The Amazing Race (2001) s35e01 Episode Script

The Amazing Race is Back!

The Amazing Race is back!
So, one thing I know
about this race
is that anything can happen
at any given time.
And we're pulling out
all the stops.
Come on. You got it.
Circling the globe
the old-school way.
We need to book a flight.
First time in the tuktuk.
This is how you travel in style.
Taking it to extremes
Oh, yeah.
That was hard.
I don't think I got it.
I'm not looking down.
with all the feels.
It's so hard not to cry.
Once again, the Express Pass
is up for grabs.
And the U-Turn is mandatory.
Are you serious?
And for the first time,
we're kicking off
this race with 13 teams.
friends and family.
- Namaste.
- Namaste.
In the end, only one
team will win $1 million
and The Amazing Race.
The Hollywood Sign
is celebrating
its 100th anniversary.
Originally built as a billboard,
it is now the most famous sign
in the world
and a perfect spot
for the starting line
in this monumental
35th season of.
The Amazing Race.
# #
Let's go!
I want to have fun
running this race.
So, what constitutes fun?
Winning. So I want
to be a team that wins.
Let's go!
We are both competitive.
- Yes.
- Even with my son.
I don't take it easy
on an eight-year-old.
We will 1,000% be fighting.
Now, will we be able
to curb the fighting?
Will we be able
to respect each other,
love on each other,
support each other?
That's the real question.
Welcome to Hollywood.
Behind me,
Los Angeles, California.
This is the land
of fame and fortune,
but you are gonna
leave this land behind
and you will be going
on a race around the world.
In the end, there will be only
one winner on this Amazing Race.
You have no idea what
or who you're up against.
So, to get things started,
why don't you tell everybody
a little bit about yourself.
My name is Corey.
Uh, this is my dad, Rob.
Uh, my dad's deaf.
Both my parents are deaf.
What's the number one thing
you're looking forward to, Rob?
On my first wedding anniversary,
I got deployed with him.
I left my wife to be with him.
Now on my 20th anniversary
I once again left my wife
to be with him.
I think your wives
will be okay with it
- if you come home with a million dollars, too.
- Yes.
We have our challenges
when it comes to communication,
especially when
one of us is stressed
that's normally me. So
And the other's
not communicating,
which is normally me.
We're really hoping to really
our communication skills.
Well, strengthen one
of our communication skills.
You will be testing
your relationship.
I can promise you that.
Yeah, he always tests it.
We work at least 12 hours,
if not more a day.
That's all we do,
almost seven days a week.
- Yes.
- So, yeah, this is our break
to hang out with each other and
figure out who he actually is.
Your name's Victor, right?
- Yes.
- Okay. All right, just checking.
We're both
very sassy, very spicy,
- but we're like best friends.
- She's stubborn.
She doesn't
listen to her mother.
Oh, and you're not stubborn?
- No, not at all.
- Yeah, no, not at all.
-Not at all.
-I'm always right. I'm always right.
I cannot believe we are here,
I'm a Navy vet,
a recent Navy vet,
and my brother here
is a Marine vet.
And I'm hoping
that this is gonna be
a good opportunity
for us to get some traveling in.
All right.
You remember last season
that we had
no non-elimination legs?
Well, guess what?
We're doing it again.
- Aw.
- Ooh.
Getting eliminated
first would hurt a lot,
with 13 teams this season.
To look at
12 other teams and go,
"Dang, we couldn't
take on one of them?"
Along the way, you will
come across the Express Pass.
It won't be easy to win
but if you win it,
it will allow to skip
any challenge
that you don't want to complete
and hopefully leap
ahead of the other teams.
There's nothing
I wouldn't do to win this.
Robbin is really
bold and outrageous.
You never know what
you're gonna get out of her
and I think that spontaneity
is one of the reasons that she's
such a close friend of mine.
The other thing
you will encounter is a U-Turn.
What makes this U-Turn different
is it will be a mandatory vote
for you to slow down
another team
- No way.
- forcing them to perform both sides of the Detour.
- Wow.
- Okay.
Everybody will be making a vote.
Mandatory U-Turn
and it required
- a vote?
- A vote.
We were like, "Oh, crap."
- It changes - The whole ballgame.
- It does.
It's, uh, it's definitely
gonna bring the drama.
You have a plane to catch.
And you should know
that airports are back in play.
No more charters.
You're gonna
have to fight it out
to get on the best flights.
Everything else you need to know
is inside a clue
which is inside
a car down the hill.
You guys ready to do this race?
All right.
The world is waiting for you.
Good luck.
Travel safe.
Let's go!
- Got it?
- Let's go.
Let's go!
Come on, come on.
Keep going. Keep going.
Up here, up here.
Go up to a front one.
Right there.
Oh, shoot. Can you
grab the clue? It's on the
- Got it.
- Come on. Let's go.
All right.
-Let's go.
- Okay, - we need to figure out
how to get
to the Biltmore Hotel.
Is anybody in front of us?
People are behind us.
We're off, baby. Amazing Race!
Let's go!
This is the most exciting
moment of my adult life.
Downtown L.A.
is to the left of us.
Yeah, it's southeast.
You can't say left.
You have to give me,
like, real directions.
Southeast. Okay, fine.
Joe and I
have been dating for
- Do you want to answer this?
- Nope.
Okay, good.
We've been dating
for a little over five years.
And now we're engaged.
We are opposites
in every sense of the word.
And, yeah,
it has been kind of a blessing
in this relationship,
because we do complement
each other
in a lot of key areas.
I-I couldn't be
more excited about all of this.
How do we get.. We got to
- We got to get directions.
- All right.
Should we ask that guy?
Sheridan, should we
ask that guy?
Oh, oh, oh.
Um, can you help us find
the historic Biltmore Hotel?
101 South.
- Yeah, 101.
- South.
Exit Wilshire. Okay. Come on.
Left on Hollywood?
Left on Hollywood,
and then right on 101.
Okay, let's go.
- Can I see the top one more time? I'm so sorry.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Okay. Can I just
see the map really fast?
# #
we'd go on family trips,
I would always
sit in the back seat,
mom up front,
little brother next to me.
So I'm pretty used
to getting his attention.
Tapping on the shoulder,
and he looks up
in the mirror,
and we can talk up here.
