The Amazing Race (2001) s33e05 Episode Script

Stairway to Hell

1 PHIL KEOGHAN: Previously on The Amazing Race Welcome back to The Amazing Race.
(cheering) After a 19-month shutdown, and following all mandated COVID protocols Go! seven teams restarted the race in Switzerland.
- We're going up to the mountains! - (whoops) KEOGHAN: At the Roadblock high in the Alps, Sheri struggled to overcome her fear of heights.
I don't want to have a panic attack, which I think I will if I look down.
KEOGHAN: Two previously eliminated teams had their shot at redemption.
This is our second chance.
- We will not be that first team.
- Not be that first team.
KEOGHAN: But a mistake at the detour - No.
- The order is wrong.
MICHAEL: Definitely feeling bad right now.
ended the second chance for Michael and Moe.
You have been eliminated from the race.
For the remainder of the season, teams will be checking out of the Pit Stop based on the order in which they arrived in the previous leg.
- You're team number one.
- Yes.
- Yes! - You're team number two.
- Yes! KEOGHAN: They'll depart in groups, leaving every 15 minutes.
We're going to be leaving with Penn and Kim in the first set.
Uh, we ran great last leg.
Um, we always know that something can trip us up.
And, um, the confinement and the rage building inside these two animals.
Uh, when you open the cage, you're gonna get something spectacular today.
- Yup.
- Where we heading, baby? Oh, it's a Roadblock right off the bat.
DUSTY: Right out of the gate.
"Who wants to get down with the Travelocity Roaming Gnome?" - You get down very well.
- I get down.
- I got it.
Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
All teams must pass over the Alps, separating North and South Switzerland.
They'll descend into Ticino, where they speak Italian and experience more sunshine hours than anywhere else in the country.
It's also where people like to scream.
- WOMAN: Yeah! - (screaming) Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
KEOGHAN: Not everybody will be jumping for joy when they find out they're facing a 722-foot bungee jump here at Verzasca Dam, the second highest jump in the world, where teams will meet up with their traveling companion for this leg of the race The Travelocity Roaming Gnome.
- Oh! - (laughing) I thought "Who wants to get down?" was dancing.
You're not afraid of heights, are you? KIM: When I saw that it was the highest bungee jump in Europe, like, are you kidding me? I'm fine, totally fine.
Okay, let's go.
No! No.
No, no, I mean, I can't do that.
Okay, let's go.
PENN: From the start, we decided, the four of us, that we were going to drive together.
But, look, everybody here is someone that we're trying to beat.
So, babe, how do you feel about this jump? - Um, I'm-I'm not going to think about it right now.
- Okay.
DUSTY: Heights are my biggest fear, but I made a commitment, if I was ever gonna do something like this, this is the time for me to do it.
PENN: So we have two and a half hours to enjoy each other's company before, uh, Kim jumps off a perfectly good rock.
- Shh.
We're not, we're not - (laughing): Sorry.
- Roadblock.
- Ooh.
- Ooh.
You make the decision.
Who do you want? - You got it.
- Okay, I'm gonna do it.
- I'll do it, I'll do it.
- Okay, you'll do it.
"Perform the highest bungee jump in Europe.
" - Yes! - Okay.
Let's go, Raquel.
RAQUEL: I think the most important lessons we're bringing to this time around is that you don't win by speeding through things.
I think you win by taking things slow.
And she's a stronger navigator, so we've made that change.
CAYLA: It doesn't matter what place we come in, as long as we're not last, so Well, she just has a better sense of direction than I have, so I think it makes more sense.
- CAYLA: Till I get us lost.
- (both laugh) RAQUEL: Uh, where do you want me to go? I literally can't find where we are.
Um - Should I go that way? - I'm trying to just figure out where we are on this map, and then I'll look for Valle Verzasca.
- All right, Lulu, help me look for the sign? - Yeah.
The lessons we learned from the first three legs, coming back into the game was really just listening to one another.
And not lose time arguing.
This time around, we're really just gonna soak it all in and really just enjoy the race.
Let's just make sure that we stay on the highway.
Yup, we're going in the right direction.
(paper tears) Roadblock.
"Who wants to get down with the Travelocity Roaming Gnome?" Me.
SHERI: "Sheri, for safety reasons, you must perform this Roadblock.
" NATALIA: "Highest bungee jump in Europe.
" - SHERI: Oh, my God.
- Let's go.
I knew that weight was gonna get me.
(laughs) SHERI: Just my luck.
AKBAR: The clue said that Sheri automatically had to do the challenge because I was overweight.
SHERI: Bungee jumping.
My heart just sank.
After I braved the mountain.
I mean, two different legs with heights.
I just could not believe it.
- I'm gonna do it, booby.
- You ain't got a choice.
Do you remember where the car is? Dad, which one is it? We're still in the race, so it is exciting.
Our biggest weakness is definitely navigation, and definitely still worried about that, but I think we're learning.
As we're going, we're improving.
- Here.
This is the one? No? - No, it's - Nat, where the? - (car horn beeps) Oh, here.
The first teams have an advantage of 30 and 15 minutes, but it's just the beginning of the race, - so - Things change.
ARUN: I want to make sure Just foll Look at the signs, Nat.
- I know.
I know.
- We are supposed to be on A9 or E9.
- E13.
- Huh? RYAN: Damn, it's pretty.
- We got the beauty route.
- We did.
The toughest thing is not looking out the window because e-every time I do, I want to stare for 30 minutes.
