The Amazing Race (2001) s35e09 Episode Script

In the Belly of the Earth

Previously on The Amazing Race,
for the first time ever,
teams raced to Slovenia.
A battle for the Express Pass..
- Do you think you can beat them, yes or no?
- My God!
Dude, we could do it. Rob? Rob?
I think we can beat Rob.
Ended with a thrill for
father and son Rob and Corey.
Express Pass, baby.
Steve and Anna Leigh's
massive mistakes
Do you have the Express Pass?
Express Pass is closed.
I'm sorry.
Caused anger
We're stupid. We're stupid.
Such a beautiful place.
It sucks to feel last like this.
And acceptance.
We're going home.
But at least
we're going home with a bang.
Brothers Greg and John beat
married couple Todd and Ashlie
in a footrace
and won their third leg
in a row.
You are team number one.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Meanwhile, Steve and Anna Leigh
made an epic comeback
You are not the last team,
and you are still racing.
- Congratulations.
- God.
As sisters Morgan and Lena
were eliminated from the race.
Even though we didn't win,
we got something a lot better.
We got a new relationship
with each other.
I think we did that.
Greg and John will be
the first to start the next leg
of the race at the city's
crown jewel, Dragon Bridge.
All right.
Route Info.
"Travel on foot
"to Congress Square
for your next clue.
You have zero euro
for this leg of the race."
- Okay. Okay.
- All right.
We've won three legs
in a row now.
There's always pressure
when you have a streak.
Even if I'm doing, like, New
York Times crossword every day,
the higher it gets, the more
stressed I get the next morning
to try to finish it.
And anything can happen.
Other teams
can have a really good day.
The Express Pass can be used, o
- staying in the game is the most important thing.
- Yeah.
"Travel on foot to Congress
Square for your next clue.
You have zero euros
for this leg of the race."
- Congress Square. Let's go.
- All right.
- Back to Congress Square.
- Let's get it. Okay, let's go.
- Do you remember how to get there?
- Nope.
We are leaving
just seconds behind first.
We are definitely due for a win,
but this is the process.
Sometimes you don't
get there right away.
We're getting along great.
The key to our marriage
is just forgiving.
You're gonna mess up,
you're gonna have
explosive conversations,
but as long as you can
forgive and move on,
- then we just start new.
- Right.
Hopefully we keep
the running to a minimum today.
- Yeah.
- Which I doubt it.
I see it.
- You impressed by my navigation?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was great.
- Right off the bat.
- Right off the bat.
- Roadblock.
- Roadblock.
"Who Can Deliver the Goods?"
Before the invention
of fantastic plastic,
kitchenware was made from wood.
Woodenware, or as it's known
here in Slovenia, suha roba,
is this country's
biggest and oldest woodcraft
an environmentally sustainable
choice that's still done today.
Sellers intricately
attach them to a backpack
something teams must do
before making a delivery.
After picking up
a carrier called akrosnja,
teams must make their way
to this shop,
attach a dozen wooden items
to their board
then carefully carry the
precariously-hanging utensils
to the one of these judges.
- It's gonna be you.
- Me?
- Me? Okay.
- Yeah.
- You're faster and you're better at directions.
- Okay.
All right.
So I wear this like this?
All right.
So this is a krosnja.Okay.
So let's find
some friendly people
to give directions, shall we?
Can I ask you a question?
I just need directions
to this location.
- I see it. Go.
- There it is.
We'll try this out.
I might have to ask again,
- but thank you so much.
- Yeah, you Yeah.
"Who Can Deliver the Goods?"
It's gonna be you,
it's for directions.
Here we go.
Todd and Ashlie just showed up.
- Thank you.
- You got it, babe.
When I saw "deliver,"
I automatically knew this
was gonna be a Todd challenge.
He's way better with directions.
Battling for first with
Greg and John.
Ahead of me is John,
and I want to get out of here
before I see Corey or Rob
coming up on us.
Route Info.
"Travel on foot to Congress
Square for your next clue.
You have zero euro
for this leg of the race."
We got the Express Pass
in the last leg,
and it's valid through leg ten.
So our goal today is just
survive the leg,
not use the Express Pass,
so we can try to use it
next leg.
I got to choose a workstation.
Finished example.
I've just got to assemble.
It looks like
it's a bunch of wooden pieces
that hang
and squeeze into slots.
Something I'd see at, like,
IKEA, I think.
But not with instructions, so
All right, first I'm gonna
look at what pieces I have.
The order
might be important here.
So slide one drum in here,
another drum in there.
That seems
to be a fair assumption.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
I got to put this together.
Yeah. Nice.
You starting from
the bottom-bottom up, John?
I'm starting from top down,
but back to front.
Since day one, we've been
worried about Rob and Corey.
They find a way to come back,
even if they're
in the bottom of the pack.
Just when you think,
like, they are gone,
they just appear
out of nowhere, like
And you're just like,
"Where did you come from?"
We got Rob and Corey.
"Who Can Deliver the Goods?"
I can.
I'm gonna deliver the goods.
Today, we have time,
Steve and Anna Leigh
"Howdy, Texas"
are way behind.
This feels like a medieval
torture device right now.
It's, like, hitting my head
every step along.
I'm gonna need to keep that.
The details seem to be some
order of these wooden things.
- I'm sorry.
- You're good.
How'd you get this thing open?
Did you untie it?
Yeah, I untied it,
just a little bit.
There it is.
This goes on top somehow.
And these tie on somehow.
an available workstation."
I like that.
About what I think is done.
Gonna check my work next to
the to the prize itself.
All right.
Gonna go for it.
Gonna put this thing on.
It's a lot heavier
than when I came.
Make sure nothing falls.
This does not
feel great on the back.
All right,
let's find the square.
I see. That hangs on those.
It's very tedious. You know,
if you don't tighten it
down right, you know
it's gonna come undone.
So got to be very careful.
I feel so inclined to run.
Might try for a second.
It's not that heavy,
but it feels pretty delicate.
Kind of rickety.
And if something falls off,
I might not remember exactly
where it goes, so I'm just
gonna kind of keep with this.
Actually, this isn't it. Nope.
Hi, excuse me.
Do you know where this is?
It's in Alamannia. In Wu├╝rzburg.
Is that walking?
No, it's in Germany.
- Really?
- Really.
- You sure?
- I'm pretty sure.
Okay. I'll think about that.
A lot of detail that goes
into this, it looks like.
Hardest thing is making sure
it doesn't fall apart on you.
This one's definitely
gonna be slow and steady.
Careful, careful, careful.
