The Amazing Race (2001) s26e01 Episode Script

Great Way to Start a Relationship

1 Damn you, I hate you.
Take it.
For 25 seasons I didn't know they made people's voices as shrill as yours.
And dumb as you.
The Amazing Race has being the perfect testing ground You're being stupid.
I'm being stupid? It was your jackass idea.
for all kinds of relationships.
Will you spend the rest of your life with me - and marry me? - I will.
I will fall down and die next to you, if I have to.
That's why we've made it.
Phil: This season, for the first time in Amazing Race history, 10 singles will line up here at the starting line for the most extreme race ever.
Any girl which is as crazy as I am to sign up for a race around the world, with a total stranger has got to be pretty cool.
I've had two long-term relationships but I've never been in love.
I really don't date that often.
I'm from a small area, so it's hard to find somebody.
My dating thing hasn't been going so well.
It is so difficult to find the right woman.
Where are they hiding? Phil: Is it possible to find new love on a 35,000-mile race around the world? Can complete strangers compete with couples who are in existing relationships? Time to find out.
Welcome to a very special edition of "The Amazing Race".
11 dating couples on an epic journey around the world.
Now, there are six existing couples here who have been dating for some time.
People might know me from a singing group "New Kids on the Block".
We were pretty big in the 1980's.
The race is totally different from traveling with New Kids, we had tour buses, private plans, road manager.
This is totally outside the box for anything that I'm used to.
Ashley and I are both hairstylists.
I was hitting on another girl who happened to be her best friend in a bar.
I said "no, no, no, you don't want to date him".
"He's gay and he's a hairstylist and his pants are too tight".
And now we're together and it's been amazing ever since.
- I'm a pilot.
- I'm a flight attendant.
20 years ago we met while working and finally she was single and I was single at the same time.
We've been living together for the last four years.
Phil: In addiction to our dating couples, we also have five single men look for love.
For the first time in "Amazing Race" history, we are matching 10 singles for the most extreme blind date ever.
Oh, my God.
That's crazy.
Most girls like me, I think.
I'm pretty charismatic.
I'm extremely picky.
I don't want to waste a lot of my time if the girl kinda doesn't meet my standards.
I've been on many dates in the past probably three years because every relationship I've been, I cheated on.
I have a good career, smart, intelligent.
I like to think I'm good-looking.
I think I'm a great catch and I'm 100% a 10.
Phil: Are you ready to meet your partners? Yes! Phil: All right.
Here they come.
I am so tired of arrogant guys.
I just want someone like me, someone who can handle my energy and hyperness.
I am hoping to find love.
- How's it going? Blair.
- I'm Hayley.
So nice to meet you.
Jeff, whoo! I definitely am looking for a hot guy.
I like guys that are tall, built, also fun, goofy.
Hopefully that will happen for me.
- Tyler? - Yeah! How's it going? - How are you? - So nice to meet you.
- What's your name? - Laura? I think I'm very open to finding love on the race.
What better story is there to say I met my husband during the "Amazing Race".
Look how handsome you are, oh, wow.
So excited to be racing with you.
We're going to have a great time.
I have never been on a blind date, ever.
The thing about regular blind dates, is if you don't like this person, you can say goodbye to them, but on the race you're stuck with them.
Better make it work.
Hi, we have same hairs.
The way I see it if it's love at first sight and we can make it through the race together then we can make it through anything in life together.
- That's crazy.
- I don't know if I would ever do that.
That's serious.
Talk about a date.
Phil: Did anybody get a tingly feeling when they saw their partner? - Did we get any sparks? - Yes, whoo! I was like, "damn, he's hot".
I'm happy, he looks very strong.
I'm happy with my partner.
With all due respect, I have the hottest partner.
Thank you, thank you.
Phil: I love that.
And what about you? What were your thoughts? I knew he was my partner as soon as I was running out because our hair is like the best hair.
- So true.
- He looks great.
Very built, I think we're going to do great.
- We got this.
- Yes, we got it.
- Phil: And finally? - He looks great.
He's everything that I look for in a guy.
Phil: What do you think about racing against teams that have just met? Feel pretty good.
We know each other's strengths and weaknesses.
They're still going to have to figure it out.
Phil: So how long before you're just yourself and don't hold back and just speak your mind? - Right now, we're done.
- Done.
I mean, right away.
Phil: This is kind of like the honeymoon period and then we're going to go quickly into some stress because right out of the gate, we are going to get things started with a race for tickets to Tokyo, Japan! [Applause.]
You are going to run along the lakeshore here and you are going to find your first challenge, a grueling mud run and you'll want to get through that challenge as quickly as possible because there are only eight tickets for the first of two flights to Tokyo.
Once you have your plane tickets, then you can get into a Ford Fusion Hybrid, you can drive in style to the airport and your race will certainly have begun.
Now, if you win this first leg of the race, you are going to win the Express Pass.
And that's a good thing because the Express Pass will get you out of trouble if you need to.
As a matter of fact, there is a U-turn on this first leg.
Oh, my gosh.
Phil: The world is waiting for you.
Good luck.
