.
This is going to be so hard.
Who will cross the finish line first and win "The Amazing Race"?
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