I'm gonna jump off something, but at least it's pretty.
This morning, we were on the mat with, uh, Raquel and Cayla.
Maybe they've passed us.
Those two are fast.
Lulu, do you feel that we underestimate ourselves? I-I sometimes do.
Yeah, I do feel like we un underestimate ourselves.
I don't know why we do that.
CAYLA: I think we're doing fantastic.
Yeah, I-I just think we're doing such a good job, and I don't want to get, like, ahead of myself, but I mean, I think we're doing really well.
Oh, look how beautiful this town is.
My gosh, this is incredible.
I wonder if it's gonna be like this kind of road all the way down.
I have to face another height.
Two in a row.
Wouldn't you know? We got this.
You was good on the mountain.
(Sheri pants, exhales loudly) I'm just trying to make it back.
Oh, my goodness.
We know at least we're going southeast.
Nat, do you remember what cities we had to pass? Seems it's right up there.
- All right.
Keep an eye here.
- RYAN: Oh! - Dude, dude.
- Oh, is that it? Is that it? RYAN: Yeah.
PENN: This looks right.
We're at the dam.
DUSTY: Oh, my God.
This is gonna be interesting.
RYAN: Whoa! Look at that dam.
DUSTY: I'd rather rollerblade up Mount Everest than do this.
RYAN: Oh, this is the craziest.
(laughs) Just don't even look down.
- You're good.
You're good.
- KIM: Hold on.
We decided to rock, paper, scissors who got to jump first because we had worked together to get there.
- Three, two.
- You go.
- RYAN: Oh, yeah! - DUSTY: Yeah! Oh, hey, double buckle it, boy.
- You ready for this? - No.
I got the, uh, Travelocity Gnome eyeballing me before I plunge to my death.
Can't wait to be doing this with you, little buddy.
PENN: Well, he has to go with the gnome? RYAN: Yeah, the gnome's got a harness.
- That is sick.
- So all I have to do is jump out? Plunging at terminal velocity off a gigantic dam in Switzerland.
Couldn't ask for much more.
RYAN: Dusty! I'm nervous.
Travelocity Roaming Gnome, you ready, buddy? That is terrifying.
Me and you, dude let's get it.
RYAN: Dusty! - You got this, baby.
- This edge right here? - Uh, yeah.
- I'm on the edge.
MAN: Three, two, one.
(screaming, laughing) - RYAN: Oh, my! - PENN: Oh! - DUSTY: Yeah! RYAN: Dusty! (whooping) - RYAN: Oh, my that's nuts.
- (Dusty screaming) - Yeah! What's up?! - DUSTY: Yeah! (whoops) Yeah! DUSTY: Oh! RYAN: Oh, my God.
Dude, that's Did you? Like, you just free-fall forever.
KIM: I should be driving the kids to school right now.
They will not believe that I'm about to do this.
I'm the Safety Susie kind of mom, so this is way outside of what - I'm comfortable with.
- RYAN: Yeah, buddy.
- Bucket list, baby.
- Good stuff, man.
RYAN (whoops): How did that feel? - (whoops) - Oh, my God, brother.
The only thing that got me through it was the Travelocity Roaming Gnome.
- Oh, "Route Info.
" - "Route Info.
" Let me get my magnifying glass here.
"Drive yourself to the lakefront town of Lugano.
"Once there, search the lakefront on foot near Piazza Carlo 'Bugatti' to find your next clue.
" - Let's go.
- We got to take him.
We got to carry him just like this.
Take a deep breath.
They're not gonna kill you.
It's The Amazing Race.
They don't want you to die.
RAQUEL: Honestly, like, I feel like we're doing a really good job.
I don't know.
I'm just very, like, confident in her navigating abilities.
- Like, I'm so impressed by you.
- Thanks, hon.
Impressed by you.
- LULU: We're getting close, Lala.
- There's the dam.
- There it is.
There it is.
- There it is.
Holy - My God, you see that? - Oh, my Yes.
CAYLA: I hope Lulu and Lala have kind of figured it out, but we-we would 100% see them.
It's not like they could take a different route.
You know what? They're very capable.
They're just like us.
So proud of you.
Lala, you got this, okay? - CAYLA: You still have a ways.
- It's definitely a lot farther than we thought, but honestly, like, I feel like if we weren't doing well, it would be very obvious.
PENN: Let's go, baby.
Kim, you're a rock star.
Holy crap.
You got it, honey.
She's She is in a world of hurt right now, but she's going through it.
You got it, baby.
You got it.
KIM: Are you sure I'm? I'm sure you're You're sure I'm ready? MAN: Three.
MEN: Two, one.
PENN: Oh, my God, she did it! (laughs): Kim, you got it! You're such a badass! Kim, you're awesome! (crying): I know how hard that was for her.
Why am I the one who's crying? I really wanted her to come back up.
I think I was imagining my life if she didn't.
(sniffles) I was Honestly, I will bungee jump 12 times before I let somebody c-catch up with me, so - I'm so excited! - KIM: I never want - to do that again.
- I'm so proud.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
I'm feeling good.
I'm really gonna I'm really gonna pee myself.
I'm really nervous for Lala.
- But I know you're gonna be okay.
- Don't cry.
- Yeah, it'll be fun.
- Don't cry.
Don't cry.
We definitely do have the-the twin telepathy.
You Just the emotions start bouncing off of one another.
- MAN: You ever bungee jump before? - LALA: I have never.
