The Amazing Race (2001) s35e02 Episode Script

You Don't See That At Home

Previously on
The Amazing Race
For the first time ever,
The Amazing Race
began with 13 teams.
Friends, families
and couples got their first
big test at the Roadblock.
We are completely
With travel back in play,
a race to the airport
gave six teams
a 90-minute head start.
- There it is.
- Yep. - Sold out.
In Bangkok, Thailand,
sisters Morgan and Lena
savored a delicacy
I hope this tarantula is tasty.
to win the Express Pass.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Married entrepreneurs
Jocelyn and Victor
felt the pain.
You're breaking my kidney.
But it paid off with a victory.
You are, in fact,
team number one.
Mother and daughter
Elizabeth and Iliana
took a gamble
I think we should wait.
We're waiting for very last.
that kept them in the race.
You're not the last team
to arrive.
You are still in this race.
Meanwhile, superfan siblings
Alexandra and Sheridan
had their dream come to an end.
Unfortunately, you have
been eliminated from the race.
- Yeah, we thought so.
- Yeah.

Route Info. Okay.
"Travel by taxi
to Wat Suwannaram."
Jocelyn and Victor
will be the first
to leave the chaos
of Thailand's capital, Bangkok,
for the peaceful agricultural
lands of Nakhon Pathom,
just outside the city.
Teams will find their clue here
at Wat Suwannaram,
one of 40,000 temples
found here in Thailand.
- Okay, let's go.
- Let's go.
Where's the taxi?
There it is.
Wat Suwannaram?
We're celebrating
our 20th wedding
- anniversary.
- Anniversary.
What's nice about the race is
that you don't have the work,
you don't have the kids
and career stuff,
so it's just about us.
We're ready for whatever
comes our way today.
Right behind us
are Rob and Corey.
- We got to get there very, very quickly.
- Yeah. Yeah.
"Travel by taxi
to Wat Suwannaram
in Salaya
to find you next clue."
I am a CODA, which stands
for "child of deaf adult,"
so I grew up between
the hearing and deaf world.
My dad and I have really
been best friends
since I was a little kid.
But at the end of the day,
we know it's, you know, it's
it's a two-person team.
He got a mosquito.
My dad caught a mosquito.
- Good morning.
- Good morning. Okay.
Put in Google map
"Wat Suwannaram."
We got directions to the place
that we're gonna
go to first,
and we got a pretty fast guy.
We're really hoping
we're getting there
faster than any other team
that-that left before us.
We just got to make sure
we're going to the right place.
Wat Suwannaram?
We won an Express Pass.
We have to use it
by the end of leg four.
We feel a little more confident
that if we run
into a Detour or Roadblock
that is really challenging
for us,
we have a pass that will
just let us keep racing.
The hope is to not have to use
it until, like, three or four.
We're in a good spot.
All right.
We're in a big rush. Okay.
Superman fast.
Feels pretty good to know
that there are seven behind us.
It's nice to have that cushion.
Right now, I'm feeling
- pretty confident and-and relaxed.
- Yeah.
That could
change quickly, though.

Wat Suwannaram.
There it is. I see the sign.

Okay, let's go.
You see a clue box?
- There it is.
- Okay.
- Okay, let's open it.
- Roadblock.
- "Who has a green thumb?"
- "Who has a green thumb?"
This is Thailand's
most famous flower
the sacred lotus,
a symbol of enlightenment
and faithfulness.
This sacred flower
is grown in ponds like this.
To pick them, farmers wade
through murky waters
filled with catfish
and thick mud.
For this Roadblock,
teams must become lotus farmer,
trudging through the water
to collect enough bulbs
and leaves to make two bundles.
Each bundle must be comprised
of ten bulbs
of similar size, not in bloom,
then wrapped together in leaves
in a three-four-three
and held together
with bamboo ties.
Once the lotus farmer says
the teams have properly
wrapped up this Roadblock,
they'll hand over a clue.
- Okay, let's do this.
- Okay, let's go.
"Choose a marked boat."
Good luck, babe.
I believe in you.
Thank you.
- She's excited.
- She's excited.
All right, this is my break
to enjoy Thailand.
"Who has a green thumb?"
I'll do it.
We're-we are definitely
getting out of Bangkok.
We're going
to a place called Salaya.
"Wat Suwannaram in Salaya."
We don't know where that is.
We just know
it's far out of town.
The travel looks like
it's almost 30 minutes,
so we got to make sure
we are coming correct.
This is Amazing Race.
It's really amazing.
All right.
Okay. All right.
Thank you. All right.
Got to put my pants on.
Jocelyn, Jocelyn.
Where are you, Jocelyn?
That's amazing.
Once we got to the Roadblock,
I saw this just beautiful field
of lotus flowers everywhere.
Okay. Okay, lotus be facing out.
A bundle of ten.
When I saw the example,
I knew that I have seen
those type of flowers.
It's for you to make offerings
to the Buddha.
Buddha is such an important pat
of Victor's family.
I was thinking,
"I am going to nail this."
Here we go.
Let's go, catfish.
This is fun.
My God, this is so
All right.
The water is really,
really muddy, and I think
my feet are sinking in.
Okay. All right,
I think I'm stuck.
All right, let's go.
Come on. Taxi!
I run this race
with Anna Leigh
it's kind of our last hurrah.
He was my best friend
my whole life and still is.
Now that I'm getting older,
and I might be
starting a family soon,
this is kind of our last chance
to just do things,
him and I, without
life around us impacting it.
Wat Suwannaram.
Here we go, man.
- All right.
- All right, let's go.
It's catch-up time.
So far, things are looking good.
- Our driver seems to be a a race car driver.
- Yeah.
We have to try to make up time
on the first teams.
You're doing great.
We appreciate you.
Super fast.
I don't see
any other taxis, but
One minute. We'll be back.
We'll be back. We'll be back.
- Thank you so much.
- Okay.
Looking for our next clue.
"Make your way
to Maha Sawat Canal."
We get there and we don't see
a lot of action.
All right, it's not over here.
Yeah, I don't see
anything here.
We don't see a clue box.
We don't see other teams.