I am a CODA, which stands
for child of deaf adult.
So, my dad Rob is deaf.
I think we have a really
unique dynamic, my dad and I,
because it's
a pretty atypical role
that you'll
see a deaf person in today,
where I feel like a lot of times
we see the deaf person
as being reliant on someone else
or having sort of
a provider for them.
Whereas in our situation,
my dad raised me.
Finally. Yeah.
We've been waiting for this
for years and years.
Have dreamt of this
and made it here.
I'm so upset.
I've been
to the Hollywood Sign,
and I don't have
a phone to capture the moment.
You have your memories.
No, my memory is shocked.
Malaina and I have been
best friends for 27 years.
We first met
at Kutztown University.
You know, our bond just grew
stronger and stronger
as friends, and, I mean,
really like sisters.
Yeah. Malaina,
what you see is what you get.
As soon as you see her, she's
she's in there full-full force.
I'm a little reserved,
but then once you get
to know me, then I'm like,
- you'll get to see the - goofy side and the bubbly side.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Whatever way
the wind blow, I go.
We on 110, right?
No, we're on 101 South.
So we're going down. So we
That is why
Andrea's the navigator.
I said 110, and we're on 101.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
- I'll drive and you navigate, okay?
- All right.
Doesn't feel good
to be last, but that's okay.
- People are rushing.
- Yeah.
We have a lot of similarities.
We share an apartment
in Chicago.
We both work
at the same consulting firm.
- We both kind of like routine.
- I have the same
I have the same thing
for breakfast every day.
- It's oatmeal.
- Me too.
The race will definitely
push us far outside
of our comfort zones,
but we're excited for that
to really just shake things up
and kind of
embrace something very new.
Traffic, very giving me anxiety.
Just get off here.
Iliana's my daughter.
It's special because
it's a relationship
I never thought
I was going to have.
She's my very first born
after the doctor says
I couldn't have children.
We're very similar.
She's a mini me.
- We're identical in a lot of ways.
- -Which means, which means
we're very close, but we
also butt heads.
But we get along.
I know. It's, like,
you love someone
and you want
to strangle them so much
- at the same time.
- Yeah, at the same time.
It's a special time, special
moment for us to have together.
I never thought
in a million years
this would come full circle
on The Amazing Race.
Biltmore. Right here.
Let's go, baby!
Oh, my God, I cannot believe
- we're the first team.
- Let's go, babe.
Oh, there's a team behind us.
It's the brothers.
- So this is good?
- Yeah.
- Let's get it, baby.
- It's all good.
Come on.
- Use the crosswalk, use the crosswalk.
- There's the crosswalk.
Parking, Parking. Right here,
right here, right here.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
- Ooh, there's two cars in front of us.
- All right, let's go, let's go.
All right, let's do it.
Okay, now, yeah.
- Got the clue. Here.
- Oh, you got it.
There it is.
All right, Roadblock, baby.
This Roadblock will immediately
put teams to the test
as they precariously balance
high above the city
on a thin tightrope.
Once they've made
a successful crossing,
they must unscramble these
letters into three words
the name
of their next destination.
When they do,
they'll receive a clue
from last season's winners,
Derek and Claire.
That's correct.
There are two flights available.
Tickets are first come,
first serve.
The first six teams
to arrive at the airport
will get
a 90-minute head start.
I'll do it.
- Greg is gonna do it.
- I'll do it.
- You. For sure, you.
- I'll do it.
- Come on, Andrea!
- I'm right behind you.
Oh, pick a number. Three.
- Roadblock.
- Roadblock. Oh.
- That sound high. You do it.
- I can I'll do it.
- I'll do it.
- Okay.
My foot right there?
Oh, I'm fine with heights.
It's just the unscrambling part
that I'm a little shaky about.
I'm a little nervous,
but also so excited.
Let's do it.
I decided
to do the first Roadblock,
just 'cause I was feeling amped.
I was feeling ready.
We've tested this thing?
- Oh, yes.
- Oh, yeah.
All right, baby.
I am not looking down.
Your boy is not looking down.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Just get across, baby.
Okay. This is crazy.
Mm-hmm. This is cake.
I would never have signed up
to do something like that
in my wildest dreams.
Stay the course.
I liked having
someone in my head
telling me, like,
"It's gonna be over soon."
So I just talked
to myself the entire time.
Mm-hmm. Okay.
We are up here.
All the way to you.
Go, Andrea!
Better Andrea than me.
You did good.
Where do I go
for the scrambled word?
I don't see any other teams.
I feel like we're not going in
the right direction right now.
Like, can I
get a sign for downtown?
Feel like
we should have gone that way.
I just don't want
to get on the highway.
Oh, God. Are we getting
back on the highway?
Come on.
I really hope other people
don't know how to get there.
Right here.
"Who Wants to be Above It All?"
- You? - Yeah.
- Me.
Oh, I rip it.
- I'll do it.
- I do.
Okay. I'll do it.
Get in the right lane. Oh, wait.
Just kidding.
Left is a one-way.
Iliana, if we're the last ones,
I'm gonna have a heart attack.
Hi. Can you do me a favor?
Can you look up Biltmore Hotel
in your phone, please?
What's it say?
How far are we?
- 1.2 miles.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Oh, my God.
Okay, okay.
Um, okay.
So, I'm going "of," uh
I was the first one
to arrive at the billboard.
And I got there,
I looked up at it,
and the adrenaline
and the excitement
it was so much
to take in at the same time.
Your mind goes blank.
And I was just trying to focus
on what the phrase was.
Um F F
Come on, come on, come on.
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
- Get it.
- It's gonna be me. Let's do it.
Green. Smithe, run.
- "Who Wants to be Above It All?"
- You or me?
- I will.
- Anna Leigh.
- Let's go.
- All right.
"Who Wants to be Above It All?"
I do.
I want to be above.
I'm gonna be above it all.
Let's go. I am ready.
Let's go, babe!
You look good!
One foot.
Don't stop!
Slow and steady. We'll take it.
There you go, babe! Keep going!
Let's do the dang thing.
Okay, that's just
a little awkward, huh?
Can I go?
Go, go!
She's cruising.
- Uh-huh.
- She's a spider monkey.