Don't miss any buttons or screws or anything.
-This feels loose.
This one feels loose.
-That's okay.
They can be loose around the - LALA: Okay.
- legs.
MAN: Okay.
Three, two.
MEN: One.
Go! Oh, God.
(gasps) - LULU: She did it.
Yes! - (Lala screams) LULU: You're a goddess, Lala! You're a goddess! (crying) Lala! I'm proud of you! Awesome.
It's awesome.
Oh, she did it! - I didn't pee myself.
- Okay, good.
(laughs) We thought we were supposed to be going uphill.
We have to be on that freeway, Nat.
- NAT: What? - We have to be on that.
We're headed downhill.
Downhill in spirit, downhill in direction.
RAQUEL: I think this long distance driving's gonna separate the really good teams from, like, the okay teams.
SHERI: Oh, my God.
(sighs) AKBAR: Come on.
- Close your eyes.
- SHERI: Oh, my God.
Oh, my goodness.
We're fourth.
Come on, man.
SHERI: Oh, my goodness.
I can't even look.
(laughing): Oh, my God.
MAN: Take a deep breath.
Oh, it is crazy scary.
MAN: Jump head first.
- Head first.
- Big dive.
Beautiful big dive.
You're flying like an eagle.
You know, everybody's nervous.
You know, that's normal.
Ooh, let's get it.
SHERI: Oh, my God.
Let's get it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
(mutters) Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Ak.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Everybody feels like you do, okay? -Oh, my God.
-It's perfectly normal.
You can do this.
Oh, my God.
Am I connected? - You're connected - Oh.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Ak, wait.
Oh! I can.
I can.
Oh, my God, I can.
I can.
- I can.
- AKBAR: Just close your eyes.
I can.
I can.
I can.
- (screaming) - AKBAR (whooping): Sheri! (screaming) - Sheri! - Oh, my God.
(laughs) - SHERI: Okay.
- AKBAR: She is a soldier.
Oh, my God.
Get me up.
She did that.
Lord, get me up.
(laughing) AKBAR: I'm chopped liver this whole way.
I can't say nothing now.
She did that like a straight G.
I can honestly say, besides having my sons, that was the proudest I've been for her.
There's a lot of people in the world couldn't do what she did today, including myself.
(Akbar laughing) Oh, I can't stop shaking.
AKBAR: That was crazy.
- RAQUEL: Valle Verzasca? - CAYLA: Valle Verzasca.
- (yelling): Yeah! - (yelling): Yeah! Okay.
- So to the right, to the right.
- To the right.
To the right.
We have not seen it yet, and we should have seen it by now.
Oh, Valle Verzasca! - Where? Okay.
- Valle Verzasca right there.
- (laughs) - Oh.
RAQUEL: Baby, you got this.
-Ooh, we're five.
Oh, we're five.
I thought we were doing better than that.
I just assumed - that we were in first place.
- (laughing) RAQUEL: I'm surprised we're number five.
CAYLA: It's okay.
We're still not last.
CAYLA: We now know that - there is a scenic route - Yeah.
and there is a fast route.
There is a highway.
- RAQUEL: You got this! (claps) - You're the brave woman today.
- Right? - Yeah.
Sort of.
Holy crap.
(laughing): Give me courage.
I'm gonna need it.
- You got this, baby! - MAN: Three.
- Two.
- Oh (screaming) (screaming continues) (Raquel whoops) How do you feel? I'm so proud of you.
My legs are like, "Aah.
" We got ground to make up.
DUSTY: My partner, uh, Mr.
Magellan himself, has all the directions we need to get - to the location.
- RYAN: We're good to go.
Got our guy with us, so, uh, life is good.
I think we're really close.
- WOMAN: No.
So - KIM: Sorry.
- Hold the gnome.
- WOMAN: Okay.
- Follow the lake.
- Right on the lake.
I just saw the dam.
NATALIA: Oh, thank the Lord.
ARUN: Oh, finally made it, but only two and a half hours late.
I am so disappointed.
Oh, good.
I got the Travelocity Roaming Gnome.
I'm excited.
MAN: Hey, looking good.
Big smile, big jump.
Here you go.
BOTH: Two, one.
- Go! - (Natalia grunts) ARUN: Holy mackerel! - Good job, Natalia! - (whoops) Wow! Wow.
(laughing): That looks crazy.
- Natalia, good job! Whoa! - Thank you.
(whoops) DUSTY: So, what am I looking for now? You tell me.
- RYAN: This is it.
- Parking, right? RYAN: Oh, man, this is beautiful.
(boat horn blows) DUSTY: Parking right here.
DUSTY: Hey, right here, Ryan, Ryan.
Ryan, clue box! Clue box! RYAN: Good eye.
"Detour: Bartender Race or Sausage Encase.
" As the most mountainous country in Europe, Switzerland has lots of these Stairs.
This 400-foot staircase is home to the Lugano bartender race.
Teams must gather 12 bottles of wine and 12 bags of chestnuts from these local vendors, plus an extra of each for the Travelocity Roaming Gnome.
And then teams need to race to the top and find the head bartender at this cocktail party.
If everything arrives in one piece, he'll hand them a clue.
(lively, upbeat music playing) Thank you.
Every butcher in town knows how to make this Luganighetta sausage.
Known for its thin, spiral shape, it is perhaps this town's most famous culinary delight.
Teams need to squeeze out nine feet of it.
Then divide it up into four perfectly coiled portions.
