The Amazing Race (2001) s33e09 Episode Script

Rock Bottom

Previously onThe Amazing Race, five teams raced to Thessaloníki, Greece.
Raquel got wrapped up at the Roadblock.
There's a lot I have to redo.
It really is very confusing as to what exactly she's looking for.
Doesn't make any sense to me, to be honest.
Arun and Natalia were lost for words.
The dish of the day is the souvlaki, -but first you must spell it.
" X-U-P No.
S-C-H-U-L-A-K-I? No.
Try again.
At a second Roadblock, Penn flexed his powerful memory I was making a personal CliffNote in my head.
-Yes! Come on! Sorry.
It's giving the married couple their third win in a row.
You are team number one.
Meanwhile, a series of costly mistakes This is a park.
-It's not in a park.
-Maybe it is in a park.
-What are we missing here? -I don't understand.
Oh, my God, I feel so dumb! led to a tearful goodbye for Lulu and Lala.
You are the last team to arrive, and you have been -eliminated from the race.
-After everything, thank you.
I do have some, uh, interesting news for you.
You will be staying in Greece tonight.
You guys get to choose -which hotel you stay in.
-Really? You will be booking your accommodation using the fast and easy Travelocity mobile app.
Let's book our room through the Travelocity app.
Yeah, use the Travelocity app.
"Search hotels.
" -Whoa.
-Oh, that one looks good.
A couple Greek gods need a real nice place to rest these old bones.
"Swipe to purchase.
" -We got a nice room.
-We're staying in Greece.
What a day.
Kim and Penn and Raquel and Cayla will depart first at 9:00 a.
"Route Info.
" "Drive yourself to the Forest Theatre in Thessaloníki.
" "And search for your next clue.
" Teams must drive 30 miles north to Greece's second largest city-- Thessaloníki-- an ancient city dating back 24 centuries and named after Alexander the Great's sister.
They'll find their next clue here-- Theatro Dassous, where stones are taking center stage.
We are down to just four teams, which -is a little nerve-racking.
It just means that there's so little room for error at this point in the race.
-Oh, this one? -Yup.
We're still living off the high of being in last, -coming in second.
So, we're, uh we're feeling pretty good -going into today.
Buckle up.
I think we're getting so much better and better.
I think, leg by leg, we're learning.
We're learning from our mistakes, we're getting stronger.
Which way should I go when I get out of here? So, that I actually don't know.
But we haven't won a leg yet.
I know, maybe today's our day.
-Love it.
-It would be great.
-It would be awesome.
-Any time now.
I'm looking for signs to Thessaloníki.
That's all, right? Is there a map in the front seat at all? -Yup.
Um I am doing the best I can.
The map doesn't even have our current city on it, so we are This is the definition of doing the best I can.
"I'm doing the best I can" -is sort of our family motto.
It is my belief that most people you encounter are doing their very best.
Anxiety is something that I've battled, and on at a race like this, it's really just put under the microscope.
So, Penn and I know, as partners, I might get frustrated, but he knows that, at the end of the day, I'm doing the best I can.
All right, what do we got? Route Info here.
-All right, let's go.
-Oh, let's go.
Today, leg nine, leaving in the second group again.
Let's roll, buddy.
We're realizing that that early start plays a tremendous amount on how you can finish, and so, it's a little deterring that we're not there, but, uh, I think to get back into the top group today, we just need to run a flawless leg.
We are where the Greek gods come from, so I'm hoping that something's presented to where our strengths can be put on display.
Always confident on navigation.
My boy back here is literally a Garmin.
Oh, this is a map of Thessaloníki, so we just need to figure out how to get there first.
Natalia, Natalia, I don't see any sign.
He's been really impressing me.
Like, for some of the physical challenges, I'm like, "I'm not sure if he's gonna do it.
" And he's, like, passing people and just killing it.
So, he's been impressing me so much during this race.
With only four teams left, we have one-in-four chance to make it to the finals, with all the teams extremely strong, so we just have to bring the best game possible.