Oh, my
She's killing it.
Come on, Chels.
Anna Leigh, let's go, girl!
Come on, Chels.
She's been climbing stuff
her whole life.
I do a good amount
of word searches,
and so first thing I always do
is look to see
the number of letters.
I saw four, two, six.
And it was the "of."
I knew it was gonna be
something "of" something.
Got it.
Yeah, yeah.
I love the movie La La Land.
And so I was like,
"Oh, maybe it's gonna be like,
'City of Stars.'"
I was pretty confident on it.
And then
when I did a second check,
there was some letter
in "stars" that wasn't there.
- All right.
- So I was like, "Okay, well,"
"it couldn't be 'stars, '
but I'm sure
it's 'city of' something,
'cause that's just too perfect."
- Hey!
- Hey!
I was just thinking about it.
It would be so sick
to meet you guys.
You guys are
so much taller than I thought.
-Okay, okay, okay. All right. "City of Angels."
Unfortunately, man
- here's your clue!
- Let's go!
Let's go!
So go down these stairs
to your partner.
You can open it.
- Good luck, man.
- All right.
Good luck.
Ah. Let's get it, baby.
All day.
Thanks. Thanks.
"Race to LAX and fly
to the other City of Angels,
- "Bangkok, Thailand."
- Bangkok, Thailand.
- There's the clue box.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Open it. Just open it.
"Who Wants to be Above It All?"
- Do you want to do it, or
- Do you want me to do it?
- I-I can do it. Or Just pick.
- It's up to you.
- You pick.
- I don't care.
Think it's maybe
I don't know.
- Do you want me to do it?
- It's up to you.
I don't care.
Do you think it's upper body?
- I'll do it.
- Okay.
- There's Morgan.
- You're doing great, Morgan!
You got this.
You got this.
Little stressed.
I'm not gonna lie,
I'm kind of scared of heights.
So I did good?
All right.
There you go. 50%.
Come on, man. Come on, man.
You got this, Liam!
Come on, Liam.
Let's go, Strasser!
Almost there, big dog.
And we're here.
Yes, sir!
"Frosty"? F-R-O-S-T-Y?
There's no "R."
There's no "R." There's no "R."
There's no "R." Okay. All right.
- Okay. So let's help each other.
- Yes.
- All right. Yeah.
- Yeah, let's do it.
'Cause, listen,
if we get this right,
we're all on the first flight.
- Yeah, exactly.
- Yeah, we're all on together.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Something "is"
Or maybe "no."
Thinking "cold."
- I don't know.
- There's no "D."
It could be "on," "is."
Or "on" or, uh
Good job.
Is it "city of angels"?
That is correct.
Good job.
Come on.
Come on, Mom.
Son of a
"Who Wants to be Above It All?"
I'll do it.
It's like, a nice breeze,
at least.
Make sure I'm hooked up.
I'm with my mother,
so she'll kill you.
Amazing job, Sheridan!
That's not my daughter, is it?
Oh, that's pretty far.
You still waiting
for your person?
Yeah, to come down.
Must be a tough puzzle.
Where is Joe?
What in the world
is taking so long?
Starting to go delirious
a little bit.
I know, I know.
I was keeping my cool,
but then I started
losing my patience when
it was all of us.
It was 11 teams up there
trying to solve this,
and no one had a clue.
I need to figure this out.
It's imperative
to get on that first flight.
"Goes in safely"?
That's not it.
Is it, uh, "fling to safety"?
Not correct.
"Cast on flying"?
- Uh
- No.
- We are completely
- No, this is hard.
This is hard.
This is really hard.
Think we'll be here forever.
I was just about to say that.
Go, go, go.
- What'd she get?
- I don't know.
What's so what's left
after "city of"?
Is that it? "City of"?
What are you thinking?
- Okay.
- All right.
"City of Angels."
- Wait, hold on.
- I think you're right.
- Here you go, man.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Excuse me.
Something in me said, "Go look
at those letters one more time."
Does 'angels' even work?"
"City of Angels."
- What do you got for us?
- "City of Angels," baby.
- That's correct. Good job.
- Yes! Yes.
- "G." What?
- I think I got it. I got it.
If I can get front,
I'll-I'll tell you.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Can I get front? Is that a deal?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Everyone lined up to answer,
and I'm sitting there,
six people deep in that line,
knowing the answer.
But if I make a deal
with everybody, right?
I could jump the line.
"City of Angels."
- -Yes. Yes.
- We are in the "City of Angels."
- "City of Angels."
- Yes. There you go, man.
All right, thank you.
Thank you, guys.
"City of Angels."
That's correct.
"City of Angels."
- Just give it to him.
- Guess you can have this.
- Yeah.
- Thank you, guys. Thank you.
- Yeah. Head on down the stairs.
- You're gonna head this way.
- I will go that way.
- For sure.
"Check in at the marked ticket
counter for China Airlines."
- Hey. What's up, baby?
- Let's go.
Oh, man, I'm psyched.
He's been taking, uh,
sign language at Google.
Yeah, but I have
not practiced at all.
Only Internet. That's it.
- Pretty good.
- Yeah?
I'm a software engineer
at an AI company.
And I'm a product manager.
- I'm the younger brother.
- I'm the older.
Spent 18 years
living in the same room,
- same bunk bed.
- Sleeping in the same bunk bed.
- Even when we go back home, we sleep in the same bunk beds.
- Yeah.
So, Johnny,
kind of all growing up,
he was the person
that I always looked up to.
I always wanted to do
what Johnny was doing.
But over the time
of our relationship,
I've just seen
him grow more from, like,
a younger brother
to really just, like, a peer.
And I think that is just gonna
be escalated on the race.
Every time we see someone
with the race, we're like,
"Oh, thank God we did it right.
We didn't mess up yet."
We're debating whether
to go east or west on 10.
I don't even know
if we should be getting on 10.
What do you think, babe?
Joe, you are the navigator.
I know, but I actually
don't know the answer,
so now it's collaborative.
Right there. China Airlines,
down at the end. Go, go, go.
- Good job. Hopefully we're on the first flight.
- I know.
Come on. Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Let's go. Run, run, run.
- Whew.
- Good job, guys. Good job.
There it is. Go, go, go, go.
Hey! Top five!
