The Amazing Race (2001) s34e05 Episode Script

The Amazing Race of Arabia

Previously on
The Amazing Race
ten teams
continued the Mega Leg
in Florence, Italy.
Double the Roadblocks,
double the Detours,
double the pain.
The Roadblock pushed Dom
to her breaking point
Why is this so hard?
and gave Sharik
second thoughts.
Got the clue, but at what cost?
A showdown for first place
between Marcus and Michael
and Emily and Molly
ended in a victory
for the long-lost twins.
You are team number one.
On the mat,
Sharik made a decision.
Do you want to keep racing?
- You good?
- I'll do it for you.
While Rich and Dom
bid a tearful goodbye.
You are the last team to arrive
and you have been
eliminated from the race.
But there's a lot
to be proud of as well.
I'm thankful to have
someone like Richard, who
who believes in me so much.
- Morning, everyone.
- Good morning!
So I did say to you guys
that this Amazing Race
would have a lot of firsts.
- Yes.
- Oh, my God.
You are going to a country that
we have never been to before
on the race.
You're going
to the Kingdom of Jordan.
All aboard.
Let's go, let's go.
All teams will now fly
across the Mediterranean Sea
to the Hashemite Kingdom
of Jordan,
an ancient country
with more than 100,000
archeological sites.
With less than three days
of rain a year,
more than 80% of Jordan
is covered in sand,
including the Wadi Rum Desert.
Teams are now boarding
this iconic steam train
that dates back
to the Ottoman Empire.
This is so cool.
We're in the Kingdom of Jordan.
Wow, this is gorgeous.
- Look at this.
- This is
absolutely beautiful.
Oh, we're rolling now.
Oh, what's-what's over there?
After beginning their journey
with a relaxing
train ride, teams
have no idea
what they will encounter next.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my gosh!
Is that real
or are we seeing things?
- Wait, that can't be real.
- Are you kidding?
Out of nowhere,
there's horses and camels
and people on horseback swinging
swords, and they're coming
right at us. It was
actually pretty beautiful.
Looked just like a scene
out of a movie.
-Talk about Lawrence of Arabia.
-Oh, Lawrence of Arabia.
This is crazy!
- Wow.
- That is amazing.
Oh, that's so cool.
That really
set the tone for this leg.
This is gonna be something
out of a movie.
We're in a movie.
It's your lucky day.
-Yay! Thank you.
-Thank you. Thank you.
-This is your clue.
Thank you.
-This is your clue.
-Thank you.
-Welcome to Jordan.
-Thank you. Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Good luck.
-Thank you.
-Have a nice time.
"Route Info."
"Welcome to the Wadi Rum Desert
in the Kingdom of Jordan.
-"You have just
experienced a"
-"scene being reminiscent
"of the 1963 Oscar-winning film
Lawrence of Arabia.
"Now head into
the desert to experience
this otherworldly landscape."
"Choose an available
Bedouin driver
who will drive you to the
desert to find your next clue."
Sweet. His car's close.
We got the boys
just ahead of us.
We're gonna keep 'em close.
We came up with
an acronym before the race.
It's called CAR.
The C stands for complacent.
Like, we don't-we don't
want to get complacent, ever.
Uh, A is for adversity,
to obviously
push through adversity.
And then, uh,
R is for resilience.
So when we do make mistakes,
try and forget that
and then
just keep moving forward.
There are no
non-elimination legs,
so there's no margin for error.
And because we''re military,
we review the leg, right?
From start to finish.
Uh, what happened?
We'll learn from those
mistakes and move forward.
I want to win every leg.
I'm so excited.
-I don't know
what we're doing today.
-I'm so pumped.
Whatever it is,
it's gonna be so fun.
We are driving
deep into the desert.
- We are really out here.
- Yeah.
I see it.
You good?
- Ouch.
- You okay?
No, I got something
going on with my thigh.
-Oh, no.
-This is not good.
As soon as we started
running in the sand today,
I had a shooting pain
run up the top of my thigh.
So, running is
a little bit difficult for me.
"Who Wants to Test Their Metal?
Let me know.
