The Amazing Race (2001) s35e03 Episode Script

No Sleep and a Million Dollar Dream

Previously on
The Amazing Race
12 teams continued
racing through Thailand.
- Johnny!
- Sorry. No!
At the Roadblock,
teams felt the pressure.
It's so hard not to cry.
My God.
A critical mistake
put best friends
Joel and Garrett behind.
The show doesn't create the
drama. We create it ourselves.
-Let's get out of here.
-We left our fanny pack.
A Detour in Jocelyn
and Victor's wheelhouse
We sell, like, almost
everything on this list.
I've been doing this since
I was a teenager. I got this.
led to their
second win in a row.
You are team number one.
My God.
Meanwhile, a battle
for last place
Wait, is it this?
Yeah, yeah. Is it this?
ended in disappointment
for mother and daughter
Elizabeth and Iliana.
Unfortunately, I have
to eliminate you from the race.
No way.
Let's go!
Route Info. "Fly to Vietnam.
-"When you arrive,
travel by bus
to the city of Can Tho."
Jocelyn and Victor will be
the first to leave Thailand
and fly nearly
500 miles to Vietnam--
home to 100 million people,
half of whom are under 25.
When they land,
they will take a long bus ride
to the city of Can Tho.
Located in the heart
of the Mekong Delta,
it's where they'll
pick up their next clue.
We have to
go to a travel agency.
Thailand Tour and Travel.
-And then we will
book flights. Let's go.
-We're leaving
in first place again.
-First place.
- Yeah!
- Okay. Let's go.
To get two consecutive
first-place finishes,
it really makes us feel like
we have a huge shot
at winning this.
a taxi right here. Taxi.
We have two daughters
and we want our girls
to know that they can do
anything that they want to.
You know, even their parents,
who are turning 50 this year,
we can take on this challenge
and we can win.
We are going to
Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
Hopefully we get a direct flight
and be the first ones there.
And hopefully
we can get on a bus
that leaves right away
to this other town.
Okay. There you go. Okay.
It opens at 7:00.
In 30 minutes.
My goodness.
It opens at 7:00.
Route Info. "Fly to Vietnam."
Let's do it.
The first two legs
have been such a blast.
I'm incredibly adventurous.
-I've gone on two separate
month-long backpack trips
around the world.
So I'm really excited
to share a piece
of my heart with my dad,
who's so important to me.
We have to go to Thailand
Tour and Travel 2, here.
- Thank you.
- Good morning.
We need
to book a flight to Vietnam.
- The soonest flight
that can land there as possible.
- Yeah.
- It's right here. Wait, stop.
- Pull-pull over. Pull over.
Yeah, I know. Sorry.
Okay. Okay.
- Okay.
- Yes.
Earliest flight
as possible, right?
Earliest flight. Shortest time.
That is the best flight
that you have? Okay.
So we'll take that, then.
Here, here it is. We found it.
We want to do the same thing
that they're doing.
-Vietnam, baby.
-Got to get the fastest flight.
I visited Vietnam last year
and loved it.
Did it with some friends.
Now I'm doing it
with my best friend,
but just a little more
stressful than just, like
- Yeah.
- 3:25.
-Thank you so much.
-We'll see you at the airport.
- Okay,
here's the driver.
- Okay.
Corey and Rob
may have got our flight.
Thank you.
I'm sure they're itching
for that first-place win.
-Hey. How are you?
-What's up? Hey, hey.
-What's up? What's up?
The quickest flight that
gets us to Ho Chi Minh City.
We need to figure out
where Thailand Tour and Travel 2
is located at.
In leg one,
we won the Express Pass
because we ate a plate of bugs.
And now we have the chance to
maybe be first.
Can you take us here?
By the end of leg four,
we have to use the Express Pas.
So if the circumstances
are right,
it shall be used today.
Hi. Can someone help us?
What's this time?
You're the bomb.
You are the best.
Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Thank you.
All right.
Okay. Thank you.
I guess
we don't have to run, right?
Well, I mean, we still have
40 minutes before we can
even check in at this point.
I'm just stoked
to be going to Vietnam.
That's insane.
So, our goal was
to be on the same flight
as the first three teams.
- We got on the same plane?
- Yeah. Same Yeah.
-Yes. Thank you.
-Let's go.
-Maybe just go
on the same as them?
If we can, that would be
If we can get on those,
that'd be
-I know you will
-Yeah. Okay.
The earliest.
We're hoping that
he can squeeze us on.
Looks like
we fell through.
There's no other flights to
Into Vietnam?
Thank you so much.
That means that they have
a six-hour lead on us.
-See you guys. Bye.
-See you guys.
Good luck. See you.
That's a huge gap of time.
Dang. That sucks.
Okay. Come on, Dad.
Yep. Right here.
We're seeing that the only
nonstop available is 19:55.
- Yeah, that's
the one we're taking.
- Yeah.
My God. That sucks.
All right, Texans,
we'll see you there.
So frustrating.
BKK Airport, baby.
- Viet Airlines?
- Yeah.
-All right.
We got to go fast,
fast, fast, fast.
One of us gets snappy when
we're under tense situations,
and that's-that's normally me.
When Ian gets snappy,
I try to counter that weight
On the opposite side
of the spectrum
with, with keeping it cool and calm.
Hi. Hi, hi.
-Just breathe, babe.
-Passport. Passport.
-We're going
to Ho Chi Minh City.
We could use
some relaxing right now.
We don't have time to relax.
I'm not saying
we should actually relax.
You'll find us
you'll find us a good flight.
We're going
to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
- Vietnam.
- It's gonna be super cool.
-It is. It is. If we get there.
-That's what I'm worried about.
-When we get there, baby.
There were times where we had
an estranged relationship.
We didn't talk and we didn't
want to be around each other.
But as we grow and as
we understand ourselves
and each other more,
the closer we become.
- We don't live near each other.
- No.
So spending
what time that we can
with one another, we cherish it.
Okay, yeah, so we're
gonna have to go down this way.
No, he had somebody with him.
We're starting
this leg in ninth place.
And I'd say our strategy
is working perfectly,
'cause we wanted
to set ourselves out
as the team not to worry about.
-It's close?
-No, no, no.
-Taxi or no taxi?
-Taxi, no.
-Just walk?
-Yes, walk.
-Okay. Thank you.
-Thank you, sir.
-All strategy.
-Strategy. All strategy.
All right. Somewhere down here.
-Okay. As fast as you can.
-Here we go Let's go.
Let's go.
Here's the boys. Hey, hey.
- Ho Chi Minh City, please.
- Ho Chi Minh City.
Come on, come on, come on,
Right here,
right here, right here.
The fastest way
you can come possible.
-There are no other ones?
-No other ones.
-Let's do it.
-Let's do it.
We can make it.
-Yes, we can make it, we can
make it, we can make it.
-Yeah, yeah.
We got on a 1:50 flight,
so we're 1:50 direct.
A big part of this race
is luck of the draw, sometimes.
The guy that we were
working with was able to work
some magic, and ultimately
get us on a flight at 1:50 p.m.
We were confident
that all of the other teams
probably tried to get
on an earlier flight as well.
-Of course.
-So timing plays
a huge role in that.
They got lost.
We've been
running all over the place.
Please check all your name.
All right, get in there, boys.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
-Get in, get in, get it.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Appreciate it.
