The Amazing Race (2001) s33e10 Episode Script

No Room For Error

This season ofThe Amazing Race has been like no other.
11 teams began a race around the world Go! but for the first time ever, the race was suspended.
The world is dealing with the coronavirus.
The best choice is to suspend the race.
After 19 months, seven teams returned ready to race again.
Travel safe.
Go! Some teams tested their limits.
Oh, my God, I can't.
Others upheld their commitments.
We're dedicating this entire journey to all those who lost loved ones because of COVID -and to our grandmother, of course, number one.
-Of course.
-She would be proud of us.
-Yeah, she would.
And three fell short.
Michael and Moe Akbar and Sheri Lulu and Lala, unfortunately, you have been eliminated from the race.
Now it all comes down to these four teams.
Best friends Ryan and Dusty had an important reason to race Part of the reason that I'm here-- I want to humanize the wrongfully-convicted individuals who don't have a voice.
and started as the team to beat.
You are team number one.
-Yes! -Yes! But a series of problems - We got to go do the other thing, man.
- Yeah.
We are switching challenges.
-We're going under.
-We're going under.
We're going under.
-All right.
It was bad.
had them scrambling for a place in the final four.
You are the last team to arrive.
The good news is this is a non-elimination leg.
Raquel and Cayla had their share of mistakes and laughs.
- It's all over the thing.
- Oh.
But the flight attendants never lost sight of their mission.
We're all about us girls getting -to the final three.
It's been a while since there's been an all-female team that won.
And are hitting their stride when it matters most.
You are team number one.
We did it! Internet personalities Kim and Penn raced with determination and a sense of humor.
Activate nerd glasses.
But it was their love and trust of each other You're such a badass! I really wanted her to come back up.
I think I was imagining my life if she didn't.
I'm so freaking proud.
that made them the most consistent team with four first-place finishes.
Superfans Arun and Natalia saw their dream end early.
And you have been eliminated from the race.
Ah, sucks.
But after returning to the race -Welcome back.
-Oh, thank you, guys.
- Good seeing you guys.
- Thank you.
the father and daughter defied the odds Well, I'm pleased to tell you this is a non-elimination leg.
Oh, thank you.
You are still in the race.
and raced their way into the final four.
There will be only one winner on this race.
We're gonna turn things up, Phil.
Coming up tonight, one of these four teams will win $1 million andThe Amazing Race.
Lead the way.
Back on the plane.
All teams are now taking a charter flight 1,700 miles from Thessaloníki, Greece, to Portugal, the westernmost country in Europe.
This majestic statue of Jesus Christ is an exact replica of Christ the Redeemer, which stands 5,000 miles away in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
This is where teams will start the penultimate leg of the race-- Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.
"Route Info.
"Welcome to Portugal.
Drive yourselves to Fortaleza de Saão Filipe in the town of Setúbal.
" Teams need to find this 439-year-old fortress-- St.
Filipe-- strategically built to protect the coastline from invasion.
Teams must use this spectacular vantage point to spot their next clue, hidden somewhere down there in this ancient port city.
It's here that they'll find their first Roadblock.
"Warning-- there are two Roadblocks in this leg.
-Choose wisely.
" All right.
-All right, let's go.
So we're leaving in first place by ourselves.
So we need to look for the town of Setúbal.
We have two Roadblocks.
We got to figure this out wisely.
Coming off of such a strong leg, obviously, like, boosts our confidence a little bit.
There's a lot at stake today.
Yeah, there's a lot at stake today.
We just want to make it to that final, and all bets are off this leg.
The sign pointed to Almada down here, so -Yeah, this is wrong.
-That's not right, babe.
That's sketch.
-I don't know.
I mean -Okay, well, we can go-- we can retrace.
"Welcome to Portugal.
" "Warning-- there are two Roadblocks in this leg.
-Choose wisely.
" Let's go.
Let's go this way.
Let's go.
Lisbon, Portugal.
We're leaving in group two, and Dusty and Ryan are behind us, which is nice 'cause we're used to being in the last group.
We've been underdogs from the time we came back after being eliminated.
We've had second chances, and this might be our final, so we got to fight hard today.
People don't get chances like how we have, and for us to just be one leg of it to making it to the finals, we cannot make any mistakes.
There's no room for error.
As superfans, we want to go through and run every single leg of the race.
And so that's what we want to do.
It's just so exciting.
You want to just go for it -and not ask for directions? -Yeah.
Okay, let's just give it a go.
This is the most stressful day in The Amazing Race, where you just want to get to the final three, and your chances are lower than they've ever been to survive.
There are only four teams left.
So margin of error-- like, we just can't make mistakes today.
We need to go there.
-Which-which way? Blue signs.
In the middle.
-Stay in the middle.
This day's starting off decent.
We came back to this race to show our kids that we finish what we started.
We want to make it to the finish line.
And not as, like, those people who are like, -"Oh, yeah, yeah, really" -No, we want to be running across the finish line.
"Warning-- there are two Roadblocks in this leg.
Choose wisely.
" Ooh, here we go.
-Two Roadblocks.
Let's do it.
-Let's get it, baby! Starting in fourth place.
Fourth place is last place.
We don't like it, but we're still here.
All right.
The last leg, I hit rock bottom per se, but the bad luck has run out, in my opinion.
" Setbal? -Yeah.
-Setúbal? Is that it? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Follow that.
-Follow that.
Adversity really brings out character in people, and, uh, I would not want us behind you hunting you down.
We will find one of these lambs in front of us, and we will feast.
We will be in the finals, no question asked.
It's very tricky finding the fort.
Do you know where the, um, Fortaleza de Saão? -Fortaleza de Saão Filipe.
-You go up to -So, we hit the roundabout and go left? We're not going south.
We might be going the wrong way.
-This says "A12.
" -See, yeah, this isn't right.
We need to turn around.
Oh, my God, is that Arun and Natalia? That is Arun and Natalia.
So we just saw Arun and Natalia.
I don't know how! Are you kidding me? - Let's rock it.
- Here.
Top of the fort.
-Top of the fort.
Look at the flag, honey.
Uh, up top.
"Take in the view!" And "Look for your next destination.
" Okay, I see a big red flag.
Where? Oh, yeah, down by the port? -Um, if we can get down? -Uh-huh.
-Right along the beach.
-Okay, yeah.
Just get to the water.
So if we go into those yellow buildings, -we've gone too far.
Color-blind Penn found the flag.
- Head to the water.
- Look for those white buildings.
Drive straight on.
-Drive straight on? -Drive straight on.
-You are almost there, almost there.
-Almost there.
Fortaleza de Filipe left.
- I think I see it.
- Oh, that's Kim and Penn.
-They're leaving already.
-Was that Raquel and Cayla? -Yeah.
- Search the top of the fort.
- Yup.
- "Take in the view! - Look for your next destination.
" Take in the view.
All right, here we go.
- Is it that flag? - I mean, that could be it.
- "Take in the view.
" - Look, I think you're right.
- I think that's it.
- Hey, boys.
Let's go! - That's it, that's it.
- On the dock.
It's red and yellow stripe.
That's it.
- That's 100% it.
- Yeah.
Good eye.
-Let's go, guys.
Hell yeah.
- They're there.
- It's right there.
I just want to make sure I know how to get there.
-There's a golfing thing.
-Okay, guys, come on.
Guys, come on.
Dad, we don't have time to waste now.
- Come on.
- All right, let's go.
That was great spotting, man.
All right, let's get down down to that main road -that we were on and head straight to the water.
- So it's literally just straight ahead.
- Yes.
To the right, yeah.
- You see right there? - The port right there? -The flag? -We just go down by the water to the fishing harbor.
We're going south.
Ryan and I, the lions, went hunting, and we made a kill with Raquel and Cayla behind us, but now we are hunting for the main prize-- the Cape buffalo.
Penn and Kim, we are coming for blood in first place.
Gobble, gobble.
-This feels right.
-Yeah, 'cause remember I said that it's, like, right by those white buildings.
-Are these the white buildings? -And these are the yellow buildings? So, let's take a right? Let's just hug the water.
Let's go up a little bit and then, like - We're hugging the water.
- Yeah.
-See a flag! -Yay! -Did you see it? Okay.
Uh, I see oceanfront straight ahead.
Do we want to keep going straight, Ryan? -Turn right.
-'Cause there's-- oh -There's another marker right here.
They're going right.
Okay, my bad.
Yeah, I didn't see that over there.