If the butcher thinks they've made the cut Perfect.
he'll hand over a clue.
- Bartender.
- Bartender.
- Bartender Race it is.
- Let's do it.
So our thought process for the detour in reading through it was, there's nothing mental about it.
- It's go collect a few things.
- We're good at those things.
And deliver things.
Yeah, if you can take mental things out of it completely, we're in our wheelhouse.
I saw a chestnut thing over here, dude.
I don't know if that's the one.
Let's go let's go see what it is.
When it's physical, this is when we take people over.
Chestnuts right up here.
DUSTY: All right, 12 bottles of wine - and then 12 bags of chestnuts.
- Yup, yup.
Two chestnuts in his little sack.
RYAN: He's helping us out today.
- RYAN: And then, how many? 12? - Yup.
- I want to do it in two trips.
- All right.
Famous last words.
All right, we're good.
We're good.
All right.
Just nice and easy.
We're good.
If we do three each, - that's two trips.
- DUSTY: Dude, this place is sick.
"Deliver to the cocktail party at the top of Salita Degli Angioli.
" Oh, yeah, Ryan, right here.
Oh, my God.
Little did we know that part of this is carrying all this stuff up the stairway to heaven.
I mean, madness.
- It was very humbling.
- Yeah.
There was a little hesitation there.
Let's go.
It's gonna be a hell of a hike.
RYAN: You think the sausage one might be easier? No, we're all right, dude.
RYAN: I can run up mountains, and that had me, like, "Should we not do it?" DUSTY: All day, baby.
All day.
RYAN: Putting the calves to work.
DUSTY: Dude, this is gonna be savage.
- Oh, right here.
- I see it.
We're gonna do the Sausage Encase.
All right, let's go, we got this.
Pick up the supplies at Gabbani Salumeria.
Let's ask somebody.
- Louis Vuitton.
- Come on.
- We have no time to waste.
- With the million dollars I win, I need to come back and shop here.
NATALIA: Are you sure it was Luzano - and not Lugano? - ARUN: Huh? It was Lugano.
You said "Luzano.
" - Yeah.
- Oh, that's the other side.
- ARUN: What do you mean to say? - NATALIA: So it is Lugano.
It was going that way.
DUSTY: This is what we like doing working out, dude.
We've been wanting it.
We got it now.
(panting) You're gonna have to slow down just a little bit.
- Sorry, man.
- It's a good thing we're real fit.
RYAN: Anybody else chooses this, we're crushing them.
We're gonna do Bartender Race.
- Hoping they give us a sip of the wine.
- Yeah.
- Gabbani's Is this it? - Yeah.
- Gabbani's right here.
- Hi.
We are here to pick up sausage filling and sausage skins.
- This is for four sausages? - Yes.
- Okay.
- Grazie.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Thank you.
So cute.
- Yeah, he's single.
Don't start flirting now.
We have My God, did you see those eyes? So cute.
Let's go.
Let's go.
I-I'm, like, mesmerized by his eyes.
Oh, I'm a sucker for blue eyes.
- How do I get to the rooftop? - In here.
In here maybe.
Everyone's good-looking here.
Oh, geez, look at those stairs.
- Ready, Lulu? - I'm ready.
- (panting) - DUSTY: Nice and easy.
Should have spent a few more days on the stair-stepper.
I'm out of my wheelhouse with this, dude.
- This is beautiful.
- Sausage-making with a view.
Where's the demonstration? Oh, it's down there.
They had somebody there doing a demonstration.
Get that white thingy.
Put it the opposite way.
It-it was a first for us.
I mean, my grandmother used to cook a lot, and I used to see what - she was doing, but I didn't - We'd help her occasionally, but we to actually say that we've done it before? BOTH: Never.
- Ta-da! - Okay.
I don't like to cook.
I'd rather wash the dishes and clean up.
Drink wine.
Last time I used a knife, I sliced my finger off.
- (insect buzzing) - I don't know what Maybe this wasn't the best.
Really? I'm-I'm I'm now fighting with a bee.
Am I fighting with a bee? This bumblebee! It's in there.
It's in there.
Get it out! Did I kill it? PENN: "Salita Degli Angioli.
" - KIM: I know.
That's it.
- That's it.
- I know.
- Good.
We know where it is.
Let's get the chestnuts first.
Oh, wow.
KIM: Yeah.
PENN: All right, so the cocktail party is at the damn top of the stairs.
(playing upbeat tune) (singing) (singing in harmony) - DUSTY: Oh, dude.
- Cardio.
Guys, party time.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Let me count this.
- Three bags.
- Three bags? - Three bags.
- And three bags.
Okay, you can drop the chestnuts over here.
- We'll be right back.
- Yup.
(Dusty groans, music continues) Oh, yeah.
- Hey! Hey! - Oh! - DUSTY: A workout, brother.
- (applause and cheering) Yeah, we're having fun now.
SHERI: I tried not to open my eyes.
It was really scary, but I'm glad it's over.
AKBAR: I'm so proud of you.
That was crazy.
You did that.
NATALIA: Excuse me? Can you help, uh, with directions? 53 minutes? You'll take this highway, but this direction.
- NATALIA: Okay.
- Not-not this one.
We just found out we've been going the wrong direction, so now we need to turn around and go back an hour.
So we're basically going all the way back to where we took the exit and further about 30 kilometers.
So it's basically, we're losing an hour.
But if you double it, 'cause we have to go back.