What time are you guys going?
-7:55. Yeah.
-All right, see you there.
-See you there, guys.
-Hey. See you all there, boys.
-Girls. Good luck, girls.
-Bye. Good luck.
-Let's go this way.
-Keep your eyes out.
So right now, we're booking
a flight leaving 7:55 p.m.
You have to go right now.
- Can you make it?
- Yes, we can go.
Yeah, hurry up.
-Okay. Thank you.
-Thank you.
-You're my friend. Thank you.
-Don't stop
-See you there.
All right, there's a taxi.
Bangkok Airport.
I think we'll
be with all the first teams.
It's been a long time coming.
Thank you.
Two tickets.
Okay. Okay.
-Thank you.
-That's your favorite.
- You've done this
a few times today?
- Yes.
You know what we need?
Okay, perfect.
Thank you so much.
Can you take us to BKK Airport?
VietJet. Right here.
I think I see
New York boys running.
- Over here,
over here, over here.
- Let's do it.
Headed to the gate, baby.
Headed to the gate.
If we go to this flight and
all the other teams are there,
I might poop my pants with joy.
Bearded bros.
- You see 'em?
- Yeah.
- There they ar.
- Everybody rolling up.
- What flight are you guys on?
- What flight are you on?
-The 1:50.
How did you guys get on 1:50?
-You're not on 1:50?
-What flight are you on?
-Are you on the 7:50 one?
-Yeah. How'd you get
-How'd you guys get these?
-When we walked
into the travel agency
-The guy gave them to us.
-Ian and Joe were there.
-Ian and Joe got out of there.
And they said there's a 1:50.
Anna Leigh! Steve!
They got on the 1:50.
Ian and Joe, 1:50. 1:50.
-How'd y'all get on the 1:50?
-They gave it to us.
Are you kidding me?
I think my hair caught on fire.
I was mad.
Well, there's nothing
we can do about it right now.
That could have taken
us out of the entire game.
That makes me so mad.
This is
the biggest punch to the gut
I've had in a while.
- So, we've got us
- Corey.
Corey and Rob, Greg and John
and Lena and Morgan
on this flight at 1:45.
It's all the way in, right?
Yeah. Each end's
on the right side.
Okay, so we're not
coming short on time?
- No.
- Gee.
Wait. There's not even a plane.
Something is funky.
This announcement
is for passengers traveling
on Flight VU130
to Ho Chi Minh City.
The new departure time
is now expected to be at 3:00.
It's an hour and 15 minutes.
I mean, there's nothing
we can do about it now.
- So we're just sitting here,
- Yeah.
-Our flight
was delayed by an hour or so.
-An hour. Yeah.
So whatever that 1:50 flight is,
it's probably gonna
get in before us now.
- They're gonna have a leg up.
- We got a new top two.
We're currently
in first and second place, guys.
We just
flipped it around on 'em.
Let's hope it stays.
Drag 'em down.
This is old-school Amazing Race.
This is suffering in the airport
Amazing Race.
There's nothing we're gonna do
at night, I'm telling you.
What if it's frog hunting?
Hey, I'd go frog hunting.
In Texas, there's a golf course
that we'd all have to go
catch a frog,
and we'd have frog races
to see whoever's frog
got to the pond first.
That sounds like
a very charmed upbringing.
I don't have a lot in common
with the people on our flight.
I feel like
I'm kind of the outcast.
I wasn't really looking
to make a new bestie.
I just kind of wanted to
get through the day.
Let's go.
I'm excited to see Vietnam
for the first time.
-I'm excited
to see what it's all about.
There is some solace in knowing
that there are teams
booked for a 7:00 flight.
So we'll just do the best
we can once we get in.
We're excited.
We are one of
the first groups traveling
the old Amazing Raceway,
where you get to
actually book your own flights.
We're stoked
to keep crushing it.
Vietnam, here we come.
Got to get our taxi.
The bus station.
You know where it is?
-Where's Ian and Joe?
-Probably already in a taxi.
Let's go down there.
Let's go. Rock and roll.
-You know where that is?
-Okay. Yeah.
That took way too long.
-We're hopeful that he knows
where we're going, so
Right now we're
trying to get to a bus station
so that we can catch
a bus to Can Tho, Vietnam.
There's so many
motorbikes everywhere.
This is a busy little road here.
Everyone just goes
in and out of everyone.
Somehow. Organized chaos.
We're here.
We made it here so quickly.
Thank you.
We're traveling to Can Tho.
- 6:31?
- Yeah. We got to go.
We're looking for FUTA.
Over here.
- Shoes.
- Shoes.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Let's get up here.
Okay. Not too bad.
I've never been
on a bus like this before.
Me neither, but I'm here for i.
Okay, good. Don't talk to me
for the next five hours.
- All right,
let's do this.
- All right, let's go.
Dude, we get to lay down.
Tight fit.
-We're hoping
we make it to Can Tho.
-It'll be easy to take a nap.
We got four hours to Can Tho.
Good night.
- Left. Left.
- Jog. Jog.
Which one? Which one? Which one?
Right here.
Bus station? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Bus station.
Our flight was delayed,
so a little behind right now.
I love the honking.
It's Vietnam Amazing Race.
- We are
in Ho Chi Minh City.
- All right.
We're still hoping for
to be first place,
-but it's not looking good
at this moment.
-It's not likely on this leg.
West Coach Bus Station.
- 7:30. Okay, perfect.
- 7:30.
7:30, please.
- - To Can Tho. -30.
Take your shoes off.
We sit anywhere?
This is not what
I was expecting at all.
This is crazy.
Pretty comfy.
All right.
Ninh Kieu Wharf?
-Over there.
-Over there?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Thank you.
All right.
Dock opens 5:45 a.m.
That's what we have to wait for.
"Take one per team."
5:45s, 6:00s
and 6:15s.
We have the first time slot
at 5:45 a.m.
-Right now, we have a pretty
comfortable head start, um,
that is going to shrink
down to 15-minute intervals,
-come tomorrow morning, um
-Nothing we can't handle.
Dock opens at 5:45 a.m.
So, 5:45?
Choke point.
All right.
Let's go find a place to sleep.
Let's dig ourselves a hole.
Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.
Western Bus Station?
We got to beat all of them.
We got to beat everybody.
The other six teams
that got on the flight before us
have a pretty hefty head start.
Come on.
Put the pedal to the metal.
This a stick shift?
Let's go to fourth.
Well, these last five teams are
in a real predicament right now.
And we've got to stay
in front of one of 'em.
We are literally fighting
for our Amazing Racelives.
We were in 11th place yesterday,
and now we're tied for seventh,
at the least, so
I'm-I'm in a good mood.
All right, all right.
Check box.
So we get the last 5:45 time.
- What does it say?
- "Dock opens 5:45."
We got the 6:00.
"Take one per team."
We're in the second group.
- 5:45. We're at 6:00.
- And then 6:15.
We just missed it.
- We have no lead at this point.
- Yeah.
At most, it's
a 15-minute lead over the
the third group of teams.
You know, at least we're not
in the last boat, I guess.
This is it right here?
It's a board.
Okay. Y'all are with us.
6:00 a.m.
Now the leads
are only 15 minutes apart.
It makes a lot of sense
for us to go ahead
and use this Express Pass.
This is actually
a great game changer for us.
It's good news on our side.
