The Amazing Race (2001) s34e02 Episode Script

Patience, Is the New Me

Previously on
The Amazing Race
At the starting line
in Munich, Germany,
teams got shocking news
You can complete the challenges
on this first leg of the race
in any order that you want to.
It's called the Scramble.
learning that the stakes
were higher than ever.
There are
no non-elimination legs.
In the first ever Scramble,
military brothers
Marcus and Michael
took an early lead
You got it!
Dude, I don't want
to be on this road.
but saw it slip away.
Dating couple Derek
and Claire sawed,
and rolled their way to the top.
You are the first team
to arrive.
My God! Let's go!
Meanwhile, engaged couple Aastha
and Nina stumbled
Why was that so hard?
and couldn't recover.
I am sorry to tell you
that you are eliminated
- from the race.
- That's okay.
This season, teams will be
checking out of the Pit Stop
based on the order they arrived
in the previous leg.
They'll depart in groups
every 15 minutes.
- Good luck, y'all.
- Let's go.
We are
leaving in the first group.
With the newlyweds
and TeamBig Brother.
I know
we both are very ecstatic,
very excited
to be in this position.
Feels good to get a
little bit of a head start.
Game on, baby.
- Let's get it.
- Let's go, girl.
- "Route Info."
- "Route Info.
Drive to Innsbruck, Austria."
All teams will now drive
from Germany's third largest
city, Munich, 90 miles south
to Austria and the
Alpine gem of Innsbruck,
famous for its spectacular
mountain views,
impressive architecture,
and high on the hills
"Head into the Alps
to find your next clue."
- Sick. Let's go.
- Let's go.
Pull up the map
and start navigating.
- This is our car.
- Okay.
Should we ask someone?
Okay. Give me those maps.
- We've been married one year.
- One year.
And have only known each
other two and a half years.
- Yeah.
- So we're still getting to know each other.
Let's go in here
and let's get some directions.
- We're already learning things about each other.
- Yeah.
You know, like, I need
to give better directions, so
We got to go here
And if we can get the
turn-by-turn directions, you
Yeah, the whole
Turn-by-turn would be better.
Probably might be better.
- That's better for you. That's not how I do things.
- Okay.
- He didn't realize how competitive I really am.
- Yeah.
So he's learning that,
and that's great.
Yeah. My wife's a beast.
Thank you. Thank you.
Can you help us?
We're trying to get to Austria.
- Excuse me. Are you from here?
- Are you from here?
Do you know the area?
So, you go the
It's called 8.
- Um
- The 8. I see it.
- We're looking for
Is it far?
- Yes.
- How many minutes?
- A walk?
- No, no, we're driving. We're driving.
- No, we're in a car.
- You're in a car?
Okay, ten minutes.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Grab the Munich map.
So we are
We're right here.
- And then you cross the border to Austria.
- All right.
- Then you need to go to?
Stop it right now.
it's ten minutes.
- It's right there.
- Let's go.
So we're headed to Austria,
but first we have to go to.
to find our next clue.
Going to Austria.
It's okay. We still got out
of there before the other teams.
"Route Info."
"Drive to Innsbruck, Austria."
"Head into the Alps
"To find your next clue."
Let's go.
We got to go to the car.
- Why did we go this way?
- 'Cause the cars are here.
Quite honestly,
I'm looking for a new partner.
I'm willing to trade Tim.
It's 'cause nobody wanted
to do it with him.
No. We're having a great time.
- This is us right here.
- Yeah.
We just want to keep improving,
but part to improve,
we need to clean things up.
What we have
to clean up the most,
I think, would probably be
the navigation.
If we, if we clean up
the navigation
and just figure it out
more clearly, I think
I think
we would be completely fine.
- Marcus, we got maps in here.
- Okay.
- Do you want to go with them and start looking together?
- Yeah.
We're going to take 8 south.
We're leaving in the second
group with Tim and Rex.
I like Team T-Rex.
They're loud
and they, and they laugh,
and it's an energy
I like to be around.
I'm glad that we're not
leaving in the last group,
but I'd much rather be leaving
- in the first group.
- In the first group. Of course.
- We're following you guys.
- All right.
- So we're gonna follow you.
- Let's go, fellas.
Things I know I would like
to clean up for this leg is,
I'm pretty confident in skill,
like, using a map to navigate.
Last leg, I might have kind of
got ahead of myself, so I need
to be a little bit more patient.
- We're going to 8, right, Marcus?
- Yup.
Let's work smarter,
not harder, Dad.
I don't know how to read a map.
I understand,
but we can follow them.
If we follow them,
we're behind them, so
- Just find someone to help us, please.
- All right.
Should we go talk to Jamaica?
- Yeah
- 105 kilometers. Two hours.
- Okay.
They're getting directions.
All the way down on 8.
Dad, please write that legibly.
- Okay.
- I can't read that.
A-13. Thank you. Come on, Dad.
- Danke.
- Thank you very much.
That is so frustrating.
How did everyone leave so fast?
- Don't worry about everyone else.
- I know.
- We're taking A8, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Awesome.
- We did it right the first time on the last leg.
- Yes.
- And we just have to rinse and repeat.
- Yeah.
You know, it's kind of difficult
using the compass in the car
because, you know,
streets kind of bend.
They ebb and they flow.
And we just want to make sure
that we're not going
the opposite direction
of where we want to go.
- Go, go, go!
- Love and light.
"Drive to Innsbruck, Austria."
Come on, baby.