We are so far away, Joe.
- I know.
- Fatal error.
If we can't figure it out here,
I have not a ton of confidence
that we're gonna
be able to, like,
get it together in Thailand.
Hey, y'all.
- Hi guys.
- Number six.
Oh, so we don't know
how many they have.
- Right.
- No.
Okay, but we're number six.
We could be in.
Look, flag. Smithe, flag.
- Is this it?
- Yeah, you're in the right line.
- You're not the last.
- You're not last.
- See it?
- Yes.
- Nice job.
- Ah
Parking spot.
- We went the right way.
- Huge. Huge.
Oh, there it.
Hey, hey!
Oh, we're probably last.
Well, at least
we lessened our U-Turn chances.
You guys are like,
"Joe and Ian, no.
They literally couldn't
even find LAX in the U.S."
"Joe and Ian are actually.
U-turning right now
on the freeway. So"
About nine times.
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
Two tickets
to Bangkok, Thailand.
We're currently in fourth place.
It says, um, there's limited
number of, uh, -Seats.
Seats for this flight.
- So we're hoping that
- We're hoping top four, top five gets it.
- Enjoy your flight.
- Thank you, thank you. We will.
- First flight. Yeah.
- Yeah!
It's huge for us.
- We're not the tallest, the strongest, fastest.
- Definitely not the fastest.
So we're-we're
just doing our best to,
you know,
stay as far ahead as we can.
- Thank you, Nicole.
- Thank you.
Have a safe trip.
Thank you so much.
Did we make it?
Here it comes.
Here it comes.
There it is. There it is.
Yep. That's what I thought.
Sold out. There we go.
We were team seven in line,
and we just had this feeling
We're heading over
to the other one now.
- Hello.
- Hello. We're headed to Bangkok.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
There's seven teams
on our flight, so
Seven teams
on the second flight.
We feel like
we can make up some lost ground.
Yeah. And that's
what we plan on doing
- the second we get to Thailand.
- Yeah.
First flight.
- Here we go, baby.
- Here we go. Let's do it.
Let's go. We're on our way.
We're on our way.
All teams are now
leaving the City of Angels.
After a 14-hour flight
connecting through Taipei,
they will land
in another City of Angels:
Bangkok, Thailand.
If you scan the skyline of
Bangkok, it's almost impossible
to miss this 230-foot-tall
gold statue of Buddha.
This is where teams
will pick up their first clue
here in Thailand's capital city.
Hi, how are you?
Cross, cross, babe, cross.
Uh, here.
- Name of the address
- This is the address.
Buddha statue?
- Let's go.
- Very fast.
-All right, get in the car. Let's go.
-Okay. Okay.
We got to go.
Let's go. Let's go.
He says about
an hour and a half.
Can understand
a little bit of Thai.
I speak Laotian,
which is similar to Thai.
Over the last 20 years,
we've kind of
developed this work marriage.
One of us has to be the boss.
A lot of the time,
it's more me than him,
'cause I'm always right.
I think it is hard,
because the-the lines
of husband and wife, coworker,
boss they blur.
When you come home, you don't
have a spouse to complain to.
"Can you believe
that idiot coworker I have?
- Oh, oh, no.
- It's-it's you. Sorry."
Being on the race
is going to help us rediscover
what caused us to fall in love
in the first place.
We're off to conquer the world.
Yes, girls,
we're gonna conquer the world.
Are we close?
We've seen
most of the teams pass us.
But it's okay,
'cause we're still top six.
I will say, Ashlie,
you are an amazing race partner.
I love you. You're my wife.
Um, the one thing
Oh, I knew it.
I knew that was coming.
- The
- I'm like, "Wait a minute. This is just too good to be true."
The one thing that
we both need to work on is
not freaking out
on things we can't control.
- Right? So
- I know. I know. You're right.
We are high school sweethearts.
We've been married for 15 years.
But I will say that there
was a period in our life
where we hit a really
rough patch in our marriage.
- And
- We almost didn't make it.
- It was pretty close.
- Yeah.
We stuck together,
got through the dark times,
and we came out
on the other side better for it.
Our marriage is not perfect
but we have just decided
that we are going to
stick together and work through,
because love is an action,
not so much a feeling.
We got to get going,
if you can, please.
- All right, let's go.
- Let's go, Lena.
Oh, my God.
That is so beautiful.
"Travel by long-tail boat
"and then by tuktuk
to Wat Suthat.
"When you arrive,
search the temple grounds
to find your next clue."
Okay. So we got to read this.
"Here's your chance
to win the Express Pass."
The Express Pass
could be the difference
between winning and losing
The Amazing Race.
The team that wins it
can skip any task
that they don't want
to complete.
But it does come at a price
eating a plateful
of exotic fried insects.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Okay.
- Express Pass.
- On a marked vendor.
Oh, here we go.
It's Express Pass. Oh.
Oh, fried insects.
- Eat all of it?
- Yes.
Handed the plates over.
I was like, "Oh, yeah.
So one for both of us."
- They're like, "No, one for each of you."
- "Each of you."
Are we really eating this?
Oh, my God. This is kind of
Let's go.
Are we gonna do it, Lena?
Are we gonna do it?
Okay, ready?
- Oh, God.
- I'm scared to touch the big ones.
Oh, my God.
I see it. I see it.
Come on. Come on, Andrea.
I see it.
Yes. Yes.
- All right, it says "Route Info.
- Okay, Route and,"
- and Express Pass."
- Express Pass! We got a
Come on.
We're gonna do the Express Pass.
I just can't look at it.
I hope this tarantula is tasty.
- "Each of the must eat"
- Okay. Here's the marked vender.
- Oh.
- Oh. Uh
- Welcome to hell.
- Um
No. No.
We're not
doing the Express Pass.
- Not eating no bugs.
- Yeah, we're not eating those.
Come on.
Goodbye. See you somewhere else.
- Come on, dude.
- Morgan, I'm going.
"Here's your chance
to win the Express Pass.
"To win the Express Pass,
find the marked vender
in the garden
behind the Buddha."
Try to win the Express Pass.
You promise these are okay?
Lena, eat it. Let's go, Lena.
You're not supportive.
Uh, Lena and I have
a very interesting relationship.