- We are not going anywhere.
- We'll be here.
Navigating in Greece has definitely been a little bit harder, uh, compared to when we were more in, like, the city center just because, um, there's not many signs when you're in the countryside.
We want to make sure that we are not getting lost.
Ring Road.
Ring Road Highway.
See? -Ring Road.
-Ring Road, yeah.
-We're going the right way, baby.
-Oh, good.
Are you, like, -on the map now? Sweet.
-Yeah, we're on the map.
Exits and entrances to the city.
Okay, this is a sign, but I have no idea -what that says.
-I don't know what it says either, but We just don't want to make the same mistake twice like we did in Switzerland.
Or what's up what's up there, honey? -You want me to go up there? -Yeah.
-Forest Theatre.
-Forest Theatre.
Holy moly.
How did we find this? Yeah, let's do this.
Oh, it's like an outdoor theater.
Clue box.
- Sweet! - Okay, babe.
" Okay.
-"Who will leave no stone unturned?" Teams must now go on a search, leaving no stone unturned as they follow the Oracle of Delphi, exploring all possibilities to achieve a goal.
In this case, a Roadblock.
Hidden under four of these stones is a gold coin, which they'll need to present to the Oracle to get a clue.
-That's me.
-That's Kim.
You're a good looker.
You're good looking.
Oh, my God, it's beautiful.
Look at this.
Oh, you see -the Oracle, babe? -I do.
She's beautiful.
Oh, my God.
Leave no stone unturned.
- You got it, baby.
- There are thousands of rocks here.
I walk in and see this stage covered with 5,000 stones.
Just a sea of stones.
Immediately I was overwhelmed.
Only strategy is attacking one section at a time to make sure I'm not missing anything.
It was a semicircle-- the stage, so it was kind of going in a pie shape.
I was trying to create little landmarks on the stage of areas where I was like, "Okay, I've done.
I've done this row.
" I'm gonna kind of go this way.
If we're the first team here, logically, we have better odds.
You find the first coin, you make it even harder for the team behind you to find the coin.
If the last team has to find one rock, that's just mean, if that's the case.
Listen to the relaxing music.
Yeah, it's like I'm in a spa, but this is the worst spa ever.
-We're in the right place, right? -Yes.
-This is an actual task? This is not a nightmare? -Yes.
You're doing awesome.
There's a lot of rocks.
It's gonna take time.
It's gonna be hard for everybody.
I promise.
You're doing great.
I know it doesn't feel like it, but you're doing awesome.
Keep on looking.
Our goals for this leg are to get back in first place.
- We have Thessaloníki.
- Thessaloníki.
- Hell yeah, dude.
- So, is it, right, that? -I think we need to turn left.
-Right here.
Navigation is so important.
We don't want to lose time in getting lost.
- Oh.
Agios Pavlos.
- Where? -Keep going straight.
-Where straight? -Straight, straight.
Keep going straight.
-Right or left? -This way? Huh? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um, straight.
Do you see Agios Pavlos? -I'm doing a left or right, straight? -Left.
Natalia, please.
All right.
Are you? I'm sorry.
So far, their road signs are not in English.
Oh, it's a lot of Greek writing.
A lot of it.
900 meters.
800, which I don't know how long that is.
Hopefully we're in a good standing right now.
I'm assuming we're either one or two.
Last time I tried to figure out where our teams were, we were blatantly wrong.
We saw Lulu and Lala getting so lost can be a major downfall, so I will cheer every time when I see something that we're supposed to see.
I mean, we're in a very old city.
I mean, I'm imagining this city has been around for thousands of years.
And there are minimal street signs.
No one really speaks English.
Everything kind of looks the same.
This is not right.
This is not right.
We got to turn around.
-Can I get off here? -Um I don't know which way to go, babe.
How do we turn back around? Okay.
Man, I'm so lost.
This is not right.
This is not right.
We need to go back north.
So, hey, just relax.
We're -I got this.
-I'm relaxed.
I'm good.
I'm good.