-Johnny and I will
make up that 15 minutes.
-We'll make it up.
Like, 15 minutes
is nothing for us.
-All right, ready?
Let's go this way?
- Which way?
- It's got to be this way.
My gosh.
What's the number?
Wait. There's 5:45.
- How'd you find a 5:45?
- I dug.
- This is our time?
- Yeah. This is our time.
We're at 06:00 a.m.
There was a 5:45 in there,
though. We missed it.
I dug in there,
and we actually got
the earliest one, so
Going 15 minutes early,
so, it's, like
We'll take whatever
we can get right now.
Take one for the team. 6:15.
What time did y'all get?
- 6:15.
- Did y'all get 6:15 as well?
-We got 6:00.
What I'm trying to do
in this race is try
to think about what people
aren't doing and where
I can take it one step further
and just get ahead.
And so, when
there was 6:00, 6:15,
due diligence.
You just got to check it.
I would be mad at myself
if I didn't pick up the stack.
When the clock's involved,
every minute matters.
- We're in it to win it.
- We're coming for 'em.
-Thank you.
Come on, Dad.
I grabbed a 5:45,
which put us
ahead of other people.
So, that gave us a little bit
of motivation
'cause we were tired.
We had ten minutes to wash up,
clean some armpits,
and we were out of there.
That's what I did, too.
-Running on no sleep
and a million-dollar dream.
-Route Info.
-Route Info, baby.
"Travel by sampan to the Cho Noi
Cai Rang Floating Market."
The mighty Mekong
stretches roughly 2,700 miles,
about the distance
across the United States.
Floating markets like this--
Cai Rang-- can be found
along the entire length,
and feed
tens of millions of people.
Using a sampan, teams
need to find three vendors,
each looking to restock
a different type of fruit--
dragon fruit, tangerines
and golden melons.
They must collect one-third of
a photograph from each vendor.
Once they piece them together,
they'll have their next clue.
"Choose any available marked
sampan filled with produce."
Cho Noi Cai Rang
Floating Market?
Is it marked?
He's marked.
He's marked.
- Let's go.
- This guy, this guy,
this guy. Hey!
Cho Noi Cai Rang
Floating Market?
-All right, Smithe, right here.
-Let's go.
-Very fast, very fast.
-Let's get in front of them!
"You must drop each type
of produce at the marked vendor.
An example of the produce they
accept is hanging from a pole."
"Drop off all produce
in the baskets on our boat
to the marked vendors
in the floating market."
Fast, fast, fast! Let's go!
So, the first group
of four teams is underway.
We got a lot of produce.
We got some big old squashes,
some oranges.
Looks like we got some kind
of funny-looking things here.
Is this the dragon fruit
that has the white
with the brown specks?
I bet it is.
Yeah, that's what that is.
That's a piece of dragon
Doesn't it look like a dragon?
-Looks like a dragon's egg.
-Let's go. Got it. Cool.
-All right.
Thank you. Come on, Lena.
-Fast. Are you fast?
-This is fast.
-Take our own?
-Yeah, we take our own.
Cho Noi Cai Rang? Okay.
- All right, we're moving.
- We're moving.
- Let's go.
- We are moving.
- It seems like
a speed challenge.
- Yep.
-So that guy is gonna be
our ticket to winning this.
We got to be best friends
with this man.
All right, Let's go.
- Come on, Chels.
- Hi.
Hi, hi. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Here we go. Right here.
Let's go, Malaina.
Fast, fast, fast, fast, fast.
All right, here we go.
Yeremi and I traveled
all day yesterday,
-all through the night.
-Yes, we did.
And we probably got a maximum--
-maximum-- of maybe
two mediocre hours of sleep.
Let's do it.
The floating market
was unlike anything
I've ever seen before.
There were people really just
milling around on their boats,
going to different places,
buying different items.
It wasn't all fruit.
There were other things,
as well.
It was totally
eye-opening to see.
This is super cool, though.
Holy cow.
- Pink, pink.
- All right, here's some
of these fruits.
-Pink, pink. Here, here.
-Yeah, right here, right here.
Right here. Here, here.
There's dragon fruit.
- See, it's marked.
- They found it.
- They're going to one right now.
- Okay.
Who's that?
Steve and Anna Leigh.
-Good morning. You ready?
-All right.
-Can two boats
Two boats here? Okay, yes.
Where would you like us to toss?
- Two, two, two.
Two? Two at a time.
All right,
drag some dragon fruit up.
Ooh. Got it.
Take your time, Anna Leigh.
All right, we're ready to start.
Good job!
- I'll toss, toss, toss.
Well, we got Steve
and Anna Leigh over there,
and we're trying
to pass them up right now.
They got here first,
but not by much.
We have got our eyes peeled
for the markers.
That-- that's it. That's it!
- This. This, this, this, this.
- Here, here, here.
This is so cool.
- That's Rob and Corey.
- I know.
-Do you want
to give the small
-Yeah, yeah.
-Dad, go get the other basket.
We got a bunch of baskets.
Last basket.
They only have one more basket.
- Who?
- The boys.
- Ain't no way.
- Yep.
They gave us a piece
of the clue,
so it looks like
we need two more.
See you all in a minute.
- See you, boys.
- Pretty well.
- Last one.
- Last one.
All done. Thank you.
Okay, next fruit.
- Are they done?
- Yep, they're done.
- Two more, two more.
- Two more, two more.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
-Let's go!
Now we're looking
for an orange vendor
and, I believe,
a dragon fruit vendor.
Yep, yep, yep. Here.
One more. One left.
- That's it.
- Done.
- Thank you.
- Two more fruits.
But we got
our biggest one delivered.
We got this.
We're not making good time
in our boat at all.
We're gonna have to toss, like,
hundreds of pieces of fruit,
and we're going pretty slow.
We're considering using
our Express Pass right now.
It's got
to be up there somewhere.
We don't know which side
we're gonna be on.
All right,
keep your eyes peeled, babe.
What are we looking for?
A marked vendor.
-Just look for hanging fruit.
Is this it?
He looks like he's waiting
for us. Oranges on a pole.
How do we verify if it's marked?
- Yeah, this is
the right one, Smithe.
- It is?
- Put the oranges up.
- The good thing about
being on the 5:45 departure
is we were the first boats
to get to the market.
It benefited us to be there
early and to offload them
before the other teams
started arriving
where you might have
to wait in line
in order to offload your fruit.
If we're not in first place,
we're close to first.
All we have left
are the yellow melons.
See it, Anna Leigh?
-I see the yellow. Yeah, yellow.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yellow ones.
Yeah, that's the big ones.
Let's get those off.
Yeah, big ones. Here we come,
baby. Here we come.
It's hanging fruit, right?
-Right there.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He has to go all the way around.
It's one way inside.
-Can we go faster?
-Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo,
right there.
-Right there. Right there.
-Right there?
- Yeah.
- I see Rob and Corey.
Can we-can we go left? No?
Can we go around this boat?
We have to go around?
I guess we got to go around.
- We were ahead for so long.
- I know.
And then he just,
like, dropped back.
Three more. One, two,
- three.
- Done. Done.
Thank you. Okay.
Did you get the clue?
- Good job.
- Hey, Texas!
Hurry, Todd, come on.
Whatever it is so far
looks like
Let me see your picture.
What is that? A boat ramp.