Travel safe.
Go! - Come on, babe.
- Now we got to run.
We got this, come on.
We're almost there.
Ah! Oh, my god, that's horrible.
Oh, my God.
- Come on, Lyda.
- Good job, babe.
The mud run was a hell of a way to start "The Amazing Race".
I think we have to go under that.
Keep your head down.
- This is miserable.
- Whoo! - Ah! - Ugh! - Yeah? - Yep.
I'm on "The Amazing Race".
I have the added benefit of being paired up with somebody that hopefully I'm compatible with.
I want my partner to be able to bend and not break, somebody that can just be optimistic along the way.
Oh, gross.
I can be a little high maintenance, I'm told.
I hate being wet and cold and muddy and just filthy like that.
Come on.
Where is he? Come on, Kurt.
Come on, you got it.
Just roll, roll.
There you go.
Go! Just go.
We've been dating for about ten years now.
- We met in high school.
- Off and on about two years.
More off than on, of course.
We've been through growing pains and been through so much that nobody knows CJ, like I know CJ.
Come on.
Get underneath that.
There you go.
Jon, we got this, we got this.
Pick it up.
Rochelle came into my truck stop, I was just I'm an engineer but I also play roller derby.
I love it, because it's like an outlet for me.
My girlfriend is pretty tough.
I have broken a girl's femur before.
- This is why I have to do well.
- Yeah, don't mess up.
Come on, baby.
Let's go, let's go.
I'm a fitness trainer so I think I'm going to be great pushing Jon.
If he thinks he can't do it, I'll be a voice over his shoulder screaming at him.
Baby, hurry.
The mud run at the start was unbelievable, I thought.
Then the freezing cold ice water was out of control.
Took my breath away.
Because we compete in the Winter Olympics, we like the ice.
I'm a short track speed-skater on the US team.
And I'm a two-time Olympian bobsledder.
I came home with Sochi with two bronze medals, but little did I know that really came home with gold.
Who's got the first flight? First flight to Tokyo.
Land on time? First flight, baby.
- All right, let's go.
- I'm going.
We got to a point where I think we were both nervous with our progress.
She was struggling.
You have to wait for me.
This is not the way that a first date usually goes.
All right, come on.
We got it.
Ah, this is awful.
I'm sorry, I'm going as fast as I can.
You got to hit it.
Let's go.
The blind date got off to a really rough start today.
The whole mud and water was like her worst-case scenario.
I hate mud, so that was the absolute worst possible task for me.
Ah! Whoo! First flight.
Looks like we got the first flight.
Good job, baby.
We got 11:05 PM, first flight.
That was insane.
Yeah, yeah, come on.
Got to go quick.
So there were three tickets to the later flight and one ticket to the earlier flight.
I was more than slightly worried waiting for this one to come.
It was right there.
We had it.
Jelani and Jenny took the last first flight.
I look a hot mess right now.
Hurry, hurry.
- 11:25 PM.
- That was so hard.
- First date taking showers.
- First date, first showers.
Good job, Jackie.
I was so bad because I held your back.
No, we're a team.
We do it together.
- I'm like filthy.
- Yes, put your face in the shower.
It looks like I have diarrhea.
Looking embarrassed on the first date? Really, really difficult to look at this man candy next to me and concentrate.
We're off to a crazy start.
- Do you want to drive? - I'll drive.
Yeah, I'll drive.
You do the directions.
- All right, you drive.
- Yeah, let's go.
Good? Here we go.
Let the games begin.
Phil: Fly to Tokyo, Japan.
When you land, make your way to Kanda Myojin, and search for your next clue.
Caution, there's a Blind U-turn ahead.
The world is waiting for you, bon voyage.
Feeling good, We have the earlier flight.
This blind U-turn thing is throwing me a little bit.
- We're on Amazing Race, baby! - Whoo! - We're going to Tokyo.
- Oh, my gosh.
We're going to Tokyo, heck yeah! With a total stranger.
Put your seat belt on, bring your tray table up.
Seat back forward and enjoy the ride.
Ok, two things I'm not that good at.
I'm terrible at singing and I'm the worst dancer ever.
Well, I am the dancer.
I'm a professional dancer, Las Vegas showgirl.
I'm here to show that Las Vegas showgirls are definitely tough, we work hard and are definitely competitive.
- So what do you do? - I'm a doctor.
- Oh, all right.
- What are you doing? I am a pediatric emergency nurse at RN.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
So we should have a good Yeah, we won't have to take care of any people or ourselves for that matter.
- So how old are you? - Guess how old I am.
- Thirty-five? - Thirty? That's just mean.
All right, guess number two.
How old? Thirty-one? - Yeah, thirty-one.
- Awesome.
I'm going to take a selfie with our selfie cam.
- Yeah.
- Oh, horizontal.
I was a psych and business major.
- Psych? - Oh, yeah.
I always do my psychoanalysis on people.
I've already started my evaluation on you.
- Oh, yeah? - It's actually going really well.
You helped pull me through the mud, I appreciate that.
- We're a team.
- We're a kick butt team.
I've been really excited, though, to meet you.
