The Amazing Race (2001) s26e02 Episode Script

I Got the Smartest Dude

1 Phil: Previously on "The Amazing Race".
At the starting line, love was in the air for six dating couples and 10 singles who just met their partners.
- I'm Hayley.
- Look how handsome you are.
Phil: For the most extreme blind dates ever.
Go! After muddy mayhem and surprise revelations.
- You were in New Kids on the Block? - Yeah.
Teams took off to Tokyo.
At the Detour, blind date couple Jeff and Jackie toasted to an early lead, while other teams couldn't keep the beat.
Oh, God! I'm getting frustrated now, babe.
Phil: The pressure took its toll on Rochelle, I just need to be left alone for a second.
forcing her and Mike to make a big move to stay in the race.
- We have to U-turn them.
- Fast, fast, fast.
Phil: Blind date teams took the top three spots, led by Jelani and Jenny, who won the Express Pass.
Number one! Libby and CJ were overwhelmed by the big city.
Oh, my God.
There's people everywhere.
But in the end, Jeff and Lydia couldn't overcome their U-turn.
You have been eliminated from this race.
10 teams remain.
Who will be eliminated next? Be a man! Be a man! I think I'm still just processing everything right now.
It's still sort of hitting me that we're in Tokyo and we just won the first leg of "The Amazing Race".
It's crazy.
I hope we're going to one of those coffin hotels.
We have a room, a place across the street on the eighth floor.
We're gonna check it out to see how it looks like.
Oh, my gosh, so tired.
Let's see if I can find love and win the million.
He's definitely a great guy.
Definitely my type, my style.
We'll see where it goes.
Let's go.
Wait, you guys, this is not This is not a room.
I'm so confused.
Ok, so it's like a computer room with beds.
- We're sharing this? - Apparently.
This is it.
Humble abode for the evening.
I could sleep on the desk, I'm small enough.
What is this? Home, sweet home.
Good night.
- Good night, babe, I love you.
- Oh, God.
- Beautiful.
- Best date ever.
Travel by bullet train to Nagano, Japan.
Phil: Teams must now catch the bullet for 150 miles from Tokyo to Nagano.
Once they arrive in town, which hosted the 1998 winter Olympics, they must make their way to Matsushiro Castle where they'll find their next clue.
Let's go.
With us, we're connecting really well, communicating with each other and I think we make great teammates.
Awesome teammates.
Train station? So walking? Jenny's pretty much on top of all the details.
I'm pretty much laissez-faire approachable, that's why it works.
Yeah, we're keeping it positive.
We're doing our best to try to help each other win this race.
I think that's it.
Travel by bullet train to Nagano, Japan.
Do we take a cab to the train station? I have the hottest date.
She's super competitive and that's awesome.
That's exactly what I was looking for.
She's literally all around the best.
I need to go here.
I think it's too soon to answer.
"Can you have love and win the million?".
Do I think that's impossible? No, absolutely not.
- Let's go.
- Bullet train will be awesome.
We decided that now we're going to concentrate on the race and there isn't enough time to be strategic and think about the race as well as think about a blind date.
We're just thinking about the race and going to see what happens.
- Bullet train? - Yeah.
We're just having fun playing the game, it's great to be here, and we're going to take advantage of the opportunity.
Ticket office.
Let's go.
- Can you help us get tickets? - To Nagano.
- First departure time, 6:30 AM.
- Okay.
The only thing is other people will be on this train.
Nagano, they have a bobsled track there.
- Winter Olympics sports.
- I know.
1998, baby.
Ticket counter.
Let's do it.
How cool is that? I'm glad we get to go on a bullet train.
I haven't been to Japan in 20 years and just this summer we were supposed to come over here and do four shows.
Sorry, Japan.
We canceled them and went to Las Vegas instead.
It's good to be back.
Travel by bullet train to Nagano.
Being in singles group, it's great, but I normally don't date people that look like me.
That's not something you look for.
Maybe that's what I'm meant to look for, and I'm supposed to date my long-lost twin, which is awkward, but who knows? Straight ahead.
I personally came into the race for the blind date because I've never had a relationship.
But now that we've met each other and hung out, we can definitely call ourselves friends.
We'll see in the future if there's anything more there.
- Nagano, Japan.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
We've been dating for eight months and Mike hasn't met my son yet.
I'm using this as a fast forward for our relationship and so far we're great.
We've been getting along really good, like peanut butter and jelly.
- All right.
- We're off.
I'm so happy to enter as a single.
It's been a great experience.