Let's go. I'll lead you
- onto the highway.
- All right.
- Will, I'm going to try and follow them.
- Okay.
We got some followers
in the house.
They're gonna follow you?
- Yeah.
- That's risky.
I have just
found the exit that we need
for where we're going
once we get to Innsbruck.
Love it.
- This is actually really gorgeous.
- Yeah.
Somehow those guys
found out exactly where
we needed to be. Military guys
know their directions.
These guys are awesome.
We're going to follow them,
and then,
from there,
we're going to see where we go.
The Group One had
a 15-minute head start.
I'm hoping
all three teams aren't
as comfortable with a map,
and maybe we can make up
some time on on the road.
You see Rex driving
with two hands. He's impatient.
Very defensive driver.
Not an aggressive driver at all.
That's the new me patient.
- This is the new Rex?
- The new Rex.
Is this all the time,
or is this just in Europe?
- No, just in Europe.
- Okay.
When I get back home, it's on.
- Look at this.
- My God, that's gorgeous.
That's crazy!
This race
means a lot to us because
we will be starting
our family right after
after the race.
We even have
his nickname picked out.
- Boom-Boom.
- His name is Boom-Boom!
- We're racing for Boom-Boom.
- Yes.
- Man, this is amazing.
- It really is.
- Excuse me.
- Could you help us?
Do you know where that is?
No. But this is in
Not in Germany.
This is in Austria?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- That would make sense.
- That would make sense.
We were looking
for a location in Munich,
but it's actually in Austria.
Hoping that some other teams
are lost right now.
Rookie mistake.
So we're in for a longer
road trip than we thought.
- Left on Belgradstrasse?
- Yes.
Thank you for helping us out.
- We're fine.
- We're okay.
Other people have
to be lost, right?
You feel confident
about where we're going?
- Yes.
- We stopped a local and found out
we are on the right street
in the wrong city.
- And
- No, country, like
- And the wrong country.
- Like
It sucks that there has been
a little bit of a mix-up, but
I'm just happy
we caught it in enough time.
The last group didn't even start
until 8:30,
so people can't be
too far ahead.
- This might be it.
- Yeah.
- Claire, we're the first ones here.
- Go left.
So we just saw Derek and Claire.
They're in front of us.
So it look like
we made up to Group One.
- All right, ready?
- Rip 'em.
There's a bunch of cars there.
Dude, we caught up.
"Who wants to call in the cows?"
The distinctive sound
of a yodel.
A type of singing that requires
rapid pitch changes of notes
generated deep
in the chest
combined with falsetto.
Listening to teams complete
this Roadblock
might be painful to listen to,
but if they can find perfect
pitch like these gentlemen,
they'll be rewarded with a clue.
- Should I call in the cows?
- Yeah, Claire's gonna call in
- the cows.
- Okay.
- You're doing it, right?
- Cool, I'll do it.
All right,
Michael's doing the Roadblock.
I'm gonna call in the cows, man.
Thank you, sir.
In this challenge, we have
to sing three different yodels.
Do you know cow-milking?
And we have to do hand motions
to what words they wanted.
- I sing the black one.
- Okay.
- And you sing the red one.
- Okay.
And-and this is "Ho."
- "Ho."
- "Ho-iti."
I'm tone-deaf.
Like, not I'm not, like
I haven't been diagnosed
with tone-deafness.
I'll diagnose you.
You're tone-deaf.
I can't keep a beat
to save my life.
- That's the next one.
- Do we have
- a performance?
- Ja.
Geez. All right.
- Hold up. Hold up.
- Ja.
I thought I was gonna
kick some ass in yodeling.
I was ready to roll.
Being dyslexic,
there are certain challenges.
The obvious ones
are reading and spelling.
He struggles with words.
I'm worried about him.
- Ri-di. Okay.
- Ri-di.
Going to different countries,
seeing words that
nobody have ever seen before
It was brutal.
Is that it?
- Want me to do it? Okay, I'll do it.
- Yes.
"You must properly wear
the provided wardrobe
- "for the rest of this leg."
- Keep it on.
You got to keep this on
for the rest of the leg.
Okay. Okay, I want to perform.
Not too good there?
- Try it again. Sorry. Sorry.
- Okay.
I don't think I've ever
navigated without a phone,
- honestly.
- We're good. We're good.
If you think
we're good, we're good.
- Yeah, we're good. We're good.
- Okay.
Sharik and I are very excited
about this.
- We've been waiting for this for quite a long time.
- Yes.
My dad and I actually started
watching The Amazing Race
when I was eight years old.
At the time, we were, you know,
fresh immigrants in America.
My parents immigrated
from Jamaica
when I was three years old.
I grew up in Jamaica.
Did not have the best
life growing up.
When Sharik was born, we
moved here, and I was able
to give Sharik a better life.
This is the first time
I've smiled all day.
I know you were stressed.
I heard it.
My God. These mountains.
Yeah, this is incredible.
My God.
This is breathtaking.
Feels amazing to
have this experience together.
We're finally making memories.
We missed out on 36 years
of making memories together,
so we have to start somewhere.
Well, we're driving
in the right direction.
Molly, were you
not confident about that?
Are you okay?
This journey for us is a journey
of discovery about one another.
Also, I found out it's
I'm learning a lot about myself.
Yeah. A lot of personal growth.
She is really go-with-the-flow.
And I might actually be a little
uptight and controlling.
- I thought I was normal, but
- Just a little, but it's okay.
It's good. It's a good balance.
