The Amazing Race (2001) s34e06 Episode Script

Step By Step

Previously on
The Amazing Race
For the first time ever,
teams raced
to the Kingdom of Jordan.
Is that real
or are we seeing things?
And early injuries
slowed down Emily and Molly.
I've got something
going on with my thigh.
-Oh, no.
-This is not good.
At the Roadblock,
Linton struggled in the sand.
No giving up. No giving up.
It's out here somewhere.
In the ancient city of Petra,
Derek and Claire
and Luis and Michelle
battled for the lead.
-Oh, we got it!
-They got it?
Ending with a victory
for the married couple.
-You are team number one.
Aubrey and David
were puzzled at the Detour.
But in the end,
it was Linton and Sharik
who came up short.
You are the last team to arrive.
You have been eliminated
from the race.
-Thank you.
-Very proud of her.
-Thank you.
-We finished what we started.
This is the capital of Jordan,
First inhabited
about 9,000 years ago,
it's among
the world's oldest cities.
And high atop the white city,
these ancient ruins,
including the Citadel.
This is where teams will begin
their second leg in Jordan.
Morning, everybody.
Good morning, Phil.
Whenever you see Phil
before a leg starts,
that's not good.
Good to see everyone,
but I do have some
important news to share.
You will have noticed
that there's a team
missing this morning.
Abby and Will.
Good morning, Abby and Will.
-Hey, Phil.
-Hey, Phil.
Unfortunately, we have received
a positive COVID test from you.
As you know, safety is
our number-one priority, and
I'm really sorry to say this,
but it does mean
that you are
officially eliminated
from The Amazing Race.
We understand.
We knew it was gonna
be a challenge coming back out
on the race, having to deal
with COVID protocols.
Amazing Raceis kind of
rolling with the punches,
and unfortunately,
this is one of the punches.
So it's definitely
but we've loved
every single minute of it.
It has been
everything I dreamed.
I'm really devastated
by this. I loved Abby and Will.
They are great people,
and they're
really fierce competitors.
- Yeah.
- And so seeing them
be taken out
by something that
is kind of out of their control,
it does break your heart.
I'm gonna be forever grateful
that I had a chance
to run this with Abby.
We had so much fun together,
and just getting to see
all these amazing places
was incredible.
We're gonna miss you guys.
-We love you. Miss you.
-I love you, Will and Abby.
Good luck.
We hope to see y'all,
uh, at the end of the race.
Take care.
That's pretty tough, huh?
But you guys
get to continue racing.
That is the good news.
So I need you
to shift your minds right now.
Just because
of the circumstances
of what's happened here,
we're all gonna be leaving
at the same time,
and you don't have
to worry about an elimination.
We've already eliminated a team.
But I want you to know that
the way you finish in this leg
will determine how you start
in the leg after this one.
You will be leaving in the next
leg of the race in four groups.
Two teams in the first group,
two teams in the second group,
two in the third.
And then one team will be
leaving all on their own
45 minutes
behind the first team.
So give it absolutely
everything you can today.
Everybody ready to race?
All right.
Your first clue
is inside the Citadel.
When I say go, run down,
go inside, grab a clue.
Good luck. Travel safe.
Let's do it.
"Route Info.
"You will be exploring
this historic city
"entirely on foot.
"Race to the Maktabet Khazanet
Al-Jahith Bookstore
to find your next clue."
We got to turn it on
for this race.
Got to find this bookstore.
Let's go.
Let's keep this in our hands
as long as we need it, you know?
We wanted this to be our leg
and finally
get ahead of the pack.
We were seventh place last leg.
So when Phil talked about
the fact that we were all gonna
do another sprint,
we were hopeful,
because it's just what we wanted
and just what we needed.
I'll run
as long as you run, baby.
-You set the pace.
-I'll tell you when to stop.
Anyone know the Maktabet
Khazanet Al-Jahith Bookstore?
-Uh, not really.
-No, so that's probably not it.
Do you have a cell phone?
Hey, let's ask
some of the tourists.
- Yeah, excuse me?
- Did we ask you already?
Let's ask in there.
Come on, baby.
This way? To the left?
Is that the correct one?
You happen to know the address
to the Maktabet
Al-Jahith Bookstore?
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Let's get out of here.
