The Amazing Race (2001) s34e03 Episode Script

It's All in the Details

on The Amazing Race
11 teams raced
to Innsbruck, Austria.
Quinton and Mattie
got off to a rocky start.
We were looking
for a location in Munich,
but it's actually in Austria.
Rookie mistake.
At the Roadblock,
Claire was out of tune.
Military brothers
Marcus and Michael
were out of sync
at the Detour
- Are you good?
- Did I mess up again?
You didn't even go.
but still found a way to win.
Brother, we did it!
In a wild finish
I got it. I got it.
I got it in my hand.
I have it in my hand. Come on.
Okay. We're good.
We are close.
Quinton and Mattie
staged a comeback.
It's near perfect.
And it was Tim and Rex
who fell short at the goal line.
All teams are now boarding
The Amazing Racecharter
and heading to the Boot,
commonly known as Italy.
After touching down in Bologna,
teams will begin a Mega Leg
Two Detours,
two Roadblocks, two cities.
At the end of it all,
another team will be eliminated.
"Route Info. Welcome to Bologna,
Italy "and your very first Mega Leg.
Drive to Arco del Meloncello
to find your next clue."
Let's do it.
We're leaving in the first group
with Glenda and Lumumba.
We did come in first last leg,
and we don't want, like,
ups and downs.
We just kind of want
to stay here, but here,
- at a high level.
- Mega Leg. Yeah.
Okay. Go ahead, baby.
- Go ahead.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.
You know this a stick, now.
Okay, I got you.
We have been married one year.
We've known each other only
two and a half years total.
So this has been
a great opportunity for us
to learn how to communicate
and work, with each other.
All right,
and we're heading downhill.
I'm feeling great about
my stick shift driving skills.
And then I stall.
It's fine, baby.
All right. Now we're down.
As soon as I say that, I stall.
Make a left. It's Irma Bandiera.
Right there.
And we should see,
the marked parking spots.
Parking. I see it. I see it.
You think it's up here?
Yeah. "Detour. Head of
the Class or the Big Cheese."
This is the oldest
university in the Western world.
Famous for
this anatomical theater.
This is where thousands
of medical students boned up
on their human anatomy
before becoming doctors.
After listening
to this 16th century lecturer,
teams will travel to the
courtyard to take a timed exam.
They must identify 16 bones, muscles
and organs in under 90 seconds.
If they fail the exam
they must go back to class.
Once they pass the test,
they'll get their next clue.
The two most popular
cheeses in Italy,
and Parmigiano-Reggiano
Which is cut from
massive cheese wheels like this
that weigh in
at a staggering 88 pounds.
The best way to move
these massive fromage wheels
around town
is on a cart like this.
Teams will carry their cheese
to a restaurant,
where they'll have
their wheels sliced
by a professional cheese cutter.
Then they must deliver
both halves to two restaurants
and bring their receipts
back here for a clue.
- Come on, let's go.
- We're gonna do the Big Cheese.
We're both smart enough
to do the Head of the Class
and knock it out,
but 88 pounds of cheese.
It's nothing.
Anatomy lesson.
All right, let's go to school.
"For both Detours,
drive yourselves
to Piazza Franklin
Delano Roosevelt."
- All right.
- All right.
Got to go on foot.
Can't be too far
if it's walking distance.
They're supposed to drive,
as well.
All right, babe.
Other teams
are about to start coming.
I know. I know.
I know, I know.
Mega Leg!
- Let's go. Let's go.
- Let's do it.
We are leaving in group two
today with Linton and Sharik,
Abby and Will,
and Luis and Michelle.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Last leg, we were battling
from the back of the pack,
because of my yodeling ability.
But everyone's time
is limited on this race,
so we want to focus
on really enjoying it,
being in the moment and also
winning. That wouldn't,
- that wouldn't hurt either.
- I just want to focus on winning.
Man, I haven't driven
a stick shift in a while.
- You're killing it, though.
- Yeah.
We got this!
- That's too much energy?
- That was a lot.
That was a lot of energy.
There we go. Good job.
Okay, now we're in second
- Nice.
- gear.
I think it was back there.
Yeah, we have to go forward
and turn around.
All right,
so this is gonna be fun.
I have no idea
how to reverse this.
Is that it? No.
That's first. God.
We couldn't figure out
how to reverse.
Classic Amazing Race.
My God.
- All right, baby.
- You got to get out and push.
Push it!
Good. We're good.
Yeah, baby.
This doesn't feel right.
I have no idea where we are.
We're just gonna keep going.
Can't be too far
from where we were, babe.