I just got to find this.
So I left behind Corey,
but he has an Express Pass.
He could use
that anytime he wants.
I just got to grind it out.
The amazing walk.
That's what we're at.
Not yet.
This might be it up here.
All right.
I'll just put it
Okay. How does this look?
- Very well.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Well done.
All good.
Here you go.
Back to Gregory.
I think I know where to go.
Route Info.
"Travel on foot
to Congress Square
"for your next clue.
You have zero euro
- "for this leg of the race."
- Congress Square. We know where that is.
We know where
Congress Square is.
You might look at us and say,
"Couple of dad bods.
They're not gonna do
very good in this race."
It's the best
of the best that are left.
And I don't know if we fit in
with the best of the best,
but we're doing our best
to-to move up in that.
We're doing our best
to be the best of the best
- with the best.
- Yeah.
- I don't know if this is it.
- I thought this was it.
My boy!
My boy.
That's what you do.
That's what you do.
- Good job, boys.
- That's what you do.
All right, let's do it.
This is where
the-the jitters start coming.
Once you see a team come.
Route Info.
"Drive to Pivka Jama."
Hidden beneath
the landscape of Slovenia
is an elaborate network
of more than 8,000 caves.
Or, as the locals
call them, jama.
Legend has it
this is where the dragons live.
These subterranean marvels
are also thought
to be the birthplace
of cave exploration
and continue
to entice spelunkers
from all over the world.
Teams must descend
deep into the Pivka Cave
and make their way about the
length of eight football fields
to find their next clue.
- It's an outdoor activity?
- Cave time.
- We can ask them real quick.
- See you guys.
Hey. Could you just
google this real quick for us?
- This is it.
- There it is.
Right here.
What's up, mustachios?
- To the right and at end the of park.
- Yeah.
- So, like, right there.
- Yeah. And then we'll recognize it. Great.
"Who Can Deliver the Goods?"
- I can deliver goods.
- All right.
Okay. Let's move.
All right, let's go.
So we just saw
the brothers leave.
I'm hoping Todd could
kick it up and hurry it up. No.
It goes against every fiber of
my being not to run right now.
I totally want to run.
You get so used to having
a pack on you that's secure.
This is not secure.
In fact, this feels like
it's about to fall apart.
Come on. Come on.
Okey dokey.
I'm terrified.
I don't want to drop something
and have to come
all the way back and redo it.
You know, forward progress
is better than no progress.
You know?
Um, can you help me?
I just need to find the address.
"jeva Cesta 13."
That should be it.
All right. So we are
- We are here.
- Yeah.
- I think I need to go up this way, one road.
- Yeah.
I did not want
to acknowledge them.
We're at the point
in the race where
I've loved
helping teams in the past,
it's been great
working together,
but I don't think there's
room to spare anymore.
We're down to six teams.
Everyone's really competitive.
Everyone's really good.
Until that. Okay.
I think I got it.
- Have fun. - Bye.
- Thank you, guys.
I've seen some other teams
at the Roadblock, waiting,
but I haven't seen
any teams along the way yet.
I'm sure when I get there
there will be some.
My God.
That's wild.
"Travel on foot to Congress
Square for your next clue.
You have zero euro
for this leg of the race."
- Wonderful.
- All right.
- Congress Square.
- Okay. Congress Square.
It feels really surreal
to have made it this far.
Yeah, it feels really cool
to have made it this far.
We have a one in six chance
of winning a million dollars,
and that would
be life-changing money
and mean that I could
send my kids to college.
I don't think we have
any high hopes for the day,
other than not being so
ornery to each other
and just have fun with it.
We're very close
to seeing our kids,
so I think that's motivation
to just keep going.
Is this Congress Square?
Let's go down this way.
This is down to parking, right?
- Right here.
- Let's just go this way.
- No. Garage, garage.
- Here, here, here.
It's right there.
Four. This is us.
- All of our hay.
- All the hay.
Fingers crossed.
These should be some
pretty straightforward
- It looked like it.
- Yeah.
These, buildings are
looking a lot like the photo.
Good thing is
I don't see any other teams.
Top is a barrel.
Two washtubs on the side.
I got this.
"Travel on foot to Congress
Square for your next clue.
You have zero euro
for this leg."
- Let's boogie.
- Congress Square. Let's go.
- We are in dead last starting today.
- Yep.
Moral of the last leg is that
it's not over until it's over.
We've never been closer
to a million dollars before.
And for me,
it's so cool to get to see him
check off things that
he would not have ever done,
like gliding and going skiing.
She's my grown-up girl,
my grown-up little baby,
and she's off and married now.
And to be able
to spend this time with her
is just priceless to me.
Why do you do that?
This way. This way.
"Who Can Deliver the Goods?"
It's you.
This is very tough competition.
The whole race,
we've been neck and neck.
Coming into the race, I thought
we'd be top of the pack,
and turns out
that was false hope.
I'm terrified
of dropping something.
I do not want to drop anything,
so I'm going-I'm going
pretty slow here.
Hello. How are you guys?
Up here?
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
All right, back to,
back to where I need to go.
That way.
This is a dad-friendly task,
but usually when I do
dad-friendly tasks,
I'm not feeling
this kind of pressure
to get 'em done right.
Um, I'm looking for.
"Drive to Pivka Jama
and find your next clue."
"Deep within
the cavernous cave!"
All right, let's go.
- There's the clue box, Dad.
- Come on.
- Texas!
- Hey, guys.
- You want to do it?
- I'll do it.
Let's go, man.
However you can
navigate this traffic.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, Steve and Anna Leigh
Yeah, we want
Steve and Anna Leigh out,
'cause they
are a very strong team.
Here we go.
Okay. Just look at this guy?
- Yep. He's your guy.
- Thanks.
Hello, hello.
How are you?
I think I have
some things for you.
Yeah. Yeah.
Thank you.
I think that this one goes here.
I did okay?
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Man. That was exactly what
I wanted. Just do it right once.
Two medium, a little
Excuse me.
Do you know where this is?
When I arrived, Chelsea was
the only other person there.
So I knew that we were last.
- I've never even heard of this thing.
- Yeah, right?
But I did absolutely
everything I could to get ahea.
I got Chelsea here with me,
trying to figure it out as well.
We're doing
the best we can over here.
I hope that
we can get out of here
before one
of the other two teams.
Just make up
a little ground on somebody.
I'm going to
try to maintain a relaxed state
instead of
an anxious state today.
Route Info.
"Drive to Pivka Jama
and find your clue
deep within the cavernous cave."
This should be us right here.
We are going to a cavern.