This is not in our DNA,
'cause you have this
- under control.
- I'm-I'm the mom.
I've got to be calm,
cool, collected.
My goodness.
That's pretty. So gorgeous.
I'm a Leo,
and the sun ignites me.
I'm bright.
I like to just be exuberant
and free and authentic.
I feel like
that's what life's about.
It's about happiness.
And that's why
I wear my hair this way,
because it makes me feel
happy, more of a merfairy.
And that's who I am.
I'm a merfairy.
I'm crazy. I'm giddy.
I flit and flight
all over the place.
This is my merfairy hair.
With me, the colors exhibit
who I am on the inside.
It's my tail
to my, to my mermaid body.
Green, green, green.
That's all we're seeing.
We're seeing green. We're
seeing mountains full of green.
This is not the type of things
that you see back home in L.A.
I'm getting really emotional
because it just
there's no other
experience like it.
No other experience.
- No, not bad.
- Okay.
All right, Michael.
One time, go.
Knock it out.
She's gonna kill this.
Yeah, I think the minute
that she sees a cow, man,
she's gonna go ham.
- I was just singing this. D-Doing it.
- Okay. "Ri-dil-dolio."
All right, let's try it one
- "Ri-dil-dolio."
- Okay. Let's give it a shot.
They're gonna fail me, for sure.
Getting a little nervous,
but let's do it.
Next one.
You do a lot of yodeling
in football?
- Yeah, tons of it.
- That's how you make your calls, right?
- Hey, interception. Yodel-yo.
- Yeah, that's good.
One more.
Okay. Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
You can do this.
You can do this. You can
- Try again.
- Got it.
He gets so into it.
And I just screwed up.
I'm sorry.
Gosh. I screwed that thing up.
- What's up?
- How you doing?
- Great. I'm doing great today.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Team Miami in the house.
Even though we're
in the back of the pack,
our relationship's so strong.
We know that we could
come back from behind.
- All right, so we're going to Austria, baby.
- We're going to Austria!
- No more Germany streets.
- Isn't that where Arnold is from?
Arnold, we're coming to get you.
I think we're
really stressed that
we're gonna get there,
and we're gonna be last.
But if that's what happens,
we're gonna be ready to rock.
Yeah, we got to be.
We are high school sweethearts
from Birmingham, Alabama,
and we've been
dating for eight years.
I had a crush
on her for a while,
and at some point
I was just like, "Okay,
I think this is more
than just friendship."
Like, I'd like to, like,
go sit on the couch with her.
Maybe, like,
cuddle a little bit.
Since then,
we've lived in Boston.
There's an engagement
somewhere around the corner.
That's our joke,
is the ring fund
is what's keeping the engagement
from happening.
So you win a million dollars,
the ring fund gets
beefed up pretty fast.
I hope we get to wear
a fun costume.
- We go way back.
- Way back.
About ten years or so.
In 2018, I became
one of the first
male cheerleaders in the NFL.
I felt a lot of pressure
on my shoulders
for just guys in general.
But we knocked it out.
And he said "we" 'cause we were
audition partners.
Don't let the
smiles and the jokes fool you.
We are very strong.
So what do
you know about Austria?
They have
really, really good skiing.
- That's all you.
- Um You've been to Austria.
- I've been to Bosnia.
- Bosnia.
Our parking is right here.
My God, we made it!
Okay. Clue box. Clue box.
- You do it. You do it.
- Call in the cows.
- I'll do it. I'll do it.
- You'll do it.
Go, park.
"Who wants to call in the cows?"
I guess that's me. Emily.
Who wants to call in the cows?
I guess I'll do it.
Go for it.
Do you want me to
call in the cows?
- You think you can do it?
- I can do it.
My God. It's so pretty.
My dad's gonna kill it.
He used to rap
in the old-school days.
Look at him. He's stuntin'.
He's hitting the stance.
He said, "I'm from New York."
Yeah, yeah.
So, we got Will
and Abby following us.
I mean,
that's a good thing for us.
We are following Team Croqueta.
I think, on this map
we have, Innsbruck is south.
We haven't been going south.
They're still going north.
So, do you want
me to not follow them?
I feel pretty confident we need
to go the other direction.
Innsbruck is this way.
We went the wrong way.
I was taking us the wrong way.
Yeah, we're supposed
to go down
Can you make a U-turn?
Yes, that's it.
Thank God.
Now we got a nice drive
to cool down, I guess.
Yeah, soak in the views.
Okay, so
this is a two-hour drive.
Probably more. This is Sorry,
but we're going the wrong way.
That's okay, baby.
At least we have
another team with us.
No, they're gone.
My God.
Baby, we're last.
We went the wrong way.
We lost Will and Abby.
I don't see them anymore.
- Are you back on track?
- Yeah, we're good, baby.
Okay, perfect.
We're behind, but we'll get it.
So, traffic update.
We are going About
15 kilometers an hour.
And that's kind of fast
for what we've been doing
for the last
probably 20 minutes or so.
We are in trouble.
The trick to the yodeling,
I think, was listening.
Listening to him
and how he sung it,
and how he enunciated the words.
Trying to repeat it
as perfect as possible.
All right.
I thought I had it.
You guys ready?
He's so stiff with it.
He got to loosen up.
He got to make love to it.
Okay, he passed the second one.
You when-when
you're perfect, you
Thank you. Thank you.
Way to go. Way to go, Michael.
"Route Info."