We see 'em, we see 'em.
We're just
gonna follow the brothers.
They seem like they
know where they're going.
-This is a good plan. Good plan.
The order we finish today
determines the order
and timing of our Pit Starts
for the next leg.
So we knew it's important
to finish as high as possible.
It looks like everyone's
sticking in teams of two.
- Yeah. Let's do it
- You guys want
to do this together?
We got two teams following us.
So unless they're following us,
they're going towards it, too.
All right, guys, let's go.
- Down this hill.
- Getting to the city?
Where are we?
-Now, can you do walking?
-How far of a walk is it?
By walking, 15 minutes.
- 15 minutes walking?
- Okay, 15 minutes.
Babe, it's looking
like we're last. Let's go.
Where can we
find this bookstore?
-You know where it could be?
Straight down?
Oh, oh, to the right.
I don't see
David and Aubrey anymore.
And Derek and Claire.
- Hoppity hop.
- Let's do this, guys.
- This feels right to me.
- Yeah.
Yeah, they're not there anymore.
- They're
right in front of us.
- Oh, got it.
We'll go down the stairs,
and then what?
I don't know. That's the thing.
My body is not
feeling great right now.
We're halfway through the race,
but I think that
I strained
my quad muscle in Italy.
So I was very nervous
coming into this leg.
It was really my goal today
to not be
that last team
into the Pit Stop.
So we're gonna
keep on pushing through.
No panic.
You guys see 'em?
The city was this way.
The last leg we got first,
and I hope
we keep this momentum going.
We're officially going downhill.
We're we still kind of
don't know where we're going.
Next leg,
there's gonna be one team
that leaves last,
45 minutes after the first team.
-That's huge. We did not
want to be that last team.
-Are we running carelessly?
-We got this, baby. Don't worry.
We got this.
- It's looking like
we're last place, babe.
- That's all right.
Nothing is marked in any English
letters. It's all in Arabic.
This is more difficult
than what it looks like.
Uh, anyone speak English
around here? We're really lost.
Can we use your phone?
- This city is crazy.
- This is like New York City.
Don't feel good that
we don't see anyone else.
Found it. Downtown Amman.
- Will you type that
into the Google map?
- Yeah.
The entrance is over there.
Oh, the entrance. Okay.
Around the corner?
I think this is
the same alley, no?
It might lead to it.
This is insane.
This is insane.
-Go back up this way?
Yeah, 15 minutes.
What did they tell you guys?
-He thinks it's up.
-He thinks
it's the opposite way.
We're trying to find Maktabet
Khazanet Al-Jahith Bookstore.
You guys want to see
if we can use the computer?
-That's good idea.
-Hello? You speak English?
Can we use your computer?
Left, then right, okay?
It's up there, okay?
-Okay, thank you so much.
I told you we were going
in the right direction, baby.
Can we see
step-by-step directions?
Yes. Yes.
-Yes, walking. Coming up.
Walking? Walking?
-Uh, walking. Walking.
- Good job. Let's go.
- All right. All right, guys.
All right, let's try to make up
a little bit of time.
We're going through this tunnel.
You do a fast walk, baby.
My wife is a beast!
Good job, baby. Good job.
You're gonna turn right,
-Turn right?
It's over there. Okay.
-Is that it?
-Oh, I see it.
-Oh, okay.
- Look for
a red and yellow.
- Yep.
- Good job, guys.
- Thank you, guys.
-Good job.
-Good job. Good job.
-Aw, snap.
"Step by Step
or Letter by Letter?"
Dance is a universal language
of human expression.
This Jordanian routine,
a flirt dance,
is often performed
as a ritual before weddings.
Teams must get in step with
an instructor, then dress up
and nail a performance of
the dance for their next clue.
The Middle East
is believed to be the place
where written language
was first invented.
Today, the Arabic alphabet
is the second-most
widely used alphabetic
writing system in the world,
made up of 28 letters,
all of them consonants,
read from right to left.
Teams must memorize
all 28 letters
and recite them
out loud for a clue.
Hey, girls, what are you doing?
- Letter by Letter.
- She can't dance right now.
-Yeah, we're doing
Letter by Letter, too.
"Make your way to the Odeon
next to Hashemite Plaza."
-Go, go, go
-Shukran, shukran, shukran.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Nice.