All I know is that they're dark
and they're cold
and often wet.
All I know is stalactites
are on the ceiling
and stalagmites
are on the ground.
I think she got to go.
I got in my head a little bit
when Anna Leigh left.
I just couldn't wrap my head
around her doing it that quicky
'cause I had gotten there firs.
Make sure I'm not missing it.
No, no, no, no, no.
I need a mirror.
Anna Leigh
snuck out in front of me.
I'm only a couple minutes
behind her, maybe.
This is definitely
a slow and steady situation.
It's making me crazy
that I can't run right now.
I'm here again. Great.
This isn't where I want to be.
use the power of the beard!
He started flapping it.
Come on, beard.
I'm not gonna follow my nose,
I'm gonna follow my beard,
and it says,
"This is the right way."
My thing fell.
Hard to get that on.
Right as I saw
Anna Leigh's fall apart,
I was like,
"Okay, I've got a little"
And then, of course,
mine fell apart.
I'm feeling
Chelsea's following me.
Trying to go slow and steady.
That's all I can do
at this point.
There it is.
I see the fountain now.
Finally made it.
Got an emu over here.
That's cool.
I don't know why there's an emu
there, but I'm all about it.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
No. All good.
Here is your packet of goods.
My packet for you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I got to go back. All right.
Take the clue back to Smithe,
and we'll be on our way.
There it is. I see it.
- Heavy?
- Yeah.
Yeah? Okay.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
Nice job, Strasser.
- That was silly.
- Nice job.
- That was silly, silly, silly.
- Nice job, nice job.
All right.
Good job, you guys.
- There's Anna Leigh.
- There she is.
- Nope, that's Anna Leigh.
- Come on, Leelee!
Run it out, girl!
Come on, Chelsea.
I'm just waiting for Chelsea,
hoping she's
right around the corner.
My God.
This person has a pet ostrich.
Sorry. Excuse me.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Let me check it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay?
I feel bad for Chelsea
more than anything right now,
'cause I'm sure
she's just in knots over this.
something is missing.
- Try again.
- Okay.
I'm still hopeful.
And I'm guessing she's gonna be
rounding that corner soon.
Here we go again.
I'm missing something
from my krosnja
or whatever it's called.
Seems like maybe I'm the only
person who had to go back,
which just goes to show
how stiff the competition is,
'cause this is not an easy task.
We're the only all-girl team.
We're the second oldest team.
It's not the end of the road
yet. The day's just begun.
There's a lot of leg
left to race, so I'm hopeful.
I don't think this
is a nail in the coffin for us,
but it'll be
a little hurdle to get over.
I think I have
everything I need attached,
but just double-checking.
A big set right there.
A mallet.
The rolling pin is right
Where did the rolling pin go?
Yeah. Okay.
I think the rolling pin may have
fallen off of something,
'cause I swore it was there.
That's maybe what it was.
All right,
let's give it a try again.
All right, "Jama/Cave."
- Yeah! That's it.
- Thank goodness.
- To the right?
- Yeah, to the right. Yeah, yeah.
We love it
when the signage lines up.
- Love it when the signage lines up.
- We've got a few
twists and curves.
It's not just
gonna be right off here.
Yeah, I see it. There it is.
Straight. Yeah, straight.
So, looking for signs towards.
Postojna or Pivka Jama.
- Pivka Jama! Yes. Okay, we're good.
- I found it.
All right.
Basically, I navigate and drive,
and she kind of
course-corrects me, um, as we
Whether he likes it or not.
Is that where we should go?
What do you think, babe?
Well, we just passed it,
if that was it.
I missed the exit.
Our family has a name for this.
I do this a lot.
We call 'em "dad detours."
- For sure. These are a thing.
- Um, so when I Yeah.
Even my kids were like,
"Dad, whatever you do
on the race,
don't do any dad detours."
- And here we are.
- Well, here we are.
Go to Postojna.
Go back? Okay. Okay.
How do we get back to
Yeah, we missed our exit.
So, um, she's not happy.
It's all right.
The plan now is to
flip a u-ey and go back
in the direction that we came.
Whatever lead we had,
we've kind of
probably squashed it now.
So it's not a comfortable spot
to be in right now.
Just waiting.
I know she's working hard,
so she'll get here
when she gets here.
Hopeful she'll be turning
the corner soon, though.
- Thanks.
- There you go.
Good job, Chels!
- I'm sorry.
- Nothing to be sorry about.
- You did awesome.
- I did not
"Drive to Pivka Jama
and find your clue deep
- "within the cavernous cave."
- Cool. Awesome.
Thanks for not being mad at me.
- Why would I be mad at you?
- You did better than I could do.
This is definitely Pivka Jama.
- Okay, cool. I don't see anyone.
- All right.
- Made it.
- Let's go, baby.
Let's go, baby!
That's hype, dude.
- Let's go.
- I'll take the keys.
All right. Down here.
And there should be
provided headlamps.
- Wait. There
- Nice.
- Okay, we're on the move.
- First team here!
There is nothing
no better feeling
than being the first team.
What do we have in store?
What do we have in store?
Dude, this is deep.
The cave was cavernous,
and emphasis on "cavernous."
Dude, there's, like,
a river down here.
Look at the mist.
It was magical-looking
the way the light
hit the fog
coming out of the cave,
seeing the water
rushing through,
seeing the stalactites
dripping from the ceiling.
Man, I've never
been in a cave like this.
- I love the river.
- River's my favorite part.
It also says search
for the clue, so it might not be
- as obvious as, like, at the end. Yeah.
- It said search?
Well, Steve and Anna Leigh
are still right on our tail.
She's laughing and waving.
- She's gonna pass us now.
- Boy.
She's using the exit lane
to pass everybody.
I'm getting over to the left.
She just passed us.
- Don't stall.
- Are you serious, Joel?
My God. What are you doing?
I don't know!
There's only
one other car here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
This is amazing.
Yeah, it's getting
real chilly down here.
Low part coming up here.
- We're good.
- Yeah, we're good.
Thankfully, the headlamp
took the damage.
- Carry on.
- Stay vigilant, stay vigilant.
Stay vigilant.
- What have we got here? Nice.
- Nice, nice.
- Sweet.
- Ready?
"Descend deep into Pivka Jama
and assemble a dragon."
Teams must continue
further into the cave
to find the pieces of a dragon.
Once they've brought the dragon
to life, they'll get a clue.
- All right.
- Let's roll.
- This cave is huge.
- Yeah.
- We're here.
- All right.
Okay, let's do it.
- Okay. What's gonna be the best workstation?