If Jordan's landscapes
look familiar to you,
then chances are that you've
seen them up on the big screen
in movies like Indiana Jones
and the Last Crusade,
Transformersand futuristic
blockbusters like Star Wars.
Teams must search
the crash site of this movie set
for a piece of spaceship debris
buried in the sand
using a metal detector.
Once they retrieve the piece,
they'll have their clue.
Marcus will do it.
- I will.
- Okay.
Okay, this is
gonna be interesting.
Hello, sir.
-Let me show you.
- You hear the sound?
- Yeah.
That mean you dig, you search.
The Roadblock--
Who Wants to Test Your Metal?--
it appeared to me that
that could have been
one of the Roadblocks
that-that took a long time.
That if people don't have
some type of marking system
that they can get confused.
I'm marking where I walked,
so I don't double,
uh, scan places.
Oh, man.
I have not used
a metal detector before.
I must have pulled
a muscle in my thigh.
I can't
I just, like, can't run.
-It's, like, right here.
I've never injured
anything up here before.
Oh, here we go.
Please, please, please.
Go, go, go.
Petra, yep.
-Yes! Oh, okay.
After driving an hour and a half
across the hot desert landscape,
teams will be rewarded
with the crown jewel of Jordan,
the city of Petra.
Carved into
these pink sandstone cliffs
more than 2,000 years ago,
it's no wonder that this
spectacular archeological site
was named one of the new
Seven Wonders of the World.
- All right,
let's get after it.
- Marcus found something.
Didn't see what he did.
I should have been watching him.
Right now we got a lead, so
just let's do our best to
- to-to maintain it.
- Yeah.
-"Welcome to Wadi Rum Desert"
-"in the Kingdom of Jordan."
-Let's go.
Let's go!
Who wants to be our guy?
Starting out hot.
We're excited!
We are departing
in the second group
with Luis and Michelle
and high school couple, um
- Abby and Will.
- Abby and Will.
We're, uh, ahead of four teams,
so it's three groups
to the front, so
Feels good to be back
in the middle.
Just got to stay consistent.
I was telling Michelle,
we're not a middle-
of-the-pack team.
That's not who we are.
And I told her last night, like,
"I'm done being
in the middle of pack."
Like, let's push it.
Let's push forward this today,
our first leg.
Started off in tenth place,
and, uh,
ever since then, we've improved.
Last night, we were
dreaming about
-how we were gonna run up to
the mat, what we were gonna do.
We were envisioning it.
We've been
getting along so well.
This race, so far, has been
such a great experience.
Me and Michelle,
we want to become parents soon,
and, you know,
we wanted to do this for us,
one more crazy adventure.
I love you.
Love you, too.
We're ready, though.
We're ready to do this.
Let's go, baby.
Oh, God. This is no joke.
I feel like I'm running so hard
and we're going, like, nowhere.
"Who Wants to Test Their Metal?"
-I'll do it.
-I'll do it.
You got this.
Gonna switch arms.
There you go.
Yeah, Molly.
I believe this says "Petra."
Yes. Go.
That was gonna be, uh
I feel like
I couldn't find it or something.
Find a piece of metal.
Every second counts, girl.
Uh, I'm-a work this way.
Got to go slow.
I noticed it was a circle,
pretty much.
And I told myself, "All right,
I'm gonna do an outer circle,
and then come back in.
Go nice and slow."
So that's what I did.
And a few times
I heard a beep.
And I just started digging.
My husband
is shoveling right now.
This is hot,
watching Roadblocks.
I'm trying to see how deep
the other teams dug.
And I don't think
it's that deep.
I'm stressed.
Awesome sauce.
Let's go, Q!
- Has he done it?
- Hi, sir.
Go to Petra.
Found what he needed to find.
Let's go, Mattie.
-Nailed it.
-I got it.
Look at the girls.
They caught up.
-And the boys
are right ahead of us, so
-I know. So close.
I didn't even think that
we had an opportunity
to come in first.
Oh, my gosh.
- I mean,
the boys are right there.
- Wow.
It's ringing, though.
Oh, God, it feels like Luis
is beeping every five seconds.
Which, I guess, isn't good,
as long as he hasn't found one.
