The Amazing Race (2001) s28e06 Episode Script

Let The Good Times Roll

PHIL: Previously on The Amazing Race .
eight teams raced in the French Alps.
In the shadow of Mont Blanc, teams faced their greatest fears Oh, my God.
Cole! I'm so scared.
Seriously, I'm afraid.
I got you.
You're hooked in.
and scaled new heights.
Yeah, we're killing it.
At the Detour, Burnie and Ashley couldn't get it together Can it go? It broke.
It broke? .
Korey faced off against Brodie at the Road Block.
Yeah! Oh, my God.
Well, that didn't work.
And Korey soared We did it! Oh, my God! .
giving him and Tyler their second win.
You are team number one.
Yeah! Meanwhile, in a final showdown This is it.
This is the last three teams here.
Erin crashed (SOBS) .
sending her and Joslyn out of the race.
You have been eliminated.
It was unreal and breathtaking.
Seven teams remain.
Who will be eliminated next? Who's so sick? Who's so sick? You're so sick! Ah.
That's very cool, look up there, guys.
That's the Matt.
-Is that Matt up there? Matt and Blair.
-Matt and Blair.
Blair was fourth? Yeah, Blair and Scott came up.
-Let's go.
You're liking that, aren't you? -Hey, that's great.
Are we allowed to talk about race romance? (CHORTLES) We have had It's been really nice to have conversation with her.
It's just been conversation? It's been really good conversation.
BRODIE: Blair is a very sweet girl, so we'll see what happens.
You know, maybe after the race maybe take her on a date but right now, we're focusing on the race.
They both think the other's cute.
And they're just talking and figuring that out.
Brodie thinks I'm cute so that doesn't mean anything.
(ALL LAUGH) "Fly to Yerevan.
" Tyler and Korey will be the first team to leave the majestic Alps of Europe and fly .
to Armenia - crossroads of the ancient world, bridging trade between Asia and Europe.
When they land, they'll find their next clue here, at the Yerevan Opera Theatre.
Here, let's go back, let's go back.
Travel agency.
KOREY: The race thus far has just been a dream come true, only finishing in either first or second place.
Wet shoes.
TYLER: We've been neck and neck with Brodie and Kurt.
They are strong and competitive and they won't give up as much as we won't give up.
How are you? We are going to Yerevan.
TYLER: I don't know if it's in our game plan to sabotage them in any capacity but it wouldn't hurt if they messed themselves up.
Today, they leave at 11am.
It's the earlier.
Thank you so much.
Shuttle to the airport? Armenia? Where is that?! "To Yerevan, the second capital.
" -Let's go.
Ooh! Alright, let's go.
-Alright, come on.
Armenia?! Come on, Daddy.
SCOTT: My perspective on my daughter's abilities is growing every day.
Travel agency.
I've always thought that she was my equal anyway but this is proving it out.
BLAIR: Obviously, he values education.
He's done law school and medical school, so when I decided not to do college and take the social media path, I was scared I would let him down.
Bonjour, bonjour.
So to hear him say he thinks I'm his equal feels really, really good.
My roommate in college was Armenian.
Let's go.
Oh, OK.
-He was a hairy guy.
We're going to Armenia.
That's exciting.
-That's amazing.
Let's go to Armenia! COLE: This is our first time we've been in dead last.
Ooh-ooh-ooh! Last leg was terrifying for me You're doing a good job.
I'm just afraid.
It's OK.
and we wouldn't still be in the race if my mum didn't encourage me to Yeah, we would have been out.
take the risk.
Cole, here.
It's been pretty rough but we're making it.
We're both going to kick more butt.
We're getting first this round, easy.
PHIL: All teams are now making their way to Yerevan, Armenia.
Opera House? OK.
We just landed in Armenia and we are headed out to the Opera House.
How do you say 'fast'? Arag.
Arag -Arag.
Opera Theatre building.
Ah! Si.
"Pick up tickets at the box office.
" Box office.
"Run hard.
An Express Pass is waiting for the winner.
" Is this it? Opera.
(SINGS HIGH NOTE) We've no idea what we're going to be doing.
"Run hard.