-Get the clue, Aubrey.
-All right, Claire,
get the clue.
We'll check it together.
"Detour. Step by Step
or Letter by Letter?"
We're doing Step by Step.
We're doing Letter by Letter.
You good, Q? You got it?
I didn't see it.
-This way.
-All right.
That was clutch. We needed
that printout. That was smart.
Baby, that looks
like a bookstore right there.
That might be it, but it's
in Arabic. I don't know.
That's it?
Thank you so much.
That's it.
That looks like it's it.
-That's it.
Come on. Hallelujah.
-That was hard.
-It was.
Sorry. Hello.
Let's do Step by Step.
-All right.
-Step by Step.
"Step by Step or Letter
by Letter? Learn to dance."
-Learn to dance.
-Let's go.
We're dancing. We're dancing.
Is it in there?
I-I see,
I see signs that say "theater."
I think maybe inside, over here?
Do I see a door open?
Oh, alphabet.
Pick an instructor.
Ah. Hello. We choose you?
Rahaf? Rahaf.
- Alif.
- Alif.
- Baa.
- Baa.
- Taa.
- Taa.
If you forget the three words,
you say "alphabet."
- Ayn.
- "En."
- Ayn.
- "En"?
-"En. En."
-Ayn. Ayn.
-Raa.Oh, my gosh.
-Ghayn. Ghayn.
-Kha. Kha.
Oh, my gosh.
-We'll come back to that one.
Okay. We need
to find an instructor.
We get to Step by Step,
and we were the only team there.
-So I was like, "Perfect."
- We're ready.
- We're ready.
-This dance
is a flirtatious dance
-Okay. Oh, all right.
-between a man and a woman.
Usually done before a wedding.
Done before weddings.
-All right, all right.
It's a sign.
-It's a sign.
-You're dancers, right?
It's a count of eight.
Typically in the other
dance challenges, I was able
to translate it back into, like,
our bachata salsa language.
Today, absolutely not.
There was nothing
the same as what we do.
-Oh, it's over here. Over here.
-Yeah, I think it's right here.
What's this?
Okay, hi.
-Hi. Claire.
Zaa, siin, shiin, saad.
- Ha. Waaw.
- Ha. Waaw.
- Yaa.
- Yaa.
-This. "Kh."
- Saad. Saad.
- Bravo.
- Through the lips.
- Saad.
-Yeah. Saad.
-It's like learning Korean.
-Well, this is like Hebrew.
We were both
raised in Jewish families.
I grew up learning
Hebrew for my bat mitzvah,
and the letters
and the sounds are very similar.
I also know the Hebrew alphabet.
We got to do it slow
when we do it.
Yeah, we're gonna do it slow.
This is a throaty one.
-Okay. "K-Kh."
And this is haa.
And this is h
-Ha. Ha.
-Yeah. Okay.
-Very good, correct.
-Ra. Ra.
-There's an "R" sound, Marcus.
There were some letters
that were difficult
for me to pronounce.
We have to hurry up
and get through this,
so we can stay in first.
-Hey, so check it out.
Check it out. Check it out.
Do you want
to remember the first half,
and I'll remember
the second half?
-Okay. Let's do that.
-Okay? Okay.
I reread the instructions
and it just said that
it says, as a team,
we have to go through
the entire alphabet.
-So I'm like,
"Let's just divide it up 14-14."
-Let's divide it up.
And I don't have to worry about
saying this letter that
I can't say the correct way.
-Raa. Raa.
-Ra. Ra.
-Raa, raa, raa.
-I'm trying.
If Michael can say it,
I think we can kind of expedite
getting through this challenge.
-Kha. Kha.
-"Raaf. Raaf."
-That looks like a Roman
-That looks
like a Roman theater.
That looks like something.
Let's check over there.
I don't think this is it.
That looks
like a Roman theater, guys.
We're putting
a lot of pressure on ourselves
to get that first place.
There's no entrance there.
This looks
like a Pit Stop, guys.
When we thought
that was the Pit Stop,
- we thought we were last.
- Oh, no.
-Oh, my God.
-Baby, you got to run.
You got to run with me.
Classic Amazing Racemistake.
Run a direction without
knowing where you're going.
Hashemite Plaza.
That way.
All right, babe, it's here.