That's okay. It's pretty far.
-We have to do this on foot.
We're gonna make
this left right here.
My God. Yes.
- We're gonna do Big Cheese.
- Yeah.
- Head of the Class.
- We're doing Head of the Class.
We're gonna do
Head of the Class.
I think we can do
the Big Cheese.
Okay, let's do the Big Cheese.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Is this it?
I don't know.
I see the parking.
- This one right here?
- Right here.
- Then we do it on foot.
- Let's get this knocked out,
so we can get out of here.
- Let's do this, babe.
- Love and light.
Mega Leg!
We are getting along
like we've been sisters
for our entire lives,
which we technically have been.
Yes. The one thing
that we have consistently
had trouble with
is our confidence.
I'm in neutral.
So I think we need to trust
ourselves a little bit more.
- Yeah.
- Bicycles.
I just stalled. Oops.
They just stalled, too.
Clutch. Turn it on.
You need the clutch. Turn it on.
Okay, babe, show 'em
what your stick driving can do.
Why are we backed up?
I think 'cause
it keeps stalling..
- Come on, Quinton, don't rush.
- You got it.
Okay, I really wish
there was not a car here.
My God.
What am I doing wrong?
Yeah, they are struggling bad.
- Just breathe.
- Sweet spot on neutral.
Just don't lift off too soon.
- See where they're going?
- You got it, babe.
We are leaving
group number three.
We're in the back right now,
but today is our anniversary,
so we got to fight hard
to stay in it and win it for us.
- You'll-you'll get used to it.
- You'll adjust.
Yep. Good job, baby.
You're making headway.
Racing on our anniversary
means everything to us.
- Don't worry.
- Don't-don't get frustrated.
Okay, sweetie.
But, the Mega Leg
is two of everything
Two Roadblocks,
two Detours, two cities.
It's going to be
a powerful opportunity for us
to become
the best versions of ourselves.
Here we go, my love. See? Don't
allow things to frustrate you.
- Right.
- It's just an object.
Objects can be manipulated.
It's a market over here, Marcus.
- Good eye.
- So, for the Big Cheese Detour
- Here we go.
- we showed up at
Forma "For" something.
I'm just gonna call him
the cheese-meister.
- Buongiorno.
- Buongiorno.
He gave us
the 88-pound block of cheese.
We're gonna deliver
half of it to one restaurant,
other half another restaurant,
and go back to the start point.
Scusi. Scusi.
Carts are outside.
Those wooden ones?
- Yeah. Okay.
- Yeah. Right here.
- Just this closest one to us right here.
- Okay.
All right.
So left, right on San Giorgio.
- Left, Volturno.
- Left, right.
Keep going. Keep straight.
We need some directions.
Can you, can you follow?
- Please.
- My God. I'm saying,
I don't know what we're
doing. Excuse me. Directions?
Sorry, folks.
- Okay, so, where? Where?
- Autobus.
Okay. Thank you. Thank you.
Why are you stopping
to ask somebody directions
if you know where you're going?
You said
you know where you're going.
You said, "Yes,"
and I said, "Okay."
- Okay.
- Did I say, "No, I don't think you do"?
- No, I didn't.
-Okay, baby. All right. Just roll with me.
So, we're moving this cheese.
It's 88 pounds.
We're going
to our first restaurant.
Go over here.
- Good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
One, two, three.
Big Cheese!
Let's do it.
We're gonna do
Head of the Class.
- Head of the Class?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Head of the Class.
- Head of the Class.
- Do the, anatomy one.
- Okay. Okay.
- Honestly, stay over here.
- I'm through it, I'm through it.
- All right.
- Keep going.
It's gonna be on the left.
What's the restaurant?
Volturno 5. Ristorante Diana.
I see, I see Diana.
- That white sign up there on the left.
- Yeah.
One, two, three.
So the cheese cutter will cut
the cheese wheel in half,
- leave half the cheese wheel
- Here?
And then we'll get
a receipt when he's done,
and then we'll deliver the rest
of it to Osteria del Cappello.
- You want to look that up?
- Yeah.
Let's make a left
on the big street.
Can you do it on your own,
or no?
- Yeah, I think it'll be all right.
- Careful, babe. Don't drop it.
Teatro Anatomy.
Right here.
- Yeah.
- It's a nice building.
This is giving me
heavy church vibes.
Welcome. I'm Professor Fontana.
- Okay.
- Class is about to begin.
The body is a fascinating
piece of machinery
with many parts and pieces
that function in harmony.
In this class, you will learn
the anatomy of the human body,
including bones,
organs and muscles.