It's a boat ramp.
Here we go.
Keep 'em coming, babe.
- That boat right there.
- That boat-- yeah.
- Is it the melon?
- Sir.
That's it, baby.
Slow is smooth
and smooth is fast.
These are
my basketball skills.
Way back in the day,
I played pro basketball
over in France and Germany.
I was a fierce competitor.
That's the challenge--
finding that balance between,
like, "I'm here to have fun" and
him to be "I'm here to compete."
I've been on basketball teams
that lose.
You never have fun.
-Here, we're gonna
start bickering right now.
-Um, right?
Palming the ball, baby.
Feeling the flow.
All right, Lena, that's pomelos.
- Hurry up, Todd.
- There's Lena and Morgan.
-Babe, I'm trying
-I know.
We can't unload
when they're unloading.
Okay, that's a problem.
-What do you want to do?
-We got to keep going.
-Let's leave.
-Let's go.
All we have left are
the yellow melons
after these.
Hello! Let's go, Joe.
- That's it.
- Okay, that's all.
- All done.
- Get our clue?
Thank you. Thank you, my friend.
-Okay. On to the melons.
Okay, let's go.
-I just told him we're done,
we're done.
-Thank you.
Excuse me, sir?
It's this right here? Awesome.
Fast, fast, fast, fast, fast.
Go fast, go fast, go fast.
- Go fast.
- See? Look.
Don't give him no head start.
We need to go faster.
Nice, babe.
You're killing it. That's it.
-Thank you.
All right, good to go.
-Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
-All right, ready?
I'm gonna hand 'em to you.
-All right.
- See you, boys.
- See you.
All right.
Now it's just the manual work.
-Anna Leigh and Steve are here.
-This is our last basket.
-You're doing two?
Can someone call Guinness?
I think I'm holding on
to the record for most fruit
touched in one day.
Corey, what's up, man?
All finished.
We got to keep looking
for orange. Thank you.
- Okay, bye-bye.
- Have a good day.
Two-thirds of the way done.
Let's keep on trucking.
-Good job, boys.
-There we go.
Good job, dude.
Here we go.
there's another one up there.
-You see that?
-That one.
-With the flag. Look.
-What is that-- oranges?
- Yeah, oranges. Okay.
- Let's wait for them.
Good job. Good job.
We've got two boats
in front of us.
We haven't been able
to get rid of anything yet.
Our whole group came and went.
They got ahead of us
in line, so,
it's never great waiting
in a queue.
All right, we're good.
-All right.
-Thank you.
All right, now we got to go.
There's melons.
We're starting to see
there's watermelon.
I wonder if they're all
in the same area.
Just like a grocery store.
-Is that it right there
on the pole?
-Yep, there it is.
Hello! How would you like
some melons?
Here we go.
So now we're just looking
for the orange vendor.
- Morgan.
- Yes.
No, Lena, we can't go anywhere.
We need to get one done.
No, they're about to be done.
-Ian, we're nearing the end.
Let's go. Let's go.
We're gonna
use our Express Pass.
That's a smart move.
Morgan and Lena
are using their Express Pass
right now.
-We're gonna use
our Express Pass.
-Our Express Pass.
-Thank you so much.
-We need to go here.
-Please go fast.
Fast, fast, fast.
Even though this wasn't gonna
give us the time gap
that we were looking for,
it was gonna
stop us from being
all the way in the back.
We're using our Express Pass
because you can only fill up
on the boats two at a time,
so it's making it impossible
for us to finish this task
in a reasonable amount of time.
At least we have a chance
to stay in the front
of the pack today.
-Last one.
-And that's all.
All right.
- Thank you, my friend.
- Okay.
So we got the full picture.
That's where we got to go.
I believe we're team number one?
-Don't say it. Don't say it.
Let's go, baby.
-I love this. This is so fun.
We have so many more.
-They do have a lot.
-Aw, let's just keep going.
But then we have
to go all the way back around.
- I know.
- Okay.
We are skipping the dragon fruit
or whatever this is
and moving on to the next.
he knows where we're going.
You see another one?
I see the melons
right over there.
Come on. Come on.
Let's go.
We in this, we in this.
You get us, too? Okay.
Two at a time. Two at a time.
This is not our b
Yeah, this is our boat, Liam.
Yeah, they're right here.
Only two at the
same time. We'll wait, though.
Coming up
on our boat, boys?
Hey, New York,
we're just trying
we're just trying to look at
you guys, see how y'all do it.
- Almost done.
- Last round right here.
Let's go! Let's go!
- All right.
- All right, guys.
-All right, gentlemen.
-See you, boys.
Good luck to you guys.
Liam, I'm gonna
start moving this.
Good luck, guys.
All right, sir. Thank you.
Here we go.
Am I supposed to tie it?
All right.
- Last one.
- Good job, good job.
-Get the clue.
-Done. Done.
Thank you. Let's go, let's go.
- We didn't get the clue!
- We need the clue!
-Go back, back up, back up!
-Back, back, back, back!
-Whoa, whoa! We just need our
clue. We already did this.
-Go, go!
-So what do we do?
-We need to get them
out of the way.
There's too many people.
- Can Corey grab it?
- No, they won't give it to him.
There's nothing
we can do about it.
My God.
-Whoa, whoa! We just need
our clue. We already did this.
-Go, go!
- So what do we do?
- Back up, back up.
No? Okay. He said no.
There's nothing
we can do about it.
Let's go do dragon fruit
and come back. Okay.
This was not
our challenge, babe.
-I'm gonna go get
one more basket.
-Okay. All right.
- And we're only,
like, halfway right now.
- Okay.
This is like the manual labor
that we do day in, day out
in the grocery business.
That's it. That's it.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Almost done. Chels.
That's it. Yes!
-Yes, yes, yes! Come on!
-All right, so let's go.
- Come on, let's go.
- Let's go, let's go.
Me and Ashlie--
we're like a well-oiled machine.
This is how we pick up the kids'
toys at home sometimes.
Wait, wait.
-Done? Done, done.
-That should be it.
All right, we got
our second clue. Let's go, baby.
- Any more? You got 'em all?
- That's it.
- Okay. All done.
- Okay, get in.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Yeah. Get up here.
How close, Yeremi?
We're finishing up
right here, dawg.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
-All right, dragon fruit.
- Let's go, baby.
- Let's go, dawg.
-What does that say?
-Pier 20.
- Is that it?
- That looks like that's it.
Do you see a fisherman?
Yeah, there's a fisherman.
- What's inside?
- A tackle box full of clues.
- Yeah. Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you.
All right,
let's go over here and read it.
"Paper or Plastic?"
This is the number one staple
on the planet,
eaten by billions
around the world every day.
It's been grown here
in Vietnam's rice bowl
since the Stone Age.
Locals use it
to make báhn tráng--
rice paper that you can eat.
This Detour requires teams
to figure out how to make it.
First, they need
to pour a liquid mixture
of water and rice flour
onto a steamer,
heat it for 30 seconds,
then pick it up
with a wicker bat
and lay it out to dry.
Making perfect paper
can be painstaking,
but if they can properly
prepare 12 sheets,
they'll be rewarded with a clu.
When it comes to getting
from A to B,
there's no means
of transportation more popular
than a motorized two-wheeler.
Here in Vietnam,
there's roughly
65 million of them.
