The Amazing Race (2001) s28e09 Episode Script

Salt That Sand!

PHIL: Previously on The Amazing Race, six teams raced to the deserts of Dubai.
Ooh, girl, sand.
Sheri and Cole got off to a slow start.
I don't even know where the hell I am.
At the Detour, camels tested team speed Everything! Go! Whoo! .
and endurance.
I can't do anymore.
I'm going to pass out.
A puzzling Roadblock Hit it and you're home.
Ah! .
forced frontrunners Brodie and Kurt to use their Express Pass Express Pass.
We're going to pass it.
Good challenge.
leading them to a dominating fourth win.
Sheri and Cole couldn't catch up, but got a welcome reprieve.
This is a non-elimination leg.
Oh, my God! Six teams remain.
-Oh, wow.
Who will be eliminated next? (BUZZ!) Ah! Brodie and Kurt came in first place and won a vacation from Travelocity.
Dude, Kurt, look at this Travelocity app, man.
Helsinki, Finland, bro.
Oh, that's sick.
Oh, that's going to be funny.
Boom! -Let's go.
Let's go! "Fly to Denpasar, gateway to Bali.
" Teams are leaving the dry, desolate desert sands of Dubai and flying 4,600 miles .
to Indonesia.
Considered to have the world's most diverse plant and animal life, they'll find their first clue here at Bali's most photographed temple, Tanah Lot.
Temple entrance.
Let's go.
-Temple entrance.
Let's go.
Dude, Bali.
Let's go! We're going to the Dubai International Airport.
This is our fourth first-place finish.
We would have liked to have kept our Express Pass for this leg, but I was not going to solve that puzzle.
It just means, today, we're just going to have to be on our game.
We're going to the city I'm guessing, yeah.
(LAUGHS) We're going to .
Denpasar and that is in Bali, apparently.
We're getting really familiar with second place.
Yeah, this one doesn't feel quite as bad because we know that Brodie and Kurt had to burn their Express Pass in order to beat us to the mat.
This time, we're the only team that know that they don't have their Express Pass anymore.
This literally was, by far, our hardest leg and we used our Express Pass.
There's definitely some comfort knowing that they don't have an Express Pass to get them out of a hard spot anymore.
You never know, they may need it.
We know Brodie and Kurt have an Express Pass and they have to use it this leg, but if Brodie and Kurt made a mistake and got eliminated this leg, we wouldn't mind seeing that happen at all.
We're the top six teams right now and $1 million would be pretty cool.
We want to adopt internationally and that's expensive and so it would definitely help us provide for maybe lots of kids.
"You have $132 for this leg of the race.
" Come on, let's go.
We're going to Bali.
Ticket sales.
Boom! So, we are needing two tickets as fast as possible to get to Den Denpasar, Indonesia.
OK, what time would that get in? OK, there's nothing that gets in before 10pm? And how many seats are on that flight, do you know? So, we just lost our lead right there.
BOTH: Let's go! -Alright.
Even with a Speed Bump, I really think we're going to surprise people and do very well.
We're obviously the underdogs, but Honestly, this has just all been a plan.
All been a plan.
So, we're here, about to get on the flight to Bali.
Everyone showed up, even Sheri and Cole.
Catching two non-eliminations in one race - it's really lucky for Sheri and Cole.
All ready.
PHIL: All teams are now making their way to the island of Bali in Indonesia.
Let's go! Let's go! -Taxi! Tanah Lot? You know Tanah Lot? -OK, let's go.
Fast, fast, fast.
We're in a race.
We're heading to Tanah Lot.
Whoo! -Alright, it's scary driving here.
They say there's two lanes in Bali - there's a car lane and a motorcycle lane and the motorcycle lane is pretty much wherever they want to go.
We were one of the first two teams to get out of here, so that's going to be to our advantage.
We have a Speed Bump this round.
We have got to perform everything perfectly.
Thank goodness I'm not driving.
We are completely even on the Roadblocks Yeah.
so we're in a really good position to decide who does the Roadblock based on our strengths.
Some other teams are way out of balance.
Kurt, I think, has done most of the Roadblocks and Kurt seems to be the stronger Roadblock participant on that team.
That could be trouble for them.
Are we here? -We're here? Alright, perfect.
-Thank you.
Let's go.
-Go, go, go.
Right here.
Grab one, grab one.
First one.
Yes! Alright, here's the Clue Box.
OK, hurry, hurry, hurry.
-I'm taking it.