When you're high up, it's easy to spot that flag.
When you're down low, it's a little bit harder.
Just do a U-ie.
I mean, I can't just do a U-ie here, bro.
Yeah, all right, all right.
The water's to your right, to your right.
- The flag is to the right.
- Yeah.
I can turn right, yeah.
Let's go! Let's continue our adventure! -Okay.
What do we get here? -Oh, a clue.
Who wants to go exploring?" These boats are named after some of this country's most famous explorers, along with the names of some modern-day celebrities.
Question is, can teams figure out who's who? They must choose a boat with the name of an explorer and then row it to the other side of the marina.
If they have chosen correctly, a fisherman will hand them a clue.
I'd love to go exploring.
-Would you really? -Yes.
Good luck, baby.
Raquel, let's go.
I see it, I see it, I see it, I see it, I see it.
"Who wants to go exploring?" -I should do it.
I figured it would be something a little bit more on the physical side, so it was definitely best that she did the Roadblock first.
I'm pretty sure I trust myself.
"Choose a rowboat named for a famous Portuguese explorer.
" We had to go to a specific dock, find a rowboat named after a famous Portuguese explorer, and I didn't recognize most of the names.
I got into a boat, and I didn't even really know the-the name on the end of it.
I took a chance, and I took a guess.
I'm gonna try this.
I had a moment of panic because if I was wrong, I was gonna have to row it back.
Never Row, row, row your boat.
I'm gonna go out backwards.
I think I'm facing the wrong direction.
That's the way I should have done.
Think I'm doing it wrong! - Okay.
Got the keys? Got the keys? Dad! Dad! -"Who wants to go exploring?" -Okay, I'll do it.
There's gonna be two Roadblocks, and I said, "As long as it's not singing and dancing.
" And the other one could have been, so So, I'll I'll take it.
How do I know what the name of the explorer is? I'm looking for the explorer, making sure I got the right boat.
I have to get on the boat and then look.
No, no.
"Cristiano Ronaldo" is not.
I read, like, three of the boats, and one was a soccer player, so I definitely knew it wasn't him, and then Cristiano Ronaldo? -Uh, yeah, it was.
Yeah, yeah.
-It was?! I would've gone on that boat.
"Bartolomeu Dias.
" Pretty sure that's the name of an explorer.
I saw "Bartolomeu Dias," and I was like, "Oh, I know more than I think.
" Oh, my God.
Ugh! Cayla? You're doing a great job, Raquel.
Clearly, I don't have rowing experience.
Did you see me? I would have been better paddling with my hands.
I was awful.
This is hard.
Ooh! I can't let Natalia down.
I can't let myself down.
Should have asked before I got on the water what who were famous explorers.
Hello, sir.
Is this, by any chance, a famous Portuguese explorer? Give her a clue.
Give her a clue.
- Uh, good.
- It is? Yes! Bless you.
Thank you.
I picked the prettiest boat.
Lucky guess.
Route Info.
"Make your way on foot to Mercearia Confiança" Let's go.
There's another team coming now.
Dusty and Ryan showed up after us.
Yeah, we-we weren't last.
We're last? -Don't know.
"Who wants to go exploring?" You got it? When we saw rowing, it was kind of a no-brainer.
My guy can row three boats in the time a person can do one.
His upper body is built to row.
I got all the faith in the world in Ryan.
He's gonna get this done.
I'm gonna take this.
You had to go look at the boats, and since everybody were taking off, I chose one which sounded Portuguese.
António Guterres sounded like Portuguese, so I just selected that name because I don't know anything about Portuguese history.
Oh, I've never rown a boat.
But with every There's always a first time for everything.
You got this, Dad.
Okay, patience, Arun.
Patience! Patience.
I have no idea what he's doing.
I've never done this before.
When I was rowing, like, it's kind of like my stick shift driving.
It's not pretty, but I get it done.
I'm here, I'm here.
That's great.
Thank you.
-Uh, good.
-Thank you.
Thank you so much.
-Yes! -Oh.
-Yes! -I'm glad I studied in school.
That was the only one I was sure of.
"Make your way on foot to Mercearia Confiança de" -All right, come on.
Let's go.
I'm not too sure how to row this boat.
Sometimes I had it this way, that way.
I was going Instead of going front, I was going back, so I'm just going in circles.
I-I mean, I really sucked.
Yeah, I don't think rowing is my dad's thing.
Just go for it.
I just assumed I didn't know any of the explorers.
So I was like, "You know what? I can bang this out.
" So I'm just gonna start going.
Fortunately, one was Cristiano Ronaldo, which I was pretty sure wasn't a famous explorer.
Dad, you got this! It's good a guess as any, and I don't know anybody out here that can help us out.
All right.
Wrong way.
I just hope he can get it done, stay cool, calm, collected and get us out of this.
Sending my good vibes out to him right now.
I'm struggling with myself.
That's the worst part is, like, you're here, and you can't even -help your partner.
-Sweating away.
Are you freaking kidding me? I should have done this.
Dad, just stay calm! I think I am not doing it both for at the same time.
He is struggling right now.
He has not left the location he started in.
But, you know, he's not a quitter, so he's gonna pound through this.
Come on, Ryan.
You're good, baby.
Seeing Arun spin around like a top when you're a leg away from a million dollars-- I was hoping the drain was gonna keep on running and suck him on down.
- We're good.
- Come on, baby.
-No good.
-No good? All right, thank you.
Unfortunately, got a bad bad pick.
Wrong boat.
Excuse me, sir, do you speak a little English? We're looking for Mercearia Confiança de Troino.
-700 meters? -Yeah.
-Thank you, sir.
Really appreciate it.
-Thank you.
Okay, what are we looking for? Sir, we're looking for this place.
This way and to the left? I think it's just straight ahead.
Ryan got the wrong boat.
Vasco da Gama? I think that's correct.
I found the right boat.
I have to get that.
The right explorer.
I don't know anything about Portuguese history other than Vasco da Gama.
The Portuguese explorer came to India, so I absolutely knew who he was.
I had to put the boat back into the dock before I could go and get the other boat.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Dumb luck try number two.
Oh, man, I didn't see this one.
Oh, God! They took my boat.
Vasco da Gama.
This is an explorer.
I should have taken my time and looked at all of them first.
You took my boat! We good now.
We good now, baby.
We good now.
- We're here.
- This is it.
That worked out well.
- Okay.
- "Choose a sardine can from the marked stand outside the store.
" They say that canned fish is perhaps the oldest and healthiest fast food in the world.
And here in Portugal, they produce more than 250 million cans of it every year.
Locals regard the old canned designs as prized pieces of artwork, something you'll see on full display in the fishing city of Setúbal.
After choosing one of these sardine cans, teams must replicate it by painting it on a door.
Which one do you want to do? Um, uh, you're the artist.
- You want to do the mermaid? - Okay.
Yeah, let's do it.
We're gonna get this.
We got to go to this place-- "Rua Vasco da Gama.
" But we're gonna have to take that can of sardines and basically replicate it on a wooden door.
There it is.
So we just have to paint it in.
All right, we paint black here.
How about I do, uh, just the purple? You do the purple, and I'll do the black? -Yeah.
-Use a smaller brush maybe, baby? -I will.
You're doing awesome.
Vasco da Gama, baby.
You got my boat! Ooh.
Oh, I hope this one's right.
It's good.
- Ah.
- Boy! "Make your way on foot to Mercearia Confiança de Troino.
" Sir, could I ask you a favor? Ryan, it looks like he's making a little ground now.
Okay, he's moving a little bit.
All right, he's making progress.
I see Arun.
He's pulling around, so they're not too far behind us.
There you go, there you go.
Finally, I was able to get the rhythm, so that's this is how it works.
You were picking up speed after a while.
I was like, -"Okay, Dad has a rhythm.
" -I picked up some.
Killing it! Killing it! -I think we picked a hard one.
-Yeah, we did, honey.
I am shorter, so I'm handling everything on the bottom here.
Thank you, baby.
I love you for that.
Oh, right there.
"Choose a sardine can from the marked stand.
" Which one looks the easiest? -This one.
I mean, I like those colors.
We chose the sardine can 'cause it just seemed like there wasn't as many, like, fine lines and small details.
Here we go.
This is it.
There's only three colors on here.
There's, like, five on that.
Little fish.
This is a good call.
So, let's hold this right under here.
So I'll start with a yellow for this.
I feel like I'm crafty enough.
Okay, so this is yellow.
23A right there.