Let's get this dance going.
-Available dance instructor.
-We choose you.
-Yes. Welcome.
-Let's watch the dance
you're gonna learn.
Five and six and seven, eight.
So you'll be
in front of each other.
-All right.
I'm gonna ask you
to go slower sometimes, okay?
-That's fine. That's fine.
-Thank you.
It may not look like
I'm having fun,
but I'd rather do this
than the alphabet.
Can we try it? You good?
-Let's-let's try. Let's try.
-All right.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
- He's gonna start.
- Okay.
Alif. Baa. Taa. Thaa.
Jiim. Haa. Kha.
Daal. Thaal. Raa.
Siin. Shiin. Saad.
Ayn. Ghayn.
-No. That was
Okay, try again.
- Ra.
- Raa.
- Ra.
- Raa.
I-I can't curl my Rs,
so this is tough.
- "En. En."
- Ayn. Ayn.
-"En. Eh."
Ayn. Ayn. Ayn.
- All right, we got this.
- We can do this.
-Are you ready?
-Can we go slow?
-Yeah, slow.
Alif. Baa.
Taa. Thaa.
Jiim. Haa.
- No. Not good.
- No? Okay.
I took Spanish
for three years in high school.
I could never roll my Rs.
I mean, I think that's, like,
a genetic disability. Um
We'll see how this goes.
Back again.
We know the order.
Just pronouncing
Alif. Baa. Taa.
Thaa. Jiim.
-Ah. This is the haa?
-This is thaaand thaal.
-Thaa. Thaal.
-Thaa. Thaal.
-Thaa. Thaal.
-Ha. Ha.
-Haa. Haa.
-Ghayn. Ghayn.
- Roman theater?
- This has to be it.
-Oh, my God, yes.
-You come with us?
-Yes. Good.
-Let's go.
I don't think
I did that right.
We got to the dance challenge
in such a good place.
We thought that
we could get it over with
by the time other people
are showing up or-or even
get finished with it
while they're still practicing.
It just so happens that
the three teams that showed up
professional dance teams.
I-I lost it. I lost it.
I've never danced with a sword
before. Let's do this.
One, two, three, four.
We look so good, girl.
Here, we in place.
One and hit. One and three step.
Oh, wait, I cross this way.
Like, I need
specific things, right?
- So, let's
- I'm trying
to get it, too.
-Once I get it, I can tell you.
-I got you. I got you.
Daal. Thaal. Raa.
Zaa. Siin.
Shiin. Saad.
Daad. Taa.
Thaa. Ayn.
Qaaf. Kaaf.
Miim. Nuun.
-Waaw. Yaa.
-Sir. Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
Drink some water.
-Did the boys get it?
-Yeah, they got it.
Oh, man.
-Roadblock. Here it is.
-"Roadblock." This is
-I think it's you, man.
-All right.
"Who's Feeling Broken Carted?"
It doesn't
matter what you call it--
a pushcart, a handcart,
a dolly, a rickshaw--
if you need
to move something from A to B,
then you
need a device like this.
Here in Jordan,
they call this earaba.
In this Roadblock,
teams need to put one together
and roll it to the Pit Stop.
-I guess I'll do.
-Mike is doing it.
-All right, baby,
let's do it. We got it.
-Let's do it, baby. We got this.
This is the first time I've done
any kind of dance like this.
There's so much heart, so much
passion going inside this dance,
and I'm just grateful
to be a part of it.
I lost it.
-And one and
-Ah. I go there first.
You got it.
Let's start again.
So it's a swoop and grab?
- Babe, you look hot.
- Thank you, babe.
-No, really, hot.
- I'm just kidding.
- No, you look hot.
I think the moment that
Luis finishes learning it,
we're gonna do it right away.
We're not even
gonna think about it.
Let''s do it.
One and done, baby.
-We're ready.
- One and done, baby.
- We're ready to dance with you.
We got it.
I don't think so. Not yet.
You're not really
giving it the fluidity.
And you need
a lot more eye contact.
We got to go put on the costume,
'cause we're gonna try out soon.
-I need help coming back,
after that spin.
-You do. You do.
The dancers learned it
a little bit quicker,
but that's okay,
because Luis isn''t a dancer.
So I trust him,
and I'm proud of him.
He's learning it really quick.
