The Amazing Race (2001) s33e07 Episode Script

Gently Down the Stream

PHIL KEOGHAN: Previously on The Amazing Race, six teams raced to Corsica, France.
At the detour, Kim and Penn set the pace.
Oh, yeah, we got the right horse for sure.
Okay, see you down there, guys.
- Yup.
- We're gonna have a great day, Duke.
KEOGHAN: Ryan and Dusty faced unfamiliar territory.
RYAN: Raquel and Cayla just passed us for the first time ever.
- We got to go do the other thing, man.
- DUSTY: Yeah.
We are switching challenges.
KEOGHAN: Akbar struggled at a physical Roadblock setting the stage for Ryan's comeback.
Let's pass that other team, baby.
DUSTY: Yo, Ryan! (whoops) Oh, my God.
KEOGHAN: Kim and Penn paddled their way to victory KIM: Oh, Fun Kim! - You are team number one.
- (laughing): Yes! while Akbar and Sheri came up short.
I am sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race.
KEOGHAN: After spending the night here on the banks of the Tavignano River, Kim and Penn and Raquel and Cayla will be the first to depart and drive south an hour and a half to this 16th century watchtower, where they'll be treated to a local delicacy.
This rotten fromage is brought to life with these little cheesemakers live maggots.
PENN: "Route Info.
"Drive yourself to the Tour de Fautea.
"Once there, each of you try a piece of Corsica's other famous cheese.
" - "You have ten euros this leg of the race.
" - Go.
- PENN: It did say "drive yourself," right? - KIM: Yeah.
PENN: Winning the last leg really helped us because there was a trend developing that no one was crazy about Dusty and Ryan finishing first.
And there was this, like, kind of brick wall feeling.
Like, how-how do you get ahead of these guys? Well, we can.
- PENN: Okrrr.
- Whew.
RAQUEL: Oh! PENN: Oh, convertibles.
Oh, my God.
(whoops) - Oh.
- This car's amazing, We get to keep this, right? Driving in luxury.
- PENN: This is a nice car.
- Yeah.
- I vote you let them lead, personally.
- Okay.
- You go first.
- Okay.
CAYLA: Hey, you got this, okay? RAQUEL: We're leaving in group number one, and we are pumped.
CAYLA: Second is the best place that we have landed.
You only have to win first once to win the million dollars, but, yeah, it definitely would be nice to win some money.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
One of the hardest parts about COVID for us is, we both had to move back into our parents' house.
Being 30 years old, the last thing we expected - Was to lose our job, move in with our moms.
- Yeah.
RAQUEL: It's definitely been financially tough, emotionally tough, and we're ready to have some money.
- CAYLA: Yeah.
- Gosh, that would be so nice.
- (whooping) - (whoops) Baby! KIM: Look at us, babe.
We're driving to Corsica.
- Just a regular old Saturday.
- I'm gonna You know what? - I'm gonna try to enjoy myself on this drive.
- Yeah.
RAQUEL: This is awesome! CAYLA: This is freaking beautiful.
RAQUEL: We're driving in this gorgeous - island in France with our top down.
- (laughing) This is how I would prefer to travel.
PENN: I don't want to go too far without asking somebody something.
- Oh, there's a person.
- A person.
There's a person.
(gasps) There's a person.
There's a person.
PENN: Bonjour.
(Penn speaks French) Penn speaks French, uh, so he's asking the gentleman in French - It's all straight.
- RAQUEL: Just straight, straight.
This is where it is.
Tour de Fautea? (speaks French) CAYLA: That is Fautea.
Thank you, Penn.
- Do you want to follow him? - Yes.
Hey, that worked out well.
Thank you, high school French.
Once we get to the challenge, we're gonna get ahead of Kim and Penn - on the challenge.
- I want to lead the challenge this time.
- We're coming in first today.
- Cayla, we are coming in first today.
Today is our day! - Let's go.
- Go time, baby.
"Drive yourselves to Tour de Fautea.
" "Once there, each of you try a piece of Corsica's other" BOTH: "Famous cheese.
" Okay.
RYAN: Yee-haw.
It's our first chance to leave with the second group.
- RYAN: That's not good.
- It's not good.
I feel like the last leg, I was stressed and thinking about everything else other than what's got us here.
RYAN: Let's go.
Anybody can be taken from first to worst or worst to first.
That's the reality you got to face in this race, and you can't let that beat you up.
DUSTY: We just need to get back to what we know how to do, and that's sticking together and, uh, breaking our foot off in people.
So I'm super confident coming in today.
RYAN: Let's look for a town.
Go, go.
Let's follow them.
The last leg definitely gave us a lot of momentum.
ARUN: We've always been in the bottom, so to finish fourth, ahead of two teams, was really a good morale booster.
- Start looking at the map.
- Yeah.
Everyone knows we're not great at self-driving.
ARUN: We have to step up our navigation this leg because there's only five teams left.
So there's no room for error.
LALA: I feel cool in this car.
- Yeah.
- It's the first time I drive a convertible.
We're following each other, so we're all three behind.
Okay, but the plan is, we're gonna follow them.