I'm really pleased.
I think you're super attractive so I think that's a good thing.
I was worried, what if he doesn't like blonde people? Especially silly little blondes.
Uh So when did you decide to go to law school? I came out of college and I was a paralegal at this firm.
We did sports obligations and stuff like that, it was awesome for me, cause I'm a big sports guy.
I was like "I want to pursue this, like a career".
So I actually moved here with my parents when I was seven from Shanghai.
I feel like growing up with immigrant parents, they worked really hard.
So I think they wanted me to have a good job.
So I was like I'm not good at Biology so I can't be a doctor, so I guess I'll be a lawyer.
You know, the newly dating couple? I don't know if it's going to last.
I think we may have a leg up on them.
Nothing but disaster is going to happen with people that don't know each other, whether they're sexually attracted or not.
This is our first date, our first dinner date.
Good for our first date.
So fancy.
Yeah, I'm impressing you big time.
I am really attracted to Blair.
He's totally my type and then he's got this intelligent side too.
If you tell me you have a wife and you're on a date with me, - I think I have the right to leave.
- That's horrible.
- How many times it happened? - Twice.
- Really? - Yeah.
So sparks flying over here yet, guys? - Look how romantic.
- Nice, you need a candle.
What did you say, you're a trainer? - I am a singer? - Really? - Yeah.
- Awesome.
1980's we were pretty big.
- What do you sing? - "Step by step".
New Kids on the Block? - You were in New Kids on the Block? - I still am.
I was in love with the Backstreet Boys.
I was there.
Yes! That was amazing.
They did a lot better than BSB.
She's a keeper.
I am a pageant consultant.
- For what? - For beauty pageants.
Oh, my God.
I'm from a very small county.
I've never had a boyfriend, never been in a relationship.
Hopefully this will be the one for me.
- You guys married or dating? - Just dating.
- For how long? - Over two years.
- You got plans for the future? - Yeah, he better get me a ring.
It's time.
We're getting married.
Right, CJ? - Yes.
- No comment.
The relationships is going great.
We're doing good.
We're on the first flight right now with seven other teams.
We're going to be 45 minutes earlier than three other teams that are on the second flight.
We definitely have a U-turn up ahead.
It's very crazy for a first leg.
We're happy to not be one of the last three teams.
I'm excited.
The prize? - Winning "The Amazing Race".
- $1 million and love.
It's disappointing that we're on the second flight.
Fingers crossed we are not U-turned, once we get to Tokyo.
From this point on, it's a race between us and the other people on our flight.
Phil: All teams are now flying across the Pacific Ocean to the largest metropolitan area in the world, Tokyo, Japan.
After touching down, they must find kanda Myojin, a 1,270-year-old Shinto shrine About to make it happen.
Thank you, bye-bye.
Right here, right here.
- Hurry.
- You got this.
Come on.
- Excuse us.
- Keep going, we got this.
Let's go to the taxi center right now.
Taxi, taxi.
Let's go.
So we have to take the Skyliner? Is that the fastest way to Kanda Shrine? Yes.
I'm going to have no fingernails left at the end of this week.
We asked several people, we decided that taking the taxi would be the fastest way to get there.
Taxi time.
Do you know where this is? Kanda Myojin? It's a shrine, right? Well, there's your answer.
All right.
Let's do this.
We're getting on here.
Five, Skyliner.
We're thinking this is the express as per the name, we read express.
The only other team on this train we've seen is Bergen and Kurt.
I think this is going to work out for us.
God, please.
So Tokyo selfie.
We just landed here.
We're going to crush it and finish first on this.
Oh, my god! Do something.
Be a man.
Be a man! I don't even know what that is.
What if it falls on me, ah! I'm not playing any more games.
That bug is over.
You saved me, so you are a man.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Here, baby.
All right, that way.
Kanda Myojin, do you know where it is? You know? Ok.
All right.
We didn't want to risk getting lost on the subway, because we don't have subways where we're from and we don't know much about it, why risk it? The next train is at 2:20.
If we get on this train and the other teams get stuck, we'll have a 20-minute gap.
Hopefully we can beat some of them on this train.
All right, let's go.
Is that our train? We just missed it like five seconds.
Oh, shoot! All right.
Oh, my god, worst first date ever.
- The train is here, thank God.
- It's fast, I like it.
We're on race mode now so we have no room for error.
This is where we have to make up for it.
- Ok, I see it right there.
- See it? Phil: Blind date couple Jelani and Jenny are the first team who have an opportunity to choose between two Japanese traditions that have focused on discipline and precision.
Syncing Steps or Samurai Sake.
Learning choreographed movement is deeply embedded in Japan's culture, and the latest choreographed craze here is "Syncing Steps".
Teams have a chance to join the renowned Japanese techno-pop music group World Order.
If they can master the robotic slow-motion choreography to the satisfaction of the team leader he'll hand them their next clue.
"Samurai Sake" requires teams to memorize the names of 10 sakes, take a drink order from a table of Samurai and relay that order to their partner at the bar.
If they get the order correct and the samurai accepts the bottle, they'll receive a toast and their next clue.