"Drive yourselves
to the center city of Innsbruck
"to search for your next clue
along the river
next to Marktplatz."
- All right, let's get to the car.
- Sweet. Yeah.
All right, let's go.
Don't forget your hat in here.
I'm taking mine off so the wind
doesn't blow it away.
My hat's right here.
- But we got to wear the
- We have to wear the uniform.
- I-I still got to wear all of it. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, we made it.
There's a lot of cars here.
We made it.
- "Who wants to call in the cows?"
- Me.
- Want to do it?
- What do you want to do?
- Call in the cows. You got this.
- Okay, I got it.
One-one more time, I think.
Okay. He has to go again,
and that's okay.
We are literally doing this
for our unborn child.
His nickname is Boom-Boom.
We already have his nickname.
We got his room planned out
and everything.
Hooray! Perfect!
Boom-Boom! Boom-Boom!
I'm a sound, rhythm person.
And once I understood
how to pronounce the words,
it was good.
First time.
Thank you!
Let's go, baby!
- First try, baby. We in here.
- First try.
- We ain't playing. We ain't playing.
- We ain't playing.
- We ain't playing. We ain't playing.
- We ain't playing.
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
I got to start over.
I got to start that over.
- All right.
- Milking.
- We're milking. All right.
- Yeah.
We got here first,
and two teams have left.
You're gonna crush it.
I thought, "Okay, I need
to sing a little bit
louder, and I need
to show that energy."
Let me just do energy, words.
Just make sure I move.
"next to 'Marketplace.'"
- Marktplatz.
- Where is that?
This is so hard to watch.
Louder and
- Feel the rhythm.
- Yes, swing it.
Please be there!
The milking getting
into the rhythm, I didn't do
the milking correctly
the first time.
- Yes.
- Yeah?
Once you figured out the
enunciations, it was easy.
- Congratulations.
- Yes!
Thank you.
I'm so proud of you.
- Okay, let's go.
- Let's go.
Good luck, guys!
Good luck. You got this!
It's hard to have a lead
and then see, like,
just teams running out.
Okay, I see a clue box.
- I see it, I see it.
- Clue box.
"Bells Ringin'
or Partner Swingin'."
The call of the bell
has been heard on Earth
for more than 4,000 years.
Throughout the ages,
they've been used
for religious purposes,
to tell time and play music.
This detour requires teams to
follow a sheet of music and play
seven notes using these bells
to ring out
a traditional folk song,
"The Tiroler Glockenklang."
This is a traditional Austrian
couple dance, a wedding march,
where couples get close,
do lots of turns,
slap their thighs,
and stomp their feet.
Teams have to learn
a choreographed combination
of these moves
in time with the music
to complete this detour.
I think that's easier.
- You want to do Bells Ringin'?
- Yeah.
All right,
we'll do Bells Ringin'.
"Make your way to Stiftskeller
Restaurant at 1 Stiftgasse."
I chose that because I was like,
"That'll be easy."
I played the saxophone.
Marcus wasn't
He didn't play
any-any musical instruments.
- See, this is
- Did you did you play any instruments?
This is actually crazy because,
right, we're brothers,
and our age difference
is-is eight years.
I am the older brother,
and so we grew up differently
in a way, right, just because
of the age difference.
- I actually did play an instrument.
- Did you?
And he doesn't even know that.
That's crazy.
- What'd you play?
- So, I played the clarinet.
- I did not know that.
- So
Stiftgasse 1, right, or?
- Right there.
- Yup, I see it.
We choose the instructor, right?
- Well, you. Yeah, here we go.
- Okay, here we go.
Okay, Marcus,
- let's do this.
- Um, first,
we got, like, this side.
It's the blue one.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- And this side's the yellow one, okay?
- Okay.
Here are the letters.
You see them?
- Yeah, I see FA, AC.
- FA, AC.
- BD.
- AC.
Okay, like one-two, three-four.
Five-six, seven-eight.
And go back.
All of that you just did were
- That's the first part.
- Okay.
- 'Cause there's two of 'em, Marcus.
- So
- I'm the blue. Anything in blue.
- Watch your color.
- Anything in blue? Okay.
- Yes.
- I got it.
- You got it.
I understand now.
It was about ten bells
that we'd have
to alternate playing either one
or two bells.
Those bells were different sizes
so they had a different chime,
a sound, and a tone.
We, both of us,
have to go back and forth.
We good?
- You're learning fast.
- Okay. One more time.
Yeah? Yeah?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yo-ho-ho-hui.
- Great.
I feel like
I'm letting Derek down.
- "Marktplatz."
- Okay.
- Sweet. Let's do it.
- Okay.
- Abby, you crushed that. You crushed it.
- Whee!
- I think we jumped, like, what, three people at least?
- Yeah.
- Partner Swingin'!
- Hey!
- All right, let's figure out where we're going.
- All right.
- Let's go faster.
- Okay.
'Cause we don't want
anyone catching up.
- You guys dance instructors?
- You!
- Let's watch it.
- Watch it?
Okay, yeah, sure.
I guess you're
gonna teach us that, right?
Yeah, okay.
- Detour. Do you want to dance?
- I think so.
Feel like dancing is a little
easier. We're gonna dance.
What-what am I doing
with my hands? Like Okay.
My hand is
one, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Don't tire yourself.
It's good.
We're-we're here already.
- I hear music.
- I hear music.
Yes. That's it.
I choose you.
- Okay.
- You got to spin me and do your move.
- All right, all right.
- This is gonna be interesting
'cause we're seven inches apart.