We're getting along well, I think.
It is the most extreme blind date imaginable, to say the least and once we started climbing up the ranks, I think the interpersonal relationship will flourish a little bit more.
I don't know what a bullet train is but we gotta figure this out.
The blind date couples are a threat because as much as they don't know each other.
They're holding back all their aggression, which is what's messing us up.
Just keep going, this is really annoying.
We argued for a decent amount And a number of couples just passed us.
When we communicate well, we're unstoppable.
Oh, these are nice.
- Mike and Rochelle.
- Hi.
- You made it.
- Yes.
Phil: Teams are now traveling by bullet train to Nagano.
The first train carries Jelani and Jenny, Jeff and Jackie and Laura and Tyler.
The second train carries Aly and Steve.
The third train carries Harley and Jonathan, Mike and Rochelle, and Bergen and Kurt, and the fourth train carries Matt and Ashley and Hayley and Blair.
It's going to be awesome to ride on a bullet train.
Hopefully, it get us there fast and we can catch up the teams.
We've known each other our whole entire lives.
We've been dating for about 10 years now.
The next step is get married.
Taxi? What's holding us up more than anything is being financially stable.
But I definitely plan on marrying her at some point in time.
Which way? Here we go.
Let's go this way.
No, taxi is down here.
Down here.
Oh! Are you ok? I hope he's ok from that fall because I kind of need him a little bit.
Is this it? Oh, I see it.
Oh, I see the clue box there.
Stop, please.
Come on, Tyler.
- I'm trying.
- Clue box right here.
Who can think outside of the box? Phil: Intricate Japanese puzzle boxes like these are well known for their stunning geometric patterns.
Teams must figure out how to open one of these trick boxes, using a series of complicated moves that must be performed in an exact order.
If they master the maneuvers, they'll unlock a password, which they'll have to repeat correctly to the castle guards for their clue.
Randomly hidden in one will be a ticket to date night, a relaxing getaway for one lucky couple to be enjoyed during the pit stop.
- You said you were good at puzzles.
- I'll do it.
- You want to do it? - All right, I'll do it.
I think we just go in there.
- How far? Drive? - Can you take us? Let's go.
- I can do this.
- Yeah? Let's just go to taxi.
I have a feeling it's not here.
All right, let's go get a cab.
You got this.
This looks nuts.
- Oh, man.
- Oh, my gosh.
[Blowing horn.]
There it is.
[Drums beating.]
Puzzle-making music.
This place is amazing.
It's loud and chaotic but it's absolute beautiful.
You can really feel the energy of Japan and it's really, really awesome to be here.
- This is interesting.
- I know.
Oh, my God.
We get to the Roadblock and when we got in there, I pick up a box and it looks like you can't even do anything with it.
I'm hoping that Tyler will get done quickly.
I believe in him.
He's smart.
The way the box was designed you had to move one piece on the left-hand side and then one piece on the right-hand side and then another piece on the left, another piece on the right and go back and forth and keep going around in a circle.
I did a lot of puzzles as a kid.
Just gotta be calm and take it one step at a time.
We finally got our ticket to Nagano.
We're leaving at 9:04.
We're here in Japan and these are bullet trains.
They go super fast.
- I can't wait to get on it.
- Ready to rock the next challenge.
We are going to win this leg, everybody count us out.
Everybody did count us out.
We are strong.
Is this 9:04? Oh, it ain't leaving, is it? We missed the train.
This is frustrating.
We missed the train.
Yeah, this is it.
This is the train flying by right now.
Ahhh! Let's see if we can go down here.
We missed the train.
We need to get another one.
- To Nagano.
- This one.
- This one? - Is this Nagano? Yeah, 9:20.
Shoot! Three blind date teams here, top three.
I got the smartest dude.
- I got the smartest dude.
- I do, for sure.
This is crazy.
All right.
Tyler just got it.
Whoo! [Speak Japanese phrase.]
Please, let me in.
- Yes! - Excellent.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Where are we going? Make your way to Nishi-Guchi Zenko-Ji, and search for your next clue.
Let's go.
We did miss the first train.
We were supposed to leave at 9:04 and this train leaves at 9:20.
Not too bad but it still can hurt us.
Thank you.
Oh, we are in Nagano, land of the Olympics.
Hopefully it'll bring us a little bit of luck.
Let's go.
Taxi? You got it.
This isn't a normal puzzle.
- You're going to get it.
- I hate not having control.
I just want to get in there and start working on the puzzle but I'm just going to put all my trust in him and hopefully he'll deliver.