We start with the bones
of the skull, which provide
a safety cage for the brain
The frontal bone
for the main part of the
The zygomatic bone protect
the eye and the optic nerve.
The mandible is the only
movable bone of the skull.
Onto the bones
of the arms and hands.
Choosing Head of the Class
was a terrible decision.
There was a lot to remember
in the eight-minute lecture.
The humerus is
the longest bone in the arm.
- It took a long time.
- The ulna
It was just,
it was overwhelming.
and forms the elbow joint
along with the humerus.
- We made it. Thank God.
- Thank God.
- Thank you.
- Sounds good.
Moving away
from bones to organs.
This is my first
experience with cutting
an 88-pound of cheese in half.
All right, so we're gonna
take it and put it here,
and then we're gonna
carry it inside.
Grazie. Let's get
the receipt. Yeah.
- Grazie.
- All right, set that down.
One, two, three.
All right.
We're gonna go right here,
and we're just gonna take it
down to Ugo, Bassi again.
- We're gonna cross the street.
- Ugo Bassi again?
We're trying
to get here. Is it close?
We're here.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
All right. Come on, let's go.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Let's pick it up.
We have to find
Teatro Anatomico. I don't know
- if that's a difficult, if that's difficult or not.
- Wait a minute.
It says, "For both Detours,
drive yourself to Piazza
Franklin Delano Roosevelt."
- My God.
- In a car.
We have to find this place.
Teatro Anatomico.
I don't know
if that's a difficult,
- if that's difficult or not.
- Wait a minute.
It says, "For both Detours,
drive yourself to Piazza
Franklin Delano Roosevelt."
In a car.
- Let's go.
- My God.
We were supposed
to drive ourselves?
- Hurry up.
- Come on, come on, come on.
Read the clue.
So the lesson is concluded.
- Thank you.
- Chaos.
Absolute chaos.
They got to take the exam.
- Good luck.
- Good luck to you.
All right.
Looks intense.
- I don't want to talk too much because it's in my head.
- Okay.
Scusi. Scusi. Scusi.
Right now, we're looking
for Via de' Fusari.
The second drop-off is gonna be
on this street over here.
- Buongiorno.
- Buongiorno.
- Give me a second.
- All right. On three.
One, two, three.
- Grazie. - Grazie.
- Ciao.
"Return your cart to where
you picked it up. Then bring
your receipts to Formaggerie
to receive your clue."
All right, this way.
- Do you know where we are?
- Via de' Preti.
Santa Maria Maggiore.
- We went a little bit past it.
- Okay.
- Are you good?
- I got it. I got it.
Diana. Ristorante Diana.
How do you say "Yay"
in Italiano?
No? Nothing?
- Awesome. What?!
- Beautiful.
Give half to the, to the chef.
Signor. Grazie.
- Thank you.
- He has to give us a receipt.
One down.
Let's go, let's go.
All right, we're on Giacomo.
Yeah, Ugo Bassi.
- Yo, what's good, guys?
- You guys are doing the cheese?
We're going there.
We got to take the cart back.
Come on, come on.
We'll make this left, and we should
be back where we started, okay?
My goodness.
We got to make up
this time we lost, babe.
Yeah, we'll be fine.
We'll be fine.
Why is it so hard to shift?
It's okay, it's not.
Don't complain about it,
because we don't want to
- s-speak that into it.
- I'm not complaining about it.
Just work with it.
Because then you just,
you manifest it all
to be difficult
when it doesn't need to be.
It's all about your perspective.
- I'm so stressed out, I can't even think.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
God. This car.
You got this.
All right.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
- Can you do this, or should we switch?
- No, I can do this.
We just need to get it
to the cart.
- Just that way.
- Okay.
- Are you sure you can do this?
- Yes.
Yes, sir.
- Grazie.
- Rip it.
"Route Info.
Drive to the Ducati Factory
to find your next clue."
Hell yeah.
We're going to Ducati?
I think that's the leg.
They did give us maybe 30 parts
to remember
in the eight-minute lecture.
And there are more words than
there are spaces to put the words.
That's your funny bone, right?
That was
pretty confusing for us.
Time is over. Please.
Hands up, and step aside.
- Baby, come on.
- Okay.
Let's go, Dad. It's fine.
Let's just do it again.
to the anatomical theater.
Thank you.
- Hi, guys.
- Welcome back.
- Pretty tough?
- So hard. - Tough.
Yeah, we're in the right place.
Class is about to begin.
Prepare for the lecture.
We're delivering cheese
in Italy.
- Scusi.
- Maybe over there?
Chef outside?
That's it. Chef!