Nice and easy.
All right, buddy, take your time.
-Take your time.
-Yeah, dude, for sure.
You're making it! You're moving! Hopefully, he has the right boat.
Got it.
This is the boat? No good.
It's not the right explorer.
God! Have to do this again.
I should have done this Roadblock.
Learning to be positive.
I can't let Natalia down, so now I have to figure out something else.
Where is everybody else? They're right next to us.
When your hands are shaking and there's a race on the line, and there's people showing up, it's bizarrely hard to do this.
We're just focusing on our own work.
I'm hoping this is where we can make up some time, 'cause we see them, we are all together, so we just need to get it done quickly.
Painting sardines on a door.
I am super artistic.
I love this.
This is right up my alley.
I love art, and I grew up in art classes.
I enjoyed it.
It's something, you know, down the road, man, I hope my kid wants to get art sets, and we can splash paint around everywhere.
- He was just painting it in.
- I mean, he was getting it done.
Just nice and easy, baby.
We're not too far behind right now, and he looks like he's making moves right now.
The last name seemed like it's Portugal.
I'm not good with Portuguese history.
Honestly, there's no logic behind it.
At that time, I was just desperate because everybody had already left.
I really hope this is the one.
I really hope it's right.
I don't think you have to be too accurate.
Just speed ahead of accuracy.
I don't know how accurate I was being at first.
I was like, "Let's just get this done.
This is a lot of paint.
" We're gonna have to do green.
I'm doing the big chunks of green.
I still have to go back over and, like, fine-tune it.
We're leaving on first try, I'm telling you.
- I'm just plugging away, dude.
- Yeah.
I think we're close.
That looks amazing.
Uh, check? Hi.
Any, uh any advice? Not yet.
Hoping that this is the right boat this time.
It's gonna be a struggle watching him coming back, doing that again.
Please say yes.
Please say yes.
- Oh, thank God.
- Yeah! Good job! -Thank God.
-Thank God.
You stuck it through, didn't give up.
Good job.
"Paint a sardine can label on a door.
" Okay.
I hate sardines.
I would rather be painting a sardine can than eating a can full of sardines.
We're ready for a check.
Raquel and Cayla are getting checked.
- Yeah? No? Yeah? - I don't know.
I don't know.
Wait a minute, that was "yeah"? -I'm sorry.
Miss? -No, that was a no.
-That was a no? -That was a no.
Here's where we need your ADHD superpowers, Penn.
I'm trying.
I'm I Oh, the-the middle of the "D" should be black, and the middle of the "A" should be black.
That's what we needed right there.
She got it.
That was it.
-It looks freaking awesome.
-Yeah, let's check it.
Check, please.
Not yet.
Aah! Really? Do we have the same picture? I think she's enjoying this.
I hear panic over there.
-You're doing good, dude.
-All right.
-Oh, my God, right here.
-Oh, my God.
We missed one leg of the octopus.
- It was a very easy fix.
- Very easy fix.
And I noticed that Kim and Penn had gotten their door checked, I mean, since we were there, and they weren't getting it.
-Okay, should I ask for a check? -Yes, yeah.
Yeah! Yes! Yes, baby, yes! - Boo! - The girls got it.
Raquel and Cayla got it.
-Thank you.
-Okay, ready? Teams must now drive themselves to Santuário do Cabo Espichel where they'll find their next clue.
It's something specific like "Oh, duh" that we're missing.
We're gonna lose The Amazing Race'cause we can't paint.
Is there black in the "F"? -Yeah.
-Yup, right here.
That's the one.
That's the one.
-She's looking for that.
- Yup.
- Call her.
Third time's the charm.
You know I love you, Mayor.
Thank you so much.
Thank God you can paint.
Uh, Arun and Natalia-- this is crazy they're not here yet.
We got, uh, Kim and Penn gone, Raquel and Cayla gone, but we're coo we're Gucci, man.
We just need to finish in the top three.
-You know what I'm saying? -Yeah, that's it.
This is the marked stand.
-Is this it? -Yeah, this is it.
The man is more intricate.
This is the sardine can we chose.
Now we're gonna have to recreate it.
Here they come.
No rush.
We don't need to panic.
We saw Arun and Natalia show up.
So, hats off, good for them.
They finally made it.
There it is.
Correct? That's the one? Yeah.
We were not expecting to see any teams after we grabbed our sardine can and went to the doors.
And we're like, "They're still here.
Okay, maybe we can pass Dusty and Ryan.
" -Maybe we can make up time.
-Should we get directions? -I think we should get the map.
Okay, so let's go back to the car? Let's get the map.
Let's get the map, okay? Map isn't here, babe.
It's fine.
-Well, that's not fine.
We need a map.
-I know, but let's not -Let's not look around all day.
-I know.
I know.
Can you get around without a map, though, -if we're going far away? -I can I can try.
-I think we need a map.
-I think What do you mean, you lost the map? -Oh, here we go.
-We need the map.
You need the map.
I just think we need to get a map.
We need to have the map.
Babe, we need the map.
I was definitely irritated because I felt as though, as a navigator, that's, like, the one thing you can't lose.
This is how we go out.
'Cause I lost the freaking map.
I don't know.
I really don't know.
A little bit of green in here.
I'm gonna cut in.
And I think we're good.
Yeah? -Did they get it? -That's okay, Nat.
Let's concentrate on us.
- Not yet? - Not yet? - Not yet? Okay.
We're cool.
- Sorry.
Oh, boy.
We're just gonna go slow and steady.
Make sure we don't make any mistakes the first time.
All right, so we need to be looking for N10, and we're going west.
Yup, we're going the right way.
I'm a huge fan of maps.
This feels like a race to the finish line today, man.
You have another Roadblock, honey.
I know.
I could totally screw it up.
-I'm capable of that.
But I will not.
Okay, let's not beat ourselves up.
It is what it is.
We'll just try to find another map.
So there's the gas station.
Gas station.
So hopefully, we can buy a map in here, okay? - This is what I need, right? - Yep.
- This is all good.
- Okay.
Do we feel good about that? Yes.
Probably got a little cleaning up to do here.
You know, it's like, fill in the-the lines, but sometimes you don't know if those lines are, like, in or out, you know? So We're probably, like, 50% done right now.
Dusty and Ryan are still here.
I'm not sure what they're doing wrong.
I would like to think that we're gaining ground on them.
-Okay -Yes, it is.
I see it.
Red, green, white, red.
- That's good.
- All good, brother.
Mayor? Not yet.
We have the white dot there.
The white dot there.
-I have to do all the white lines, correct? -Yeah.
- Mayor? - Still a no.
- Mayor? - I'm sorry, still a no.
We just got to stay calm, just keep going.
Still a no.
Not yet.
Still a no.
Still a no.
I'm sorry.
Dude, I have no idea.
I don't even know, bro.
Seriously, is there something big we're missing? I don't want to say I was gonna lose it, but it was just to the point where I was like, "Man, if this is what's gonna take us out" We were not happy.
Being in the championship leg is more important to me than anything.
Arun and Natalia are still behind us, so I'm like, "All right, I have to bust my tail and get this done.
" May be time to go.
It's been a hell of a run.
This is nuts, dude.
We're making progress.
We are about 80% so far.
When we looked over and we saw Ryan and Dusty were still there, we thought maybe Ryan and Dusty were making some major mistake.
They kept checking.
Maybe it's glaring.
I doubt it.
We're gonna try until the sun sets, if that's what it takes.
This is purty.
Oh, that's beautiful.
There's a white lighthouse right on the coast there.
Cabo Espichel.
-Let's go.
Bye, car.
-Okay, hold on.
- Wow.
- Oh, my gosh.
This is gorgeous.
"Who has to do this Roadblock?" Me.
In 1410, two old fishermen claimed that they saw the Virgin Mary rise up out of the ocean on a mule.
And worshippers have been gathering here ever since.
This church, the Sanctuary of the Lady of the Cape, is famous for the 106 columns lining its courtyard.
Teams must count these 106 columns while standing in a designated space.
When they give the correct count to the monk, he'll point them to the next Pit Stop-- this 231-year-old lighthouse at Cape Espichel.
"Count all the columns on each side.
You must stay within the stone boundaries.
" I can't see all the way down there.
There's a big, beautiful church and then, off to the side, are two very long wings.
It was at least a couple of hundred feet.
And as I'm walking toward it, it says, you have to stay within one stone boundary.
It's quite small, and it's a long way away from large portions of this church.