- The plan is to just - Once we get there, we haul ass to the cheese.
PENN: Looking for a tower.
We should be kind of close.
- Is that the tower thing we're going to? - Maybe.
PENN: "Camping Fautea.
" Yeah, this is it.
Uh, parking.
There was a parking sign, so let's turn.
- RAQUEL: Oh, there's - Fautea.
That says "camping.
" - Should we do that? - I see Do you see? - You see a sign? - Yes, yes, yes, yes, go, go, go.
Yes, yes, yes, go, go, go.
Turn right.
Turn right.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.
- Let's do a Louie.
- Okay.
Do you think they already found it the girls? - I don't know.
I don't know.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, they probably already did.
- Yeah, they did.
- Right here? - It's got to be.
And then there's the path.
- We got to put our bags in the back.
- Okay.
We followed Kim and Penn there, and they missed the turn, so we were ahead of them.
- You want to run? - Yeah.
RAQUEL: Kim and Penn are a very strong team, so as much as the race can give people opportunities to mess up, - I'm all for taking those.
- Yeah.
- Parking, okay, right, right.
- Mm-hmm.
And the girls are already here.
I got all the directions, and then they went in and, like, jetted ahead of us.
And I was like, "Aw.
" Like, they followed us all the way down here and then passed us.
- They are our competition in this race.
- Yup.
KIM: And I would love to make it to the final - three with them.
- And then beat them.
- We're going all the way to that thing.
- Yup.
Oh, my God, it's beautiful.
RAQUEL: Oh, my God, it's gorgeous.
CAYLA: Holy shoot.
- RAQUEL: Look at this.
- CAYLA: Stunning.
CAYLA: Give me some cheese, baby.
- (speaking Italian) Hi.
Please tell me your cheese is good.
- Ah.
- Ah.
Oh, it smells good.
CAYLA: Careful.
What is in that? - Are those bugs? - I don't know.
- CAYLA: Are those bugs? - RAQUEL: Uh-huh.
Those are bugs.
- CAYLA: That's, like, maggots.
- They're good for us.
They're protein.
I'll eat it first.
- Buono.
- Thank you.
That's dry.
(muffled): Don't breathe it in.
Don't breathe it in? - Okay.
- Gonna throw up.
- Thank you very much.
- (muffled): Mmm, thank you.
PENN: Almost there.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, it's so bad.
CAYLA: This is dry as hell.
This honestly tastes like vomit.
Worst cheese I've ever had.
No offense.
- This is terrible.
- I don't even think the dog - would eat the cheese.
- (whines) - PENN: Like, down here, right? - It's this way? - Guys, it's over here.
- Oh, it's that way? - Okay.
- Uh-huh.
Thanks for that help.
Could've used that earlier.
(coughing) - (coughs) Ooh.
- Ugh.
- Well done.
- CAYLA: Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- (coughing) - Hello.
Oh, hey, pup.
-(coughing) -"Detour.
Row, Row, Row Your Boat or Gently Down the Stream.
" KEOGHAN: There's about 200 beaches on the island of Corsica.
This one, Pinarello, is rated in the top ten.
Known for its pristine white sand and turquoise clear water, it's the perfect place to launch a kayak that has a transparent hull.
In Row, Row, Row Your Boat, teams must choose a fish.
Then, kayaking around these buoys, they need to unhook ten matching fish and bring them back to the beach.
When they're ten for ten, they'll get a clue.
In Gently Down the Stream, teams will take a 15-minute cruise around this bay on an Aquavision boat, looking for ten metal fish.
At the end of their journey, they must make their way to this dive shop, pick up a fish chart, then sort through it and identify the exact sequence of fish that they saw underwater.
If they get it right, the diver will hand them a clue.
We're gonna do Row, Row, Row Your Boat.
- Ready? Let's go.
- Okay, come on.
KIM: What is that? - Looks like some bugs.
- PENN: No, it's not bugs.
- No.
- It's clues.
KIM: I was just sprinting up this hill, and I want some water.
Instead, I'm handed some maggot cheese.
- Salute.
- Salute.
- Salute.
It's dry.
Are they whole worms you cut up, - or they're just tiny worms? - Yeah.
- Are they still moving? - PENN: Why you talking about it? - (retches) - I may get some - and bring it with me to go.
- (coughing) - Why did you talk about that? - (man laughs) Finito.
- Buona fortuna.
- PENN: Ah.
- Grazie.
- Grazie.
Row, Row, Row Your Boat or Gently Down the Stream.
" We're gonna go Gently Down the Stream.
Think the girls are gonna wait for us? - No.
- No.
That's okay, that's okay.
- RAQUEL: We just ate maggots.
- (Cayla clears throat) RAQUEL: That was disgusting.
Do you want to do you want to wait for them? "Do we wait for them?" is the question.
- PENN: Down here, right? - Yeah.
KIM: Look.
They could have taken off, but they waited.
- PENN: Yeah, true.
- KIM: Mm-hmm.
Guys, do you know which one you're gonna do? - Gently Down the Stream.
- Okay.
If y'all want to stick together, I'm not opposed.
- Should we stick together? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- We're gonna follow you guys.