Yes, it's here.
Now, where we got to go back to?
Back to where we got the cart.
- Bye, ciao! Grazie!
- Bye! Thank you!
- I see Diana.
- Awesome.
Come on.
The thing about this Detour
and all physical Detours
are they're pretty
- Do we know where we're going?
- Yeah.
You know what you have to do,
you know where you have to go.
Really, you just have to have
the endurance to complete it.
I think we have that.
- Okay.
- I'm barely even sweating. Okay.
- Grazie.
- Grazie.
Away we go! Bologna.
- Thank you.
- Grazie.
- Grazie. Grazie.
- Grazie.
Is this it?
- Hotel Roma?
- Is it upstairs?
What is the name
of the restaurant?
Osteria del Cappello.
Let me see.
This might be it.
I'm trying I want
to keep an eye on our cheese.
Osteria. What is this?
- What number is it?
- 13.
- Okay. No, that isn't
- Can we just ask someone?
You got to find that rhythm,
I'm releasing really slow, too.
Ay, ay, ay.
So stressful.
- Do I need to straighten out?
- No.
We might've ran down this street
instead of this street.
Yep. We're on the wrong street.
Okay, okay, okay.
We're on the wrong street.
Here we go.
We're all turned around.
I'm making a U-turn.
Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
Scusi. I'll run ahead, Derek.
All right, clear the path.
- Scusi.
- Scusi.
- Ciao, ciao.
- Ciao, ciao, ciao.
- Okay.
- Fantastic.
- Can we get the receipt?
- Grazie.
- I know how to get back.
- Okay, let's turn back.
- Okay, so there's no other cars.
- Yeah.
- So we're probably last.
- Yeah.
We got to make up some time.
We got to find that place now.
- Yeah.
- Thank God we had a head start.
Moving away from bones
to organs.
The heart is located
in the thoracic cavity
and circulates blood through
the body by its contraction.
The liver holds
about one pint of blood.
Really happy customers.
- Thank you.
- Grazie.
Lesson is concluded.
Hey, guys.
They're going to the exam.
The deltoid is this one.
- The fibula
- Calcaneus is this one.
Metatarsals. Is that feet?
This is the brachialis.
Biceps. Triceps.
Is this the liver?
Yeah. Do we have a liver?
Yeah, I've got a liver.
Wait, not the liver.
The liver's here.
I think the stomach.
Mandible. Check.
- Clavicle. Check.
- Check.
All of you, hands up,
and step aside, please.
Thank you.
We didn't finish.
We're missing two.
I'm sorry.
We're missing so many.
We need to go
a little bit faster.
I know. Yeah.
- Sorry. - Thank you.
- All good.
- We just got confused by the extras that were in here.
- Yeah.
Normally our strategy is,
do the physical challenges,
but I took anatomy in college.
It was one
of my strongest classes.
So I felt confident about it.
Here's your clue.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
She beasted that.
Beasted that.
It definitely sucks
to see them get theirs.
- We're good.
- Yeah. We'll get it this time.
Babe, I need directions.
Okay, okay.
We just turned into Via Irnerio.
So, go straight. Go straight.
I know we want
to stay in the race,
and we're gonna
do our very best, and
I'm not getting the directions.
I'm not understanding
where we are.
I'm not understanding where
to go.
All the streets
are changing constantly,
and I just, I'm very confused.
Do you know how to navigate
using a map?
- I don't. I-I mean
- Okay, so let's-let's go
- stop and grab directions.
- Okay.
- Okay, we got to
- Okay, stop-stop right here.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Piazza Franklin
Delano Roosevelt?
- Yes. Ugo Bassi.
- Ugo Bassi.
- Okay. We got it. Thank you.
- Okay. Okay. Grazie.
- Grazie. Grazie. - Thank you. Thank you.
- Good luck, guys. Goodbye.
I can do this.
That's a stomach for you.
- Femur?
- It's this one.
I worked in the medical field
for so many years,
and the muscles, the bones,
the organs, they're
not foreign to me at all.
- So we felt good that we had a chance to really catch up.
- Yeah.
That's the heart.
No, the middle muscle.
That's the brachialis.
- That's right.
- Ilium.
And I think this is the tibia.
Do you know what the kneecap is?
Is it patella?
Is it the patella?
Do you think so?
This one right here
is the stomach.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
I think that's right.
I feel good about it.
- Sorry.
- It's not right?
- Sorry.
- Okay.
- Here you go.
- Yes.
"Your next clue."
- "Ducati Factory." Okay.
- My God.
- Congratulations. Yes.
- Thank you.