- Oh, yes! - What? Good job.
[Speak Japanese phrase.]
We need to pick a puzzle box.
I shouldn't have said I'm good at puzzles.
Yeah, you said it.
- Yes, I got it to move! - Good girl.
Oh, my gosh, it feels like Christmas.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Let's go here, come on.
This is pretty sweet.
It's right there.
We're at a Detour.
Phil: Laura and Tyler are the first team that have an opportunity to choose between hitting the ice or noodling with a favorite dish.
- We're going to do share.
- Share.
Nourish each other in the face of adversity to earn your next clue.
- We'll just get a cab.
- Right here.
- Detour.
- We gotta pick one.
Detour, "Share".
Sounds like something food related.
We're off.
We saw New York.
They somehow made it on the train that we got on, which was an unpleasant surprise.
You can do it.
- Yes.
- Good girl.
This is the most frustrating thing I've ever had to do.
- Yes, whoo! - Geez.
That was so frustrating.
My fingers hurt.
But I was like "no, I can't let Jackie down".
I was like "I got this".
We are on the bullet train.
We had an emergency stop, so we're not going as fast as I'd like for us to go.
Not quite a bullet right now.
Like, it's still in the chamber, basically.
I actually enjoy the drumming.
It gives me something to get a groove to.
Go, go, go.
Come on, Kurt.
We're about to eat something.
That's fine.
I'll eat.
There it is! Hi.
Phil: "Share" requires teams to feed each other what might be the most awkward date food ever.
Using only the provided chopsticks, teams must feed each other all of the noodles in their bowls and to keep their Ramen cool, teams will be treated to the latest in Japanese cooling technology, a fan.
Once they've devoured a bowl, they'll receive their next clue.
- Here we go.
- Oh, wow.
Oh, man this is going to be bad.
- Ok, ready? - Let's go.
- Got to go fast.
- I know, but come closer.
You got them? Slurp them right up.
The Detour is ridiculous, but the noodles taste so bad.
Ok, breath.
- You said to go fast.
- Too many noodles at once.
I'm trying to get through this.
Fewer noodles at the same time.
I get it, ready? And go this way and I'll catch them in the wind.
- Detour.
Right here.
- "Chair" it is.
Ancient technique.
Keep your hair out with your hands.
You're like halfway.
- Are you doing chopsticks? - Arigato! Yeah.
There's not anything that makes Jenny not a good partner.
The best thing is she's competitive too, highly motivated, very confident.
You can't ask for more than that.
Slurp them.
Just like slurp them.
Oh, this is so romantic with the fan.
I had broth all over my face.
- Feeding someone is not romantic.
- Kinda of gross.
- We're like Lady and the Tramp.
- Yeah.
But I think I'm the Tramp.
Good job babe.
It's almost like a Rubik's cube.
Keep on working, babe.
All the other teams are like "you got it, babe, you got it".
I was like where's mine? I didn't cheer him on because I know sometimes if I feel under pressure I don't want anybody talking to me.
- I got it open.
- Good job, babe.
Slow and steady, babe.
Feels like this box is stuck.
Take your time, baby, just stay focused.
It's some sort of algorithm.
Oh, my gosh.
I don't even see how this is supposed to open.
- Right there.
- You're almost done.
- Fine, just - There's no more noodles.
I think we're done.
- We think we're done.
- We need a check.
- Good? - Good? We're good? Yay! Thank you.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop.
Phil: Teams must now make their way to Patio Daimon, built more than 100 years ago as a storage facility, it is now a popular restaurant complex.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
Thank you, it was so delicious! Check your noodles.
Oh, my God.
- Our cab has already left? - Yep.
I'll get us a taxi, maybe.
- Yay.
- Arigato.
- Come on.
- I'm going to freaking puke.
Good job.
We have a shot to be in first place right now.
I'm so pissed that we let our taxi guy go.
I see a cab, I think.
- We had such a good lead.
- I know.
- Not going to happen again.
- We need to be smarter.
We're trying to get here.
Yes, yes.
I'm pretty sure we're far behind, especially since we missed the train.
We already had a lot of ground to make up.
- We're doing "Share".
- "Share".
Should we find a cab? We're not sharing anything.
We're chair people.
Here, perfect.
Yep, we're going in here.
This is awesome.
Phil: "Chair" lets teams brush up on their skating technique by pushing each other around this Olympic speed skating track.
One must push their partner around the track for one full lap, before switching places and doing it all over again.
If they can slide each other in 3:55, they'll pick up their next clue.