We don't have time to lose right now.
ARUN: God.
This is when the panic starts to strike.
So we're basically going all the way back to where we took the exit and further about 30 kilometers.
NATALIA: We got extremely lost.
That was the one thing we said we needed to pay attention to was basically the navigation.
How I wish we had a shuttle or a taxi right now.
Stay to the left.
-RAQUEL: This is this is Lugano.
I'm sorry.
So, your navigation skills aren't really as good as I think they are.
CAYLA: Are you still proud of me? RAQUEL: I'm questioning.
- Rude.
Too far.
Too far! - (laughing) Too, too far.
- DUSTY: Round two.
- RYAN: Oh, gosh.
DUSTY: Okay, we got six up there already.
- All right, nice and easy.
- Be careful.
(exhales) What's up? PENN: All right, babe, where are we going? - There's a clue here.
- Okay.
Or something here, or is that just a flag? No.
Well, where's the chestnuts? -Let's go, uh -It's here.
It's close by on foot.
- (whistling) - KIM: Where are we going, honey? PENN: Back that way.
- DUSTY: we're good buddy.
We got it.
- Oh.
DUSTY: We split all the chestnuts into two trips up the stairs, which is smart so you're not spilling everything, but it is absolutely awful that you have to hike up these stairs again.
- RYAN: I'm slowing down, bro.
- All right.
You all right? - Yeah, no, I'm just - Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right.
RYAN: Oh, it was brutal.
We got to go up and down, up and down this thing.
And we're in great shape, and I'm I'm wheezing, you know, halfway up.
I'm so thirsty.
My legs are hurting, I cramp real bad, and with a pack on, carrying things, I mean, it was a body workout.
- Okay, great.
- All right.
RYAN: We'll be back.
We have to go back for wine.
- All right, let's just walk.
- Yeah.
(singing in foreign language) We've made a mess already.
Let's settle.
If you ever wondered how sausage is made You take the meat, and you roll it up in little balls.
And then you stick the meat inside - Inside.
- so that there's no air.
And then you get the lining.
You put some water in it, and then you shove it up against - the little tube-looking thing - Yeah.
that's gonna squeeze out the meat.
Schools should teach boys how to make sausage.
- Can we concentrate on the food, Lala? - I am.
Then you kind of start cranking the machine so that the meat could come out.
You have to hold it.
And then you cut it up, you roll it up.
I don't know about you, but I think we're kicking ass.
And then you stick the sticks in an "X.
" - Is this long enough? - What do you think? This isn't long enough.
Should we just start from scratch? It's a practice.
RYAN: What's the name of the place we're going? We get to Mion market, there'll be a wine barrel.
It's right there, bro.
See the wine? - It's got to be it.
- Yeah, that's it.
- All right.
- All right, so we need 12.
- I think we're gonna have to come back.
- Oh, yeah.
Let me see.
We'll set him up first.
RYAN: He gonna get crunk.
- DUSTY: I got four.
- If we're gonna do it that way, - then I'm just gonna get these.
- Three.
Okay, we're - Seven.
- We're committed to this.
- Let's commit.
- Okay.
- 'Cause these are gonna get real slippery, dude.
- Yeah, I know.
- Where are we? - I want to make sure we're going the right way.
KIM: We're here.
So it's across from here, honey.
RYAN: Do you see the team? - Penn and Kim are right there.
- PENN: We got to roll.
- Getting directions.
- KIM: So we passed it.
PENN: All right, let's go back.
- Yeah, we got to go.
- It's fine.
It's fine.
It's not too far.
I'm about to drop these.
- AKBAR: I see the box.
- You see it? I don't know if that's it.
It's real little.
- That's a hydrant.
- Huh? That's a hydrant.
- This right that's what we're looking for.
- Go, go, go.
We're gonna do Bartender Race.
Let's go get them bottles of wine.
I think it was that stand right there.
PENN: Yeah, that would make sense.
Okay, let's do it.
12, and one for the gnome.
I have five and the gnome.
I have seven.
Okay, let's go.
DUSTY: You all right? (lively music playing) MAN: Grab a crate for your wine, please.
We need five.
- MAN: Great.
- DUSTY: Whew.
- Hope you guys are having fun.
- Five more.
LALA: We have three good ones, potentially, hopefully.
We had, uh, one that we don't think is gonna be approved, so I'd rather make more than have to redo this all over again.
Okay, go.
Slow it down, Lulu, I don't want to - I haven't moved.
- It broke already.
There's air.
That's why, so All right, well, there goes that.
- PENN: All right, one step at a time.
- KIM: We can do it.
PENN: We legit trained by going upstairs with a weighted belt and kettle bells, but that was really tough.
KIM: Mama's gonna need some Advil.
I'm sitting there like (wheezing) - PENN: You good? - Yeah.
PENN: Take a break if you need.
KIM: At some point, I started to count the steps, thinking that it would help me process, and then I started getting mad, and so I stopped out of just self-preservation.
(Penn pants) - Buon giorno.
- Yeah.
- Let me count the chestnuts.
- Chestnuts? MAN: Five? - Yeah.
- Yes.
- And seven.
So it's 12.
- KIM: Yes, sir.
- PENN: Whew.
- Vino next.
- We'll be back.
- RYAN: Hey! - SHERI: Hi, guys.
- DUSTY: What are you looking for? - Where'd you get the wine? -Oh, right here.
-It's right here.
DUSTY: Have you seen the stairs yet? AKBAR: I think I seen 'em when we walked up.