- And I'll try to help with - Okay.
- We'll stick together and do - Okay.
- We're gonna switch it.
- All right, we're switching.
And do Gently Down the Stream.
We're doing Gently Down the Stream.
CAYLA: I think there's a time and a place to strategize with other teams and work with other teams.
Definitely in the challenges where their team's behind us.
I think it is beneficial to help one another.
PENN: That was nice of them to wait.
I like them again.
Let's follow them.
" Did you see it? "Park in the marked parking area.
" Yeah, here, here.
- DUSTY: You ready to book, dude? - Yup.
How do you pop the trunk? DUSTY: Go, go, guys.
Go, go.
LALA: Go, go, go, go.
- DUSTY: Ryan, come on, buddy.
- LALA: Wait.
Come here! DUSTY: Sorry.
Got it.
- DUSTY: You good? - RYAN: Yeah.
DUSTY: This is gonna be a jaunt, dude.
It's pretty far.
Oh, here.
Unlock it.
Oh, my God.
- NATALIA: We're in last place.
- ARUN: Are you kidding me? Oh.
Hold on.
Hey, Ryan.
- RYAN: Those are some bugs, maggots.
- DUSTY: Yeah.
- Mm.
- Thank you.
Appreciate it.
DUSTY: Oh! Mm.
RYAN: That cheese is alive, but it wasn't really anything worse than you get in prison, so - DUSTY: Yeah.
- RYAN: Better view, - same food.
- (laughs) - Ooh.
- Y'all gonna love this.
Buona fortuna.
- Thank you, brother.
- What is it? What is it? - Used cheese? - It's maggot cheese.
There's bugs in it.
Row, Row, Row Your Boat.
" Yeah, let's go.
Let's go.
Marked parking.
Parking, parking.
Where do you see? Oh, yeah.
Good job.
"Make your way down the marked pier.
" - RAQUEL: Come on.
- Is this the marked pier? Yup, this is the marked pier.
This way.
CAYLA: "You may not take any notes.
" Okay.
Guys, I think this is gonna be tough.
RAQUEL: We got this.
- We can memorize anything.
- CAYLA: Okay.
- May we come aboard? - We're doing this.
- RAQUEL: Can we come aboard? Yeah? - Yeah.
I think we're supposed to look underwater.
CAYLA: Oh, it's on the bottom of it.
RAQUEL: I think this might be on the bottom.
PENN: Oh, it's a submarine, you guys.
CAYLA: We're supposed to be looking for a painted fish.
PENN: Can't see much over here.
KIM: A little cloudy is my only concern.
PENN: Yeah, I can't see much of anything.
CAYLA: I'm so glad I put my glasses on.
RAQUEL: So we figure that if we're gonna do a memory challenge, four minds would be better than two.
The water was so murky, it was so hard to see.
You can't see anything out here.
I do not like cheese.
I have a horrible stomach.
I really can't digest anything.
I can't hold any food in.
- And then the cheese had maggots? - Yeah.
DUSTY: We think we're in third place behind Penn and Kim, Raquel and Cayla.
This could create some separation between us.
Lulu can't eat anything, she's told us.
That was some pungent, nasty stuff, man.
- NATALIA: Is this it? - ARUN: Yeah.
Putting in the last piece.
- MAN: Hello.
- ARUN: Yes.
Good luck.
BOTH: Thank you.
Row, Row Your Boat or Gently Down the Stream.
" BOTH: Gently Down the Stream.
Oh, Nat.
It's gonna get nasty.
Go, go, we don't want them to catch up.
Come on, come on, come on.
It's so bad.
Buona fortuna.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
We're gonna do Gently Down the Stream.
Gently Down the Stream.
- RAQUEL: I don't see anything.
- CAYLA: I see nothing.
RAQUEL: I see nothing.
It might be too murky.
- Yes, one.
- Yes, I see it, I see it.
I see it.
PENN: A blue with a yellow CAYLA: No, that's purple.
- That's purple.
- KIM: It's purple.
- Barney.
- There's another one.
KIM: Yellow with a with a black dot.
Right? Yellow? - Yellow with a black dot.
- Which one? - Is that the polka dot or? - Purple Barney.
- Purple - It looked like a scuba diver 'cause the head's up a little Purple Barney, yellow black dot.
KIM: So we came up with our clues about how we were remembering the fish.
Another one.
It looks like a French flag.
CAYLA: The fish were on opposite sides of the submarine boat.
So having four people two on one side, two on the other was a huge advantage.
- Barney, yellow - KIM: Oh, another one.
- Bumblebee, bumblebee.
- KIM: Bumblebee - Here's another one.
- Yellow CAYLA: Uh, it looks like Jamaica.
Jamaica colors.
We are looking for Pinarello near the dolphin statue.
Drive to Pinarello, you have to go to straight on.
Oh, just go, dude.
Just go.
Get We don't They're gonna try to catch up to us.
Can I have that water? That cheese taste is still in my mouth.
- I see another convertible.
- There's the guys, Lala.
You guys know where you're going? Damn.
It's just, uh, Lulu, Lala and us.
- Should we stop and ask? - No, just keep going.