We're fine.
So we just need to turn back around.
I'm just gonna get off here.
That would be wonderful.
Can we ask this person? Sir, Theatro Dassous? -Oh.
-Oh, it is right here? Thank you.
We got very lucky.
It's like we never even messed it up to begin with.
I'm looking for a gold coin.
And I thought it would be very obvious, but now I'm thinking that it's not gonna be so obvious.
We are in an ancient Greek theater in the land of the gods, and it's probably a good time to start praying to them.
My back is starting to hurt.
-Here's the parking.
-Great job.
Here we go.
"Who will leave" "No stone unturned?" -Do you think they're heavy? -I'll do it.
Here comes somebody.
Leave no stone unturned.
No stone unturned.
Oh, my God.
Welcome to hell.
You got it, Raquel.
This is your challenge.
I have no idea what this gold coin looks like.
I would imagine it would stick out at least.
- Look, look.
Clue box.
Clue box.
- Come on, dude.
I see it.
Let's go.
"Who will leave no stone unturned?" You, maybe.
I got it.
I'm gonna do it.
Leave no stone unturned.
Leave no stone unturned.
There are the boys.
I am currently looking for a gold coin on the bottom of a stone.
I was trying to search in zones, and then my friends here showed up and squatted in my zones.
Haven't looked over here, but I'm pretty sure other people have.
Oh, this is so frustrating.
Oh, my God, dude.
This is nuts.
There it is.
"Who will leave no stone unturned?" -Think you should do it.
-Okay, I'll do it.
- Leave no stone unturned.
- Oh, holy cow.
Hello, everyone.
Got to the place, and we seen all the teams.
I said, "God, good.
" They were struggling, so I thought this was the chance that I can pick up some time.
You got this, Dad! Do it for Mom, Dad! Hopefully get lucky.
I don't know.
When I first started the challenge, I did have a strategy.
I thought I'll start with the outer circle.
And then go to the inner circles.
But the problem-- what happened is, when I was trying to, there was already people in the way, the path I wanted to go, so I had to change the strategy a little bit.
This is a challenge, you definitely need patience, and I knew that he was just not gonna freak out, he was gonna stay calm.
This is my time to show up.
Leave no stone unturned.
This is just one of those tasks that tests you mentally.
Don't suppose you want to tell me where it is.
No? You do you.
Keep your cool.
Trying to look in places that seem more inconspicuous.
There's, like, that sound effect when you screw up something on The Amazing Race.
They go like And, like, and they show, it's, like, very obvious what you're missing.
I'll have picked it up and be like, "I don't know where it is," and it'll have like, be on the bottom, and I'll put it down.
This is tough.
I mean, I don't really know if there's any real strategy to this.
This is, like, 12 self-drives and a bungee jump rolled into one.
If I weren't in a race, I would say this is meditative.
I'm in a race, and it's panic-inducing.
This is quite torturous.
Raquel, I'll give you a back massage when we're done.
Dusty, I won't.
I need my gold! Where is my gold? Will you guys forward my mail? - Huh.
- I might be here a while.
- Keep it up, baby.
- You're doing great.
Just keep looking.
- You guys having fun yet? - Oh, God.
I should have prayed today, but I didn't.
I did pray.
Good for you, then.
I think we're all kind of in the same position.
This is the great equalizer.
Help me, help me, help me.
Just got to be patient, keep your head in it.
So, I meditate every morning.
I feel like this time around, meditation has absolutely changed me on this race 'cause I'm just so much more calm, I'm more present in the moment.
It's, like, it feels so good.
I need some of your good juju.
You let me take in your good energy.
Find the stone.
I'm gonna channel that energy.
I burn Nag Champa at home.
I'm giving you all my patience, my positive vibes.
I'm thinking it's something we're missing.
Not a single person has found anything yet? I'm starting to lose it.
The wheels are, uh, coming off.
Ooh, ooh.
I felt good because Dusty was losing his patience.
So I-I knew this is a challenge where you have to have patience.