- Right here, right?
- With the best view.
- It turns around. Yeah.
A lot of pieces.
- This is a lot.
- A lot of pieces.
- So we'll start with the front legs, which are long.
- Yeah.
- Yep, that's the joint.
- Just put it on there?
All right.
You know what to do right now?
- Yeah.
- Front legs? Okay. Go four of those.
We knew it was
gonna be pretty complicated.
- Thank you.
- So Johnny and I decided that we would build
from the ground up, just in
case we didn't miss anything.
'Cause if you missed something
at the beginning,
and then
you found out at the end,
it would be so hard
to go back and try to fix it.
All right, so here's the thing.
There are layers on top of
these big legs, but the wings
look pretty complex.
- We'll keep building from the body.
- Yeah, yeah.
- We'll just do
- Yeah. We'll just keep building. The tail, though.
- Look at this tail.
- I know, I know
All right,
we'll start with the body.
Need to make sure
we are taking our time.
No sign of any other teams,
but at any moment
- But at any
- Any moment, someone can join us.
Man, this is a big cave.
Had to have been so scary to be
the first person
to discover this place.
"Assemble a dragon to receive
a clue from the dragon keeper"?
How cool is this place?
Holy cow.
- What up, guys? Okay.
- Yo, how's it going? - Hey!
You're in charge.
So I told my dad
he's in charge of the building.
He builds all my IKEA furniture,
no instructions.
So this is perfect.
There's no instructions here.
Right up his alley.
We just took the exit to
Postojna. We're back on track.
Hopefully no other teams
have leapfrogged us,
but it always sucks losing time
when this race is this tight.
"Look for marked parking."
- There's marked parking.
- There's marked parking.
- Pull on in.
- All right.
- We get to go in a cave.
- Ready?
- Go, go, go.
- Come on, let's go cave spelunking, girl.
Go, go, go.
Light on.
- Look!
- How cool is this?
- This is freaking cool.
- Who found this?
More cave signs, please.
"Camping. Pivka Jama."
Pivka Jama.
- It says Pivka Jama. I mean
- It says Pivka Jama.
"Pivka Jama. Cave."
I bet it's a beautiful cave
filled with "stalag-tilites."
- What's
- What's that?
"Stalag stalag-lites"?
Coming into today,
Chelsea and I had
both agreed that we were
just gonna enjoy the ride.
We each know that we're
doing the best that we can do,
so you can't really
be upset with each other.
Whatever's gonna happen's
gonna happen regardless
if I'm pissed off
or if I'm happy.
So I might as well
be happy about it.
- Hi, guys. - Hey.
- Hi.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah, congrats. That was a big jump. Big jump.
These ones are particular,
'cause you have to
slide 'em in and down.
Keep this pace.
Keep this hungry pace.
I'm gonna lay the pieces out.
- Get 'em where you can see 'em.
- My God, we're building
a dragon
in a freaking cave in Slovenia.
- Ready to go?
- Yeah.
So we're searching
for a clue in the cave?
Deep within the cave.
Deep within the cave.
This is crazy.
- Dude, we're so last.
- Sorry, babe.
- It's gonna cost us the whole race.
- Okay.
Well, I'm sorry
that's the way you feel
that my driving
cost us the whole race.
So freaking stupid.
This is a lot trickier
than it looks.
There's a lot of pieces here
and they're
all pretty different.
I see.
I just had the wrong piece
a second ago.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay. And then
we put one of these on, right?
Okay. We're getting in a rhythm.
Watch your fingers, girl.
My fingers are fine.
Here, you work on his body.
I'm gonna start
working on his head.
- That goes out like this?
- Yeah.
Nice, man.
All right.
I got the other wing here.
This is beautiful.
- We're there. There's the dragon.
- There's the dragon.
Joel and Garrett just rolled up,
so pressure's on, baby.
Here's our pieces.
Let's do it, right here.
- So I start with the feet?
- Yeah.
We love doing puzzles
as a family.
That kind of thing
is just fun to me.
And so right away,
we just got in there
and started from the bottom up.
So we're gonna go up like this,
towards the
It slides
into where the other slot is.
Yeah, put the leg in the middle.
Okay. Where's the leg?
- You're-you're right there.
- Okay.
This is a good task for us.
We like building stuff.
We did good on the bee house.
Think we'll do okay
on this one, too.
All right. Together.
- Together.
- Together.
All right. Yes.
All right. Dragon Master.
Looks pretty good, right?
This dragon will never fly.
- Not good.
- Okay. Okay. - Never fly.
That's one way to say it.
- Pivka Jama Cave.
- We're getting closer?
Okay, yeah,
we're getting closer.
- I see it right there.
- That's camping.
We're not going
to Pivka Jama camping.
We're supposed to go
to Pivka Jama so turn here?
I don't think that's the case.
"When you get to Pivka Jama,
park in the marked
parking area."
We'll go a little bit further
up here
and look for the marked
parking area, I guess.
All right, aren't you all
a sight for sore eyes.
Don't you love it
when you miss one exit
and it takes you 30 kilometers
down the road?
- All right, where's the other
- There's a station over there.
We're the second to last team.
Let's bust this out.
Okay. Then we need
the big one. Let's get this.
The true test of marriage is
if you can
assemble furniture together
- without getting divorced.
- Insert. Yeah, yeah.
So, we shall see.
- Take a right.
- Take a right? This is
This is saying to the castle.
You want me to go right still?
The caves are over here.
I promise you
- the caves are over here.
- Okay, okay.
You tell me where to go.
I don't see any marked parking.
Maybe go in this lot
on the left?
No, I haven't seen
anything over there.
I don't see a single damn thing.
What the hell?
This is incredibly frustrating.
Are we at the wrong cave,
This is "Postojna Jama."
We're looking for Pivka Jama.
Lo and behold,
we're at the wrong cave.
Should I go down here?
We already went down there.
We've done everything already.
So, what should I do now?
Wish Phil would just take us
out of our misery at this point.
Let's keep our eyes peeled
for signs for the cave.
I don't really know
where we're supposed to go.
Definitely not clear,
wherever it is.
No, it's not.
Damn cave is gonna be closed
by the time we get there.
Every team is here
except for Chelsea and Robbin.
So does his head just
slide into this back slot here?
While we were
working on the dragon,
we were so deep in that cave.
It was neat.
We had ran, it felt like a mil,
into the earth,
and we're building this dragon
in the belly of the earth,
it felt like.
It was such a cool place
to put it together.
On the count of three,
a dragon sound. One, two, three.
- Roar!
