The Amazing Race (2001) s35e08 Episode Script

A Planes, Trains and Automobiles Day

Previously on
The Amazing Race
Eight teams raced
to Cologne, Germany.
The first self-drive
brought out strong emotions.
- Morgan, I made a wrong turn!
- Stop screaming.
I made a wrong turn.
You're gonna sit
your ass back here in a minute
and ride a little bit.
- See how it feels.
- No, 'cause then we're really gonna get lost.
Robbin and
Chelsea followed the leaders.
- We're going back the other way?
- Yeah.
We caught up to Greg
and John, which is kind of a relief.
I guess, for now,
we're just gonna follow them.
Brothers Greg
and John had a taste for victory
This was such a good move.
This is fun.
and won
their second leg in a row.
Give us the news.
You are team number one!
- Yes.
- Let's go, baby!
Best friends Joel
and Garrett had a bad day
I thought that self-driving,
we would be lost less.
Many people would have
gone insane by now.
I still got a little bit in me
before I go nuts.
but Andrea
and Malaina's was worse.
You have been eliminated
from the race.
This was amazing.
Yep, it was.

Route Info.
"Race to Ljubljana, Slovenia."
All teams will now
leave Cologne, Germany
and travel more
than 600 miles southeast
to the capital city of Sloveni,
Recognized as
the greenest capital in Europe
and the tree city of the world.
This is the first time
thatThe Amazing Race
has visited
this 32-year-old country.
Throughout the race, teams will
win OneKeyCash from Expedia,
which they can use for unique,
expert-designed adventures.
Today, teams will go on
an Expedia-inspired adventure
here in Slovenia,
taking part in local
and authentic experiences
just like those found
on the Expedia app.
Yo. Slovenia.
- All right, so you want to start asking someone for Teddy Travel?
- Yeah.
We're feeling pretty excited,
as long as there's not,
like, an equalizer
and we still have our lead,
we'll be amped.
We need to find out how to get
to Teddy Travel International.
Up to now, I think
we're communicating really well
and we're making
game-time decisions
in a really educated way.
We're gonna go pick up our plane
tickets and our train tickets.
Sounds like it.
There it is.
Good morning.
We're trying to get to Slovenia.
So, our flight leaves at 7:30.
Yes, it's at 7:30.
Is there anything earlier?
The only will be
you can catch is 4:00.
Now, you see here,
we have two seats left.
Yes, we'll get that.
We'll take that right now.
Yeah, we'll take that right now.
That's perfect.
Great, yeah, we'll take two.
Thank you.
"To pick up
your plane and train tickets,
travel on foot
to the following travel agency."
Teddy Travel
is what we're looking for.
This is written correctly?
- Your names?
- That is correct.
So we just
found out that there's
an earlier flight
that leaves at 4:00 p.IN.,
instead of the 7:30 flight that
everyone else is gonna take.
So we are in
a really good spot right now,
where we're on the only flight
that leaves
before everybody else.
- There it is.
- Teddy Travel.
- Hi, guys.
- Hey.
- One receipt for you.
- Thank you.
- Off to Vienna.
- See you soon.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Yeah, the earliest flight
is this one at 7:30.
- We'll take that.
- Perfect.
Okay, last name,
then first name?
Is there any
earlier flights or no?
There are two
earlier flights you can catch,
but they are fully booked.
I'm wondering, though,
if it's the same airline,
if we can ask for standby.
- Yeah, we can.
- Okay. Thank you.
Everything is fully booked.
So the only thing
you can do was standby.
- Let's get to it.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
All earlier flights
are really fully, fully booked.
Just like happened last time.
The earliest flight
you can catch at 5:20
is completely fully booked.
So we're gonna get the same
tickets as five other teams?
- Four other teams?
- Four other teams?
That's great news,
because we're in last place.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
All right, you want to drive?
Um, yeah, why not?
- Team number one, baby.
- Team number one.
All right. Off to Slovenia.
- Slovenia.
- Slovenia.

Yesterday, we thought
things were going really poorly,
and we ended up in second place.
We're ready
for another first place finish.
Ultimately, though,
we just need to beat one team.
It just goes to show,
you never know
until you're on the map,
where you're gonna end up.
Part of me thinks that's, like,
where Dracula is Slovenia.
I'm pretty positive.
Ivan the Impaler. Yes.
What is that?
I think he's, like, the guy
that they got Dracula from.
I have no idea.
Today is a planes,
trains and automobiles day.
But we have to somehow
slow these boys down,
'cause they're just
trucking along in first
and I'm getting
kind of sick of it.
We're gonna be the first racers
to go to Slovenia
in The Amazing Race.
So we are psyched.
Being a part of the race
is fueling our competitive fire
and it's been an absolute blast.
My dad and I are trying to race
to, Frankfurt Airport
so we can try and get on standby
for the earlier flight.
The directions in Germany
have gotten me so, like,
turned around.
So last leg,
both of us had moments
where we knew where to go
or what the answer was
- but we didn't trust our gut.
- Yeah, we just
need to trust the information
we gather a little bit more.
When we get down to the top,
you know, seven teams,
there's no room for errors
like that. There's just not.
We're trying to get
to the Frankfurt Airport.
This is actually
a really beautiful drive.
What a blessing.
In my head,
I was thinking of our cousin.
Yeah, let's talk
about positive things.
Last year, Morgan and I had
the hardest year of our lives.
We had a cousin that
had a double brain aneurysm,
and she's now not as able-bodid
as she was before.
But what she
has been able to do is
she can watch TV.
It makes us so happy
to know that she's gonna see us
working on our relationship.
Even though she's not here
she's gonna
be able to experience the joy
of this whole adventure with us.
A3 goes towards Frankfurt.
On our way out of Cologne,
back to Frankfurt.
After the last leg,
when we finished
thinking that we were done,
the fact that we're still here,
we're super excited.
So we're gonna do our best
to come from behind
and move up in the race.
Most teams are gonna
be on the later flight
that we're also gonna be on.
So, knowing that,
that definitely
is much more motivation.
Gregory, this might be it.
- "Parking. Business." Yes.
- Nice. Okay.
- So this is it, up here.
- Yeah.
- Let's move.
- Here we go. Let's move.
- Sorry.
- Hey. Hi.
- Austrian Air?
- Yeah, Austrian Air.
Looking for some red.
How in the
world did they beat us here?
Were y'all
going the speed limit?
It's the Autobahn, baby.
We got to run.
Out of here.
- Okay.
- All right.
So our original flight
was leaving at 7:30.
So we are trying
to get on standby
at the 4:00 p.IN. Flight.
Looks like all four people
are on the flight. Um
No promises, 'cause things
can change quickly,
but we're keeping our fingers
crossed that we can hop on.
- Here we go.
- Okay, I'm ready to rip.
So we are going
to Vienna right now.
We have Todd and Ashlie, which
were able to get on standby,
and Rob and Corey,
who were able to get on standby.
We got on the earliest flight
possible with Greg and John.
We jumped
from fourth to top three,
and that was a great feeling
to start the leg.