"In the morning, search for your next clue "with a traditional Balinese offering.
" Oh, two teams at a time.
BOTH: Yay! So, we've got 15 minutes above all the other teams.
So, we're going to be 30 minutes ahead of the last two, right? Yeah.
-That'll help us so much.
-Nice job.
We're third.
I'm going to try real quick to trade with Kurt and Brodie.
Do you guys want to trade? Stop shining that bright light in my eye.
I can't see! Four.
Feeling good.
OK, great.
Team number five.
Number six.
That's killer.
We're dead.
(ALL CHANT) Here we go.
Alright, straight.
Right up here.
Here we go.
Here we go.
There it is.
(LAUGHS) PHIL: Teams must deliver two types of offerings - the first to the monks at Pura Enjung Galuh Temple .
and the second to their brethren at the Snake Temple, Tanah Lot.
Over there.
Is that where we're thinking? That's got to be it.
-This is the offering.
Handle with care.
OK, you carry it on your head? Like this? -That looks good to me.
On your head.
Nice and slow, dude.
Are you sure this is where we're going? I mean, this looks like a temple.
There are monks right there, dude.
This way? -This way.
It looks like the temple could be over there.
Are you OK, Cole? Smooth, Kurt.
We're good.
I think this is our man.
No? -No, no.
We've got to go to Pura Enjung Galuh Temple.
We've got to go secondly to Tanah Lot.
Where's that temple? -I don't know.
We'll just get up and go back up.
Mom, those have got to be the monks on the beach.
OK, I'll follow you, Cole.
(ALL CHANT) Is this the Pura Enjung Galuh? Pura Enjung Galuh? Go that way? Right by where we were, dude.
Here come the other teams.
Let's go.
Be safe today.
Ooh, careful! This is not easy.
We can't find a temple.
Do we start here? -No.
Go back where you started, follow the arrows on the floor.
But on the bright side, you guys look fantastic.
Here we go.
Oh, there it is.
The temple that we needed to take it to was literally Five feet.
20 yards, if that, from the original place where we picked it up.
It was so close.
Oh, man, we totally screwed that one up.
Oh, there you guys are.
-Thank you.
This is awful.
Oh, perfect.
-Oh, my gosh.
You're good.
-Ah! Oh, I get the big one? -You get the big one! Oh, my Ah! Good? Thank you.
-Alright, we're going back to those guys.
Are we sure? This guy is monstrous! I got the hugest snake just chilling right now.
Oh, my God.
-Korey, focus.
OK, got it? Oh, my gosh.
No, not yet, not yet.
-Holy cow.
Now I got it.
-You got it? Yep.
Ty, you think it's just right here? You think that's Pura Enjung? -Yes.
Oh, he's coming after me! Great, he's moving.
I mean, this is where the boys went.
Is this Pura Enjung? Yes.
Wrong way.
Yes! Oh my God.
This is so cool.
Thank you.
Oh, honey, I'm fine with a snake.
I'm not worried about a snake.
We've got this.
Oh, my God.
We're putting a big, old snake on us and I don't like it.
Oh, my gosh.
Cole, you're so lucky.
Oh Cole, that's beautiful.
Do I hold his head? -Yeah, hold his head.
Come on.
-Let's go, Mom.
You guys are well fed, right? -Hey, little buddy.
Are we supposed to hold them? Oh, I'm just supporting the head, you know Yeah.
like a baby.
(GASPS) Thank you.
Oh, my! Where's its head, Ty? Mine's in my armpit and I know it.
And I know it.
Where's his? Oh, my God.
Korey, power walk.
You know what? Ooh! Oh, my God.
Is it on my neck? Come on, Cole.
-I'm coming! Speed walk it, baby.
I am serving I'm A Slave 4 U realness, giving you Britney Spears meets Bali.
You've got your snake, bro.
This is a huge snake.
Oh, please, get this thing off me.
Yes! -Please get this thing off me.
Dude, nice work, Kurt.
Ah, bite you.
Ah! Oh, my neck.
Here, a clue, Kurt.
Ah, thank you! "Search for your next clue approximately one half-kilometre "past the Bat Temple on Banjar Balitong Kusamba.
" Alright, let's go.
-It's got to be this way, yeah? So, wait, I see the boys.
Is y'all's snake turning his head towards your face? Oh, my God.
I cannot believe I am doing this and I don't like it.
I love my snake.
An offering for you.
(LAUGHS) Hello.
Oh, my God.