NATALIA: Is that the twins, you think? Try to catch up with them.
- Is the other car behind us? - (muttering) ARUN: They turned left.
To the left.
To the left.
KIM: Uh, there's another one.
There's another one.
- RAQUEL: This is red.
- KIM: Yeah, it's like Japan.
- PENN: Spain.
- KIM: Spain.
CAYLA: Did you see that? Did you see that right now? PENN: Jamaica, Spain.
KIM: This is like the Japan flag.
CAYLA: So, Japan was the end? - PENN: Yeah, so that's ten.
- KIM: Ten.
- Purple Barney, yellow scuba.
- Yellow scuba.
Let me do it.
French flag.
- Uh-huh.
- Uh, Little Mermaid.
- Duke University.
- CAYLA: Yes.
- Bumblebee.
- RAQUEL: Bumblebee.
- Jamaica, Spain, yellow with black tips.
- RAQUEL: Jamaica, Spain.
- CAYLA: Yes.
- Yes.
Let's go back up, guys.
I think we're close.
Let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
They're here.
KIM: They're here? PENN: It sounds like it, doesn't it? Bumblebee, Jamaica, Spain.
CAYLA: Make your way towards the dive shack.
- Right here.
- PENN: It's here.
And we just pick the one that's right? KIM: Pick it out, put it in order and then we hand it to the diver.
- PENN: That's wrong.
Is that bumblebee? - KIM: No, no.
That's bumblebee, I thought.
PENN: Ah! KIM: I have no idea.
If we didn't get it right, we would have to do it all over again.
I was so nervous about that, knowing that we only had one shot at it.
- PENN: That's not right.
- That-that yeah.
PENN: I know, but, like, I'm looking, Duke's got to be here.
Let's look through all of them really quickly.
Yeah, 'cause I just want to make sure.
RYAN: Yeah, buddy.
NATALIA: I see the other cars.
Oh, there it is.
RYAN: Right here.
There's the cars.
LULU: Hurry.
NATALIA: Yeah, marked pier.
We got to make our way to the cruise at the end.
Gently Down the Stream is this way.
DUSTY: Row, Row, Row Your Boat.
RYAN: "Choose a card with the image of a painted fish, then choose a kayak.
" We'd like to pick a fish, sir.
DUSTY: Pick a fishy.
"Choose a uniquely painted fish.
Search around the buoys for ten fish that match it.
" - RYAN: That's easy.
- DUSTY: Pink.
RYAN: Look at this plane, dude.
That's dope.
DUSTY: We veered off from Lulu, Lala, Arun and Natalia.
They both went on the boat.
RYAN: This kayak's good, right? The detour for us was a no-brainer.
We either got to go put in some physical work or do a loop that takes 15 minutes.
You got to memorize some things, and if you don't memorize it, you got to do it again.
If we mess up, we can try to figure out what we fix in two minutes or five minutes, not 15.
We're gonna get wet, boy.
DUSTY: Here, let me get in.
You keep it steady.
- RYAN: Yeah.
- DUSTY: All right, pink fish.
You keep us steady.
Let me row.
RYAN: All right.
- Here.
- Maybe.
That's it? - Yeah.
- That's bumblebee? - I'm very sure.
- KIM: Okay.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
Okay? Thank you so much.
"Drive to Bonifacio, and search for the Port de Plaisance.
" KEOGHAN: Teams must now drive to the southernmost tip of Corsica Bonifacio this island's oldest town and often referred to as "France's best kept secret.
" - Let's go.
- Let's go.
Come on.
CAYLA AND RAQUEL: Bumblebee, Jamaica, Spain.
Sir? - Yes.
- Yes.
- "Drive to Bonifacio.
" - Okay.
- Do you see a cruise ship anywhere? - All right, let's stick - together then.
Yeah, it just left.
- NATALIA: Yeah.
LULU: It did? That's it over there? NATALIA: Yeah.
The issue with our detour was that the boat was making 15-minute trips, so we're just standing on the pier, just waiting for the boat to come back.
ARUN: It was frustrating.
Look, I see them over there.
It's extremely hard to wait.
And we're watching Dusty and Ryan now kayak out.
It's gonna be multiple fish.
- There's gonna be multiple fish.
- Yeah.
- So we have to memorize it in the order.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause there's four heads here.
- Yeah, yeah.
I mean, we're at the end of the line here.
We might as well just do everything together.
And then In the end, we could absolutely beat them.
LULU: Yeah.
DUSTY: All right, easy.
Easy, bud.
- RYAN: This one.
- DUSTY: Yeah.
RYAN: Counterbalance, baby.
Come on, man.
One down.
DUSTY: All right.
RYAN: It's right here.
- ARUN: It's here.
- LULU: Okay, let's go.
Go ahead, ladies.
NATALIA: Want to go here? And we're off.
LALA: Ew, it's, like, hairy down here.
NATALIA: It's just open, and not seeing any fish yet.
All right.
We'll go to this one, that one and then that one, okay? - You got 'em? - Mm-hmm.
Here we go, left, left What really surprised us was that one of the hardest parts of it was pulling the fish up on the chain.
