The Amazing Race (2001) s25e12 Episode Script

All or Nothing

1 Previously on "The Amazing Race".
Eleven teams began a race around the world.
Go! Our silver anniversary started with a bang.
That will get you up in the morning.
But quickly turned into chaos.
No! Why do they do that? Confrontation.
- We were already here.
- Don't push me.
- Back up.
- No.
- You push me one more time.
- And what? And complete breakdowns.
I don't wanna go home yet.
Some teams soared to new heights.
I love "The Amazing Race".
While others came crashing down.
Look at my ankle.
Oh, my goodness.
Along the way seven teams were eliminated.
I'm sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive.
You have been eliminated.
Soul surfers, Adam and Bethany, however survived.
Nice climbing.
And the newlyweds' deep love for each other only grew stronger with each leg.
There you go.
- Hi, honeybun.
- There you go.
Bethany's determination was so inspiring I cannot believe how awesome Bethany is.
Even her competition stood back in awe.
I'm having difficulty with two arms and she has one.
Bethany's a beast.
The newly-weds continued to ride the wave until the final leg.
Married dentists, Misti and Jim made their presence known right out of the gate.
- The Save.
- Beautiful.
And their dominance continued to sparkle.
With five first place finishes Today the thumb came out.
Fifth win.
It was no surprise they made it into the final leg.
Kind of close.
Dating pro-wrestlers, Brooke and Robbie however, struggled from the start.
We're sinking.
We lost, dude.
We sunk.
Oh, God, we're going to lose.
Oh, my God! Damn it.
But their sense of humor throughout Oh, God.
Working my biceps here.
Look at these babies.
Helped them perform when it mattered most.
No Speed Bump could keep us back.
Going from last to first to make it into the final leg.
Worst to first.
You are team number one.
Scientists Amy and Maya were never considered a threat.
Yeah, we're getting our PHDs.
Yeah, we're scientists.
But we can do this.
But as the race progressed, This underdog team overcame injury I physically can't.
- You can't run? - No.
and crashes Go right, go right! To surprise everyone including themselves.
We're kind of like underdogs here.
Come on, Amy! We're the nonprofessional athletic team but academically we put up a good match.
But they made it into the final match.
Four teams will be racing for the finish line.
Oh, my God, Amy.
Coming up tonight For the first time in Amazing Race history, four teams will have their chance to win $1 million and "The Amazing Race.
" The last leg of "The Amazing Race.
" Yay-ya! For the first time in "Amazing Race" history, four teams will be racing to the finish line.
You better be ready because the final leg starts right now.
Here is your clue.
But I have to tell you, sometime during the final leg, I will be eliminating a team.
So this is one leg where you do not want to get left behind.
Here's your manila envelope.
- You're still racing.
- Fly to the city of Los Angeles.
Teams must now fly more than 7,000 miles to the City of Angels, Los Angeles.
The entertainment capital of the world.
After touching down at LAX, they must choose a Ford Explorer Sport and then use Ford sync technology, "Say a command".
to get their next clue.
Oh, my God.
Hi, sir.
International airport? - Thank you.
- Let's go.
We are on the way to the final leg of "The Amazing Race".
- This is so unreal.
- We did not see that coming.
There's still in it.
There's Maya and Amy.
We were hoping that the scientists were eliminated but it's kind of a frustrating thing that they weren't eliminated.
It's disgusting.
- Hello, guys.
- Good morning.
We're here.
- How you guys doing? - Morning.
Mad that I'm looking at you guys.
Why don't you love us? I love $1 million more than you guys.
- No one's saying you're not winning.
- Yesterday was pointless.
It's just very frustrating.
You guys would be too.
- You know - We didn't make the rules.
No, but we're allowed to be upset about.
You are, but don't take it out on us.
We ran into the surfers, wrestlers and the dentists.
Brooke was not happy in her reaction.
I cannot deny my utter frustration at seeing Amy and Maya walk through the airport.
It's crazy to find out that no one was eliminated.
Brooke was not happy to see us.
That's for sure.
- You want the silver lining? - Yeah, give it to me.
Who's the highest probably team to get eliminated midway through? It depends, if it's a smart challenge, Rob and I are not We aren't going to make it, see what I'm putting down? They're low-hanging fruit.
They'll probably be on the first part.
It's good to have low-hanging fruit.
They've been behind us a lot more than they've been ahead us.