That's where
we got a little worried.
- This Salaya?
- Salaya.
- Is this?
- Salaya!
Salaya. Here. Is this Salaya?
- Far?
- Far. Go to
So Salaya might be far.
This is different.
All right, let's do it.
Let's do it.
We're software engineers,
so a lot
of our jobs is just
problem-solving every day.
And a lot of what the race is
- is attention to detail, solving issues.
- Yeah.
I think for us,
making those little mistakes
can be tough sometimes.
Botching our Thai
and it's costing us
at least 30, 40 minutes.
When you
say it like that
- 36 minutes.
- There just happened
to be two Wats on the
same canal with the same name.
So we just went
to the wrong one.
- I see the clue box.
- Let's go, Morgan.
- "Who has a green thumb?"
- She does.
"Who has a green thumb?"
- Definitely you.
- Okay, I'll do it.
I don't think
there's crocodiles.
If there is, you are not
gonna see me in these waters.
I'm-I'm afraid of crocodiles.
Let's go, baby!
You got it!
Hey, Ashlie, positive.
Stay positive.
She struggles
with confidence sometimes.
She'll be the best in the room
and she doesn't see it.
And so, I-I really want her
to have that confidence.
I don't know how
these ladies do it.
This is really hard work.
Okay. Thank you.
Pretty sure Victor's family's
probably laughing at me right now.
I'm so sorry.
Jocelyn, how's
the bottom of this feel?
Lena loves flowers.
Her, like, making an arrangement
- or following an arrangement?
- It looks like
- there's a lot over here.
- She will do much better than me,
and she's gonna enjoy it.
That's a spider!
I cannot wait.
This is disgusting.
Good lord.
Catfish, move away!
I think a catfish
just touched me.
Think anything will happen
- if we try to feed the fish?
- Let's see.
- Feed.
- You have a frenzy going on here.
- My gosh.
- Look how huge those are.
Here fishy, fishy, fishy.
- What's up? - Hey.
- What's up, bros?
All right, there it is.
- I'm gonna do it.
- Greg is gonna do it.
I'm gonna do it.
- Hey.
- Hey. What up?
- Hey, welcome.
- Thank you.
Go, Gregory, go!
All right.
We made it through leg one.
We're on leg two of the race,
and we feel ready.
- Hell, yeah.
- Super excited. Let's do it.
Okay, so we're heading
- This taxi driver is legit.
- Yeah.
Let's crush it.
Check, please.
Watch the demonstration. Okay.
I just thought that
it should be a fairly simple,
straightforward task.
I needed 20 really pretty bulb.
The leaves had to be perfect,
the tie had to be perfect.
And then, the pattern has
to be three, four, three.
And then, so all of that just
It-it took time.
- Hey, Greg.
- I messed up.
We went to the wrong one.
She wants it to be exactly
the way she wants it,
so I'm trying to get there,
so I think I'm there now.
Found it!
It's disgusting.
Listen, I've had
I've been knee-deep in baby poop
with my three kids.
This is nothing.
This ain't nothing.
Come on.
- Philly Jawns back in the map, baby!
- My goodness.
"Travel by taxi"
"to Wat Suwannaram in Salaya
to find your next clue."
- Let's go!
- Let's go, let's go!
Ooh, it's another
team right there.
We had little hiccups
on the last leg,
but this leg,
we're going to get to the top.
Malaina and I have been
best friends for 27 years.
Andrea also
is my son's godmother.
Ronnie is my son,
who is eight years old.
-And this is gonna be a
challenge because -Yeah.
This is the longest
I ever been away from him.
But this is a chance
for us to experience life
and to be able
to compete with my best friend.
- Let's go, Joon! Yeah.
- Yeah, that's right, Joon!
- Team. Yes, I love it, too.
- I like Joon's enthusiasm.
Follow that car. We're trying
to beat that pink car
in front of us.
This is our first
international trip together.
Our first trip together,
to be honest.
We've been friends
for 30 years.
- It didn't start that way.
- No.
In seventh grade,
Robbin and her friends started
kind of berating me
on the phone. It was, like,
one of the first mean-girl calls
that has ever happened.
Anyways, it kind of
ruined my life.
And a couple of weeks later
we saw each other
at soccer practice, and
we ended up working together.
And 30 years later, here we are.
Chelsea and I both
did do well last leg,
but this leg of the race,
I'd like
to move up in the rankings
and give ourself
a little bit more wiggle room.
Fast, fast, fast, please.
Let's go.
To even have
this experience with my mom
this is, like, a
once in a lifetime opportunity.
I feel like, in life,
my mom and I kind of
kept missing each other.
I studied abroad,
and then she traveled to Europe,
and none of it
has been together.
So, we finally get
this full circle moment
to have this amazing experienc.
- Hello.
- Hi, hello.
Sir, can you please take us
to Wat Suwannaram in Salaya?
Being eliminated would be
the worst feeling ever.
We're gonna do everything
in our power to make sure
that that does not happen.
I don't even see it.
I don't even think about that.
We just have
to take it step by step.
I think the leaves
was the hardest part.
They were so brittle
and they keep falling apart
and it was
That was just really tough.
My gosh.
I am a disgrace
to Victor's family.
That's all
I have to say right now.
We made kind of a big mistake
going to the wrong temple.
So, I'm assuming
I'm pretty far behind.
I'm sure the entire family is
saying, "How can you be so dumb?
We do this all the time."
I think I was definitely down
because I feel that
I'm really embarrassing
the family.
No? No?
It's tradition.
They've been doing this
for generations.
I cannot be the last person
out here.
I'm gonna pray up here
for my wife.
How you doing, Jocelyn?
I'm about to barf right now.
Give me a second.
Just trying to keep
calm, cool and collected
again, 'cause
if I start to, like, freak out,
that's not good for anybody.
All right,
all the aunties and uncle,
I will make a hundred of these
if you let this one pass,
Check, please.
Thank you.
Can I get a check?
She says that
the leaves are too small.
The leaves are too small?
The bulbs are too small.
Too small.
Yes. Okay.