Let's go, boys.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
We need to get to
Ljubljana as fast as possible.
We already have
booked train tickets, reserved seats.
We are trying to find a way,
if there's a quicker route
to get there faster.
This is what we have.
This is what we have.
So both of these
are the same thing.
They both go to Wien Hbf.
- I feel like
- But this one stops at Graz,
this one stops at Salzburg.
This is the only thing that
gets us there before 8:00 a.IN.
- Right. Okay.
- Should we just see if we can just do this?
We're trying to get
into Slovenia at 1:00 a.IN.
We're gonna go to platform two.
Finally, we got something.
So the game plan
is we're stopping at Wien,
um, and then from there,
our next destination is Graz.
Graz. Five-minute layover.
And then from Graz,
we take the train to Slovenia.
And we'll get in at 12:58 a.IN.
Eight hours
ahead of the other teams,
assuming we do this correct.
It is at platform 5A.
It's-it's late.
So it was originally at 6:58.
Now it's at 7:10.
We got even more time.
So we're
going from here to Graz.
Our train is 14 minutes behind,
um, but we only have
a five-minute transfer, um,
from Graz to Ljubljana train,
and that train's on time.
So we're just
banking on the Ljubljana train
being behind as well.
This is our train.
- All right.
- If we can just make this last train.
Yep. Yep.
Then we'll see what happens.
Either we get there
- with eight hours to spare
- Either we hit a home run or we strike out.
or we did a ton of stress,
run around
and take four extra trains
for nothing.
This is literally a gamble.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
We're playing train roulette.
Come on, Chels.
Here we go.
I can't wait to see what
kind of snacks are on this plane.
Let's do it. Let's do it.
So the bottom dwellers were the blue girls
Lena and Morgan,
Robbin and Chelsea,
- us and then the mustachios.
- Mustachios.
We all know how the game runs,
but I am the one that's, like,
it's doomsday every day.
It says
we're getting in at 21:40.
No way.
So, we're now supposed
to arrive at Graz at 21:40.
And our transfer
at Graz Hauptbahnhof
is at, 21:39.
So we have a negative
one minute transfer time.
- 21:44.
- My gosh.
We're putting ourselves
at risk by doing this,
when we know that this is
very unlikely to catch back up.
The easiest route
is to just get off,
go back and just
wait till 10:00 and do that.
I'm thinking
of playing the safe route.
- I'm thinking playing the safe route, too.
- I am, too.
That's so brutal
that the one train
that's delayed is ours.
We had a huge
advantage and now it's gone.
We are just on the wrong end
of the stick today.
- So we're going
back here. -08. This is us.
Our initial train
was delayed tremendously.
There was no chance
we were gonna
be able to make
that connecting train.
So we are abandoning that idea
and we are now headed
back to our original station
in Vienna
and just going back to what
the original reservations were.
There's some
hungry teams out there.
They're gonna
be excited to see us.

There's the
exit. There's a train. Look.
- It's this way. Come on, guys.
- Let's go.
This one's going
straight to Salzburg.
Let's follow them.
going straight to Salzburg.
We should be there
just after midnight.
- Salzburg? Yeah?
- Yeah.
Hey, look, it's all
the teams. Guys, every team.
Dude, we got on
an earlier train, and,
that train was, like,
15 minutes late,
and so we couldn't
catch the other train
- So we made the right decision, then.
- For real?
After squeaking by
on the last leg
- Yeah.
- now we're right back in the pack.
So we're feeling great.
Band's all together again.
Everybody got their
stuff? Got your fanny pack?
Got your two backpacks?
Got your partner?
Let's go.
What time is it?
This might be it.
We'll all be at the clue box
together, it looks like,
and we all are tied
for first place right now,
so I'm good.
We go across like this.
- Look at that. Look at that.
- There we go. There we go.
- Now we're talking.
- Baby.
We're on a train,
and we're heading to
heading to Slovenia.
So that's all that matters.

- Let's go.
- Goodness gracious.
- That was a surprise.
- That was so fast.
I don't even know
if we're going the right way.
Teams must make their
way on foot to Congress Square
to pick up their car and
drive to Lesce Sports Airfield.
Yeah, this is it. This is it.
Second floor.
- This way?
- Yep.
- Are you driving?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- This is it?
- Yeah.
There it is.
- We're gonna have to ask somebody.
- Yeah.
Let's ask this girl right here.
Ma'am, can you please
help us find some navigation?
We are currently,
I believe, in first place.
We Steve and Anna Leigh and us
got to the parking garage
at the same time.
- Um
- Yeah, but where do we get out of here?
This way or that way?
- This way you just go out of the garage.
- Okay.
Okay, okay.
Time to rock.
Here we go. Here we go.
- You found it?
- Yep.
Okay. Pop the trunk.
Okay, hold on.
I got it, Morgan. Don't
I haven't, I haven't
drove in a month.
So just hold on.
This is a new experience
for us.
I don't think this is right.
This does not
look like a highway.
It doesn't?
We should not be lost right now.
We're just aimlessly
driving yet again
- because we don't read maps.
- So just 'cause you're not there yet,
I don't know
why you're freaking out.
Dad, it's not about
- I'm not trying to fight with you.
- I'm not.
- I'm just trying to get the right information.
- I understand that,
but you go one street
and you start freaking out.
- Baby, we're trying. It's hard.
- Here we go.
I didn't know
what to expect in Slovenia
and, so far, it's amazing.
Slovenia is beautiful, so far.
Gorgeous. Man.
- Yeah, these mountains are insane.
- It's epic.
The mountains
are just incredible.
"ALC Lesce" straight ahead.