Maybe give Amy a kick in the shin just to slow her down.
That's mean.
It's pretty crazy feeling right now, we're about to board what we think is our final flight for "The Amazing Race".
We're going to race to the best of our ability and hopefully bring home the million.
Being in the final leg means we have a chance to aka we're going to win a million dollars.
We're going to be rich.
It's pretty much a sure thing.
We're going to win $1 million! We've won numerous wrestling titles.
It's going to be a great feeling when we win "The Amazing Race" title.
We're on our final flight.
$1 million at stake.
This is it.
It's all or nothing.
All teams are making their way from Manila, Philippines to Los Angeles, California.
Go, go, go Amy! Let's do this! - Make a run quick.
- Let's do this.
- Come on, babe! Come on! - Let's go.
Come on, it's over here.
- Here they are.
- This is it.
Let's go.
Get in.
It's an automatic.
You go.
Just pick one and get in.
Nice car we're rolling in right now.
I love it! Yeah, Ford Explorer, seems nice.
Get in.
What the instruction say? Audible text clue.
Press the voice command button as shown in picture.
Listen to text message.
Welcome to Los Angeles, entertainment capital of the world.
Your manila envelope hold your film permit, bring it to the Film L.
clerk at downtown City Hall for approval.
Teams must bring their manila envelope containing their film permit, to the Film L.
clerk at downtown City Hall to receive their next clue.
- Here's the permit.
- Go.
The rat race has gun.
- 105 what? - East.
Then, take a right.
The last leg of "The Amazing Race.
" Yay-ya! I know where we're going.
We're the only ones that know where we're going, it seems because I don't see anybody coming up behind us.
I bet the wrestlers will just follow us to get there.
I know.
Right now we're following the surfers.
I hope they know where they're going.
We are with the wrestlers right there.
- See ya.
- See ya.
And they got off where we were supposed to go.
Damn it.
Damn it.
There they go.
I told you to stay behind them the whole time.
- Yeah, so what should do I? - I don't know.
This does not feel like an interstate to me.
This is Manhattan Beach Boulevard.
It says, Civic Center to the right, the city of Manhattan Beach too.
We're headed completely in the frigging wrong direction.
- Ok.
- No, it's not ok.
- We've been here the whole time.
- Well, this is not the right thing.
- Ok.
- Oh, my God.
So you want me to turn around? I need you to make a left and make a U-turn.
- No wonder there's no one behind us.
- Misti, please.
We made a colossal error getting into this point.
Hopefully teams have struggled to get the directions they need.
So we'll just see.
Hi, can you please help with us direction? - You have the information? - To Downtown City Hall.
Take the 405 to the 10 to the 110, to the 101 and you'll see it right there.
- Perfect.
- Thank you very much.
It is the most nerve-racking part of the race whenever you're in control getting to where you're going.
You're not relying on taxis.
They know where they're going.
I've got to find these streets I've have never seen.
I don't know which way is north, east, south, west.
It's crazy.
Get off on Broadway and stay in the right Lane.
It's probably this building.
It's actually this building.
Oh, yes.
We found it.
- There's one team here.
- Oh, the scientists.
All right.
Let's go.
Where do we? We go where? - Security? - Security? Up to City Hall.
- Hi.
- Welcome to the Mayor's office.
- Thank you.
- Manila envelope from Manila.
It looks like you're permit's been approved.
Teams will now make their way to Southwest Marine Warehouse where they'll hand over their film permit to receive their next clue.
- Ok, thank you.
- Good job, girls.
- You too.
- Good job.
- How are you? - Good, how are you? Ours isn't as pretty.
- There's some people that - Yeah.
Maybe ask for our smartphone? You will need to take this to the assistant director on set.
He'll need it to start filming.
- Good-bye.
- Thank you.
Can we borrow your phone? - We need to look up directions.
- We are desperate.
Oh, look at the map.
Remember back the way we came there's the 10 going to San Pedro? Let's go, honeybun! This is City Hall.
Right here.
On our left.
- Got it.
- Let's go.
Come on.
You'll need to take this to the assistant director on set.
- He'll need it to start filming.
- Thank you.
And then continue on the South Seaside Avenue.
You'll see the 1185.
Jim and Misti just got here.
Get in the car.
Go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, Amy! They were getting directions.
- You want me to go straight? - Go around them.
- Turn around? - Yep.
- You're on the wrong side.
- Sorry.
