The Amazing Race (2001) s34e07 Episode Script

It's Simply Medieval

PHIL KEOGHAN: Previously on
The Amazing Race
Eight teams continued racing
through the Kingdom of Jordan.
The leg began
with a shocking elimination.
We have received
a positive COVID test from you.
You are officially eliminated.
It's definitely heartbreaking.
KEOGHAN: And the stakes remain
high for the rest of the teams.
In the leg after this one,
the last team will
be leaving all on their own,
45 minutes
behind the first team.
At the Detour,
Derek was at a loss for words.
KEOGHAN: While Glenda
and Lumumba were out of step.
Oh. We missed the beat.
Let's do it again.
Luis and Michelle fell apart
The cart came-came apart.
KEOGHAN: but recovered
for their second win in a row.
-Back-to-back, baby. Back-to-back.
KEOGHAN: Meanwhile, Glenda
struggled at the Roadblock,
and now the newlyweds
will face the consequences.
You have arrived last.
I don't expect to go home
the next leg. We're still here.

KEOGHAN: All teams
are now flying 1,600 miles
from the Kingdom of Jordan
to the South of France.
This is the Dordogne
region of France.
Known as the land of
1,001 castles for good reason.
There are 1,001 castles.
Here at Château de Beynac,
teams will leave in four groups
as they start
the next leg of the race.
Let's go, guys.
We got the lead.
We're leaving
in the first group.
Let's go for
the back-to-back-to-back win.
-Whoa! This is so cool.
You got it, babe?
-LUIS: Look at that.
-Come on.
DAVID: Here we go.
"Welcome to France.
Drive yourself to
Château de Commarque to find"
"to find your next clue."
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-LUIS: Let me have the map.
-MICHELLE: All right, here.
All right, we're gonna mark it
on the map first.
-We're gonna see where we're at.
-DAVID: Ready?
-AUBREY: Let's go.
There was a side street there.
AUBREY: I need you to
slow down at those signs.
-DAVID: Are you oriented on the map?
-Do you have any sense of direction?
Okay, let's be more effective
with communication.
-If you need me to stop, let me know.
-Then I need you to stop.
AUBREY: We've been together
for the last two and a half
years, but being on the race,
I think we're learning,
just, so much about each other.
-So we're in Beynac, right?
So go ahead and
show me where that is, David.
And how similar
we think, and how
very different we think.
-Let's-let's just start driving.
-So we're heading north.
-We need to go this way.
-That's south.
Baby, so look along the river,
'cause we saw water.
This is gonna be
an interesting day. [laughs]
-That's what I'm trying to find.
-LUIS: Hey, any luck, guys?
-No, man. We're still trying to find it on the map.
-No luck.
-All right, um
-MICHELLE: Do you guys want to try and work together?
LUIS: I think, guys, we should
start heading this way, for sure.
DAVID: Yeah, let's just
And then we'll follow the road.
[horn blowing]
-DEREK: Whew.
-CLAIRE: Yeah.
DEREK: We're leaving
in the second group today
with Quinton and Mattie.
This is awesome.
15 minutes behind the first one,
but a great 30 minutes
in front of the last team.
-Hello, sir.
"Welcome to France.
Drive yourselves
to Château de Commarque"
"to find your next clue."
-Let's go.
-All right.
Is it this one?
Our goal today is if we cannot
maintain third, get higher.
MATTIE: We're self-driving,
so we also want to stay
-on top of our navigation.
-QUINTON: Stay cool,
calm, stay cute
and stay collected.
[both chuckle]
There's a lot of châteaus here.
Here it is. Okay.
We both lost
Big Brother,and we are
hungry for a win.
We really want
to get that million dollars,
figure out
the rest of our lives together.
Derek's a little
unemployed at the moment.
-Um [chuckles]
-I'm fun-employed.
The F is silent.
Let's go.
So money would be great.
There's no point in rushing
at this point.
We're all in the same boat.
When you rush and freak out,
that's when
all the big mistakes happen.
And no mistakes today.
-That's excellent.
-Okay. Let's go.

We're trying
to go to Château de Commarque.
AUBREY: Can you show
us where we are on the map?
You're gonna go up there.
Oh, so we got to go up straight?
Yeah, you got
to go away from the river.
Oh, it's Luis and Michelle.
Yo, guys, guys.
-We know it, if you want to follow us.
-AUBREY: Okay, let's go.
Let's go. Get to Derek.
David, follow Derek.
Derek. Derek.
-Babe, do you have the key?
-DAVID: Follow us. Follow us. -AUBREY: Follow us.
Follow them? I don't think so.
I don't want to, like, be like,
"Oh, follow us, follow us."
No, this way, if we get lost,
we bring them with us.
I don't know.
-It's win-win in my mind.
-[sighs] Okay.