I see a plane.
I think we're there.
- I see a clue box, too, by the way.
- Okay.
Follow the Yes.
Those are marked.
- Is that what that is?
- It's a number.
I want to go now.
Well, we might
be able to, 'cause we're first.
- All right, let's find out.
- All right.
- Roadblock.
- Roadblock.
"It's time
for an Expedia experience."
- "Who Wants a Bird's-Eye View?"
- Boy.
diverse landscape provides
the perfect conditions
for gliding.
Combined with
the favorable weather conditions
and abundance of thermal lift,
the best pilots
can soar these skies
without a motor
for hundreds of miles.
But the best part
of gliding here,
apart from the silence,
is the view
Something teams will
experience in this Roadblock
when they soar more than
70 miles an hour over Lake Ble,
looking for a clue
made up of four numbers.
After touching down,
they must arrange them
to represent the year that
Slovenia gained independence.
When they get it right, they can
open this pilot's clipboard
to reveal their next clue.
- I want a bird's-eye view.
- All right, take it.
- Let's go.
- All right. Let's go.
"Who Wants a Bird's-Eye View?"
I'll do it.
- Have fun.
- I will.

I'm gonna
step over on that side.
Yes, sir.
Do you wish this was you?
'Cause I wish this was me.
Yeah, I do,
but I'm stoked for my dad.
Got to find four yellow boats
and the Expedia logo.
Look at him bouncing around.
Gonna go up 2,000 feet
above Lake Bled,
and I'm looking
for some identifiers.
I don't always love planes,
I don't always love heights,
but the experiences that
I'm able to experience here,
when being forced
to experience them
have been great.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
I ran over to the glider
and I got inside of it.
And they have
a prop plane up ahead of it
that it latches on to,
and then it
just pulls it up into the sky.
So I get in and then they
sealed it up
and we were on our way.
We're leaving in first place.
About to take off.

Boy. Here we go.
They're pulling up,
they're pulling up.
They're in the air.
This is amazing.
Just the scenery
was just beautiful.
We're climbing higher and
higher, and the higher we got,
the more you could
see this beautiful country.
"Due to" Aw!
"Due to height
and weight restrictions,
Ashlie must
perform this Roadblock."
- All right. John's gonna do it.
- So I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna do it.
See you, Dad.
- My gosh. That looks so cool.
- Let's go.
I am so jealous right now.
So when I got to the lake,
all of a sudden,
you hear a snap,
and that pole cable
just goes flying away,
and the plane takes off,
and pretty soon,
you're just sitting
here in the air,
all by yourself.
And there was
four boats at some spot
in the lake
that had yellow roofs
and then a number on 'em.
Come on, man, clear up.
And once
I got the binoculars focused,
I was still pretty high up,
and it was
hard to read the numbers,
but I could kind of
get two ones and two nines.
It's too shaky.
I can't hold it still.
We're fifth.
"Who Wants a Bird's-Eye View?"
- I'll do it.
- Okay.
Um, yeah, I'll do it.
Okay. Great.
Lena's gonna do it. Let's go.
So Steve
and Anna Leigh are last.
This is not
it. This is not a highway.
We're going back
into the freaking city.
- I know. I see that.
- Okay, well, pull over again.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Can you please help us?
We need to get to the highway.
We're just so behind right now.
This road right here.
Straight, straight,
straight for long.
Thank you so much.
I know we're dead last,
so we just
have to have fun with it.
- That is a tiny
- That is so cool.
- It's so small.
- That is so cool.
- You just land in the grass?
- You just land.
That was amazing.
I'm so confident that Smithe
got this in the first try.
"What year did
Slovenia gain its independence?"
That's gonna be rough.
Come on, Smithe.
Show me an envelope, Smithe.
I saw two ones and two nines.
it's such an old country
I'll just do that.
All right, let's try this again.
I guessed 1199, and I was wron.
So then I have
to go wait in line again,
because everyone
was at the Roadblock
except for Steve and Anna Leigh.
How was it?
Do you have to go again?
- Yeah.
- Shoot.
At that point,
we definitely felt the pressur.
All right, Ashlie's getting in.
She's getting in.
My gosh.
Um, the parachute
is making me nervous,
but other than that,
this seems exciting.
Oy vey.
All right, there goes Ashlie.
This is crazy.
My God.
Here we go.
We're in the air.
One coming in right now.
Think that's my dad
hitting the ground.
Rob just got
back. He's about to get tested.
See if he knows the date.
Great job.
Yes. Yeah?
Did you get it?
He must have gotten it. Shoot.
My dad's a history nerd,
and I'm very happy about it.
"Drive to
the Planica Nordic Centre
to find your next clue!"
Let's go find somewhere we can
ask someone for instructions.
I see the lake.
One, nine, nine, one?
See if that works.
This is the lake.
Yeah. There we go.
Seeing one, one, nine, nine.
Now I can enjoy.
All right, we're landing.
Got another
one in. Must be Ashlie.
All right, here we go.
It's the moment of truth.
- Come on, babe.
- Okay.
This is my answer.
- What? What?
- Yes.
- Yes!
- Thank you so much.
She got it.
All right. Good luck, boys.
Good luck, ladies. Good luck.
She got it right, it looks like.
- We got the fanny pack?
- Yep.
I thought
I was gonna have to go again.
This is so nerve-wracking.
Different kind of stress.
One, six, six
Who is that?
All right, Johnny.
- Yes.
- Yes!
Attababy. Attababy.
- I knew you could do it
- Let's go, let's go
That's what we do.
That's what we do.
"Drive to the Planica Nordic
Centre to find your next clue!"
- Let's go.
- All right. Let's do it, baby.
We can ask these two.
"Drive to the Planica Nordic
Centre to find your next clue!"
So we're trying to go Yeah.
Highway. Which highway?
Who else is still here?
Um, they're
getting directions right there.
Let's just follow 'em.
- Yeah, let's just follow 'em.
- Yep.
I see the car. Let's go.
I know what
I'm doing this time. Yeah.
Smithe's going up
for a second time right now.
He's got it this time.
As soon as
I really got the binoculars
to be clear enough
to see the numbers,
I'm not sure
whether they're nines or sixes.
And there was one more one,
and I thought that was a seven,
so it was frustrating.
This time, I
noticed the Expedia logo.
The arrow of it
was pointing to the left.
If you read those numbers
from the left, it was 1991.
I hate saying it, but I don't
want to see Steve and Anna Leigh
pull up anytime soon.
Look, those are 100%
people flying around,
looking for something.
Go us.
Anna Leigh,
stop and let's get here.
Can we just get here?
I mean, this is just
I already know it's
I know it's over.
Like, there's absolutely no way
we can come back from this.