It's a little unnerving knowing that Phil's eliminating somebody mid-leg but at the end of the day this leg really it's trying to win the leg.
San Pedro, next three exits.
Get off here and ask somebody.
- Fire Station? - They should be friendly.
Hey, how is it going? We're on a race.
We're wondering if you can help us with directions.
- Sure, where do you gotta go? - Seaside Avenue.
- Oh, nice map.
- Seaside would be.
Seaside's right here.
- Ok.
- Ok? - Are you Bethany Hamilton? - Yeah.
My daughter's a big fan.
Yeah, we're on this race.
We're all in a hurry.
Don't go over the big bridge, stay to the right.
- Ok.
- Let's do this, honeybun.
What's the name of the place? Southwest Marine Warehouse.
That's the main gate.
It says we should pick up a clue or anything? We're came to deliver this to you.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Who wants to be a Hollywood action hero? Professional stunt men are the unsung heroes of film making, risking life and limb to help get the shot.
This Roadblock, gives teams an opportunity to learn a stunt from these highly skilled athletes and then play the role of a Hollywood action hero.
After preparing with a stunt coordinator, they must pick up a satchel then crash through this plate glass window from the third story of this building.
- Maya.
- I'll do it.
There's the candy canes.
- What? For real? - Yeah.
All right.
Let's go, I'm excited.
An assistant director? We're supposed to deliver this to you.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Who wants to be a Hollywood action hero? - You! - Should I do it? Ok.
You're my hot action hero.
I'm telling you this is a nice driving vehicle.
It is smooth.
We got to San Pedro quickly and easily.
But I think as soon as we cross this bridge, we stop and get directions.
How you doing? We need to find Seaside Avenue, Terminal Island.
On the other side of the bridge.
- The other side? - Other side of the Vincent Thomas.
Thank you so much.
- We appreciate.
- Thanks, guys.
Thank you.
So we know exactly where we're going.
God, we were right there.
I know.
Probably in last place now.
- We can recover from this.
- I know.
So don't get into negative zone.
I can feel you going there.
We just need to cut the mistakes off and get our heads back in the game.
This cannot be right, Rob.
This is Santa Monica city limits.
I don't see how this could possibly be right.
Look at all this traffic now that we're getting stuck into.
And if this is the wrong direction, oh, my God.
I mean, you want to roll down the window and ask someone? Ask this guy.
- Do you know where City Hall is? - It's back the other way on the 10.
- I knew it.
- On which 10? - 10 east? - 10 east.
I mean, I don't We were both in there and he gave us the directions.
I don't know why that guy I don't know.
Rob wanted to keep going with these directions.
- So we did and - What are you talking about? You wanted to stop for directions.
You got them from the guy.
- He wrote them for you.
- I did.
So I don't know better than the guy, you or anyone.
- I'm down forever.
- All I'm saying You wanted directions and we followed.
- Just keep talking.
- This sucks.
Get over here and turn around.
I knew that when we were driving and there was a split one said Santa Monica and one said LA, that the guy gave us the wrong direction.
What did you wanna do at the split? Go the opposite that he said? - What are you talking about? - I did.
You wanted to stop for directions.
You got them from the guy.
- He wrote them for you.
- I did.
So I don't know better than the guy, you or anyone.
We're following the way the guy drew.
So this is Here it is.
Can you please calm down and stop getting such a crazy attitude with me? I'm certainly not crazy.
I'm calm.
We can stop and get McDonald's if you want.
I know, you couldn't care less.
You could not care less about this race, we know.
- No, I don't want $1 million.
- You don't care though.
We're not even in the final three.
We could be eliminated at like any point.
We're set up here.
You guys are ready to go? We're set and ready.
Go ahead and call it.
Roll cameras.
Quiet, please.
Roll and rolling.
- This is our little training ground.
- Ok.
We're going to do a little tap twist.
We're going to have a piece of break-away glass in here.
It's in another part of the building.
Here's the deal.
You'll come through a window and land on your back.
- You ready? - Yep.
Three, two, one, action.
- Oh, sorry.
Hold on.
- Three, two, one, action.
- I don't know why I'm scared.
- You can do it.
Don't be scared.
Three, two, one action! Scream! Action, go.
I don't know why I'm getting scared.
- I don't know why.
- Just run.
- Ok, I got it.
- Ready? This is the one.
- Yep.
- Three, two, one, action! Not bad.
Pretty good.
This is South Seaside.