An Express Pass is waiting.
" Wait, are you kidding? It says pick up your tickets at the box office.
"Pick up your tickets at the box office.
" Here it is.
Theatre office.
Ticket office? What does it say? Opens at 8am?! I think we chill till eight and we'll all be watching the same performance together.
And run hard because an Express Pass is waiting.
An Express Pass this late in the game? This leg has an Express Pass.
so whoever gets it is in really good shape.
You can potentially be on your way out and use the Express Pass and jump ahead of a couple of teams.
It'd be nice because we're always behind! And if you can get an edge, in even just one challenge, it can make or break you at this point.
Oh, ticket master with the bowtie! Yeah! OK.
Whoo! We're saving the Sabre Dance.
Aram Khachaturian is among the most famous composers of the 20th century and he wrote this famous tune (SABRE DANCE BY ARAM KHACHATURIAN PLAYS) This is the perfect music for teams to frantically search for the next clue hidden somewhere in this theatre.
Well, here we are.
(SABRE DANCE CONTINUE TO PLAY) What are we missing? What the hell are we looking for? Babe, maybe it would be somewhere hard.
Look in all of this, Dad.
I feel like something's weird.
I feel like we're doing the wrong thing.
Do you have a clue? Do you? Brodie, Brodie.
Thank you.
"Search for the Cascade on foot.
" What's made of Armenian stone, has 572 steps and is almost 1,000 feet high? This massive staircase called the Cascade.
Teams will have to climb all the way to the top to get their next clue.
Alright, let's go this way.
Where did they find that? That guy was just standing there.
Thank you so much.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, OK.
Where is it? Over there? They found something, Dana.
Wait, Cole and Sheri found one? Where was it? -I don't know.
Do you want to look on the stage? Rach.
-What? Let's just keep searching.
Do you know Cascade? Come on, Mom, keep up.
COLE: If you're ever right behind Brodie and Kurt, you know that you're doing alright.
MATT: I saw a clue inside the janitor's jacket.
(QUIETLY) Dana, I found it.
Rather than making a big scene and ripping it open, I just tucked it in my pocket and we went outside.
Because all the teams are so close together, you have to gain a little bit of separation, however you can.
It's in here somewhere.
Brodes, nice work.
Nice work.
Stay there.
I'll get it.
Bringing it down? -Yeah.
(BOTH BREATHE HEAVILY) Let's go, Brodes.
Dude, I feel like I'm the opposite of Rocky right now.
Good job, Mom! Good job.
Yellow is right behind us.
Kurt, did you get it? It's at the very top.
-Yeah, you can see it.
There's a lot of bouncing on the boobs.
Thread or Bread?" Brodie and Kurt will be the first team who can learn to make an Armenian rug, or this country's national bread - lavash.
Rug makers here put so much care and attention into these intricate pieces of artwork, that it takes nine months to complete one.
The speed at which these artists work is mesmerising.
And the results speak for themselves.
Teams must now complete a row of 200 stitches on one of these massive carpets.
Tossing dough in the air with apparent ease like this comes with years of practice.
After shaping the dough, bakers slap it against the wall of an underground oven, producing this tasty traditional, thin bread.
Teams are about to find out that making lavash for the first time .
can easily turn into this.
But if they can make 15 lavash, they can break bread together and get their next clue.
We choose Bread.
-Let's go.
I just don't know how to weave.
You know where that is? How much? -1,000.
1,000? -1,000.
Come on, we're going to do Thread.
We're going to do Thread.
Do you have a clue? No? Open up.
No clue? I don't want to mess up your No clue? Nothing up your sleeves? No?! But you're the pretty one.
No luck.
I really need this clue.
Thread or Bread? Let's do Thread.
Let's do bread.
Ty, anything? No.
Let's ask this guy, actually.
Do you have a clue? Yes, I have.
Thank you.
OK, great.
"Search for a Cascade on foot.
" (WHISPERS) Oh, my gosh, Rach, that was so easy.
They found one? Ty, you want to go back down? Yeah, let's go.
Come on.
-Let's go.
It's got to be the stage.
I don't think the clues are going to be in there.
Oh, my God! Thank you.