I'd rather be doing
the challenge than sitting.
it's so nerve-wracking,
I'm sure, for them,
'cause they're like,
- "What the heck is taking so long?"
- Yeah.
My gosh, look at them! Whoa!
20 baht if someone gets one
to eat out of their hand.
For your Express Pass,
I'll eat it.
I'll eat this whole bucket
- for your Express Pass.
- No.
Right now,
it's so hard not to cry.
Jocelyn, yeah!
First in, first out. Yes!
I'm coming!
- My goodness.
- Route Info.
"Travel by taxi
to Wat Rai Khing.
"When you arrive,
find the marked elephant
- "and place one coin into the coin slot.
- Okay.
"Then walk under the elephant
three times for good luck
to receive your next clue."
Gardening? Feel like you're
better than me. You do it, Dad.
- I'll do it.
- Let me see. Wait.
Let me make sure.
Yep. You have a green thumb.
No, no, no.
The placement?
Yes, the arrangement
and the leaves are too loose.
The leaves are too loose.
Getting there later definitely
was more of a benefit.
- This one, leaves are too loose.
- Tighter?
Every time
a team would say like,
"Okay, I'm gonna have a check,"
I would see
exactly what they said
was wrong with theirs.
- Arrangement's wrong.
- And then,
if I had that same problem,
I would just
fix it pretty much immediately.
All right, I'm gonna
go for a first check.
Leaves are too loose
and the bulb is blooming.
That one's blooming. Okay.
Sounds like a fair trade to me.
Thank you.
Can I get a check?
Maybe it fell.
the bomb. You're the bomb.
Thank you so much.
I'm not gonna do a fist bump.
Not gonna do a fist bump.
Thank you.
Don't get too comfortable.
I'm right behind you, man.
Yeah, I know you are.
I know you are, trust me.
Jocelyn left, Rob left,
Greg left.
Steve just got here,
which is really
making me feel the pressure.
Here I am from the first group,
and then there's
the second flight coming in.
I was getting
really hard on myself.
I did a few checks.
One was, um,
the leaves were too small.
Then the leaves were too loose.
And then it was, "Make sure
you look at the placement."
The frustration
started to set in because
I felt like
I was doing everything right.
It was just, like, wrong.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
All right.
All right. Workstation?
Okay. So I just
find them out there.
Yup. Here's the, it
looks like a temple.
Okay, sir. Thank you.
Yeah, this is
the Wat Suwannaram.
- It is?
- This is.
Look around.
See if we find any clue box.
- I don't see any.
- I don't see one either, man.
- Yeah.
- We're in the wrong place.
Let's go back to the taxi guy.
Salaya? Salaya.
Salaya. Okay, okay.
- Is this here?
- Okay, yes, you know?
- Okay.
- Okay. It's not
Salaya is an area,
and this isn't Salaya.
All right.
40 minutes.
- 40 minutes?
- 40 minutes.
It's quite a
quite a holdback.
- I'll do it. Yeah.
- You want to do it?
- I'll do it.
- All right. Where do we go?
- Me?
- Go for it.
There's still an opportunity
for me to make up some time.
We, Really?
Not the sound you want to hear.
They're too loose. Head back.
I don't really want
to deal with catfish, but I feel
like this is a great equalizer,
and I think I can beat
catch up to everybody
and beat people.
I hope my confidence isn't
a false sense of confidence.
I'm not real sure what a girl
wants in her flowers.
I'm trying to bundle it
for her satisfaction.
But I'm not real sure
what that is,
but that's the story of my life.
Enough bouquets?
Not good.
Let's go, baby!
He leapfrogged.
- He leapfrogged two teams.
- Let's go!
It's what do we do.
It's what you do.
It's what you do.
It's all you do. My gosh.
The fact that we were able
to overtake two teams
gave us so much confidence
going into the rest of the leg
'cause then we were just
right back where we started.
Whoa. That was a mic drop.
I-I see some elephants,
but we have to find
the marked elephant.
Let's go this way.
Let's see.
- Up there, up there. Up ahead.
- Okay.
- Is that the marked elephant?
- This right here, right here.
There it is.
- Okay, read it.
- This is the sign. Okay.
We're gonna
put the coin in, right?
- Okay, yes, yes, put it in.
- Okay, put the coin in.
-Walk under there. It says three times.
-My God.
- Walk under. Yes.
- Walk under or around?
- Walk under.
- Okay.
Okay, let's go around, I guess.
- I don't know if we can just go back and forth.
- Two.
- And three.
- Three.
Please bring us good luck.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Detour. God.
- Detour.
- Okay.
- "Stock Up or Scoop Up."
They call Thailand
the land of smiles,
and one of the reasons might be
that the food here
is just so good.
Of course, every good dish
starts with fresh ingredients,
and that's something
they have here in abundance.
This Detour requires teams
to pick up a shopping list
for a restaurant using baskets
and a hand cart.
For those teams
who can't communicate in Thai,
each item has been written
phonetically to help them out.
Once the order has been filled
and delivered to the restauran,
they can exchange the goods
for a clue.
The pomelo is the world's
largest citrus fruit.
Locals love them so much
that they named the nearby town,
Nakhon Pathom,
"Sweet Pomelo Town."
This Detour requires teams
to load a boat full of them,
then return to the dock
to unload them.
When the farmer's baskets
are full,
he'll reward their hard work
with a clue.
You want to go shopping?
We should shop.
Yeah, it might be easier.
- We're gonna do Stock Up.
- We're gonna do Stock Up.
All right.
We're gonna choose Scoop Up.
Scoop Up.
Let's go.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Frustration's setting in.
And then, so you start
to lose a little hope.
Need a workstation.
Trying to copy
what they're doing over there.
I don't see the difference
of what she's looking for.
Then I got to make two.
Maybe that's my hold-up.
I'm leaving one.
I'm gonna start
working on my second.
All right.
"Who has a green thumb?" I do.
- You do have a green thumb.
- Exactly.
Here it is. Come on,
come on, come on, come on.
- Let's go.
- All right.
- I'll do it.
- All right.
I don't know.
Yes! Lena!
We got here fourth and we're
currently sitting fifth,
so we lost a place.