It's hard to be five-seven
twirling a six-two queen.
- I'm just Let's be for real. Like, I
- I know.
That's some big circles
I had to do with my arm.
I was concerned
about one of the twirl
I was concerned
about some of those twirls
'cause he had to turn me.
I'm like, "God."
We did it, though.
- We did it.
- You did it with that little finger.
You put that finger up,
and I was like,
"let me get that, girl."
- Six, seven.
- That was a lot better.
I'm hoping
that when we get there,
we see other teams there.
That would be a great sign
of, we're still in this thing.
The third song.
I am not getting it. Eventually
I'm like, "Okay, I need
to go back
and relearn the song."
- Di-riddle, dulio.
- Di-riddle, dulio.
Di-riddle, dulio.
- Very good.
- Thank you. Thank you.
My anxiety is high.
- Yeah.
- There's no non-eliminations.
We've had such a fall,
and it's literally
only because of me.
For the love of God.
- Yes. That's the one.
- Yes. Yes.
Yeah, baby!
Thank you. Thank you.
I was worried about you.
I lost to the king
of Yodelsville.
- I think dance.
- You think dance?
Let's go.
Yeah! Let's go!
Good work.
"Drive yourself
to the city center of Innsbruck
and search for your next clue."
- You killed it.
- We keep this on, right?
- Yes, we keep it on. Let's go.
- Yeah.
You got it. You got it.
Please. Please.
I want to run over
and hug 'em.
We were the first ones in.
I think we'll probably be
the last ones out.
"Drive yourselves to the"
"city center of Innsbruck."
There is still one team
behind you guys.
All right. Remember that.
Remember that, all right?
This is Vill.
I think we're getting close.
Last ones closing the house
in the back.
I yodeled in Austria.
Not good.
- Okay.
- Not good at all.
- We're closing the yodel down!
- Okay.
The cheerleaders
I'm waiting for them
just to run up that hill,
and they
they keep a beat,
they do cheers.
They have things memorized.
They are going to be good
at this yodel.
I knew I was in trouble.
At some points in life,
the situation seems so hopeless
that it just becomes
kind of funny.
Thank you.
My gosh.
I'm relieved to be here.
Please, gentlemen.
Please. Let me through!
- Your first Roadblock!
- Just took a little bit.
"Search for your next clue along
the river next to Marktplatz."
Thank you!
I'm really sorry, Derek.
No. Don't apologize.
Don't love that for us.
Okay, the cheerleaders
are driving in right now.
Okay. So
we're not that far behind.
Okay, so there's Derek.
You got to go.
We just got to go.
- That's good. People.
- Yeah.
My gosh. Okay.
I've never been so happy
to see people.
They're going to go quick.
- Do you want me to do it?
- Yeah. Let's get you out there.
Okay, I'm gonna do
the Roadblock.
As long as we can navigate well.
I do think a strength
of ours is reading maps.
That is actually key right now.
If we can navigate
without mistakes,
- we will beat some of these teams.
- Yeah. Okay.
One more time?
You got it.
"Markthalle." Cool.
This is the parking garage.
All right, baby, look.
Signs, signs, signs, signs.
I don't see any ring anywhere.
Okay, this is where
panic starts to come in.
Slow down. Slow down.
- Yes.
- Yes? Okay, perfect. Go ahead.
Let's make a left.
- Okay.
- This is it.
No, I want you to make
a left turn if you can.
Baby, I
Baby, I think that's a bridge.
That's going to go over.
Can you help me? Marktplatz?
Follow the street?
I guess we're not very good
at directions.
And Michael
and Marcus were We
This is a good point where
we rely on them too much for it.
We're trying to find the garage
that we're
that we need to park in.
I don't know where it's at.
- Markthalle.
- Perfect.
- Take the next left.
- Parking to the left.
We got to take all
our belongings with us, baby.
Claire, you have
your entire costume?
Let's go. Let's go. Come on,
come on, come on, let's go.
If we just don't get lost,
we're going to be okay.
Markthalle garage.
- Do you see parking anywhere?
- No.
My God.
That's it. Come on.
- Okay.
- Okay. Yes.
Thank you, guys! Thank you!
- "river next to Marktplatz."
- Marktplatz.
That was by Olympic.
- Okay. You got it?
- Yeah.
Great job, girl.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
- So you do eight times, I do 15?
- Yes.
So we have to figure it out.
- Five, six, seven, and
- Six, seven, and
One, two, three
When I was growing
up, I used to teach my dad all
of my cheerleading dances.
Not just cheerleading.
- learned how to do ballet.
- Yeah, everything that I did,
I taught my dad.
14, 15.
And the other way, right?
- No.
- Again. See.
I'm so dizzy. Okay.
Obviously, my dad and I have
- so much history.
- Yeah.
There's so much
we've done together.
So us, honestly, having
That's crazy. Yeah.
Us having, like,
I guess the longest relationship
of the show is
- Yeah.
- Are you crying?
- Why are you crying?
- I'm sorry.
- Why are you crying?
- Just
I did not have a father
growing up, and so I decided
I was going to be the best
father I possibly could.
And it's just very emotional
that I was so determined
to make sure I share
experiences with her
from when she was small.
And we're sharing
this beautiful experience.
- One, two, three. Aah!
- Dad.
What did you do?
- I kicked my fingers.
- How could you possibly
- have hurt yourself?
- Very good. Very good.
Kicked my fingers.
- Let's go over, let's go do it.