We got good GPS, uh
info from the gentleman.
I think if we just go north
we're gonna be all right.
North we go.
I want to be the first car
to get to the next place.
It's the best feeling
in the world.
-[whoops] First place!
-Yeah! [laughs]

[horn blowing]
This guy, there's one over here.
"Welcome to France.
Drive yourselves
to Château de Commarque
to find your next clue."
Is there an index on that map?
-EMILY: Wait, here we go. Right here.
-MOLLY: Found it.
-All right.
-MICHAEL: Oh, here we go.
So right now, we're leaving
in the third group with
-Molly and Emily.
-Molly and Emily.
Our goal
is to obviously close the gap
to those teams in front of us.
We're not here just to win.
We're here also to have fun.
EMILY: We're learning
a lot about one another.
In fifth grade, I got in trouble
for kissing my boyfriend
on the playground.
I also got in trouble
in fifth grade
for kissing my boyfriend.
We were also both
in band in middle school.
We both played wind instruments,
-We were both second chair.
We both like to eat
hard boiled eggs in the morning.
Two of them.
We eat one yolk,
and we each feed our dog
-the second yolk.
-So weird.
Like, I think we headed down
and we should have headed up,
like, away from the river.
Oh. Okay, okay.
Yeah, we're definitely
going the opposite direction.
Can you
just get up to Derek?
-DAVID: They're pulling over.
-AUBREY: They're going back.
-We needed to go not towards the river.
-AUBREY: Back up.
-We need to go back up.
-My bad, my bad.
-DAVID: It's all good, Derek.
A little detour.
[horn blowing]
GLENDA: Leaving in last place.
-How you feel, baby?
-I'm feeling great.
-I'm feeling great, too.
-I'm feeling great.
We're ready for this, because
it's never been about
a place to begin with.
-It's always been about our strengths.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-It's always been about us running our race.
Let's go to the first vehicle,
toss our stuff in the back
and get it going.
GLENDA: I'm just grateful that
I get to share this experience
-with my husband, the love of my life, my best friend.
-And we're grateful.
-Plus, we're made. We're great.
-And we're grateful, and
-We're just great.
-[laughing] -Yeah, exactly.
I mean, like, literally.
Château. Oh, parking.
Arrow. Right arrow, baby.
This way.
We're all about winning first.
The million-dollar prize.
I would love
to do something special
for my mom and dad
and for her mom.
They sacrificed so much for us.
My parents
met in a shoe factory.
My dad worked in the farms,
making very little money.
MICHELLE: And we would
love to give back to them.
I think we're first.
-Let's go.
-LUIS: Look at this place.
-Oh, my God.
-It's like a fairy tale.
Oh, my God.
This Oh, how cool.
Oh, clue box.
-This is beautiful.
-Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
"Roadblock. Who Wants
to Climb the Family Tree?"
That's me.
Teams will perform the Roadblock
at Château de Commarque,
in centuries-old history.
This enormous family tree
shows 22 generations
of the Comarque men
and the unique
family crest of their wives.
Teams need to study
this elaborate lineage
and then take a memory test.
But they'll
be doing it the hard way.
After rappelling 131 feet
and relying only
on their powers of observation,
they need
to match these five names
with their corresponding
family crests.
Let's hope teams
are not scared of heights,
because this Roadblock will
have a lot of ups and downs.
-It's a memory challenge, so you got this.
Slow down. Focus. You got this.
We're first place so far.
[panting] Oh, my God.
Yes. Let's go.
-Wait in the designated area.
-This way.
Hello. Oh, I made it.
All I've been waiting for
is something crazy like this,
and I finally got it.
Oh, my God. This feels amazing.
This way. Let's go.

Oh, this is not gonna be fun.
Oh, I thought this
was gonna be a lot easier.
Oh, my God.
Oh, wow. "Roadblock."
-Mattie's doing it.
-I'll climb the family tree.
The family tree,
there was probably,
like, a hundred names.
I started to learn the top.
All right.
And then I was like,
"What am I doing?
I'm the first one here."
I'm gonna rappel down,
see what type of questions
they ask,
and then go back up
and do it again.
Hey, baby.
What's up, baby?
Let's go, baby!
You got to be kidding me.
Let's go, baby!
-That's dope. See her?
-MATTIE: Go, Michelle!
I feel like a queen!
Rappelling down a castle.
There's, like, a hundred names.
I know nothing.
Take your time.
Okay. [whoops]
Hi. Oh, there's names.
I noticed that there
was five different flags
and five different names.
I'm gonna look at the flags
and look at the names here.
Um, I'm gonna try
and associate all of them.
I started to learn the flags
and names individually,
because I had no idea which
one went with the other one.
"Jeanne d'Aumar la Brousse."
So Jeanne loves
her brows.