I don't know what to do.
God, I feel like we just suck.
We're stupid. We're stupid.
- Can we ask this biker?
- Yeah.
Can you please
help me with directions?
Please, we're so lost.
I'm trying
to find this airfield.
-It's right there. How do I get there?
-But how do we get there?
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Look, there they are,
flying all over us.
- That's
- Quit.
We're gonna do it.
We just got to go find it.
Sucks so bad.
Simmer down.
Right, right?
So we're getting off here,
and then I'm hoping there's
a sign towards Kranjska Gora.
Yeah, that's not right.
Yeah, I think
we took the wrong exit.
Yeah, turn around.

Nordic Center.
"Nordica Centre. Planica." Yeah.
There's a clue box
straight ahead.
I guess just park here?
Look at this.
Look at this.
Go, go, go, go, go.
- Express Pass.
- Express Pass.
After eating
a plate full of bugs,
Morgan and Lena
won the first Express Pass,
allowing them
to skip a task in Vietnam.
Another Express Pass
is available here in Slovenia,
for the first team
to climb 1,100 steps
to the top of this ski jump
The second highest in the worl.
The team that gets it first
will be rewarded
with a ride down
the world's steepest zip line.
willing to climb to the top
for this
game-changing advantage?
You want to try it?
I don't see Rob and Corey's car.
Let's go for it, then.
"You must begin your climb
at the marked entrance
"to the steps at the bottom
of the ski jump." All right.
So is it those stairs?
Should we ask somebody?
- Is it marked?
- No, don't see it yet.
Let's go this way.
Wait, is that right up there?
Doesn't look like it.
Let's go.
-All right, Lean Bean. Please get it.
Here she comes.
"What year did Slovenia
gain its independence?"
Don't laugh.
Okay, I'll be
going around again.
You got it?
"Who Wants a Bird's-Eye View?"
You want to enjoy the trip
No, I feel like you
I-I'm not gonna enjoy this.
- I'm so upset.
- Okay.

Thank you.
And your pilot now is Andre.
- Andre.
- All right, let's go, Lean.
You got it.
Let's do this, Party Andre.
All right.
Here we go.
This time, I saw
an arrow pointing to the left,
which makes
me think that it wanted me
to go in that order.
Thank goodness.
Thank you so much.
I think he's got it.
I think he's got it.
You got it?
I'm a little nauseous,
so if we could land quickly.
Yeah, finally.
Long way to get here.
I just want him to enjoy it.
Like, literally,
- w-we knew we're dead last.
- It's okay.
It's the first part of the day.
We're just not getting along.
We stalling out everywhere.
It was stressful.
Be positive. It's
not over till you get to that mat.

Where's the air conditioner?
Gonna see if she got it.
"What year did Slovenia
gain its independence?"
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
Let's go, Lena!
Hey, Anna Leigh.
Way to go, Lena.
"Drive to the Planica Nordic
Centre to find your next clue!"
- Let's go. All right.
- Okay.
Bye, my love. Be positive.
Anna Leigh,
it's not over till it's over.
It's beautiful.