Two wings of the church, okay.
- 42 is there.
- I'm trying to be very quiet.
But they all look alike.
You have to stay in a certain area.
How do you even see what's a column and what's not? It looks impossible.
Kim and I both have pretty bad vision.
Evolutionarily, we would have been eaten by tigers by now.
I'm pretty good at counting.
I just can't see that far! All right.
You know what? Let's just go down and see.
You had to run about a quarter of a mile to a monk, and if you got it wrong, you couldn't just keep guessing.
You had to turn around and then go back.
I thought I counted 112.
All right, here we go.
I mean, the eyeball is kind of fixed now.
Mayor? So Trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong.
Looks like Dusty and Ryan are still here.
Like, it's got to be something bigger, and when you stop and you just process and breathe and don't get caught up in that moment, that's when really the answers come to you.
You know what? God, if this is it, I'm gonna be so pissed.
We missed the doorknob.
Um, Ryan found it.
I'm a moron.
You sneaky little doorknob! Damn, dude.
That's got to be it.
Thank you.
-Oh, thank you so much.
- All right.
- That was tricky.
Ryan and Dusty just left, so that puts us in last place.
When we started, we were very focused on accuracy.
When they left, we're like, "Okay, we need to pick it up.
" Speed became a little bit higher, and so, it was really just keeping that good balance of both speed and accuracy.
We can pound this out.
We're-we're confident.
I think I'm close.
I'm just I got to remember what I guessed so I don't guess the same thing twice.
I've got to find a way to hold still 'cause they're so far away.
There weren't columns, there weren't arches.
There were shadows and blurs.
I realized this is a vision test.
I will fail it.
So I thought, I'm gonna get as close as I can, and then I'm gonna turn this into a running challenge.
So this just turned into a marathon.
Yeah, there's, like, small fine lines in the detail that we have to make sure we're not missing.
Mayor? -Oh, thank you.
-Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Let's go.
This is a very stressful day.
There's just a lot at stake.
- "Sesimbra.
" - Nine kilometers, it's says.
"Albona"? "Almada"? "Sesimbra.
" Follow that one.
Follow that one.
Oh, yeah.
-That's everything, right? -It's fine, yeah, just let's go.
-Okay, this is for you.
"Count the columns of the two wings of the church.
You must stay within the stone boundaries"? Obviously, as they get further away, it is hard to count.
The further down you go, it's very easy to, like, count them twice.
So, I was just like, "Okay, well, I'm just gonna take it chunk by chunk.
" So I counted, like, 20 at a time.
Then I know that's 60.
Yeah? Yeah? The lighthouse? So I got to go get Raquel, right? I'm blind as a bat, so that's fun.
I got it.
Yes! Got to go up and down and up and down.
The lighthouse is that way.
I mean, it looked like there was a path down that way.
I think you're right.
Hey, I'm so proud of you.
I felt, like, really bad when I lost the map, so that was my redemption.
Am I doing something wrong? I was really bummed 'cause I knew at that minute, we had just lost, but I just kept telling myself, "Top three today, top three.
" But then I realized I think I'm making up some columns.
So I started counting, and I give myself a little stopping point.
That's 20.
Then I get to 40, I think that's gonna be 40, I stop it right there.
So I thought, "Okay, I'm gonna count it three times and see what happens.
Lighthouse? I'm so proud of you.
That was impossible.
-I can't see that far.
I know! We're going to the lighthouse.
He just said just pointed to the lighthouse.
So it looked like there was a path back there.
This looks like a path, does it not? I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't want to get in the damn woods somewhere.
- How do we get there? - I don't know.
Where's it going? -Yeah.
-To what? Do you know? -Sesimbra.
We know for sure we are in last position now.
We still have another Roadblock coming up, and people could have a hard time.
We are not giving up.
Let's go.
What am I about to get myself into here? "Count the columns of the two wings of the church.
" Between the marked arches.
I start counting, and one side you can see pretty well 'cause the light's shining on the columns.
The other side just turns into a blur.
And at 37, going on 38, my vision isn't quite what it used to be.
This is insane.
Think this is the path? Should we just go down, just go for it? It was right over here.
-Going the right way? -Yeah.
There's Raquel and Cayla.
Let's try to cut 'em off.
That'll be fun.
Where are they behind us? I want to be on the mat first.
It's gonna piss me off.
Here we go.
This is it, baby.
We're gonna do it.
Do you see 'em? Let's rock it.
Yes! -What a leg, huh? -Yes.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Raquel and Cayla, you are team number one.
You are one of the three teams that will be racing to the finish line for the $1 million prize.
Yes! As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a trip for two from Travelocity, and you are going to the beautiful island of St.
Oh, yeah! You're going to stay five nights with views of the Piton volcanoes at Jade Mountain Resort.
You're going to enjoy a private sunset cruise, a visit to the Sulphur Springs and Botanical Gardens, and indulge in a tasting of locally-made artisan chocolate.
Yes! We haven't had an all-female team win the race for a while.
Only three teams in history.
Will you be the fourth? Yes, Phil, we will be the fourth all-female team to win The Amazing Race.
Final three, baby.
The last two legs, we've won first place, and we're just getting momentum.
It's like we're starting to really find our strengths.
-I'm ready.
-You ready for the final? Yeah, I'm like, "Can we just do it right now?" I know, I'd rather just continue right now.
-Can I go off of this high? -Yeah.
This is literally like a dream, -and it just -God, it feels good.
Yeah, I have no words for it right now.
I can't believe that we're here.
-Oh! -Crazy, long journey.
Oh, I love you.
I'm so proud of you! Yes! Kim and Penn.
-Ugh! -All right.
I am pleased to tell you that you are team number two.
-Yes! Oh! -You are one of the three teams that will be racing to the finish line -Oh, my God.
-for the $1 million prize.
We did the best we could, and now we're racing for a million dollars, which is amazing! I'm just, like, relief, happy.
We have the most wins.
We probably have the best average finish.
We have to be considered -a real threat to win.
-When we are at our best, we're pretty amazing.
Just keep going straight on this.
Natalia is going to kill the Roadblock which is coming up.
You never know.
Like, the crazy things have happened.
Dusty and Ryan struggled last time, so maybe they struggled they're gonna struggle on whatever the next challenge is.
"Count the columns of the two wings.
" Two, three Oh, buddy.
Got to get it.
102 columns.
All right, got to try again.
I get down to the end, it's really hard to see what's down there.
And it's probably gonna be more difficult.
I wouldn't say I'm very comfortable.
I'm never very comfortable.
You can get mixed up pretty easily, I think.
This could take quite a while.
All right, let's try this again.
You got it, man! Uh, my vision is terrible.
So, we're gonna find out if this is it.
103 columns.
Oh, boy.
Oh, my God.
Having a little trouble here.
Almost there.
Just keep going straight.
We think we see it.
It's up in eyesight.
You got to get it eventually.
Keep rocking.
All right, I'm gonna try again.
I think I got it.
Maybe I don't.
I get down to the end.
It's really hard to see what's down there.
I'm gonna try.
Oh, thank you.
To the lighthouse, okay.
Yeah! Yeah! -All good, baby.
-Did you get -Did you get it? -Go to the lighthouse! He's at the lighthouse.
This is it, baby.
Good job, man.
- Hey! - What's up, Phil? All right, Ryan and Dusty, hard work has paid off.
You are one of the three teams that will be -racing to the finish line -Yeah, baby! - for $1 million.
- Congratulations.
Nobody wants to run with you guys to the finish line.
If we can keep 'em in our sights, we know an opportunity's gonna be had where the two tigers can run down the antelopes, eat them on the way, and, uh This is gonna be savage, this next leg.
I know it.
We got to just come out, work together, believe in each other, and I 100% believe that if we do that, -we will win.
-We came to drink beers and kick ass, and the cooler's empty.
They better look out.
I'm absolutely proud of Natalia and me.
Whenever our backs was against the wall, we-we came forward and did the best, so I'm proud of what we have accomplished.
Thank you.
That-that? Okay.
Dad, let's go! Headed to the lighthouse.
Yup, go ahead.
We know, Phil.
I'm very sorry to tell you, Arun and Natalia, that you have been eliminated from the race.
It's a good job, Natalia.
-Good job.
Proud of you.
Very proud of Natalia.
I'm very proud of both of you, as well.
I mean, I-I think you showed a tremendous amount of courage.
Last time when we were here in leg three, I was crying my eyeballs off.