Jeanne also loves ChapStick.
My leg is not in good shape.
I tore some
muscle fibers in my quad
a few legs back.
I've got something
going on with my thigh.
-Oh, no.
-This is not good.
I've been able
to heal up at the Pit Stops,
but it was not
100% this morning.
Where'd the girls go?
They're behind us.
On the last leg, we finished
five out of seven.
All right,
we got two vehicles here.
We need to change
something around today
and move from
the back of the pack
to the front of the pack.
Come on, Mike.
Wait up for the gimp! [laughs]
My leg is feeling pretty crummy,
but not
gonna let that stop me.
"Climb the Family Tree."
I'll do it.
I guess I'll do it.
I am four Roadblocks in
and Emily's at two.
We lucked out that this
is actually rappelling
and not climbing.
-There's climbing. I'll do it.
I'll climb the family tree.
"Francoise de la Fayette."
I won't fail France.
I will not fail you.
As a professional dancer,
I can learn
a lot of stuff at the moment.
Okay, I'm ready. [exhales]
LUMUMBA: Oh, my goodness.
These roads are really tight.
[Glenda laughs]
I don't want to go into a ditch.
[gasps] Oh, my God.
Hey. Okay.
Right on my tail was Mattie.
I think the best way
is to go down fast,
-come up and do it.
-Do it again?
MICHELLE: We've worked
with Mattie and Quinton before,
so I didn't mind helping.
Plus, I knew that I had this
challenge, and I was confident.
Let's see.
My strategy was rappel down once
and figure out
what you're being tested on.
Got it. Okay.
-She's up here.
Oh. Bruh.
Come on, girl.
-QUINTON: Let's go, Blue!
All right.
I know I'm gonna
have to do it again.
So, right now,
I'm just trying to take in this,
take in as many names
as possible
and be able to find out
where they go.
So we got the
[exhales sharply]
Then we got the tree.
Then we got four, we got three,
we got that. Okay.
Merci! [chuckles]
You got this, amor.
This is all I wanted! [chuckles]
This is so cool!
Ah! Merci! [chuckles]
Family Oh, wow.
There's no way.
-There's a lot of crests.
-Holy moly.
-Yeah. It's a lot of crests.
I think I have
to see what it is first.
This just comes down
to, like, memory,
which I'm not that good at.
One of us
is gonna go home today,
and it's not a great feeling.
Let's see what it is.
All right.
MARCUS: You could
go faster if you want to.
I don't see any names.
I have my brows done.
I feel at peace. Like in a tree.
Chapelle, ChapStick.
I don't know why, but
France, I will not fail you.
-It's correct.
[laughs] Yes!
Oh, my God. Thank God.
Who's your wife?!
Yeah! [laughs]
Yeah, baby! [laughs]
-Good luck, guys.
-Love you guys.
-"Route Info."
"Drive to La Ferme de Turnac
to find your next clue."
-Let's go. Let's go.
-Let's go. Oh, my God, babe.
Oh, here we go.
Here we go.
Yellow stars. All right.

Come on, Em, you got this.
Thank you.
These little country roads. Oh.
Oh, wait, I got to
Can I go up that way?
Okay. Okay.
-Thank you. Merci.
-LUMUMBA: Merci, merci.
We went down a side street,
and I don't think
this is the area
we're supposed to be in.
Turn around? Okay.
All right. Hold on. [chuckles]
Oh! Oh, no!
Oh, my God. I'm sorry, y'all.
Oh, my God. I'm sorry, y'all.
Babe, you can't go out your way.
-GLENDA: Okay.
-You have to go out this way.
Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.
Could you hold that
safe, please?
We need some weight
on here, okay?
-GLENDA: Okay.
-RODDY: Slowly come out of the car.
Merci, monsieur.
So, the car goes into a ditch.
It looked
like it was just grass,
but I'm unfamiliar
with the roads.
-Right. Are you both safe?
-Yeah, we're safe.
-We're fine.
-LUMUMBA: It's okay, babe.
-GLENDA: I didn't see the ditch.
-I'm sorry, babe.
-It's okay, babe.
-It's okay.
-I thought it was just grass.
I was just
concerned that we weren't
gonna be able to finish.
It was important to me,
that we finished the race.
-LUMUMBA: Thank you.
-Thank you so much, sir.
CLAIRE: All right, Derek.
Looking good.
View down here is nice.
Claire, I don't know
about my memory, man.
It's not what it used to be.
It's okay. I have faith in you.
That's a death trap.
Oh. [scoffs] Yeah, right.
I did not remember any of these.
So I got to go back up
and remember.
All right.
Yellow. Red.
Okay, let's do this.
Saw the five crests
that I need to memorize,
and I think I'll be able
to get it on the second try.
[both muttering]
You got it, babe.