Express Pass?
The Express Pass
was far more important
than racing
for a first place finish.
The Express Pass, if you
use it correctly, can save you
and pretty much guarantee you
a spot into a next leg.
We're thinking about
doing the Express Pass,
'cause we don't
see Todd and Ashlie.
Do you have it in you
to do 1,000 steps?
Then we come down,
and then we have to
catch back up with everything.
I think if I don't see them,
I think it's worth it.
Let's do it. I think we're gonna
go for the Express Pass.
The largest ski jump.
Do you know where that's at?
They're over there.
She says she thinks
it's the other one.
Okay, but we checked that one.
- Rob and Corey are there.
- I know.
We're going for it.
We're going for the Express Pass.
- We ran right past it.
- I know.
My gosh!
Do you think
you could beat them?
Do you want
to try it yes or no?
Do you think
you could beat them? Yes or no?
My God, Todd. Yes or no?
- Can you beat him?
- I don't know!
Then that's a no. Let's go.
If you're not sure,
- we can't beat 'em.
- Let's just do it.
You got to give
it everything you got.
You want to go in front of me?
Yeah, kind of. Yeah, let's go.
We're gonna get it.
Man, this climb is
it's no joke.
Such a beautiful place.
It sucks to feel last like this.
Back on the ground.
"What year did Slovenia
gain its independence?"
- That's correct.
- Got it?
Thank you.
Good job, Dad. Good job.
All right, let's go.
Here we go.
There's a clue box up there.
- Where?
- Up there.
See it up there?
Okay, I'll lock the car.
Did you get the fanny pack?
- Yup.
- Let's go.
- Want to read it?
- Sure.
"Route Info and Express Pass."
This is hard.
Want to just turn around?
Let's go.
Todd, we're the one
who missed the freaking thing.
- What's that?
- We missed it. Like
- I missed it?
- We! You and me!
They may be
Yeah, they're bailing,
they're bailing. No.
- They're bailing.
- Dude, we could do it. Rob.
Rob? I think we can beat Rob.
We would have been done.
Don't get mad.
I am mad.
- You're mad at yourself.
- Why?
'Cause you missed it.
- It was the biggest letdown of this race.
- It was
That was probably
the most crushing moment
so far in this in this race.
Where do we go now?
You need to watch the attitude,
please. They're already up.
- They're already up there?
- They're halfway.
Yeah, they're,
like, halfway there.
- Yeah.
- They got a long way to go.
You guys could beat 'em.
Yeah. Come on, come on, come on.
What does it say?
What are we doing?
"Enter Planica Nordic Centre,
circular building."
This is
the Planica Nordic Centre.
Every summer, after
the snow melts, Olympic athletes
turn this impressive-looking
parking structure
into a giant freezer
filled with snow so that Nordic
skiers can get their laps in.
After kitting up
in cross-country gear,
teams must ski to the top
before choosing a Detour.
We're not gonna beat them.
No. Okay, so let's do this.
"It's snow time."
Go, go.
Yeah, we can do this.
We can run faster.
I panic 'cause Greg
and John are fast, they're athletic.
They can pass us.
We're gonna make it. No?
- Let's bail. Let's go.
- Sorry.
It's okay. Let's go.
I don't want to waste time here.
Greg and John probably
get a quarter of the way up, bt
from the bottom,
you don't see that
there's another set
of stairs beyond it.
So if Greg and John
had kept going,
they would have passed us.
- They were too far ahead.
- Yup.
Right here.
Glad I brought a coat.
It's nice
and cold in here, baby.
"Ashlie," "Todd."
This is awesome.
We have gear
with our names on 'em.
You guys didn't go for it?
No. We probably should have.
- "Watch the demonstration on the proper way"
- A demonstration.
Watch him.
"Follow the marked path"
"Follow the marked path." Okay.
Feels good,
Robbin. Looking good, babe.
Keep your skis straight.
Learning curve on the hills.
Good job, Robbin.
Todd, how about you wait for me?
Come on, let's go! Push.
Come on, babe.
Todd, I can't.
Waiting on you.
Woman down.
- Got it.
- Chels, you got this?
Sorry, Gregory.
There you go. Easy.
Come on, Chelsea.
Come on, Chels.
- To the finish line.
- Good job.
- There you go. There you go.
- Coming into you.
-Hold my hand, hold my hand. Stop, stop, stop.
-I got it.
- All right.
- Okay.
Almost there, Chels, come on.
You'd be hard-pressed
to scan the skyline
of Slovenia's countryside
without seeing one of these.
A hay rack. Or, as the locals
call them, kozolec.
This ingenious design
allows farmers to make hay
while the wind blows
and the sun shines.
This Detour requires teams
to collect, fluff and place
freshly-plowed hay on it.
When the farmer says
they've racked up enough hay,
they'll be handed a clue.
Approximately one in every thre
spoonfuls of food we consume
depends on pollination,
a fact that's not lost
on Slovenians,
who boast the highest number
of beekeepers per capita
in the world.
Farmers take great pride
in building colorful apiaries,
adorned with paintings
that tell a story.
This Detour requires teams
to assemble a home
for a family of bees.
Once the bees are safe and soud
in their new home,
the beekeeper
will hand them a clue.
- Okay.
- All right, we're gonna assemble a beehive.
House Work.
Take the stairs back down.
Stand up. You need to relax.
- It's not that big, it's not that hard.
- You need to relax.
- Hang Hay?
- Hang Hay.
- We're going to hang hay.
- Okay.
Here. Get one ski like this,
sideways. Turn it.
And get this other ski
like this.
- Just drive away.
- I just really
- don't want them following us.
- I know.
Where are they? Do you see 'em?
I do not. Why don't
we ask someone for directions?
Well, I'm pretty sure.
Ashlie and Todd
are gonna do Hay as well.
- I'd rather just, like, compete against them.
- Same.
So we're switching to
Field Work.
Man, what a freaking view.
This place is gorgeous.
That was a long climb.
That was tough.
- Thank you.
- You won the Express Pass.
And that Express Pass is ours.
And I am stoked
out of my mind.
"Valid through
the end of leg ten."
- Let's do some ziplining.
- Yeah.
All right, let's go.
Good job, babe!
- Hay? The hay?
- Hay? Let's do the hay.
Okay, sit down.
- Yup.
- Three, two, one.
My dad's having one heck
of a day. Went up in a glider,
and now he gets to do this.
My gosh!
It is the coolest thing
I've ever experienced.
This has been
my favorite moment of the race.
Express Pass, baby.
-That was so worth it. Let's go.