I mean, if you don't have patience and you're just crisscrossing, you'll never find it.
Picking up stones, setting down stones, picking more stones up.
You got it.
Just keep trying, babe.
Process of elimination, we have we've been everywhere.
Like All four of us, I mean, in an hour, turning over every stone, turning over the same stone multiple times.
It's like, we couldn't even find a single gold coin.
And it's just, you feel hopeless.
Such a vast amount of stones to turn over, and just, after every one, my gloves are tearing, my knees are bleeding.
-This is like watching a horror movie.
-I know.
Where? We've all been through here, I feel like.
I mean let's narrow this down.
I-I swear to God, I've been through every section.
-Me, too.
-And I have touched every rock.
Everything has to have been flipped over, you would assume.
They're going over the same rocks now.
Raquel is right where Dusty just was for the past 30 minutes.
The Oracle-- I need you.
Give me your powers.
It feels like I've been here for three years.
And it could be anywhere.
Oh! You found it? - Wow.
- No way.
Here is your treasure.
- Let's go! - Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, I was the first one.
-I was like, "Thank you.
" -I was like, "Aah!" Good luck! Good luck, good Oh! Route Info.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
-Come on, come on, come on, come on.
-Okay, okay, okay.
"Find Socrates at the Trigonion Tower.
Listen to his words of wisdom to receive your next clue.
" Okay, all right.
At least we know it's here, guys.
Of course I wanted it to be me, but the fact that Raquel found one, I'm like, "Oh, they are here.
They're here.
" I'm sure I touched the one she had.
I'm sure I touched it.
I found that first! Yes! Oh, Trigonion Tower.
-You found it? -Yes.
It's literally directly south from here.
You got this, Dad! Thank you, Natalia.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, I wish I could tag in, man.
I wish I could.
Holy crap! I found it.
Are you kidding me, Kim? Yes, yes, yes.
Good job.
-It was terrible.
-I know.
- Let's get the out of here.
- Okay, let's go.
Kim found the coin.
That's what happened.
They have searched those areas so many times.
Oh, God.
You got this, Dad.
- This is crazy, man.
- You'll get it, man.
-I'd be going crazy, too.
-There's nothing I can do about it, man, just keep turning these things.
Come on, gold coin! Where are you? Come on, gold coin! Where are you? I just need to pray for a bit.
You got this, Dad! Yes! Good job.
Not good.
Here is your treasure.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good job, buddy.
And there's one left, man.
This is ridiculous.
What am I doing here? Come on, coin.
As you see the other teams find them, and you know that you're the last man in the trenches, and there's a whole field of stones, I mean, I was crushed.
Where have I not looked? We're going to the Trigonion Tower to find Socrates.
-Okay, I see it on the map.
This is not how I expected to go out, bro.
"Trignon" Tower.
- That what we're looking for? - Yeah, Trigonion Tower.
Yes, yes, yes.
Oh, yeah.
-Look at how pretty this is.
-Oh, my God.
-It looks so old.
-This is beautiful.
I'm just gonna park right here, okay? Okay, just go.
Right? Right there.
"Listen to his words of wisdom to receive your next clue.
" -Hi.
He, like, leaned forward, and his eyes got really big, and he's, like, looking into your soul, so it was kind of, like, for a moment, I'm like, "Just spit it out.
" Thank you "Detour.
" This detour requires teams to deliver plates with tender, loving care, or smash 'em to smithereens, something the Greeks do to celebrate joy and happiness.
For those choosing to deliver plates, they must safely carry 300 of them up this hill to Café Jasmine.
Once there, the restaurant owner will break out their next clue.
Teams that choose to break plates must smash through a pile of them, but only when the band is playing.
Until they find one with a clue inside-- the name of their next Pit Stop.
Break 'Em.
Oh, look, look.
Good job, guys.
- Good job, guys.
- Oh, thanks.
You topped us.
Is this Socrates up here? Socrates.
You're a Socrates? There's only one good knowledge? Thank you! - Pleasure to meet you.