My hope is to get it
on the first try, man.
Ah, I messed up there.
It's okay.
- Uh, it's okay, guys.
- I'm-a get it. I'm-a get it
I'm-a get it.
I didn't even know
when to start.
It was my fault, actually.
I had no idea when to start.
And all of a sudden,
we were done.
I just got
to learn when to start.
-All right, we're ready to go.
-Keep your smile, babe.
Let's go.
I feel great. I feel
like we're gonna nail this.
We're gonna have big smiles.
We're gonna have a great time.
I'm-a flirt with my wife.
I mean, any opportunity you have
to flirt with your wife.
Come on.
Oh, my God. That's enough.
Uh, I messed up.
I messed up. I'm sorry, babe.
It's all good. We both did.
So we're looking for the park.
- On Al
- On Hashemi Street.
That is, uh,
where the Roadblock is.
It says a park.
We're going to a park.
What, you think
that's the park right there?
-I don't see
anything over there.
We're gonna find it.
You're gonna knock it out quick.
-We're gonna
get to the Pit Stop.
Faa. Qaaf. Kaaf. Laam.
Miim. Nuun.
- Oh, Thank you.
- Yay!
-Thank you.
-Oh, my God.
So, twins and army brothers
went through that
really quick, actually.
So we're the only ones
here right now.
I'm gonna to let you do it, just
'cause if we're running carts,
I'm not gonna be able
to run carts right now.
- Raa.
- Ra.
I cannot roll my Rs.
I've tried it every single year
on my birthday.
Growing up, I was like,
"Today, this is the year
-I'm gonna roll my Rs."
And of course, what do
I have to do today? Roll an R.
-And this is gonna
be my downfall.
Jiim. Haa. Kha.
Daal. Thaal. R-Ra.
This guy was,
he was pretty hard about it.
He was like,
"I want a perfectly rolled R."
It's, like,
deep in your throat.
It's not
Like, your deep tongue muscle.
Thank God for Claire.
She actually taught me
a technique
that worked pretty well.
How do you gargle water?
-I'll show you.
-Okay. Just do that same thing.
-Well done.
-There you go.
-Thank you. Thank you so much.
-Thank you so much. Thank you.
-Thank you!
-Thank you, everyone! Thank you!
"Feeling Broken Carted?"
You got it, babe.
So what do you think?
-I think we got it.
I think we got it.
-I think that you got it, too.
-Yes! Thank you, guys!
-Oh, my God.
-Thank you. Thank you.
-Thank you so much. Thank you.
I'm doing Broken Carted.
We still got all-all the other
teams on the other side.
You want to ask
this gentleman right here?
-There's a guy here.
He will know.
-Okay. Okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Al-Hashemi Park?
Excuse me.
Is this Al-Hashemi Street?
-It is this street.
we're looking for the park.
This way or that way?
-That way? Shukran.
-That way.
-Thank you so much.
Thank you.
-Jog a little? Or are you good?
-Yeah, we can jog.
Just got to get there.
Damn it. So we passed it?
- Let's just get there.
- Let's get there.
We apparently passed the park
we're supposed to go to.
Was it that one
that I pointed at?
It should be here, no?
Look, there's carts there.
"Choose a workstation
with tools and materials."
All right, I'm gonna pick
the one closest to the sample.
This is not a Lego set.
You got this, babe.
Who is that, Luis and Michelle?
-Damn, we blew our lead.
-Hey. How are you?
-How's it going?
So, what I do
is just put this
entire section together,
similar to that.
I have no idea where
to start with this.
I was hoping it was
gonna be like IKEA furniture.
Nice little directions
with little pictures.
No, it's like, "Here's a cart.
Here's some wood."
Here's some nails.
Here's a hammer. Go."
And I'm just like, "Oh, snap."
This is not gonna be that easy.
This is definitely not IKEA.
Is this the park?
-It's right here.
-Oh, my God.
-Are you kidding me?
All right, Molly, you got this.
All right,
so we got Molly and Emily,
and we
got Luis and Michelle here.
I can probably do this.
Maybe not as well as she could,
but I'll get it done.
It doesn't look that hard,
I guess,
but I guess we'll find out.
I hope Emily's not doing this.
- She's not.
- Oh, thank God.