- Roar!
- Yeah. That worked.
- Hey, the roar worked.
- Roar!
- That was what it was all about. That was
- All we had to do was roar.
- That just locked it into place.
- We should have thought of that sooner.
- Let's roar on this one.
- Yeah. You ready?
- One, two, three.
- Roar!
- Roar!
Man, this is tough.
Caught my dad
doing something upside down.
- There we go. We're good.
- Okay.
Let me put these two toes on.
- Be careful.
- Okay, ready?
Now all I got to do
is just get it started.
There. Just takes a minute
to settle.
- Good to go? Good to go?
- Okay, yeah.
- Something seems amiss.
- Yeah.
- Gregory.
- These are not in. This is
That looked like this?
- Yeah.
- My gosh. Okay.
We look at the hind legs,
and they're kind of hanging out
from the butt.
- Can you lift the whole dragon?
- Yeah.
- We need to push this in a little bit more.
- Come on.
It's in. It's in.
- Yeah.
- Can we get a check?
We think this is a nice,
healthy dragon for you.
Let it fly! Let it fly!
Your job down here is done.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Appreciate it.
- Okay. Thank you.
- All right, thank you.
"Drive to Fonda Fish Farm
to find your next clue."
The Fonda family
have been living
in this region of Slovenia
for centuries.
Today, they run
the Fonda Fish Farm,
which claims to have the best
farmed fish in the world.
It's here at this
prized business
that teams will choose a Detour.
- That's enough.
- All right.
Rob and Corey weren't
all that close.
- They were still on the tail.
- Yeah.
We're leaving
in a cool first place.
We just keep up this rate,
we'll be good.
Once again, beautiful Slovenia.
- It hasn't had an ugly side.
- That's the thing.
City: Charming.
Mountains: Mountainous.
Caves: Cavernous.
We're trying
to make this dragon fly,
but it does not want
to cooperate.
Got it.
- Looks better.
- Sweet.
Dragon keeper,
may we have a check, please?
Your job down here
- is done.
- Yes!
"Drive to Fonda Fish Farm
to find your nice clue."
So these go into
those side pieces right there.
- Do you see those two sides?
- I see. Yup.
And then flip it. Flip it. Yes.
- Where are the rest of the circles?
- The circles.
It's Is it not sitting here?
I don't see 'em.
I put
I put it right here.
They made
this campground a maze.
I'm just gonna
go slow and we're gonna
look for marked parking.
I don't understand
how this isn't the right spot.
We're very turned around.
We are trying
to find Pivka Jama Cave.
It's in the camping place?
Thank you.
All right. Well, let's hustle.
We were at the proper place
before, and we just needed
to go a bit further.
Yes, babe.
If both of us try to take
charge, it will be explosive.
So, I'm okay with sitting
in the back seat.
- And, critiquing.
- All right. Where's the hammer?
Much like I do in the car.
That piece doesn't seem right.
- It's right. It's just.
- Okay. This is where
where it goes. Just a tap.
You just elbowed me in the head.
- Okay. Check?
- Check.
Well, that's as cool
as the beehive.
I love our dragon.
Can we take him home?
Thank you very much.
We're in the home stretch.
We're figuring this out.
We'll be done in a sec.
Man, this tail is a puzzle.
- Okay, think we're good.
- Check?
Check, please.
What do you say, dragon master?
It's good to me.
- Yes!
- Yeah!
We'll get that someday.
- Thank you, dragon master.
- Thank you very much. Thank you.
- Roar!
- Roar!
They just left. They're done.
I have a little confession
to make.
That dragon noise
was actually my lion noise
that I always make to my kids,
and my bear noise.
It works for all kinds
of beasts, it turns out.
Beard brothers did
that dragon quick, didn't they?
I didn't even ever see
Chelsea and Robbin.
As much as I love
Todd and Ashlie,
I would almost rather
see them eliminated today
over Chelsea and Robbin
because I'm scared-er
of Todd and Ashlie
than I am of Chelsea
and Robbin..
But anything can happen.
So we're not counting
anybody out yet.
- Fonda Fish Farm.
- And then which one? This one?
- We're boating today.
- We're boating today.
We're boating today, baby. Yes!
"Scrape Off or Swap Out?"
The fish here
at the Fonda Farm are fed
in these floating
mesh containers.
Part of maintaining
these structures
is removing the barnacles
that grow on the underside
of these floating rings.
The best way to clean them off
is using a chain,
then forcefully pulling
it back and forth
to remove these hanger-on-ers.
There's no escaping hard work
on this Detour.
Once teams have cleaned
two rings, they'll get a clue.
The deep, clean waters
of the Adriatic Sea
provide the perfect amount
of particles
to grow these
filter-feeding mussels.
Mussels attach to lines
that farmers dangle from buoys.
One ten-foot line
can grow about 15,000 mussels
over the course of a year.
This Detour requires teams
to use a kayak
to locate two marked buoys.
After pulling a line
to the surface, they must
swap out the old buoy
with a new one.
When they've delivered
two lines
of mussels to the shore,
they'll get a clue.
We're gonna do Swap Out.
I don't want to clean.
- Seems kind of gross.
- Yeah. Yeah, man, it's easy.
We could either
scrape some barnacles, or
swap out some buoys.
The one we chose
is more needle-in-the-haystack.
And when you're in first place
for a needle-in-the-haystack,
there are more needles
to choose from.
- Hello. - Maybe we board?
- All right.
The boat ride was amazing.
Just to be on the water,
just sitting back,
letting someone else drive for
us and just kind of taking in
the Adriatic Sea
was really nice.
It's a nice day, it's sunny,
we're on the water.
- We're boating. Yeah.
- We're boating.
Sun's out,
guns out a little bit.
Sun's out, guns out.
My gosh.
Yeah, it's a good day.
It's a good day.
- This way? Parking.
- Right here.
Here we go.
Come on, Chels.
This is it, baby.
Okay, let's go.
- How beautiful is this?
- Incredible.
Check this out, Robbin.
How freaking cool.
I got to get out of here.
Worst part about this is
just trying to figure it out,
and we got two cooks
in the kitchen.
That doesn't look right.
That's not.
- And this is
- No, no, no, no.
Can you just go check them?
Why don't you go check,
since you're hammering it?
'Cause I'm doing it.
Well, if you're doing it,
you should check and make sure.
- 'Cause I'm gonna come back
- So what are you So, what?
Okay, I'll go check and then
not know what I'm looking at.
I feel like this isn't right.
We're getting further and
further away from everyone else.
Can you just come here
so we could both see this?