- Okay, let's go.
- Let's go.
Starting to get
a little nerve-wracking.
What's on my feet?
I hope I'm close,
but I feel like
no matter what I do, it's, um
something amiss. So
To be honest with you,
I'm just kind of winging it
at this point.
- We have to shop for items.
- Yes.
But it's gonna be
spelled phonetically for us.
- Yes.
- And I will do my best to say it with a Thai accent
- so that we know what the heck we're talking about.
- Okay.
My family's from Laos, and
people in Northern Thailand
speak a dialect of Thai
that's very similar to Laos.
But here, their accent
is a little bit different.
Okay, so we have
to find this restaurant.
Over here, I think
should be the restaurant.
- Sorry.
- Come on, babe.
It's a restaurant.
This big restaurant.
- Over there.
- Over here. Right here.
Okay. So we have to get
- 12 "khai bpet," I think, duck eggs.
- Okay.
Reading those
Thai ingredients list,
I knew exactly
what we were looking for.
- "Sap pba roht," which is pineapple.
- Okay.
"Luuk thoo riian."
- Durian?
- For durian.
In the grocery store
that we run,
we sell, like, almost
everything on this list.
It's like,
I've been doing this since
I was a teenager. I got this.
So, let's go.
Hey, come on, Victor.
- Egg, egg, egg.
- Okay.
- Egg, egg.
- What kind?
- Can you ask her? 12?
- "Khai bpet."
- So 12 duck eggs.
- 12. Okay. Okay.
- Okay, so four, five.
- Five.
- Eight, ten.
- Ten.
- Okay.
- 12.
Okay, she said 70.
So, how do you say "thank you"?
- Duck?
- Duck. Duck.
- Duck.
- Duck. Duck. How many?
- One, one, one.
- One.
This is cool.
We have no strategy beyond push
and scoop as many as we can fi.
We got a heck of a lot
of pomelos right now.
If I had to venture a guess,
we got a bucket here.
All right, I think
we're gonna go back
and kind of see
where we're at so far.
This is starting
to weigh us down a little bit.
Any of these open?
That one looks like it's open.
Can I get a check?
I just lost a shoe.
Like, it's in the mud.
It is, like, nah.
I don't know what the
I'm stepping on!
Something just touched my butt.
And it wasn't in a good way.
My God!
It was exhausting
to trudge through the water.
I quickly noticed that all of
the lotus flowers
near the stations
were already picked, right?
From the previous teams.
Which meant I had to wade out
much further in the water.
My God. I just felt a fish.
Open. Open workstation.
Check, please.
Ooh. Yes. Let's go back
to the boat. Thank you.
When she pulled that clue
out of her pocket, it was like
a wave came over me. It was very
emotional, getting out of there.
- Were you crying?
- Almost.
- Really?
- Yeah, it was-it was tough.
Was your lip quivering?
I don't know if my lip was
quivering, but I sure felt it.
Thank you. Okay.
Can I get a check?
I could kiss you.
Thank you so much.
My Lord.
Thank you so much.
I might cry.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Good luck, everyone.
"Walk under the elephant
three times for good luck.
"Receive your next clue.
Note. Use the provided coins
from a nearby basket."
I don't know why I'm crying.
I'm super frustrated.
- Did you push through it?
- I'm so frustrated.
I can't Get it, girl.
You got it. We're here.
I started to get emotional.
Like, I could feel,
like, the tears welling up.
I should have done better.
Not mad at anything else,
but just mad at myself.
- Go.
- All right.
- You look sexy, by the way.
- Thank you.
- What's the next one there?
- "Nam tarn ma frow."
- Okay, okay, okay.
- "Nam tarn ma frow."
It's, coconut sugar.
- How much?
- I need one kilo.
One kilo.
Just one. It's 50.
- Okay.
- 50?
- We got to go get
- So
- broccoli, durian and pineapple.
- Broccoli, durian.
- I
- Broccoli right here, right?
We can ask somebody.
I think that's
clothing over there.
It can't be that easy
- where everything is right at the front.
- I know.
A lot of ingredients were
fairly easy to find,
but some of them,
we had to go pretty
deep into the market.
I was a little nervous
'cause I wasn't sure how deep
we had to go into 'cause
- it is a huge market.
- It's a huge
- Keep going. Wait.
- Okay.
- 'Cause she said that
- Durian, durian.
- Right here, durian.
- Durian. Just one.
- 400? Okay.
- 400.400.
Yeah. Let's look
for pineapple and broccoli
- and then I think we're done.
- Okay. No, no, there's one more.
- Okay.
- "Khaa muu thawwt."
"Khaa muu thawwt."
Fried pork leg.
That's at the front.
I saw that earlier.
-Babe, we're gonna crush this. Let's go.
-We got this. Okay.
We had to fill five buckets
of pomelos,
and we're not talking, like,
little, like, grocery buckets.
These were, like,
Technique here is, we're just
trying to be efficient.
We're both
very hand-eye coordinated.
I grew up playing baseball.
My dad always played catch
with me.
You know,
if things don't work out,
maybe I have a future
in pomelo farming.
Yeah, that's heavy.
Okay, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go.
- Ooh!
- I feel like we got to do it
in between these elephants.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
"Scoop Up. Choose an available
boat with a bamboo pole."
I mean, that sounds fun.
-Two seconds. We'll be right back.
- Shoot. I really don't want them to see us.
- Yeah.
The marked elephant.
Ton Som O Farm 3?
-Pomelos. Do you know what a pomelo is?
-I say we do Scoop Up. It's just I'm
-Okay. We'll do Scoop Up.
Let's go. Let's move.
- Is this a fried pork leg?
- Yes. Just one.
-We got everything. Let's go back to the restaurant.
- Okay. You got this.
- Let's go backwards.
- There's a slight bump. Yeah.
- Let's go backwards.
- Use your dolly skills, Victor, don't fail us.
- I know.
Been doing this since I was,
like, 15, so I got it.
- Don't embarrass us.
- God.
- "Khaa muu thawwt."
- Okay, I need
"Nam tarn ma frow."
Shoot. We need to get two.
- We need to get
- No. Two?