-[clapping rhythmically]
You got that sp [babbles]
-That was sucky
I get there, and I'm, like,
I'm over here memorizing names,
but now I'm seeing flags
and different colors
and different styles of shields.
I might have to do it again.
At least I know
what I'm looking at now.
-Sounds good.
LUMUMBA: Sounds like
that might be the tractor.
That was faster than I thought.
-LUMUMBA: Yeah, me, too.
-GLENDA: We may still be racing.
We'll see what happens.
Right now, we are watching
an amazing neighbor in this area
come through on her tractor,
-like a hero on a stallion.
-Pretty quickly, mind you.
-And, um, it has chains. Pretty quickly.
-Literally within five minutes.
-Yeah, within five minutes.
-GLENDA: Go, go, go.
-LUMUMBA: Oui, oui, oui. Oui.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah.
-GLENDA: There was no damage to the car. That's a miracle.
When the car
got back on the road,
I was excited,
'cause I'm thinking,
"Okay, we're
still in this race."
-I want to finish strong.
-We're gonna finish strong.
She came within five minutes.
-Thank God for farmer lady.
GLENDA: All right,
we're back in business.
They don't cheer in the army.
What comes to your mind?
Think I got it this time.
There's only five.
And I know four of them.
So, process of elimination
should get the fifth.
Yes. Thank you. Hugs.
Oh, no.
It's the women's names.
For whatever reason,
I only looked at the male names.
And I go to judge's table,
I'm like
"These are all women's names."
So then I just
gave it my best guess.
All right. Probably wrong.
MOLLY: Go, Emily!
-That's my sister.
It's scary every time.
-I got you, Claire.
I figured out the five crests
that we need to memorize.
Um, I got them on lock.
We're good.
All right.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Good job. Yeah.
-Let's go.
-All right, let's go.
-Ooh, ooh. Geez. Be careful.
-Okay. Yep.
So I'm memorizing
with a mnemonic.
Taking your mark at Jeanne
because you guys are fighting--
over the menu.
That's correct.
Ah, let's go!
Let's go.
CLAIRE: Nice job.
Um, baby,
do you remember this town?
Do you remember this here?
I don't.
We're going towards Sarlat,
-I don't know, uh
D6, correct?
Where's D6, though?
MARCUS: Molly, Emily,
they left before us.
Derek and Claire came after us.
They left before us.
I personally feel like
I should have
done this challenge.
That was fun.

On the second jump, I mixed
around two of the names.
So now you got to go
all the way back down,
all the way back up the castle.
LUMUMBA: Just grateful
that we're on the road.
I did not know if we were gonna
be able to race, honestly.
So just the fact that we can,
I'm grateful.
D'Aumar is next.
Here we go.
-Thank you, sir.
Sweet, sweet, sweet.
All right, Marcus.
"Drive to La Ferme de Turnac
to find your next clue."
All right, let's go.
Luis and Michelle, right now,
are probably difficult to catch.
But the rest of the group
What? The clue?
All my stuff
that I left over there.
What'd you leave?
Oh, no.
-Oh, no.
-You got to be kidding me.
-Oh, no.
-He left his keys.
[groans] This is awful.
MARCUS: One of Michael's
weaknesses is he gets spacey.
Good job, babe. [whoops]
We've never
been this far down with
this few people behind us.
I'm like, now is not the time
to be making
those kind of mistakes.
It's correct.
Yeah! Thank you.
Oh, come on.
David, go!
-DAVID: "Drive to de Turnac."
-Where is that on the map?
This doesn't make sense.
-You got everything?
Let's go, baby.
Watch your feet.
Watch your feet.
Go. Go.
DAVID: [sighs] Let's go. Come
on, baby, don't stop. Come on.
-There's Turnac, right there.
-Whatever, Marcus, let's go.
We got D47 and D704,
um, whatever that is.

-Baby, do you know where you're going?
-This is how we bounce back.
-Let's push it.
-We're back on. [laughs]
-We're back on.
So, we're not giving up.
That's what our focus
is right now.
Oh, my goodness.
Man, this is gonna be something.
So, where do I go?
Okay. This way.
Wow, this is gorgeous. Wow.
Oh, my goodness.
Be careful, babe.
I just wanted to make sure
that the harness
was on correctly,
so there were no issues.
I need him protected because
we're trying for a baby
as we speak.
-Careful, babe!
'Cause I need
those swimmers working.
So Boom-Boom
can get here safely.
Oh, my goodness.
So the first time
was just figuring out
-who I needed to memorize.
All is incorrect.
We left the Roadblock.
So right now we're
right behind Aubrey and David.
AUBREY: Keep going
straight till the second one.
So I am not going to the A20?
Actually, can you
keep going around? Sorry.
No, no. Keep going around.
-MARCUS: I think it's this way.