- But this time, I'm laughing, at least.
- Yeah.
We're grateful that we were able to come back.
And just to spend these times and work together-- like, we don't do that in the normal world.
We're-we're we're separate lives now, and It's been really good to get closer to Nat, and as she moves on with her married life, uh It's-it's been a good a good journey.
We really wanted to immerse ourselves and experience the race, and this time, coming back, we were able to do that, and that's a superfan's dream.
We're gonna continue to grow and to have different experiences, and this is one we'll just never forget.
It's the finale, and we are so ready to hit that finish line.
We are very competitive.
-I can do this all day long.
-Hey! We can't believe we're here.
We're so excited.
Dusty and Ryan and Kim and Penn have always been two of the best teams, and I think we've had more mishaps along the way.
I don't want to get, like, ahead of myself, but I think we're doing really well.
-Ooh, we're five.
-I thought we were doing better than that.
I think it's a true testament to our ability to kind of just see things and grow from some of our weaker points.
We've learned a lot, and we're ready to run with the best of 'em.
We get to start with everybody else today.
We've started with a disadvantage the last few legs.
So I think they're going to be a little bit nervous about us starting right there with them.
Yes! I'm a lunatic.
I run on emotion.
Ryan here is even-keeled.
Take a breather.
-I just don't know where to start, dude.
-Just enjoy this.
We just balance each other out.
Coming into this, I really felt like this was a young person's race, and there's been a few times we've felt our age.
Mama's gonna need some Advil.
We would be the oldest team to cross the finish line first, and that's motivating me as well.
Like, moms and dads, you can still do amazing things and bungee jump off of crazy dams.
Oh, my God, she did it.
Kim! We could potentially be the fourth all-female team to win The Amazing Race.
That is lighting such a fire underneath us.
Good job.
I think today, to win, uh, believe in one another and just stick together like we've always done.
We support one another no matter what, and we know that this race comes down to what we do together.
To have a buddy that you can run the world with, man, that's what matters, dude.
Ryan, are we gonna win The Amazing Racetoday? Yeah, we're gonna win the race.
We're absolutely gonna win The Amazing Racetoday.
The final three teams are now leaving Portugal, the oldest established country in Europe, and will fly west on The Amazing Racecharter to their final destination-- Los Angeles, California.
Good morning, Amazing Racers.
Welcome aboard Amazing RaceFlight One to your final destination, Los Angeles, California.
La-La Land! Please make sure that you have stowed your backpacks in the overhead lockers or in the seats in front of you.
In the unlikely event of an emergency, read your clue.
It's in the little thing in the front there.
-I'm just kidding, guys, it's -Ah! It's the emergency thing.
Travel safe, everybody.
- Thank you.
- One last race to the finish line.
See you in L.
Route Info.
-What? -"Welcome to Los Angeles.
" "On the top three and four surrounding towers, you will find locked clue boxes.
" "Each containing a single clue.
" "Spot the combination going up and down.
" The Westin Bonaventure Hotel has four towers.
Teams need to unlock their next clue on top of one of them.
And there's only one clue per tower.
But first, they have to figure out that the combination is going up and down on an elevator.
- Okay, come on.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Penn, stay together.
- Okay.
- Let's take the stairway down.
- Let's go.
Heads up.
On either end.
This way.
-Let's just look out off another edge.
- Combination going up and down.
- Keep going.
We thought going up and down meant somewhere up and down the stairs.
"32nd floor to get to the rooftop of the towers.
" On either end.
This way.
"Roof access"? Let's just go look.
We know that there's three towers to where there's clue boxes.
Dusty, come on.
We're the first one to actually get to a clue box.
It was locked, though.
"Spot the combination going up and down.
" - It's a tricky one, man.
- It's got to be, theoretically, out here somewhere, I think.
I mean, what do you think? -You got any better ideas? -No.
"Spot the combination going up and down.
" Let's read slow.
"Spot the combination going up and down.
" My idea was to work our way up to the clue box to see if there was anything on the clue box or around the clue box.
-Here we go.
-Is it locked? "Spot the combination going up and down.
" Well, what's on that door? Did we try that door? Let's try.
Once we found the door, we knew we were headed to the right way toward the tower.
And then the next step was just to look for a code to unlock the clue box.
"Spot the combination going up and down.
" Hey, it says, "Spot the combination going up and down.
" -Zero, six, one, five? -Yup, zero, six one, five.
Try zero, six, one, five.
Okay, we spotted the Okay, okay, okay.
"Drive yourself to the El Pueblo "de Los Angeles Historical Monument at the end of the Olvera Street and search for your next clue.
" -Okay, first one.
-That's huge, babe, okay? Hey, what about elevator? The elevator.
Look at the elevator.
Elevators go up and down.
Oh, yeah.
-There it is.
Two, one, nine, three.
Good thinking, baby.
"Look for the numbers going up and down.
" -That's awesome.
Let's go.
-Let's go.
Maybe we go down and look a bit.
-Where do you want to go down to? -Let's get in an elevator.
It says "going up or down.
" Don't you want to get the map first since we're stuck at a red light? I want to google the directions.
Then I want to look.
Okay, let's get some directions.
We're going to Figueroa Street.
Is it possible to use your cell phone to look up directions? Yeah, this guy, this guy right here.
Can I ask your help? We have to drive ourselves to El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument.
-Thank you very much.
Thank you.
-I really appreciate it.
-Thank you.
Look at everything, dude.
Look at everything right here.
First one out, babe.
Okay, baby, we're doing it.
-Thank you so much, sir.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Okay, take care.
Good directions, baby.
Good directions.
Good stop.
I'm so proud of you, baby.
"Spot the combination going up and down.
" I saw Dusty and Ryan for a second, but I thought they had the clue when they were looking out -into the vast expanse.
They were didn't know what to do.
-No, at least -Did you look over all these? -Like, all the way over? -Yeah.
You didn't see nothing? Up or down.
Up or down.
We were frantic, running around, and then you realize the two locked boxes are open and gone, and so then the pressure really turns on.
Let's just look off one more and then maybe try inside again, I don't -All right, whatever you think.
-I I don't know.
I have no idea, dude.
What have we done here? All right, let's just regroup.
We're all good.
Up and down what? We were frantic, running around.
And I was thinking up and down the street.
I mean, the pressure cooker was on.
I mean, it's crazy.
Let's go.
I bet when we figure this out, we're gonna beat our heads against the walls.
Oh, I know.
It's gonna be something super easy.
- I know.
I know, man.
- It always is.
I see our clues.
I'm looking right at our clues.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Here comes Raquel and Cayla.
It's right there.
Come on, we got to go.
They're coming.
-Route Info.
-Another one.
Papier-mâché piñatas are a fun-filled way of ensuring that everyone has a smashing good time at a party.
Teams must find three parts of a clue by smashing their way through these colorful party favors.
One team member must put on a blindfold while their partner directs them to break open a taco, a tiny donkey, and an all-paper star.
They each contain a piece of their next clue.
You're going to be blindfolded.
-I'll break.
-Do you want to break? "Take a stick and a mask.
Then choose a piñata-smashing section.
" -Oh, you got a you got a smasher? -Here.
Okay, babe.
Step one step to your left.
And hit it.
Hit it.
All-paper star.
Okay, go straight.
Now to the left.
To the left, to the left.
Okay, directly ahead, bang.
Oh, this is so much fun.
- Anything? - No.
Hit straight ahead.
Okay, that's it.
Okay, now you have to pick it up.
- Where is it? - Well, there's a head hanging.
- No clue.
- No clue.
Am I hitting it? - Yeah, you're hitting it.
- Just keep going.
-There? -Okay, perfect.
Okay, hold on.
Stay there.
One, two, three.
And stop.
Yeah, you just bashed it off, babe, so now you got to walk.
Walk straight.
Four, five.
Step to your right.
And that's it.
There should be a clue in there.
Babe, I don't feel any clues.
I don't see it either, babe.
You're doing great.
This is real bad.
Just don't know how everybody else figured it out but we can't.
That's what's confusing me.
Dude, it's right here, dude.
One, oh, two, five.
Let's try that.
-I'm just thinking.
-No, that's it.
Good job.
"Drive yourselves to the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument.
" Dude, navigation's what catches us back up and something physical.
We did it once, we'll do it again.
Where the hell is the taco? Oh.
Turn to your left! The piñata that you're touching-- the-the taco's behind that one.
-Behind, like, this? -Yup.
You're touching it now.