Snake for you.
Oh, my God.
Get it off! I want to cry.
What's mine doing? (LAUGHS) (BREATHES HEAVILY) The Bat Temple, do you know where that is? Um, yeah.
Oh, is that the boys? OK, let's go.
-Where's your car? We had a 15-minute head start and again, we just didn't read the clue and so we pretty much just lost our whole entire lead.
Oh, my God, I hated that snake.
Mine was choking me out.
Ugh! Oh, is that the temple over there, Rach? These two dudes right here? Over here? -Got to be.
Of course.
Oh, my gosh.
-Oh! I hate snakes so much.
Oh, boy! (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) (SCREAMS) Oh, Rach, get the head away from me.
Oh, my gosh! Get away from me.
He's really strong.
This guy is so strong.
I'm freaking out.
Oh, nice.
Rach, control and run.
Come on.
I'm trying.
My arm.
-Just hold it.
Hold it tight or it'll suffocate you.
You think it's that temple? 'Cause Yeah.
(SCREAMS) -You got it, Rach.
Be the boss of it.
(LAUGHS) -Oh, all over me.
Almost there, babe.
I've lost control of it.
I don't like this at all.
We love you, snake.
Thank you.
Making friends with the snake.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Oh, my God! (SCREAMS) What are you thinking? Past the Bat Temple, right? Do you think it's on this street? Ash, come on.
We're going this way.
Half a kilometre.
Past would be this way, Brodie.
You guys, how cool is this? Everyone's right there.
Hey, there's the marker.
Hey, Brodie, come on.
(CAR HORNS BLARE) -There it is.
BOTH: "Roadblock.
" The people of Bali have been making this highly sought-after salt for thousands of years.
Teams must first collect seawater and pour it onto beds of black volcanic sand so the water can evaporate.
They'll then make their way to the hollowed coconut trees where the resulting salt brine has been brought to crystallise.
Once they've scraped enough salt to fill up four bags, they'll receive their next clue.
What do you think? It's your call.
I have no idea.
I'm doing the Roadblock.
-Kurt's doing it.
Brodie didn't seem very confident, and so I'm just like, "You know what? Let me just go try bang this out.
" Salt work might be you.
-Yeah, OK, I'll do it.
"Who's worth their salt?" -Me.
There's our Speed Bump.
Gosh! Got to go back to the Bat Temple.
Sheri and Cole will need to figure out that this man on a motorbike offers meals on wheels.
After waving him down, they'll need to prepare and sell 10 breakfasts like this and then eat one themselves before they can continue racing.
Alright, let's go.
Alright, I'm claiming this one.
You got this, Ty.
Hey, Ash, I've got a good plot, I've got a good plot.
-Is this the demonstration, Kurt? Yeah.
So, you just, like, shake it? It appears that Tyler has to wet this plot of sand and it looks like a lot of manual labour.
Let's just get it done.
I think this is just part one of the Roadblock.
What are we doing? -I don't know.
Yeah, Kurt! Slow and steady, boy.
(GRUNTS) Oh, my God.
Tyler, did you get a lot? -No.
Yeah, neither did I.
He's got a lot more than us.
We'll do one, we'll figure it out.
The other guy has so much more water than them.
It's 'cause it is probably heavy as heck.
This guy is a freaking champ and a half.
You definitely want to try to get it when the water is still and not rushing back out.
'Cause that will only (GRUNTS) .
aggravate your situation.
Yeah, Kurt.
(CLAPS) Salt that sand, boy! Salt that sand! I am so glad that he is doing this one.
I think he's got the strength and endurance for it.
I think we made the right choice on this one.
Nice job, Tyler! Oh, my God.
-Do a little shimmy, yeah.
A little shimmy and shake.
Yeah! Yeah! He's loving it! Look.
The salt master's loving that technique.
He said that's exactly how you do it.
Oh, Mom, here! -You see it? Hey! We've got to prepare and sell 10 for 10,000 rupees each.
Got it.
-We need you.
Is he going to show us how to do it? -OK, how do we make it? A pinch of salad.
A pinch of green.
A little bit of that.
And the meatballs.
And then some broth.
Alright, we've got to prepare and sell 10 of those.
And we have to eat one.
We can do that.
COLE: It was a strange breakfast.
It looked more like a dinner 'cause it was, like, the lettuce and then slimy noodles SHERI: Like green noodles.
And then like more lettuce and then sauces and then the meatballs and the broth.
These meatballs I don't know what they were.