What in the world? This is ridiculous.
Let's just find it.
Oh, my gosh.
This is stupid.
(CHUCKLING) No? If this is what gets us, not good.
No-one has a clue? Can I use this to go get a clue? This is stupid.
Just cleaning up the joint while looking for something.
This is like Willy Wonka looking for the Golden Ticket.
Come on, Blair.
You're going to break something.
Tyler, do I ask this guy? Do you have the clue? Yes.
Ty, I think I got it.
-Are you kidding? What?! They got it.
Where was it? Did you see? -Yeah.
That guy handed it to them.
"Search for the Cascade on foot for your next clue.
" "Search for the #Cascade on foot for your next clue.
" -OK, let's go.
That was pretty dumb.
Phew! That was a run.
Do you want to open it? 'Thread' or 'Bread'? OK, let's 'Thread'.
Do you know where this is? No? OK.
(HORN BEEPS) Megerian Carpet Factory? No? Nobody seems to know where this place is.
Oh, here we go, dude.
We've got some nice baking music.
Hello! Hello.
-Hello! Do we come over here? -Yes, yes.
-Hello, hello, hello.
My name is Maretta.
Oh, this is so cool.
This goes around here? -Yes.
Ooh! I'm watching her.
She's rolling it out.
Oh, dang! What's she doing? Like, something freaky.
(LAUGHS) We're here to bake some bread.
Whoa! Alright, you're doing that, and then done.
Good? -Alright, let's get freaky.
-Oh, wow.
That's an oven.
Let the good times roll.
Oh, yeah.
We are going to make lavash and might sneak a couple of bites.
Yeah, we will! And -Whoo! Maretta, this is fun.
Yeah! Yeah, Maretta! Yes.
-Making some bread! This thing is not working for me really well.
No, no, no.
No? No? Like this? Mm-hm.
Yeah, put your back into it.
Yeah, got it.
Good? -OK.
-OK? (GROANS) Bravo.
Yeah? -Yeah.
That is It's insane.
Arrgh! (LAUGHS) Whoo! Jeez Louise.
It's so hot.
Take it out.
No, no, no! -No, curl it in.
From the side.
Yes, yes.
-Yeah, pull it out.
Whoa! -Whoo! Yes.
Boosh! No, stay! No, no, no! Oh! Oh, no, my fresh one fell in.
Feed that one to the tourists.
(LAUGHS) We haven't gotten first, second, third or fourth yet, but if we got that Express Pass, it'd really be a game changer.
Is this anywhere near 100? Oh, my God! What in the world? Oh, wow.
-These are beautiful.
The weaving room.
Hello! -Hi! (LAUGHS) Hey! We're ready to make some carpet.
Oh, crap.
It looks so difficult.
(LAUGHS) OK, hold on, Cole.
So, Mom, let's take our time, learn how to do it right.
We're going to learn how to do this.
We had a pattern so we had to follow the pattern and there's this crocheting technique you had to do where you had to push it through, wrap it round, tie a knot with just the hook, push it down and then cut off the fabric.
This is hard work to do if they did this all day.
Yeah, I know it.
This is insane.
Megerian Carpet Factory.
Thank you.
We're very late now.
-I know.
'Thread' or 'Bread'? 'Thread'.
Let's weave the carpet.
-Let's weave the carpet.
Taxi? Taxi? He had someone.
God! Carpet Factory? You take? -Yeah? OK.
Taxi? Yeah.
-Let's get in.
(COUGHS) Take a deep breath.
-Do you want a cough drop? The problem is I think I took too many deep breaths.
(COUGHS) Hey, slow and steady, boy.
Just get it right.
How many are we at? -Six maybe.
Dude, come here! -I don't know.
So much.
They all fall.
They all fall.
Arrgh! You've got to pop it, bro.
Just smack it, dude.
They freaking put the meat on it, man.
Nice boosh.
(GROANS) Just hold on there a little bit longer.
These ladies are amazing.
Come! (LAUGHS) This is so ridiculous.
It just keeps falling.
This is ridiculous.
Is it falling when you're pulling it out? Maretta's laughing at me.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it till you can't stand it and then let it go.