- Two one-kilo. Crap, crap, crap.
- Sorry. I misread it.
- It's like, "How dd we overlook that? We were so.."
- Sorry.
Jocelyn made a mistake.
What? Wait. But
There you go. Forgiven.
- One more. One more.
- "Nam tarn ma frow."
Sorry. I was trying
to be really diligent.
- Fried pork leg. Okay.
- "Khaa muu thawt."
"Nam tarn ma frow."
So, two. Two kilo.
"Ped yang."
- Roast duck.
- "Ped yang. Peg yang."
- "Khai bpet."
- "Khai bpet."
-"Braawk Khoh lee."
-"Braawk khoh lee. Braawk khoh lee."
Here's "sap pba roht."
Yeah. "Luuk thoo riian."
- One?
- Yeah, and then two jackfruit.
"Luuk kha noon."
- Okay.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Route Info.
- Okay.
Okay. "Race to your next
Pit Stop at Suan Sampran."
Suan Sampran
is an inviting, 50-acre oasis.
The lush gardens and antique
Thai houses built
next to this
tranquil river make it
the perfect city escape.
Today, it will
serve as the Pit Stop
for this leg of the race.
The last team to check in here
will be eliminated.
- Okay. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Let's go find our taxi. Okay.
- All right.
See ya, pomelo.
We did not see any other teams
at the pomelo-scooping
so, we knew that other teams
either had chosen
the market challenge
or they hadn't caught up yet.
There's absolutely a chance
we're racing for first.
I think that's him, right?
Suan Sampran.
Okay, he knows.
Good? It's good? Yes!
Thank you. Thank you.
"Last team to check in
will be eliminated." Let's go.
We think that we're in first.
I mean,
we left the Roadblock first.
- Unless Rob and Corey
- Killed it with the pomelos.
Killed it with pomelos, yeah.
Go, go, go.
Tell him "fast."
Yeah, if we can go fast,
I feel like
we crushed that Detour.
I'm hoping that we're in a race
for first again.
My gosh.
If we get first again
Phil, I hope
you're ready for a nice,
- sweaty hug.
- This is
This is a huge place.
Okay, I think we are here.
I think this is perfect.
There he is. Phil!
- We're in Thailand with you!
- We see you guys!
We love Thailand!
to Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.
your understanding
of the Thai language
- might have come in handy today.
- I'm-I'm hoping, Phil. I mean,
I'm hoping for a win this week.
Well, I will tell you,
for the second time in a row,
- you are team number one!
- My God.
And I do have
some great news for you.
As the winners
of this leg of the race,
you have won $2,000 each,
- Yes!
- which you can use after the race.
- We're not gonna take anything for granted.
- Yeah.
We know that two consecutive
first place finishes
definitely is gonna raise
some eyebrows, right, Phil?
- Yeah, definitely.
- Coming into it,
you know,
I was always thinking that,
you know, we're not gonna
be the strongest, the fastest,
but with age comes wisdom.
All of our life experiences,
everything just culminated
you know, in this one
Amazing Raceleg.
This gives us the confidence
that we can really make it
to the end.
This is only the end
of the second leg.
We have so many more legs to go.
Rob and Corey,
you are team number two.
Good job.
You're gonna wait?
All right.
- I don't know, dude.
- I'm not seeing any pomelos.
I mean, maybe back there,
but this is a lot of pomelos.
This is a lot of pomelos.
- Okay, well, let's just get in the boat and see if
- Okay.
The pomelos were
nowhere to be found.
The canals were pretty empty,
just barren.
We saw one lone pomelo
floating in our visibility.
We're gonna
have to collect 100 of these.
- Yeah.
- This is one one-hundredth.
- There's no shot.
- Okay, so we'll switch.
- We're gonna switch.
- All right.
There are some over there.
We turned one of the corners,
and we freaked out.
- It lit up.
- Yeah.
Gregory, let's let
We hit the gold mine!
- Dude, it's so big.
- The boat gets heavy, though.
I know. We probably Actually,
you want to go back real quick?
Yeah. So once we get this this collection.
This is so many pomelos.
Thank you. Thank goodness.
I need to hurry up.
Which part?
Get in arrangement
and stay in there.
My goodness.
We like this.
Am I a florist? Maybe.
- Check.
- Check.
Good job.
Thank you so much.
- Yes? No?
- No, no, no.
Didn't complete the task. Okay.
Okay. I'm just
showing the ones. I see.
Andrea is
her pants right now.
I'm coming home to you, Andrea.
I hear you.
Announce yourself!
- Is that Smithe?
- Strasser!
That was a pain in the foot.
I'm getting your bag.
- All right, let's get out of here.
- All right, we're out.
- Let's go.
- Got to go to our taxi.
- Good?
- Yup.
Just don't want
to hurt the merchandise.
Thank you.
Yep. Right here,
right here, right here.
We got three baskets.
- Hey, boys!
- Hey!
- Hey, what's up, ladies?
- I see y'all beat us here.
All right,
can you help me out, Johnny?
- I'm floating away.
- Yeah. Gregory!
Do not rock the boat.
This is like a nice ride
at Disneyland.
- Give me the stick, yeah.
- Johnny!
Sorry, no!
I think the pomelos. They're
there. We don't know about this.
Okay. Scoop Up?
Scoop Up. Let's go.
We're gonna go
- Stock Up.
- We're gonna go Stock Up.
- Where's the fanny pack?
- You had it.
- I don't have it right now.
- You're supposed to be wearing it.
I am supposed
to be wearing it. I'm not.
We got to stop.
- Man.
- We need to turn around
and go back to where we were.
- Yeah, back to the canal.
- Yeah, go back again.
I have to fill up five of those.
I don't know
-What do you use? How do you get it down, Morgan?
You don't touch it.
They have to be in the water.
You guys are just finding
pomelos in the water?
Yeah, there's a bunch back here.
- Think this is two baskets?
- Probably is. Probably is.
- Not bad?
- Yup.
I see pomelos!
-It's okay, it's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. Bring it, bring it.
Bring it back.
Bring it back, bring it back.
It's okay, it's okay.