I don't think they're meatballs.
OK, we're good? OK, let's go sell these.
10,000 rupees.
You want some? 10,000? -10,000.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Thank you so much.
Alright, let's go make some more, Mom.
Go, go, go.
It's going to be really hard to eat this.
My technique is take what you can Not too much 'cause you'll drop it.
As I drop it.
Arm workout, shoulder workout, huge leg workout.
I think he has the technique down.
He knows what he's doing.
He's doing pretty good.
I'm pretty happy with Kurt right now.
Kurt has definitely been kind of carrying the team so far in the Roadblocks Oh, that's a lot of water.
but Kurt has always been the strongest competitor.
Yeah, Kurt! Slow and steady, boy.
I was diagnosed at 22 with stage III colon cancer.
I had to undergo six months of chemotherapy treatments and I've been a cancer survivor for seven years.
Yeah, Kurt! He is crushing this right now.
He's only gotten stronger and better ever since, and so it's definitely something that shows his tenacity, shows his toughness and that's something that's big for us on this race.
Yeah, boy! Yeah, boy! I think this one's going to take a long time.
This is backbreaking labour.
Matt's going to do and Zach's going to do it.
"Who is worth her salt?" Worth their salt.
-I am.
You're worth your salt? OK.
Good luck, baby.
Read your clue.
(GASPS) Oh, no, I think Rachel's doing it.
Oh, she's doing it.
Oh, God, they should've just walked and taken up a peek.
Who's doing it? Rachel? -Rachel's doing it.
You got it, baby.
-This looks hard.
What do they have to do? So, she's got to carry these loads of salt water up from the beach.
Oh, no.
-Like, take them down, fill them and she has to shake them out.
Like, water the entire plot.
Poor baby.
-(GRUNTS) I feel so bad for Rachel.
-It's so heavy.
Looks like I should have done this one.
Almost done.
We're killing it.
They're loving our food.
(LAUGHS) 10,000.
It's 10,000.
-Yes, yes, yes.
-Thank you so much.
Thank you.
OK, now we've just got to eat ours.
OK, I can't believe I'm doing this.
Thank you.
-Come on.
I do not cook like this at home.
-You've made spaghetti before.
Eat that.
We've got to do this.
Oh, my God.
This is spicy? (COUGHS) Don't let my future girlfriend see this episode.
Aah! It's hot.
(SPEAKS LOCAL LANGUAGE) Whoo! You eat the big meatballs then I'll try to down the little one, OK? I'm afraid of what kind of meat this is.
Is it goat testicle? (LAUGHS) Wow.
First of all, it was like 100 degrees outside.
And now we're just having this hot, goat testicle soup.
And it is burning our mouths like crazy.
Cole, we go back now.
-Let's go.
Poor neutered goats everywhere.
I think we're still in it, Mom.
We did that fast.
I don't ever want to know what we just ate.
(BELCHES) Oh, God.
Oh, I can feel my sunburn.
Good job, Rach.
Focus on the game.
RACHEL: For me not having much upper body strength, I was just struggling.
I can't carry that much water at a time.
(GRUNTS) The guys are able to carry huge loads.
She's carrying, like, quarter loads up so this is going to be a while.
It's so heavy.
How is Burnie doing? Burnie's looks drenched.
OK, Judge.
Good! (CHEERS) High five up top.
Thank you so much.
Burnie got it.
Nice job, Burnie.
"You may proceed to the brine troughs.
" OK, we've got to find the brine troughs.
Here we go, brine troughs.
I'll take this one right here.
I'll take this one.
There it is, Kurt.
There it is.
OK, Judge! Judge.
(CHEERING) Thank you, sir.
Oh, my God.
(GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) So, right now we're scraping salt after we took a bunch of salt water and put it up to dry out.
They get salt like this in a trough and then they scrape it out and farm all the salt.
Right now, I'm basically racing against Kurt, who traditionally doesn't do that well, so He only has about half the first-place finishes so far in the race.
Good job, Ty.
I really wish I would have done this.
Me too.
(GRUNTS) I hope Dana does it, otherwise You want me to do it? -OK.
Cole's going to do it.
Cole's doing it.
Cole can crush this.
I hope Dana picks it.
"Who is worth their salt?" I am.
Good job, babe.
It looks nice and wet.
-Oh, so wet.
Lots of salt.
-(CHEERING) Oh, my God.
Good job, sweetie.
You're doing great.
Rachel, you are doing a good job! Is she the only girl? Only girl.