I mean, it is literally brute strength.
All right, buddy.
LULU: I see a purple fish.
- NATALIA: Oh, purple fish? - Purple fish.
LALA: Okay, purple ARUN: Oh, but it's got dots and - NATALIA: Oh, here's another one.
- LULU: Here's another one.
NATALIA: Yellow with a black dot.
LALA: Yellow with a black dot.
We decided that all of us would remember all of the fish in the order and the colors.
LALA: There's another purple one here.
ARUN: There's purple, silver and red.
We were just shouting out like, "Oh, purple fish.
" "Yellow fish with a stripe.
" - No, it's blue, white and red.
- It's blue.
NATALIA: Yeah, blue, white and red.
- LULU: Turquoise.
Look, look.
- NATALIA: Yeah.
DUSTY: Yeah.
- Counter, counter, counter.
- Yeah.
(quietly): See how many How many we got? Let's go to this one right here.
Uh, quite a few.
- Every time you paddle, there was just, like, water coming in.
- Yeah.
Little did we know, I'm actually filling the boat up with water.
This one right here? Dude, I can't get it, man.
RYAN: Keep your balance.
And then we dip over to get the fish, and water was coming.
Like, water was coming in, no matter what we did.
- Balance, dude.
- I know.
I got it.
Just getting a little water out.
RYAN: I know, but I need you All right.
That one up there.
DUSTY: All right.
RYAN: We are gonna sink.
I just saw a sign for Bonifacio.
Is that where we're going? - Yeah.
- Awesome.
Hey, I'm really proud of us.
We're killing this.
We're gonna get in first place today.
- We're gonna get first place today.
- We are winning.
We are winning today.
- LALA: There's another one.
- ARUN: Yellow with the green.
- Another one.
Another one.
- LALA: Yellow with the green.
LULU: Yellow and green, three stripes.
- ARUN: White.
- LALA: With little black things on it.
ARUN: That's it.
NATALIA: You guys feel good? Okay.
- I mean, it is what it is.
- Yeah.
If we don't get it, we'll have to come back and do this again.
DUSTY: Balance me, balance me.
I-I missed it.
Here, you got it.
- Here.
- Okay.
Got to get two more.
- Go back, uh - Right.
There's one I think there's two right here.
RYAN: You're-you're-you're Hey, I'll paddle.
You're-you're paddling stuff in the boat, Dusty.
- DUSTY: Okay.
- We're going under.
- We're going under.
We're going under.
- All right.
- RYAN: Yep.
- All right.
RYAN: Hold on, hold on.
I'm gonna try to lift this.
RYAN: Open it up.
Oh, boy.
DUSTY: Oh, my God.
(straining) DUSTY: We start going down, and a bit of panic hit, I would say.
We're like, "What have we gotten ourselves into?" (Ryan speaks indistinctly) DUSTY: Once we sunk the boat, we realized you have to get under it and flip it over.
RYAN: One, two, three.
(exhales) DUSTY: Everything is floating out that we have.
The fish are literally dangling down that we have trapped already.
Get the oars, I'll take the fish.
We dug in, we calmed down, regrouped.
Four, five, six, seven, eight.
All right, we have eight.
All right, buddy.
No use crying over a tipped-over boat.
DUSTY: All right.
- KIM: Go straight, and they're on-on the right.
- PENN: Parking public.
- Ah, there's our sign.
- Yeah.
Oh, this is it.
This is the parking.
This is it.
- CAYLA: Parking public.
- This is it.
PENN: Oh, man.
We really drove the right way.
KIM: So we're looking for a fishing harbor.
RAQUEL: This way.
PENN: Oh, I think you're right.
- I think that's it right there, straight ahead.
- (Kim whoops) Okay.
BOTH: "Who's feeling knotted up?" Fishermen will never agree on the size of their catch, but there's one thing they all agree on: Having a hole in your net is bad for business.
This Roadblock requires teams to repair the holes on these nets.
Everything they need to do the job is inside their bucket.
- You do it.
- Okay, I'll do it.
You're so good at knots.
- I'll do it.
- Okay.
CAYLA: Look, there's a bunch of stuff over here.
Oh, these are the buckets? Is he the demonstration? Okay.
PENN: Okay, so we got to He's-he's showing us how to do it.
Feel like this is gonna be trial and error.
Okay, let's try and find where the rip is, where the tear is.
So there's this.
PENN: So it's marked in yellow? CAYLA: There's a lot of net, and so I'm just trying to find the ripped one.
Oh, I see it.
Okay, right here.
I see it.
It's in the middle of all the yellow stitchings.
The yellow is a circle.
- PENN: Oh, the yellow's a circle.
- Do you see it? - PENN: Yes.
- CAYLA: You had to pull the net out, find the broken piece of the net.
And then you had to take string and basically make it whole again.
I already forgot how he started.
All right, activate nerd glasses.
Yeah, I mean, these things have come in handy - for the ladies, if you know what I mean.
- Do you like how Do you like how his eyes get a little bigger? I feel like every time Dusty and Ryan take their shirt off, - I counter with putting on these glasses.
- Glasses.