I have a-a a louder
than normal reading here,
so I'm gonna try,
I'm gonna try to
I found something.
I found something.
I found something.
Let's go. Good, let's go.
Let's go, baby.
- What?!
- Crap. Aw, man.
Go to Petra.
Petra. Got it.
There they are. Let's go.
Did I miss something?
Just a slow game.
It's more of a patience
challenge than anything else.
And she can
get a little impatient.
15-minute head start
on that third group,
so I feel it ticking away.
Go, go, go, go, go.
"Route Info."
"Welcome to the Wadi Rum Desert
in the Kingdom of Jordan."
-Let's go.
-Okay. I'll hold it.
-Awesome. Let's go.
-Let's go.
All right.
Let's go.
-We're ready. First out.
-Let's go.
Yeah. Yes, sir.
That's what I'm talking about.
-Step on it!
Get in front!
Man, we're excited.
-Wow. Wow.
How cool.
We're taking it
one leg at a time.
When we get ahead of ourselves,
-you know, we make mistakes,
we get anxious.
And I think we learned
our lesson from the Mega Leg,
-you know, to kind of
take a breath, and
-Calm down.
-you know, and just enjoy.
Take a moment and enjoy where we
are in this amazing opportunity.
We're always optimistic,
every leg, and I think
being optimistic has really,
really worked out for us.
Anything can happen.
It's anybody's game.
All right, I think we're here.
This is no joke.
Let's do this.
Oh, man.
"Who Wants to Test Their Metal?"
-"Who Wants
to Test Their Metal?"
"Make your way up the sand dune
to the geodesic dome."
- Come on.
- Oh, God.
Almost over the hill. Breathe.
Last leg was so exhausting,
and if I was by myself on this,
I absolutely would've been like,
"I am going home,"
but I know my dad was excited,
and I really wanted
to be able to show up for him.
We-we got to finish
what we started.
You got this, Sharik. Breathe.
Who Wants to Test Their Metal?"
You do. Let's go.
Other teams
are coming over the hill,
which is definitely stressful,
but there's
not really much you can do
uh, to speed it up.
Oh, thank God.
Oh, found it. This is crazy!
-Go to Petra.
-Thank you very much.
- You got it, Derek.
- Thank you.
I'm just glad I got it
before all those other teams.
- You got it, Derek.
- All right.
There's only four crews left,
and if I'm the last one,
then there's
literally one clue left
in the same amount
of surface to cover.
So I wanted to be
the first one out of there,
which is why I was going out
at an all-out sprint.
You got it, Derek.
All right. I love that beep.
- Nice job, Derek.
- You got it. You got it.
Bring her back.
-Go to Petra.
-Okay. Go to Petra.
- Nice job!
- Let's get out of here. Go!
Come on.
- How are you?
We're going to Petra.
I think with most things
in life, but especially
the race, is there's
always a trick,
and the faster you can figure
out what that trick is, uh,
the more of an advantage you'll
get against the other teams.
Any opportunity
that we have to, like, outthink
-or out-strategize
another team
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.
we're gonna
make the most of it.
We aren't gonna
be the fastest team,
but hopefully we'll be able to
-uh, be the
-Make up time in,
like, other ways.
I have to search the crash site
for an alien object.
Literally, there's no telling
where this thing could be.
I found an orange can.
Let's see.
They left a can of soda
called Marina.
Here we go.
Another beer can.
The aliens like their beverages.
-Another can? Oh, my God.
It's a lot harder than it looks.
Man, it's only stone.
We got this.
I'm trying to dig where
there's not a lot of footprints.
I was trying
to observe footsteps--
that the more
footsteps there was,
I would try
and stay away from them.
David! I'm getting frustrated.
He keeps going to the outside
and not coming on the inside.
-Come on, babe.
-Come on.
Dad, come on.
looking in the middle.
There's got to be
an outlier somewhere.
And so I started
looking on the outside.
It has to be,
obviously, in the middle.
-That's what
-I'm so annoyed,
'cause, like, why is my dad
literally in the corner?
You know, the hardest part
is not being able to help him.
Come on, David.