We're going to do the "Syncing Steps".
This looks right.
- Look for a clue box.
- Right there.
- We'll do "Samurai Sake".
- We're doing "Samurai Sake".
Let's get in the cab.
We've been dating for eight months and Mike hasn't met my son yet.
I'm a single mom.
I have a 7-year-old son.
I've been through a few relationships where I saw the effect that it had on my son when it didn't work out.
I'm using this as a fast-forward for our relationship.
The weight of the world on my shoulders.
So far it's pretty cool.
I'm enjoying looking at all the different buildings.
Being on the other side of the world is really crazy to me.
- It's nothing like Tuskegee.
- Not at all.
Is this it? - Let's do this.
- Yes! Welcome to "Samurai Sake" training temple.
- What's up? - Hi.
I will show you 10 ancient famous sake.
You must train your mind, concentrate and listen carefully.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
- Let's do it.
- This is tōkō.
- Tōkō.
- Tōkō.
It means east light.
This is nanbubijin.
This is an ancient samurai warrior's name.
- Yoshinogawa.
- Yoshinogawa.
Michisakari, tsukasabotan.
This is a traditional Japanese flower sake.
- Zaou.
- Zaou.
Momokawa, and the last shōchikubai.
- Shōchikubai.
- You must go inside and drink! Whoo! Hi! Ok, we have to take the order.
- Which order would you like? - Kanbe.
- This way.
- So you have to find it.
Oh, my gosh.
You see that one right there on the second row over there? - In the corner? - Hold on.
Jeff, it was Kanbe so it's two.
Remember, I just saw two symbols so it might be there on the corner.
No, no, no.
On the last one.
I don't know.
- We just have to do this.
- You trust me on that? - I'm just going to go with it.
- Well, if not I'll come back.
Ah! [Laughter.]
Oh! Ok, ok.
Shinjuku Chuo Park.
- Yeah, we're here.
- Over here.
- Oh, wow.
- Awesome.
This is so cool.
So cool.
Hi, can you help us? Ok.
For the "Syncing Steps", we have to learn a dance routine and then we have to perform it with music with the dance group.
The timing and the execution of each movement, like not going too fast and not too slow.
That was like the key.
Like robot.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
You see right there? Perfect.
Found the clue box.
- Awesome.
- Detour.
So we're going to do the "Syncing Steps".
First clue box.
Look, they're right there.
They got a clue.
Which ones are you guys going to do? "Syncing Steps".
We have to figure where that is.
Oh, lord.
Help us.
We're going to do the "Samurai Sake".
- We chose sake, no dancing.
- The irony, though.
It's ironic.
Dancing to me is very challenging.
And I know even in dance rehearsals with the group, it usually takes me a good week to learn a routine.
I think you would have gotten way too nervous to do that.
But I'm still nervous about trying to remember.
- Kanda Myojin.
- We're going to Kanda Myojin.
- Trying.
- Straight ahead.
We need to go up, up.
Will you wait? We're in left.
No, we came out another side.
We just go straight.
- So right down here, right? - No, no.
- Are you sure? - I'm fairly positive.
Just go straight? I hope you're right.
- I think you have to go back.
- You want me to find another one? - Ok.
- So My brain is not as strong as most people and that's ok because I have everything else and I get by.
- Zaou.
- Zaou.
- Zaou.
- All right.
- Damn! Are you serious? - I don't know.
- This is it.
This is it.
- Yep? - This is it.
- Ok.
- This is it.
- Ok.
This should be good.
This is it.
Yes? - Wonderful! - Yeah! Yes! Yes! Whoo! [Cheers.]
Thank you.
That was awesome.
Make your way to Wakaba Higashi Kouen near Geihinkan.
- Whoo! It's amazing to share this experience with somebody you literally just met and I want to continue on in the race.
Let's keep it going.
And have as many experiences as possible.
There's no way we could have done the dance that fast.
Five, six, seven eight.
One, two, three, four.
Stop, seven, eight.
Seven oh, and then this one you don't go down.
- Here, come.
- Come on.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Who wants to dance? You look like a dancing man.
- Who's really good? - Who's the best? How about you? You're talking the most so come with us.
I think we practiced a lot.
We're going to go and try it.
We want that Express Pass.
We got rhythm, we can move.
We're very good at remembering, so we have that down.
15, 20 minutes we're out of here and on to the next.
Make sure you do it slow.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
- One, two, three, four.
- Oh, they got stuck.
Let's go.
- I'm struggling.
- Make sure it's the fourth count.
Make sure you hit it on the four.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
- One, two, three, four - Slow down.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four No.
Try again.
Let them go again.
We don't have to practice anymore.
We got it.
- One, two, three, four - Taxi, no! Why are they all packed? How many taxis are going to have people in them? I'm about to take the damn bus.
We're going to go with "Syncing Steps" today.
- "Syncing Steps".
- God, they're already here.
They caught up so we have to hightail it.
"Syncing Steps".
- Let's go.
- Do we get a cab? - Which do you wanna do? - "Syncing Steps".
- Anybody speak English? - English? - You want to get married today? - Nope.