Holy crap.
(GRUNTS) Think of that as Margarita salt.
Oh! I would kill for Margarita.
All I want is a Margarita skinny.
With salt all around that rim.
Good? Good.
Almost done, dude.
Slow and steady, boy.
This? I've got to fill these four bags with salt.
It's good! Alright, great.
Great, thank you.
Good job, sweetie, good job.
So this is our common salt pile? -Yeah.
This is way harder than it looks.
You have to look at how it's tied and you've got to match that.
Baby, you're going to get the saltiest kiss after this.
Yeah! Brodie, you're going to get Nothing.
Good job, sweetie.
You're doing so much better than I would have done.
You're killing it.
-Cole's carrying so much water every load and Rachel is losing it by the time she comes up here, so I'm just hoping she stay strong.
Yeah! Yeah! Ash, get ready.
OK! Hey, hey, these are for you.
Good? More? Some more on this one? OK.
They want to treat their customers right.
You get a light bag of salt, you lose a customer.
Good job, sweetie.
So glad he's doing it because I wouldn't have been strong enough.
Oh, you got a lot that time.
Great job.
So fast.
Who do I check to see if it's done? Yay, good job, Cole.
I'm sorry, babe.
-Focus on your own game here.
Cole just crushed that.
You're doing awesome.
Cole finished before Rachel.
Yeah, that was a bad choice.
OK, check.
-Good job, baby.
Oh, no.
Oh, gosh.
She's losing it.
She is losing it.
She's going to pass out.
I can't, babe.
Oh, Zach.
This is freaking ridiculous.
You're awesome, babe.
You got it.
I can feel my skin getting sunburned.
My back hurts.
RACHEL: When I saw the guys finishing, it was hard.
I was just drained and so I think I was fighting not just, like, cry.
You're almost done.
Good job, sweetie.
Good job.
Here you go.
Good? Oh, so great! -Oh, my God.
Burnie crushed it.
"Make your way to Pantai Mertasari.
Search for your next clue.
" Let's go search for the clue.
-Let's go.
Let's go.
Good job, Cole.
Just like at Milky Moo's with the ice-cream scooping.
COLE: I used to work at Milky Moo's back in Troy, Alabama.
I know how to scoop ice-cream, so I was like, "Man, I can do this.
" OK.
There we go.
Oh, my God.
Can I get a new bag? Oops.
Oh, man.
What are you doing, boy? He just busted a bag.
Oh no.
Ah! I'm on my fourth bag of salt.
Tied them all up.
I'm going to go see if they're approved.
Got those four good bags of salt.
Yeah! Let's go.
Good job, guys.
You're doing a good job, Cole.
Come on, baby, you got it.
-You got it, boy.
Nice and easy, dude.
This is definitely the hardest thing that Rachel's probably done physically in her life.
This is the hardest thing I would've ever done in my life.
You are killing it right now.
You're doing so good, baby.
Can I get checked? I'm hoping that it's right.
Oh, thank you.
Good job, baby.
So proud of you.
You can catch up to the boys.
Good? She say no again? The tie just came untied.
Oh, Rachel is done.
Good job, Rachel.
-Let's go.
This is your chance to speed up.
The boys are still struggling, Rach.
Come on.
There it is right there.
I see it.
You ready for Detour? -Let's kill a Detour.
Alright, that's a very full clue box.
Yes! Awesome, wonderful.
Oh! BOTH: Roadblock.
PHIL: The annual Bali Kite Festival is renowned for its giant kites.
Some of these monstrous designs are 36ft wide and 1,000ft long.
First, teams have to build one with a team of kite enthusiasts.
Then, it's time for teams to go fly a kite.
If they can get it airborne, they'll receive their next clue.
So, this is yours.
I'm doing this one.
I assume it's going to be kites out here.
Oh, cool kites.
-Good luck, baby.
Alright, what do I do? I need to build it? This is going to be a very big kite.
I think it might be our leg.
We know for a fact that Brodie will have to do this challenge, not only because you have to switch Roadblocks, but because now Kurt's out of Roadblocks.
He can't do any more.
OK, so this is the example.
All we have to do is knock out this Roadblock and this could be our first first.
Fingers crossed.
No, if you did the other one, so this is me.
So, this goes to the back.
-Come on, Ash! Love you, boo! This is a big old kite.
Come on, Kor.
Love you, boo.
(LAUGHS) Take it all? Yeah.
Ooh, it is warm out.