Yes, that's it.
Hit it.
Yes, that one.
Great job.
Great job, babe.
Oh, there it is.
There it is.
It's at your foot.
Now, that's our first one, babe.
- Sorry.
- We need three? Yes.
Put it in your pocket.
Put it in your pocket.
Great job.
It's almost out.
I just wanted to get all the clues out there.
Like, I didn't want her to hold on to a clue in one hand and then be trying to whack with the other because it actually looked really, really difficult.
You know, the least crap you have to kind of hold while you're breaking this piñata -is probably the better-- that was the better choice.
I can see it.
That one's done.
That one's done.
Just focusing in on the clue.
Uh, it kept saying "up or down, up or down.
" We I just didn't realize, or Ryan didn't realize I don't think we knew exactly what to do.
And so, it was just taking a breath and looking, and then it was right in my face, as I knew it would be.
I'm gonna stay positive as I can.
I know that.
We're not out of it yet, dude.
Sorry, honey.
We're looking for We got the taco.
Tiny All-paper star.
-It's okay, babe.
Just tell me where to go.
-I know, honey.
I'm looking.
It's Looking for an all-paper star.
They all look like all-paper stars to me.
At some point, we're just gonna knock them all down.
- Cayla? - Yeah.
-Is anyone else still here? -Yes.
Kim and Penn are still here.
I just have to find the right last one, and I thought I had it, but nothing came out of it.
So just one sec.
There's a lot.
-I'm just trying to find the last one.
Okay, babe, put your stick out straight.
Feel right in front of you.
Okay, yeah, so it's a little bit to your right.
Try this one.
Okay, lift directly up above you.
Yup, right there.
Yes, that's it, Raquel.
It's almost out.
Great job.
Yes, keep hitting, keep hitting.
That's it.
Okay, go.
Okay, now walk straight.
I'm gonna direct you -how to pick them all up, okay? -Okay.
Yup, keep going.
You're doing great.
You're doing great.
Oh, that's it! The clue's down on the ground.
Okay, ben-bend down.
That's it.
Put it in your pocket.
Okay, we got two, babe.
-We need one more.
Walk straight.
Now get down on all fours.
It's to your left.
To your left.
Hold on.
Straight, straight.
Yes, yes, that's it.
Okay, you got it.
Got all three.
-Can I take this off? Can I come to you? Yes.
Yes, just take it off.
-I don't smell good.
-Okay, okay.
-I'll put this away.
-I'm doing one.
I'm doing one, okay? -One is Sunset Boulevard.
-"6465 Sunset Boulevard.
" -Okay.
"Go through the gates of S.
Park in the marked parking.
" Let's go.
Come on.
- Yeah, I know.
- You're hitting yourself.
We're looking for a tiny donkey, but we smashed the only tiny donkey I saw.
So just take a breather, babe.
- Raquel and Cayla left.
- Okay, talk to me.
-Let's get this done and win.
-I know.
Honey, I'm looking.
Right now, I'm on my stomach looking for a tiny flipping donkey.
You know, what sucks for me is, I can tell when my wife is having trouble, and I couldn't come over and hug her and say, "It's gonna be okay.
Let's have fun.
It's The Amazing Race," 'cause I was in a crazy wrestling mask, acting like a complete drunken lunatic, roaming around and smashing piñatas.
Is there any candy or anything in the body? -No candy.
Oh, that it hit the ground.
Anything in there? Shake it.
-No? -No.
At this point, honey, I'm, like, we're just smashing everything.
I had no idea what was going on.
-I couldn't see -I was just smashing things.
They all are tiny donkeys.
I feel like I smashed a lot more piñatas -than Raquel did.
Okay, turn to the left.
I just hit something.
Can this be it? No.
That-That's it.
No, don't touch that.
Uh, oh.
Oh, on the other side of that ice cream.
-Oh, I couldn't see it.
-What do I do? Okay, on the other side of what you're touching.
I'm sorry.
Don't touch that.
Yeah, right there.
Oh, my God, I couldn't see it.
-Where? -Right there.
Uh, okay, pick that up.
It's right by your right foot.
Okay, right, uh To your right.
Got it.
I'm so sorry, honey.
I couldn't see it.
It was between this Look.
Take this off.
I'm so sorry.
It was between these things, and I had to stand up there, and I couldn't see it.
-Okay, it's fine.
-Is this all my doing? Yes.
I did a lot of smashing.
"6465 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.
" Come on, let's go.
- Okay.
- We're in a strong second place.
- Yup.
- We need somebody to get lost.
And that someone is Cayla and Raquel.
Not likely, man.
They're running a perfect leg so far.
We're not down that far, dude.
"Break open three piñatas to reveal your next clue.
" You tell me what to do.
All right, I'll tell him what to do.
-I'll smash.
I wasn't going to try to navigate anything after what we had just been through, and so, I mean, I think we definitely made the right decision.
Right above your head.
A little to the right, little to the right, little to the right.
- There it is.
- Oh, boy.
All right, I don't think there's one there.
Hold on.
Donkey and a taco.
Uh So we're looking for 6465 Sunset Boulevard.
"Go through the gates of S.
and park in the marked parking.
" -S.
? -Yes.
-Do you see it? Right here.
-Yup, right here.
Turn right, turn right, turn right.
"Become a Foley artist.
" It's time for teams to make some noise by adding sound effects to five of The Amazing Race's most memorable moments.
Show that knight who's boss.
Oh! My ox is broken! This is bull ! Foley is a movie-making technique that began more than a hundred years ago and is still used today, something teams will do using these common items.
When the Foley artist says that they're in sync with picture, they'll get a clue.
- All right.
- Here's three.
Oh, do you see three? Okay.
All right, we're coming in.
- Okay.
- Okay.
-Hi! -Hi.
How are you? We had never heard of Foley before.
We did not know what the heck Foley was.
Apparently, Foley is when you're recreating the sounds.
"When you enter the room, your Foley artist will demonstrate the technique with the five clips you will be using.
" And I'm looking for timing to the action.
-I want it in sync.
I'll give you my demonstration.
So what we had to do was recreate the noises of these infamous Amazing Race scenes, you know, over the past 32 seasons, and we had to recreate these noises with, like, at-home objects almost.
Our strategy-- we work best with just, like, divvying up the roles.
Just feel it out and what makes noise.
-If we have to do it again, we'll do it again.
So the very first one was of the running of the bulls.
You just had to really focus on every time the players hit each other, you were smacking the beach balls at the right time.
The second one was a needle in the haystack, and you had different tinsel that made the same kind of noise of what shuffling through hay would be like.
- I remember that watermelon one.
- Yeah.
Of course the famous watermelon slingshot.
Like, I was like, "Oh, God.
" I felt like I relived that for her.
The next scene was Germany, where they were, like, pie-ing each other in the face.
And lastly, was "my ox is broken" scene.
My ox is broken! We had to recreate, like, the sloshing in the mud.
We got to make, like, a sloshing noise when he, like, does his hand like that.
And then he also has a whip, -and it makes a noise with a whip, with that, okay? -Okay.
Do you want to do another demonstration and watch him? Yeah, I need to do one more demonstration of this.
- There it is.
- What'd I do? -Did I did I find it? -Yeah, you're good.
Straight ahead.
It was tough, man, but it was really cool.
I mean, I had no idea that this was a real job that happened in Hollywood, and it's the most tedious job that, like, I just never thought existed.
Okay, okay, we'll do it again.
We'll do it again.
I think we're getting better.
-Let's keep doing it.
Yeah, "artist entrance.
" Here we go.
Look-- Raquel and Cayla's car.
Go, go, go, go.
-"Amazing Race's" -"Sweeten the sounds of five Amazing Race's most iconic moments from the past 32 seasons.
" -You're pretty good at this.
-Well, I think -it's both of us, honey.
-Okay, yeah.
- Let's do it.
Hey, guys.
- Hey, what's up? This is pretty cool.
I am actually fascinated by Foley.
I follow some TikTok accounts.
There's two there's two hits.
And it hitting the ground.
See what I mean? I would say half of my work is-is editing.
We-we work in video, and I spend a lot of my time lip-synching.
Like, if you came by my house at any point in time, you would just see me doing this.
I'm gonna do these.
A fish, fish, fish, and then the flap, flap.
You're just unrolling it when they're unrolling it.
And then I do the whack.
-I do this.
I do the Oh.
What happens if you break the props? So I do it with this one, right? -No.
-Hit, like, louder.