What? My God.
- That's all right.
- Let's just do it again.
- This looks like it's it right here.
- Yep.
- It's right here, Marcus.
- This is all the parking.
Let's do it.
You see a clue box?
I don't see one yet,
but I see that-that flag.
- There it is.
- There it is, right there.
Who's Ready for a Brake?"
Speed is a way of life
here in the Motor Valley.
The Bolognese territory
is home to a number
of world-famous
manufacturers, including
Ducati and the flagship
model, the Panigale V4
The fastest
SuperSport bike they make.
Teams must first
assemble the wheels and brakes,
then have their work
approved by the mechanic
before installing
the body panels.
When the lead mechanic
says that it's "race-ready,"
they'll get a clue.
- I'll do it.
- All right. Michael's gonna do it.
Right here.
I love this.
It's all you?
I have to put together the
wheels, brakes and body panels.
Michael and I
are both into motorcycles,
and I actually have that bike.
I own a Ducati Panigale V4.
I don't tinker.
It sounds snobbish,
but it's like, either you know
how to do something
or you pay somebody to do it.
I'm the type of person
that I'm trying to pay
- somebody to do it.
- And I'll try.
So I'm going to watch
this ongoing demonstration.
But not having directions,
like, going to watch
the lead mechanic
put it together, take it apart,
I was like,"
This is gonna be very tedious."
- Work it out, Mike.
- We're the first team here.
Let's get this thing done.
Hold on. This is
a biblioteca. There you go.
- Great.
- Excuse us.
- We got this, babe. We got this.
- I got you.
I'm not worried at all.
Is this it?
- Biblioteca?
- No.
When we got into the theater,
just seeing two additional teams
- that were there brought a little bit of a relief.
- Yeah.
Especially this
being a Mega Leg,
because with two Roadblocks,
two Detours, you never know.
It's anybody's game.
Dad, please do your side first.
Understand? Thank you.
Yes. This one.
Ilium is, yeah.
And then tibia is okay.
- Okay, this is right.
- Yeah.
This has to be right.
This has to be right.
- I'm so nervous.
- I really hope we get it.
Let's go.
"Drive to Ducati Factory
to find your next clue."
- All right, back to the car.
- Ducati Factory.
- A14?
- Yeah.
We're going the wrong way, babe.
We got to get off
and get back on again.
-All right, we're back. We're back, we're back.
-Yeah, this looks good.
We're good.
Work it out, Mike.
Work it out. Work it out.
Clue box.
- I can do it.
- Are you sure?
- There's only one team here.
- Yes! Marcus!
My brother.
If you see Marcus,
you can't be in last.
I think I'm just gonna
gather my stuff.
You got this, Claire.
So they're straight-up
just assembling this car?
This motorcycle?
I literally just called it
a car.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Let's get it done.
There we go.
I'm trying to see
a full demonstration
of how to put on the wheels.
I'm taking notes,
um, because I let down Derek at
yodeling, so don't want to repeat.
Let's go!
"Who's Ready for a Brake?"
I'll do it. Hold this.
It's getting there.
I think I got
the rear wheel on right.
Just putting in the front tire.
"If the lead mechanic approves,
you may proceed to
installing the body panels."
- Looking good, Michael.
- Looking good.
Baby, you got this!
Come on, Q!
Put this on.
Go, Claire.
Team Claire.
Claire, Claire, Claire.
This little doodad.
Just try and watch closely
in detail.
This is a big old puzzle.
Okay, Quinton, focus.
I saw the mechanic
put it in neutral
to spin the wheel.
And then I will get a check.
Here we go.
So I can move on
to installing the body panels.
Give this bad boy
maybe a couple cranks.
That doesn't feel right.
I'm not really fully sure
how to use this little wrench.
Baby, you got this!
What's it stuck on?
I don't know
what the hell I'm doing.
Excuse me. Do you know
where the Teatro Anatomico is?
On the right.
That's the door.
Grazie. Grazie. Thank you.
Right here. Right here.
Come on.
Thank you.
Good job. Good job.
I was definitely surprised
to see Lumumba and Glenda,
because they were
in the first group,
and we left in the third group,
but we were there together.
Ilium, fibula.
- What? What?
- I don't know where those go.
Fibula, fibula.
- Intestine. Intestine.
- Femur.
Cecum, cecum, cecum,
cecum, cecum, cecum.
Femur is down that way.
What is metatarsals? What are these?
-I don't know.
Stop, please. Thank you.
Third gear again.
I'm so frazzled right now,
I can't even tell you.
-I'm, like, I'm near the tears. And here they come.