So, this needs to go on there crosswise.
Alright, this is going to be complicated.
It's really hard to tie these knots right now.
That's the hardest part.
-The hardest part, yeah.
We got man hands over here.
It's a problem.
Come on, Matt.
You can do it.
You're doing great, baby.
I'd love to get off this beach.
Why don't you guys use your Express Pass? Slow and steady, dude.
Let's go! Ahh! Come on.
Good? Yes! Finally.
That was the worst.
Thank you so much.
OK, let's go, Brodie! Good? OK, thank you.
Rachel, you got it, baby.
Good job, Rachel.
Go on, honey.
This is your chance to catch up here.
Oh, man, this is tough.
Come on, Cole! I've never gone to a mental hospital for being crazy, but if it were, it'd be for tying salt bags.
There we go.
In we go.
Great job, baby! This one? Goes here.
They must be lettered or OK.
Good job, Kor.
Let's find B.
-Don't see any other teams, yet.
I know.
Oh, shoot.
This is so hard.
Good job, Cole.
-Come on, Matt.
Hey, hey.
Oh, hi.
Yes! Good job, Cole.
-Thank you.
Come on, Matt.
You can do this.
Good? Whoo! Thank you so much.
-Good job, baby.
Come on, let's get out of here.
-Good luck, Rachel.
We still got it.
We're still in.
I'm currently in last place.
I'm just hoping I can tie these.
Baby, good job.
Keep going, baby.
Right now, I'm doing kind of the tail.
I'm never going to be satisfied with normal kites now.
I'm feeling good about the progress I'm making, although So, Brodie is doing every Roadblock from now on.
He has to, right? -He has to.
Oh, it's right here, dude.
Go, go, go, go.
Oh, it's another team.
Roadblock? -Oh, jeez, I'm doing this one.
Oh, boy.
-Oh, it's Brodie.
Oh, my God.
It's a huge kite.
(GRUNTS) What are we doing? What's first? These? You've got it, Brods.
-The example.
(SIGHS) What the heck? You got it, Brodie? Well, they don't tell me what the first step is.
They don't tell you when to do what, huh? OK.
Just take your time, you've got it.
Set this down here.
I've got to run to see the example, I thought we were building this together! Good job, Rachey.
Just in case she approves it.
Oh, thank you.
-Good job, baby.
Thank you.
-Let's go.
You did so good.
What the heck, man? This one goes on the outside? I better check the example, really quickly.
I'm not sure you want to be looking at mine, Brodie.
They don't really tell you what you're doing.
Is he cheating off you? He's looking at yours? Yeah.
ASHLEY: Brodie was consulting frequently on my kite as the example, so, you know, that's quite flattering.
Brodie was probably missing that Express Pass big time.
So, let's just put this guy here.
-You've got it, Brodie! There we go.
Now we got it, guys, we're building a kite.
Is that OK? -I think not.
What?! This way? Now go through.
Good? OK, well, that was just awkward.
This looks hard.
I think Sheri will get frustrated here.
I've got to perform this.
-Yeah, you've got it.
OK, let's do it.
(CACKLING) Oh, gosh, what stress.
Mom, this is right up your alley.
Another team here.
-Who's running up? Cole and Sheri.
-Whoo! They've made up a ton of time today.
-You've got it.
Oh, boy.
So, I think I'm ready, for my bow is in the middle.
That's right for sure.
Putting a head on the kite.
Beautiful dragon head.
They say example, but it's like, where do you start? You got it, bro, just put your head down and do it, Brodie.
Yeah, it's a slow process, bro.
Putting on the head of the dragon.
Ashley's got her head on.
She's a little bit ahead of me.
What the heck, man? This is a trial and error.
Oh, they have numbers on them? My bad, my bad, my bad.
You got it, Mom! I have no idea what I'm doing.
I'm not a builder of any sort.
I'm just going to try to do my best and follow the example.
Come on, Dana, you're good, babe.
Tyler, the dragon's wearing a wig.
We saw.
The dragon looks like one of Tyler's ex-boyfriends.
What about this, is that good? All the ah.
Yeah, Mamma, go, Mamma! I believe in you.
Two? I'm so dead.
-Dude, you killed it.
That was probably the toughest Roadblock so far.
Zach and Rachel could be in trouble.
It's possible.
But Zach is really, really good at these kinds of Roadblocks.
"Want to go fly a kite if you perform the first" OK, I could fly a kite.
This is awesome.
Zach's here.