- Yeah?
- Let's go do it.
- All right.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You're ready?
- Yup. Let's do it.
We messed up. Aah!
So close
- Try and stick to the rhythm.
- Yeah.
In the practice,
we didn't know that
there was going to be a guy,
like, playing the accordion
and playing the tune
with the bells.
It kind of just
threw me off a little bit.
So I think we got
a little ahead of ourselves.
- We're ready!
- We're ready.
Okay, please follow me.
I think we may be first, babe.
- That's not enough.
- My God.
The schuhplattler is not enough.
- Yeah, yeah.
- All right.
- Let's do it.
- Do you want to try it?
- Let's try it.
- Let's do it.
Five, six, seven,
and One, two, three
13, 14, 15, and
That's not enough.
We'll do it once more.
All right. Yup, yup. I was slow.
Let's go back downstairs.
- That's it.
- You see it?
We need an instructor.
- Instructor.
- No. We need an instructor.
- Want to try again?
- Let's go try again.
So funny.
- Bells Ringin'. Bells Ringin'.
- Bells Ringin'.
- Bells Ringin'.
- Bells. We're doing bells.
- Okay, let's go.
- This way, boo.
- "Bells Ringin'"
- Dance.
"Partners Swingin'."
We got to hurry.
- This is what we wanted to do.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- We wanted to dance.
- Let's go.
I'm actually a professional
dancer with Pitbull.
So, whether he wanted to or not,
any time there's a dance
challenge, we're doing it.
And it's really exciting
'cause it's a wedding dance.
- That's awesome.
- We could relive our wedding moment.
- Okay, cool.
- That's great.
Once more, that's not enough.
- Are you good?
- Did I mess up again?
You didn't even go. Yes.
Right here, right here.
What's the matter?
Like, do you need to go outside
- for, like, five minutes?
- I-I'm
I'm focused on, like, counting.
- Are you good?
- I'm good.
Trying to make sure we're
in rhythm with the accordion
That was a challenge
that some of us struggled with.
Yeah, I struggled
with it, you know?
- We got through here fine.
- Yeah.
When we get here
and we're, like,
starting to be together,
keep the same rhythm.
You want to practice again,
or do you think you can do it?
All right, let's go.
I was getting frustrated when
coming in first place, like,
that was on the table,
and I didn't want us
to kind of blow that chance
like the first leg.
- Yes!
- Yeah!
- Congratulations.
- Thank you so much.
- All the best. All the best.
- Thank you so much.
"Race on foot
to Hofburg, Imperial Palace,
and find Giants Hall."
This is Innsbruck, which dates
back more than a thousand years.
And in the center of it
all, this architectural gem.
The Imperial Palace
and the Great Hall,
now a world-class museum and
now the second Pit Stop
of this Amazing Race.
This season, there are no more
second chances.
The last team to check in
here will be eliminated.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Okay, we're gonna get it this time, babe.
- I love you so much.
I love you, baby.
We're doing this.
- We're in Austria.
- We are.
When we were doing the dancing,
after we tried it a couple
times, I-I felt discouragement
- trying to creep up.
- Yeah.
And I-I literally said, "No,
I'm not gonna be discouraged."
It's near Austrian style.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you! -
Thank you so much.
- Dance instructor. You ready?
- Okay.
All right, we got Luis
and Michelle coming in,
so we got to get it this time.
We have caught up, guys.
We have caught up.
This is Austrian style.
Thank God.
I didn't want to do that again.
"Last team to check in
will be eliminated."
How long did it take us
since we got to the Roadblock?
- So, ten, 15.
- Ten, 15 minutes.
So TeamBig Brother
can't be too far ahead, so,
I'm hoping
to just run our ass off.
We grew up
in the competition world,
so we know how
to compete under pressure.
All we can do right now is kick
ass on this next challenge and
let the cards fall
where they may.
- Found it.
- Good.
We're killing it.
You're killing it.
Right here. Stiftgasse.
Yes. Come on, come on. Let's go.
- Pay attention. We both are doing it.
- Yes.
- Okay. Okay.
- We both are doing it.
I've played piano
for all of my life.
So I know how to
kind of, like, pick up notes,
and this was extremely easy.
- We're going to be out of there so fast.
- Yeah.
Nice! Okay.
Welcome to Innsbruck, Austria.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Thank you.
The question is,
how well have you done?
- I do not know. You tell us.
- You do not know, do you?
- I do not know.
- Sure don't.
You are team number one.
Brother, we did it. Aah!
Yes, we
finished in first this leg,
but we still have things
we can improve on.
We're both
got type A personalities, and so
we're trying to work through
that, being on the same team.
That-That's something
we're going
to probably have to continue for
as long as we're in the race.
And I have some great news
for you.
You have won.
Expedia Reward points
good for five nights
- For two
- Okay.
- to Lima, Peru.
- Okay. Okay.
Expedia experts are going to
design a unique local experience
with a three-day tour
to Machu Picchu,
private Larco Museum tour,
and an authentic Peruvian
cooking class.
- Sweet.
- Love that. That sounds awesome.
- Congratulations, guys. Get some rest.
- Thank you. Thank you so much
See the "P"?
Turn to your left.
Now, that's some navigating.
Parking structure over there.
I'm gonna make a left
right here, okay?
My God. Yes. Yes.
- Right here.
- Here's your other hat.
That hat will
just go in your bag.
This is good luck,
walking around Austria.
Absolutely, dude.
Six, seven.