I think that's an omen.
All the way to Tokyo, who are the odds? - We can think about marriage later.
- I'm just saying.
Excuse me, sir? Kanda Myojin.
The shrine? - Ok, I actually had it wrong.
- I told you! So ok.
The dumb blonde girl actually knows what she's talking about when it comes to directions.
I'm sorry, Hayley was right, I was wrong.
She's going to remind me of it forever.
Go this way, like I said.
- Is this it? - Yeah.
Great way to start a relationship.
Not listen to the one that knows, huh? - We're going to do "Syncing Steps".
- "Syncing Steps".
Oh, it's right here.
Welcome to "Samurai Sake" training temple.
Thank you.
Oh, we got Oh, my lord.
You must remember this sake.
Are you ready? - Yes.
- Tōkō.
Nanbubijin, okunomatsu, kanbe, yoshinogawa michisakari, tsukasabotan, zaou, momokawa, shōchikubai.
You can enter and begin drinking with my friends.
Ok, ok, ok.
Ok, you.
What would you like? - Tōkō.
- Tōkō, ok.
And for you, sir? What would you like? - Tōkō.
- Tōkō, ok.
All right.
Here we go, Tōkō.
All right, ok.
Yes? Ok, yes.
Yes! Sake for everyone.
Ok, make your way to Shinjuku Wakaba Higashi.
Thank you, thank you! Woo! So now we have to get a cab back.
Let's see if he knows this.
Damn, there's another team.
We were way ahead of them.
Do you know this address? If they get there before us, I'm going to be pissed.
Jeff and Jackie just got in a cab.
Let's go.
We better not be U-turned.
I think somebody is going to U-turn somebody.
So hopefully everybody is like tripping over their two left feet at the synchronized stepping.
Let's do it along with them.
I'm sorry, try again.
- Who screwed up? - You did.
Yes, yes, we're going to get this.
Yeah, walking is ok, but after that - We're working at it.
- We gotta get better.
It's going to take time but for sure.
He's improved so much since the first time.
Yeah, she's being very supportive.
That helps a lot.
Down here.
There's other teams down there.
So we're out here at the park just doing a little dancing.
- Yeah.
- All right.
These guys over here are showing us what to do.
We have our teacher right here.
We're dancing machines.
God, the second flight just got here.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven Ah! I lost my balance, as simple as that.
Do they speak English? Can you tell us where this is? Shinjuku Park.
You can go to the train station.
- The train station? - Yes.
- And the train.
- The train? Ok.
Ok, arigato.
Here we go.
Train station.
Oh, my god, oh, my god.
There are people everywhere.
What in the world? So many people.
- Come on, baby.
- What in the world? It's crazy, so many people.
Are we making a mistake? So many people.
I see it right there on the sign, Shinjuku.
The navigation is killing us.
It's horrible.
So hopefully we are not in last place.
Looks like it goes fast, so that's a good sign.
Better knock this challenge out.
I'm not really the best dancer but I'm going to cut a rug tonight.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Not yet.
It's ok.
Slow down a little bit.
They go a little bit slower.
Another team just got here.
Looks like sake wasn't so popular.
We need to find an instructor.
We get there and we're like "oh, my gosh", "there are people from the first flight still here".
That was the biggest relief ever.
- Walky? - Walky.
- One, two, three, four - I don't have that.
- Six, seven, eight.
- Damn.
One, two, three, four, five, six It reminds me of line dancing in the 1980's.
Line dancing was invented by women to make men look stupid.
- One more.
- Ok.
We made it.
All right.
We got it, we got it, baby, come on.
- Come on.
- We got this.
- We got this.
- We got this.
We want to get to the Blind U-turn before anyone else gets there.
Plus, we want that Express Pass.
That's not going to happen.
I'm hoping it's not going to happen.
You should walk like that, ok? If somebody doesn't get it in the next couple of times, we're going to get it for sure.
- We got it.
- We got it.
They're about to be done.
No! Mess it up.
Oh, my God.
It is so great.
No! - Yes! - Ahhh! - Yes! - Yes! Yes! - Yeah! - No! We're going to get it this time.
- Yeah.
- Come here.
All right, let's go.
- Thank you, thank you.
- They will get lost.
We're doing so freaking good.
- I just love to dance.
- I was surprised.
You did a really good job.
You should be very proud.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
We work together well.
I fell like he's someone that has what I want in a potential partner.
That was awesome.
What a great feeling.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight.
Are they about to be done? - Oh, they did.
- Good job.
- I'm acting just like that.
- Ok.
Let's go to Shinjuku.
Oh, the heart rate goes up and then back down.
Up and then back down.
Since I was a kid, I had the worst anxiety.
I'm going to have to work hard to reign it in, keep control and stay focused.
Is this Shinjuku Wakaba? Ok, it's in here.
We have to go there then This is a bank.
This cab driver took us to the wrong freaking place.
- Make sure we got everything.
- Come on.
Right here, right here.
Right here.
Phil: Two teams can now slow down two other teams with a U-turn, forcing them to perform both sides of the Detour.