I was just, like,
"Why is he going
on the outside of the rim?
That does not make sense."
David hasn't even been up here.
Like, he's
just on the outskirts,
and I'm like
What just, like, irritated me
is that he was still going
back to, like, the same spots
and going over
and over and over.
Why do you keep
going over there, David?
And it clearly was not there.
He found two parts, ran it
over twice, and then was asking,
like, "Are you sure
this is not the piece?"
It's a motor.
How is it not a . part?
I'm-I'm, like
Yeah, I'm definitely
trying not to get annoyed
So clearly,
so clearly in the middle.
I just would've done this
so much better.
Oh, this is crazy.
Welcome to Petra.
Thank you so much.
You're the best.
We got to, we got to
Grab that stuff, right?
Come on. Come on.
-Your leg okay?
-My leg's killing me,
but it's okay.
-Thank you.
-Let's go, let's go.
All right, let's go.
Look for the clue box.
Look for the clue box.
- Come on, baby.
- You got this, baby. Come on.
- It's right here, Marcus.
- We're right here.
As we were running
through Petra,
it was insane.
Like, it was beautiful.
There were
so many shapes everywhere,
so many rock formations.
Wow, like,
this place is magical.
-We're in Petra!
- Oh, my God.
- This is amazing.
- I see the clue.
- Yep.
Get it first, Mike.
I can't believe it.
Oh, my God.
-No. Over here.
-Here, here.
Camel Caravan or Palace Puzzle?"
Known as ships of the desert,
camels are
the most useful animals
found in this part of the world.
Capable of walking
in the blazing sun
for over a week without water,
these resilient creatures
have been transporting goods
across desolate landscapes like
this for thousands of years.
These hungry camels
have just made a delivery
to this ancient market
and are now resting
for their next long haul.
Teams need to carry
four bags of hay
and provide water from this
cistern to get their next clue.
Time has not been kind
to this archaeological treasure.
Every effort has been
made to preserve what remains.
This Detour requires teams
to piece together some of
Petra's past by completing
this giant-sized slide puzzle
depicting a rendering
of what the Royal Tombs
were believed to look like
when they were
first carved into these cliffs
nearly 2,000 years ago.
-Let's do the puzzle.
-Okay, we're doing the puzzle.
What do you think?
I think we do fuel up.
We just give 'em food and water.
Then we're done.
Let's hurry.
We're going animals.
-Located near the Palace Tomb.
Anybody know
where the Palace Tomb is?
The tomb? This way?
Shukran. Shukran.
There's camels over there, so
it might be over here somewhere.
Oh, excuse me. Sorry.
-We're gonna go with puzzle.
-We're ready for this.
Let's do puzzle.
-Puzzle. Puzzle.
Camel Caravan, to me,
sounded like more walking
- in the hot sun.
- Yes.
So I did not want to do that.
All right, we got this.
We're good.
It's actually pretty, uh,
cathartic right here.
Dad, come on.
There are literally
only three left,
so it's just much harder for
the last group to find anything.
So that's kind of where
we're at right now.
Dad, let's go. Let's go.
David, go!
I've never
done anything like this--
not even remotely like this.
Metal detector, you just swing
it, and you just keep walking.
You just take note
of where you've been
and just keep walking.
Oh, my God.
I can't look at this.
David, go!
Come on, David.
Yes! There you go, babe.
Let's go. Let's go.
-It says Petra.
-Go to Petra.
Petra. Petra, Petra.
Let's go.
- Bye, y'all.
- Go!
I knew there had
to be one in the middle.
Well, I'm proud of you.
Petra. We're going to Petra.
Let's go.
There's still
a couple teams behind us,
so anytime there's teams
behind you, it's a good thing,
you know?
- We got to go.
- We got to go. Let's do it.
Let's go.
Definitely something.
All right, babe.
-Petra. Go to Petra.
-Come on. Good job, babe.
Dude, let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.
Chill out. Chill.
You need to chill, for real.
Great. Let's get in here.
-Let's go.
-Linton and Sharik
were, uh, left behind, um,
as the last people searching for
the, uh, the clue
from the UFO crash site.