After seeing you in Ducati,
it's pretty intimidating,
I'm just gonna save things
for you to build,
whenever you visit.
-I'd love that. Please.
-We can do it together.
Emily will look at it
and it will just,
like, float into place.
-Baby, focus!
Daal. Thaal. Raa.
Derek finally
learned how to roll his Rs.
That sounds good!
Okay. Let's not get cocky.
Waaw. Yaa.
All day, baby.
-I'm feeling Broken Carted.
-Claire's feeling broken.
Claire's feeling broken.
Less bounce.
-Less bounce.
-Less bounce.
Oh, it's here, Claire.
Go, go. Run, run, run.
Derek and Claire,
they just showed up.
I mean, it just looks like
a bunch of sticks right now.
Broke one piece.
You got Claire building again?
It's a redemption season.
I would just like to do
a little bit better
than I did last time.
Uh, I think this
is gonna be the one.
- We're not out of it,
babe. We're still in it.
- We're not. We're not out of it.
-Come on.
-Just don't want to be last,
but, hey.
-We're still in it, babe.
- Yes!
- Yeah!
-Thank you.
Quinton's gonna
do the Roadblock.
This is already done.
So I'm just trying
to make sure it matches.
I thought it was an
-"attention to detail"-oriented
-MARCUS: They're just
-slapping the wood together.
Instead of just
slapping it together.
So I would go back
and look at the example,
look at how many nails were on
each side of each plank of wood.
So that just takes time.
- Hey, looking good, Michael.
- Looking good.
Right now, I'm not trying
to make it perfect.
Trying the best that I can,
and then go from there.
Aubrey and David got
left before us, and Aubrey
and David aren't here.
I think they're lost.
There's a park
on Al-Hashemi Street.
-Come here.
Okay, make a left.
-Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
Babe, this is all you now.
-Go slow.
-I know. I'm focused.
That's fine.
It definitely
was harder than it looked.
We kind of were back
and forth, hitting and missing.
It's hot.
You got this costume on.
Still bouncing.
Don't jump.
Don't jump at all.
That's all right.
I turned the wrong way.
I didn't turn one time.
-You missed one step.
-Missed a step. I know.
You know, it's a very
nice dance, and it flows.
You know, I looked
like I was doing the robot
in a, in a turban,
and, you know.
We missed a beat.
Let's do it again.
-Let's do it again.
-Ugh, so frustrating.
So frustrating.
We don't have a lot of time.
We're the last ones here.
Babe, let's just relax
and get it right, okay?
You got it, David.
Uh, progress is going all right.
I'm just trying to make sure
everything matches
up with the other side.
I'm glad I got here first,
'cause I got the one
closest to the sample.
So that's gonna be
a huge advantage.
I'm pretty decent
at building things.
- Come on, David.
- I think I can do it.
I have no experience
building anything.
I build software.
You built a Ducati, Claire.
We all know
how building the Ducati went.
I'm a helicopter mechanic,
so I
I work with my hands a lot.
Oh, I should have
started with the sides.
Oh, that was stupid.
-Come on, Mattie.
-Let's go.
Oh, yeah, that feels good.
Time to start
hacking and smacking.
We had to build a pushcart.
They had
one side where the wall
was built, one was not.
And you had to look at the model
and figure it out. And
-it can't be as bad as Ducati.
Let's go.
Is there an order?
As of right now, everyone's here
except the newlyweds.
Glenda and Lumumba
are still not here.
I think we might just have
a clue.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
"Who's Feeling Broken Carted?"
I am.
You're nailing it, Moll.
I'm trying not to hit my finger.
Abby and Will,
I'm thinking about you guys.
What is going on
with these nails?
Good job, honey.
I'm, uh, trying to do my best
to watch and learn
from the reference this time.
Is this as fun as the Ducati?
This is a little bit
more fun than the Ducati.
Ah, this looks beautiful.
Ah, that's how you use pliers.
I think.
Oh, hey!
-Love you, babe. You got it.
-Oh, my God.
Love you, too, babe.
Newlyweds just got here.
Happy for them.
Doesn't change my game.
All teams appear to be here now.
We're all working on this
at the same time.
Trying to come out on the top,
you know?
I don't make stuff at home.
My husband does this.
So I'm definitely completely
out of my element right now.
So far, so good.