- It's like stairway to hell.
- It's a monster.
DUSTY: So, your wine's right here.
SHERI: Oh, thank you.
- Just split everything up into two trips each.
- RYAN: Yup.
- Okay.
- If you try doing it in one, it's impossible.
SHERI: Thank you all so much.
We can do 12 bottles of wine on the first try.
I take six, and you take six.
Don't drop these, though.
I'm not gonna drop 'em.
If it starts slipping, we'll put 'em down.
- How you getting? - I have two, four, six.
If you get six, that's 12.
We're not gonna be able to hold all this.
He said, just make two trips.
Come on.
This is gonna be crazy.
This ain't gonna - We ain't gonna do this, girl.
- Come on, let's just try.
You can't carry that.
My grip is going.
Take as much time as you need, man.
- I'm not gonna go fast, dude.
- Yeah.
I'll catch up.
SHERI: Feels like it's slipping.
AKBAR: Have you seen the stairs? We going up those steps from hell.
You don't see the steps - when we first g-got here? - That's what he said? - Yeah.
- So let's put some back before we drop 'em.
(Akbar scoffs) - AKBAR: Where you going? - You want to put some back? - AKBAR: You're wasting time.
- PENN: Kim? - Sheri and Akbar.
- Uh-oh.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, guys.
- SHERI: Hello.
- This way? It's-it's this way? - Yeah.
- Straight ahead.
- Thank you.
- PENN: What are they doing? - SHERI: Come on.
- We have to take these back.
- Get yourself together.
- Stop getting an attitude.
- I'm not getting an attitude.
- Yes, you are.
- We got to do better than this, though.
- Here's the mini one.
Take that.
- So, take 12? I don't think we can take 12.
- You're gonna drop 'em.
- KIM: Okay, so I'll take four.
- Um, you take four? - I can't carry it.
- KIM: Uh-oh.
- PENN: Too many? - SHERI: Yeah.
- AKBAR: Let's go.
- PENN: Here we go.
- KIM: Oh, God.
Be careful.
So I got four.
Can you do four? 'Cause you have the gnome.
Come on.
I don't want to lose this by seconds.
- MAN: How many? Five? - Five.
Just put them in the crate.
- DUSTY: 12, baby! - MAN: That's not a complete order.
- These bad boys.
Boom! - MAN: Yeah.
- Here, sir.
- So here's your next clue.
- Appreciate it.
- Ah, thank you, brother.
"Ask the Travelocity Roaming Gnome where you're headed next.
" KEOGHAN: Teams must now search the satchel on their Travelocity Roaming Gnome and find this photo, then figure out that it's leading them here to Parco Ciani.
Switzerland is home to more than 1,500 lakes, including this one Lake Lugano, which stretches 22 miles south to Italy.
Teams must race here to find the Pit Stop in the green heart of Lugano.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
Oh, here it is.
- All right, that's it.
- All right.
It's a picture.
DUSTY: It's a picture.
We need to ask someone.
(exhales sharply) Please be a Pit Stop.
LALA: I think we're doing pretty good.
I'd like to think that.
- We're on sausage number four.
- Sausage number four.
Keep going.
- Keep going.
- LULU: We're dedicating this entire journey to all those who lost loved ones because of COVID - and to our grandmother, of course, number one.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
- Everything reminds me of her.
Mima, I remember always happy in the kitchen, cooking.
She used to cook for us.
She used to make sausages.
She would be proud of us.
Yeah, she would.
So making the sausage was kind of like You know, she's-she's with us.
Her memory is with us.
- Lulu, this is happy memories.
- (laughs) LALA: Don't start crying.
We're almost there.
I suck at cooking, but I just remembered the stuff that she would show me.
Look at that.
It's funny how all those memories come back to you.
And you put it to use.
- This is the extra.
- Extra.
- Yes! Yes! - (laughter) Will I be making sausages again? I don't know.
Maybe for Thanksgiving.
That's about it.
- You could do that.
- (laughs) Let's ask somebody.
Yeah, you have to turn around.
Hmm? You definitely have to go back to make it to Lugano.
KIM: You got this.
PENN: My arms are killing me.
KIM: You sure you got it? - PENN: Yep.
- KIM: Hold 'em like your baby.
- We're doing the sausage.
- Yeah.
Sausage Encase.
Ready? Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
AKBAR: Sheri, you got to walk faster.
SHERI: I'm going as fast as I can.
I hiked the mountain, you didn't.
AKBAR: Congratulations.
SHERI: I-I did both Roadblocks.
AKBAR: Whatever.
You're in a race.
We are looking for a building somewhere on the water.
- RYAN: Is it on the water, though? - DUSTY: I don't know, dude.
I have no idea, brother.
PENN: Almost there, baby.
KIM: Oh, God.
I need to stop.
My hands are getting slippery.
I got to go, or I'm gonna drop.
AKBAR: Come on, let's push this.
SHERI: Seriously.
I'm walking as fast as I can.
Wait a minute, Ak.
(sighs) AKBAR: Come on, we can't stop.
It's gonna make it worse.
MAN: Great.
Let me count the bottle, please.
PENN: Okay.
Kim, put yours in first.
Then can you help me? KIM: Yeah.
I got you, baby.
I'll be back.
- MAN: Great.
- KIM: One more trip.
- SHERI (panting): Give me a minute.
- AKBAR: Come on.
Come on, bro.
You can rest up there.