We got to get all these.
-That should be enough. It should be enough.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Thank you so much. Thank you.
- Bye, y'all. - Bye, guys.
- See you at the line.
- All right, see you guys there.
- See you.
- More.
- Yes. Yes.
Yes, yes. Okay, we'll be back.
Let's go.
We have one and a half left.
Let's go. We can do that.
Five minutes.
Ian, let's go!
Let's do it, baby.
Trying to remain calm.
As the teams started
getting out of here,
gets a little more
Can I get a check?
Please, ma'am.
Do they look good?
Thank you.
Slow and steady.
Slow and steady.
Please, look good.
Look good, please.
All my hard-earned
My feet hurt.
All my hard work.
Only got nine lotus!
- Nine!
- Check?
Please, please, please, please,
please, please.
It was
a very difficult Roadblock.
It was just such a process.
By the time
I get the second bouquet done,
leaves are flaccid again.
Flowers were popping off.
It was a nightmare.
My God.
I'm not getting the hang of it.
- Wait right here.
- Okay.
- Bring it in.
- Let's go!
The show doesn't create
the drama.
We create it ourselves.
- Let's get out of here.
- We left our fanny pack.
- Let's go. Let's go.
- This way.
You lead me, doc.
- Too loose.
- That's too loose?
Beautiful? Yes, yes, yes?
Every time I move something,
something else is wrong.
It's an uphill battle,
it feels like,
but I don't give up.
This is freaking insane.
- There's the man!
- There's the mat!
Greg and John,
I am pleased to tell you
- you're team number three.
- All right, all right.
-All right, we'll take it. We'll take it.
-We'll take it.
- Congratulations, guys.
- Thank you.
Another boat is coming.
Mom? Yes! Yes!
- Yes!
- Good job.
- Okay, let's get out of here.
- Okay. Hold this. Hold this.
Let's go. Where did we come in?
Where did we come in?
This is brutal.
Come on. This is it. This is it.
This is it. Check?
Three, four, three? Please?
-Three, four, three? Three, four, three?
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thank you! Let's go.
When Malaina left, it was
a real shot to the gut.
Yes! Go, girl.
I knew you could do it.
- My God.
- Good job, Malaina!
"Use the provided coins
from a nearby basket."
All right. Come on, Robbin.
Get your together.
Thank you.
I had a glimmer
of hope that
we could make up time.
- I am so sorry.
- No.
Don't be sorry. I know
you did the best you could.
Okay, let's go.
All right, here we go.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, read the clue.
- All right. All right.
- All right, let's go.
"Shop for your items
at the Don Wai Market."
- Don Wai Market?
- Yep.
"Khai bpet"?
"Khai bpet"?
"Khai bpet"?
- Okay.
- Okay, so she's saying for 12, it's 70.
- Hey. Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you.
The grocery list that we got
it was just
so, we-we couldn't
show them the word.
"Luuk kha noon"?
"Luuk kha noon."
You couldn't do anything
except speak it.
"Luuk kha noon"?
- Yeah.
- "luuk kha noon."
Okay. Yeah.
And I said, "Hey, this is"
"an awesome opportunity
to not only have fun with it,
"to connect with people
and kind of look
like a goofball."
Getting that workout in.
Thank you.
I do think
they thought it was hilarious
listening to us try
to pronounce what we needed.
"Braawk khoh lee."
- Yeah, like
- It sounds like "broccoli," but is it?
Yeah, I was like,
"I think this is broccoli."
"Braawk khoh lee."
"Khoh lee."
"Braawk khoh lee"?
"Braawk khoh lee."
He was like,
"Let's say it again.
Let's say it again."
How you say it? How you say it?
"Braawk khoh lee"?
- Say it. Say it.
- "Braawk khoh lee."
"Braawk koh lee"?
Someone was like, "Yes, like"
-broccoli." And I'm like, "I knew it."
- I knew it was broccoli.
-Yeah. I love broccoli. Yeah.
Is it really that easy?
- I knew it.
- It's just regular broccoli.
That's called
what you call a pump fake.
Good? Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Appreciate it.
Fill the whole freaking boat up.
We got the honey hole, baby.
Thought we could get a big loa.
Go gather all the materials
you can get
so we didn't have to go back.
I think this is maybe
three baskets now? Come on.
I think we got more
than three baskets.
- Hey, I don't care.
- We ain't coming back.
But we gathered too many.
This is not good!
- We're going in.
- Yup. We're going over.
Take some out.
Yeah. Now what?
Damn it.
Here, we go backward.
Baby, that's not pulling,
that's pushing.
What I'm trying to do is lift
it, pull it out of the water.
- Which way is back?
- Backwards, that way, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay? Pull.
Miss me with
the phonetical spelling.
Scoop Up.
We're gonna do Scoop Up.
- We're gonna do Scoop Up.
- Okay.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
means "thank you"?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
So we didn't speak
the same language.
We weren't from the same
culture, but we connected.
See what we got.
"Peg yang."
Okay. "Khai bpet." 12.
"Braawk khoh lee."
Two kilos of "nam tarn ma frow."
- This is
- I think that's the "khaa muu thawwt."
- Two of these.
- That's the "sap pba roht."
The big boys right here.
Two "luuk kha noons."
"Luuk thoo riian."
- Okay. - Good? Yeah.
- Ooh!
You got me sweating, boy.
Yeah, we got it.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Well, well, well, well, well!
- Hey.
- Hi, Phil.
I mean, look at the smiles.
You know
this is the land of smiles?
I don't know
if I've been smiling all day,
- but I'm smiling now.
- You're smiling.
- Yes.
- And you know, one of the reasons you should be smiling
is you are team number four.
We kept our place.
And that is very consistent,
All right, Dad, that's three.
-Thank you. We'll see you right here.
It's good?
Teams are here. Let's go.
All right, I'm in. I'm in.
- Okay, we need the stick.
- Let's do it.
We have four baskets so far.
We need one more.
My God.
Down there, down there.
My God. Okay, stop.
This is like the gold mine of
- What are they? Pomelos?
- Yeah.
And also mosquitoes, so
- We're gonna do Scoop Up.