It's burning me.
-What? It's burning me.
Are you OK? -Yeah.
I can take the heat.
My curling iron does worse than this.
Oh, you're doing pretty good, Mom.
-Am I? OK, good.
I feel like we can do this fairly fast.
Can you hear them, like, plucking the strings? I know.
It's really like music.
OK, so, we thought we were going fast.
Well, these other women are just going, like, "Boing, boing, boing, boing!" Almost like they're playing an instrument.
And I'm just here (GROANS) I'd say we've got, like, nine.
Nine lavish breads? -We need about six more.
Yeah, boy! Whoo! Whoo! -Maretta's loving it.
Ow! Ah! Whoo! That looks good.
That looks a good piece.
Yeah, I'm getting better.
Alright, let's just try and stay calm and knock this out as quick as possible.
Thank you.
-Oh, my God.
Holy crap.
-Can you help us? At least we're not the only ones here.
-I know.
This one? This one? I don't understand.
I would think we're probably halfway done.
We are on our way to an Express Pass.
I think we're going to be close to it.
It would be nice to win one.
Oh, it depends how long the bakery takes.
(GROANS) That is a beaut! That's a beaut! -It's looking solid.
Whoo! Put this one in a magazine.
Maretta! (SPEAKS ARMENIAN) Oh, my knees! Is that 11? Go, go, go.
I think it's 11.
We're getting close.
We're definitely getting better at lavash.
That was hard.
-Whoo! (PIPE MUSIC PLAYS) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (SPEAKS ARMENIAN) Oh, delicious! Hey! (SPEAKS ARMENIAN) Oh, she didn't like that one.
Too big of a hole.
This one's not going to work either, dude.
What the heck? (SPEAKS ARMENIAN) Not good.
Six, dude.
Oh, we got crushed.
(SCREAMS) Dude, they're very stringent.
-Oh, really? Yeah.
We only got six.
Whoa! -Whoa! Good luck, guys.
-Thanks, guys.
They might have nailed this.
That's no good.
Go again.
Hooray! -Hooray! OK, so, we have eight.
So, our technique was great at the end, babe, so we just got to keep going like that.
Red, red.
We're over halfway done.
It's really difficult.
It's just really tedious.
I'm still trying to get my hands to stop shaking.
Hey! How are you? -Good.
Blair and Daddy arrived.
Try to move at a little bit faster of a pace now.
Man, they beat us.
We had such a good head start from them.
Hey, guys.
-Hey, guys.
Let's go and make some carpets! Hello! Oh, look.
It's everybody.
All of our friends are here.
Who's ready to work? -Hey, guys.
They'll show us.
We're not in last, Daddy.
Unless somebody's done this a lot, we should be OK.
The other teams don't know what they're in for.
Oh, my God.
How do you know which one to pull? So, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here.
I'm just twisting it like this.
Like this? -Hmm.
This is going to be a long challenge, babe.
We got it.
I'm never going to let my dog pee on a rug again.
There you go.
-God, it's so freaking hot.
(GROANS) That looks good.
That's your best one yet.
-Solid boosh.
This is it.
-This is the one right here.
We nail it, we're out.
-Go, go.
Nice, dude.
Nice, dude.
Alright, baby.
Two more after this.
Alright, let's go, Kurt.
-Whoo! We're almost done and, like, ahead of the pack.
Yeah, I can't believe it.
It's interesting 'cause it's not usual for us (LAUGHS) .
but we're going to plan.
If we can just keep it up, right? BOTH: Yeah! Yeah! Last one! I love you! (BOTH CHEER) Yes! Alright, let's go.
Thank you! Maretta, we love you.
Come on.
"Travel by bus to the first stop after Hatsavan on the H3 "and search for your next clue beside the road.
" Bye! Bye! Bye! -We love you! This is the last of it.
That's good.
You did such a good job, Cole.
Look at you.
Oh! -Good? Thank you.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
"Search for the number 13 buses in the Republic Square.
" Republic Square.
It'd be nice to get first.
And get that Express Pass.
-Republic Square? All I'm hoping for is that we can get this first place and get the Express Pass.
I will scream like a crazy lady.