(Sheri panting) SHERI: Feel like it's slipping.
AKBAR: You good? - SHERI: Does it matter? - KIM: You got it.
Come on, come on.
It's okay.
SHERI: I'm hot.
AKBAR: Oh, my We all hot.
You just got to get through it.
SHERI: It's ridiculous.
This was a mistake.
Sheri, can you please hurry up? Shut up.
(glass shatters) Come on.
It's killing us, bro.
I need some water.
Are we racing, or we not? SHERI: Keep walking, Ak.
Keep walking.
(panting) I'm-a go the pace I want to go.
My legs already feel like mush.
AKBAR: The arguing, we just too fiery, man.
We-we competitors, like, we both played basketball at the same college.
So she tried to beat me.
I'm dunking on her.
I'm not playing that stuff.
MAN: Hello, sir.
Grab a crate for the wine, please.
AKBAR: She can hold her own.
She can compete, so she want to pick and choose when she want to be all delicate, and the next time she trying to box me or whatever, - so it's like - I'm never delicate.
- (laughs) - Yeah MAN: Place it over here, please.
(lively music playing) How many did we get? MAN: Seven bottles.
SHERI: All right.
We need five.
Get the bag.
I'll get the gnome.
Oh, boy.
Just be quiet.
Now we got to do five of these.
I'm gonna get four again.
You gonna take one and then get some nuts.
- SHERI: So you want to go get some nuts, too, you're saying? - AKBAR: Yes.
DUSTY: I need a break for a second, dude.
I'm cramping real bad.
Breathe deep.
Hold on.
Ow, dude.
I'm cramping real bad here.
It's all good.
All good.
(straining) Water.
(grunts) You need anything from me? KIM: Do you think they'll let us have some of this wine? - There it is, my friend.
- MAN: Love it.
- Ah! - Here's the next clue.
PENN: Grazie.
- (whoops) - (cheers) Okay, so straight down? - Yes.
- Grazie.
- Grazie.
(grunts) - Let's go.
- (chuckles) Oh, God, it locked up.
(strains) We're close, Lala.
We're close to the Pit Stop.
Watch out, Lulu, watch out.
(horn honks) I'm dehydrated.
I got a bad charley horse.
It's loosening out.
It's loosening.
RYAN: Phil! - DUSTY: Yeah, baby! - Yeah! Boom! Sjaak and I welcome you to Lugano, Switzerland.
-Thank you so much.
It's beautiful.
-It's beautiful.
KEOGHAN: Ryan and Dusty, I have some great news for you.
- All righty.
- You are team number one.
- KEOGHAN: And more good news.
- Yes, sir.
You have won a trip for two from Travelocity.
- My boy.
- KEOGHAN: And you are going to the island of Dominica.
- Ooh, I don't know where that's at.
- Ooh! KEOGHAN: You're gonna stay five nights at Secret Bay Resort in an exclusive tree house villa with views of the Caribbean.
You're gonna take a guided hike through the rain forest to Boiling Lake, relax in natural hot springs, and enjoy a boat ride along the Waitukubuli Trail.
Is it good to be back through your second leg now? RYAN: It was amazing through the first leg.
- This just I don't know what the-the word is.
- Yeah.
- It elevated it.
- RYAN: Yes.
- Yeah.
- KEOGHAN: Right.
- It's incredible.
Switzerland's been good to us.
Another first place.
But two wins in a row mean nothing to us, really, um, because at any time The Amazing Race can crush you.
So this is time to grow.
Put the work in these next few legs, and then then it's Moneyball time.
We're blessed to be here, and thank you for allowing us to come run like lunatics in your country.
AKBAR: Come on, we got the light.
We got to hurry up, man.
SHERI: We should've done the sausage.
AKBAR: The chestnuts gonna be easy.
(panting) - Yes! - Yes.
I am very pleased to tell you, Lulu and Lala, y-you are team number two.
- Aah! - This is crazy! - KEOGHAN: And some great news.
- Number two! - There are three departure times in the next leg.
- Okay.
You will be leaving first, along with team number one.
- (both whoop) - This is a good way to start the race.
- Yes, it is.
- Yes, it is.
They talk together like this all the time.
- Second place.
- Second place.
- KEOGHAN: See? Like that.
That's how it works.
Oh, look, we have another team right here.
LALA: Congratulations! KEOGHAN: Penn and Kim, I am pleased to tell you that you are team number three.
- That works.
Good work.
- KEOGHAN: And you will be leaving from the second departure time.
CAYLA: Okay, got it.
Do you want to try and start? - RAQUEL: Yeah, let's start.
- Okay.
Let's make some sausage.
I don't even like to eat sausage.
I'm a bacon girl.
Am I supposed to be, like, loosening this? Ooh - I hate that texture.
- Ew.
- (gagging) - (laughs) CAYLA: That is so gross.
From bungee jumping to making my least favorite meal.
I feel like I'm touching, like, alien brains.
NATALIA: You see that blue sign? Does it say "Lugano"? At least we're seeing the checkpoints that we have in our directions.
SHERI: I got to take a breath.
AKBAR: Push through.
We don't know if we last now.
SHERI: Whenever Akbar gets a little bit flustered - (out of breath): I'm trying.
- Damn.
SHERI: He starts (mutters quickly) and placing blame.
MAN: One, two, three, four, five bottles.
Hold on with the chestnuts.
Let me count them.
One, two, three, four, five.
CAYLA: The sound that it's making.