- Appreciate it.
-I'm a big fan of your work.
You, too, you guys.
-We're smashing.
-Are you sure? I have a lot of rage I'd like to smash.
Let's do it.
We're smashing plates.
All right.
Regroup, Dusty.
What I'd do to try to make cheese again.
What I would do to try to make cheese again.
Be peaceful, man.
I'm getting close.
I can feel it.
We have to park off off of Eptapyrgio Street between First High School and the northeast side of the Heptapyrgion of Thessalonica.
Nat, I didn't understand one word.
You're speaking in Greek or what? Ha, ha, ha.
-All right, Dad, let's focus on getting to it.
-No, I know.
But I'm focusing on the thing.
First stop sign, -it said.
-What? -Akrita? Café Jasmine.
-We're here.
-Café Jasmine? Yeah, this is it.
- Hey! We made it.
- Hi! How are you? -Okay.
-Limoncello? "Choose a plate-smashing station.
Once chosen, you may not switch.
" Okay.
"You may only smash plates when the band is playing.
Alternate turns smashing plates.
" We could only do it while the band was playing.
If we smashed them while the band stopped well, that was a no-no.
One at a time, right? One.
-One, plate two.
In evaluating how can we best handle this, I was like, "Okay, I'm gonna say 'one,' you say 'two,' and we're gonna have a rhythm.
" -One! -Two! -One.
-One! -Two! -One.
-This is fun.
-This is so fun.
This is therapeutic.
- Smash something? Yes.
- Like, we just honestly, at that point, wanted something -therapeutic, and so we were like, "Ugh!" -Yeah.
-It was, like, the most fun.
-Felt great.
-Could the clue have been, like.
? -Well, if we have to, I will then put my gloves on, and we will search through.
Yeah, we will search it, okay.
Thank you.
Okay, it's got to be over here somewhere.
- You got it, dude.
- Come on.
I just want to scream at the top of my lungs.
I know, I know.
Certain challenges are no joke.
I thought I had strategy at the beginning, but once you turn over 2,000 of 5,000 stones, you kind of lose place, where you're at, and it's just, you feel hopeless.
It's got to be in this area, man.
It's got to be over here.
All I could think about was "I'm gonna lose this for our team.
" A lot of anger started building, uh, and, you know, it was bad.
Ready, go.
-One! -Two! -One.
-One! -Two! -One.
-One! -Two! -One.
-One! -Two! -One.
-One! -Two! Cut myself.
-Are you okay? -Mm-hmm.
Alternate between different stacks, so we can go through.
Look at the bottom like this, like how I'm doing it.
I was like, "Let's make sure we flip it over and then smash it, still do it fast-paced.
" 'Cause you never know where the clues are gonna be, right? I mean, it can be inside -the plate.
-She's still in the mindset of flipping over stones.
-She's like, "Let's flip over 300 plates" -Yeah.
I don't know.
-"before we split.
" -I'd rather be thorough 'cause I have learned the hard way in this race that if you're not thorough and pay attention to the details, you could -it could really set you back.
-One! -Two! -One.
-Oh, there it is.
Okay? -Get it.
-Oh, that's it.
White Tower.
-Okay, grab all the -Okay.
This is White Tower, which got its name back in 1891 when someone painted it white.
It's now a symbol of Thessaloníki and, today, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race, where Greek philosopher Diogenes, the Cynic, will be waiting to greet them.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
All right, let's go down.
I see plates.
I see a band.
This has got to be it.
So, now we smash.
And-and look for a clue.
Hey! -Yeah.
-Hey! Hey! Hey! - Oh.
- Stop.
This is like really weird musical chairs.
-You guys are good.
-You guys are great.
Can't wait to come back and never do this again.
Knees, don't fail me.
- We see the White Tower.
- We're gonna cross so we don't have to dodge all these people.
Here we go, final stretch.
Ah, Phil! Yes! Welcome to Thessaloníki.
We have two ears and one tongue so that we'd listen more and speak less.
-I like that.