Dude, Let's work like
we've never worked before.
Girls are behind us.
Hey there.
- Hello.
- So this is the demonstration?
- Okay, let's watch them.
- Okay.
So they're packing it in.
Scoop, stack,
Let's head over.
"Choose any available haystack."
There's one right here.
Let's get to work, Gregory.
- Let's go right here.
- Yup.
Robbin and Chelsea declared
this Detour before we did
so there is such a thing
as independent thought.
Do you want to scoop it
- and I'll shove it in?
- Sure.
Probably not quite so much.
And then,
kind of fold it, right?
Yup, and I put it in here.
Bless you. Bless you.
Bless you. Sneezes are coming.
I've never
really been around hay.
You know, we're city people.
We're not used to this, so
But I learned pretty quickly
that hay and I don't
get along too well
because I was just sneezing
the whole time, becoming
Just thinking about
it makes me sneeze, honestly.
Yeah, right. Psychosomatic.
I have bad allergies.
There's too many teams
ahead of us.
Dude, they have
fake snow for us.
Let's go. We'll figure it out.
All right. I think
we're gonna do Field Work.
- We made it.
- Right. We're ready.
- Let's do House Working.
- House Work.
What are you doing?
Lena, what are you doing?
You've skied your whole life.
Lena, just give it
- I haven't skied in, like, 15 years.
- Geez.
Lena, just
put your skis together.
Yeah, there's a clue box
right there.
You got it. You got it.
"It's snow time. Cross-country
ski your way to your next clue."
Let's go.
Sorry. What are you doing?
- We're gonna do Field Work.
- We're gonna do Field Work.
Lena, come on. We only got
five minutes on them.
Let's go, Dad.
- Beekeeper, right?
- Okay. Let's do it.
Bee, yeah, okay, let's go.
Dad, we can Express Pass this.
We're gonna have to.
You're gonna
have to be patient with me.
Okay, you've
got this, Dad. You've got this.
Those are the steps.
People are climbing it.
- Okay.
- This way, Dad.
We can do this. Hey, this is our
last chance to stay in the game.
That's good. There's
a nice big bundle, Robbin.
- Moving our bodies feels good.
- It does.
We're just really hoping to see
Todd and Ashlie come
at some point.
- Yee-haw!
- Yee-haw, baby!
- Let's get it.
- All right, what's the trick?
- Labor.
- Yeah, it's just time.
Todd and Ashlie just showed up.
I have a feeling Todd and Ashlie
are gonna switch challenges.
This is hard work.
I'm not sure she has it in her.
Hey, this
is it, Dad. You got this.
Come on. Just keep going.
How much further?
Come on. I don't want
to go home, Dad. Let's go.
Dad, yes, you can.
Don't say that.
Just don't stop.
You've got this. Come on.
Rob and Corey just arrived
so, it's go time.
Do we have to fill this thing
all the way to the top?
Read your clue.
Read your clue.
Greg just gives me,
"Read your clue."
And I was like, "Yeah.
They're definitely not happy
that we have the Express Pass."
Our goal is just finish the leg
and not have
to use the Express Pass
so we can hold onto it and carry
it forward into future legs.
I'm ready to meet the bees.
Right here, right here.
It's marked right here.
- We're supposed to park there?
- Yup.
All right, this is us.
We have a little work area
and supplies.
Okay, we got paint,
we got all the supplies.
We just need
to see the finished example.
- Is this it?
- I bet that's it.
- Okay.
- All right.
So you see what we got?
We got to paint it.
We got to put all these pictures
on it. That's fine.
- So we got to start at the bottom.
- Yeah, we got to build
- the house first.
- Yeah.
This is the bottom.
Part of the bottom.
Maybe there's two parts to it.
It's two levels.
- So this is one of the bottom levels right here.
- This
You know what?
This might just go together
without nails.
Okay, it's just a puzzle now
to put together.
- All right.
- It's like Ikea.
- It's an Ikea beehive.
- Okay, next.
You're gonna
need to go up higher
'cause you need to do it
all the way to the top.
I think that you're
better-suited for this part.
- Hey, Farmer Todd.
- Yeah. Yee-haw!
When we pulled up, we saw.
Rob and Corey, Todd and Ashlie,
Greg and John
and Chelsea and Robbin.
- You're gonna pack?
- Yup, I'm gonna pack. Let's go.
I chose for us to
go by Rob and Corey because
they were flying.
We knew we were racing them
to finish this
as quickly as possible.
It's got to be bigger.
Our goal is to see grass.
- Dang. We're doing good.
- Doing really good.
I think we're making
some really good progress.
Can we get a check?
- That went pretty quick.
- Yeah.
Looks like John and Greg
are getting checked right now.
And we're pretty close, I think.
Good job, boys.
Yeah. Okay, all right.
Rake, rake, rake.
We unfortunately
had Todd and Ashlie's
beautiful example
right next to ours.
And we, for sure,
had hay in front,
so, when we got our check,
she clearly recognized
that there was still hay
on the floor.
Yes! All right.
Looks like Todd and Ashlie just
got checked and they're done.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
All right, let's go.
"Drive to
the Neboticnik Skyscraper."
Teams will pick up
their next clue on top
of what was once the tallest
building in Yugoslavia
The Neboticnik Skyscraper.
But first, they have
to climb up this dizzying
spiral staircase,
230 feet to the top.
All right, let's go.
So we show up third, and
we are out of there first.
And so, we thought,
"Hey, let's keep this lead."
Let's bounce.
Can we get a check?
Pretty sturdy.
- They got it. Okay. They got it.
- All right, let's go.
-Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
- Good job, guys. Okay.
- See you guys there.
We passed Greg
and John in this Detour,
even after
getting the Express Pass.
So we made up incredible time.
Can we get a check?
- As soon as we get it, let's get in the car and move.
- Yup.
- Great. Thank you.
- Hey! Cool.
- Cool. Thank you.
- Thank you.
All right. Bless you.
- Robbin and Chelsea still working on it?
- Yup.
Okay, come on.
We're basically here. Come on.
Don't quit, Dad. You got it.
Do you
have the Express Pass?
Express Pass is closed.
I'm sorry.
Okay. Dad, come on.
We get to the top, for the guy
to look at us and say,
"Sorry, it's taken."
And in my mind I said, "Well,
where's the sign I didn't see?"
We just walked right past it.
We didn't see it.
All right, can we just go
as fast as we can,
I guess, to try and get down?
- -Come on, Dad.
- We should have known better.