- This connects here.
- Yeah, that's what I've been doing.
That's what I wanted to see.
See if, like,
hey, am I doing it right?
Aha. Can we get a check, please?
I think I'm gonna
get a dragon tattoo now.
Your job down here is done.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, my friend! Yes. Thank you.
Better late than never, right?
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.
"Drive to Fonda Fish Farm
to find your next clue."
- All right, let's go.
- All right.
Man, what a day.
That was terrible.
Well, there was one more left,
which I'm assuming
is Robbin and Chelsea.
Here we go.
Watch. There's five other ones
in here.
- There she is.
- One lonely clue.
That's the finished example.
Okay, here's our workstation.
- It's the last one.
- All right.
Let's just get 'em all situated
and keep 'em in the stacks
they're in.
Fun. Very Game of Thrones.
This is incredible.
We were just in the mountains
and now we're by the sea.
We're at some seaside villages.
You can smell the fresh sea air.
"Scrape Off or Swap Out?"
We're gonna choose Swap Out.
Swap Out.
Does this go any faster?
- No.
- Okay.
- That's a lot of
- Lot of buoys.
That's a lot of buoys.
They're just like big lemons.
A lot larger in person
than they are from a distance,
- so, we got to drag 'em out.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- We have to bring a buoy with us
in order to swap it out
with one of the marked ones.
Johnny and I have
definitely kayaked before.
We're from Chicago, and
our family has a home
in Michigan. We're lake people.
And so, we've had a lot
of those lake activity exposures
throughout the years.
- All right, we're off.
- We're off.
- Feels sturdy!
- Feels sturdy, yeah.
Want to look at the left side,
- I'll look at the right side?
- Okay.
It's a little discouraging to
see how many buoys there were.
You start going down the rows
and realize how far the rows g.
It's gonna take forever.
- Oof.
- All right.
"Scrape Off or Swap Out?"
All right,
we're doing Scrape Off.
You need a wet suit
and water shoes.
It's got to be inside.
Here, take the key.
- I see boats waiting for us.
- All right.
- Detour.
- Detour.
Yeah, let's do Swap Out.
- Okay, we'll do Swap Out.
- We'll do Swap Out.
- See that one up there?
- Right there with the
That's marked.
That's marked.
- Do you see that?
- Yeah.
Right here. Look at the handle.
Look at the handle.
- All right, now we know.
- Ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho, ho!
All right, so, yeah,
there's a bag of mussels here.
- We found a marked one, which is huge.
- We found a marked one!
With a bunch of mussels.
Mussels, mussels. Okay.
Now we need
to swap out the marked buoy
with the one that we brought up.
And we're not good
with knots, but
we just need something
strong enough that it stays.
Go! Okay.
I feel like a seal.
Let's do it!
Let's do it! Go, Dad.
- I feel like we're in third.
- Saw mustachios. Yeah.
I feel like we're somewhere
around third right now.
But any second,
anything can change.
Ton of buoys just
Okay, go ahead.
There's six teams left
now, so it's steep competition.
At some point, we kind of
have to balance out, like,
how much you help people,
how much you not help people.
Swap this out with it.
- Let's go.
- Let's find one more and let's get out of here.
All right, let's do it!
Yeah. This is so pretty.
So, how's
our kayak-paddling abilities
without dumping our kayak?
Either way, we're doing a kayak,
so it doesn't matter.
Anytime you're kicking
IKEA furniture,
you're probably doing
something wrong.
- Let's just get this all done on this side.
- Okay.
- And then we'll get it standing upright, okay?
- Okay.
We're on our way
to the Fonda Fish Farm.
We're still in it, with Robbin
and Chelsea far behind.
We're just gonna play like
we're in dead last and
just grind out
whatever is in front of us.
Let's find one more
and let's get out of here.
Once we start going
for our second batch,
we see Rob and Corey
coming alongside with us.
In the challenge that you're
looking for the same thing,
it gets a bit competitive
because you're looking
at the same objects, and
if you see it at the same time,
it's the first to grab it.
That Right there, Greg,
right there.
To-to the right. Go right,
go right, go right, go right.
Yeah. It's gonna slow us down
a little bit, and okay.
Found the second marked buoy,
which is excellent.
Now it's just about execution.
We've got two, which is
exactly how many we need.
Looks like Rob and Corey
just found their first,
so we just need to pedal
as fast as we can.
No, no, no. I see it.
Let's go. Good.
- All right, ready to pedal like we're in last.
- Yep.
Like, really
put your back into it.
- Doing the most I can right now.
- All right.
This is an entire ring.
Here's, two chains.
Off we go.
- To the right.
- Don't spill us.
Okay, I see
how this is gonna work.
I bet the chain goes under it.
It was a huge floating pen,
and it had
double rings all the way
around the outside of it,
and the barnacles were all on
the bottom and the sides of 'e.
This is a lot of barnacles.
We are scraping barnacles!
I think I'm doing it right.
Is all kind of stuff coming off?
So our rope and chain we had
to scrape 'em off
of each section
inside and outside.
- Those barnacles are sucky.
- Yeah, they stick on
pretty good.
You can go backwards
and straddle it.
- You hear me?
- Yeah.
Same place
we dropped off before.
Who is this?
- Rob and Corey.
- Let's go.
I see a lot of buoys.
- This is bag number two.
- Good job, guys.
- Thank you. Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Route Info.
- Route Info. Sick.
"Drive to the next Pit Stop."
On average, there is a castle
every 15 miles in Slovenia.
This one, Socerb, was built
as a strategic stronghold
more than a thousand years ago.
Today, teams will get
an excellent view of the border
between Italy and Slovenia,
right next to the Adriatic Sea.
The last team to check in here
will be eliminated.
Great job, boy!
Yeah. Rob and Corey
are on our tail.
I don't think they
Did they do the right thing?
Do we need to tie the buoy down
or just get it on?
No, this is not right.
I don't think
they grabbed the mussels.
I don't think they grabbed
the mussels.
You guys already got one, or
No, we did it wrong.
We did not grab
the bag of mussels
that was attached
to the marked buoy,
and we did not bring
an unmarked buoy to replace it.
We just made a mistake.
Did not read the clue
very thoroughly.
Okay, we got to go.
We just got to go to there.
Look for any flag
- in any row that's nearby.
- Yes.
- Once we get that foot on, it'll stay.
- Yeah.
Now what?
- My gosh.
- Wings, I guess.
They go with the
- Goes up.
- Up one more. Okay.
There you go.
Yeah, if you just straddle it
and pull backwards,
it gets 'em good.