-Thank you.
- I got one for you.
- Okay.
You are team number one.
We did it! -Oh, my God.
-I'm sorry.
-We won! -Oh, Lord! - Oh, God.
- And I have some great news for you.
As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a trip for two from Travelocity, and you are going to Kauai.
You're gonna stay six nights at the Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach Resort in an ocean view room.
Enjoy a helicopter tour of the Napali Coast and Waimea Valley, a Luau Makaiwa, and private chef's poolside dinner for two.
You can enjoy yourselves.
This is the end - of the ninth leg of this race.
- Thank you.
Finally! Ah, are you happy? -Yes.
-Oh, okay.
-I'm so proud of us! -Maybe just a little bit? -I'm so proud of ourselves.
-You should be proud.
We are gonna be the fourth all-female team to win The Amazing Race.
Mark our words.
This is my kryptonite.
I thought it was being confined in tight spaces.
I guess it's turning stones.
-I'm losing, dude.
-What's the point, right? I'm so angry.
Oh, Dusty, come on, baby.
Keep it together.
Don't let 'em win.
Oh, Dusty -Hey! Hey! Hey! -I can do this all day long.
Hey! Can I be honest? It feels better if you yell -"Hey!" after each of 'em.
-Not doing it.
Opa? I'm fresh out of patience.
I needed to smash some things.
It felt good.
One of my very dear friends got married in Santorini, and there was a time that they they-they had the plates, and they let us smash 'em.
So I have done that before, but the way I was smashing today-- there was a lot of rage.
Less celebratory and more rage.
Two, one.
-Ah, I got it! -You got it? Where? Oh.
-"White Tower.
" Well done.
You have to park off Eptapyrgiou Street between First High School and northeast side of the Heptapyrgion of Thessalonica.
What are we entering? Hmm? Did we miss it? Yeah, I think we have to keep going up.
- Keep going which up? - By the florist.
- Yeah.
- Can you just turn around -and go the other direction? -Yeah, I'm just I'm trying to.
Where do you want me to turn? 'Cause most of them have U-turns.
Uh How is it so hard to find this? Oh.
That was a day, Phil.
Welcome to Thessaloníki.
We have two ears and one tongue so that we'd listen more and speak less.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
I'm pleased to tell you you're team number two.
Yes! Yes.
There will be three departure times on the next leg of the race.
You will be leaving second.
Just let 'em see you be peaceful, man.
-That's the only thing that matters.
-I'm not gonna let it beat me.
-I've been all over, dude.
-I know you have, man.
Everybody had and didn't find anything.
It just -Please hit me with lightning! -It's designed to spin someone out.
Don't let it do it to you.
Please, please be in here.
Should come up here and take a look, man.
It's real pretty.
Take a rest.
Take a breather.
Just enjoy the breeze.
Take a breath.
Good thing is, there's always more beautiful things on the other side, man.
Ryan's you know, he's talking to me, trying to coax me down a bit.
Don't mess yourself up.
You're doing good, man.
Literally, you can't do any better than you're doing.
I just don't know where to start, dude.
Just enjoy this.
I think what really helped and stopped me from blowing the gasket was he asked me to come up to the top of the theater with him.
And he was like, "Man, let's just take a look and realize where we're at.
" It's something that I've worked on a lot over the last few years is my anger.
I've had a temper as a younger man.
Um, and it almost brought out a real bad side of me.
And, uh, you know, I just kept thinking, "I don't want my son to see me act like this.
" So I swallowed my-- I don't want to call it pride-- but the anger.
I had to just, you know, let the pressure valve release.
What-Whatever happens today-- it's This has been an incredible journey with my buddy.
Um, I've just put so much into this, but I'm gonna keep looking.
It's just, I didn't think this would be what got me, man.
I definitely didn't think this would be what got me.
But that's the race.
I've watched enough of it.
I'm a student of the game.
These things can get you, and this may be the one that got me.
Myles, buddy, I love you, dude.
I tried.
Breathe, Dusty.