At this point,
we're freakin' dead last.
This sucks so bad.
Come on, Dad.
Let's just enjoy this.
We're going home.
Dad, we should have known that.
- We should have known.
- Any water up here?
That was a long,
-grueling climb. That was a big mistake.
- Look at that.
- This is so cool.
- Okay, ready to go?
- Yup.
Three, two, one. Fly.
I knew we were done.
My God. Beautiful.
And so, I just tried
to enjoy it and I was crying
the whole way down,
looking around, saying like,
"This is the most beautiful
country. This is unbelievable."
What an opportunity.
That was cool.
We're going home.
But at least
we're going home with a bang.
Come on, Dad!
Let's go, Dad!
Wasn't that pretty?
It was a cool moment for me.
I was sad,
but just thinking about it,
at least we got to zip-line
in Slovenia. How cool.
I don't know why we thought
there was another Express Pass.
At this point,
We just got to get to Phil.
Let's do this pile.
Our goal is to
not get eliminated today.
You got this, Chels.
Check, please?
Please, tell us we're right.
Thank you. Thank you.
Let's go.
Come on, Dad.
Our bees are gonna love
these bee houses.
Tell me
another team's here, please.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, guys.
All right, finish
that up and give me it.
Y'all, we did the Express Pass.
- No!
- Did you You didn't get it, though?
Obviously not.
- Can I do this one?
- Here. How about,
will you give me these
and I'll start painting
and you can start building?
- Okay.
- Just get these out of the way
so I can grab these
and start painting.
At that point, the
reality of being dead last
- and that far behind was pretty real.
- Yeah.
But I think
we had a really good system.
Yeah, she started painting,
and I started assembling
the shed
- they put the beehives on.
- The beehive. Yeah.
I didn't realize we had to
build this house they go into.
- That's gonna be kind of tough.
- Yeah.
That's solid, girl.
Just trying
to sort the pieces out,
start looking at who goes where.
Golly, yeah.
Do you think it's
smart to start helping me or no?
- Not yet.
- Okay.
Can we get a check?
Come on. Let us pass, please.
Okay. Yeah. All right.
- Danke schoen.
- Okay. Let's get our stuff and roll, baby.
Holy moly.
Any luck?
Slow go. Slow go, girl.
- Is it going? Good.
- Yeah.
We just got
to get the decorations on.
which is here.
Deer is two over.
Face it towards us. Remember.
- Check.
- We need a check.
Face it: You've never seen
a better bee house than this.
I wish I had this
in my house right now.
Yes, I think
you're going to be a
- Good luck, guys.
- This is the last time. Goodbye.
- No! No!
- It's not. Don't even say it.
-We will see you. We will see you.
-Do not even say it.
See you soon.
You worked fast, babe. Good job.
Same. Same to you.
The boys shouldn't be
far behind Rob and Corey,
so right now, I think
we're in first.
The first exit.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
I'm so itchy. This sucks.
Yeah, we're just gonna
pull over real quick
so I can grab a Benadryl.
Getting Benadryl and some wipes.
I don't think
I've ever had allergies
just hit me
like a brick wall like that.
So I don't think I'm cut out
for the, the hay lifestyle.
- Smithe?
- Yes, sir.
I left our notebook
on the ground
with everything in it. You want to go get it?
- Is it worth it?
- Yeah.
We're planning on
making it to the end
and if we're gonna
make it to the end,
we need that notebook.
How's it going?
It's going
a little bit better now.
I'm getting some pieces started
where I got some support.
Hello, little bee.
All I got to do
is keep these bees dry now.
We just can't get enough.
Hello again.
We like leaving stuff places
and then having
to come back for it later.
- Well, see you later.
- See you guys.
First floor, row two.
Go straight where
the marked parking is,
straight ahead.
All right, looks like
we're the first ones here.
All right, come on.
We need to go
to the "Norte" Skyscraper.
-All right. I think I see one right there.
- Park right here?
- Yeah, row two. Yup. First floor.
Ready ready to
run? Run up some stairs.
Neboticnik Skyscraper?
- This is good.
- Have stairs to climb.
Okay, here's our pictures.
You're doing it
in the same order?
Yeah, I get it. Okay.
- Okay.
- Check?
You did it. Congratulations.
Thank you so much.
Good job, Dad.
Getting out of there.
On one check
- One check.
- Knowing that
the mustachios had
to come back and pick up
their clue they left
It gave me a little hope that
maybe we could catch up.
- Let's go.
- Come on, Dad.
I'm coming.
He said we have to go in
- from where?
- Behind the building.
Right here?
Yeah, somewhere in here. Yo!
- Hey!
- You guys find it?
Dang it.
You guys, you're not supposed to be ahead of us.
Excuse me.
The Neboticnik Skyscraper?
Five minutes?
Thank you so much.
Sir, can you help me
look up this exact address?
This has got to be
the parking underground.
- That's right.
- Okay. Thank you, sir.
We take a left here.
- A left?
- Center.
It said "center," like center
of the city to the left.
Didn't it say that to the right?
It says "Ljubljana"
over there, too.
You know, we're just
- It's a big city.
- Exactly.
Get on a A2, Lena.
To the right.
I think the directions have been
easier since this morning.
I feel like
we're on some people's heels.
I'm on a different
highway now, so I need to
Turn around
and get back on the other way,
Lena, we could do that.
I don't see any big buildings or anything.
Do? Yeah, go to the right.
You need to go back down
the other street, Lena!
You just told
me to take a right!
Yes, so you could turn around.
You didn't say that!
You just said, "The other way."
Lena, stop. Stop.
Excuse me, could you help us?
- "Parking."
- Okay.
It'll be on the right.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
So freaking overwhelmed.
- Want me to drive?
- No.
Come on.
Is this this parking garage?
Could you show us on the map?
- Thank you so much.
- All right.
Let's just get out of here.
We just can't be last.
I think
it's up in here somewhere.
We can't be far from it.
Come on, Todd.
Good job.
There you go.
Route Info.
Ljubljana is known
as The Dragon City.
It's part of folklore here.
And guess what they call
this bridge?
That's right Dragon Bridge,
the Pit Stop
for this leg of the race.
The last team to check in here
will be eliminated.
"Last team will be eliminated."
"Travel on foot