We're not going to U-turn anybody.
All right, get the clue.
Phil is waiting for you in one of Tokyo's rarest commodities, a parking space.
Phil: With almost 38 million living in greater Tokyo, space is a at a premium and finding a parking spot can be an absolute nightmare, making this the perfect hard-to-find Pit Stop.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
Search for him in the vicinity of the UDX Building.
Oh, my God, the Pit Stop.
There's a cab right here.
All right, let's go.
Let's do this.
Five, six, seven eight.
Oh, God! I'm getting frustrated now, babe.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two - No good.
- Ok.
We're up again.
The Olympians now.
One, two, three, four I keep messing with my arms.
That's the problem.
Four, five, six, seven eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight.
We're still in the game.
It's a huge weigh on our shoulders.
Oh, wow.
- Did they get it? - You did.
Thank you! Thank you, sir.
Oh, damn, they got it.
- Get our bags and go.
- Let's go.
EDP, Elbow dust it, punch it out.
We gotta get this on.
We gotta get this on.
Is it in here? Do you guys know where it is? Here it is.
- Ok.
- You guys can go first.
We're not going to U-turn anybody.
- We decline.
- We're not going to U-turn anyone.
Fast, fast, fast.
We are neck to neck with Tyler and Laura so we have to get there first, we want to secure that Express Pass.
Do you know where the UDX Building is? No? Damn it.
Holy crap.
Take it down to a slow walk.
I'm about to have a heart attack.
I'm going to punch myself in the face if this isn't it.
Oh, my god, are you kidding me? We're going to get the Express Pass.
Oh, my God.
Ok, we'll see when we get there.
I can't freak out yet.
- Is this UDX right here? - Ok.
- Let's get out of here.
- We gotta find a parking spot.
Parking, this way.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Parking.
Oh, my god this place is huge.
Like my worst nightmare.
It's really just us getting there and finding Phil in the parking lot.
Let's read the clue again to make sure we'll know what to do there.
Search for him in the vicinity of the UDX Building.
So he's on the vicinity of the building.
In the vicinity.
Does that mean outside? - Somewhere around the building.
- Around the building.
But not inside? No, he's not inside the building probably.
I don't know, hold on.
This doesn't look great.
All right, let's do another floor.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, please, please.
In the vicinity, outside.
Once you're inside, you're no longer in the vicinity.
You're in the building.
Hey, we're not the doctors here, we're not rocket scientists.
- But we are the lawyers.
- We lawyered up to the reading.
This way, this way.
We're going to all the parking spaces.
Any vacant parking space in this build? There are three floors of parking.
It says "Search for him in the vicinity of the UDX Building".
- Vicinity? - Vicinity, yeah.
What if it's outside? Ok, let's go.
Hurry, come on.
We have a shot to be in first place right now.
If this mistake cost us the Express Pass, it would be really devastating.
If this mistake cost us the Express Pass, it would be really devastating.
Thank you, thank you.
Let's go, let's go.
Oh, my gosh.
Vicinity? Yeah, it could be the vicinity of the UDX Building.
Let's show Phil our dance.
- Welcome to Tokyo, Japan.
- Thank you.
Phil: Jelani and Jenny, you've been dating for how long? One very long day.
Phil: You were put together at the starting line, you've traveled all the way to the capital of Japan.
- And you are team number one! - Yes! Phil: And I have some great news for you.
As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won the Express Pass.
Thank you.
Phil: That is power in your pocket.
So what do you think of this date? This is fantastic! Phil: Another team coming in.
Whoo! Oh, my God.
We're in the parking garage.
We messed up big time.
We blew right past this.
Phil: You are also on a first time date.
They are team number one and you are team number two.
- There we go.
- That's awesome.
Phil: You've beat the couples who have been dating.
You'd think the preexisting couples would have an advantage, but we're proving right now that that's not necessarily the case.
Elbow, elbow, down, down.
Punch it Let's do this.
- Good vibes.
- All right.
Cross, cross, over, over.
You can get it.
Four, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Four, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
I messed up on the beginning of the arm.
It's all good.
Five, six, seven, eight It's really hard for me to memorize stuff so I have to try to block out everything around me or I'm never going to get it.
Just calm, just breathe.
Have fun.
We're in Tokyo.
All right, guys, listen.
Maybe if we all take a selfie something will happen.
Here we go.
One, two, three, four No! Please.
- Congratulations.
- Yes! - Oh, my God.
- We gotta get it.
All right, let's go.
Here they are, right here.
This is like the trickiest parking space of all time.
Phil: Laura and Tyler, you look happy! I am happy.
It's been fun.
Phil: You should be very happy because you are team number three.
- Awesome.
- Yes! Laura has been great.
We've worked together really well.
And that is surprising to meet somebody in under this stressful situation and be able to communicate well.
Phil: Is there a potential for love? Yeah, we're happy to be partners.
We'll see where it goes.
[Blowing a whistle.]
We're lost.
Help! Help! Oh, I think there's a park back here.
Oh, my God, there it is.
It's a U-turn.
We are not going to U-turn anyone at all.
Go, rip it, rip it.