Southwest right there.
That's it.
- Hi.
- Is that your permit? That's my permit.
Thank you.
Who wants to be a Hollywood action? That would totally be you.
- Unless it's Wonder Woman.
- It's me.
- So we're only the second team? - Three.
Oh there's three here? Roll and rolling.
Quiet please.
- This is your satchel.
- Ok.
Pretty cool stuff.
Waiting for Maya to come flying through this glass door.
Oh, they see me.
She's probably pretty excited about this.
She's been wanting to jump out of something for a long time.
You're jumping out of this building to kick some alien ass.
You are here to save the world.
- You pumped? - Yes, I'm pumped.
I'm excited.
Will you call me when you get the million? Yeah! - Five, four - Three, two, one, action! That was so freaking awesome! Oh, my God.
- That was pretty cool! - Here's the clue? - Is it hard candy? - Yes, hard candy.
The glass I jumped through today was basically made of sugar, sucrose, corn syrup and water.
- It's a thin layer of hard candy.
- I should have tasted it.
It was probably sweet.
- Probably with the sugar.
- Yes, I should have tasted it.
Route Info.
Run to the U.
Coast Guard base at the end of Terminal Island and choose a marked rapid-response boat at the pier to receive your next clue.
Coast Guard, wasn't it that way? U.
Coast Guard.
- Thank you.
- Good luck, man.
It's been good.
Thank you.
- Go big or go home.
- I know, right? We're not going home today.
Oh, my gosh.
This is different from "soul surfers".
Adam's about to become a super hero and break through some glass.
Here we go.
- Three, two, one, action! - Three, two, one, action! I think you got a future in stunt work, honeybun.
So we're going to the Coast Guard base at the end of the terminal Island.
- Good to go? - Yeah.
Pretty good.
The dentists and the surfers are right behind us.
We haven't seen the wrestlers yet.
Maya, stop! You must change out of the costume, before leaving the location.
- Does it say there? - Before leaving the location.
Let's run back.
Yeah, I'll carry this.
Oh, shoot.
They didn't take off all their gear.
Good job, guys.
- Did you see Brooke and Rob? - No.
You're fine.
- You're good.
- Shoot.
She forgot to take her gear off.
That sucks.
That would be an awful run in all that gear.
Do you see? I don't know what that is.
I feel like this is it.
- This thing? - Yeah.
- City Hall.
- That's it.
You need to take this down to the assistant director on set.
He'll need it to start filming.
- Ok.
- Good luck.
We've been at the bottom before, we're assuming we're at the bottom now.
Doesn't mean we can't get back to the top.
- There's the marked boat.
- Thank you.
Let's read it.
Test your swim skills in a U.
Coast Guard open-ocean training exercise America's Coast Guard has been protecting this country's maritime interest for more than 200 years.
Today teams will jump on board a RBS, a Response Boat Small and test their skills in an open-ocean search and rescue training exercise.
Ocean? I knew we were going to go in the ocean.
Good for us.
Now we're in the lead.
It was cool.
We got into our Coast Guard boat.
We had to put on wet suits, fins, helmet.
It's like right back in our element.
On there as well, you'll see a quick release.
That the Oscar is attached with, it will be tied on.
- It's like a dummy Oscar? - Yes.
You're gonna tow off your back of the Coast Guard vessel.
We're going to help you back on board.
- And we'll head back in after that.
- Whoo! - Yee-haw.
- Sounds good.
This is cool.
- You still ready? - Yeah.
Ok, we're ready up here.
We're ready to go.
Three, two, one, action! Nice! Can you please take the bag? Sure that's our clue.
So we made the mistake.
Had to go back change the cloth.
See Jim finish, he's taking off his clothes at the same time I'm taking off mine.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Open that out.
Is it in there? Maybe in the back zipper? Nope, no clue.
- What's the deal? - Where do we get a clue? This is like empty.
He can't find the clue yet.
So I'm like ok we still have a little bit of a lead.
We just have to run it out.
No idea.
I would think that it should be in here, but there's There's - What about the zipper compartment? - There we go.
There we go.
These streets are crazy.
Things just pop up and you don't know which way to go.
This is way out of the way whatever we're doing.
I wish there wasn't an elimination.
How about I wish the candy girls were gone when they should have been, and we would have been here and it wouldn't have been a big deal? We would have been where we were supposed to be.
This sucks.
Not taking my clothes off cost us first place.