We're just happy to have
gotten out of there
ahead of another team.
You know, having no
non-elimination rounds
just heightens the intensity.
- The pressure is on.
- Definitely.
No one wants to go home.
We cannot let up.
We can't slack up,
'cause we really cannot afford
any major mistakes right now.
We just can't.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Keep moving.
This is amazing.
Ooh, sorry.
All right. "Detour.
Camel Caravan or Palace Puzzle?"
-Palace Puzzle, baby.
-All right.
Let's go. All right.
Are we going the right way?
It said past the shop
and up the stairs.
Main trail.
Do you-- Can you help us
find the Palace Tomb?
-Go up that way?
-We have to go up.
-Do we
-So we just came
-It's around
-Oh, you got to be kidding me.
-Which way is it around?
-All right. Thank you so much.
My leg is not in good shape,
though, I tell you.
Oh, I see it.
-Oh, it's right there. Yeah.
-Left, left. Let's go.
All right, let's do it.
Palace Puzzle.
Is there a sample somewhere?
-Do we have an example
of what it looks like?
-I think it's that.
I think, yeah. I think
the mermaid goes up here, too.
This one,
this is the top piece.
Genius, Claire.
Seeing a slide puzzle
was like
So this is gonna be top.
So that actually
has to go first.
I'm an artificial
intelligence engineer, and I'm
basically solving puzzles
-every single day.
-It's smarter than it sounds.
You have a ton of data,
basically, in my job,
and you have to
figure out what's
the pattern to it.
That's not exactly what a slide
puzzle is, but it's similar.
We need to get these two pieces
next to each other.
I know the strategy.
Approach one side and go over
to finish the picture.
-So, okay,
let's solve this one now.
-Oh, my God, Claire.
You're killing this.
This for sure goes up here.
-Are you sure?
-That doesn't
go with that, though.
-Look, we got this part.
- Okay. This one goes here.
- This one goes there.
-Oh, Em, I'm so sorry.
-No, it's all right.
We'll get there.
Right here, Michael.
"There is a finished example
of the proper way
to set up your station."
That's the station right there,
-This is what we have to make.
We have one station.
We're gonna set it up
with food and water.
Let's get the water first.
"Make your way to the market
and pick up three water jugs."
-Hello. Maybe this one?
-Okay. Right here.
And then
Where's the water at?
"Then follow the signs
to the cistern."
-Oh, cistern.
Right there, in front of us.
It's really hot.
And I just thought
the Camel Caravan
was gonna be the easier
and faster of the challenges.
Then as we approached
the challenge,
it turned out
to be a physical challenge
where we're carrying
jugs of water
up and down, like,
a piece of the mountain.
We got to fill it up.
Oh, no.
This is taking forever.
We may have chose
the wrong one, Marcus.
We would throw
three jugs of water,
and it was like
it didn't even matter.
Damn, like, we're gonna
be here forever now.
-If we chose wrong
-This is gonna take forever.
Dad, come on.
No giving up. No giving up.
It's out here somewhere.
Last team here.
It's a little frustrating.
It's, like, context clues.
Every one of the past few people
found it in this general area.
It's out here somewhere.
This is hard.
Let's go, Dad.
It's out here somewhere.
-Can't do anything about it.
-There's only one piece left.
Sure, it's hard to find.
I was the only one left there,
looking for one piece of metal.
It was like looking
for a needle in a haystack.
Sharik, this thing could
be anywhere. It's only one.
Then I realized, okay, well,
everyone found it in the middle.
Seems like he hit something.
So I'm really hoping
that it's it.
It's That's got to be it.
Oh, thank God.
Go to Petra.
- Go to Petra. Thank you.
- Yeah! Yeah!
Good job, Dad.
That was insane.
-Come on, Sharik. Come on.
Hi. We're going to Petra.
- It's not over till
it's over. Remember that.
- Never. Never.
Well, we chose the wrong one.
Want to switch
or stay where we are?
Ah, we're here now.
After the first trip
to the cistern
of filling these jugs of water,
we knew that we-we chose
the wrong Detour.
I was just like,
"Man, we're here now.
Let's just get this done."