"No stone unturned.
" Oh, boy.
I just don't know where to go! Oracle, help me out here.
All the wisdom in the world won't help you with this .
I mean, I tell you.
Now, if I were a gold coin, where would I put myself? Oh, my.
Yeah! Yes! Yes! Yes! -Here is your treasure.
-Oh, it's a treasure, all right.
Yeah! I wanted to give up, buddy, but I didn't.
- Oh.
- Let's roll.
Yeah, we got to sprint, bud.
Oh, there's a marked parking.
-I see it.
-Where do you see it? -Right.
To your right, to your right.
-Where the white car is.
-Nat, you have to tell me -right or left.
Come on.
-To the right.
-How many times have I told you? -Right.
To the right.
To the right.
On this street, yeah.
-Park here.
-You've got to stop doing this, okay? -I said, to the right.
I had to yell at Natalia a couple of times.
Why, though? I don't understand.
Like, I was like, "The parking spot's on the right," and you're, like, freaking out.
You're like, "Give me clearer directions.
" And I'm like, "It's on the right, to the right.
" -Okay, hurry up.
Come on.
We need to find Trigonion Tower? I feel like I got my second wind.
It may be a real slow wind.
- My fingers are destroyed.
- Okay.
My legs are destroyed.
My back.
I mean, I feel like I'm 80, but we're gonna get it done.
-You got her? -Yeah, I think so, actually.
Hell yeah, man.
-This might not be it.
-Huh? Is this not it? You're just running around without any clue.
-Do we go up here? -Yeah.
You are just running, like, with no direction.
Yeah, and we ran in a circle.
This is where we started.
We lost our way.
We're just wasting time for no reason.
Dusty and Ryan could have passed us.
They could have found the stone right after us, so -Then-then we-we feel that we're in the last place now.
What if we get there, there's still people doing something? The good thing is, I think we got good directions and we're making good time.
Why are you going that way? There's a path here.
Just concentrate.
We can't be fighting right now.
Nat, look at the clue.
"Listen to Socrates for your next clue.
" There is only one good-- knowledge-- and one evil-- ignorance.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
-Oh, thank you.
We're gonna do Break 'Em.
-Let's go.
We wasted our time.
- This way? - There's, like, no restaurants.
Are you freaking kidding me? It's, like, deserted here.
What do we got over here? -Yep, I see it.
My man figured it out.
-Socrates, please.
There is only one good-- knowledge-- and one evil-- ignorance.
I agree.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you, sir.
We appreciate you.
Yeah, let's go smash some stuff, man.
I want to smash everything around me.
That's all you've been wanting to Revenge, for sure.
Can you give me direction? "Chinari" Square is down? -It's down? Okay.
-Down, down.
Okay, and then Akrita is down? -Down.
-Okay, Akrita.
Okay, let's go.
Hey! - Yes.
- This looks really nice.
- This looks café-y.
- Café-y.
We feel like we're in a café area.
This is beautiful.
We're gonna hit pay dirt here real soon.
-The music.
"Choose a plate-smashing station.
" Right here.
- Alternate, correct? - Yeah.
- What are we looking? - Break it properly.
You're not breaking it fully.
Who cares about that? Just go.
You got to break it here.
Keep going, keep going.
We got to make sure, like, we're breaking it fully, so that we don't miss any of the clues.
Nat, you're not breaking the pieces.
Hit it flat like this.
Oh, my God, I got it.
Yes, yes! Good job, Natalia! -That's it.
White Tower, okay? -That's it.
Let's go.
My knee is buckling, okay? Get on the sidewalk.
Is that Jasmine? Oh, yeah.
Hiyo! Let's go.
Look for, uh, the clue.
Opa! That one works.
This is very soothing.
So, this is a great way to release my aggression.
Hit 'em on the side.
They go everywhere.
We found it.
We're headed to the White Tower! Which way to the water? - That was awesome.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
We could be in last right now, but we're just gonna keep running.
We know where we're going, hopefully.
Hopefully it's the Pit Stop.