-MICHAEL: Yeah. Okay.
MARCUS: We're definitely confident
in our navigational abilities.
As a tank commander,
I'm not a stranger to a map.
-MICHAEL: 704?
We just passed David and Aubrey.
Looked like they
continued around that circle.
So, we're in Montfort.
I think we might have
Okay, Monfort is too far,
I think.
-Too far?
'Cause I haven't
seen any signs for Turnac.
Marked area.
La Ferme de Turnac.
There's nobody here.
Are we gonna really in first?
We weren't sure
what was going on.
Like, we were very hopeful.
-I see a clue box.
We are in first place.
All right. Love that.
"Detour. Walnut Cracker
or Medieval Gamer?"
The Dordogne Valley is
France's capital of the walnut.
What you might not know
is that walnut oil
is used for varnishing
and lighting lamps like this.
Teams need to crack,
grind and press
enough of
this versatile walnut oil
to fill this container
up to the black line.
When they do,
they'll get a clue.
Life in medieval times
wasn't easy,
so numerous games
were invented to pass the time
and were also used
by knights in training.
When soldiers
weren't out on the battlefield
fighting for their lives,
it was in their best interest
to hone their skills,
practicing their aim,
eye-hand coordination
and balance.
Teams must complete
three medieval games
to keep their hopes alive
in this leg of the race.
-I'm thinking we go crack nuts.
Walnut Cracker.
"Follow the marked path
to Detour choice."
I'd assume
it's over here, Marcus.
Or back where we came.
LUIS: We're back on track.
I'm gonna say we're gonna
keep our first place today.
-Another car?
-Somebody beat us. Yeah, somebody beat us.
MICHELLE: I'm telling
you, there was a shorter way.
Let's keep going down this way.
I think it's straight.
"Walnut Cracker
or Medieval Gamer?"
-All right.
-MICHELLE: Which one you want to do?
-Sorry, guys.
-Let's go ahead and do Medieval Gamer.
Go, go, go, go. Go, bro.
Keep going.
All right, what does it say?
It says, "Choose a station."
-Right here?
-Yeah, right here.
All right.
What does a walnut grove
look like?
MICHAEL: Do we need
to go down the road?
Is it down the road
or down this way?
I don't see anything else.
I don't know
what a walnut grove is.
Oh, Marcus,
it's on the ground.
-Just pick 'em up.
They're just on the ground.
And they're all over the place.
Oh! How cute.

-Hey, everybody!
This is so beautiful.
You play them
in the order you wish.
-I see one, two
-Let's start over here.
All right.
He's just breaking 'em, walnuts.
He puts 'em in there.
Hand crank. Got it.
All right, Marcus, we just
break 'em and put 'em in here.
-You break and I stuff?
-We got to get to that black line.
LUIS: "Move the ball
to the top of the board
and into the designated hole."
Okay, we'll try. If not,
then we'll do something else.
-Go to your, uh, left.
Don't pull it yet.
Just keep going.
Can you Oh.
This is my left rope.
Now pull the right. There.
Okay, now pull together.
Stop. Ooh!
Oh, my God. This is hard.
Keep going. Pull with both.
Ugh. No.
LUMUMBA: The second time, I knew
exactly who I was looking for.
I was over there doing
everything I could to remember.
Chapelle was like a lion.
It was like, "Chapelle!"
If I had
done that one more time,
you'd probably see
me doing the Funky Chicken
or the Electric Slide
to get those names.
Yay! Come on, let's go!
You still never know.
Like, we fell into a ditch.
-We didn't expect that.
You never know
what somebody's gonna run into.
-Okay. Okay.
"Walnut Cracker
or Medieval Gamer?"
We're gonna do Walnut Cracker.
MARCUS: So, we're trying
to knock this out.
And maybe we can
get another first,
'cause I'm tired
of finishing in the back.
-And yes, the second place is the back. [laughs]
MOLLY: Oh, man, Marcus
and Michael are here.
Good job, guys.
-I mean, how many will we need?
-I don't know.

Go ahead and, uh, pull left.
-Oh, no.
-All right. Let's try it again.
LUIS: Damn. We started
with the hardest one, huh?
All right.
-Pull the right.
-My right?
MICHELLE: The third time,
I thought I actually had it.
Pull both.
Oh, wait, stop.
Like Oh, no!
No. [laughs]
How far up did I go, baby?
Right here.
We went, like, six inches up.
-The board is, like, six feet tall.
Want to switch Detours?
The other Detour's right there.
We can see it.
-We're gonna switch.
-We're gonna switch Detours.
-Let's do the walnut.
-Okay, walnut.
-You want to do walnut?
-Let's do walnut. Yeah, Walnut Cracker.
That's plug and chug.
We just keep doing it.
CLAIRE: Let's go.
So who's ahead of us?