Yeah. I've had
some difficult barnacles.
Did you do this whole inside,
too, Anna Leigh,
- by the kayak, or not?
- No.
This is just hard.
- Don't drop your chain.
- I'm not.
Man, this is tough.
When we brought the marked
buoy to the floating dock,
we did not grab the mussels,
and we did not
bring an unmarked buoy
to replace the marked buoy.
We tried to go back
and find the mussels
and replace the buoy.
Had no idea where we pulled
this original buoy from.
We're trying
to find where the buoy was
and then see
if we can get the rope.
There's something on it.
That's it.
Grab the rope
from underneath it.
Okay, here's
where you replace 'em.
Try to center 'em
the best you can
so it doesn't capsize us.
The mussels are heavy.
This is replaced. All right,
let's get out of here.
- All right, yeah.
- Left. Right.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
All right.
Gregory, this way.
- One, two. Only two sets.
- Yeah.
Steve and Anna Leigh
they could be right behind us.
They could be right behind us.
We're racing to the mat,
making sure we're in first plae
to see Phil,
to see our boy Phil.
- Okay.
- I just need to get these guys in there.
All right, can we get a check?
Come on.
Your job down here is done.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Okay, let's go to the next one.
- Thank you. Bye.
We're gonna look for signage
to Secovlje.
- Tell me where to go.
- I just want you to know
- what the cities Look like.
- No, you're navigating.
I already messed up today.
All right?
I don't want to mess up twice.
- All right. We got one.
- Did you get it?
- Got it.
- All right.
- Going to the right?
- Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
He's trying to look and see
if we can find the rope
and mussels.
It's tough to see
from the surface
so he's getting in the water
and see if he can see it.
Gonna take a little time.
A little sweat.
This is the worst.
It's getting real tough
to remember where
we pulled this buoy from.
Thinking about switching Detours
right about now.
We're giving up.
We're switching Detours.
We lost a ton of time
out there and figured,
"All right, we aren't gonna
be able to recover on this side
"because we can't retrieve
the original mussels
"that we were supposed to grab.
Forget this.
Let's just switch Detours."
We're taking big risks.
This damn barnacle.
Hey, come on, Barnacle Bill.
- I got 'em.
- That right?
I get under here. I got 'em.
- Big old glob back here.
- You got it?
Get off of there.
There it went. Yeah.
Got it.
Can we have a check?
My back, dude.
Got it.
Go, Dad, go, Dad.
Let's boogie.
- Thank you!
- You better get on this kayak, girl.
Come on, Dad.
You want to get sideways
- and let me out? I can pull you in.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Hey.
- How easy was fish, then?
- It was so hard.
- Really?
Hang on till we get the chains.
We don't want to lose 'em now.
- Are y'all going over there?
- Yeah, we're switching.
- Hey, just get it Look.
- Chains. Here's some chains.
- Get an angle, lean back, Corey.
- Get an angle, lean back.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- But yeah, use all the rope.
- Lean back.
- Lean. - Go way back.
- Thanks.
- Ready. Get on, Dad.
- See y'all. Thank you.
- Come on.
- All right.
We're still alive.
There's still two teams
we haven't seen.
We have the Express Pass.
If we can crush this
and get out of here,
we're in a really good position
for leg ten.
So it makes me feel good that
- they were switching Detours.
- They were switching Detours,
- so that
- They were just getting started.
I still don't see
Todd and Ashlie
and I still don't see
Chelsea and Robbin.
At any given point,
you have no idea
where any team can be.
The hope of this race
is that when you suck,
someone sucks
a little bit more than you.
Geez, what a day.
So we're definitely
in last place.
Is there ever a leg
of a race without a Detour?
- But that wasn't a Detour.
- That wasn't a Detour.
We still have
a shot in hell here.
Express Pass
crossed the mind, but since we
didn't see Robbin and Chelsea,
I figured, let's try
to avoid using it if we can.
It's gross-feeling, slimy.
And try to not fall.
I'll just go back and forth,
just to make sure
I didn't miss anything.
- Any sign of Corey and Rob?
- No.
- Think they went to the other side?
- Boy.
All right.
All right, put the buoy up.
That's how dad bods get out
of kayaks.
- Yes.
- Yeah! We got it.
"Drive to the next Pit Stop
"'Scoreb Grad'
and find Phil on the mat.
The last team to check in
will be eliminated."
- All right, let's get there.
- "Scoreb Grad."
One, two, three, four wins.
- Let's get there, let's get there.
- Let's get there.
Let's get there.
You're right, you're right.
I'm out of here.
I'm good, yeah.
Okay. Come on, Dad.
Feel like a sea captain.
- You look like a sea captain.
- Yar!
Fast, Dad. Come on.
Hurry. Every second counts.
- Their lead is small.
- Yes.
"Drive to the next Pit Stop."
My goodness.
Steve and Anna Leigh
are in second place.
Didn't they finish
the fish already?
I didn't see their clothes
in there anywhere.
We're probably
in third place right now.
Okay, I think I got it.
- Dad.
- Look at the picture.
It's a castle.
Hey, Dad, here comes a team.
Here comes a team.
There's Steve and Anna Leigh
asking for directions.
- Let's just go.
- One hard left, hard left.
A sign, Crni Kal.
- Okay. Let's go.
- Okay. Go to Crni Kal. - Yes.
Okay, let's go
because they're already done.
- Saline di Sicciole. Right here.
- Yeah.
I see the mustachios.
There's a car coming this way.
- Look who it is!
- Darn it.
Hey, where's Robbin and Chelsea?
- I haven't seen 'em.
- We haven't seen 'em.
- We're getting creamed.
- Yeah, we are. Everyone's done.
The good news is is they
haven't seen Robbin and Chelsea.
Just making sure I get
every single thing off there
so we don't have to do it again.
I think we're finished.
Can we have a check?
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
"Scrape Off or Swap Out?"
- I say Scrape Off.
- Okay, let's do Scrape Off.
We are in the very back
of the pack,
which is a new feeling for us.
We are so far behind
it's not even funny.
Hopefully, we can just
get this done
and make up some time.
- "Marked parking. Must"
- Yeah, up there
to the right.
- Here we come!
- How are we feeling?
- We're feeling good.
- Hey! We're feeling.
- You feeling good?
- With this kind of view, how can you not?
- They are here. - Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you for saying, yeah.
- Thank you.
Gorgeous country.
Johan and Greg,
what are you feeling?
Feeling one, but you never know.
I do have $5,000
- for each of you.
- Aah!
And it's not going
to the second place team.