-No, you got this.
She was getting
super frustrated in the car,
and I still maybe don't know
how to really be a sister.
You got this, Em.
So I just kind of let her
get her frustrations out.
I believe in you.
There it is.
Okay, I'll do it.
Michael, wrap it up, B.
We got other challenges to do.
Let's get out of here.
This doesn't really seem
like it's right.
I used to have
a moped growing up.
My neighbor pushed me off of it,
because he was mad he didn't
get one for Christmas.
Let's see.
That's loosening it.
I wish I knew
how this thing worked.
Am I doing it wrong? Probably.
Righty tighty, lefty loosey.
- We got it.
- All right.
- You're gonna do great.
- Looks like fun.
He's meticulous.
It's just not lining up.
There we go.
It being a motorcycle,
Michael's mechanically inclined.
I thought it shouldn't be too,
difficult of a task.
Give it the once-over.
It's all detail now.
See, it's coming loose.
This is so hard.
You got this, Q!
I don't understand.
The back tire won't rotate.
What's happening?
The back wheel has to spin
freely, but it's not spinning.
All three samples
have spinning wheels.
I don't know how to
I'm pretty handy
around the house,
but I don't ride bikes.
And I'm not here
to mess with a Ducati.
Turns out, you have
to, press the clutch
to put it in neutral,
to make it spin.
Baby, focus! You got this!
I'm good. I'm good.
- My gosh.
- Three teams just ran in.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
All right, let's do it.
Did you get it to spin?
- Did you get the back tire spinning?
- No.
There weren't that many parts,
but they kind of
went together in specific ways,
and everybody seemed to be
having a difficult time.
I got to get something done.
I would go look at the tutorial,
and then I would
go look at the finished piece.
Then I would come back,
and by the time I came back,
I was like,
"What did I just go look at?"
- I have done almost nothing, so
- Okay.
- They're all coming.
- Emily!
A lot of other teams are here, but
we're still, like, in the lead.
So Okay, eight of
the ten teams are here.
So, who's not here?
- Mandible.
- Cecum.
Coccyx. Deltoid.
- Do you know tibia?
- So, what? Ilium.
- That's the, that's the
- No, no, the ilium
The u-u-ulna.
Is it more than what it is?
Stop. Stop.
We may not use every piece.
Sorry, you have to go
to your lesson again.
We bombed
at Head of the Class.
We were not the head.
- What's this bone?
- Stop.
- We got to stop.
- Dang it.
I mean, we were like, "What did
we get ourselves into?"
"And how do we
get out of this thing?"
- "Emir." He kept saying "emir."
- That's not on there.
You know, so we sat
in front of that professor.
Mind you,
his native language is Italian.
- Yeah.
- And so we had some issues with even
- understanding the words that he was using.
- Yeah.
Where's the "emir"?
He kept saying "emir."
Humerus. The humerus
is the longest bone in the arm.
It was the humerus.
It started with a "E,"
but it's not
He just said "emir."
Okay. Repeat. Go.
- Brachialis.
- Tibia or fibula.
This is the heart?
Um, we're gonna roll with it.
Okay, let's make it neat
in case we got it right.
- And stop.
- Damn. It may be that one.
That's it. It's that one.
- Please
- God, thank you.
give this
to the other couple. Thank you.
Thank you, Jesus.
- And that's yours.
- Okay.
- Good job, you guys.
- Good job.
I felt great, but I knew
that we were so far behind.
"The Ducati Factory
to find your next clue." Okay.
- All right, let's go.
- Okay.
Mike, try to knock it out.
So this is the last thing,
and then I will get a check.
I know you got this, Claire.
- Come on.
- There's just something obvious that I'm missing.
You got this, Q!
- Is there a brake on?
- Am I being dumb?
This isn't rocket science.
It's motorcycle science.
Sir, wheel check.
You got this, babe!
Yes, baby!
My back wheel doesn't spin,
and I cannot for the life of me
figure out how to make it spin.
You can't tell me.
I do mechanical work
for a living.
I grew up on Fast & Furious,
so it's a bit easier for me
to figure out certain things.
So, David
is a helicopter mechanic,
and, in his free time,
he's building a car.
He's working on my car, so
this is completely up his alley.
I think we have a really
good chance of passing people.
Where's my Snap-on ratchets,
Need to make
all my friends back home proud.
Played around with cars
but not bikes.
You got it, Pa. It's all you.
I love you, Em. You got this.
I got in there, I saw the demo, and
I knew exactly what I had to do.
I have a pretty strong
attention to detail.
Really hyper-focused.
I do build things.