Here comes more teams.
Ok, come on.
Go, go.
- Who is that? - It's the Olympians.
- Ok.
- We are here.
We choose not to U-turn anybody.
Rarest commodities, a parking space.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
I messed it up.
I just was focused and then I forgot my arms.
I'm sorry.
One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Two, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
We gotta get this done.
- Seriously get this done, like now.
- We gotta get out of here.
Seriously, it's annoying now.
So let's get this done.
Just keep going.
This is really annoying.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
- They're going to get it.
- Congratulations.
Whoo! Oh, wow.
The line just got a little shorter.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One of the teams that was actually on the first flight is still here.
For us to catch up and be here, we didn't think that was a possibility, so we did it once, we can do it again.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four.
They gotta get on that one.
- Congratulations.
- Yeah! They did a good job.
Make your way to Shinjuku Wakaba.
There's no need to be frustrated.
She's doing great.
We're both doing great.
It's definitely a task because everybody here could probably tell you.
Whoo! Yeah, baby.
We'll get it.
If it takes all night, we'll get this done.
Over here.
Yes, over here.
- What do you think? - I would feel bad, I don't know.
Ok, no.
No? Ok, let's get our clue.
Ah, yes! Phil: There they are.
Nice to see you guys.
Aly and Steve, you are the first Olympians to arrive.
Whoo! Phil: And on this race, team number four.
Ok, we'll take it.
Look, there he is.
There he is.
Phil: Harley and Jonathan, you are team number five! - Oh, my God.
- Holy crap.
Phil: Is it what you imagined or is it sort of completely different? It's harder then I imagined.
This has been the most strenuous 24 hours of my life.
Going on stage after fifteen years and being in front of a crowed was less scary to me than this.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six Well, we're going to do this, we are going to get this.
Closer and closer every single time.
We'll get it.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Two One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Two, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four.
I dance all the time.
He says I dance randomly all the time.
I'm not a big dancer but I can keep the beat.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Four, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
- Good job.
- Whoo! All right.
It's down to the wire here.
She's a little frustrated but think about them going right now.
- I need to be alone for a second.
- All right.
This is brutal.
It's just definitely the stress and how long we've been here is getting to her.
I'm just trying not to let it get to me, trying to calm her down and talk about it.
All right, let's do this.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five.
I was having a hard time.
Starting to get frustrated and emotional.
He kept his cool and just encouraged me, positive.
He's like, the best teammate I think I could ask for.
Elbow, elbow, slap, slap.
Punch it, punch it, up and down.
You did it.
- Did they make it? - Yes.
- Let's go.
- Let's find a cab.
We have to get this, we're the last ones.
- Will you come here with me? - We've not made any progress.
We need to figure something out.
We need to do it quickly.
We have to do something.
We need to just get a taxi.
We need to go right there.
Thank goodness.
Taxi? You know where that is? Ok, he's got it.
All right.
We're probably in second to last place right now.
Fingers crossed we can get there and we're not on that board.
Look at me, we're both struggling.
Calm down.
You have to calm down, all right? Oh, my God, this is crazy.
We don't want to get eliminated, so we gotta move.
Ah! Phil: Good lord.
There's a lot of screaming going on.
Let's talk about this blind date that you're on.
Phil: Is there like a chance that you could maybe like each other? I think it's early to determine that.
If this doesn't work out as a dating, we're going to be good friends.
Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ugh.
I don't know why I keep screwing it up.
Do you think you can remember 10 sakes? We're too tired to even remember 10 sakes.
I think.
Yeah, let's try this one.
This has been the worst part, just trying to figure out where to go has been the hardest.
It looks abandoned.
Oh, God.
Super abandoned.
Oh, God.
We screwed up yet again.
- Are we in the right spot? - I have no idea.
There it is, there it is.
No one used the U-turn.
Should we use it on them? We have to.
This breaks our heart.
They're the only team we know that's behind us for sure Jeff and Lyda.
- We're sorry.
- We have to U-turn you.
Love you guys, you're the sweetest.
We need to get there before them.
This is not about making friends, it's about winning $1 million.
I'm here to make a difference in me and my son's life and you have to play cutthroat when it comes down to it and I would expect the other teams to do so in our situation.
Is it in a park or something? Oh, my God, look.
No way.
Oh, my God.
We are not going to U-turn anyone.
We decided not to.
- I see it.
- Yes, baby! Oh, they got U-turned.
Look at that.
We choose not to U-turn anyone, ok? Phil is waiting for you yes.
I can't believe they got U-turned.
This is not easy but I don't want to give up.
That's not my thing.
So we're going to be out here all night.
That's the end of it.
We don't give up.
We never give up hope.
We don't give up hope ever, so let's get this.
We don't give up.
- We're not giving up, so get it.
- What are you crying for? We're not giving up, so let's just do this.
- All right.
- Get your head in the game.
- Get your head in the game.
- Ok.
Crunch it and fold it.
Crunch it.
Last one.
We each had to coach each other so that's what you call teamwork.
He coached me through the mud run, I coached him through dancing.
Punch, punch.
Down, bird.