Of course, everybody loves
to arrive in style,
which is why customized vinyl
wrappings are all the rage.
This Detour
requires teams to cut,
apply heat, and smooth out vinl
on just one body part.
It's only one part,
but getting a perfect finish
without bubbles is easier said
than done.
Paper. Taxis are right there
waiting for us.
- Okay.
- Right across. Let's go.
-Let's go.
-All right, hurry up. Let's go.
-Yep. Right there.
-I think it's dragon fruit.
-I think that's it.
-Here, here, here, here,
here, here, here.
We're doing dragon fruit.
-That's it. Let's go.
- What's up, boys?
- You guys are in line?
-Come back, come back. Sit down.
Good job, guys.
All right, now we wait.
All right, boys, get after it.
Let me see you all sweat.
My God. It's so hot.
- We're gonna be okay.
- . There.
All right. Thank you.
Come on, Lena.
Can we have a clue?
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-We're gonna do Plastic.
Okay, let's go.
All right.
We're gonna do the rice paper.
We're gonna do the rice paper.
-"Travel by taxi." Let's go.
-Let's go.
What's promising is that
Rob and Corey were with
the first group
that left at 5:45.
We left at 6:00.
And we are gonna be
probably minutes behind them.
Thank you so much.
Thank you. Thank you.
Final clue.
Do you know this?
Perfect. Thank you.
That's a sign
for the rice paper place.
They're close to each other,
so we're close to both of them
right now.
That wasn't far.
Let's jog down this alley
to see what's down here.
How much do we owe you?
It's 35?
Okay. Thank you.
All right, Lena,
let's rock this.
Hi. Let's get
this demonstration going.
Right here.
My God. We're gonna
do this quick. Okay.
Okay, so he's doing it towards
the top. He's rubbing it.
- He's got the gloves on.
- Okay.
Okay. He's shrink-wrapping it.
Okay. Slow and steady
wins this race.
Who do we ask for a piece?
- Can we have orange?
- Orange?
They're only gonna
give us one piece?
As a marketing executive,
I really wanted my artist
to have this look on Fairfax
and have a huge window vinyl,
and I didn't have the money
in his budget to do it,
so I did it myself.
You need me to loosen it?
It's okay, it's okay. It's okay.
I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.
It is really hard
if you're just working on it
for the first time.
It's a giant sticker
that just makes you upset.
The motorcycle paneling
had sharp edges,
it was very curvy.
And so what we learned was
you had to cover the body firs,
which had less curves,
and then you would use
the hot gun to stretch out
the material to almost, like,
Saran Wrap the sides.
Go ahead. Hot air gun it.
Slow and steady wins this race.
- Slow and steady. We're here.
- Nobody else is here.
All right, this is
the rice paper place.
-This is it?
-It's down here.
There's the demo.
All right, let's watch a demo.
There's the batter.
Pour it on like a crepe.
-You can make crepes.
-I've made crepes.
So far,
it's looking very crepe-like.
This guy is all about crepes.
I've made lots of crepes before.
Then you put a cover on it.
In the army, my nickname
was Pierre because
my platoon mates knew
that I used to live in France.
Take the paper wicket.
He's rolling the wicket.
Okay. So it just sticks to it
as you roll it.
- Nice, nice. Okay.
- Pick it up.
Okay. And then you put it
on the drying rack.
Rice paper? There it is.
-Come on, Dad.
-Somebody's here.
Hey, guys.
-Hey, guys. All right,
let's go pick a station.
-All right.
Watch. Look, look, look.
She keeps stirring the batter.
Covers it.
Are you doing the batter then,
since you're the crepe guy?
- Sure.
- So we need 12 sheets.
This is a pretty cool technique.
Keep it moving. Try to get it
to spread a little thinner.
- Okay.
- Perfect.
All right, 30 seconds.
Well, I don't know if you need
that much, but that's okay.
We want it thinner than that,
probably, next time.
- Cover it.
- Ready?
- You think it's next time?
- Yep.
Grab the wicket. Yeah!
Roll that paper up.
Once you get about halfway,
you can just lift it off.
But don't rip it.
You just got to baby it.
- She's a beaut.
- Okay, ready?
Here we go.
Is that still too wet?
Want 'em hard. Yes. Go now.
Are you sure?
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Aw, shoot! It's too wet
coming off of there.
Scrape it off.
That one's trashed.
John and Greg,
how you guys doing, boys?
We're doing great. Doing great.
We're done, we're done.
We're done.
- Okay. Okay.
- Okay, bye.
- All right, great.
We want to go that way.
We're killing this.
Little did they know,
I used to work in produce.
- Done.
- Perfect. Clue?
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
- Bye-bye.
-Okay, let's go.
My God, Chels.
Final three. Get the clue. Clue?
-Thank you. These are gorgeous.
- Good job.
- All right, gentlemen.
- Great job today. Good work.
- Thanks, boys.
We got to go back
to the oranges.
We need the clue.
We have, like, seven baskets
of dragon fruit to do.
We were at the dragon fruit.
There was a line.
He took us
to go to do the oranges,
and then there was another line,
so we kind of lost some time.
We could have just waited
at the dragon fruit.
- It's right there.
It's right there.
He's right there.
It's right there. It's
right there. It's right there.
- Yeah, yeah. There, there.
- Where is he going?
He's going to go around,
I think.
No. This man
will take the longest route
he can find.
- No.
- He really did go around!
In terms of
level-headedness, I feel like
we're both pretty calm people.
Not big complainers.
I feel like he's starting
to get a little annoyed with us,
but, like,
that's the way it goes.
-He sees how hard we're working.
-Yeah. Yeah, he sees it.
I've gotten really
into mindfulness and meditatio,
taking a breath, calming down.
Whatever stressful
situation's in the moment,
it's going
to be over eventually.
- Are you ready
to make up some time?
- Yeah.
Please? Fast, fast, fast.
How many do you have left?
We are almost through with
our second basket of oranges.
Offloading the oranges
helped push us towards the back
because only two teams at a tie
could offload produce, and so,
and so any team
that was already ahead was
just kind of building their lead
at that point.
Three more.
We're done! Thank you.
Yeah. Good job, you guys.
Right. We're out of here.
-We need to go here. Yeah? Good?
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
We're probably about 30 minutes
-behind the first group
of teams.
Don't be sloppy.
Don't reach down.
Let me get the net.
We've been married
for 20 years now.
Here, here, here, here.
We don't always see eye to eye,
so we do butt heads a lot.
There it is.
Right there. Right there.
-Okay, Okay, I see it. Got it.
-Don't be sloppy. Okay, okay.
-I'm not. The boat moved.
Oranges up there.
- How do you want
to do this?
- I don't even know.
Nobody's gonna
grab our clue for us.
Don't let them go
in front of us.
Clue, clue, clue, clue, clue!
-We need the clue.
-They forgot to get the clue.
Can we just get the clue
really quick?
I don't think they're gonna
let us until we get up there.
"Paper or Plastic"?
We're gonna choose Paper.
Go through there. There,
there, there, there, there.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
There you go.
There you go, Tang.
-Are you ready, John?
-As long as your hands are open,
I'll hit the target.
There's our final basket.
-Yeremi's working it.
-I've had
dragon fruit before,
and I really do enjoy it.
I know, right?
- Got it.
- Okay.
- Clear, clear, clear, clear?