- Eat your heart out, ladies.
- And the world has balanced itself out.
All right.
I'm gonna watch it again.
I am, too.
ARUN: Let's go! NATALIA: Go, go.
RYAN: All right, we need one more, bro.
- NATALIA: Oh, they're still here, guys.
- LALA: They're still here.
Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.
DUSTY: They're all running.
Got to move and shake here.
Count 'em up.
RYAN: Ten.
We're good.
- NATALIA: Oh, they're, like, strips.
Okay, so - ARUN: Yeah.
- NATALIA: Okay, okay.
- What was the second one? - I know it was yellow.
- It was yellow with a black dot.
What was the sixth fish? Do you guys remember? No.
This isn't it? This is, uh, high pressures right now.
- High pressure.
- Oh! How's it going, sir? There's a tangle of fish here.
ARUN: Last one is the same fish in all the cards.
- Yeah, yeah, it is.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Okay.
- You guys saw the rainbow one? - We didn't.
I didn't see the rainbow.
DUSTY: Ten fish.
Little behind.
Thank you, sir.
"Search the Port, um, Plaisance de Bonifacio Fish Harbor - for your next clue.
" - All right.
Let's go.
- Wait.
We had this one.
- Yeah.
- We have this one.
- Yeah.
- Do we have this one? Do we have this? - (Dusty whooping) DUSTY: Dude, we're good.
Happy times.
You want to you want to put it? - Ooh.
- Oh.
- You want to present it? - Of course.
Present it.
BOTH: No? - Yeah, let's go this way, okay.
- Let's go.
- We suck.
We don't want to miss the boat.
We are not paying attention to detail.
Each person pick a fish.
We'll do it in order.
- Or two? - Yeah no, yeah, two fish.
- ARUN: Last one is the same in all of the thing.
- So Yeah.
LALA: We decided let's all take two numbers, really memorize it, so that when we get back up, we could work together as a team.
Put it together and then get on with our lives.
- I'll go second.
- I'll go third.
- Okay.
You're fourth? - Fourth.
- LULU: We got this.
We got this.
- NATALIA: Yeah, yeah.
- LALA: Let's not panic.
- Yeah.
He just does it so fast.
Again? PENN: In this Roadblock, we had to stitch up a net.
There's a guy showing you how to do it.
He doesn't talk to you, he's very quick, and it looks so simple when he does it.
CAYLA: The only trick that I saw was knot on both ends, under, over, through.
- All right.
- Okay.
CAYLA: I was like, "Over, "under, through, over, under, through.
Move on to the next one.
" Oh, God.
Yeah, when you mess up, it's it's really bad.
I tied one knot, and I went, "Vip," and literally the whole net went and tangled up.
Once you tie the knot, getting it back out is just brutal.
This is bad.
This is bad for me.
This is bad.
Didn't even tie a knot.
I'm already finding this very difficult.
- I don't have a technique right now.
- CAYLA: I don't either.
I am at literally step zero.
We got to make sure we get this right.
- Go ahead, guys.
- Come on, guys.
- Okay.
I feel like I failed.
- Ugh.
- Oh, it's coming up.
This side.
NATALIA: We realized the second time, "Let's just focus on one or two each.
" So if you just remember your specific order You're one and four, for instance That's just less items to remember.
NATALIA: It's, um, like a yellow with a black - with a white - ARUN: No, it's yours, so you remember that.
Yeah, I know.
That's mine.
I got two.
It is here.
- It's, uh, France.
- France.
Dad, you're next.
You're fourth.
ARUN: Okay, let me concentrate.
LALA: Sure hope we got this.
I'm gonna try and get the first part.
No, that wasn't even a knot.
My mom actually sews for a living, so I really don't want to embarrass her at this moment, but I've tied zero successful knots.
Yes, I'm realizing something.
It's all about getting your feet to, like, straighten this thing out.
I kind of figured out that taking your feet and using it to spread out the net kept it really taut so you could control where everything was going.
'Cause when it was all loose, it was an absolute Gong Show.
There's Raquel.
All right.
"Who's feeling knotted up?" - I'll do it.
- Okay.
Ryan's gonna do the Roadblock.
Here they are.
- Boys are here.
- KIM: Yeah.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Welcome to hell.
- Seriously.
Slow and steady, dude.
You got this, Ryan.
NATALIA: You got your fourth one, Dad? ARUN: Yeah, blue with yellow fins.
LALA: And I got the first.
NATALIA: And we know the rainbow, second to last The silver and black.
LULU: How do we feel? - ARUN: Good.
- NATALIA: Good.
Come here.
I got I know my one and my five.
- Okay.
- One, two, three, four, five.
- That's right.
- This.
And this is six for sure.
- This is three.
Uh, three, four, five, six and seven.
- Yeah.
- NATALIA: Yeah.
And we know these two are last.
- ARUN: Eight.
- NATALIA: We saw rainbow.
- ARUN: Nine.
This one.
We want to present ours.
Yes! Thank you.
Want to present this one? - Thank you.
- ARUN: Hey, good job.
"Route Info: Drive to Bonifacio" "Fish Harbor for your next clue.