We were ahead of the surfers by a good deal.
I see it.
Let's give it all you got.
- Hi.
- Grab you bag.
Down here.
Come on.
Almost there.
Run it out.
Let's go.
We've got to go, guys.
Let's go.
Robbie and Brooke still are not here.
We're going out.
I think we're getting close, hon.
I think we're getting close, there's a buoy.
I see Oscar.
Let's do this thing! Ready to go? Oh, my gosh.
This is nuts.
In Hawaii we do a lot of snorkeling.
We scuba a lot so we're used to the gear.
It really was a breeze for us just to swim out.
We're surfing in way gnarlier waters.
A lot of smoke.
Oscar was no joke, at least 200 pounds.
It was like dead weight in the water putting him back.
Yeah, baby! Good job! Can't make any more mistakes.
The dumb was me not taking off the clothes, so we had to go back.
What do you do? Side stroke? Backstroke? You're going to have to figure it out by you're own self.
Oscar was a little bit of a weight, but we were so in our element, we were just like focusing on winning the race.
- Oscar on board.
- Oscar on board.
That was sick.
- Good job.
Good job, babe.
- You two, honeybun.
I hope he made it.
He wasn't moving much.
Oscar, you've got to come back, man! We've got to get him to the hospital.
- He's heavy.
How much was he? - 185.
- He was heavy.
- It was like dead weight.
That's like rescuing a real person.
I think I saw Bethany and Adam on their way back.
We're on our way.
Jim and Misti are behind us.
Baby, that's Adam and Bethany there.
Going back.
- It's a tight race.
- Tight race.
No mistakes.
Remember, just step right off.
Amy's a better swimmer than I am.
But I can too, I used to do triathlons and swim a mile.
So I can do it.
The fins were a little tricky, though.
I mean, those things weigh as much as my head.
They weren't that light.
It was like what the heck? Step up.
Nicely, just step out.
Jim and I are not the best swimmers despite living on the water.
We watch our kids swim more than what we actually swim.
I can swim enough not to drown.
I swim to survive.
We had to set up a flare sort of thing.
It was basically a cloud of red smoke that made it impossible for us to see.
And then we rescued our dummy.
Pull the red cord.
That thing was heavy.
Definitely have all the respect in the world for those guys to be able to go into dangerous situations with ships sinking and rescue people.
It was hard enough to rescue a freaking dummy.
Oscar on board.
- Oscar on board.
- Oscar on board.
Let's go.
One by one.
Come on, Amy.
Let me know when you guys are ready to come up.
- We're ready.
- All right, coming up.
- You guys ready? - We did it! Ready, go.
Whoo! Hi.
- Hello.
- Congratulations.
Your next clue.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Thank you for saving our country.
Teams must travel by taxi to ConGlobal Industries in Wilmington for their next clue.
Clue on the container's sales office.
- Taxi's right there.
- Let's go.
- Ok, thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
You guys can go.
- Thanks.
- Where do we get a clue? - You gotta get it up top, I guess.
- All right, go.
- We've got to go, Amy.
- Put a shoe on.
Here we go.
- Congratulations.
Here's your clue.
- Thank you.
- Taxi's right up here.
- Running.
- The city cab right here? - Yeah.
- Can you drive fast? - Yeah, yeah.
We're in a race for $1 million and we're about 10 minutes behind the first team.
So any time that you could make up would be awesome.
- Hi, thank you.
- Thank you.
We are now on our way to ConGlobal Industry.
Just behind the dentists.
The surfers are ahead of them.
And we haven't seen the wrestlers yet.
- And action on the stunt! - Here we go.
Three, two, one.
Action! - No problem.
- Thank you! - This is bad news.
- Yeah.
- And action on the stunt! - Three, two, one.
Action! Ok.
Thank you! That's a wrap, guys.
Thank you very much.
- This is bad news.
- Yeah.
Brooke and Robbie, that was the last shot of the day.
You missed your call time.
I did mention to you that there would be an elimination on this leg and unfortunately, this is it.
We tried, Phil.
We worked hard.
We're wrestlers.
We didn't give up.
No, you did not.
I wanted to jump out of one of those, we could've done that.
That's what you would have been doing if you got here on time.
Unfortunately, you're a little late.
I don't know what to say anymore.
You should be proud of yourselves.
- Give each other big hug.
- We did great.
I'm sure a lot of couples say this when they come on the race, but if you can get through the race, you can get through anything.