-AUBREY: I need to go see what he's doing again.
DEREK: I know.
CLAIRE: This is just
going to take every team
the same amount of time.
So why not take a risk
and do the other Detour and
maybe we can pass some teams.
-I kind of want to do the games.
-DEREK: Okay.
-I think we're gonna do the games.
-Okay, good luck, guys.

Lancer de Sac.
-"You must take turns. Land two consecutively."
-CLAIRE: Oh, these sacks?
Land two consecutively?
-Oh, damn.
We have to go every other,
I know,
but I haven't gotten one on.
All right,
you should throw first.
We are cracking nuts.
-We're cracking nuts.
-Come on.
-It's going down now.
-That's good.
Good job, babe.
Oh, I see 'em.
Ready? Come on.
Okay. Actually, you have
a good strategy. Like that.
And just shot put it.
Oh, nice.
I threw shot put,
so I'm used to throwing.
-DEREK: Your strategy. I was doing it underhand at first.
-Yeah, going overhand?
And I saw you doing overhand.
I was like, "Oh, that's genius."
Here we go.
Yeah, that's how we pass teams.
Okay, let's go.
DEREK: Okay. "Balance all of
your rocks on suspended table.
"You must place rocks
on the outside of the square.
-You may not touch it with any part of body."
Can we place two at a time?
-Yeah, it just says place them.
On the second challenge,
you basically have to balance
a bunch of rocks
onto this uneven disc.
-DEREK: Suspended platform.
And all the rocks
weigh different amounts.
So the key
to this challenge is really
communicate with
your partner and figuring out
-which rocks weigh the same amount.
Can I put this one down?
You put two down.
-This one's heavy. Put this one
-Which one's heavy?
-This one.
-Okay. So I'm gonna put
CLAIRE: Put that one
and put a light one, too.
Okay. We got it?
Thank you.
Okay, come on.
Let's get this.
DEREK: All right. "One of you
will stand in front of the board
"and give directions while the
other one will stand behind it.
-CLAIRE: What do you want to do?
-You pull the ropes.
-Okay. Derek, I like this path.
You want to move it, basically,
horizontally to the left.
Yeah, that's perfect.
That's perfect. Keep doing that.
Okay, now go up.
Yep, that's perfect.
Okay, stop, stop.
MICHAEL: I'm gonna get it till,
like, it's all
MARCUS: Yeah, all the way above.
Yeah, above it.
I'd say we're about in third.
Emily and Molly are ahead of us.
EMILY: You're killing it, Moll.
It's not too bad
operating the crank.
It's more difficult to push in.
-EMILY: Do you want to switch?
-DAVID: We're a little over halfway.
-AUBREY: Yeah.
-Use those muscles, babe.
-Keep 'em coming, keep 'em coming.
Mattie, put some in there.
-I'll just keep cranking faster.
Just crack it. Just crack it.
-All right. Money.
-Is that hot?
-Yeah, they're about to finish.
Can you check, please?
Oh, I see, I see it lit.
-Thank you. Thank you so much. Merci.
-Thank you. Merci.
Come on. Come on.
"Race to the next Pit Stop."
Just like a painting.
No guesses
for why they call this panorama,
which offers unrivaled views
of Dordogne River Valley,
something teams can savor when
they check in to the Pit Stop.
Except for the last team,
who will remember
this majestic spot as
the place they were eliminated.
"Warning: the last team
to check in will be eliminated."
-Let's go.
-MOLLY: Good job, boys.
LUIS: Good job, y'all.
Hope you get lost.
Which, that will never happen.
-MARCUS: Can't get lost.
MARCUS: Maybe we
can get ourselves a win.
Now, we have
to bring it up somehow.
-Yank it?
-Just up straight.
Three centimeters.
All right.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
I was like,
"I need you to move this ball
exactly three centimeters
to the left."
Okay. The hole is just up
and to the right.
A little bit more to your right.
And then Claire would just
boop. And it would work.
And I was like, "Oh, my God."
Okay. Okay. A little bit. Okay.
-And now just up.
-Got it.
-Let's go.
-What do we do?
-Put it down.
-Thank you.
Wow. You killed that.
-Who do we bring 'em to?
-Juggling man.
He juggles and gives us a clue.
-Okay. All right, let's go.
-Thank you. Merci.
"Drive yourselves
to the panorama lookout
"in the village of Domme
and run to Phil on the mat.
Warning, last team
to check in may be eliminated."
-Babe, focus, focus, focus.
-I need more. I need more.
It's hard because you hear
things and you want to look,
and then you'll get yelled at.
Almost done. We're doing good.
-MATTIE: Sure you don't want to switch?
Okay. Come on, walnut juice.
-Oh, I think we might be good. We're good
-Okay, okay.
-MICHELLE: I think they got it.