Hopefully nobody else can
-pass us doing
the puzzle Detour.
-This one goes up here? Okay.
-This one goes right here.
I'm done with doing
the hardest Detours.
And today, I told myself,
"No, we could do slide puzzles."
-We love puzzles.
-Let's take it easy.
-Let's go do a simple puzzle.
And let's get out of here.
This goes right here.
Oh, we got it.
They got it?
- We got it.
- Good job.
-We got it, too. Good job.
-We got it, we got it,
we got it.
-Hey, hey.
-Uh, check, check.
-I'm racing you guys for first.
-Oh, my God. I got chills.
Dance. Dance.
"Race to the Great Temple
and search for Phil
among the ruins."
Some experts believe that Petra
covers about 100 square miles--
equivalent to the size
of 100 Manhattan Islands.
This is the largest
freestanding building in Petra--
the Great Temple--
among the most impressive
Pit Stops
in Amazing Racehistory.
The last team
to check in here
will be eliminated.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
See-see where it goes.
-Thank you. Thank you. Okay.
-Thank you. Thank you.
Good job, guys.
Come on, Mattie.
Let's go.
What did the guide say,
It just said
go through the main entrance.
- Thank you so much.
- Let's go.
Let's go, David. Come on.
You feeling good about puzzle?
-Yeah. We trained for this.
Abby loves puzzles.
Uh, she's really good at 'em.
The challenge is just figuring
out kind of where they go,
so that you
can follow the algorithm.
Let's just start moving
some things around.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
Did they do that,
like, so fast?
Come on, Mattie. Clue box.
Right here. Right here.
Camel Caravan or Palace Puzzle?"
We choose Palace Puzzle.
"Solve an archaeological
slide puzzle
depicting the Palace Tomb
to receive your next clue."
-We're gonna do that one.
Let's go.
So it says, "To find the hay,
make your way to the cave
located just to the right
of the cistern."
Uh, over here.
It says the food's over here.
-Four bags, looks like.
-Oh, this is awful.
So, we'll bring it
back to our station.
I see people. Come on.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Let's do this.
We chose the puzzle piece
because thought it'd be easier
to pick our brains instead of
running around getting
more exhausted, physically.
Ready to rock and roll.
Thank you.
This race has really, really
-helped our marriage.
It really has.
-Yeah, yeah.
You're doing amazing, babe.
I never knew
you had this in you.
It's helping us to see
each other's strengths.
-Um, to see how we respond
to our own weaknesses
and the other person's weakness.
-Yeah, yeah.
-It's amazing.
Look at you, running through
the cliffs of Jordan.
This is beautiful.
Oh, man.
Please, please, please.
Thank you.
the camel.
Come on, Marcus.
This way, Marcus.
You led a caravan Oh, yeah.
Eat up.
Thank you.
Come on. We got it. We good.
- Yay. Thank you so much.
- Yeah, there we go.
Great job, Abby. Great work.
Do I Yeah?
-All right. Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
Let's go. Let's go.
-Good job, Claire.
You killed it this leg. Come on.
-Yeah, good job.
- That was all you
on the slide puzzle.
- Thank you.
It's our turn, baby.
It's our turn.
That's right!
- We're in a footrace
right now for first.
- I know.
You got it, baby.
-You got it, baby.
-Just go as hard as you can.
I am.
Let's go. Let's go.
You got this, Claire.
Oh, my God.
Yes! Yes!
- Ow!
- Oh!
Oh, help Claire out.
I'm good. I'm okay.
- Wow, that was a footrace.
- You okay?
-Got a bit
of blood there, Claire.
-I know.
I'm okay.
Luis and Michelle,
I am pleased to tell you
-that you are team number one.
-And I have
some great news for you.
-We did it!
-I told you!
As the winners
of this leg of the race,
you have won
which you can enjoy
after the race.
Oh, my God.
Phil, this is so emotional
for me, because last night,
Luis was telling me,
"Imagine first place.
Imagine Phil's face.
Like, what are we gonna win?"
We're imagining everything.
And then to be here
and run through that hot desert.
I thought I was gonna give up,
and he didn't let me give up.