- Thank you, sir. Pomelos?
- Yeah.
-We need the clue. Here.
We need the clue.
- Don't forget your clue like us.
- Thank you.
Come on. Dragon fruit.
- Go, go, go!
- We got a big lead
on them.
- Those dragon fruit are hard.
- Clue, clue.
Just the clue.
We spent a lot of time
-Go it. Thank you.
-Go, go, go!
trying to correct
that critical error.
Yeah, and that was tough.
-Okay, toss it one at a time.
Nice job. Nice job.
- That's a nice one.
- That one
was really good.
Don't let it turn,
don't let it turn.
-There it is. It's coming.
-There it goes.
Dang, he makes that look easy.
We got this.
Just like making crepes.
It's not picking it up.
No, no, no,
that ain't gonna work.
It is not picking up.
-You hear me?
-Settle down.
- Dad, do you-do you hear me?
- Yeah.
Every time
she gets a little pressure
or a little frustration,
she looks for somebody
to take it out on.
Usually, it's her husband,
though. It's not me.
Rice paper is hard.
Here. Let's go.
-Look at that one.
-Perfect beauty.
We might need to move to Vietnam
and become rice paper salesman.
I see another team.
Should we switch Detours?
Just keep on trying.
Progress in the making.
-There you go. Last one.
-Thank you.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
- So you have the clue? Yes?
- It's okay.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes?
- Perfect.
Little heat,
little heat, little heat,
heat, heat, heat. Thank you.
This is Lena's jam. I mean,
I've watched her
wallpaper whole walls.
Hold on, hold on. Our vinyl
our vinyl is sticking together.
It's fine. Do it again.
Thank you.
You're doing so good.
Can't believe that ripped.
It's ridiculous.
Which one do we want?
-Paper? Yeah.
-You want to do Paper? Okay.
-We've been efficient, for sure.
-Thank you.
We're almost done.
We're almost done.
-All right.
-All right, roll.
Okay, thank you.
Good job, guys.
- All right.
- Keep pushing.
All right, we're on last basket.
-Thank you.
We done. Clue. Clue.
-Thank you.
Thank you. Let's go.
We got to find a fisherman.
What do you think?
-Let's do Plastic.
-We're gonna do Plastic.
-All right.
-All right, man. You ready?
-Let's go.
-Let's go. All right.
There you go.
-I know.
Halfway. Okay, pick it up.
That looks like a good one.
What do you think?
I feel like
we're making progress.
Yeah. You almost got it.
Twelve About 12 circles,
25 seconds.
All right, let's do this.
As soon as we figured out
what the challenge was,
we were cruising.
Use your hand.
No. Other way around. Okay.
- You see it? Where?
- I saw an arrow. Straight ahead.
Very, very gentle work.
Good job, Dad.
We're getting there.
- You got it.
- Okay.
Well, that was
a good one. That was a good one.
Thank you.
Another team is getting here.
-What color you want?
-Purple. Purple.
Thank you.
This is all they're giving us.
Remember, babe-- do it slow
-and do it right.
My dad would be so good at this.
I've done stretching vinyl
with my dad before,
and when I say, "I did,"
like, I was literally, like,
just standing by my dad, like,
listening to him talk, but,
like, I know
that there's no rushing it.
You're moving at the pace
of the vinyl.
The vinyl's not moving
at your pace.
All right, pull it up tight,
and I'm gonna hit it
with a little heat.
I feel like we've made a lot
of progress from the first one
to where we're at now. Perfect.
Now we're getting
a little rhythm down.
Like this.
I think that's
the most beautiful rice paper
that's ever been made.
It's got wrinkles, but who
doesn't have wrinkles, you know?
- Almost like a pancake.
- Wide. Wider. Yep.
Thinner. Thinner.
We're just trying
to figure out the pattern here
-on how to make this work.
-There you go. Gonna try it.
But cooking is not my forte.
I cook.
I just don't like cooking.
-Can we get a check?
-Ready for a check.
Look at these beautiful
rice papers.
Okay. Okay.
Those two bad?
Yeah, that one's gone.
- Three of them? Okay.
- Okay.
Let's move this over here.
We need to do three more.
Nine, ten.
Two more.
We should be able
to make 12 sheets of rice paper.
I don't know. Okay.
-Thank you.
-Got our bags.
Let's go. Let's get in here.
When we got there,
Lena and Morgan
were already there
- and so was Joe and Ian.
- Yes. Yep.
We pulled in, and we were like,
"there's only three
of us here right now"?
Like, we feel like we're
in a pretty good placement.
You know what's funny
is that I wanted
to wrap my car
for a hot minute.
Well, now you get to learn.
So let's start.
We chose Plastic
over Paper because,
it looked like something that
was a little more up our alley,
a little more technical,
a little more hands-on.
Let's see how thick this is
so we know how much room
for error we have.
-Yeah. Got it.
I'm gonna hold this.
I want you to pull it
not too tight 'cause it's.
-When I get it hot,
it-it stretches a lot.
Let's do these edges.
Just the edge
to shrink-wrap it down.
Come on, baby.
Don't let me down.
Keep right here.
-Taxis are over there?
-Okay. Let's go to Paper.
-All right, rice paper it is.
-Let's cross right here.
-What's up, ladies?
Hi. Okay, let's cross.
So, Rice Paper?
-Um, I think Paper.
-Yeah, let's do
We'll do Paper.
Okay, we're gonna do Paper.
Nine out of the 12
were good enough.
Almost got it.
So basically, you just can't
have big tears through it,
or have it
folded over itself.
- We're gonna get a check
after this last one?
- Yeah.
We've got 11. We're going
to make this twelfth one.
- We have somebody judge it.
- Yes.
There we go.
Welcome to your new home.
-Little hard to
-No, you didn't bring it.
I understand that, babe.
Do you not want me
to give you pointers, or
We got 12 right now,
so, cross your fingers.
- Check?
- Check, please.
- They're already
getting a check?
So, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven.
-Seven. Ten.
-Eight, nine, ten.
11, 12.
- Good.
- They're just getting
- their clue right now.
- Okay.
We'll be right behind 'em.
Last one.
Thank you!
Let's go.
Well, "Race to the Pit Stop."
It's impossible to come up
with an exact figure,
but there are an estimated
30,000 places of worship
scattered across Vietnam.
Many date back
thousands of years.
This one is only ten years old,
but it is the biggest
in Can Tho.
Today, this quiet,
spiritual Zen monastery
is where teams
will find the Pit Stop.
-Come on, Dad!
-I'm here.
- Taxi. Taxi!
- What are we looking for?
- They're there. Okay.
- There she is.
- That way,
that way, that way.
- Thank you.
Texas, go.
- Here?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Just keep going.
Let's get it done.
All right.
-Ready for a check.
-Check! Check, check.
Come on, baby. Come on, baby.
-Yes! We got it. We got it.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, thank you,
Thank you.
-All right, let's do this.
-All right, let's go.
-Holy moly.
How far is this thing?
-Keep going.
- Keep going. Yeah.
- Come on!
We got
to get there before
- Steve and Anna Leigh.
- Look out! Let's go.
-Right there.
-They're getting out,
we're getting in.
- You guys all done?
- That way. That way.
Down this aisle!
Come on.
- Here?
- No.
That's not it.
- Got to find a cab.
- Any tips?