" - Okay.
This way.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Let's go.
NATALIA: We got to hustle.
RYAN: Can I see it one more time, please? I think I have a lot of patience.
You need it in prison.
You realize relatively quickly that being impatient will actually tear you down and causes more problems.
Just focus, man, chill, do your thing, and it'll all work out.
I mean, this is like a different language.
Check? Okay? Yes! Come on! KIM: Penn got it.
Penn got it.
Forgot I was wearing these glasses.
So, Penn is done.
I'm hoping that I am maybe not too far behind him.
"Route Info.
" "Run to your next Pit Stop.
"Make your way on foot across the harbor to U Rastello and go up.
" You've more than likely heard of the White Cliffs of Dover.
Well, how about the spectacular white limestone cliffs of Bonifacio? These protective rock formations offer an imposing vantage point for its residents.
Rising 200 feet above the sea, the last team to check in here may be eliminated.
- Okay, right here.
Back here.
- Okay.
CAYLA: Once I figured out how to tie the first knot, I knew it was knot, knot, pull it straight, knot, knot, pull it straight, knot, knot.
And then it was just fixed.
Can I get a check? Okay? Yes! - Yes! Yes, babe! Yes! - Thank you.
"Run to your next Pit Stop.
The last team to check in may be eliminated.
" - Okay, let's go.
- KIM: Okay, she got it.
- Wait.
Really? - Yeah.
Do you know where you're going? It says, "Look for Napoleon to help point the way.
" Wait.
There's a Napoleon to help? That's got to be that thing.
Well, we'll find out.
- We could be first.
- I don't know.
- They're faster than me, honey.
- They are.
- They ran this way, right? - Yeah, they did run this way.
- It's probably up there.
- Yeah.
KIM: I do want to ask.
We're looking to U Rastello? - PENN: That's not it.
- KIM: No.
- PENN: Let's just go.
- Let's just go.
PENN: We're just gonna go.
U Rastello? - Okay, by the pharmacy? - Pharmacy.
He says it's right by the pharmacy.
You're doing so good running.
Keep it up.
Is there any other way to get up there? These are the steps up.
PENN: Just do it? - I hope this is right.
- PENN: Come on.
This is what you trained for, baby.
RAQUEL: Pharmacy.
Left side.
(whoops) Oh, my gosh.
KIM: It says, "Look for Napoleon to help point the way.
" PENN: We're looking for Napoleon? Come on.
Be here.
RAQUEL: Look for the Napoleon to help.
CAYLA: Oh, that guy.
I see him up there.
- Be here.
- Yeah.
Napoleon? Yeah, it's got to be.
Thank you.
KIM (sighs): The tippity top? (panting): Hand.
Napoleon? Monte Rastello? Thank you.
Thank you.
PENN: Hey.
- Let's enjoy it.
- Okay.
CAYLA: Ugh! This is steep.
- PENN: Up and over.
- KIM: Okay.
CAYLA: Ready to jog? We're coming! Nice.
Welcome to Bonifacio, south of Corsica.
- (speaks French) - Oh, my gosh.
Look at all this.
We never get to look at this when we're running up, uh, the hill.
So, Stefan has a little infusion that he would like to share with you.
Uh, yes, please.
- Stefan is an expert.
- Oh, wow.
- To wash the cheese down.
- Salute? Kim and Penn, I am pleased to tell you that you are team number one.
(laughing): Yes! Again.
I have some great news for you.
You've won a trip for two from Travelocity, and you are going to Turkey.
- Oh, my God.
- I've always wanted to go to Turkey.
KEOGHAN: You're gonna stay six nights in a deluxe sea view at the Akra Hotel.
You're going to enjoy a day at the Olympos Aerial Tram, exploring Tahtali Mountain, sea kayaking at the Kekova Preservation, and a sightseeing tour of Antalya City.
- Holy moly.
- Sound good? - Yes, thank you so much.
- We're so excited to go.
May put hit pause on kayaking till we recover from the last leg.
But other than that, we're good.
- Oh, we're there.
- KIM AND PENN: You're late! - KIM: Come on, girls! - PENN: Let's go! - Awesome job.
Awesome job.
- (whooping) - Good job today, guys.
- Awesome job.
Well, hug, hug.
- Thank you.
It seems like you guys definitely stepped up your game since you came back.
CAYLA: Our biggest competition is ourselves, so, as long as we just keep fighting to beat ourselves every time, I mean, I really don't think we can lose.
This is the second time that we have come in second place.
RAQUEL: We're getting better.
We're improving.
- CAYLA: I want some money.
- RAQUEL: Yeah We lost our jobs for over a year.
So, I mean, to win this money would be life-changing for us.
It would take a lot of stress off of us - for sure.
- Yes, for sure.
ALL: Cheers.
We should stop here and ask.
- You want? - Yeah.
NATALIA: Are you stopping? - Huh? - Do you want to stop, or you want to keep going? Just keep going.
- Should we stop here? - No, just keep going.
- Yeah, they did.
- But let's ask.
Yeah, there you go, and then that.
Can I get a check, please? How's it going? No good, Dusty.
Okay, it's all good, man.