He does louder sounds, you know? There's just so many moving pieces.
So, really, it was focusing on getting so secure and the different noises, what your hands were supposed to make, but when you were supposed to make the noises, and when you were supposed to highlight that.
-Make 'em sync up to the clip itself.
You want me to do that one? I'll do this one.
-No, I'm fine doing that one.
-I can do that one.
No, I'm fine doing it.
I just need to see it again.
Don't get frustrated.
It's okay.
I haven't seen I haven't heard Penn and Kim.
-Have you heard Penn and Kim? -Door's shut.
- We're gonna try it.
- We're gonna try it.
That was pretty decent, right? Sorry, that's incorrect.
-Really? -Okay, here's You talked.
You said, "Get ready for the next one.
" -I did talk.
I talked.
-And we're not supposed to talk.
We're gonna try it, one more time, -and then we'll ask them to redo it.
- This one? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that one.
-Right here.
-That's it.
Keep blasting that one.
- Right here.
- Oh, oh, all right, hey.
-Yeah? -It's down It dropped out, so Straight ahead of you, two paces.
I mean, it's I think it's just the a little bit more with timing of, like, when the, like, when the pie's hitting, or when the person's, like, smacking.
Like, it needs to be exactly the right Like, then it's smacks, you know? Sorry.
That's incorrect.
Okay, let's have another demo.
-I'd love to fine-tune it.
Straight ahead.
Straight ahead.
- This? - Yeah, go at that.
Yeah, that's it.
Keep going.
We're coming back.
- Just keep blasting.
- Keep blasting.
All right, all right, all right.
Drop the stick.
-What? -Drop the stick.
All right, uh, down below you, uh, two, uh, step forward to your right.
All right, now you got 'em all.
This is a pain in my ass.
I swear if this is the reason why we lose Seen all these clips a thousand times.
All right, nice and loud and clear, no talking.
Oh, my God.
It's actually a little more tough than it looks.
There's, like, a-a rubbery sound when they're stretching out the catapult.
-So -Oh, my God! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Your job is so hard! "Drive yourselves to the home of the Galaxy.
"Once there, search the ground for the tennis stadium to find your next clue.
" -Okay, let's go.
Come on.
Oh, my God, I'm so glad that's over.
-Yes! Yes! -We did it? -Yay! Thank you so much.
-Thank you so much.
- We appreciate it.
- You're very welcome.
Don't say "finish line.
" We need more time.
I know.
We need more time.
"Drive yourselves to the home of the LA Galaxy.
" -Ooh! -Let's go! Can we look up directions on your phone? -Are they still there? -Oh, my gosh.
Thank you so much.
Appreciate it.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
Stay here.
-Hey, friend.
-Yeah, we need some directions.
-To the LA Galaxy.
This is our car.
This is our car.
-I -Okay.
- You just gave it to 'em, right? - Uh Yeah.
-So, uh, when you go out here -Uh-huh.
make a left and then make a left on Sunset, and then the 101 South will be on your right.
- We got this.
- We know how to get there.
We just saw Raquel and Cayla.
I thought we were goners.
Should have just said, "Don't help 'em.
" But it's hard.
We love Mom and Dad.
- We got this, baby.
- Yup.
I mean, we are literally tied for first right now with Kim and Penn.
All right, we made up time.
We made up time.
- So you're saying there's a chance.
- We made up time.
Come on, Lordy.
Give me some green lights.
Here we go.
"Become a Foley artist.
" Oh, this is gonna be insane.
-You get the Yup.
-I'll do the watermelon, -the cups, and then you bounce over.
-Good? Cool.
-All right.
Let's rage.
Starting to sweat a little.
I'm starting to see us at that finish line.
Come on, Lordy, give me some green lights.
God, this is crazy-- this traffic here.
This traffic blows.
Oh, this is so stressful.
I am going to have a full-on crying meltdown.
At some point, it's in the hands of The Amazing Racegods, but I'm confident that we're in second place, and whatever the next challenge is, I think it's gonna determine who wins this race.
- Oh, here, look.
Here's signs.
- Okay.
"Make a right turn into Gate D entrance.
" Okay, just park right there.
- There's the clue.
- Go.
"Solve the riddles on the wall by using the correct images "of people, places, and things you encountered on the race around the world.
" These walls are covered with clues from the amazing experiences that teams encountered during their Amazing Race.
They must now use their jet-lagged brain to solve this giant memory quiz.
Once they've aced the test, they must run through the tunnel, where they'll be greeted with a big surprise.
-Over here.
-Yeah, come on.
-Yeah, I know.
-We did it together, babe.
Oh! Okay.
"When you've answered all the riddles on the wall, ask the umpire for a check.
" Okay.
When we got to the challenge, I was like, "Oh, we got this.
" Oh.
Okay, look.
"It fell out as well.
" Just grab one and see if you see it on here.
"Something you had to eat.
" "You took this to Number Ten.
" We had a series of different sayings, and we had to match them all up with all these massive tennis rackets with pictures on them, and all coordinating to different things that we have seen along the race.
No, no, here.
I'm gonna take the ones, and I'm gonna lay them flat.
-Can I do that? -Just grab one and do it.
"You painted this.
" Okay.
I knew what the sardine can that we just had painted the door of looked like.
Which one looks the easiest? -This-this one.
I like those colors.
"You join you joined" "He joined you throughout the leg.
" I'm questioning.
Too far.
Too far.
He joined us.
He did.
"It went this far up.
" "900 feet elevation.
" No.
We have Oh.
"8,000 feet.
" Yup.
- Here we go.
- Yeah! You can feel the air thinning, no? "You were greeted at the Pit Stop with these words.
" I knew at the end of Thessaloniki, um, the gentleman that was in a hut-- he gave us a saying.
We have two ears and one tongue so that we'd listen more and speak less.
-Uh, yes.
-I like that.
"You took this to Number Ten.
" - Clue box.
- Nice.
"When you solve the riddles correctly, the umpire will reveal the name of your next destination.
" We're ready for this.
-Tennis center, right? -This way.
This is tennis.
All right.
Let's do it.
Let's go.
We couldn't see Raquel and Cayla, but we knew they were there.
Because we were behind, we were praying for a really tough memory challenge.
So not all these are right.
Let's put these out, honey.
My strategy was to pull everything out, and then we noticed each question has many different options.
"This mode of transportation took you the rest of the way.
" The rest of the way.
Good job.
We've prepared for this.
Which one do you want to do? Do you want to do the mermaid? Okay.
Yeah, let's do it.
I have been - drawing in my notebook.
- Yup.
I've been taking tedious notes this entire time.
Raise your hand.
Oh, there it is.
There it is.
Yeah, okay, stop, stop.
It's at your foot.
And I just had a feeling that it was gonna come down to the images that we saw along the race.
I'm a terrible artist, but after every leg I drew pictures of the things we encountered.
Just anything very specific, I was keeping track of.
I drew him.
Handsome man.
Uh, yes, please.
Oh, wow.
- It'll wash the cheese down.
- Salud.
Are these both ours? Uh, yes, I'm guessing yes.
It was the transition from the watermelon exploding to the cups, because it was, like, so fast.
There was literally no time, and so I think once we figured that out, Ryan was ready to go immediately after that.
Yeah! Let's get out of here.
Yeah, baby! Drive yourself to the home of the Galaxy.
Ooh, it's a soccer field.
Pull out all the Napoleons.
Yeah, I will.
You checked in here.
We knew the place in Lugano where we ended was that beautiful pink building on the water.
I knew that.
Oh, something you had to eat.
Oh, this is the spelling.
Yay! All right.
Right here.
Yes, right.
So, listen, we're close.
Forward, no, go forward.
Straight, straight.
To your right, to your right.
Ready to check.
We need a check.
Yeah, that's not right.
It was col they were colorful.
What'd you take to Number Ten-- which boat? I don't see Magellan.
I don't think it was.
-There's Vasco da Gama.
-It was Setúbal.
It was Setúbal.
We can try it.
Hey, baby, you look awesome! Think I'm doing it wrong.
Can we give it a try? Yes.
-Judges? Judge -Judges? -Fault? Okay.
So babe.
You don't remember the name of the explorer, right? You found this under a rock? Hey, is this the coin, babe? Is this the coin? Or does this look more like the coin? Oh Uh, w-wait, what is that? What is that coin? Oh, is that what yours looked like? - Well - It was more Mm.
Let's try this one.
Judge? Okay.
We knew, pretty confidently, most of them right away.