It just takes practice.
You'll get it.
-No, that's somebody's house.
that's somebody's house.
"There are five ovens
-"First come, first serve."
-Take this oven.
-Okay, let's go.
-Let's go.
We need to
Are they done?
Okay, yeah. All right.
Go, go, go. They finished.
-Come on. Come on, Andrea.
-Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
- Fast, fast, fast.
- Andrea. Come on.
- Taxi?
- Are you guys done?
- Yeah.
- Just takes practice.
-All right, we got it. Let's go.
-Yep. Let's go. Let's go.
The brothers already passed us.
Here it is. We passed it.
-We passed it.
-We must be blind! Holy cow.
Okay, we're going here.
-Can we put our
stuff down right
This is our station.
Okay, let's get a station.
There's an ongoing
Let's just go watch it.
-Is it there?
-Yep, let's do it.
All right, let's roll,
let's roll, let's roll.
Watch them.
Does somebody have this one?
All right.
Right here. Right here, Andrea.
- This it?
- Come on.
Come on. Hurry up.
Do we have one?
Is there one?
There's no more stations.
There was only
five stations available,
first come, first serve.
"There are five ovens
One, two.
-Three, four.
-Three, four, five.
So we had to wait for
one of the teams to leave.
-Well, this is
-We can't wait too long.
- This is gonna
cost us some time.
- Damn.
I feel like this
challenge is worth waiting for.
This will be more up our alley.
-We want to do this.
But there's no
available stations, so,
hopefully someone will get done.
We are both competitive.
Even with my son.
I want him
to be competitive, also.
So, that competitive spirit
is always within us.
But in certain instances,
you need to just be patient.
It is what it is.
We'll make up time.
What's going on here?
-What's going on here?
-It just needs to be cut, Lena.
Think this is okay right here?
Yeah, there it is. Nice.
Nice, dude. Nice.
It's looking good.
It's getting light-colored
there, so be careful.
-Do you see that?
Damn. Should we start over
'cause it's light-colored?
I don't want
to get it all the way done
-You want to redo it over? Yeah.
-Yeah, yeah.
We're starting over.
Let's get Get-get orange.
Thank you.
I wanted to get orange
'cause it more
closely matches the color
of this.
The purple,
you see the white right through.
Let's go, babe.
Start peeling the plastic.
- We don't know
if we're
- First, second.
We don't know, so,
anybody's game, anybody's game.
We're racing Steve
and Anna Leigh to the mat.
Hopefully, their cab driver
doesn't know where it is.
-He seems confident
with our directions.
-Good job.
We have the best taxi driver
we've had in a while.
- Yeah,
he's flying for us.
- He's confident where
we're headed
and he is getting us there.
- Come on.
- Is there Phil right there?
There's Phil. There, there!
Come on, come on. Phil!
Nice. Beautiful.
Welcome to Truc Lam Phuong Nam!
Yes, glad to be here.
-Steve and Anna Leigh,
you are team number one.
- That was a great feeling.
- From sixth,
-sixth to first.
-Well, wait.
From sixth to sixth to
about last, then back to first.
That was a cool feeling.
- However, you are still racing.
- Wait, wait.
- I have your next clue.
- No!
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Rip it,
- read it and keep on racing.
- No.
-We were tricked.
We were tricked.
-We were tricked.
Phil handed us that paper.
I thought it was over, but no.
"Travel by taxi to Café Tu Diec
"and ask the person
behind the counter for a clue.
You have 5,500 Vietnamese dong
for the leg."
Come on.
We're team number one, Dad.
Come on, come on, come on.
-Where are you, Phil?
-There he is. There he is.
- Phil.
- Phil! My goodness.
Joel and Garrett,
you are team number two.
-All right!
-We'll take it.
However, you are still racing.
- Ho!
- Boy.
-All right, good luck, guys.
-See you, Phil.
- Almost done.
- There you go. Yeah.
I need you to come up to here.
I think the side over here--
I think this is pretty good.
We're gonna ask for a judge.
Can we get a judge?
The air bubbles?
Can these come out?
It's not fixable. We're just
gonna try another piece.
-Maybe a darker color?
Get the navy blue.
We decided to switch colors
from orange to blue
because the blue
showed way less bubbles
than the orange
because it was darker.
There you go. There you go.
Let's watch.
The five stations are taken,
so, we're waiting for a station
to become available.
While we're waiting, we're
looking at the demonstration.
11. That's 12.
We're gonna do one extra
just in case one of them is bad.
-Should we switch?
-We Let's try it, at least.
No, no, not Detour.
Switch positions.
We've been together
since we were 15 years old,
so, we bicker.
Here, wait.
Watch, you bring it up.
But we have set
clear and consistent boundaries
on how far you could go.
- Support me.
- Yes, sir.
Drop it all in there and then
-Too much.
-Yeah, way too much.
You said,
"Drop it all in there."
Circular. Circular.
I know. I'm trying, I'm trying.
You put too much on, baby.
All right,
you make the next one.
It's not as easy as it looks.
It's already ruined.
I have to cook it to get it off.
- No, it's over.
- You already screwed
I understand I screwed up,
but I have to cook it.
-I can't take it off
otherwise, right?
-Okay, okay.
-Okay, yeah, nice and smooth.
-Coming out.
See? It already is so
Yeah. Okay.
So we'll scrape that off.
Okay. Can we have a check?
Check, please.
Yeah. Only that one?
We made 13.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
They got it. They got it.
They got it. They got it.
"Search for Phil on the mat."
Let's go.
- We got to do this.
- Go, go, go.
No more heat.
I need you to pull it
a little more tightly.
Okay, heat.
My God.
Maybe we heat it up,
and it'll move a little bit?
- I don't know.
- We can try.
We realized that
because the fender was curved,
the rectangle sheet
didn't cover the entire fender.
So I think now we're gonna
get the same sheet.
Okay. Let's see.
See, like that. Yeah.
I think
that's the move right there.
Pick-pick up the other side.
I think you already
lost that opportunity.
I know, but I got to figure out
how to pick it up.
-That's the hard
-I know. Can you try it?
-Do it this way.
-I understand, but
-Pick it up.
-It's not sticking.
I don't know why
it's not sticking to my thing.
- Got to be a good one.
- That's a bad one.
Let's just take it off
and throw it away.
- Keep going.
- Shoot.
- My bad, dude.
- It's okay.
We need to get
that wicker thing wet.
It's not cook
Leave it on there. Let it cook.
Rob and Corey,
you are team number
My gosh.
- However
- High five.
you are still racing.
Dude, you're killing it.
I think Todd found his calling.
It's good, right?
You want to hire him?
- Not that way.
- Why not
Okay, that'll work, but
What do you mean,
"Not this way"?
She was holding that bat,
and I'm like,
"I can't stir up."
Nice, Robbin.
Your concentration is awesome.
Put the lid on.
Here we go.
See? It's not that easy.
Almost thinking
we should have chosen Plastic.
See? It's not that easy.
Okay, let me just
Give me a break.
This one's terrible, but
- But we know
how to do it. Yep.
- trial and error.
We watched the
demonstration for a little bit,
but not for as long
as we maybe should have.
Just got to make sure it comes
down smooth is part of it.
Shoot. It's stuck together.
-Ooh, that's hot.
-Careful, careful.
Come on, pick it up.
That's a nice one.