Both sides looks the same.
Good job, David.
Let's go, babe.
So, now I'm working on
I think it's called the axle.
I don't even know what
I'm doing, honestly.
But it looks
like I know what I'm doing.
- Babe,
what do you need from me?
- Just encouragement.
Just encouragement?
All right. You got it, babe.
I'm just gonna nail this.
I'm gonna ask for a check,
and that's it.
Really close.
- All right, Michael.
- Let's get it done, man.
-Let's get it done.
-This is so much better.
This is what I always
should have been doing.
Rookie mistake.
Leverage, people.
You need to have
leverage when you're hammering.
You got this, Claire.
Slow and steady.
Let's get something
that's sturdy out of here.
Doesn't have
to look pretty to be sturdy.
Can I get a check?
Good job, baby.
Mwah. Oh.
It's not just
about getting this clue.
It has to be sturdy enough
to carry everything to Phil.
He's been killing it today.
I'm so proud of him.
Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.
-Thank you. You got everything?
- Put this away.
- Yeah, yeah.
Good for them.
I wish that was me.
-"Route Info."
-Oh, my God.
Here we go.
"Race to Roman Nymphaeum."
This is just one of the reasons
why Jordan is on
so many people's bucket list.
This ancient land is scattered
with incredible ruins like this.
Teams will end their Jordanian
journey at Amman's Nymphaeum.
The last team
to check in here
will be
the last team to depart
on the next leg of the race.
"Take proper care of your cart
and use it to bring your items
to Phil on the mat."
Luis and Michelle
just finished the Roadblock.
If Michael can finish this
thing in the next five minutes,
I'll carry that myself,
and we'll run 'em down.
Good job, baby. Let's go.
We got one team out already,
so that puts up the pressure.
Said "sturdy,"
so I'm putting four in there
instead of two.
-Baby, help me with the cart.
A wheel fell off.
Yeah, that was
actually my wheel.
Babe, we got to carry it.
- Okay
-Let's just carry.
I guess we're gonna
walk it to the Pit Stop.
-This came off.
-Oh, no!
-The cart came-came apart.
-Do you have the tools?
Yeah, the tools are here.
- Oh, I feel bad for 'em.
- That's insane.
Are we all gonna be doing this?
-We got to redo it.
-Let's Yeah, let's redo it.
Cart's coming apart,
and we're supposed
to take it to Phil together.
So we have to stop
and build it again.
All right.
We're gonna do this again.
Ah, David, did that quick.
Another person's
getting a check.
It's David. David was
the first one to finish.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
-They're moving. They're moving.
-They're moving? It's okay.
Let's go, baby. Let's go.
-Try and add a few more.
David, go!
Yeah, it looks
like theirs fell apart.
Slowly. Good, good, good.
English? English?
Watch your step.
Pick it up slowly.
Very slowly.
Do you know where this is?
Roman Nymphaeum.
Can you look, can you
look it up on your phone?
Thank you.
We know exactly
where the Pit Stop is.
We passed it
on the way to the Roman Temple.
We got this, baby.
- Come on, babe, come on.
- Sorry. Sorry.
-Raise it, raise it.
Extra slow here. Extra slow.
-I don't want this
falling apart again.
-Go, go, go.
-Watch this corner.
This way, David.
Oh, yes!
- There you go. Let's go.
- Let's go.
They're very happy.
Welcome to Amman, Jordan.
Thank you so much.
I told you you had to give
it all for this leg of the race.
You did that, and you have
been rewarded with first leg.
Back-to-back wins.
-Back-to-back, baby.
- There's more good news.
- Yes.
As the winners
of this leg of the race,
-you have won
Expedia reward points
good for
a five-night trip for two
to Barcelona.
Oh, Barcelona!
Expedia experts are gonna
design a unique local experience
that includes a Montserrat
private balloon rides,
Palace of Catalan music tour
and kayaking Costa Brava.
Thank you so much.
The other good news is that
you will be in the first group
leaving on
the next leg of the race.
Getting one first place
could have some luck involved.
We might be lucky.
back-to-back first places.
- Uh-uh.
- That's not all luck, baby.
That's some skill. I feel
like we're the team to beat.
This is why
being a dancer is great.
Hate building things.
Look at her. Grease on her face.
She doesn't even need
No one else
has grease on their face.