I'm a single mom, so all the toys
that we bought, I was building.
I build Legos with her all the time,
the IKEA furniture in the house.
So it was definitely
a good fit for me.
It sounded like those
other guys couldn't figure out
how to get their wheel to spin,
but I did it.
So I'm one ahead of them.
Can I get a check?
- No.
- No? Crap.
I got everything in.
It's just not fully aligned.
And it's just frustrating.
- You got this, Claire.
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
Can I get a check
on my wheels and brakes?
- Too loose?
- You got this.
- No.
- No. Okay. Too loose.
Needs to be a little tighter.
Come on.
I'm not sure really
how to make them tighter.
I can't even watch anymore.
I'm doing something wrong.
It doesn't feel good
that it's clicking.
This is so brutal.
Should be going the other way.
Can you, like,
reverse the way this goes?
I'm going the wrong way.
I don't know what to do.
Come on, Claire.
I'm trying to figure
out how this tool works.
I don't know.
You got this.
Come on. You got this.
My God.
I have been loosening these
instead of tightening them.
Okay. Thank God.
I would have been there all day.
Who knew?
I feel like,
with these Roadblocks,
I always have
one thing that's trouble.
It's tightening now.
It was like yodeling
all over again.
That's it. Nice and tight.
Can I get a wheel check?
- Awesome. Thank you.
- Good job.
- Move on to the next one.
- You got this, Claire.
It's okay, Q. Figure it out.
Got it. Okay. It's spinning.
Can I get a wheel check?
You got it spinning?
What the heck?
Come on. Quick, quick, quick.
Yes! Let's go.
Let's go. Come on.
- That was it.
- That was so frustrating.
- Check.
- Good.
- Yes. Thank you.
- Yes.
Nice little click.
- Let's go, David.
- Dream challenge.
Let's go, baby!
Wheels, nuts,
ret-retaining nuts.
To hold on to the wheel.
And then going from there,
I'm, like, 90% done.
You got it, babe.
You're killing it, Pa.
There's a hole right here
that this is supposed to be in.
That's it, that's it, that's it.
That's the brake.
I want to do this one time
There it is. Okay.
During the Roadblock,
I was kind of concerned
because I felt like
everyone else was struggling,
and I thought
it was kind of easy,
so I felt like
maybe I did something wrong.
All right.
Look at your sister.
I'm really glad
she's doing this now.
All right. I got it, Mol.
What? My God.
Yes. Confidence.
Got one final screw,
and then I'm gonna get a check.
And hopefully
we'll be out of here.
That took way too long.
Kind of disappointed in myself.
Give him the clue.
Give him a clue.
That was very time-consuming
and tedious.
I didn't do a good job,
but we're done. Moving on.
"The Mega Leg continues.
"Drive to the city of
Florence and find Villa Bardini
for your next Roadblock clue."
All right, let's go get it.
It's kind of crazy
not to see the newlyweds.
- Anything can happen.
- There's still two teams that aren't here.
We don't know where anyone is.
We don't know
what their struggles are.
This is a Mega Leg, too,
so let's not exhale yet.
We left with Rich and Dom.
I-I feel like we're kind
of neck and neck
trying to get to the,
Ducati Factory.
So we're coming in from the back,
even though we started in front.
You got it, David. Yes, baby.
You got it, Pa.
You got the wheels done?
- Yeah.
- My God. You did that fast.
Putting the body together,
there were a lot of details
in the order of the steps
that he was going in.
Which side did he put on first?
One side had to go on
before the other side.
So they meet together
kind of like a puzzle.
There you go.
And that's probably
where people struggled.
- What the hell?
- Stupid screw. My gosh.
- Feel good?
- Almost there.
I don't know how many teams
have gotten out of here so far.
- Only one.
- Only one?
Two teams aren't here still.
"Who's Ready for a Brake?"
Lumumba. Let's go.
- He wanted a break from me.
- I
There's team orange.
He said that really fast.
"Me. I want a break."
You got this, baby.
- Come on.
- This way, baby.
- "Who's Ready for a Brake?"
- You.
- That's me.
- All right.
- Can I get a check?
- What?
I think a number one reason
we're here
is to get to know
one another a little bit more
and catch up on
the 36 years that we lost.
- Okay?
- Okay.
And I was blown away.
My God!
I had no idea that
she'd be able to do that.
We're still learning our weaknesses
and strengths, and you
My Okay, okay.
- We made it.
- Confidence boost.
- Lord Jesus.
- Florence. Okay.
- Good job, girls.
- Thank you.
You killed that. I can't believe
you came in second place.