RAQUEL: I'm never gonna eat sausage again in my life.
- CAYLA: Am I going too fast? - Nope.
You're doing a great job, babe.
You're doing so good.
RAQUEL: You were so good on the machine.
- CAYLA: Thanks.
- RAQUEL: And I was good at wrapping.
You were good at, like, feeding it through.
(chuckles) I mean, I think we work really well together.
CAYLA: This is number four, so we're hoping that we did it right the first time.
Boom, boom, boom, we got it done.
- We're gonna lay out our beauties.
- Okay.
- Bring it down? - Yeah.
RAQUEL: And in the back of our mind, we knew that we didn't have a lot of leeway - to make a lot of mistakes.
- Any mistakes.
RAQUEL: And so, we knew we needed to hurry.
- CAYLA: Please, please, please.
- Good? - CAYLA: No? Okay.
- No? All right, I think it needs to be like this.
- RAQUEL: Too small.
- Too small.
(Sheri panting) Let me count them.
One, two, three, four.
Okay, you can drop them in the basket.
AKBAR: Come on, that's it.
You're right here.
- SHERI: Give me a minute.
- Let's go.
I feel the burn, too.
Let me count the chestnuts.
One, two, three, four.
Great job.
AKBAR: Where's Phil at, man? Uh, that's not the full order.
SHERI: Lord.
You earned the next clue.
Thank you, sir.
CAYLA: Do you think there's enough meat in there? RAQUEL: Yeah.
CAYLA: Hopefully this one's okay.
This is good.
This looks really good.
We just redid one and we're gonna try it, 'cause one was significantly smaller than the others.
We're gonna hope for the best.
RAQUEL: Here we go.
(cheering, laughter) SHERI: We have to find this building.
(woman speaks Italian) Go down to the lake, and then you just go - Take a left? - So when we go down to the lake, - we go to the left? - Down to the lake, left, left.
- Come on.
- SHERI: Ak, my leg is cramping.
I can't run.
(Akbar scoffs) I'm trying.
CAYLA: Oh, there's Sheri and Akbar.
Sheri and Akbar.
Ready? Come on, come on, come on, come on.
SHERI: That's Raquel and them, behind us.
CAYLA: Okay.
There's the water.
- SHERI: They're running.
- AKBAR: I don't even know where we're going.
- CAYLA: Excuse us.
- Come on.
- AKBAR: Walking to our doom.
- SHERI: Please don't let us be last.
(panting) WOMAN: Welcome to Lugano, Switzerland.
KEOGHAN: Ah, and here's Akbar and Sheri coming in.
CAYLA: Yes! - What a day.
- KEOGHAN: Whoo.
What a day.
So, would you like to know where you're at? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
What would you like? - I mean first.
- Anything but last.
- We'll take one and two.
- We'll take one and two.
I can't give you one and two.
(groans) But I can give you teams number four and five.
- Congratulations.
- (cheering) KEOGHAN: You guys will be leaving in the second departure time.
- That was close.
- Yay! Akbar and Sheri, how are you guys getting on with each other? - How has that been? - We-we athletes, so there's gonna be some bickering.
What's the bickering about? - (laughing) - She said it's my tone, but she keeps telling me, - "Shut up.
" - Yeah.
He's never pleased.
NATALIA: Here's the park.
Okay, now we got to find the Yeah, right here.
Okay, perfect.
This race is extremely important to me.
(panting): Okay.
We're definitely super fans, and we've been watching together since I was eight years old.
- We'll do the Sausage Encase.
- Yeah.
But we're doing this for my mom and my husband, and so it's important for us to do well.
ARUN: Patience, patience.
We take that very seriously, and we feel that we are letting everybody down.
We're beating ourselves.
- MAN: Perfetto.
- Yay! And it-it's it's emotional, just because, how many people get an opportunity to do something like this with their daughter? NATALIA: All right, let's go.
(panting): Phil.
ARUN (panting): Hey, Phil.
Arun and Natalia, you're a little late.
In fact, so late - that our greeter had to go.
- NATALIA: Oh, no.
So, I do want to welcome you here to Lake Lugano.
And I am sorry to tell you that you're the last team to arrive.
- Yeah.
- I figure you knew that.
- Yeah, we knew that.
- We absolutely knew that.
KEOGHAN: Your second time back.
You've been eliminated once before.
- NATALIA: It doesn't feel good.
- And now you're last ag-again.
- Right.
- We know we're better than this.
So, do you want one more shot? - Absolutely, Phil.
- Well, I'm pleased to tell you this is a non-elimination leg.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- (gasps) - And you do have one more shot.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, God.
There are three departure times.
- You will be leaving last on your own.
- NATALIA: Yeah.
We're already terrible at navigation, and now we're at a disadvantage again.
So, it's like, the pressure is definitely on.
And will I be seeing you last in the next leg? No, you will not see us last in the next leg.
ARUN: Absolutely not.
We feel good that we are still in the race, but we can do so much better.
Yeah, that's the goal.
- NATALIA: We're back! - ARUN: Again.
(lively music playing) KEOGHAN: Next time on The Amazing Race, Ryan and Dusty find themselves in unfamiliar territory - We got to turn it down.
- Okay, not-not all of 'em.
Dude, this is way too hot, dude.
We're cooking it.
Ryan and Dusty I don't know where they are at this point.
I'm hoping that they are just in their heads right now, honestly.
and scramble to catch up.
Punch it!
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