It's going to team number one,
and that is you.
- Thank you. That's huge.
- Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
"You must be feeling like,"
"this final three is completely
in our grasp right now."
It feels like it's in our grasp,
but we just got to keep playing
the game that we're playing,
not make too many mistakes,
and hopefully, luck's
on our side a little bit, too.
Wondering if that's
another team.
- Which one did you guys do?
- They're both awful.
- We switched.
- Which one did you finish?
We started getting the buoys,
messed it up
and went to the other.
- They're hard.
- Yeah. All right.
We didn't use the Express Pass,
and we're still in it.
There's a team behind us,
so we're feeling good.
Time to rock.
Childbirth is harder
than all of this, I think.
- Nah.
- It's right up there.
I think The Amazing Race
is harder
than a natural childbirth.
I did it four times,
three without an epidural.
- You in the front or back?
- I'll be in the back.
Got it?
Go, go, go, go. Go, go, go.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
This is good work
for my kids, man.
I need to get my kids out here.
Where do we get the chains?
There's chains over here?
Wait. No?
You see any chains over here?
- Are those chains, babe?
- You mean hanging here?
We're like,
"Great. Where are the chains?"
So then I read the clue,
and I'm like, "Okay, well",
it says a platform."
So, on the other side,
there's this giant cement
platform in the middle of the..
"That's got to be it."
Thinking that's the platform
to get our chains?
We know where we're going.
Marina Portoroz.
So go follow that, right?
- Yeah.
- We are exactly where we're supposed to be.
Do you want to just hop out
and get 'em if they're there?
Geez Louise.
- Testing my patience.
- Come on.
Look on the floor.
- Right there.
- Those are holding, like, big tires.
Then this is not
the platform, Todd.
We need to switch
'cause we're not gonna find
- these stupid chains.
- So frustrating.
Todd, we are wasting time.
I know,
but this could be something.
It's nothing, I'm telling you.
Todd, we are wasting time.
It's nothing, I'm telling you.
Apparently, there's chains.
We don't know where they are.
I don't know at this point,
but I'm getting,
like, super irritated.
Or do you think
it's where we got the kayak?
Ashlie had this,
like, great idea.
She's like, "Hey, maybe
the chains are on the platform
where we got the kayak."
They're right freaking there.
- Holy.
- All right, want me to grab out and get 'em?
- I found the chain!
- Todd, can we please
just hurry up? This isn't
the time to be, like
I found the chains!
- Two chains, baby.
- Todd, get in the boat!
- What are you doing?
- Having fun.
You're, like, celebrating
like we won the race.
- Little victories, babe.
- What victories?
We're in dead last.
- How about how about Phil's right there?
- There's Phil.
Where's the parking?
We beat Steve
and Anna Leigh here?
Boy, did we?
- Wait for us!
- Look at that.
- Yeah.
- Good job.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
Joel and Garrett, you
are team number two.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yes!
- My gosh.
Maria, what do you think
of his beard?
Feel free. Feel free.
Well, I guess
I guess we know
what she thinks of the beard.
I'm expecting,
after this challenge,
to be as buff
as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
get down now!
It's like you're flossing
a dinosaur tooth.
Get the barnacles off!
- How cool.
- Look at these beautiful trees.
It's gorgeous.
Somebody planted these trees
hundreds of years ago
so we could enjoy them like this
right now.
That's kind of how I feel
about us on The Amazing Race.
Like, we're planting seeds
for our grandchildren
to see someday
what strong grandmas they had.
Not bad for 40.
Can we go through the bushes?
- Go through the bushes.
- I don't care.
- Come on, Dad!
- Dad's going
- the easy way.
- I'm coming, girl.
Steve and Anna Leigh,
you are officially team
number three here to the mat.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Anna Leigh and Steve
are on the mat.
Nice job, guys.
You, too. Thank you, thank you.
Rob and Corey,
you are team number four.
Plus, you have the Express Pass.
I don't know how to sign that.
Express Pass. Express Pass.
- Express Pass.
- I like that.
- We like that. We might adopt it.
- Okay.
- A really nice job..
- Thank you.
- You earned it.
- Yeah, we did. - Thank you.
- Right here.
- All right.
All right, we're headed back.
- "Swap out two buoys and retrieve"
- Let's do that one.
"mussels from
a floating mussel farm
- "to retrieve your next clue." Okay.
- Yeah. Great. Sounds good.
All of these little activities
make loading my kids up
in the car to go to the beach
seem like a dream.
That's a lot of buoys.
- Hurry up. Just park.
- Find marked parking.
I want this day to be over.
- Thank you.
- Look at you. Hi!
Thank you. Look at you.
We're so far behind right now.
I have a feeling
we're either fifth or last.
Todd and Ashlie,
you're not going home.
Yeah. All right, sweetie.
- You're not going home.
- Sweetie. - I'm so glad.
You're team number five.
Everyone that's here
has had a day in the back.
- Yeah.
- And so this is our day in the back.
- Yeah.
- So, I'm glad we survived.
Okay, let's go.
- Aah!
- We're almost there.
- Final stretch, girlfriend.
- Aah!
- Thank you.
- "Drive to the next Pit Stop,
"Socerb Grad,
and find Phil on the mat.
Last team to check in
will be eliminated."
Want to go for a swim?
- There you go.
- Hi.
It's chilly.
Before it gets
completely dark here,
Robbin and Chelsea, I do
have to tell you that you are
the last team to arrive,
and unfortunately, you have
been eliminated from the race.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. What a
- Kind of knew that, right?
Yeah, we knew that
about six hours ago.
Bad stuff happens to everybody,
and it's about
how you handle it.
And if I can
go from losing my husband,
getting a brain tumor
and being over 340 pounds,
and change my life completely,
someone else
could do the same thing.
When your family
sees you on this adventure,
what are they gonna think?
My kids are gonna have
so much fun watching this.
And they'll see John and Greg
and they'll see Corey and Rob
and know we didn't
have a chance in hell.
The race is just another
notch in our belts,
- our friendship belt.
- It's kind of like a new foundation
for a more exciting friendship
going forward, too.
But I don't think
I want a break from my kids
- for a very, very, very long time.
- Yeah.
The only Detour I want to do
is vacuum the carpets and
Next time on The Amazing Race
the final five dive
into Stockholm
and tear through the city
with one goal in mind.
Let's get to leg 11.
So we're gonna have to go fast.
Any mistake
It's in French.
- Could be their last.
- I'm frustrated.
Come on! This is a footrace!
If you think you have what it
takes to win The Amazing Race,
go to
and apply now.
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