Finally we got to the Roadblock,
and I was shocked that we ran
into so many other teams.
You got it, Pa.
- David, you got this, babe.
- Just tranquilo.
- You got this, Claire.
- Tranquilo.
It's not flush.
I don't really know
what to do about this.
It was clear to us that it was
not an easy task for everyone.
I just don't want to be last.
So, feels good
to have people with us.
So I'm hoping to get it soon, but
this is driving me a little crazy.
I'm gonna get this done.
- I can figure this out.
- Come on, Richie.
I do not work on my car at home.
I know nothing
about motorcycles,
but I know
how to follow directions.
We made it in here,
so I'm just happy to see people.
We didn't know how far
teams were ahead
or how far we were apart,
but as soon as we got started,
one by one,
they started to leave.
- Yes! Let's go, babe!
- Let's go!
- Let's go.
- Let's go, David!
You know, people were finishing.
Good job.
Thank you.
And finishing
and finishing and finishing.
- All right.
- Thank God.
Thank you.
And we just had to focus on our
game and watch them as they left.
- You good, Dad? You killed it.
- Yeah. Thank you.
We got here second.
And again, we're leaving late.
She is not getting this.
The partners that
were not doing the challenge
that were left
were so, like, frustrated
because it took
their partners so long.
There's four left.
I mean, if I get this,
I'm gonna cry.
And I never want to see
another motorcycle again.
- Ever.
- You got it, Will.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
I just dropped it.
You got this, babe.
All right.
I'm gonna put this brake in.
Slow and steady.
Slow and steady?
Now I'm putting on the, the
second brake on the front wheel.
- This is your jam, boo.
- Kill it, kill it.
It was definitely
a Roadblock that was catered
towards technicality
and attention to detail.
That is so Rich.
Yeah, baby.
I like when you twist things on.
Sorry, Derek.
You look concerned.
Don't know
what the issue is here.
Claire has
a couple screws loose.
I guess, I I definitely
had screws loose today.
He makes that look so easy.
This is killing me.
Just impossible to even watch.
Even this Ducati guy's like,
"Come on, man."
Can I get a check?
Trust in her.
- Don't worry.
- Just have confidence.
Be supportive. And not just
outwardly, but in your heart.
Okay? I just
can't. I'm so drained.
Support her in your heart,
and I'm serious.
My God!
The Roadblock
was really, really painful.
And not fun at all.
- Yeah, not fun for either of us.
- Yeah.
- Check.
- Let's just leave this forsaken place.
Come on, babe.
- Check. - Check.
- We got it.
Let's do it.
- Thank you.
- Good job, babe.
- Okay.
- Yes!
- Yes.
- Good job, Will!
- Check.
- Come on.
- Yes, Q!
- Check, please. Check.
- Let's go, I know, I know.
- I know that was hard.
- Come on.
- Grazie.
You got it, boo.
You got it.
Let's skedaddle.
Come on, Richie.
All right, babe. Come on.
See all these teams
that were here?
I was really
confident in my husband,
but as teams continued to leave,
I think we were very anxious.
Let's get out of here.
Trying to catch up
is very stressful.
I'm sending to you energy,
It's from the universe,
I'm sending it to you.
- Yes, baby.
- Strength.
Balance. And focus.
Yes, sweetie.
Check, please.
The highest in me, my love.
All right.
Seeing Rich and Dom leave
out ahead of us, you know,
after we started off
first today,
it was, it was,
it was discouraging.
- All right, babe.
- We got to move fast.
We're in last place.
- The Mega Leg.
- Milano Firenze.
Head towards Florence.
We're going
in the right direction.
Peace out, Bologna.
Bye, Bologna.
When a race is over, it's over.
Let's go, baby.
And no one wants to go home.
The pressure's definitely on.
There's a pack
racing for first place
and a pack that's racing
not to be last right now.
They're hungry
just like we're hungry.
- Yep.
- What do you do about it?
I was shocked to see Glenda
and Lumumba show up so late.
No one wants to go home. Nobody.
We are coming from
the Roadblock of death.
You still with me, babe?
I'm still with you, babe.
Next time on The Amazing Race
Mega Leg. Double the Roadblocks.
I was a sculpting major.
- I can't do this.
- It's a crazy leg.
Double the Detours.
I said we weren't
finishing last.
- Risotto-type thing? Looks tasty.
- Something. Yeah.
Double the pain.
I can do two more legs
right now.
As long as we find the place.
I, like, don't even
want to do this anymore.
- You got this, Sharik.
- You did it.
- I want to go home.
- I honestly do.
Why is this so hard? Why?
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