To be able to survive and be still seating next to each other smiling, and her letting me put her arm around her, well, almost, that says something.
- I say that's pretty good.
- I'm totally proud.
- Good racing, guys.
- Thank you.
- You should be proud.
- We are.
The professional wrestlers are signing off "The Amazing Race".
You might love us.
You might hate us.
But you're never going to forget the pro wrestlers.
Like ever.
- ConGlobal to the right.
- I wait for you? - You wait for me.
- Here's the clue! Holy cow.
Who can contain themselves? If you did the stunt Roadblock, your partner must do this one.
There are more than 15,000 shipping containers here in ConGlobal Industries.
This Roadblock requires teams to find nine specific containers representing nine cities they visited during the race.
Each city container has a color-coded number assigned to each team that they must memorize and write down on a requisition form in the exact order they traveled to each corresponding city.
When they come up with the right combination of numbers, the yard foreman will call in their next clue.
This is going to take Just take your time, yeah.
This is the big one.
You got it.
I felt the weight of the race come down on me.
- It all came down to that.
- Oh, my gosh.
$1 million to win.
The entire race is on me right now.
Oh, my gosh, this is crazy.
Slow down.
Right there.
Follow that taxi.
Our clue's right there.
You did this.
If you did the Hollywood stunt, your partner must do this one.
Scientists and Jim and Misti are here.
So the race is on.
- Go ahead, baby.
You can do it.
- It was all on me.
I was like just I had my knickers in a twist from the beginning.
So - Your knickers in a twist? - Well, they were.
We read that I had to do it, I was a little bit nervous because my leg has been bothering me the whole time, but I knew I was just gonna suck it up and do it, just like I did with the coconut and the stalks.
Yeah, it's painful, but at the same time I'm not going to let it hinder us in the race.
I can do this.
I can do this.
Where does it show where they're shipped from? Our instructions were we're not allowed to take notes.
I was orange, so Once you found the container that had the city on it, you had to memorize the number that went with it.
Then you had to take the cities and put them in order by number that you visited them.
So it was kind of a three-tiered process.
Probably the hardest part is going to be finding all nine containers.
Find them first, then remember, then put them in order.
I am looking for containers with blue on them.
Right now, I'm having trouble finding markers on the containers.
Oh, my gosh.
It was a crazy maze.
You're walking around these big old shipping containers, thousands of containers.
This is going to be so hard! Oh, there it is up there.
Copenhagen's one.
Each container had your color and your number.
I had to memorize different numbers than the girls.
There it is.
Copenhagen, zero.
Zero, zero.
I've got nine of those to do.
Found it.
Eight, Manila.
I see Palermo there.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, this is hard.
It's harder than we thought.
It's not what I'm looking for.
That would be an easy one to miss.
Singapore's three.
Singapore's three.
Copenhagen, one.
Palermo, zero.
Singapore's three.
I started singing a song so I could memorize the numbers.
I'm not good with memory, Adam's our memory guy.
I was like oh, my gosh, I need to sing the numbers.
Copenhagen, one Palermo's zero.
That's Lerwick, one.
Zero, one.
Palermo, zero.
Found it.
There's one there.
Saint Thomas, three.
I just need one more.
How long have we been here? Any idea? Four or five hours? I need one more and I'm done.
Palermo, five.
Missing just one.
I'm dying.
Oh, my God.
This is it.
Oh, my gosh.
Valetta, number nine.
I can't get out of here.
Oh, sweet Jesus.
There it is.
We're all tied for first right now.
- I can't believe this place.
- Copenhagen, one.
This shipyard is where we're going to determine who wins $1 million.
- Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
- Someone's coming soon.
I want to get out of here.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Can you see, Adam? This way? Yep.
Oh, my God.
Good job, may.
Let's go.
Write down the number.
This is yours to win.
Four, Valletta.
- Seven, Lerwick.
- This is hard to watch.
Read it out loud.
8, 1, 7, 6, 5, 1, 4, 9, 8.
- It's the right number.
- Yeah! Give our clue.
Bring down the blue container, please.
Good job, Amy.
- Was it really hard finding them? - Yeah.
Write down the number.
Doesn’t matter if we get it in the right order right now.
There is Misti.
I don't want to hear.
I don't want to hear what she's saying.
There it goes.
At last, the finish line.
Make your way to Point Vicente Lighthouse.