Ah, I've got it now.
-You getting the hang of it? Yeah, I'm getting the hang of it.
-Good job.
15 more yellow.
TYLER: I spent a lot of time in college making friendship bracelets, so I immediately took to that loom.
I was literally the Fruit of the Loom.
(LAUGHS) I love this so much.
I want to go home and figure out how to do a DIY for my viewers to make, like, cool rugs for their bedrooms or something.
We don't have the Roosters and we do not have Brodie, who probably didn't think that weaving was the coolest.
But he might have to learn how to weave because Blair loves it and since they're going out now (LAUGHS) Oh, there it is.
That's got to be it.
-That's got to be it.
Go on.
Go for it.
Go for it.
-13? Right here.
Driver? -Driver? Driver? He'll take us.
Yeah! Yeah! Oh, hello.
Whoa! Hello! It's a party! BOTH: Whoo! Yeah! -It's a bus party.
Let's go.
Let's go.
-We are moving.
What's your name? -Gayane.
Gayane? I'm Kurt.
Yeah, Gayane! -Up top.
Up top.
Up top.
Nice to meet you.
A bunch of ladies.
They're happy.
-I ain't complaining.
Can I sit here? What bus did we get on? Hi.
We need a bus driver.
You? You? OK.
Whoo! (LAUGHS) Hey! -Whoo! Let's go! Oh, my God! Hey! Aw, this is my kind of bus right here.
Hey! Hey! Hey! This is a fun bus.
(LAUGHS) -We definitely got the party bus.
If I knew that they had these, I would have gotten this for my prom.
-Whoo! (MARETTA SPEAKS ARMENIAN) Yes? Yes? 15! Yeah! -Whoo-hoo! Alright, thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you, sister.
Thank you.
Alright, let's go, sweetie.
I think we're doing great, babe.
We're going pretty quickly.
We're adding Rachel's last three.
This thing's a lot longer than a friendship bracelet.
We got this, Daddy.
BLAIR: We were both working from each side towards the middle and we literally got to the middle at the exact same time.
Come on.
13, 14.
14, then we push together, push this out.
Babe, let's get this done.
Oh, good job.
-Yes? Oh! Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I think we passed three teams on that one, babe.
Look for the 13 bus.
13! -Yeah.
This guy's good.
We're good.
We're good.
Hey! -Hey! Last one! Last one! Yes! That's so pretty.
It's a beautiful carpet, no? Yay! It's good? Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
OK, they got it.
We're going to get it, Daddy, right now.
Bye! Bye! Bye! -Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Oh, my God.
They got here after us.
That's it! Yeah? Yes.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Two more.
Come on.
"Search for the number 13 buses in Republic Square.
" Which way is Republic Square? OK, done.
OK, thank you, thank you.
Let's go.
Got to catch up.
If it says, "Travel by bus," can we take a cab? How are they still here? Something's up.
No, I think we have to take a bus.
I think we have to take a bus, Ty.
This bus? Yeah.
OK, thank you.
-Hi! Republic Square? Yes, he knows.
Yeah, Dana, he knows.
Thank you.
Hey, where did the dancers go? A rough day in the race today.
Taxi! Oh, my God.
There's nothing.
Do you know Republic Square? No cab.
Go, go, go, go! Fast as you can! Are they still behind us? -They're behind us.
Everyone's gone? We're all alone.
It's over.
Arggh! Cab? No cab.
Kore? -What? We're just going to find one.
Taxi! There's a cab.
Let's go.
We're going to Republic Square.
We're in a big hurry.
(CAR DOOR SHUTS) Running behind.
Hello! ALL: Hello! Hi! Hello! Yeah! Whoo! Alright.
Looks like we got on the party bus.
Oh, yeah! (MUSIC PLAYS OVER RADIO) Oh, my God! BOTH: Whoo-hoo! (ALL SPEAK IN ARMENIAN) Thank you, ladies! Oh, lots of taxis waiting for us to finish, dude.
Well, there's an Express Pass at stake, so it's going to be huge.
Right here.
Oh, a clue! Hello.
(ENVELOPE RIPS) It's a Roadblock.
"Who's feeling drained?" Most garages do not have a view like this.