- Scoop up pomelos.
- I like Scoop Up.
- Let's do Scoop Up.
I am pleased to tell you
that you are team number five.
- Congratulations.
- That's great. - Yes!
My God.
Good job.
This good?
Thank you.
Ready? One, two, three.
So heavy.
All right, let's walk slow
over these rocks.
I'm dying.
Thank you.
There are some baskets.
That's where we're doing it.
- That's it?
- That's it. That's it.
Okay, let's go.
- There's Joel and Garrett.
- Yup, here we go.
- Boy, that's a lot.
- This is what we need. We need
five baskets worth. We can
get 'em. Let's just go get 'em.
- Hey, guys. You just got here?
- Hey. There you are, guys.
- What's up, guys?
- What's going, gents?
- How many?
- We have over 20. Like, 22.
Okay. I think
that should be good.
All right.
- Go on in. Go on in.
- Thank you, sir.
There's another team here,
it looks like.
- It's the brothers.
- It's the boys.
And the beards.
Well, right now,
we're behind another team,
so they're gonna get anything
that's ahead of us here.
A couple more teams arrived.
Obviously puts the pressure
on us a little bit,
but I think we should be Gucci.
Okay, there's none
down this row.
All right, maybe this row.
Yeah, there's some in this row.
Let's go.
We just found
a little canal here
that has a ton of these pomelos.
So, we're just trying
to be as quiet as we can.
We don't want a ton
of other teams hearing this.
Thank you.
- There's an elephant.
- Can't walk under it.
- My God.
- This place is huge.
There's another one.
A big one.
I believe there's someone here.
All right, let's go.
- Right there.
- Hi.
There it is right there.
Come on. Come on.
All right, come on now.
- Want to shop?
- What are pomelos?
"Shop at market
for food items."
- Yeah.
- Okay, let's do that.
- Stock Up.
- Come on.
- We can beat them.
- Yeah.
Scoop Up. I think most people
are gonna do Stock Up,
so, we're gonna try
and do something different.
Right here. A taxi.
Don Wai Market.
Elizabeth and Iliana were ther.
They got tripped up looking
for the elephant.
- Scoop Up. Yes.
- I think so. I think so.
Scoop Up. Okay, let's go.
Ton Som O Farm.
We just saw
Andrea and Malaina and
the mother-daughter team,
so we're feeling good.
Bring it in. Bring it in.
I'm bringing it in.
That red hair is flying
all over the place.
Steve and Anna Leigh,
you finished sixth yesterday.
You managed to get past a team
that was on the first flight,
and I'm pleased to tell you
that you're super consistent.
You're team six again.
-I'll take it. Take it all day long.
-Hey, better than last.
That's pretty good.
- -Come on.
- Last stretch, last stretch.
It's so heavy.
- Okay. Yes!
- Is it okay?
The last two teams
that were behind me
they caught up at the elephant.
So, we're, like, neck and neck
with three teams right now.
We'll see you in a few.
Thank you. Look.
There they are. There they are.
So now we got to go
to "Phai Suwat" Restaurant.
Come on.
Where are they going?
I think he dropped us off
at the market.
This is definitely the market.
Restaurant? Restaurant?
- Yes. Thank you. Hey.
- Okay. Okay, so,
it says,
"Pick up four crates."
They're doing the other one.
Mom, do we just do it?
We take the taxi.
The guy brings us to the marke,
and then we see
Malaina and Andrea.
They go to get the baskets
to start the market challenge.
And I was like, "Well, we're nt"
gonna waste time go
trying to find something else.
So I was like,
"Complete change of plans."
We have to find these.
All right,
we have to get it ourself.
So first is, 12 "khai bpet."
Um, "khai bpet"?
"Khai bpet"?
It said, "Go shopping," and
I'm like, "Okay, that's great."
My only worry
was when it was, like,
the items were
phonetically spelled.
- "Luuk kha noon"?
- Do you have any of those?
There's even some folks
that were there, and they
- they didn't understand it.
- They didn't understand.
"Kai bpet"?
Do you know what that is?
Do you know any of these?
- Need somebody that speak English.
- Right.
"Shop for your items
at Don Wai Market."
And while we were there,
Iliana and Elizabeth
showed up, as well,
so they were also shopping,
so, we knew we definitely had
to get through this challenge
as fast as possible.
Here, you're gonna be better
at this, and
How do we pronounce it?
It doesn't.
We have to figure it out.
Do you have any of these items?
"Sap sap pba roht"?
Yeah. Where can we find that?
- Do you have this?
- Do you have anything?
Can you help me?
Do you know any of those?
It's over there in the corner?
- "Sap pba roht"?
- Yes. Yes.
- You got some?
- Two. Two.
- We need two.
- Two, please.
- Pineapple.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- This? Yes?
- Two jackfruit?
Thank you.
So, you want to know
where you are?
- Please. Yeah. - Yeah.
- Team number seven.
- Yeah, seven.
- Yeah, we'll take it.
- All right, let's go.
- Moved up
moved up in the rankings
a little bit.
- That's not bad, right?
- Yeah. - Yeah.
All right, forward.
- Okay, thank you.
- These stay here. Thank you.
How's it going, guys?
Hey. Get in and get it done.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, all. - Hello.
- How's it going?
- It's going. - It's going.
All right, guys,
we're just gonna
- scoot on in here, all right?
- All right.
A ton right there.
That's all we need right there.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
We can finish up right here.
- Right here.
- Okay, perfect.
Yes! My God. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Okay, let's not do any more.
- I-I don't want to get in this water.
- Okay.
- So let's just slow and steady.
- Yup.
Yeah, we got a lot
of weight in here.
We're in Thailand collecting
pomelos out of this.
- This is a pretty cool one.
- Yeah, this is
I would much rather
be doing this.
Which one is that, Mom?
Don't ask me.
I'm doing this part.
Don't ask me right now, please.
I got it. Just Thank you.
- This is 65
- 65.
- $65 each.
- Just put it in the bag.
Hurry up, 'cause we don't
want them to see us.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Elizabeth and Iliana
came right behind on our tail.
- That's why we were like, "No, get it."