Great job.
We need to take a bow for these people.
Sorry I'm such a clutch.
- Thank you, guys.
- Thank y'all, sorry.
- Let's go fast.
- All right, babe.
Let's go get a taxi.
Phil! Phil: Mike and Rochelle, you are the seventh team to arrive and you are team number seven! Oh, yes.
Oh, that means so much.
So I understand that you decided to use the Blind U-turn to U-turn another team? We thought we were in second to last place so it felt like it was do or die at that point.
A million dollars might not mean the same to the other couples as it would mean to us.
This mean - Security for me and my son.
- It would mean a lot.
I see it.
I see the clue box.
- They U-turned us, baby.
- You're kidding? Who U-turned us? Now we get to go do sake.
There's two clues in here.
- Who we didn't see? - Jeff and Jackie? One of them might not have passed the test with sake yet.
- Pick one.
- I don't know.
Right here.
I hope we picked the right one.
We're still in it.
There's one place behind us, we still have a chance.
- Hey.
- You speak English? - No.
- Yes, you do.
We're looking for this place.
It's supposed to be right over here.
- Map? - No map.
No map.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Oh, God.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Phil: A lot of squealing going on there.
- It was him.
- It was him? Yeah, I've done that all day.
- There he is.
- I found him.
Phil: Look at that, another team.
So happy to see you, Phil.
Phil: The good news is you're all still in the race.
That's awesome.
Phil: You guys know what love looks like? We know what it looks like.
I see it, I see it.
Welcome to "Samurai Sake" training temple! You must use your mind and concentrate.
We'll see you in half an hour.
Hi, guys.
I'll take the order.
Go, fast.
- Nanbubijin.
- Nanbubijin.
Just one minute, guys.
We're going to have you drinking.
If I get this right, I want a shot.
They picked the one bottle they kind of remembered.
I got it.
I got it.
It's right here.
Is it? - Arigato.
- Thank you.
Boy do I wish I'd done this one first.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hi, sir.
Do you know this? I cannot believe we spent four hours in that park trying to get you to dance.
Only been about an hour that we've been looking for it.
- It's way too long.
- Is this that same man? Do you speak English? No.
You figured it out? You know where? Ah I'm getting tired of this.
He knows where it is.
- How much is it to get there? - Give me the hundred.
He must be out of his mind.
What'd he say, 100 yen? Is he crazy? Are you pretty fried? Still motivated.
- That's good, baby.
- I'm not giving up.
There's somebody behind us still.
As far as we know, there's still somebody there, so we go with that.
Nobody knows where this is.
Maybe we underestimated it.
We're just lost.
We just nobody Everybody we ask they don't know where it is.
The taxi drivers don't even know where it is.
There's a taxi driver.
- Is that the same one? - Is that the same one? Is that the same one? Oh, God.
You're about to make me say some ungodly words to you.
Do you know where you're going? Do you know where it is? - Huh? - You know where you're going? I don't think so.
Let's go.
- You want to go? - Yeah.
God, he got laundry in the back.
He's the only person who seems to know but he seems really sketchy.
We just put in the hands of God.
- Wait and see.
- Yeah.
- Hope Springs eternal.
- Yeah.
- Love you.
- I love you too.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, here we go.
Oh, my God! Not us.
- Not us.
- Not us.
Thank god.
Oh, God, maybe we got a chance.
Warning, the last team to check in may be eliminated.
We are finally on our way to the Pit Stop.
We'll be right back.
We're coming back.
Just one minute.
Phil is waiting for you.
Let's go.
This is so painful.
You know that? Akihabara? Oh, yes, yes, go fast, fast, fast.
I guess we got to go.
All right.
- Straight this way? - UDX, UDX.
You see him? - Parking lot down here.
- Down there? Ok, right here.
Parking space.
Phil, where are you? Fast, fast, fast.
I think we're getting close.
Look for UDX.
That's what we need to look for.
It's saying in the vicinity.
Ok, where do you think we should go? I notice on the clue it says in the vicinity.
We're actually inside the building so in the vicinity, inside, we'll see.
I bet we passed like right back him.
Head back up to the first floor and we'll look around the building for a parking spot.
Is this it? Is this it? - This is it? Yeah? - Here? Ok, thank you.
Let's go.
Where do you think we should go? We're here.
I mean, just walk around the building.
It said the vicinity.
Oh, my God.
This is the UDX Building.
Look around us.
- What's that up there? - There's something.
There's something up there.
Up here? Oh, lord, oh, God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Phil: Libby and CJ, you're still in "The Amazing Race".
You are team number ten! Oh, my God, are you serious right now? Phil: I'm serious right now.
- Come on, Jeff.
- Ok, baby.
Phil: Jeff and Lyda, you are the last team to arrive.
I know it's been a tough day and I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from this race.
Oh, sorry baby, my bad.
It was very short but, you know, we're best friends.
We did the best we could.
We never gave up.
I have to hand it to Lyda.
She persevered through my misstepping all the way through the dance.
It shows what a great partner she is.
Our relationship is as strong as ever.
We're very happy and we love each other.
No regrets.

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