So this feels good.
Not like you guys didn't
give 'em a run for their money.
I mean, literally,
a run for the money.
We tried to run for the money.
We fell.
We tried to fall for the money.
"Camel Caravan
or Palace Puzzle?"
-Camel can take a walk
-Let's do the Camel Caravan.
We're gonna do
the Camel Caravan.
I know this-this looks right.
This guy for sure
has to be on this side,
because his legs
have to line up with this.
Push that up. Push this over.
And then start moving these.
Get that over there. Yeah.
Wait. Isn't that right?
No, no, this goes with this guy.
How do you
This goes on top of this.
Gosh, okay.
How would you do this?
I see camels over here.
This is for camels?
-That's a display
One, two, three, four.
And then we have that.
That's gonna be a lot of water.
Let's do the puzzle, babe.
-All right, let's do the puzzle.
-Let's go do the puzzle.
Oh, those must be the puzzles,
Okay. Oh,
they're still doing it.
-Uh, they're over there.
-All right. Wait for me.
All right.
Come on.
-Hey, guys.
-Hey, hey.
We made it.
When we get to the Detour,
and to see two teams
-already, like,
still at the Detour
when we were
so far behind everybody,
-we were so excited.
- Puzzles are your friend, babe.
- All right.
Let's focus on this puzzle
and get the hell out of here.
Yeah, he's right there.
Good job, guys.
- Good job, guys.
- This was
a lot of running.
Good work.
So, Michael and Marcus,
I'm pleased to tell you
that you are team number three.
Thank you.
- A hot one.
- Good job, guys.
- Yes.
Puzzling day?
We should've chose the puzzle.
Yeah, we should have.
-Y'all's thing looked brutal.
Abby and Will, that would mean
that you are team number four.
You're right up there.
-Top of the pack.
-Oh, my gosh.
-Oh, look, there's another team.
Good job, guys. Great work.
-Hey, good job, y'all.
-Good job, y'all.
-Oh, man, look at this place.
-I know.
-Isn't it wonderful?
-It's unbelievable.
-It's amazing.
Emily and Molly, I am
pleased to tell you that, uh,
-you are team number five.
All right.
I think I did pretty good
running on my injured leg
through this leg.
Hopefully there's not too much
running in the next leg.
We got to stay in this.
Let's do Palace Puzzle.
"Both Detours are
located near the Palace Tomb."
- I'm saying camels.
- I think that's easier.
-You think so?
- Let's do Camel Caravan.
- Okay.
Oh, my gosh.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah. Come on, girl.
Come on.
I really feel like
so this lines up as the edge.
So this is there.
This is,
this is definitely either
-This is the lower portion.
So this is right here, for sure.
We're just literally guessing.
We're trying to figure out
a reference point,
but there is no reference point.
This doesn't make sense.
- This is all right.
- Yeah.
This right here
goes right there.
-All right, cool.
-So l-let's see.
Move this
Yes, that's right. That's right.
I'm sorry. Keep going.
-All right, all right.
-I see it now. I see it now.
Check, please.
Line and sinker.
- Wait.
- Upside down.
Hold on. Hold on.
Oh, my God.
Are we right behind them?
You were smart to pick that one.
Come on, baby.
We got to haul tail.
Three jugs, one white,
one green and one brown.
-Right here.
-All right.
"Follow the sign to
the cistern filled with water."
-Cistern filled with water.
-This way, Dad. This way.
- All right. Cistern.
- Oh, here we go.
You found it?
Here we go.
This heat is crazy.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, yeah. Come on, girl.
- Come on.
Drop your backpacks
in the middle of the mat.
-Talk about a workout.
The Jordanians don't play.
They do not.
Quinton and Mattie,
I am pleased to tell you
that you are team number six.
-Okay, I'll take it.
-All right. I'll take it.
Right? You should
be very proud of that.
-The closest one, right?
-Fill this up?
-Baby, where is it gonna go?
This needs to end with this.
-Are you sure?
Because these also match.
-I am sure.
-No. That matches.
-That's it.
That's it. That's it.
-That's it?
-He said no?
-He said no.