The biggest trick was the coin, because that was a low point in my life.
But there's, like, that sound effect when you screw up something on The Amazing Race.
They go like Maybe it's this one.
No, let's just check it.
We're not sure about the coin, and we were not sure about the candy.
Damn it.
I think the candy was rainbow.
Let's change this up, honey.
Let's change this up.
Maybe it was Vasco da Gama.
-I don't think it was.
-Give it a go.
- Okay, let's - Judge? - Fault.
Okay, let's Fault.
Uh, what was this? I think he had a wider hat.
- Oh, yes, that's right.
- That's right.
After you hear "fault, fault, fault," we just started questioning things that we actually felt confident about.
I know Napoleon goes here, but then you're like, "Was he wearing the really big hat or the hat that's a little tinier?" Napoleon.
Monte Rastello? Thank you.
- Okay.
- Fault.
Is it this guy? Is it this guy? Wait a minute, this Let's change -We want to change this one out? -Yeah.
Ours had a roof.
- Can we check it now? - It might have -been red and white candy.
Ready? - Okay.
- Fault.
- Yeah, that's not right.
- It was col They were colorful.
- Try that one, babe.
- All right, Judge.
- Fault? Okay.
- Fault? Okay.
-Try every coin.
- Fault.
- No.
If I hear "fault" one more time, I'm gonna whack something.
-Okay, judges? -Judges? Fault.
Keep all these cars here, 'cause we're going crazy over the cars.
Should I try this candy? I'm trying to remember if it was just red and white.
Babe, was this the guy with the tea? No, he was the guy at leg -our last leg.
God, there's so many coins.
We had this one before, but let's try it again.
Once we replaced the boat, I felt confident that we could just kind of put the coins up and switch those out one at a time.
Judge? -Fault.
I bet that one's right.
Let's try it again.
Judge? Game, set, match.
Through the tunnel.
Yes! Come on.
Oh, my God.
- Did they just get it? - I think so.
Holy crap.
This is how we lose.
This is how we lose The Amazing Race.
Oh, my God, honey.
Are we about to win The Amazing Race? We won the race.
-Oh, my God.
-Kim and Penn.
Seven countries, 17 cities, and having traveled across the globe, I am pleased to tell you that you are the official winners of The Amazing Race.
-Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
It was neck and neck all the way through.
You guys were behind, you leapt ahead.
Can you tell us how you're feeling in this moment -right now? -I-I'm waiting for you to tell me this is not true.
I'm waiting -That there's a penalty.
-That there's a penalty.
Now, your kids are watching you.
What-what what is going through their minds right now? As you think of them at home, what-what are they thinking, as they look at Mom and Dad? I hope our children are proud of us.
I hope that they see that I hope they see that studying pays off.
'Cause you know what won this race? It wasn't being strong, it wasn't being fast, it was studying.
I hope what our kids saw is that it didn't matter where we were gonna finish.
We were gonna work as hard as we could and that the finish doesn't really matter.
Even though we finished first, which is kind of awesome.
So I hope our kids learn that - good things can happen outside of your comfort zone.
- Right.
I deal with anxiety, but just seeing that, like, pushing past, going out of your comfort zone, like, good things can happen.
Put the red up? Sure.
You can do that.
-Game, set, match.
Through the tunnel.
-Thank God.
Oh, we that coin up.
Oh, my God.
And the candy.
Raquel and Cayla, you are amazing racers.
Unfortunately, today, you have finished second.
- It's okay.
- Just talk to us about the experience of coming back, having restarted the race, what it's been like for you, the things you're gonna take away from this race.
Coming back after 19 months, I mean, I feel like, honestly, we finished stronger than what I ever imagined.
I mean, we made it to the final three with the two toughest, best teams.
I am so proud of us on this journey.
I'm so proud of us.
This year has been, you know, being in the airline industry, incredibly hard for us.
I mean, we didn't have a job for a year, and then you know, coming back and just being this female team that was as much of a powerhouse as we were.
The last five legs we came in second, second, second, first, first -and then second today.
-I mean, you know, it's pretty, it's pretty bomb.
At the end of the day, like, I have this amazing experience, and - Yeah.
Don't cry.
- I'm gonna cry now.
No, I can, like, we can say we did this, and, like I'm gonna cry.
- No, stop.
- Stop it.
Go away -It's such a great thing to see -Don't look at me.
a-a friendship like this.
What do you mean to each other? Like, tell us.
I-I love this girl to death.
-She is one of the kindest souls -So are you.
-I've ever met, honestly.
You're making me cry.
I just, like, she's just, like, -a genuinely, like, really good person.
Um -So are you.
- You're the best.
- Not a lot of people, like, make you want to be better, and she does.
And so, just to be able to do this with her and say that we came this far, like, it's awesome.
Pride and dignity, pride and dignity.
-Here you go.
Dusty and I, we wanted to win.
We know we have what it takes.
We think we ran good enough to win, most of the time.
Today, we didn't.
And, uh, and that hurts, you know, that stings.
And that won't, uh, won't go away quickly.
Let's rage! The money would have been amazing, but, uh, I wanted to be an Amazing Race champion more than anything.
Let's go to work.
But what I gained is way more than that.
-Oh, Dusty.
-What? -Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! -Oh I got to spend a month with my best friend running the world and doing crazy things that I never dreamt of in my entire life that I'd get the opportunity to do.
Pain'll wear off, uh, but the memories will last forever, -no question asked.
-For sure.
Game, set, match.
-Through the tunnel.
-Got it.
Sorry to keep y'all waiting.
Who won? Who won? Well done.
- Good job, you guys.
- Oh, yeah, guys.
Good job.
Ryan and Dusty, -great competitors.
-Heck yeah.
-You brought it this season.
-Something like that.
-You brought it.
When you came back, you meant business.
-We did.
-Love you guys.
-Well-deserved third place.
You got stuck on the damn elevator today.
-Um You probably never want to go in an elevator, or see an elevator or hear anybody say the word "elevator.
" Stairs for us, Phil.
It doesn't matter, man.
This was an amazing experience with my best buddy.
-I mean, we just tore the world down, brother.
Good time.
It didn't go our way today, but hats off, guys.
You guys, you're officially the oldest couple to ever win The Amazing Race.
Can't express what, uh, you mean to me, brother.
You gave this crazy dude an opportunity to come try to make some magic with you.
Uh, you know, the rabbit didn't pop out of the hat, but I think we shook up the world.
Uh I think we gave a voice to people -that have been wrongfully convicted.
A dude that was locked up, man.
A dude that I stuck by no matter what.
Um You're my best friend in the world man, and, uh, I-I feel we made up for ten years of lost time.
Very few people, like, even said "hi" or acknowledged my existence once I got arrested.
You always believed in me, but just knowing that's in your character, it makes me want to be a better person.
You make me want to be a better person.
I love you, brother, man.
This was amazing, brother.
-Good times.
-I love you, dude.
A little scary to go back out in the world for some people.
You guys proved that we could do it safely.
I know the fans are incredibly grateful that you were able to give them The Amazing Raceone more time.
If there's ever a time to show the people who are photographers on this show, I would do it right now.
Like, they've been, like They've kept their distance.
They've got masks on.
They've worked their asses off.
-The whole cast and crew.
-They've come back the entire time.
-The crew.
-They've kept us incredibly safe.
- There they are, everybody.
- Wave, everybody, wave.
How about you come and congratulate, uh, our final three teams? The Amazing Race is a pressure cooker, and you ride the highest of highs and lowest of lows.
And, uh, I-I mean, I learned more about myself in a month than I have in 37 years of living.
I'm not gonna go out getting what I thought I wanted, but I think I got a lot more than I could have ever asked for.
We got to the end, we didn't win it all, but we got to see the world together, and, uh, man, oh, man, did we see it.
Bring it in! -I said it from day one.
-I'm so proud of you.
Only person I could've done this with.
We did it together, right? We crushed that.
I could not have done it with anyone else.
Proud of you.
Proud of you.
Proud of you.
Love you guys.
Dusty! Get in here.
Good to see you again, brother.
Something happened to Kim during this race where she faced her anxiety in ways that she's never faced it before, and I hope that you get to watch this and see, like, how strong and how inspirational you will be to other people who-who suffer through that.
Because with all of that, you just won The Amazing Race, and you were the hero.
You were the hero.
You took the notes.
You were the hero.
-This is your win.
-You're welcome.
-No, honey.
-And cut.
And credits.

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