Mount Ararat, rising 16,945 feet.
And you also won't find many garages like this - built in the middle of nowhere.
Teams must now perform an oil change following the instructions in a shop guide.
When the mechanic approves of their oil change, they'll get a clue and can take this trusty Lada to the Pit Stop.
I'm doing it.
-Kurt's doing it.
Thank God.
I have no idea how to change the oil.
Nice! Nice! Yeah.
Showing off the legs! Only two cars at a time may be on the ramp.
I haven't changed oil too much, but hopefully, this'll be a learning experience.
The oil drain plug? Oh, here it is.
The first step was that we needed to drain the old oil from the taxi.
Please drip.
Yes! Once that was fully drained, had to change the oil filter and then I had to fill up four litres of oil and put it into the oil tank.
Just waiting for the oil to drain.
Come on, oil! Bus.
Over there? 1-3 Blair and Scott are in front of us.
So we caught up with them.
(MEEKLY) Good job.
Yay! Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
Bus? Whoo-hoo! Driver? 13, 13! -Can we go fast? Whoo! Thank you.
Bye-bye! Come on! Nice job, guys.
You're number two.
I just saw the red team showed up, Cole and his mom.
I-I think that you're probably pretty good at figuring out that stuff.
OK! (LAUGHS) An Express Pass is up for grabs for the winner of this leg.
Obviously, we would like that.
I've never changed oil before, but I don't mind getting dirty.
Ugh! Arggh! "Remember to replace oil filter.
" Oh! Here we go.
Oh! I got it.
Slow and steady, boy! (CLAPS) This is what my husband does.
This is his job! I bet you that's the oil filter.
Slow and steady, boy! Just get it done right the first time.
That's all that matters.
Put the used oil in the barrel.
The Pit Stop has got to be right after this.
It's got to be.
So, it's literally just whoever finishes it first between your mom and Kurt.
Shake and bake! Nice and easy, boy! Stay focused here.
Now, what I've got to do is I've got to empty this oil out.
(MACHINE PUMPS) Hopefully something's coming out of this.
He's obviously doing something wrong.
(SHOUTS) Figure it out, boy! Figure it out.
COLE: Yeah, Mom! (CLAPS) (SHOUTS) You're doing good, Mom! Don't be afraid to get dirty.
(GIGGLES) That's not it, man.
This is crazy.
How long does this take? (BOTH LAUGH) It might be broken.
Oil filter.
You got this, Mom! Motor oil.
Figure it out, boy! So confused.
Hopefully, he figures it out.
We just don't want to see any more buses come over that hill! -Yeah.
This has to be the oil.
Heck, yeah.
Let's try that.
You got it, boy! Finally.
Got all this gunk! (GRUNTS) Oh, no.
Whoa! Look at all that.
-That's crazy.
As you're heading out of Yerevan, it's a huge climb.
These were not state-of-the-art vehicles.
They're hardworking vehicles, though.
I wouldn't be surprised if we saw, like, Tyler and Korey running by us.
(SINGING AND CLAPPING) (ALL SING IN ARMENIAN) Usually, we're on a bachelorette party when we're dancing on a bus! Literally.
Yes! Oh, crap! That's what I was afraid of.
That I wouldn't be strong enough.
I can't get it! Hey, Kurt.
How did you get this off? How did I get what off? The the filter.
When Sheri said it was, like, too hard, I still was trying to finish my Roadblock.
I was in no position to do the Roadblock for the other team.
This was not the leg to help out other teams.
This was the leg to get the Express Pass.
Arggh! It's stuck here.
Like, 'cause I can't muscle it off.
(SHOUTS) Get the clue, son! Yes! Please give me this clue.
(SHOUTS) What is going on?! Is it good? BOTH: Yes! Yes! Thank you! Thank you! -Let's go, boy! (SHOUTS) I know how to change oil! I know how to change oil! Well, that sucks.
"Make your way to your next Pit Stop, the Temple of Garni.
" A visit to the Temple of Garni is like stepping back in time thousands of years.
This man-made wonder is where teams will find me waiting for them here at the Pit Stop.