This is all you, babe.
The kite's taking shape, finally.
-This is a big tail.
Just tie it off.
I'm making the prettiest tail ever.
It looks like a parachute.
Zach's excited, he loves flying kites.
It's like, this is for Zach.
You got it, babe, it's all you.
Yeah, it's going to be more perfect.
Like a big Lego set.
My tarp right here isn't under.
It's stuck on this thing.
We're doing well.
I do like to build things.
I don't know what this is supposed to do.
OK, I'm just going to wing it.
Good job, babe! OK, got it.
ZACH: I love flying, I've never built a kite like that, but just looking at the example a few times, I got it.
So in, in, out, in, in.
There, of course, duh.
We're literally flying here.
Yes, of course.
-Good job, Zach! Korey's is about to take off right now.
I think I'm getting close.
Dang, Korey killing.
I'm definitely getting close.
Got a couple more knots and I've got one that I need to correct.
I can't wait to fly this thing.
Ready to fly? Ready to fly.
-Get it, boy! Korey is absolutely killing it.
Go, go, go.
Yeah, Kore! We ready to fly? Yes! Great job, babe! -OK.
Here we go.
Get it, Kore! (SCREAMS) Yes! (LAUGHS) Yes! Oh, my God.
That tail is awesome.
-Yeah, Kore! Look how long that thing is.
Oh, my God.
-Wow, that's beautiful.
Oh, my God, get it! (SIGHS) That was really cool.
-That was incredible.
That was awesome.
"Make your way to Semawang Beach "and take an outrigger to the next Pit Stop.
" PHIL: Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands and is blessed with what seems to be an infinite number of spectacular beaches like this.
The last team to find me on this traditional Indonesian sailing boat may be eliminated.
"The last team to check-in may be eliminated.
" Let's go, we're getting first.
-You killed it.
Whoo! -Ash, you've got this! You're doing it, babe! Whoo! Whoo! Go, go! Whoo! -Great job, baby.
We're leaving the Roadblock ahead of Burnie and Ashley.
Right now it looks like we're racing for number one.
I think Brodie was struggling.
I can't believe they didn't use their Express Pass.
Part of me thinks they already used it.
You think? That's not smart.
That dragon looks sick.
Where are we feeling next, guys? The example.
-You got it, Mom! What the heck? Come on, Dana, go, go, go! OK, the head.
-Urgh, I can't believe they did that so fast.
And I was doing good.
You got it, baby.
Ty, you see a marked outrigger? -Yeah, it's marked.
Come on, we're ready.
Let's go.
One, two and go! Can we get in? This is it.
-Alright, let's go, let's find the outrigger canoe, we're in the right place, right? -Yeah.
Where are we paddling to? To there? Yeah, oh, my God.
To the right, it's that boat out there.
Yeah! I don't see the boys, unless they're in that boat.
What boat? -That sailboat.
What a physical day.
We're doing good.
-Getting a workout.
Strong, together.
Let's sail.
-Come on, let's go.
Our friends, we don't want to see them.
Bye, friends.
I feel like I'm getting close, but my knots aren't tight enough.
Sheri, are you making bows or knots on these? Knots.
-Knots? My fingers are huge and doing knots is difficult, so .
it's just one of those challenges, you know? Come on, Brodie! I'm trying, bro.
Good? Good, good, good.
-Yes? OK.
Oh, my God.
This is unbelievable.
How we doing, boys? Ready? Yeah.
-Good job, babe.
I think I'm getting close to flying here.
Good job, Zach! You're doing great! This goes on the outside 'cause it has to stretch.
Yeah! Whoo! Whoo! Yeah! Go, Mamma! Yes, it does! That's it! You did so good.
"The last team to check-in may be eliminated.
" Let's go.
Good job, Mom.
Go, go, go, go! You got it, come on, come on, come on! Whoo! You got it, babe.
Thanks, guys.
-You did so good.
"Last team to check-in may be eliminated.
" Alright, good? Ready to fly? -This is not good.
Why's it not good? What's wrong? What the heck? Hold on.
What's not good? This is definitely an opportunity to make up some ground.
I was doing good until I got to these knots, apparently I tied them in the wrong order.
Argh! This is unbelievable.
And then there were two.
Best of luck.
I think he might've just tried to go really fast and didn't do some of the knots right.
So, it's just kind of a waiting game right now.
It's frustrating, 'cause we were ahead of everyone and we got passed and there goes first place.
You got it, babe.