- 'Cause one
And then put it away
so that they don't see
we're buying
from this particular person.
We're going shopping.
"Braawk khoh lee?
Braawk khoh lee?"
- Eggs.
- All right, eggs.
- "Khai bpet"?
- "Khai"
- My God. Right behind you.
- Yeah.
- I finally got eggs from him.
- Excuse me, excuse me!
- Let's go.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
They down here.
Keep straight.
Straight, straight,
straight, straight.
I need eggs. 12.
Yup. Where at? Right here.
Andrea, right behind you.
How many we need? One?
How much? 84?
-So, is that the duck? Is that it?
-Wait. Is it this?
- Yes, that's what
- Is it this?
- Yes. One.
- Thank you.
Ooh, sorry.
Don't break the eggs.
- Good playing, Malaina.
- Got change?
Come on, baby. Come on.
How much for the 84.
Here you go. 84.
- Nice and easy, Iliana.
- You got it. Come.
- "Ped yang"? "Ped yang"?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Two pineapples.
One broccoli, two cane sugars.
One here.
We got everything?
Hold it. Wait.
- No. - No?
- No good.
We don't know
which part is no good.
We went to go get checked
for our first time,
and Malaina and Andrea
were right behind us
waiting to get checked.
We had to run back and get
And we get to run back.
the one thing
we were missing.
- Hi, Chef.
- You should have been
writing down
what it was under each one.
- What's this?
- "Braawk kho lee."
- This one?
- What's "ped yang"?
- This "ped yang"?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yes!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Broccoli we got.
- What's this one?
- Pineapple.
- Pineapple.
"Last team to check in
will be eliminated."
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
What do we have
that is not in here? Ma,
-I need your help.
-I know! I'm looking! I'm reading it. Gimme a second.
- All right, where's
- We got two sugars.
Is that sugar and sugar?
This is peanut butter.
This is peanut butter.
I didn't write down "peanut
butter" for any of those.
- Okay. Take it out.
- Are we gonna take it out?
Come on, push it, push it.
Where is our taxi?
Where is Joon? Joon.
Joon. Come on, come on.
- What's this one?
- "Luuk thoo rian."
It says "Luuk luuk."
Go, go, go, go, go.
Follow her.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Let's go! Let's go.
Is it this? Tell me what
we have? It looks different,
- so let's just get it.
- Okay.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go.
All right, toss 'em.
Here they come, so it's gonna
be a cluster when they get here.
- I don't want to bump into you.
- I'm sorry if we do.
- That's fine.
- You're good, you're good. - Ready?
Yup. You got enough
as is. You're good.
- Are we?
- I think so.
- Okay. Get a basket. Let's go.
- Okay.
Yes. Yes.
- All right, here we go.
- Let's go.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you. Open it up.
"Last team to check in
may be eliminated."
All right, let's go.
"San Juan" Sampran.
Phil. Phil. Phil.
- Whoa! Whoa.
- . We're here.
And we're coming in hot.
- Liam and Yeremi
- Phil.
Team number eight.
- Yes! Let's go.
- Yes!
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Yes. Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
- Go.
- "Last team to check in will be eliminated."
Let's go.
- Okay.
- Yes. Thank you. - Yes.
My God. Thank you so much.
- Come on.
- Go, go, go, go, go!
Thank you!
This way.
Come on, come on.
I have a feeling that
we're gonna
be getting there
with other teams,
and, like, we're neck and neck
with people, I think.
We got to get there fast.
Let's go, girls!
Nice job.
- -Go!
- Let's go!
Joel and Garrett,
you are team number nine.
- All right, all right.
- Lucky ten again!
Andrea and Malaina,
that would make you
- team number ten.
- Team number ten.
Freaking out.
-We have no idea where we are
- Compared to
- Let's just breathe.
I don't think
we're gonna be last.
- I really
- I would nev
- don't think we're last.
- If we are, then life's
- Then it's just what it's supposed to be.
- Yeah.
Everything happens for a reason.
- Right on, like, that dock right there or something? Okay.
- I think we
Is that it? "Suan Sampran."
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay. Come on, Chels.
This is it, baby.
There's a temple right up here
on the left.
- Over the bridge?
- Yes.
My God.
Drop it, drop it, drop it,
drop it, drop it. Where is he?
- Hi.
- Robbin and Chelsea,
you have a pretty good sense
of where you're at in the race?
We're in the bottom of the pack.
I'm hoping we're not last.
We're either 11 or 12.
- You are team number 11.
- Team number 11. - Yup. Yup.
You know where you are
at the back of the pack.
That's okay.
We're here another day.
We made it!
We made it.
Give us good news.
Come on.
Elizabeth and Iliana, I am
sorry to tell you that you are
in fact the last team
- to arrive.
- No way..
No way.
Unfortunately, I have
to eliminate you from the race.
- It's always difficult to go out early, but you know
- Yeah.
- But it was amazing.
- I'm so sad.
What was amazing about it?
That we did it together,
I got to see her in action.
She is a mini me,
and it pisses me off sometimes.
Why is that? You see yourself?
'Cause I can't get mad at her,
you know, like
- She's tough. She's tough.
- I'm so sad.
-I'm proud of you, Iliana. You're impressive.
-Thank you.
She's just a go-getter.
She's always gone after
every single thing she's wanted,
and she's gotten it,
and I plan on doing the same.
You know, you hear it on TV,
it's a cliché
"we got We don't care
about the million."
- But who gets to do this?
- Yeah.
I mean, I can't put it
into words what we went through.
I am just so happy that I got
to do this with my mom.
I feel like it's amazing that e
have such a good relationship.
Like, we have a friendship now,
- and it's really amazing.
- Yeah.
You know,
we were eliminated second,
but I'm really proud of us.
It was awesome.
Next time on
The Amazing Race
Are you kidding me?
a flight delay
shakes up the leader board.
- Our flight was delayed by an hour.
- An hour.
We're currently
in first and second place.
A floating market
causes a traffic jam.
- We need to get them out of the way.
- There's too many people.
And Jocelyn and Victr
feel the heat.
We're the last team here.
It's over.
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