-DAVID: Oh, they got it?
-MICHELLE: Yeah, they got it.
-EMILY: Oh. Thank you.
-Thank you very much.
-Thank you.
BOTH: "Last team to check in
will be eliminated."
-All right, let's go.
-Good job, guys!
Wow, they're good at that.
But look, we're done.
-I think we're good, baby.
-I think we're good.
We're ready.
-Yay. Awesome.
-Thank you. Merci.
-Yay. Awesome.
-Thank you.
Thank you so much. Merci.
Panorama lookout.
I'm just happy
that the navigation
was-was our strong point today.
Like, it caught us back up.
We're gonna take a right
and go west along the river.
We are right behind
Derek and Claire. Just gonna
follow them for a little bit,
but I'm putting all my trust
in Molly's navigation.
Who's gonna win this leg?
We have Michael and Marcus,
Derek and Claire,
Emily, Molly,
Luis and Michelle.
Who knows, maybe we're first.
It's The Amazing Race.
-Well done.
Thank you so much.
"Warning, the last team
to check in will be eliminated."
Let's go.
-Thank you so much, sir.
-Thank you.
"Warning, the last team
to check in will be eliminated."
"Panorama lookout is next
to Le Belvédère Restaurant."
I have to get to D50.
Once we get to D50,
we'll be fine.
"Detour. Walnut Cracker
or Medieval Gamer?"
Uh, Medieval Gamer.

[sighs] Geez.
-We got it.
We got to toss it.
Three, two, one.
AUBREY: Keep-keep going
straight. Keep going straight.
Oh, there's a team right there.
I know we're going
the right way,
but I wonder if, like,
they got specific directions.
DAVID: Quinton and
Mattie are behind us.
AUBREY: Hold on, slow
down. Let me read the sign.
-It's the other way. We need to turn around.
-Up there?
I just
QUINTON: They don't
know where they're going.
Domme is the other way.
So, reverse.
Pull into here. Reverse.
-So, we have to go back there?
QUINTON: So what do
you think we should do?
Are we on the D50 right now?
DAVID: But they went there.
Yeah, well, they're wrong.
Okay, so, babe,
when you get back
to that inner pass,
you need to make a left.
-So go that way?
-No, go straight.
-Oh, go up here.
-Go straight.
Domme is in front of you.
Go straight.
DAVID: I feel like the
lack of communication
and the increasing frustration
became a bit overwhelming.
I second-guessed myself so much,
and we just
could not get on, like,
a clear communication path.
The D50 is back there, Aubrey.
-I just don't like that it says
-Can you find Cénac
-on the map?
-David, I am trying!
What do you think I'm doing?
-I'm asking you. I'm asking you.
-Literally, what do you
think I'm doing?
-You're not.
-I don't know what you're doing on the map.
I'm just trying to give input,
'cause we clearly
just went back and forth.
AUBREY: The faster you go, the harder
it is for me to read those signs.
I'm trying
to go as slow as I can.
Okay, well, go slower.
-Yeah, really.
Well, then
give better directions.
DAVID: There was a sign
up there that said Vence.
Do you see Vence anywhere?
-Look at Look for
-David, let me figure it out!
Stop telling me what to do!
DAVID: We know we're
either second to last
or we're possibly in last place,
and the more
I feel that, it just
overwhelms me.
I was trying to give you a sign
before you shut me up.
I'm gonna give you the map
and you can
figure it out yourself.
-You ready for that Jordan?
There you go. There you go.
I want you to just lightly pull
the left just a little bit.
Yep. Now pull both slowly.
Keep coming, keep coming.
And then
pull a tad on this side.
There we go.
-Thank you!
All right, let's go. Let's go.
[both vocalizing
Amazing Racetheme]
Who's gonna win this leg?
Right now, we're looking for
the panorama lookout in Domme.
We're still on D50.
We're behind this big tractor
on this narrow road.
-CLAIRE: I might want us to turn around.
-DEREK: Turn around?
That-That's the twins.
Yeah, I know.
So what do you want us to do?
I don't know, maybe follow them.
All right, just turn around.
-They're turning around, too.
-They're following us.
Damn, will you roll down?
We don't know.
I believe I know
exactly where we are.
-MICHAEL: Oh, Marcus.
-Oh, guess we got to turn around, then.
-Passed it? Go back?
-Yeah, no, no, because Domme's down here.
-Do we go back?
-Domme's down here.
-Do we go back?
-Domme is to the left.
-Maybe go left, go left, go left.
-It's got to be up here.
Domme is to the right.
I think we're close.
We're right here, Phil.
CLAIRE: You're gonna
want to turn right into Domme,
and then we're gonna
get, like, in the city.
All right, um
Oh, I see-I see 'em.
I see it.
-KEOGHAN: Onto the mat.