Along the way, these eight teams were eliminated but the first team to cross the finish line will win $1 million and "The Amazing Race".
We can be the third team, Amy.
Point Vicente Lighthouse in Ranchos Palos Verdes.
You never know.
The taxi could get messed up.
Go, go, go.
- You know where the Lighthouse is? - No.
Internet, come on.
Can you read it to me, please? 3, 6, 8, 1, 0, 6, 9, 3, 4.
Not a corrected number.
- I did it wrong.
- You're all right.
I want to try it.
2, 5, 1, 0, 9, 5, 8, 3, 9.
- Nope, that's not the number.
- Ok.
Give it a check.
3, 6, 8, 1, 0, 9, 6, 3, 4.
Nope, sorry.
Wrong number.
It's 2, 5, 1, 0, 9, 5, 8, 2, 3.
- Yes, you have it right.
- Good job.
I want to get out of here.
And I want to win.
Go, go go.
Let's catch up with them.
We don't know how quickly the other teams will be behind us, so we're hoping our taxi driver can drive us there as fast as we can.
So they don't catch up to us.
Yep, I got it.
If they get lost and we go fast Read the numbers, please.
3, 6, 8, 1, 6, 0, 9, 3, 4.
- That was the correct number.
- Yay! Got it? - That was horrible.
- Oh, my God.
My gosh.
So we are going through to the lighthouse? Yes.
You know, one mistake with going the wrong way could be the difference between first and second.
I'm so nervous right now.
- I know.
- Oh, my gosh.
Coming up, you'll make a right.
My heart is going to explode in my chest right now.
Left turn.
Left turn.
Good job, girls.
- Amy and Maya.
- Oh, my gosh.
Eight countries, 20 cities and more than 26,000 miles.
You have won the $1 million and are the official winners of "The Amazing Race"! Whoo! Are you serious? I'm very serious.
- We finished in first.
- I know, we won "The Amazing Race"! Oh, my gosh! Victory lap time, come on! Let me see, go around that mat.
"The Amazing Race" was just an absolutely crazy experience.
It's something you can't even describe.
Something that you can't really understand unless you've done it.
This is only the third time in Amazing Race history that we've had an all-female team win the race.
I think we both been able to show the world that we're more than lab coats, beakers and goggles.
Look what scientists can do, especially women scientists.
And hopefully we've been able to inspire people along the way to go out there and do things that are out of the box.
What do you think, guys? Thank you, guys.
Thank you, guys so much.
Misti and Jim, after 26,000 miles racing around the world, you're the second team to arrive to the finish line.
We're happy.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Nobody has had better looking teeth after racing that far around the world than you guys.
Thank you.
Jim and I set pretty lofty goals even in our personal lives.
At home we always have.
We really didn't make an exception for "The Amazing Race".
We didn't meet all of them, but you know what, as long as you set them high and you land somewhere in between, we're happy.
Are you glad you did this race? - Oh, my gosh.
- Yeah, this has been Outside of getting married and having children, it was the best decision we could have made.
Adam and Bethany, I'm pleased to tell you that you're the third team to arrive.
Thank you.
I know it's not what you wanted, but you should be standing very proud right now.
Overall, I'm so proud about how Adam and I have raced together.
I'm so thankful even more for Adam.
I love him even more now than I did three or four weeks ago.
And Adam, I know you were so super proud of her.
Bethany continually just surpasses all my expectations.
It's been amazing to see her grow and to see our love growing.
I mean, money is nice.
But to know that our love is intact and our relationship is stronger, I wouldn't trade it for $1 million, but $1 million still would have been a good thing.
It really is an Amazing Race and something that we'll remember for the rest of our lives.
We as a team are even stronger than we are on our own and that's how we'll continue to live life.
Adventures are only going to continue from here.
Wish we had won $1 million, but we put on a good performance.
When we go back to Madison, Wisconsin, we know that people will be smiling at us.
Hopefully we'll inspire some people along the way I hope that we continue to grow and learn and become even better women.
Stay tuned for an exciting look at our next season.
Coming this February A special season of The Amazing Race.
11 dating couples race around the globe, but for the first time ever, five teams will meet right here on the Starting Line.
Look how handsome you are.
For the most extreme blind date ever.
The pressure of racing together on a 35,000 miles race around the world, No give up.
We never give up.
will ultimately prove if they've found true love.
Don't miss The Amazing Race.
It's a hell of a first date, Phil.

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