I'm gonna have to see this, like, a thousand times, boy.
I think the first time around, I actually got the first two knots good.
And then the third one, how do you end it? So I had to back and forth.
I'm gonna be back a lot.
You're gonna hate me by the end of the day.
Ryan, you got it, baby.
"Who's feeling knotted up?" - I'll do it.
- ARUN: Okay.
- Okay, let's go.
- You got this.
I'm trying to find the area I have to repair.
It looks like my net is, like, really knotted up.
Is it, like, this part? RYAN: I really was like, "Okay, how am I gonna finish this?" Paid attention to the third one, and when I got done with the third knot, I realized there's still a hole, so I need to do a fourth knot.
I got it now.
All right.
Check, please.
They tight now.
DUSTY: Come on, Dad.
Dad, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Big money.
Ah, thank you.
- (whoops) - Hey.
Fastest doing these Roadblocks all day, baby.
"Run to your next Pit Stop.
" We're last.
- "Who's feeling knotted up?" - "Knotted up?" - You're doing this.
- All righty.
Ladies, come on! Okay, you guys are good.
Just take your time.
Dude, you merked that, dude.
LALA: Hey, Natalia and Arun they were already at the Roadblock.
At that moment, we realized, "All right, we're the last two.
" So I really have to get this right.
NATALIA: Hey, are there broken pieces on yours? I think so.
I don't know if I'm what I'm doing.
I'm just trying to find where the broken pieces are in this yellow section.
Oh, I see now.
Okay, I see it.
It was game on because we're currently the last two teams, so we're, like, full speed ahead.
We can't work with them anymore 'cause then we're gonna be last.
Oh, yeah, this is, uh, high pressures, you know.
High pressure.
Now, what am I doing? Okay, I'm gonna watch it one more time.
ARUN: Nat, you got this! - How we doing, Lan? - Not too good, Lulu.
LALA: My dad for a long time, he worked in the ocean, and he dealt with fishing and boats, and he taught us how to do different types of knots.
And that's why I'm like, "I have to get this and make him proud.
" Can't seem to get it, but I'm not trying to stress myself out.
Oh, my God.
(sighs) I'm shaking right now.
Ryan and Dusty, bring it in.
You are team number three.
- We'll take it.
- We'll take it, buddy.
(muttering): I remember him going under more.
Oh, that's it.
This is secure.
How does it look? Can I get a check? Okay? (whoops) Can you give me a hug? Ooh.
Thank you.
Lulu? - ARUN: It's okay, Nat.
- Oh, my God.
"Run to your next Pit Stop.
Last team may be eliminated.
" Lulu and Lala just got it.
I've been feeling the pressure, but I'm just going to stay focused on what I'm doing.
Okay, can I get a check? Good? Okay.
Thank you so much.
"Last team to check in may be eliminated.
" Okay.
- Do you know where you're going? - No.
- You can't cross this harbor.
- Let's ask.
Should we ask somebody? Do you know where "Rastouille" is? La pharmacie, on left.
La pharmacie, left? This lady right here.
- Turn left on the pharmacy.
- Okay, thank you.
Straight to the pharmacy.
On the pharmacy, we're turning left.
She said "pharmacy," right? - Oh, the pharmacy is that green light, okay? - All right.
- I think it's up there.
- You want to go up? Come on.
- We have to go all the way.
- Yeah.
- Sprint.
- Okay.
"Look for Napoleon.
" What does Napoleon look like? Almost there.
We're almost there.
Come on.
Come on, Nat.
You got this.
There is the Napoleon.
Come on, Lulu.
C-Catch up.
This way.
Lulu and Lala.
You're breathing heavy.
You're fighting for this.
Yes, we are.
- ARUN: Come on.
- KEOGHAN: Desperate times here on The Amazing Race.
- Lula and Lala.
- Yes? It was worth the effort.
- You are team number four.
- Yes.
Arun and Natalia, that does mean that you are the last team to arrive.
You've had second chances before.
- Yes.
- Unfortunately, not your day today.
The good news is, this is a non-elimination leg.
We have nine lives.
You are still in the race.
I am trying to rack my brain as to whether, in Amazing Race history, one team has been given so many chances.
ARUN: We are a cat with nine lives.
It's a blessing, but at the same time, we really need to step up.
People don't get these opportunities, and we have to bring it on - at the next challenge.
- We're still here.
We're still here.
We're here to fight another leg, you know? We can do it again.
I'm confident.
I understand that, Natalia, but you are not gonna get - any more chances.
- I know.
NATALIA: We bring it every leg.
You don't think We're not like, "Oh, let's, like" We're trying our best.
There's no more mistakes.
Captioned by Media Access KEOGHAN: Next time on The Amazing Race, Raquel gets wrapped up at the Roadblock.
RAQUEL: I don't know what I'm not doing right.
KEOGHAN: And the twins make an unscheduled Pit Stop.
We missed it.
We got to go back.
KEOGHAN: Well, you know where the Pit Stop is now.
I told you it was the Pit Stop, Lan.
- Don't get mad at me.
- You weren't listening to me.
I did listen, and I didn't see it.

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