It's kind of a, uh
- Oil and water.
- Oil and water.
So, my sister is rather bossy.
She is the oldest sibling.
Old habits die hard.
Part of our growth
and part of our evolution
is how do I start
to look at Lena as
as, like, another
one of my girlfriends,
not as my little sister.
I'm a fun person.
Morgan is a fun person.
So together, we should
continue to be fun people.
- Lena, eat it.
- I know. I'm going.
I don't think
we went the right way.
"The garden behind."
Garden. Garden.
- Let's rip it open.
- Okay.
Route Info.
There's an Express Pass
in here, too.
- So we need to go find
- Let's go.
Lena, eat, please.
How bad was the tarantula?
Lena, it's fine, just
take it down. Let's go.
I know, I know, I know,
I know. Okay.
Did you eat the spider
in one bite or two bites?
- Morgan, I'm almost done!
- Lena, just eat it.
Just put it in your mouth
and chew it. Let's go.
- Lena, just eat it!
- Okay, I'm going!
- It's the same thing as what you just ate.
- I know.
- Now!
- Morgan, just shut up.
- Let's go.
- Why are you yelling?
'Cause you're taking forever.
Okay. I know.
Lena, don't look at it.
-Morgan, shut up.
-Don't look at it. Just put it in your mouth.
# #
Why are you looking
at the tarantula, Lena?
- Just eat it.
- Morgan, I'm going.
Three, two, one, go.
Kumbaya. ♪
Come on, Lena. We're about
- to do the Express Pass.
- Morgan, shut up.
- Oh, there's another team right there.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- They just did it.
- Oh, they just did it?
Let's go this way.
- Ah.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Thank you, thank you, thank you
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on, Lena.
Did you guys
find the marked vender?
It's already taken.
The girls got it.
"Here's your chance
to win the Express Pass."
What do you want to do?
I say we bypass it.
- Beautiful.
- Wow.
Express Pass.
Do you want to go for it?
Yeah. Real quick. Real quick.
So, there's
Pak Nam Alley right here.
We're right here.
Did the other team
already win the Express Pass?
You guys got it?
Hey, go crazy.
There it is.
Get a life jacket.
We're the first ones
to the boat, I guess.
- Find the marked boat.
- This is the marked boat.
Well, we didn't
get the Express Pass, but
we're the first team in.
This is cool. I've never
been on a-a riverboat
in Bangkok before.
This is awesome.
This is one
of the sickest days of my life.
This is amazing.
Here's the life jackets.
Get it on.
Grab one, grab one, grab one.
Okay, let's go, Lena. Lena, go.
We're ready.
Enjoy your cruise, ladies.
We did good.
- Wow. Look at that.
- That thing is huge.
This is what
makes the race amazing.
- All right, we got some other teams here.
- Yeah.
See you on the other side.
Philly Jawns is in Thailand!
- I miss being in first place.
- Me, too. What a luxury.
What a luxury.
We need to go very fast.
Thank you so much.
- Okay. You got the clue?
- Yeah.
We need to get
to Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen.
This is the big Buddha?
-Let's go, let's go
-Come on, come on. Get in the car.
We're going fast.
We're in a race.
Let's go. We're in a race.
- All right. Let's get it going.
- Let's get it going.
All right, here we go.
Let's go, let's go!
It stinks.
I did not plan
on being on the second flight.
I'm really bummed but,
at this point,
we have to just run our own race
and keep our heads down.
I have been married
for a little over two years,
almost three years.
And before that, no one
could hold a candle to my dad.
Anna Leigh was the boy
I never had.
Everything you think
you could teach a boy.
Anna Leigh's learned out there.
We always have deer leases where
you lease land to go hunt on.
Learn to build a fire,
change a flat tire.
I think teams are gonna think
that I'm just Little Miss Texas,
but little do they know,
I come with a punch.
Dynamite comes
in small packages.
That's right.
Next stop, Buddha.
- U.S.A.
- Idaho.
I've never even been to Asia,
unless you count
Iraq or Kuwait.
We met in the Army
about 22 years ago.
We've been friends ever since.
We were both getting deployed
for an 18-month
deployment to Iraq,
- and he got hurt, ditched me.
- Yeah.
- I'm super excited to be here.
- Yeah.
There was one thing
that got me through, however,
on the Armed Forces Network
The Amazing Race was always on.
And that's where
I fell in love with it
and said,
"Someday, we're gonna do this.
We can do this together."
We've kind of had this itch
to get out there
and have an adventure.
So this is gonna be it.
- we're now in a race against the other six teams.
- Yeah.
That-that were
on the flight with us.
This is the first leg.
At the end of this leg,
there's gonna be an elimination.
There are 13 teams
right now, um,
and we-we don't
think it's gonna be us.
We were forced to
to grow up very young.
Our parents divorced, and
it was a pretty nasty divorce.
That event in our lives,
it caused some-some
deep scars in our family.
Mine and Liam's
relationship, specifically,
took a toll
for a really long time.
But as we spend more time
around each other,
we've developed a lot more
trust this past year.
Yeremi is just
He's really the only thing
that's just holding me together.
And keeping-keeping
my life together.
We hold each other up.
You know what I mean?
We pull strength
- and we pull support from each other every single day.
- Yep.
I'm so excited.
I'm sweating through everything.
We're in a race,
so we need to go fast.
Oh, my gosh.
All right, Lena,
now we got actual work to do.
Thank you.
Out-of-towners. Out-of-towners.
Where are you trying to go?
You want to go down this way
and just go away from them?
I just don't want
to have to fight for tuktuks.
Well, why don't you stay
on one side of the street?
we got across the street.
Yeah, but we don't know
what direction we going.
- Oh, yeah, one here.
- Yeah, yeah, let's get him.
Is he a tuktuk or a taxi?
All right. We're in a race,
so we're trying to go fast.
Damn. How did they get
- get here that fast?
- They got there fast.
Fast as What was that?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- This is - The temple entrance, right?
- Yes. Yes.
There's a clue box
right over here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
This is Wat Suthat?
Thank you so much.
- Detour.
- Detour.
This traditional discipline
of Thai martial arts
uses a daab, a sword.
Originating on
the battlefield centuries ago,
it has evolved
into a performance
of deadly combat maneuvers.