Welcome to the Dordogne River.
-Ah. Thank you. Merci.
-Thank you. Merci.
-Have you had a good day?
-Sort of. -Eh, sort of.
-How would you like to make it better?
-MARCUS: Oh, if you
-tell us we're number one.
-If you tell us "first place."
-And you are number one!
-I have some great news for you.
-Oh, okay
As the winners
of this leg of the race,
-you have won $7,500 each.
-Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
-Which you can enjoy after the race.
-MARCUS: Love that.
We're smiling today.
We redeemed ourselves
from the past couple of legs.
It was important
to win today, because
as the field shrinks,
one mistake
can probably take you out.
Thanks, Phil.
Be ready for anything,
okay, guys?
I appreciate it.

-My God.
Congrats, guys.
I think we just passed it.
-No, it's right here.
Good job, guys. You made it.
Emily and Molly,
I'm pleased to tell you
you are team number two.
Derek and Claire, that makes
you team number three.
All right.
-Thank you, guys.
-Thank you.
-They're smiling a lot.
-[both laughing]
And today,
they've finished very well.
-Team number four.
-[whoops] Good job, baby.
-Team number four. Let's go.
-Let's go, baby. Yes.
-Good job. [chuckles]
I'm trying to figure out
where we're going!
Well, then-then I'm gonna
pull over right here, 'cause
But I see no signs.
So I'm trying.
So we need
to get over here somehow.
We don't even
know where we're going.
That was a great Detour.
LUMUMBA: We breezed
through those three activities.
-You're gonna continue straight,
baby. Yep.
-All right. Straight. Okay.
LUMUMBA: And we're
driving to get to Domme
so that we can see Phil!
-There's our Phil.
-Come on, Madison!
-KEOGHAN: There you go.
-MATTIE: Let's go.
-Step on the mat there.
So, a lot of driving today.
Almost a little too much,
you know?
-It was a little too much.
LUMUMBA: Maybe we'll get lucky
and somebody drove to Germany
instead of arriving
at the Pit Stop.
-DAVID: We're trying to get to the village of Domme.
We are on the right path.
The village of Domme.
If you look up on the hill,
that should be it.
No, so we have to get up here.
Yeah, yeah. Let's go.
You say, "Let's go,"
but you don't know how to do it.
Almost at a Pit Stop, babe.
-Domme. -AUBREY: Thank you, thank you.
-DAVID: Thank you.
LUMUMBA: We'll be entering the
city of Domme in about a mile.
I don't think they gave us
the greatest directions,
-but we're gonna trust
-So, we're going right or swing down?
We're going to the right.
-I think we made up time.
Oh, my God. This is not it.
It ain't over
till Phil says it's over.
AUBREY: Come on. This way.
-DAVID: This way?
-Yeah. Yes.
Oh, my gosh.
-My goodness. What happened? Long day?
DAVID: It's very unfortunate
that I'm in the front
and I can't
jump to the back and help her
maneuver through the map,
because it's-it's a lot.
We're hoping
we're not the last one.
And you are not
the last team to arrive.
-Oh, thank God.
Phil. [laughs]
-Vive la France.
Vive la France.
Vive la France.
-LUMUMBA: Oh, that's beautiful.
-GLENDA: That is beautiful.
LUMUMBA: Come on down this way.
-[Glenda chuckles]
All right.
Glenda and Lumumba,
unfortunately, you are
the last team to arrive.
And I'm sorry to tell you
you have been eliminated
from the race.
-We know.
-We know.
I do know that you ended strong.
-Yeah, we did.
-You've had an adventure.
-LUMUMBA: Yeah. Oh, my goodness.
-Uh, a driving adventure,
-you've you've
been in ditches, -Yes.
-over rivers, over fields.
-Oh, my God. -Yes.
I went head over heels
for this woman twice.
So, did you get what you wanted
out of this?
Oh, my goodness.
Yes, we did.
-[laughs] Like, we are more in love with each other.
-Yeah. Oh, yeah.
-Oh, yeah, definitely.
-We're more appreciative of each other.
So for us, it did
what it was supposed to do.
LUMUMBA: You know,
it's not the end of the race.
It's really, you know,
the beginning,
-you know, it's part of
-Beginning of our race.
GLENDA: We're not going back
the same people that we started.
I'm going back very much
a better partner to my husband,
-hopefully a better mom to my future kid, so
You know, we're already winning.
-You know, it may not be in this race,
but I feel like there's nothing
-that we can't accomplish together, so
Captioned by Media Access
KEOGHAN: Next time
onThe Amazing Race
"Drive to Toulouse, France."
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
Let's go!
Luis gave me a thumbs up.
Luis and Derek have a bromance.
-He's my brochacho.
I've never
done any masonry work.
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
-Memorize it in French, please.
-[speaking French]
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