What would be better.
Oh, this is awesome.
It's like home.
It's like I'm home.
These are my skates.
Nice little costumes too.
Nagano had a lot to do with my own experience because I watched the Olympics here, in the 1998 Nagano Olympics, long track speed skating and I told my mom and dad that's what I wanted to do, go to the Olympics and be a speedskater, so That's exactly what you did.
- Oh, gosh.
- Whoo.
Three minutes per lap or three minutes for two laps? Two laps, 3:55.
Ok, you want to go first or you want me to go first? I'll go first.
All right, babe.
- Ready? - Yes.
I'm a two-time Olympic bobsledder.
Don't rush too much.
One of my biggest strengths, obviously is pushing.
The straightaway was real easy and I was very cautious on the turns because I knew if we were going to wipe out or make a mistake that's where it was going to be.
I knew this part was going to be difficult.
I used my entire upper body and held her to the lap.
Instead of a sled it was a chair with Aly seated in it.
I don't weigh as much as a bobsled.
No, she's much lighter than a bobsled.
You're so heavy.
How am I going to push you? Ok.
I teetered a lot in hockey skates.
Takes me a second to get my balance.
- Use your arms.
- I'm using my arms.
Oh, the turns were difficult.
He weighs like twice as much as me so I'm skating around and using all my body weight to just try and push him around the corner.
Who else can say they have an Olympian on the back of their chair? Here you go, babe.
You got it, babe.
Come on.
We're through.
You are a frigging Slow down right here.
- Are we good? - Yeah.
Good girl.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- This was the best task ever.
- Olympian speedskater.
It was really close to my heart that we just had that Detour at the ice rink where my whole career began, It's like everything came full-circle.
Make your way to your next Pit Stop.
Welcome to Nagano.
Welcome to Japan.
Phil: Jelani and Jenny, you are team number one.
Phil: I have good news for you.
As you know, you've Fitbit Charge tracking all your activities since you left Los Angeles and as the winners of this leg, you've both won a Fitbit Wellness Kit, which includes one of everything Fitbit makes.
Oh, wow.
A personal chef and cooking classes for a year plus a one-year gym membership or a year of delivered fresh groceries.
That's awesome.
Phil: How long do you think they've been date? - I don't know.
- About three days.
Phil: Is there any romantic connection, you think? This is a friendship, a budding friendship.
Phil: Have you talked about it? We're so focused on the race right now.
Way to avoid the question, huh? I think this blind date, whatever you call it It's going great.
- Sup, guys? - Sup? Phil: So, these guys have absolutely no time for any romance.
You, on the other hand, have you not looked into each other's eyes and thought? - No? - Not yet.
We see dollar signs.
I don't think we can complain, we're in second place and we met each other hours ago.
I feel confident with my partner.
I think we're doing a good job.
Yeah! So Ashley is here.
Hayley is here and Bergen is working on his.
I have a chance to beat him.
Is there a special button? Yeah! - Yes, yes! - Thank you.
Date night.
You and your partner are cordially invited to rest and relaxation at a Japanese hot springs during the next Pit Stop.
We were lucky enough to pull the golden ticket and get a date night, which is pretty cool.
I think we need to get nails trimmed, a massage, back rub.
I'm so excited for that one.
Go, Bergen, go.
- Yes! - Yeah! Roadblock.
Who can think outside the box? I'll try it.
Taxi? Find those pieces, baby.
Stay focused on a pattern that looks really, really close.
Doing great, Hayley.
It's hard to walk the line between giving positive reinforcement and being annoying.
Oh, my gosh.
You're almost there.
Got it, hon! - Come on.
- Let's go.
This is really difficult to get the This has to open.
In dire straits here.
My God.
Come on, Hayley.
The faster you get it, the faster we go.
Oh, my God this is so frustrating.
- Try to make progress.
- I've made progress, I know.
I know what I'm doing, I just can't get it to go.
It was frustrating just not knowing what to do with that stupid box.
I see where it needs to come out and then every time, it seemed like "oh, my God".
You have a strategy with it? You know where you need to be going? Yes.
All right, all right.
Whoo! "Share" or "Chair"? I think sharing is going to have to be working with people.
- Wait.
- We'll be back.
Oh, there it goes.
Straight ahead.
Do we want "Share" or "Chair"? - Do you want to do the same one? - Yeah, yeah.
- What do you want to do? - "Share".
We're all going to "Share".
Ok, guys, I'm going to need a minute.
Slow down.
You have six sides.
Just don't narrow it down to one side.