Come on. We need this.
We need this.
We're doing good so far.
-All right. Check? Check?
Come on. Come on.
-Todd and Ashlie
just got theirs.
-Yeah! Ooh!
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Just-just keep holding it there.
Then after we're done,
we're gonna spit-shine it
with our sweat.
- I think we need
to start cutting some of this.
- Yeah.
Do it nice and slow.
There you go.
All right, let's try.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
All right, come on.
Thank you.
- Good job, girl.
- Bye, guys.
"Search for Phil on the mat."
Okay, let's go.
- We got this.
- We got a good system.
Nice job.
Okay, that's good.
This is okay, here. So,
we're gonna try it this way.
We're gonna use this little
spatula thing to kind of help us
- get it started.
- Yeah, there it goes,
there it goes.
-Beautiful, Gregory.
-Kind of spread it out?
All right, that's not too bad.
That was our best one yet.
We're recovering.
We're recovering.
We're gonna be
rice cake professionals.
While we waited
for one of the stations
to open up, we continuously
watched the demonstration,
so I believe
-that definitely helped us.
- We can make extra.
- Yeah, just make extra
'cause they're gonna
knock some out.
- Nice, Robbin.
- That one's okay. Check?
Can we get a check?
Ten, 11, 12. Good?
Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- The ladies got it.
- I know.
That looks awesome,
but it's still too thick.
It feels amazing
to get our clue before
teams that have been dominating
this whole race thus far.
-Thank you.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you.
It felt wonderful.
Todd and Ashlie,
you are team number four.
- However, you are still racing.
- Still racing?
-Rip it, read it right here.
-All right.
Feel good. I feel good.
We're on our way
to the Pit Stop.
Is it closed?
Okay. So the road just came
to an end.
- We're just at a dead end.
- That sucks.
Come on. We got this.
This is our chance.
It's a sprint now.
It's a sprint.
That looks good, babe.
Good, good, good.
That's it. That's it, Andrea.
- Can we get a check, please?
- Man. Come on.
-Eight, nine, ten.
-Eight, nine, ten, ele
-Eleven, 12.
Thank you.
-They got it.
-Still got Victor, Jocelyn here.
I think I'm getting a better
hang of actually wrapping this
around that little bat, so,
we might be doing
a little bit better than before.
Damn, you're good, boy.
Yeah, I'm a freak, bro.
What can I say?
We work really well
in these
high-stress situations.
- Like, we're about there.
- You know what I mean?
- Careful.
- Okay.
She's a beauty.
Thank you.
"Travel by taxi to Truc Lam
Phuong Nam Zen Monastery."
-The mat.
Robbin and Chelsea,
- you are still racing.
- Yes.
-Rip it and read it right there.
Morgan and Lena,
you are team number six.
We were shocked. Our whole goal
with using the Express Pass was
we wanted it
to be an advantage-gainer.
And we didn't even maintain
our place.
However, you are still racing.
I have another clue for you.
Thanks, Phil.
Yes, it sucks.
We're in sixth,
but we're also still racing.
This is anybody's game.
-Hey, Phil.
-What's up, Phil?
Joe and Ian, you are still
racing. Here's your next clue.
Can we get a check, please?
Seriously? Seriously?
Three more? Okay.
We'll just hang out here
until tomorrow.
- All right. Ready?
- He's got a check, yeah?
Yeah. All right. Check.
- Check?
- Gosh.
Let's do it, baby.
Not good.
We're good. We're good.
- Eleven, 12.
- Let's go. Let's go.
- They got it.
-We're the last team here.
Thank you so much!
Thank you, thank you!
It's over.
That's one.
We still need two more.
We're the last team out,
so let's pray this is good.
We had won the first two legs,
and then, now it's like,
Okay, definitely we're not
gonna be anywhere near
the front today.
-This is the last one?
-This should be the last one.
Check, please. Check.
But you know,
just stay positive when
it's not over till
Phil says you're out.
Ta da!
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Yeah, thank you.
Let's go.
It was fun while it lasted.
You don't know
until you check in.
How's that look?
-All right, let's hit it,
let's hit it, let's hit it.
-Let's hit it.
Can we do a check?
Nice and smooth.
-Okay. Yes, dude!
-Let's go.
-Let's go. Let's go.
-Let's go, baby. Let's go.
-Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
-Thank you, sir.
-"Race to the Pit Stop."
-"Race to the Pit Stop."
-Hey, cool. Let's go.
-Let's do it. Let's go get 'em.
-Let's go get 'em.
-Come on, come on.
Taxis right here.
There's taxis right here.
Where's the taxi at?
Taxi? It looks like a taxi.
- All right, babe.
- This might be our last run.
-There's the brothers.
There's the brothers. Let's go.
- Yeah. They have
a whole 'nother team here.
- Okay.
We just saw Liam and Yeremi.
They were trying to catch a cab
and they saw that we were in.
-Thank you, sir.
-Let's go.
-Hop in there, baby.
-Hop in there, baby.
Come on. Come on, come on.
we looked death
into the face right there.
-Let these guys in.
-Hey, good job.
Greg and John,
Andrea and Malaina,
- you guys are still going.
- All right.
-Rip and read your clue
right here.
- Yes.
- Rip it.
Think positive!
We're positive. We're positive.
We're not in last. We just got
to find this Pit Stop.
-This was a long,
challenging leg.
-Challenging leg.
It's gonna really put a lot
of teams to the test.
Yes, and I'm And Yeremi and I
are passing that test.
Our hard work's paying off.
We're gonna hopefully
jump some places
and just stop finishing
in eighth place.
We finally made it.
Jocelyn and Victor,
you've messed up your record.
I know. We got killed
on making rice paper,
- of all things. My gosh.
- I know.
So embarrassing.
I mean, we sell it, we eat it,
and we just never
actually made this stuff.
-And now we're probably
dead last.
Well, the good news is
you are second to last.
You are tenth.
My gosh.
- But I have another clue
for you.
- My goodness.
So even though
you are tenth to leave here,
you could still
actually win.
-Get out!
-Rip it and read it.
Guys, come on in.
We won the first two legs,
but now we're second to last.
-We're still hopeful.
-Yeah, Yeah, yeah, because
we see it all the time, where
teams go from first to last.
Just depends
on the luck of the draw.
Do you have any idea
where you're at?
-No, we're-we're We don't.
-We don't.
You are dead last.
-However, you are still racing.
Which means
you have another clue.
You can rip it,
read it, keep on racing.
There's no reason
why you can't carry on
- and win this leg.
- Okay.
-But you got a lot
of catching up to do.
-We are dead last.
-Not-not just last.
-Dead last.
-Dead last.
It was very disappointing.
I mean, our challenges
up to that point,
we felt were going really well,
and then just
to get told that we were last
was just like, "Really? Dang."
-All right,
let's go do it. Okay, let's go.
-Let's do it, man.
We're still in the race,
and we have to just give it our
all and really go and get it.
We still have a good shot
at this. It's not over
till Phil says we're out.
No, not over yet.
Next time
onThe Amazing Race
The exhausting day continues.
We lost it. We lost it.
Steve and Anna Leigh try
and reel in another first plac.
- Ew!
- Just grab that sucker.
They're wiggling!
And without an Express Pass
- Don't let them outwork us.
- I don't know.
Morgan and Lena
feel the pressure.
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