Teams need to learn
30 seconds of a routine.
They say that a good massage
is equivalent
to eight hours of sleep.
It's good for your mood,
your digestion,
helps you live longer.
And here in Thailand,
it's even part of Thai medicine.
Teams are gonna experience
a massage
from a professional masseuse.
Let's hope that the experience
isn't too painful,
because they have to get through
the entire routine
before they get a clue.
So, we choose to do Spa Day.
All right.
I think we're choosing Spa Day.
Keep going.
It's gonna be on the right side.
- 130.
- Okay.
-Uh, Thai massage. Thai massage.
-Okay, there it is.
"There are five pairs
of therapists.
"If no therapists are available,
you may wait
for a pair of therapists."
- We have to take off our shoes.
- Okay.
"If you stop it at any time,
"your treatment
has ended for both of you.
"You must go to end
of the line that is formed
- "when you finish."
- Okay.
Right here?
Oh, God, please, no.
That really hurt.
That really hurt.
You got it, babe.
Babe, babe, babe.
- You got it.
- Okay.
Oh, my God.
Please just don't break my back.
Hey, Jocelyn, this
is easier than giving birth
to your child
on the bathroom floor, right?
Our second child,
we actually
delivered her at home.
"I-I called 911.
They were saying, "Whoa.
Tell her not to push. Don't
let the baby come out too fast."
But I remember
telling the 911 operator,
"I can't push her back in."
Oh, my God.
I think
she's breaking my kidney.
- We are gonna do Spa Day.
- We're going to the spa.
- Hands down, Spa Day.
- Spa Day.
"Sword Play or Spa Day?"
We'll try Spa Day.
Um, let's do a Spa Day.
You want a deep tissue bod?
That hurt.
- You think so?
- And we in pain.
Let's do Sword Play
because we already sore today.
Sound like a plan?
All right, so let's do.
- Sword Play.
- Let's do Sword Play!
Oh, let's go.
All right. Oh, my God.
Who's gonna be nice, but good?
- Ah, thank you.
- Hi. Thank you.
May we come in?
Thank you. Shoes off? All right.
- I'm Todd.
- Okay.
- Yes.
- Nice to meet you.
All right.
Yeah, all right.
Oh, that hurt. Oh, my gosh.
That really hurt.
Oh, my goodness.
Ooh. This feels nice.
Oh, that didn't.
Oh, God, please stop.
Relax, relax.
Oh. My quads don't
normally bend that way.
Oh, ho-ho-ho.
Welcome, welcome, gang.
We're just
serving up pretzels. Oh.
They're gonna fit
you in a box after this, right?
Oh, ho-ho-ho. Ho-ho.
I said I wasn't a sweater,
but apparently I am.
Jocelyn, where's your smile?
You got this.
Oh, yeah. I'm not very flexible.
Oh, this feels amazing.
Let's do it.
My back doesn't bend this way.
Oh, my goodness gracious.
If you need to tap out,
tell me before.
- Definitely. Yeah.
- We could talk it through.
On the right.
-Here's the entrance right here. Proper entrance.
With a huge gate. Saranrom Park.
Saranrom Park.
Oh, yes.
Feels good.
Feel like I'm graduating.
You had to get these sticks
to practice with.
I thought that was fun.
Need to see in front.
Yeah, I have to see in front.
I can't see.
All right. Yeah.
Let me do, like, this side.
I'm a visual learner, so I had
to make up a word
to help me remember.
Shoulder, turn.
She looked like
she's about to sneak somebody.
So I'm like,
"Okay, here come the sneak."
And then when she,
like, scooted up,
I'm like, "Okay, scoot."
Step, sneaky, scoot up.
Nobody's here.
Nobody want
to memorize anything.
Thank you.
Let's go, guys.
This boat is long.
Do you think that's why
- they made it a long boat?
- If not, it's a good nickname.
- Ready.
- Fast, fast, fast.
They're right behind us.
Literally right behind us.
- God. How'd they catch up so darn quick?
- We are gonna have to sprint.
That the teams
right ahead of us?
- Keep them in sight.
- I know. I know.
- This is so cool.
- Trying to enjoy it!
I'm, like, so stressed.
It feels incredible.
Like, there's no one I'd rather
- do it with right now.
- It's just one of those things.
Like, we've had such
a rich friendship for so long,
but life circumstances
haven't allowed us to have
any epic
opportunities like this.
I was married for 12 years.
One day,
he wasn't feeling good,
and I talked him into going
to the doctor the next day.
And he was immediately
admitted into the hospital
and diagnosed with leukemia.
And two months to the day later,
he passed away.
Nine months after,
I found out I had a brain tumor.
Thank God
the tumor came back clean.
They were able
to get the whole thing,
but I was completely depressed.
Until one morning,
I made a resolution to myself
that I was gonna get
my health in order
so I could be there for my kids.
Part of the reason why we wanted
to come on to The Amazing Race
was hopefully
it gives someone else hope,
that just because your life
seems in such despair
doesn't mean it's over.
Get in.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Oh, yeah.
-First time in the first time in the tuktuk.
- Wat Suthat?
- Yeah.
Dad, get in. Go fast, fast.
- There they are.
- There-there's tuktuks.
Oh, duh.
This way?
-The boys' life jackets - Are still there.
- All right, perfect.
- Let's haul ass.
- Go.
- There's our life jackets, Liam.
- All right.
This is
a great opportunity for us.
We're not gonna
focus on the negatives.
- We're just happy to be here.
- We are, yeah.
Can't ever count ourselves out.
Oh, my thumb.
Oh, my God.
I don't think elbows go there.
Not cool. Not cool.
This feels so bad.
That might
make the bugs come up.
They were just
grappling you in ways
that truly hurt your body
at some points.
It was like wrestling,
and there was no tap out.
they wanted to do to you,
you were just, you were just
in it for the ride.
If I didn't know better,
I'd swear she's my enemy.
We got it, babe. We got it.
Bye, guys.
Bye. Good luck.
Thank you.
Let's go. We got massages.
Congrats, guys.
We'll see y'all there.
Enjoy the rest of your massage.
that tarantula stays down.
Here we go.
Here's the Route Info.
Please, let's go find Phil.
Route Info. Okay.