It was like a stab in the heart
when the person came up
and gave us a-a thumbs down.
It wa..
That was a tough one to swallow,
-but, no, we got
to finish what we started.
And, you know,
I grew up in a very competitive
dance atmosphere.
And you don't quit.
But this is right.
But how's this gonna go?
-You got this, Sharik.
You got it.
Slow and steady is fine.
The only way that
I can think of it starting
would be with this,
'cause this all makes sense.
This is all good.
And this is the layer
that would probably go up here.
We essentially have
to put the lower level
that we have on the upper level.
Well, then can we just shift
-So then we shift.
-Yeah, just shift it this way.
Don't play with us.
It's enough to just get here.
You got it, baby.
You got it.
Oh, very nice.
You're still
going to continue racing,
- because you are
team number seven.
- Yeah!
Let's go!
Lumumba, do you feel
like you've
got it in you as a team
to be able to win this?
Is it possible?
I can't even believe
you're asking me that.
Are you insulted by my question?
-Uh, yes, we are.
-I'm not insulted.
I just-I just feel
like the best is yet to come.
You're about
to see something amazing.
Almost there, Sharik.
- Good? Thank you.
- Good.
All right, now we need the hay.
- That's the cave.
- Come on. I got you.
I got you.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
- I'm so proud of you.
- You're doing it. Hot.
- Sorry, just like,
overheating and
- You're good.
Come on.
Come. A puppy.
Three bags? Or is it four?
-Three. Trust me.
-Let's take four, just in case.
Okay, it's four. You were right.
-This is it. This is it. Check.
-That's it. Check.
Oh, yes!
Oh, thank you.
-Okay, go, go, go, go.
Oh, my God. Let's go.
All right, camel, camel.
Get some water.
-Drinky, drinky.
Drinky, drinky. Feed the camel.
-Yeah, we got
to feed the camel, camel.
-Oh, my God.
Here you go, camel, camel.
Come on. Drink some of my water.
I-I worked hard.
-Yay. Thank you.
-Thank you.
All right.
-All right.
-All right. Come on.
We can't give up now. Come on.
We just hope we're not last.
-What is it called?
-Excuse me.
The ruins?
-No. Come here, baby. Come on.
- You sure
we're going the right way?
- Yes, yes, yes.
Hi. Do you know
where we can find the ruins?
Excuse me.
Do you guys know where
we can find the Great Temple?
-No. The Great Temple.
-It's the Great Temple.
Let's go.
I need you. Come on.
-Keep going. Keep going.
Keep going.
-I'm coming, baby.
Come on, like you mean it, baby,
come on.
- Wow.
- Oh, my God.
Are you happy
that you came on the race?
Oh, my gosh, it's
It was a dream come true.
Five legs of the race.
That's a
-that's a big achievement.
- It-it is.
- But there are more legs.
Right? And it would be
nice if you could do more.
-It'd be wonderful.
-Phil, please tell us
we're doing more.
- Would you like to do more?
- Yes,
we'd love to do more.
Well, you've earned
the right to do more,
because you are team
number eight. Congratulations.
Good job, Sha-Sha.
-Good job. Good job.
-There you go.
-No? Come on.
-Hi, Phil.
-No, no, please, it's hot.
-Hi, there.
Drop your bags onto this.
Linton and Sharik,
I am sorry to tell you
that you are
the last team to arrive.
You have been
eliminated from the race.
I know it's been a-a rough leg.
This is absolutely the most
physically demanding
thing I've ever had to do.
And I was a competitive
cheerleader for, like, six years
and played sports
throughout all of high school.
This has definitely
been much more brutal
than all of those
combined, so
I wasn't as prepared
as I thought.
I think she-she's amazing.
-And I-I She-she
I-I love her even more.
-Thanks, Dad.
-Thank you. Thank you.
-Very proud of her.
We finished what we started.
We really appreciated
you being here.
I know you've got
many more adventures together.
- You bet. Yes.
- Yeah, definitely.
This experience
has brought us closer,
even though I didn't even know
we could get any closer.
This is my princess,
and just to experience this
with her
and learn a little bit
more about her
is something that
I'll take with me for life.
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