Let's go.
Watch it.
Thank-thank you.
- Come on, Dad.
- I hit my knee on a rock.
- Are you okay? - My knee is buckling.
Light jog, light jog.
Pace ourselves.
Come on.
We got a new friend.
-What's up, bro? -Yeah, man.
Yeah! Lead us to the White Tower.
Let's go! Let's hope we're running in the right direction.
- Come on, Nat.
- You got to do it for Mom.
Aah! -White Tower, let's go, dude.
-We're We're following, uh, Scruffleupagus.
- Yeah.
- Taking us to the White Tower.
See you, buddy.
- This is a nightmare.
- Yeah.
It could be anybody's race.
-That one there.
-Oh, okay, okay.
We got to hustle.
Hey, right here, Ryan.
I see something that looks like a tower.
There it is, bud.
Oh, that's it.
Come on! Come on.
This way.
Good call, good call.
- The White Tower ahead.
- We got to go quick.
Come on.
- Here we go.
- Okay, let's go.
There it is, baby.
Let's go, baby.
Yeah! Dad, let's go! Detroit is here! Yes.
- Phil.
- Mr.
Welcome to Thessaloníki.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
What kind of a day have you had? We had a decent day - till we get to turning the rocks.
- Yeah.
- But I'm not too sure.
- We haven't seen Ryan and Dusty, so I think we might be still in third place.
- You-you agree? - Agree? - Yes.
- Okay.
- You're team number three.
Team number three is a good finish.
-That matches your best finish so far, correct? -Yeah.
-That's in leg two.
You've had good luck so far, but luck does run out.
Phil, but it's not all good luck.
-Taking what you're given.
-We have made the best use of what we have been given.
There will be only one winner on this race.
We're gonna turn things up, Phil.
Man, I don't want to hear this.
I've worked too hard to go home, man.
Please don't send us home.
Please don't send us home, Phil.
Ryan and Dusty, I'm sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive.
I guess you guys figured that.
- Yeah.
- We figured it.
Destroyed me today, man.
I mean, you guys have been the best performers throughout this race, and today everything just fell to bits.
What happened? Man, digging through the rock, trying to turn over every stone, it just as each stone was found, it just got harder and harder.
It, like, crushed me, man.
It made me question a lot of things.
What are you questioning? I had anger issues as-as a younger man, um, and, like, moving my family and everything, I've, like, really worked on it.
And I walked the line on it today.
It almost came out.
I was rage was building, but I just swallowed it.
I just didn't want my kid to see that.
He doesn't know the old D-Dusty or Dad, so He's gonna see me walk the line, but I was able to step it back.
I mean, I grew today a whole bunch as a person.
I just don't want to go home.
I've worked too hard, man.
- Most important thing is the example you made, so - -I know.
I know you've given it absolutely every everything you had.
Good news is, this is a non-elimination leg.
Mwah! While this is a non-elimination, I'm pretty sure you've figured out that those won't continue.
Oh, my God.
All right, there's gonna be three departure times - in the next leg.
- I'm guessing we're last.
I can tell you, you'll be departing last - and you will be on your own.
- Okay.
You will be behind everybody.
I don't think you've ever faced that before.
I'd have it no other way, man.
So you got to do some serious catching up, because there will only be three teams racing to the finish line for the million-dollar prize.
So today was your lucky day.
Phil, thank you.
We're not gonna let anyone down, man.
Next time on the two-hour season finale ofThe Amazing Race Welcome aboard Amazing Race Flight 1 to your final destination.
With the finish line in sight We're ready to run with the best of 'em.
Let's get it, baby! You got this, Dad.
there's no room for error.
Ah! - Did they already get it? - Yeah.
The final four I have no idea what he's doing.
I don't think rowing is my dad's thing.
Took my boat! race to avoid elimination and give it all they've got At this point, honey, we're just smashing everything.
You're so close.
We are coming for blood and first place.
to win $1 million.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on.
You are the official winners ofThe Amazing Race.

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