I think I initially
took too much time on the
on the wheel.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah!
-Come on, now.
-Let's go, girl.
Looks like another team
is also about to head on out.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Okay.
- Good job.
Oh, my gosh, Claire, good job!
Man, how are,
like, other people
getting here after us
and then leaving before us?
I was getting frustrated.
Maybe it was
too much attention to detail.
- I'm sorry, Marcus.
- It's all good.
Just pick it up. I'll drag it.
Keep it up,
keep it up, keep it up.
Beep, beep.
-Sorry, Derek. Are you good?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
Fast, fast.
- Is that Do we
have to go up the street?
- Hurry.
-Excuse me.
-Watch out.
Watch it. Slow.
Slow, slow, slow.
- You're almost there, baby.
- Come on, come on.
Oh, my goodness.
- Yeah.
- Phil,
every time we see you,
you have this unpleasant look
on your face, because
I have an unpleasant look?
Because we know that
we're probably
the last or second to last.
And today we got here, and
you have a smile on your face.
Your cart is in pieces,
but you have
arrived here intact.
And I'm pleased to tell you
you're the second team
to arrive.
Man, we're still there.
We still got a couple teams.
They're still working.
Last piece, I think. Check.
These aren't fitting properly,
so I'm trying to adjust.
- Thank you so much.
- Okay.
Thank you.
You're doing a great job.
Keep it up, babe.
Thank you.
All right, let's do it.
I see Quinton and Mattie.
- You see them?
- Go!
Oh, my God. It is hot here.
Yeah, I keep hitting my calf.
Yeah, I know.
Yes, dude, we're so close.
You got it, Derek.
Work smarter, not harder.
Okay, just carry it
to the next
Over there. Right over there.
Right or straight?
I don't know.
You got this. You got it.
There you go.
- Congratulations.
- Okay,
I'm gonna roll it
the rest of the way.
Oh, and another team.
Look at that.
You guys are racing
really tight together.
Thank-thank you.
Quinton and Mattie, I'm pleased
to tell you that
you're team number three.
You can probably
count up the carts.
Derek and Claire,
that means that
you are team number four.
Very good news.
You will be leaving
in the second group.
Yeah. Let's go. Come on.
Honestly, I do feel like
I let my husband down today.
-No, baby, baby, we're good.
We are good.
-I wanted to win. I'm sorry.
You're okay, babe.
Take a break. Come here.
Come here.
Listen, listen.
Drink some water, okay?
Don't be discouraged.
You're doing great.
-I'm completely
confident in you.
And I need you to not think
that this is a failure
because you're struggling at it.
All right?
All right,
so relax a little bit,
don't be frustrated,
and then just keep going.
-Keep it going.
Good job, baby.
Let's go, guys.
Let's go.
There you go. Bring it in.
Michael and Marcus
arrived in at fifth place.
Emily and Molly, that would
make you team number six.
-All right.
-On the next leg of the race,
you will be leaving
in the third group together.
- Yes.
- You're not last.
But you're in that group.
Both teams standing in front
of me here have a chance
of winning this Amazing Race,
$1 million
is waiting for one team.
- Yep.
- And there's no reason
why it can't be one of you.
No reason at all.
Okay. Great job.
Well, it's been a while, guys,
-um, but you made it here.
-A while.
-We made it.
-But you have arrived last.
And that's gonna make it
tough for you in the next leg.
I did tell you that you
would be leaving 45 minutes
- Mm-hmm.
- after the first teams
leave on the next leg.
Glenda, I see
tears in your eyes.
Are you just overwhelmed?
I'm happy I got that cart done.
I do feel like
I let my husband down today.
-Oh, no.
-Even though I know
that he doesn't feel that way.
That's just how I feel.
- Yeah. You did it, babe.
- She made me proud, Phil.
Every moment that I look at her
doing something new,
something different, you know,
I just-I just get strength,
and I'm excited for our future.
You should be excited.
Here's the thing about
The Amazing Race.
Even if you arrive last
on one leg,
that doesn't mean you
can't arrive first on the next,
and it doesn't mean that you
can't go on to win this race.
I don't expect
to go home the next leg.
Even though we're starting 45
minutes behind the first team,
we're still here.
Anything can happen.
Stay tuned.
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