I know she gets anxious sometimes in real tight situations when she's under pressure.
I'm trying to keep her calm because if she stays calm, everything will work itself out.
Hopefully she gets it.
So what is it like being here in Nagano? - I love it here.
- We've been talking about it all day.
This is one of the best cities ever.
Phil: Really? It has a place in my heart for sure.
I think I'm doing pretty good right now.
I just have to get this last little bit.
All right.
All right.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Praise God.
- Come on, baby.
- We are doing "Chair".
- Let's go back to our driver.
This is entrance right here.
Looking, looking.
Komachi Wedding.
CJ, that's an omen.
- I didn't see it.
- It was Komachi Wedding.
You saw it.
It's not an omen unless we both see it.
I still don't see the sign.
It says bingo.
- When's the last time you ice skated? - It's been a while.
He's so cute.
I feel like I've known him for years.
- Oh, a little bunny.
- Thank you.
Let's hurry up.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, no.
Here, baby.
Here we go.
Oh, man.
Oh, smells good.
So these are the noodles.
Oh, that's where the fan comes in.
- I'll catch it.
- Ok.
Got it, got it.
I'm actually loving this because I'm so hungry.
I'll let you go under and then I'll put it in.
So we don't drop them.
Go, go.
That's it, go.
Go, go, go.
That hurt so bad.
That's ridiculous.
This is like way up my alley.
Do you want to do this again or jump on to a different Detour? Let's do this again.
We're not going anywhere else.
Ready? Here we go.
Come on, Jackie, you got this.
There it is, there it is.
Detour, "Chair".
All right.
- Let's go.
- Let's do it.
- Go, go.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, God.
- You got it.
Fast! Are you ok, babe? Hey! Hey! Push me.
Whoo! Oh, my God.
I'm done.
Hold on to me.
Hold on to me.
- You want to switch? - Let's try it one more time.
I mean it's not long cab ride back.
- Can you go first? - Yeah.
I see an arrow.
Oh, right there.
- It's right there.
- Oh, sure is! Detour.
Let's do "Share".
Nourish each other.
I'm hungry.
Feed me, papa.
Come on.
I hate the taste.
It's making me sick.
Ok, I'm ready then.
He liked the noodles.
I didn't.
He was pressuring me like "come on, this is not hard".
I'm like "just let me chew it at my pace and I'll get it down, and we'll get out of here".
- I need you to focus, ok? - I'm swallowing, Bergen.
- Chew.
- I am chewing.
It's not that hard.
Come on.
Ready? - Feeding each other.
- Which is funny.
It was sloppy.
Isn't this so romantic? Power through.
It comes at a disadvantage in a way to not really know your partner very well.
That is way too bad.
We have to communicate and get on the same page really quick or else we're going to fall apart.
Just a little one.
Here we go.
We got it.
Final one.
- Yeah! - Yep, yep, we're good.
Warning, the last team to check in may be eliminated.
Let's go.
Good luck, guys.
- Kurt and Bergen - We might have just crushed them.
You got it.
Ok, here we go.
Got it? Ok, get that one.
Oh, thank you! - She was a hard judge.
- The noodled Nazi.
We're making good time.
Just keep pushing.
Just think, $1 million.
- Oh, my God.
- Keep going, babe, you got it.
Give it everything and then we're done.
I'm trying.
This is so hard.
You got it.
You're doing awesome.
Go, go, go, go.
Five seconds.
Are you all right? I got thrown into the wall and I laid down on my wrist.
Can I see a medic, please? Can you do this? Yeah.
That hurt really bad.
Did you think about switching at all? I think it's a really bad idea, especially since no other teams are here.
Oh, my God, look at this.
Other teams getting here now.
- You finished? - No.
- Having trouble? - Yeah.
Did you guys go to the other one? No, not yet.
Come on, we gotta change into our costumes.
Let's try it.
It looks great.
I love New York.
- Oh, my God.
Time for ice skates.
- Babe, don't hurt that ankle, ok? - Let's just switch Detours.
- No, let's try this one more time.
I can't, that's the thing.
It's not you, it's me.
All right.
We're switching.
I think they're going to stop and go to the other Detour.
Can't afford to break a wrist or knee.
Injury would be horrible at this stage of the game.
We have such a long race ahead of us it's not worth the risk at all.
That was a stresser right there.
This race is so hard.
You're doing great.
We'll miss our time.
It's ok.
Don't kill yourself.
I got an idea.
You're going to go first and I'm going to finish, ok? We are really under pressure right now because we're either last or next to last right now.