Let's go, sir! (HORN HONKS) (SHOUTS) Good luck, Cole! Bummer! We really wanted that Express Pass.
(GRUNTS) (BRAKES HISS) Hey, thank you! (ALL SHOUT) Thank you! Cole's here.
" I'll do it.
"Choose a Lada taxi.
" OK.
Can we do that taxi right there? Sheri, how you doing? How do I get an oil filter off? I have been twisting There might be a tool to do it.
You should run and grab it.
Back when I was in college, I used to work on girls' cars to try get dates.
I don't think I'll be dating the Armenian taxidriver.
Come on, baby.
Thank you.
I'll do it.
-You've got it, baby.
-I'm feeling 'drained'.
"Only two on the ramp at a time.
" So I've got to wait.
Let's study what they're doing there.
There's a crowd.
Yeah, it's definitely here.
I'll do it.
This one? -Mm-hm.
Good job! By the way, she's rocking the coveralls.
I've just got to say, like, she makes them look good.
At least I finally get to wear a swaggy outfit here.
Garni Temple? Thank you, thank you! There it is! Let's do it! -Phil! (SCATTERED APPLAUSE) Welcome to Armenia! Whoo-hoo! Thank you.
You wanted to win something on this leg of the race? Give it to us.
And you have won it.
You are team number one! Yeah! -Oh, baby! The all-powerful Express Pass.
You can use this Express Pass to skip any task that you don't want to complete before the end of the ninth leg.
Awesome, dude.
All you have to do is hand it over, skip the task, keep on racing.
Perfect timing after six legs of the race to win that.
Thank you.
Thank you, Phil.
It's always good to finish in first.
This was the most important leg of the race so far.
But we do feel like we have a little bit of a target on our back already, and because we have the Express Pass, maybe it's a little bit bigger.
And all of these teams are dangerous, so we still have to stay focused because every leg is a chance for us to go home.
I can't get this off.
I can't get it off! (GRUNTS) Did you get yours off? Yes, I did.
I got my oil filter off.
Baby, we're in good shape! (GRUNTS) Bye! Korey, eyes open for a clue.
Thank you.
Thank you! -Korey! Come on.
They're running past us.
Let's get there first.
Tyler, it's right here! OK, Daddy! Come on, rip and read! You want me to do it? You should do it, yeah.
Do you want me to do it? -Yeah, just do it.
Are you going to go on there? Do you need an oil change? Yeah? So, we're the last car.
Scott just showed up.
I'm pretty sure Scott's changed oil in a car before I hope it's Blair doing it, though.
at some point in his life.
It took me a while, actually, to figure out how to get my gas cap off my car.
So, like Eh! Thank you! Thank you! Fist pump.
My hands are dirty.
Sheri, let me get under there.
You've got to get Scott to help you from here.
They're going to get another car up here.
I've got to go.
OK, good.
It's all yours.
Good luck, Scott.
Here we go.
"Last team to check in may be eliminated.
" Let's go.
You're going to have to get a tool that'll clamp down on this, Sheri.
Wow! You did that really fast.
Yeah, I did it fast.
Sixth to second.
I need a beer.
Oh, man! That is gross.
So, he's unscrewed this.
Oh, that's just nasty! Was that your filter? Yeah.
Oh, holy cow! Here it is right here.
(GRUNTS) This is it right here.
Is that it? It clamps into here, and then you pull it up and it'll pull that thing right off there.
you are team number two.
-Oh! Oh, so close! -That's so great.
Almost got the Express Pass.
Thank you so much.
Babe, I got it! RACHEL: I'm so proud of you! Ooh! Nice.
(CHUCKLES) She's a messy one.
Please, baby Jesus.
Yeah, got it.
Whoa! Sheri's a little stuck.
Me and Tyler are kind of working together.
Get mine done and try and get him up here quick.
(ALL CONVERSE IN ARMENIAN) Agh! Oh, my gosh! Somehow, this thing is just taking forever.
(GRUNTS) It doesn't make any sense at all.
Zach and Rachel, good day for you.
You are team number three.
BOTH: Whoo-hoo! Mom's been over there for a while now.