"Race to the Pit Stop."
This temple,
Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat,
on the banks
of the Chao Phraya River,
is a popular place to pray
before and after a trip
something teams can do
when they check
in here at the Pit Stop.
With no non-elimination legs,
the race will
come to an end for one team
here in Bangkok.
Got to find a taxi.
Route Info.
Over here. Over here.
Oh, over there.
Over there, yeah.
Last team to check in
will be eliminated.
Taxi. Taxi.
Oh, yeah, that hurts.
No, sorry.
In the rules,
it said you cannot
let the masseuse,
um, stop at any point.
Once he did that, she stopped,
and now we had to reset
the entire Detour again.
Yeah, foot in my mouth.
- I will no longer talk.
- It's fine.
That's it. That's it. That's it.
Dad, get over here.
- All right. Detour.
- Detour.
- "Receive a Thai massage."
- I want a massage.
"If both of you can endure
a complete massage from"
Okay, it's gonna hurt.
Let's go over here.
Right here.
We're doing Spa Day.
-be faster, don't you?
-Sword Play. Sword Play. We're doing
Wait, let's talk about it.
Massage. Spa Day.
bang that out easily.
Okay. Sword Play.
We're doing Sword Play.
Okay, let's go.
Where is it?
- Thai massage.
- Yep.
- We'll try Sword Play.
- Sword Play.
I've had, like,
one massage ever,
and I
it was a gentle massage,
and I recall just telling her
to lighten it a little bit.
Uh, just the way it was worded,
I wasn't sure if we could
actually tolerate the massage.
We're gonna do
some sword fighting.
Right here, right here. Phil.
- Phil!
- We see you, Phil.
On the mat. Beautiful.
- Yes.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I see you have
tears in your eyes
and I hope
those are tears of joy,
because you are,
in fact, team number one.
As the winners of this leg
of the race, you have won.
OneKeyCash from Expedia,
which you can use
for a trip for two
to Patagonia in Chile.
Travel experts at Expedia have
organized unique experiences
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and a visit to Torres del Paine,
one of the Seven Wonders
of the World.
This is so awesome.
It feels great.
Congratulations for making it
through the first leg.
- Thank you.
- Oh, my God.
Very good.
Rob and Corey,
I am pleased to tell you
you are team number two.
Let's go.
- Thank you.
- Is it?
I feel like we're gonna
run double speed after this.
Yeah, I know, right?
- You're nice and loose.
- Uh-huh.
I feel great.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- That was incredible.
- See you, boys.
- See y'all soon.
- Later, boys.
- We shouldn't be too far, babe.
- I know.
I'm just
disappointed in myself.
Trying to be all theatrical.
Next time,
I'm just gonna shut up.
Oh, these are real swords.
- Come this way.
- Okay.
Hand together.
Out goes the wooden sticks,
- in comes the swords.
- In comes the swords.
And it was like,
"Well, wait a minute.
We didn't practice
with the sword."
This is, like,
at least ten, 15, 20 pounds
- heavier than the wooden stick.
- Right.
I'm like, "Oh, my God.
I don't want to cut myself."
So make sure when you do it,
you get your blade out, okay?
-The blade all the way out.
-Out on your shoulder. Rest it on your shoulder.
Yes, on your shoulder.
The blade out.
- Blade out.
- Blade out.
- Okay, blade out.
- Okay.
No, you not pass.
We were off just all around.
We were not
getting the movement
with the wrist,
with the sword together.
We need more practice
with the sword.
But we're not
practicing with the sword.
That's the problem. We're
practicing with the wooden.
We can't get
the feel of what direction
the blade's supposed to be,
'cause we didn't practice
- with a blade, - so we didn't know
- Right.
How it's supposed to be looking.
It's the same,
but it's different.
Let's go again.
Please hand back the sword.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- I don't know how long we should be doing this.
Huh? You want
to go do the massage?
- I think we should.
- As you see, nobody's here.
It would have took us
too long of a time
to get it with the sword,
because if he would've sent us
- back to practice - with the stick again
- Right.
It made perfectly
good sense to leave.
- We're gonna switch, um
- Because
because this
is a little too intricate.
So I didn't hesitate.
I'm like, "Okay, let's go."
That was a total waste.
"Spa Day.
Receive a Thai massage.
"If both of you
can endure a complete massage
from the therapists"
- That's painful. You know that.
- I bet you I can.
That's painful.
What are we doing, bro?
Dude, obviously Spa Day.
Bro, get me there yesterday.
All right.
Greg and John,
I am pleased to tell you
that you are team number three.
- Okay.
- Oh, wow.
Morgan and Lena,
you are team number four.
You've had a good day,
haven't you?
We got the Express Pass.
We made a promise to ourselves
when we decided
to do this race together
that we're gonna be fearless,
and we were gonna
put our money
where our mouth was.
We're really gonna give
people a run for their money.
- This has got to be it.
- Yeah. Thai massage.
-Come on, come on, come on. Come on. Dad.
-I'm here.
- Remove your shoes.
- I got it.
Smithe, there's
already four people here.
Oh, slide.
I knew you needed it.
Thank you.
- Oh, very good.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Hello, Steve.
- Hello, Anna Leigh.
- Hi.
Well, hello.
- Here it is. Right here.
- Right there.
Everybody in here.
I'll pick you.
All right, let's go.
Oh, my gosh. You're strong.
- This gonna be brutal.
- We got to suck it up.
There we go. There you go.
Oh, we should have
did this first.
Oh, my God.
I feel like we're going so far.
We're far.
Let's go ask somebody in here.
Does that say "sauna"?
"Thai massage"?
- That one, across the street?
- Where, where, where, where?
- Is it that?
- No. Oh, my God.
Uh, "Choose your available
pair of therapists."
- Hmm? Sure. Yeah.
- Okay.
Okay. There's
a lot of teams here, Yeremi.
- Come on, Liam. Let's go.
- Come on. Take them shoes off.
All right.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Do you know where this one is?
- Uh, the left.
- Uh-huh.
But walk or drive?
At the, at the sign.
Okay. Thank you.
Oh, look at this.
Okay, I'm looking good
in this nice traditional outfit.
- There's the sword teacher.
- Let's go.
I hope we can do this.
I'm sure we can.