We're really hoping to get to the Detour and somebody is struggling at it and we get in and get it done quickly.
- We're off to - Complete the Detour.
Yeah, complete this Detour.
- Oh, man.
Phil: There they are.
Phil: So I understand you got a little surprise on the course today? - Yes.
We did.
- Oh, yes.
It says date night.
You and your partner are cordially invited to some rest and relaxation at a Japanese hot springs during the next Pit Stop.
Have a date night, it's going to really help us because we're going to be able to get our brains back to where they're supposed to be and our bodies.
- We're in our 40's.
- We're the old guys.
$ 1 million.
They had the Olympics on this ice, babe.
I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
It's on time.
Go! You got it, babe, you got it.
He's done! - - Good job.
Phil: Bergen and Kurt - Yes.
- Phil: You are team number five! - Oh, my gosh.
- Thank you.
Phil: Glad you got paired up together? - I am so happy.
- We're doing awesome.
He's perfect.
- Phil: He's perfect? - Yeah, it's exactly Phil: When was the last time you got called perfect by a woman? While she's hanging on to your bicep? By my mom but she doesn't hang on my bicep.
We're growing in the relationship and the partnership for sure.
Yeah, it's awesome.
Thank you.
Good idea.
The best way was to wrap them around so you could get a big clump of them.
Ew, it's so gross.
Learn not the put the whole bowl in my mouth at once.
- Here, you want to try it? - You want to try some? Nice one.
Whoo! Phil: You getting along all right? I love her, she loves me.
We have a good thing.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Ready? Fast.
One, two, three Are you a confident here? - Yeah, are you? - Yeah, it's worth a shot.
- Yay.
- Yeah! - Thank you.
- Thank you.
Eating challenge is right up our alley.
Whoo, ready? I'm not doing very good.
You have to just push, turn your legs.
This is really hard.
You're heavy in that chair.
- Are you calling me fat? - No.
- You're heavy to push in the chair.
- I had McDonald's this morning.
Thank you.
Arigato, arigato.
- Ready for some noodles? - Yes.
Got it? The noodles were actually good because I was hungry.
I was starving so it was fantastic.
- I don't have this.
- Try and help a little.
There we go, there we go.
Give me a bunch.
You're giving me so little.
Ok, so we don't have too much more.
- Finish strong, we're almost there.
- I'm going.
Come on, everything you, everything you have.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
I was thinking I should go first and then you finish it off.
Yeah, we can do that.
Phil: I'm happy to tell you that you are team number eight.
- And your beard is thriving.
- Thank you.
We got this.
Once we're around here, go as fast as you can.
Oh, my God, we got this.
Come on, come on! As fast as you can.
As fast as you can.
Eight, nine, 50, 51, 52, ah! Congratulations.
Holy Jesus.
That's really difficult.
We have to find a taxi.
Hey, last one before I drop it.
There you go.
Last one, ok.
You're kidding me.
There's not even one.
I'll be putting out.
All right, thank you.
Right here, right here.
I hope the other Detour isn't super easy.
Oh, man.
Patio Daimon.
That was the most fun I've had in a challenge so far.
- Because we were hungry.
- Yeah, we're hungry already.
I don't want to be done today.
It's not over, you just never know.
Phil may break us up today.
This has got to be it.
Hey, welcome, come on! - Phil: Oh, boy.
- Oh, boy.
Do you break dance? You look like a break dancer.
Do you break dance? At one point I knew how to do like a windmill.
Phil: Let's see it.
Like this.
Oh! Oh, wow.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, my God.
Phil: This would be a good time to you tell that Don't do it, Phil.
Phil: While you're down, you are still in the race.
Oh! We can be tons better.
We're just not hitting our stride yet.
We absolutely have what it takes to win.
Oh! Welcome to Nagano.
Whoo! Phil: Libby and CJ, unfortunately I'm sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive and you have been eliminated from the race.
- - You all right? Yeah, just being around her I'm always happy.
Phil: Really? You are in love with this woman.
Yes, I'm in love with her.
Still working on my ring.
It's all right, babe.
We didn't get one million bucks.
We gave it our all.
Phil: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
Phil: Next week on "The Amazing Race".
Teams make it a date in Thailand.
- We're going to party all night.
- Oh, hell, yeah.
- Unbelievable.
- Yeah, baby.
Phil: And is the honeymoon over for Hayley and Blair? You don't have to be a complete bitch.
I told you, you have to listen to me.
Oh, let's run around and do it wrong.

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