- Sorry, I forgot.
- No, that's okay.
Three, four. One, two.
Hold on.
Okay, now
I'm the woman.
God. This is confusing.
- Yeah, 'cause we're twins.
- Yeah, she's the woman.
- With the earrings.
- Okay.
I just lost count,
so you're gonna have to tell me
where I'm at.
I can't while I'm spinning.
One, two, three.
Four, five, six.
- Seven, eight.
- Seven, eight.
- All right, let's go. Let's do it.
- Let's go.
- Good job, Claire!
- I love bells so much more than yodeling.
- I knew you could do music.
- I have something for you.
- Thank you so much.
- Danke.
Hey, we got it.
We love bells.
Are we the last team?
We got this. Let's do it again.
- All right, let's start from the front.
- Okay, yes.
- Let's do it.
- One more time. Let's go.
- Breathe in. We got to get this right.
- Okay. Okay.
another team close by, right?
- Yes.
- And here they are.
Come on in, guys.
Great job, y'all.
- Hi, Phil. Hi, guys.
- Nice. Hi, nice to see you guys.
- Hey, guys.
- Y'all killed it.
Welcome to Innsbruck, Austria.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Glenda, Lumumba,
you are team number two.
And you know what that means?
- Number three!
- What?!
Linton and Sharik, that makes
you team number three.
- Yes.
- Congratulations.
Come on in, Derek and Claire.
Good job.
I don't know how we did it,
but we made it out of there.
So, a little bit
of a rough start.
- The yodeling
- It was tough.
So, Claire, you're not signing
up for any yodeling groups,
I understand, anytime soon.
Bells, way more my speed.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Right.
You made up a lot of time.
Maybe you guys should
tell them where they are.
- Team number four.
- Four? Okay.
My God. Amazing.
- Amazing.
- Four. We're team four.
Hello, Austria!
Let's go.
We got this.
Can we go try it?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Did they get it?
Thank you! Thank you, guys!
- This is us right here.
- Yeah.
Detour. Which one
do you want to choose?
Do you want to play the music,
or do you want to dance?
The We're with
a bunch of dancers.
- They're gonna be way better than us.
- Okay. Yeah, let's do the bells.
- All right, let's do it, baby. We got this.
- All right.
1 Stiftgasse.
- It's right here, Rex.
- Got it.
I hear 'em.
- Yeah.
- Hi. Was it easy?
We're working on it.
You got it. Thank you so much.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Okay, so
- Hello. Thank you. Good to have you today.
- Okay, you got this, baby.
- You got this.
- Okay? All right.
- Yeah, we got this.
- You ready?
- Yes.
Okay. Let's do it again, baby.
We got this.
What are we doing,
what are we doing wrong, or?
I think you missed that one.
Which one did I miss?
Yeah, it was this one.
This one. CE.
I missed CE. Okay.
Hold on, hold on.
Let-let me say it. Okay.
I thank the universe
for all that is good.
Here we go. Richard.
All right. Here we go.
I've got the "G."
- "C." Little "F."
- Then I have FA and CF.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
We just got to
really pay attention.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- Had enough with the dancing?
- No. I'll dance some more.
- Give me all the dancing.
- You love it?
- Yes.
- Dancing is too much fun, yeah.
Well, I am pleased to tell you
that after the second leg
of The Amazing Race,
you're the fifth team to arrive.
Yes. Yes. Let's go.
- Does that feel good?
- Yes, it feels great, Phil.
- My God, it feels amazing.
- Yeah.
Sorry, guys.
This is
a very perfect performance.
All right, I got it.
- We did it.
- Good job.
- Detour.
- Detour.
- We're doing Partner Swing.
- Partner Swing.
- All right.
- Partner Swing it is.
- This way, babe!
- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Come on!
Aubrey's the best at dancing,
so I'm not worried
about it one bit.
- Eight.
- My God.
This was near perfect
Austrian style.
- Thank you.
- Come to me. This is for you.
Thank you!
We dance salsa and bachata,
so the partnering will be good.
- Hey.
- Listen to me.
- Congratulations.
- God.
Thank you. Bless you.
I don't care.
Let's not worry about it.
- Okay, are you ready? Well
- Pay attention.
Go GB.
Rex is a coach, so
he knows how to stay calm.
Little "C." E-F.
I think it was brilliant
coaching on my part.
There's no way there's
no two ways about it.
We got this. All right, buddy.
Keep going, Dave.
- Ha!
- Ha!
It's a great show.
It's near Austrian style.
- Yes!
- Yeah!
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Bye, choreographer.
I mean, the whole time
you've been here, your
I don't think I've ever seen
a bigger smile anywhere.
I think it's the most
sore muscle on my body.
You are team number six.
Yeah. Moving up.
- Congratulations, guys.
- Thank you, Phil.
- We're gonna get this.
- All right.
Hit it, sir!
All right. We're close.
We're close. We've already
got past the first row.
We're ready. Come on.
We got a "G."
Okay. We're good. We are close.
Tim, deep breath.
All right, here we go.
We're so close,
buddy. We are getting it.
- There ain't no chance in hell we're-we're gonna win this.
- Yes
Last one.
- Dancing.
- We're dancing.
It's not over till it's over.
It's not over till it's over.
We knew we needed to get it,
and we needed to get it quick.
Like, quick.
If there's anybody that can
pick up and do it, it is us.
We're about
to learn a partner dance.
- This is right in our wheelhouse.
- Yup.
I'm so proud of you.