(PIECES CLICK) If I get my car up here and you help me, I'll get it out of here as quick -Thank you.
Thank you very much! Thank you.
You're up, Dad! Time to go! This would suck to go out.
I love you, Daddy! You're such a mechanic man! I feel like my only hope is to help Scott get through his as quick as possible so that I might somehow be able to pass Sheri.
How can I help? -Just fill them both up to the top.
(SHOUTS) Can you get it, Mom? (GRUNTS) I here her moving her muscles.
(CHUCKLES) She's trying.
I hate that I'm letting Cole down so badly.
(SNIFFLING) He's being so sweet too.
(SNIFFLES) Come on, Mama! Sheri, don't give up! Mom, it's not It's not your fault, it's not our fault.
(CRIES) I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) You tried your best.
Ev-everbody It wasn't working for nobody.
Why are you crying? I can't get it off.
I've been using this tool with a chain.
And it just budges a little and that's all it does.
I can't get it off.
But Mom .
we knew this Aw.
Don't (SOBS) I'm sorry if I got oil on you.
-I don't care.
You're good.
(SHOUTS) Don't give up! -(SNIFFLES) OK.
Dana and Matt, you are team number four.
We'll take it.
SCOTT: Check it! Good job, Scott.
-Thank you.
Sheri, let's try it one more time while my cab's coming around.
Oh, my God! Come on! I mean, the thing is like -OK.
Look, I'm gonna tell you what to do.
Feel this right here.
Pull on this.
-I have been.
You feel that? But you're turning it the wrong way.
That's the problem.
You gotta turn this 180 degrees.
Stand on this side and pull it and you'll get that grip you got right there.
OK, I understand.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Arggh! -BLAIR: You getting it, Sheri? You got it? It's off.
Thank you, Scott! Cole, she got it! She's been turning it the wrong way.
Tyler, you gotta run, buddy! On the one hand, you wanna not help anybody.
On the other hand, you can't really not help Sheri.
So -I know.
She's so sweet.
It sucked being in last place.
And then there were two.
Scott and Blair -Yeah? .
you're team number five.
Whoo-hoo! Can you check it? -Oh, come on.
Come on! Thank you.
Let's go.
Is it good? It's good? -Mama, yeah! We've got to go.
We've got to go.
-We've got to go.
"Search through the grounds for Phil.
" Alright, let's go! Mom, you did good! We just have to get in front of them.
He doesn't know where he's going.
-Can you turn around? (SOBS) -Mom! We did so good.
Don't worry about it.
Temple of Garni.
Hopefully, we are going the right way.
(HORN HONKS) Was that another team? -That was another team.
Now, maybe they're going the I don't know.
Searching the grounds for Phil.
-You know Phil.
He likes to stand in cute spots and do a nice pose.
Maybe Tyler and Korey's guy screwed up and we're going to get there before them.
(MUSIC PLAYS) It's been a long day! PHIL: Oh, it's been a long day! (BOTH PANT) Tyler and Korey, you're team number six.
-(BOTH GASP) There's a lot of heavy breathing going on.
It was a day, Phil! After being first, second, first, second, whatever .
being at the back of the pack this leg helps us seem like less of a threat.
Even though that might not have been our intention, that is the silver lining of today.
you gave it everything you had, didn't you? (SOBS) Hold your head high, Sheri.
Don't beat yourself up.
Unfortunately, you are the last team to arrive.
It's all good.
That's the bad news.
The good news is you're still racing.
You're still in the race and you're about to start the next leg right now.
Sheri, you want to keep racing? I do.
-You can keep racing! We're excited.
We're grateful for the opportunity.
Here we go! (SHOUTS) You can catch up! You can do this! Everyone is probably going to laugh and say that's why you don't let blondes change your oil.
We're going to move up next leg.
We've got a second chance to give it our all.
Captions by Ericsson Access Services Sync and Edit by Dzony95 Next week on The Amazing Race, teams go to work - Georgian style Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101.
Driving me nuts.
-Gosh! Going down to the trough! Bye! (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) -Oh, my God! And a visit to the ballet changes everything.
Give me, like, 30 seconds.
I'm out of breath.
I'm tired.
This is a tough dance.

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