- Yeah.
- No doubt. We got this.
- Like, I've never done, like, a sword activity.
- It was nice.
Get your training sword.
Let's pick something light.
Okay. Just pick one, Sheridan.
- All right.
- We're coming in, baby.
- Yeah, I see them.
- Keep going around.
Oh, it's those boys.
Sheridan, watch. Please.
Let's do it, baby.
Come on.
Upon arriving
at the sword challenge,
we saw that another team
was there practicing,
and we quickly joined them
on the practice.
Let's go next to them.
Got it.
Let's just
break it into sections.
Remember this, first position.
Half and back.
And then get that done.
And then we'll
move on to the next part.
One, two, land at the ear.
And that was key.
We got this.
We're gonna beat them.
Oh, right here,
right here, right here,
right here,
right here, right here.
- God.
- Oh, my God.
Everyone's shoes are here.
- Hi.
- Hi, we're here for a massage.
Yes, currently all our masseuses
are in appointment,
but you could
wait if you would like.
There was only
five massages available at once.
We have to wait
for them all to be done.
So if we're dead last here,
-we wait for every we're gonna be last.
-We're gonna be last, period.
All I could think of,
like, we're really gonna wait
for these people
to get their massages.
See them walk out the door,
and we're in last place.
- Yeah.
- So in my mind, I'm thinking maybe we should go
do the other Detour.
This is our worst
nightmare happening right now.
- Wow.
- It's fine. It's fine.
- Hey, buddies.
- YEREMI: Hey, guys.
Oh, looks like
y'all are having fun.
Oh, God. Yep.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
I'm gonna have
a nervous breakdown right now.
I was angry. I was upset.
I was ready
to go try something else.
We still have to get there,
change, learn a sword thing.
I mean, the only hope we have
is hoping one of them gets lost.
I don't know what to do.
I feel like if we
don't do nothing, it's just
I felt like I was sitting there
- for my last place, and it was a horrible feeling.
- Yeah.
We have to decide, babe.
This sucks.
# #
# #
We have to decide, babe.
- You tell me.
- You make the decision.
You know,
we're not ones to give up,
and it wasn't
ever a thought on giving up.
I think we should wait.
We're waiting for very last.
Well, it's gonna be a waste
of time to go all the way
over there when everyone's
gonna be done here anyways.
Mom, decide.
Either come in and
we're waiting or we're going.
- We're staying.
- Okay.
Wonder if
we should have done the massage.
Are you guys leaving?
We're gonna give it a whirl.
Oh. All right.
- Go, baby.
- Let's go. Baby.
- Are you ready?
- No.
This is fine.
We'll get this.
Do they have
any snacks out here?
I'm so hungry.
Todd and Ashlie,
you're team number five.
-Yeah. Hey, it's not six. I love it.
-I'll take it, I'll take it.
My goodness.
- That was amazing.
- Done with it now.
Thank you.
Oh, my goodness.
Thank you. We got it.
- There's people leaving here.
- They're leaving?
How was it?
It was amazing and painful.
Thank you.
All right, Andrea, come on.
This is cute.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Ah, ow! God!
It was like nirvana mixed with,
like, just so much pain.
All at once.
- Ooh. Thank you.
- Thank you.
Steve and Anna Leigh,
you are team number six.
Joel and Garrett,
team number seven.
# #
- Very good.
- Yes!
Let's go!
There you go.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Thank you, my friend.
Mm, no.
Let's try it again.
Oh, my God.
I had two babies.
I can deal with this.
Okay, I think
I goofed that one up.
- I did, too. I definitely
- Okay, let's do it again.
Mom, just
close your eyes and breathe.
No. Not yet. No.
- Hand like this almost the whole time.
- Okay. Okay.
-Except for when we do that. Then we go back to this.
-Okay. Okay.
Even if I wanted to stop,
there's no way
I'm doing this over, so
I am not stopping.
Not yet, but you're
better than the last time.
Let's try again.
Let's just keep trying.
Are we done?
Okay, you passed.
Thank you so much.
Route Info.
"Race to the Pit Stop."
"Search for Phil
on the temple grounds.
The last team to check in
will be eliminated."
Liam and Yeremi,
you are team number eight.
- Yes!
- Yes! Yes!
- Here it is.
- Oh, my God.
What are you looking behind for?
Look at this.
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go. Yes.
Yes. Good job.
Joe and Ian,
you are team number nine.
So we have
nine, ten and 11 right here.
- Taxi!
- Mom, this one?
Put it in the phone.
All right, come on,
let's go, let's go.
I think there's
one team out there.
I think we're close.
Oh, there's a temple.
Right there, with a white top.
Come on.
Don't do this to us.
Phil, don't give me that look.
Don't do this to us.
Stop. It's okay.
You're not
the last team to arrive.
- Oh, my goodness.
- You're lying.
I'm not.
You are team number 12.
You are still in this race.
I'm being totally serious
right now.
You have the best
poker face ever.
There is one more team
that has not arrived here,
- that has had a worse day.
- This is very, very humbling.
- The most humbling thing I've ever experienced in my life.
- Yes.
So proud of you. You just
got to be a little faster!
Come on.
We got to be a little faster.
Oh, there he is.
- Alexandra and Sheridan.
- Oh
I am really sorry to tell you
that you are
the last team to arrive.
And there are
- no non-elimination legs on the race.
- Yeah.
And unfortunately, you have
been eliminated from the race.
Yeah, we thought so.
- Yeah.
- Kind of knew it.
I know it was short,
but are you glad you did it?
Yes. For sure.
-Oh, absolutely. We gave it a go.
- We gave it a go. No.
- I-I have no regrets about coming here,
- giving it a try, meeting you and being part of this.
- Yeah.
I'm very disappointed,
but I'm also
really happy to have
this incredible opportunity
to go on a race that we've
watched since we were little.
And to have done it
with my sister.
And just, like,
a really special opportunity.
I think that
I feel exactly the same.
Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.
Next time on
The Amazing Race
teams dive deeper into Thailand,
where they look for peace
Where's the fanny pack?
We need to turn around
and go back.
and tranquility.
If I start to, like, freak out,
that's not good for anybody.
- Which way is back? Okay.
- Backwards. That way.
It's so hard not to cry.
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