Sorry I'm sweating on your kite.
(SIGHS) I don't think we wanted to be the last two at any Roadblock, especially since this is the last one before the Pit Stop, so, it's going to be really close.
I think I'm like 75% done, so almost there.
Come on, Brodes.
We're way out in front.
-We're doing good.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's Burnie and Ashley.
Oh, man.
-We're getting there.
This is it.
We're close, dude, we're so close.
Is it this boat? That's Phil! I see Phil! Hey, guess what? You're team number one! Yes! (LAUGHS) Get on the boat! Good job, you guys.
We're making you work for this first place.
BURNIE: Our fourth second place in a row.
ASHLEY: We're getting really familiar with second place.
Phil! We're a couple of pirates here for your booty, Phil.
(LAUGHS) Calm down.
Right, now you're like drunken sailors, the way we're rocking back and forth.
Welcome to Bali.
BOTH: Thank you.
As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won $5,000 each.
You're back where you wanted to be.
We're back at number one.
-Fought our way back to the top.
Going to stay at number one.
Goodness, look, Burnie and Ashley are coming in.
Congratulations, you guys, a very tight finish, you're team number two.
Oh, again.
Fourth in a row.
Fourth in a row.
-Good job.
I see it.
That has to be it up there.
This is it.
This is it, come on.
Everything you've got, this is the Pit Stop.
Everything we've got.
Come on.
Ready? Good? Ready, let's go, let's fly.
Looks like Brodie's up next.
Are we ready? -Good.
We're ready to fly, baby.
Back to back.
You got it, Brodie.
It looks like it could be a foot race.
Yeah, this is awful.
-Let's go, babe! It's like a long fuse for a dynamite.
Yeah, that's it.
Please fly, please fly.
Yeah, baby! Yeah, Brodie, Let's go! Whoo! Yeah! Whoo! Go.
-Go, Zach, go! You got it! -Whoo-hoo! Good job, babe, keep going! -This is awesome! "Take an outrigger to your next Pit Stop.
" "The last team to check-in may be eliminated.
" Let's go.
-Go, go, go! We're fighting to not get eliminated right now.
The Kings are right behind us, it's going to be really close.
Brodie and Kurt left literally one minute ago.
Anything could happen.
-Anything could happen.
Is this it? Semawang? This way.
This way.
Let's get the marked outrigger.
Is that it, babe? Is that it? Come on, Brodie, let's go.
Do or die, baby, do or die.
-Go, go.
Come on, babe, there's a team right there, there's another team right there.
Come on.
(PANTS) Go, Brodie, come on.
Come on, Rach.
They're right there.
Go, baby.
I'm trying.
Super hard, right, or not? Give it the push, Brodie.
Sheri, Cole, incredible effort, I'm pleased to tell you are team number three.
(CHEERING) Matt, Dana, that would make you team number four, congratulations.
Let's go, just push, you're not doing anything, I'm just going back and forth.
Dude, when the thing starts going to the right Look, when my tip Listen to me.
But I don't think you know what you're talking about, bro.
Do you want to switch? It's alright, come on, don't get frustrated.
-Let's go.
Come on, Rachey.
-I'm trying.
Come on, baby, we're going to catch up.
Look at this finish we have, this is a very close finish.
That's the Kings there.
-Yeah, that's Zach and Rachel.
Frisbee guys right there.
-Come on, Brodie.
Everything you've got! Everything you've got! Everything, go! Babe, there it is, it's right there.
Come on, harder, harder.
I'm trying.
-Let's finish, come on.
Let's finish strong.
Let's make it count.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Brodie ad Kurt, you're team number five.
You barely beat out the Kings, it was very, very close.
The Kings are just coming in right now.
Hi, Kings.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Zach and Rachel, unfortunately you are the last team to arrive.
And I'm very sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race.
-That's OK.
We ran hard and couldn't have had a better race with my best friend.
Unfortunately, Zach and Rachel have to leave us at this point.
We'll walk the plank, Phil.
-Going to walk the plank.
Come on.
(CHEERING) (APPLAUSE) Captions by: Ericsson Access Services Sync and edit by: Dzony95 PHIL: Next week on The Amazing Race, only five remain.
I hope it doesn't cock-a-doodle-doo-doo on me.
Which team -That Detour was really hell.
will step up their game -Ahh! Push out.
-I can't.
There she goes! .
and play the Double U-Turn? The only way they stand a chance is if they U-Turn somebody else.
I kind of think use it.

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