Welcome to Innsbruck, Austria.
Thank you so much.
Did you ever imagine that
you would be in Austria in
Innsbruck as sisters doing this?
Never. I never imagined
I had a sister.
- I know.
- Yeah, we're here.
- My God.
- And now here they are
- in Innsbruck, in Austria.
- Now we're racing around the world together.
They're racing around the world.
And I'm pleased to tell you
that you are the seventh team to arrive.
- Thank God.
- We're in the back.
Which means that you get to race
another leg of this race.
Yes. Another night together.
It's more than just
the race days for us.
It's the time in between,
the-the moments where
we can sit down
and talk about the hardships
we may have experienced.
There's so much
about you that I don't know
and so much about your life
that I don't know.
This is why we
can't come in seventh next leg.
We have to have
more time together.
Turn around.
There's a team there.
Rich and Dom, you are
the eighth team to arrive.
However, the clue clearly states
that you need to arrive
at the mat with your hat.
"You must properly wear
the provided wardrobe
for the rest of this leg."
So I need you to go and get your
hat before I can check you in.
I think it fell off
while we were running.
- I don't know where it is in the streets.
- Okay.
I think you're going to need
to go back and check.
What? You know what?
Where's, where's the car?
The car is in
the parking garage.
I think it might be in the car.
I know you have not
been wearing the hat
- for a while.
- I think it's in the car.
It's in the car.
It's in the car.
It's in the
car. It's in the car.
- We got to remember our way back here.
- Yeah. Come on.
Okay, great, and you
can drop your bags.
- We meet again, Phil.
- Yes, indeed.
And the question is,
where are you at?
We have no idea.
You are team number eight,
- and you are still in the race.
- Yes.
- Congratulations, guys.
- Thank you so much, Phil.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You got it. Don't rush.
- Let's go.
We always
say dance is our stress relief.
For those 12 eight counts
that we did, I didn't feel
- any pressure. I was just like
- Yeah.
We were just doing it,
having fun.
Got it.
It's near perfect.
It's near Austrian style.
You are welcome.
Okay, it's for you.
- Hey, bravo.
- Thank you so much.
- Yeah!
- - Congratulations.
Thank you for the story,
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.
- All the best.
- Thank you. Thank you.
All right.
Which way?
I think it's this way, right?
We don't give up.
- Let's go. Let's go. Come on.
- All right.
Is this it? I got it. I got it.
I got it in my hand.
I have it in my hand. Come on.
Come on, girl.
Okay. Where? To the right?
It's us and the cheerleaders,
bud. Let's do it.
- You got to go, buddy.
- Yeah. Focus.
We we can't quit.
It's just pain.
Race it out.
- We got to do our thing.
- You never know.
It's right here. Right here!
I see it, I think.
- Nope.
- Yeah. Right here.
Hold your heads high.
Rich and Dom,
you are still in the race.
You are team number nine.
There are still two more teams
that have to arrive.
And here's one
of them right now.
Well, as you know,
there are no second chances
on this race.
If you arrive last,
you are eliminated.
And I'm pleased to tell you
that you are not last.
You are not eliminated.
And you are still in the race.
Quinton, I see that you've
you've got all this pent-up
emotion right now.
You were thinking
your race was gone?
Yeah, I was the one
kind of driving,
so I felt like all the little
stupid mistakes
that were happening
They're natural,
but I feel like every
every turn counts,
every second counts,
every minute counts
in this race.
That's right. And that's what
can happen in this race.
It's very humbling.
- Yes.
- One minute, you're a winner,
you're going home
with the prize, and the next
the next minute, you're out and
you wonder how it all happened.
We lucked out getting dance
challenges, that's for sure.
- Guys.
- He's got that look. He's got that look.
Guys, guys, guys,
you want to drop your bags?
Tim and Rex, I am really
sorry to tell you
that you are officially
the last team to arrive,
and I have to eliminate you
from the race.
- All right. That's good.
- All right.
- Thanks, Phil.
- Gonna miss you guys.
I know you gave it
absolutely everything.
Yeah. I mean,
look, I lost 50 pounds for this.
- Yeah.
- Just to try to hang in there, but, man,
I never thought that
we should have probably danced.
I think we found a weakness
of ours might be music.
Our-our music stuff is
And we live in Music City,
- so we did not represent Music City very well.
- No.
You know, look,
we're going to be just blasted
by our buddies
when we come back. Like
We both agreed this made
our friendship definitely like
a next level.
You know, we've know each other
for six, seven years,
and, yeah, it was a blast.
I think I'll stick to football,
and he can go back
to doing law enforcement.
Well, we know you're good
at both, um, so there is that.
I'm a little disappointed 'cause
I think we were just looking
forward to some antics
from you guys.
More antics, I should say.
I'm disappointed as hell,
though, that we never
- at least got through a few more.
- Of course.
But, hey, I mean, every team
that-that goes out
feels the same way.
- Absolutely.
- Yup.
Next time on The Amazing Race
- Mega Leg.
- We got to turn left, right?
- Yeah.
- Left, then right?
Now right again.
Is that it?
All right, baby, you
got to get out and push.
Push it!
You said you know where
you're going. You said yes.
- And I said, "Okay."
- Okay.
Did I say
"No, I don't think you do"?
- No, I didn't.
- Okay, baby. All right. Just roll with me.
Sorry, Derek. I definitely
had screws loose today.
Class is about to begin.
I'm so frazzled right now.
I'm near the tears. Um,
there they here they come.
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