for the rest of this leg."
Is this traveling on foot?
- Let's just go down.
- Okay.
Let's go, let's go.
Dragon Bridge.
- Hi. Do you know where?
- Do you know where Dragon Bridge is?
You will come
to the triple bridge.
And then you ask.
- Okay. Thank you. Thank you.
- Okay. Bye.
Yeah. All right, let's go.
He said make a left?
This way?
This way, right here.
We got to outrun them.
Aw. Shoot.
This is beautiful.
"Last team to check in
will be eliminated."
Almost there. Let's do it.
Aw, shoot.
- Todd?
- Come on, babe!
- I can't.
- Keep it going.
You're good.
Come on now.
- Todd?
- It's right there, babe.
- Which way?
- Right there.
Come on, dude. Come on, dude.
We have another team
right behind us.
Yes, you do.
- Attababy.
- I should've kept the hats.
- Should've kept the hats.
- Attababy. Attababy.
Welcome to Ljubljana, Slovenia.
DobrodosliLjubljana, Slovenia.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- What do you think of this place?
- Beautiful.
No words can describe
what I was able to see today.
It's show-stopping.
It's show-stopping.
Greg and John,
you are team number one.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
-And you're team number two. Congratulations.
-Thank you.
Super tight coming in here.
- Just a few seconds.
- Yeah, we know.
Speaking of first place,
I am pleased to tell you,
that you have won
OneKeyCash from Expedia,
which you can use
for a trip for two to Namibia.
- What? What? Let's go.
- What?!
Travel experts at Expedia
have organized
unique experiences for you,
including a multiday dune
and wildlife safari,
an afternoon drive
among the big cats,
and you are going
to visit the historic Windhoek
with a brewery tour and tastin.
We know we can win this thing
at this point.
Of course, there's a lot
of luck, a lot of hard work
in front of us,
but we know it's possible.
- There they are.
- There they are.
- Hey! - Hello.
- Hey!
Touch the mat.
Rob and Corey,
you are team number three.
Knowing that you went
for the Express Pass and you
got it, how are you feeling?
Please, no more stairs.
Okay. Where are we headed? Exit?
Neboticnik Skyscraper
is all I know.
There's a castle right there.
- "Find Phil on the mat."
- All right, let's go get directions.
There's a parking spot.
Okay, we're good here.
Let's go.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Okay, let's go.
- All right.
We need to go to the skyscraper.
We have
to climb up a spiral staircase.
Ma'am, can you tell me
where this skyscraper is?
It's, um, just go straight
to the stairs
- And we'll see it?
- Yes.
- Okay. Thank you, ma'am.
- All right, thank you.
Come on. Come on, Lena.
- Here's the next clue.
- Yes.
"Find Phil on the mat.
The last team
to check will be eliminated."
- Okay, we got this.
- Cool.
Are you a sight for sore eyes.
-You're team number four. Congratulations.
-Okay. Okay.
- I accept team number four.
- We'll take that.
Yes. We'll take it.
We're excited for the next legs.
We're gonna keep moving up.
- Dad, it's right here.
- Okay. Take the elevators.
Says "spiral staircase."
Slow and steady. We're good.
It's ten floors.
- All right, let's go.
- Is this the entrance?
- It is. It is.
- Okay.
Come on,
you're here, you're here.
I'm sorry.
Dad, Dad, they're here.
Get your ass up here.
Come on, Dad.
The clue is right here.
"Find Phil on the mat."
Let's go.
It doesn't say not to.
There it is. Let's go.
We're the last one.
"Find Phil on the mat.
The last team
to check in will be eliminated."
Let's go. Go down the stairs,
and we pass them.
Right here.
Robbin and Chelsea,
you finally made it here,
and I am pleased to tell you
that you are team number five.
- Team number five.
- Okay.
- Okay. Yeah.
- All right.
- Dragon Bridge.
- Come on.
Let's do it right now,
Anna Leigh.
- Let's nail it down.
- We will. Just
Anybody know where
the Dragon Bridge is? Please?
Dragon Bridge. Quickly.
We have a team
right in front of us. Please.
- This way.
- All right, let's go.
Do you know where
Dragon Bridge is? Where?
Just straight? Just run?
Mango. Left.
Is the Dragon Bridge this way?
Yes? Okay, come on, Lena.
- Where is Mango?
- I don't know where Mango is.
Come on, Lena.
- There it is.
- Excuse us.
Dad, let's go. Go. This is it.
All right, come
on. We have a chance.
- There he is. Come on.
- All right.
Right here. Come on.
Bleeding from your efforts.
I don't know where we are.
- Yeah. We're here.
- But
we made it to the mat, so
For that,
you should be really proud.
It was a bad day, but
it's been so fun. I mean
The good news is
you are not the last team
and you are still racing.
You are a team number six.
- God.
- I don't know how that happened.
I've experienced more
in the last 30 days,
emotionally, with her
than we probably had
in the last 28 years.
You finish a leg and realize
that you got through it,
and then,
just want to
I can't control it.
No, I can't. Every time you do
that, I just can't stop crying.
- Gosh, I'm emotional.
- I am, too.
Hi, guys.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Morgan and Lena,
it was literally a footrace
to get here to the mat
and I'm very sorry to tell you
you are the last to arrive
and unfortunately, you have
been eliminated from the race.
- Thanks, Phil. Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
We wanted to spend time
with each other as sisters
and work through our differences
and work together,
and that's what we got
to do here on The Amazing Race.
So even though we didn't win,
we got something a lot better
than winning.
We got a new relationship
with each other.
And I think we did that.
After this race, Morgan and I have a lot less
excuses of, like,
why we fight with each other,
because, clearly,
we can accomplish a lot
and not fight with each other.
We've had
the most amazing experience
and not just our cousin Lauren,
but everyone will get to share
that experience with us.
It's been amazing.
Next time on
The Amazing Race
Greg and John go next-level.
I've never
been in a cave like this.
Look up, and you're like,
"I'm onThe Amazing Race."
Todd and
Ashlie take the scenic tour.
I just want you to know
what the cities look like.
Nope, you're-you're navigating.
And Rob and Corey take a dive.
This is the worst.
If you think
you have what it takes
to win The Amazing Race,
go to
and apply now.
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